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Top 15 best books of 2015


For every real book lover, a new and, of course, interesting book is a real event. Indeed, a good story, set out in a pleasant language, is capable of absorbing no worse than a colorful Hollywood blockbuster, because sometimes, on printed pages, a whole world is placed, full of amazing characters, twisted plots and colorful landscapes.

True, to find such a little book among the diversity of literature is not so easy, every year, every now and then, new creations by modern writers appear on the market, but not every one of them can be called worthy.

If you want to stay up to date with new books or just look for something interesting to read at your leisure, then in our top 10 best books of 2015 you will find exactly what you need. So, let's begin.

  1. “I Confess,” Jaume Cabre. This novel from the Spanish writer Jaume Cabre was released in 2011, however, then it was published only in his homeland. Even then, the novel was called a great literary event, and now, in 2015, “I Confess” appeared in Russian and other languages ​​of the world. The story tells about the old man Adria, who lived 60 long and difficult years. It is at this age that he himself learns what Alzheimer's disease is and, until the memory has completely left him, decides to write a farewell letter to his beloved about his strange life, which is tightly connected with the mysterious and ancient violin of his father.
  2. "To the very tips", Chuck Palahniuk. Another creation from the author of the popular books "Fight Club" and "Asphyxiation", which confidently confirms the delicate reputation of the "king of counterculture". It will be a simple girl Penny, who did not have a personal life, but who suddenly finds herself in a very ambiguous relationship with a billionaire and a perverted lover, Linus Maxwell. As it turned out later, he needs their relationship to develop intimate toys, which will then be sold in his network of “Up to the tips” boutiques. How will this end for Penny?
  3. "Dark Secrets", Gillian Flynn. For sure, many people have learned about this author by the acclaimed bestselling book “Disappeared” that year. The novel will reveal to the readers the secrets of 24 years ago: it was then that a fifteen-year-old teenager committed the brutal murder of his own family. Libby, who at the time was 7 years old, miraculously survived and now, after so many years decides to meet with his brother, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  4. “Colorless Tskuku Tazaki and his wandering years”, Haruki Murakami. In the center of the novel is an interesting lonely man who is desperately trying to understand why his life began to take shape completely wrong 16 years ago. In order to sort out his torments, he sets off in search of his past, overcoming problems and obstacles along the way, eventually finding the path of his own happiness.
  5. Una and Salinger, Frederick Begbeder. The book under the tag "18+" is dedicated to the novel of the daughter of the popular playwright Una and the young writer Jerry Salinger. Their bright relationship lasted only a short time, separated by the Second World War, young people will not be together anymore: she will become the wife of a great actor, and he ... Will return from the front and learn to live without her, after which he will soon create his famous creation “Over the precipice rye. "
  6. “The third humanity. Voice of the Earth ", Bernard Werber. A deep work of art, which, like other books by the author, makes you think about a lot and even find some answers to your questions. According to many book lovers, it is really worth reading.
  7. "Principle of Polina", Didier van Covelart. The novel is from a French author who will reveal to the reader a very interesting and romantic story - about love and friendship, about how difficult it is sometimes to distinguish between these concepts, and what, sometimes, blind loyalty can bring.
  8. “September Roses”, Andre Maurois. The novel of the famous French writer, which was released in Russian only in 2015. The author, known for his high-quality biographical creations about the life of Dumas, Balzac and Hugo, this time will tell about the gentle and fascinating story of another writer.
  9. "The Girl on the Train," P. Hawkins. A fascinating detective that confirms - not everything is as it may seem. The main character of the book every day observes the life of the “ideal” spouses from the train window, you might think that they have everything they need for complete happiness. But one day she sees how something shocking happens in the cottage of “ideal” spouses, and the next day the ideal spouse disappears. The book very quickly became a bestseller and acquired many positive reviews from respected critics.
  10. “Marina”, K. Ruiz Safon. According to the author himself, this is his favorite and best novel. The book will take the reader to Barcelona in 1960, it is there that we will meet the main character Oscar, who one day will meet a mysterious local legend named Marina.

1. “Dark secrets” by Gillian Flynn

A new book from the creator of the bestselling "Disappeared."

