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Particular attention among natural products: the properties of neroli essential oil


One of the most valuable and expensive oils in aromatherapy - neroli essential oil - boasts not only its exquisite bitter-floral aroma, but also a rich history of use not only in the perfume industry.

Legendary orange flowers, from which they get oil of neroli, in ancient oriental philosophy symbolized pure love, immortality and good luck, and in ancient Greece were considered the emblem of the beautiful goddess Diana. For many centuries, it was the orange flowers that decorated their bridal outfits: it was from the refined bouquets that the famous fleur-d'oranj was born.

It is believed that this oil got its name due to the name of the Italian Countess Neroli - Princess Anne-Maria, who adored this fragrance and used it not only as a perfume, but also to flavor clothes. It is an aroma oil with a subtle aroma of neroli that is part of the perfumery legend - delightful perfume No. 5 from Chanel.


Neroli oil is obtained by steam distillation or antiflerage from fresh flowers of bitter (less often - sweet) orange. A byproduct of this process is one of the most popular floral waters - orange.

Colorless or pale yellow aroma oil has an unusual, tart, dry, with a pulsing bitter notes of aroma and a double structure - a cold and hot tone in the base. The top notes of the neroli aroma are woody and cool-misty, behind them a warm note of sunflower appears, revealing a hotter candy flavor. This is one of the brightest evening scents.

The smell of neroli embodies the brightness and nobility - and the same characteristics, according to Eastern wisdom, gives both emotions and actions. This oil gives confidence, peace, uplifting. The aroma oils of verbena, geranium, bergamot, patchouli, incense, sandalwood, jasmine, ginger, marjoram, rose, vetiver, mint, limetus, myrrh, sage, all members of the citrus and conifer family are considered complementary to neroli.

Application of neroli essential oil

In aromatherapy, neroli is used for general stabilization of the psyche, in the treatment of arrhythmias and neuroses, depressions, insomnia, impotence and frigidity. This aroma oil belongs to the group of strong aphrodisiacs.

Antiviral, tonic, protivosklerotichesky and cardiac effects allow you to expand the scope of aroma oils, as well as amazing properties to optimize the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system. Neroli oil also has an anticonvulsant and spasmolytic effect.

The strong character of neroli is also evident in the composition of various cosmetic products. This aroma oil is considered one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. Neroli smoothes wrinkles, revives tired, dry and flabby skin, eliminates couperosis (small “pattern” of capillaries), eliminates redness and irritation, stimulates skin regeneration, helps to cope with skin imperfections (acne, eczema).

Apply neroli oil in a slightly higher concentration than other essential oils, therefore, prior to use, a test for possible allergenicity should be carried out. The increase in the recommended concentration leads to the opposite effect - from the refined and precious aroma turns into a thick, heavy and suffocating smell.

  • To aromatize the premises with the help of an aroma lamp, 7-8 drops of aroma oil should be used.
  • For massage for every 10 grams of the base (any vegetable oil) you should add from 5 to 7 drops of neroli. The same amount of aroma oils should be used for compresses and applications.
  • Apply neroli and in cooking - for flavoring wine add 5 drops for every 0.5 liters of the starting material.
  • For internal use, you should take a lower concentration - up to 3 drops of oil (honey is best used as a base).
  • A very special sensation will bring the process of making aroma bath with a sophisticated bitter flair. In the hot bath it is better to add 8 to 10 drops of aroma oil.

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Medicinal properties

Due to the rich aroma of flowers and their composition, a variety of properties are inherent in the neroli essential oil. And that is why neroli oil is beneficial. Among the beneficial qualities of neroli, it is worth highlighting the following: sedative, analgesic, antiseptic, bactericidal, antispasmodic, tonic, antidepressant, tonic, cytophylactic, carminative.

  • It is useful to use as an additional tool in the treatment of the cardiovascular system. Neroli helps to reduce the symptoms of arrhythmia, tachycardia, has a cardiotonic effect, potentiates coronary blood flow, clears blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, improves blood circulation.
  • Neroli oil helps to solve problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract. With it, your digestive and excretory systems will work like a clock. It will help get rid of colitis and diarrhea