Libby Day was seven years old when her mother and two sisters were brutally murdered. The girl survived and began to testify that the killer was her fifteen-year-old brother - Ben. Twenty-five years later, members of the Murder Club, a secret society obsessed with high-profile crimes, find Libby and throw questions about that terrible day. They hope to find evidence that will help free Ben. And Libby seeks to profit from her tragic history: she decides to cooperate with members of society, but only for a fee. So the search takes Libby from a strip club in Missouri to the abandoned tourist cities of Oklahoma, to the very place where she ran away from the murderer twenty-five years ago.

2. “22:04” Ben Lerner

A year ago, the protagonist of the book “10:04” enjoyed his unexpected literary success when he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, and her best friend asked to help her conceive a child. In New York, where destructive hurricanes and social unrest are increasingly occurring, he must continue to live with his illness and the prospect of paternity in a city that may soon be flooded with water.

Lerner, whose critics called the book “fun, clever and original from the first line to the last,” tells what it means to live right now, in the twilight of an empire, when it is difficult to imagine the future without changing its attitude to the past and the present.

3. “The Girl on the Train” by Paul Hawkins

Rachel gets on the same train every morning. Every day she drives past cozy country houses and stops at the train’s signal in the same place to watch the perfect, in her opinion, couple have breakfast every morning. She thinks she knows them well. Rachel even gives them names - "Jess and Jason." For her, their life is perfect, unlike their own.

And then she sees something shocking. Just for a minute while the train is moving on, but that's enough. Unable to hide what he saw, Rachel tells everything to the police, and immediately becomes involved in terrible events. Did Rachel hurt herself more than she helped justice?

This is a wonderful debut novel by Paula Hawkins, written in the style of Hitchcock's thrillers. The book instantly became a bestseller and took a leading position in the ratings of reputable publishers.

4. “I Confess” by Jaume Cabre

Adria Ardevola lived in this world for sixty long and at the same time terrible years. When Alzheimer's disease begins to take away his memory, he decides to write a farewell letter to his beloved. In it, Adria frankly talks about his life, which was closely connected with the old violin of Storioni.

Father Adrià loved antiques much more than his son. But he had a special passion for the precious violin, which for many years belonged to the Ardevol family. The father forbade his son to touch the exhibit, and when Adria broke the oath, his father died suddenly. Understanding that the violin made the father mad, Adria himself is unable to refuse her, even for the sake of the woman he loves.

In parallel, the writer tells several stories that happened to people for many centuries before the birth of Adria. But the stronghold of all the characters is Storioni's violin, a mysterious and damned instrument, which for a long time ruthlessly interfered in the fate of people and ruined their lives.

5. “Polina’s Principle” by Didier van Covelart

The Principle of Polina is an elegant and unpredictable novel from the French writer Didier van Kovelrath, winner of the prestigious Goncourt Prize.

A successful writer Quincy, walking through the second-hand bookstores, accidentally finds among his books his first novel. When he opens the book, on the first page he finds his signature: "Polina and Max." Once these two were the most important people in his life and played their part in it.

Many years ago, Quincy just published his first novel, and literary readings were to take place in the city prison. Pauline was a student who really wanted to get to the presentation of the book, and Max was one of the prisoners. On that day, their fate intertwined. Their meeting was the beginning of a strong friendship and true love.

6. “To the very ends” Chuck Palahniuk

The long-awaited novel by Chuck Palahniuk, author of the best-selling book "Fight Club".

Penny Harrigan is an ordinary employee at a law firm in Manhattan, lives in a small apartment in Queens and has no personal life. So the invitation to dinner from Linus Maxwell, the billionaire and lover of the most beautiful and educated women on earth, becomes a big shock for the girl. After dinner at the most exclusive restaurant in Manhattan, he takes her to a hotel room, where they have the most amazing sex in her life. Everything is great, if not a small nuance. Penny learns that she is just a new test subject to develop a line of sex toys that will be sold in the network “To the very tips”. So powerful and effective are these devices that women in millions line up at the stores on the opening day. Penny decides that Maxwell’s plans to establish erotic world domination must be destroyed. But how?

7. “Una & Salinger” by Frederick Begbeder

Many years ago, in New York, beginning writer Jerry Salinger accidentally met Una, a very young daughter of the famous playwright Eugene O’Neal. Young people immediately fall in love with each other, but their happiness lasts for a very short time. When America joins the liberation forces in World War II, Salinger leaves for Europe to the front. While Una waits for her lover to return, she decides to try her hand at the cinema and goes to Charlie Chaplin for tests. The girl receives not only the role, but also the wife of a great actor and director. Salinger returns after the war, not in the arms of his beloved, but in an empty apartment and a lonely life. He begins to work in magazines, and then creates his famous work - "The Catcher in the Rye".

8. “Used” by David Cronenberg

The sensational and exciting debut novel of the cult Hollywood director David Cronenberg.

Stylish and obsessed with work, Naomi and Nathan thrive in the yellow press. Despite the fact that they are competitors, no one bothers them to be lovers. They are always in pursuit of sensations and are found only in airport hotels.

Once Naomi is embroiled in the scandal of Celestine and Aristide Arostegai, a Marxist philosopher and a libertine. Celestine is found dead and maimed in a Paris apartment, and Aristide just disappears. The police immediately suspect him of murder. With the help of a graduate student named Herve Blomkvist, Naomi sets off in pursuit of Aristide. Going into the details of Celestine's relationship, Naomi does not notice how her friendship with Herve develops into something more.

Nathan, meanwhile, is in Budapest and is collecting information about a surgeon named Zoltan Molnar, who is wanted by Interpol for organ trafficking. After he spends the night with Molnar's patient, Nathan learns about a rare disease called “Rufe syndrome”. Nathan travels to Toronto to meet the man who discovered this syndrome. From Dr. Rufe he learns that his adult daughter is studying here, who is trying to hide a terrible secret behind her strange behavior.

These parallel narrations are intertwined in a fascinating fairy-tale plot, in a provocative debut novel from one of the world's leading filmmakers.

9. “Funny Girl” by Nick Hornby

Everyone in the film industry lives its own life, different from the perfect picture on the screen.

Writers Tony and Bill are comedian gurus, but each of them keeps a terrible secret behind the walls of the film studio. The director of the project, Dennis, loves his work, but hates his marriage. Superstar Clive feels he is meant for a better life. And the comedienne and the most popular girl on television, Sophie Strue, who changed her name and abandoned her old life for her career, must decide whether to continue like this or “change the channel”.

"Funny Girl" - a new comedy novel by Nick Hornby about popular culture, television, youth and old age, fame and teamwork. This is the story of Sophie Stryu, who has gone the hard way from the provincial “protege” to the movie star.

10. “Colorless Tskuru Tazaki and his wandering years” by Haruki Murakami

Tskuru Tadzaki, remembering his past and present, is trying to understand why his life went downhill sixteen years ago.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Tskuru lived in his native town of Nagoya and attended high school. He had four best friends. The name of each color was hidden in each. Tskuru was called "colorless," and they all represented a "orderly, harmonious community." But in 1995, during his second year of college, friends Tskuru abruptly broke off all relations with him. The only college friend disappeared for the next semester, and he felt empty, a man who had lost color and his own identity.

Now in 2011 in Tokyo, a 36-year-old engineer Tadzaki works for a railway company and builds stations. His new girlfriend, Sarah, advises him to come face to face with the past, not as a naive, wounded boy, but as an adult man, and to find his former friends in order to improve relations and find out why they rejected him. And so Tskuru visits his old friends one by one, first in his native Nagoya, then in rural Finland. He goes in search of truth, himself and happiness.

11. “Career of Evil” by JK Rowling / Robert Galbraith

The last part is not a children's detective trilogy, from the famous British writer JK Rowling, the creator of "Harry Potter".

Private detective Kornomar Strike this time takes up the business of his own assistant, Robin Ellakot. One day she receives in the mail a box containing a cut off female leg. Strike begins his own investigation, in parallel with the British police. When law enforcement agencies manage to catch a criminal, a private detective quickly proves his innocence. While the police are trying to get on the trail of a real killer, Strike suspects three at once, and with his assistant tries to catch the cruel maniac.

12. “Downton Manor. Home »Margaret York

The novel "Manor Downton. The Beginning ”is the prehistory of the famous British television series, which provides answers to many questions the audience has had.

This is the story of what really happened aboard the Titanic, which almost ruined Downton Abbey itself. In this novel you can learn how a marriage of convenience between Cora and Robert turned into a true love story. As an independent American girl managed to enter a closed and conservative British society. For the first time family secrets will be revealed, and the "skeletons in the closet" are provided for general review!

13. “Repair the Living” by Meilis de Querangal

Surfer Simon Limbre falls into a terrible car accident in which he dies. More precisely, his brain perishes. Modern equipment continues to support life in his unconscious body, as his parents believe that their boy is alive. The doctor asks them to sign papers and allow them to give the organs of Simon to people who need transplants. But parents can not imagine how to voluntarily kill his son and give him a piece of strangers.

The writer tells the stories of many people who are connected by the still-living heart of Simon Limbre.

14. "Before the start" Amy Plum

This is the long-awaited continuation of the fantastic bestseller "After the End" by famous American writer Amy Palm.

When the Juno clan disappeared, the girl lost much more than her friends and family. Soon she discovered that everything she knew about her life was a lie. In fact, she has secret abilities that others desperately want to get. They want so much that they kidnapped her clan.

Новый компаньон Джуно, Майлз, отправляется в ней на поиски, которые приводят их в заповедники Нью-Мексико. Теперь друзья и близкие Джуно находятся в пределах досягаемости, и она не остановится ни перед чем, чтобы их спасти. Но не только она охотиться. На спине девушки висит мишень, ведь она является ключом к разгадке всего. Чтобы спасти свой клан – и себя – Джуно должна открыть свои истинные способности и понять, какой силой она на самом деле обладает.

15. “Dancing with horses” by Jojo Moyes

Sarah's grandfather was a horseman with a rare talent that only a few of the French elite riding academy, Le Cadre Noir, could grasp. But life took an unexpected turn, and now the captain hopes to train his granddaughter in a municipal house in east London.

Natasha is a lawyer whose job is to represent the interests of children. Her confidence in her work was shaken, and her marriage finally collapsed. But a meeting with Sarah and her horse, named Bu, can help Natasha find herself and find out the true meaning of life.

Select several books from this list to keep abreast of literary novelties.

A.L. James - "Fifty shades of gray"

Well, how can we recall the most sensational and scandalous book under the intriguing title Fifty Shades of Gray? This half-romantic and half-erotic story of a touching and hot relationship between a journalist and a successful businessman created a real sensation, and also had the effect of an exploding bomb.

For the first time in many years, someone dared to write not only about sex, but also about the capabilities and desires of a person during lust and passion.

Janusz Vishnevsky - “Loneliness in the network”

What a suitable name for this love story, because it is the trouble of the modern world. Yes, the Internet is a destructive web, how many opportunities it gives and takes as much. People get acquainted, meet and communicate in the virtual world forgetting about living emotions and experiences. And when, meeting in the real world, they don’t fit together, they can’t understand what's the matter and why virtual love and sympathy are so different from the real world, because on social networks everything was perfect ...

George R. R. Martin “A Song of Ice and Flame. The game of thrones"

Nor could we ignore the most discussed and popular novel of the 21st century. A whole series of fantasy novels flooded the minds of young people and made an entire generation of fans of this trilogy. The plot of the book revolves around the fictional continent of Vasteras and its mysterious, and I would even say a few mystical inhabitants. The mysterious saga about the life of the seven kingdoms, where love reigns, is ruled by hatred and the war for the iron throne never stops. Here, as is customary in fantasy novels, dragons, magicians and fearless warriors are present. If you are far from being a child, but still love fairy tales, then this series of books about the magical kingdom is for you.

Markus Zuzak - The Book Thief

Very touching story about a girl that you have adopted already adult. The plot unfolds during the Second World War in a small German town, where everyone is afraid of death and repression. But a strong girl named Lizel finds the strength and a great desire to comprehend science and read interesting books that are not too old. Although she gets them in a not very honest and humane way, she simply says that she steals from a library of a respected person, but the end justifies all means, doesn't she? This book should be read by everyone, it is easy to read and the plot is just wonderful.

John Green - "Blame the Stars"

Love is the most important and primary feeling in our life and in the whole world. At the same time a very romantic and sad love story of two mortally ill people. Hazel Grace and August Waters meet at a meeting of support groups for cancer patients and fall in love. They know that a quick death will separate them, but they are happy that they had tender feelings and found happiness before leaving. Unusual love story, where pain is intertwined with tenderness and happiness, and which must be read.

Pavel Sanaev "Bury me behind a plinth"

A touching and very life story about how love turns into hatred and tyranny. Autobiographical story, it tells a little boy from whom his own mother refused, leaving him in the care of his grandmother and grandfather. And those, in turn, are not too happy with this prospect, but they are ready to fulfill this duty of conscience, without unnecessary feelings and emotions, the strict grandmother is sure that she will bring up the little boy with an obedient and insensitive robot. Only here Sasha Savelyev doesn’t think so, and he has his own opinion on everything ... Yes, you don’t dream of such a childhood ... This story is on the list of books that you should definitely read.

Bernhard Schlink - The Reader

Each of us has our secrets and secrets. The book "The Reader" is a rather complicated psychological story of love, passion, hopelessness and betrayal.

A fifteen-year-old boy and a fully grown woman start a novel, they are united by an interest in books, and an educated guy reads to his illiterate lover important and interesting books, in his opinion.

Stormy passion and unusual relationships end as unexpectedly as they begin. But fate is preparing for former lovers another meeting, except that circumstances will not be very pleasant for them. Those who have not read this popular story are highly recommended to read, because this is one of the books that will make you think and touch all the notes of your soul.

David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas

The novel is on the verge of science fiction - this is how its critics dubbed it. The plot tells about six different people from different time periods, namely the past, future and present, but as it turns out later, they have one soul, it is simply subject to reincarnation and wanders, visiting that one body, then the other. Everything is very confusing and the plot lines are strongly intertwined, although the meaning and morality are still present here. But what they are - you decide. But for this, you first need to read the book from beginning to end.

Moyes, Jojo - “See You”

We all have our past, and all of us throughout our lives encounter a necessary and important person for us who will change it once and for all beyond recognition.

This touching novel is about that. Already in the first weeks of sales, more than half a million copies were sold, and the book itself entered the top of the best-selling books according to the New York Times. And this turn of events is completely unsurprising, because we all love love stories that end in a happy ending.

Khaled Hosseini - "Running for the Wind"

A story about friendship, which two eastern boys, Amir and Khasan, carried throughout their lives, despite all the differences and social discrepancies, because they are from different social strata and classes. Life scattered them in different places and forced them to be on different sides of the barricades, but despite this they are true to their conscience and friendship.

A very moral and life story, released from the pen of a talented writer, showed the whole world how to value friendship and in spite of everything not to turn into natural enemies and to preserve friendly relations with all your might.

Sebastian Barry "Tablets of Fate"

An interesting story about how a poor old woman, now one hundred years old, living her old age in an insane asylum, keeps her own diary, where she writes down heavy and sad memories associated with her fate and the country in which she was born.

Someone all this seems ridiculous crazy old woman, but it is only at first glance. Her physician also keeps a personal diary, and when they meet, everyone will be able to share sore memories and thoughts. In our list of books that are worth reading, this story falls unequivocally and irrevocably.

Ray Bradbury - “Dandelion Wine”

The usual life story that takes place in a small town. Each summer, two boys come to the village to visit their beloved grandfather and help the old man collect dandelions for his drink according to his own recipe. This interesting wine keeps in itself their family history, traditions and memoirs, here and all-consuming love, friendship, quarrels and tragedies.

The author wrote about himself. Therefore, the story turned out to be so honest, sincere and emotional.

Colm Toybin - Brooklyn

The best novel of the year about a young girl and a real pilgrim who returns to her homeland after so many years of wandering and searching for herself. Life forces her to leave her native Ireland and settle in New York Brooklyn. Maybe this is for the better, because the chance to find love here is much higher.

The homesickness forces her to constantly return to her native land with her thoughts, and when Aylish gets used to a foreign city and becomes her own, life circumstances return her to Ireland.

What is it? Joke or simple irony of fate? What will happen next and what tests has fate prepared for her? To find out the whole truth you need to read the most interesting novel of 2017.

Gillian Flynn - "Vanished"

The detective of the decade will tell us how to live with a man for five years and not know him at all. A married and, at first glance, happy couple is preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but in an instant everything changes.

The thing is that the main character disappears without a trace, leaving a lot of bad evidence pointing to her death and even more questions. But the answers to them, we learn only when we read this interesting book.

Gregory David Roberts - "Shantaram"

The story of an Australian guy who chose the wrong course of life and went to prison. By chance, he manages to escape, and to hide from sight, he goes to Bombay. In India, a guy named Lindsay is not corrected and again becomes a fraudster and a cheater. The moral of this novel is that “people do not change.” This is such a strange life story, but we will not reveal all the secrets and give you a chance to read this book yourself.

Bernard Werber - Empire of Angels

We all ask ourselves the question: “Is there life after death and what awaits us beyond the line?” The story touches this topic and gives us a chance to think and realize what evil and good are, why we were given life and how to dispose of it correctly.

The protagonist of the science fiction novel named Michelle Panson, after death, goes to heaven, (this is lucky) and becomes a guardian angel, gets three wards.

It turns out that it is not so easy to observe worldly life and to be on the other side of the screen, and his new profession is not an easy one. Such a fantasy of the author brought him and his novel worldwide fame. Just the topic is very interesting and relevant. After all, we are not forever ...

Rensom Riggs - "House of Strange Children"

The protagonist of the story, Jacob Portman, loved to listen to his grandfather’s fairy tales about fairy-tale characters, strange children and their magical abilities from his grandfather. I would have known then that the boy, that a lot of these stories were not at all fiction.

A terrible secret will open only after the death of his grandfather. This secret is to be solved by Jacob. The first novel of the American author-novice immediately falls into the list of bestsellers according to the New York Times, and this is not surprising, because his imagination can only be envied.

Stephen Chboski - “It's good to be meek”

The theme of adolescents and their socialization is now very popular and often raised in society. Perhaps that is why this outstanding novel immediately gained popularity and sold millions of copies.

Charlie's life changes dramatically after meeting new friends. All he needed was love and more attention. Such simple, but such necessary things. Now he no longer feels so lonely and unnecessary. Well, in general, everything, as in the real world.


So our review of the most interesting, readable and famous books of the last decades has come to an end. We will not be able to tell about all the book novelties, it is simply impossible to do it, and it is not necessary, because we are waiting for you from our dear readers your feedback in the comments about the favorite modern authors and their books.

And we tried to find for you the newest and most popular books that are widely popular. We hope that you liked our rating.

Paula Hawkins - "The Girl on the Train"

The main character Rachel watches people from the train window every day and comes up with the perfect life for them. The spouses Jess and Jason have everything: love, happiness, well-being - Rachel thinks so. But once the girl notices something strange and mysterious in the courtyard of the spouses, and the ideal picture disappears forever. And the next day, Rachel finds out that Jess has disappeared.

Stephen King - "Who Found, Takes Himself"

A new awesome novel by the great Stephen King. For many years the writer Rothstein has not published anything, but in his house one can find many drafts that are “waiting in the wings.” But fate makes an unexpected turn - drafts are abducted, and the writer is cruelly killed.

David Mitchell - “Mere Mortals”

A new novel by a talented writer. The young heroine Holly Sayke quarrels with her mother and runs away from home, but soon the girl gets acquainted with the mysterious old woman Esther Little. From this point on, events begin to occur with Holly that could hardly happen to mere mortals.

Ben Lerner - "22:04"

The protagonist of the novel - a novice writer - almost at the same time learns about the dizzying success of his book and about a hereditary deadly disease. The shocking news sharpens his perception of life, and he begins to see everything that is happening in a new way and presents some future world, where everything will be almost the same as in our world, just a little bit different.

David Lagerkranz - "The girl who was stuck in the web"

Stig Larsson did not have time to finish his last novel, but David Lagerkranz did it for him. The long-awaited continuation of the Millennium trilogy about the life of the hacker girl Lisbeth Salander and her friend, journalist Mikael Blomkiste. They are waiting for new investigations and secrets that they need to unravel.

1. “Shantaram - 2. Shadow of the Mountain”, Gregory David Roberts

If the previous bestseller Gregory Roberts passed by you, then consider that you have lost touch with the modern world. The story of the Australian rogue called Robber Gentleman was discussed in almost all the literary communities of the Global Network. More recently, the long-awaited "Shantaram - 2" appeared on the shelves of second-hand bookstores. The expectations of the fans regarding the content of the book “The Shadow of the Mountain” were somewhat overstated, so the fans were bitterly disappointed.

Let's take a look at the sequel without false illusions. The new novel has become an organic continuation of its predecessor. The main character makes an attempt to move away from criminal cases and find love and faith. New spiritual discoveries and profound philosophical sayings await you.

2. "Harry Potter and the cursed child", by JK Rowling

The cycle of Harry Potter novels prompted young people to love reading again. If at the beginning of the 90s there was a decline in the interest of young audiences to books, then JK Rowling magically managed to rehabilitate literature in the eyes of children all over the world.

“Harry Potter and the cursed child” is an unusual piece. First, it was created as a play. Secondly, Hermione Granger changed her skin color from white to black (they say it happened to please the lovers of racial diversity). Thirdly, in the center of the narrative are the descendants of the main characters.

3. “Narrow Road to the Far North”, Richard Flanagan

In 2014, Richard Flanagan received the Booker Prize for a novel about Australian prisoners of war forced to build a railway. The book is based on real events. Indeed, during the Second World War, thousands of people died in hard labor in the region of Burma and Thailand.

The author develops the theme and introduces us to the surgeon Dorigo Evans. At the cost of inhuman efforts, the main character saved the prisoners of the camp and, after defeating Germany, became a real legend in his homeland. But Evans does not feel like a hero. Flanagan tells how the fate of each of the key characters in the story.

4. “The Mark,” by Cecilia Ahern

In society there are twofold judgments about the work of Cecilia Ahern. Some readers praise the novels of the writer, and the rest - put them on a par with the close prose for housewives. I suggest you make your own opinion by reading the 2016 bestseller “Stamp”.

The author decided to try herself in the genre of dystopia and told us about the life of an exemplary girl Celestina. In view of the fatal combination of circumstances, the main character appeared before a choice - either to go to jail or to be branded. What will she choose and will she be able to glue the fragments of a happy life into one?

5. “Marina”, Carlos Ruiz Safon

An invaluable gift from Carlos Safon to all lovers of fairy tales and mystical realism. Oscar wanders into an old mansion, which stood aloof from the city and was considered abandoned in all respects. In the house the boy meets a mysterious Marina. The girl will take him to the world of magic, living puppets and people hiding their faces behind their collars.

6. “Una and Salinger”, Frederic Begbeder

Frederic Begbeder became famous for his ability to shock the public. Then he said that love lives only three years, then revealed absolutely all the secrets of the advertising business, and now he has swung at the life story of Salinger himself. The author so well combines real facts with complete fiction that you begin to believe in history on a subconscious level.

In the 2015 romance, a French rogue will shed light on the intimate details of the Jerry Salinger and Una O’Neal relationship. Молодой писатель и дочь известного драматурга влюбились друг в друга с первого взгляда, но их судьбы развела война. Более подробную рецензию вы найдете в этой статье.

7. «Щегол», Донна Тартт

Лауреатов Пулитцеровской премии грешно не читать. Над созданием романа «Щегол» автор трудилась на протяжении 10 лет. Каждая строчка этого шедевра написана с любовью и тщанием, присущим настоящему творцу. Я не слишком люблю созерцать полотна художников, но данная книга заставила пересмотреть взгляды на живопись.

Theo Docker was left an orphan - his mother carried away a terrible tragedy from his life, and his father chose to leave the boy alone with this cruel world. The main character wanders on foster families and can not find their place under the sun. In The Hands of Theo gets the picture "Goldfinch" and for many years she becomes his only outlet - a curse and at the same time salvation.

8. “Half Code”, Sally Green

Fantasy romance in the best traditions of the genre. To begin with, the main events take place in England. As the Potter fans know, this is where the lion's share of mind-blowing miracles takes place. In continuation of the unspoken tradition - in the book there is a confrontation between black and white magicians. There is a teenage protagonist, a child of the forbidden connection of an evil sorcerer and a good sorceress. He will have to stir up the usual foundations, challenge the blighted conservatives and defend the right to love.

9. "All the Invisible Light to Us", Anthony Dorn

Beautiful, touching story of a blind French woman and an indecisive German. The events of the novel are developing against the background of the Second World War. The main characters are children, with tender hearts and innocent thoughts.

Forgive Anthony Dorn the insignificant pathos and the adherence to the canon of well-known good and bad sides. Yes, his characters are devoid of personal gradient, their characters were created on the pattern of "good and evil." However, it is impossible not to note the light emanating from Marie-Laura and baby Werner.

10. “Country of Joy”, Stephen King

The King of Terror and the most productive author of the 20th century does not forget about himself. In 2013, a brand new novel was released. The cover beckoned the reader with the intriguing headline "Country of Joy." Connoisseurs of King's work are well aware that the works of the maestro are far from such concepts as joy, happiness and goodness.

The amusement park scenery in the small town of North Carolina became the backdrop for chilling events. Devin Jones decided to save some money and settled in the "Land of Joy." From colleagues, he learned the legend of the ghost of the girl who died in the pavilion "House of Horrors". Since then, the mystery of the identity of the killer does not give the protagonist peace.

11. “The Only One”, Kira Kass

I do not want to offend fans of lyrical fiction, so I will include Kira Kass's novel in the selection of books, which are obligatory for reading. In 2015, Russian-speaking readers were able to familiarize themselves with the final part of the “Selection” trilogy, which was released under the title “The One”.

America Singer has increased the number of contenders for the hand and heart of Prince Maxson. She had to beat 34 rivals in the race for wealth and title. However, the main character does not feel joy and does not feed false hopes. She is not able to forget the handsome Aspen and focus on the highest goal.

12. “Dancing with horses” by Jojo Moyes

The world premiere of "Dancing with Horses" took place in 2009, but our compatriots had to wait for adaptation until February 2015. In view of this unreasonably long delay, I propose to consider the novel a novelty, because not everyone speaks English at the level necessary to read the original.

Sarah is the granddaughter of a famous rider. Grandpa has long been away from the competition and now teaches a 14-year-old girl to hold herself confidently in the saddle. Family idyll is interrupted on a poignant note - Sarah suddenly lost all the people close to her.

13. “The Boy at the Top of the Mountain”, John Boyne

"The boy at the top of the mountain" was an echo of "The boy in the striped pajamas." The author decided to preserve the specific style of narration and again to touch on the subject of the Second World War. In the center of the plot - the story of the orphan Piero. He is a half-breed. His mother is French to the tips of her nails, and her father is a true Aryan.

The protagonist is orphaned and ended up in an orphanage, from where Pierrot picks up his aunt. Guardian serves as housekeeper in the Honorable Austrian family. Now the boy will have to learn the new rules, make friends with the Fuhrer himself and respond to the name of Peter.

14. “Vertigo”, Frank Tilier

Well, how can I ignore a good thriller? Imagine yourself in the place of Jonathan Tuvier. One day you woke up chained to a rock in a narrow cave, the entrance to which was overwhelmed with stones. Two other prisoners make up your company - one bound hand and foot, the other in a mined mask. You have to calculate the name of the manipulator and free yourself, until the cold and hunger brought you to the grave.

The novel "Vertigo" creates the illusion of belonging. You vividly experience the emotions of the protagonist, you are afraid to tremble in your knees. If you want to tickle your nerves, then this piece is created just for you.

15. “About love and death”, Max Fry

And for dessert I want to offer you a pleasant and unobtrusive collection of stories from Max Fry. It focuses on the most burning aspects of human life. In the book you will find parables about love and love (I ask you not to confuse these concepts), legends about the Old Woman with a scythe and philosophizing, invariably accompanying complex decisions.

Enjoy your reading and follow the novelties along with the World of Ideas magazine.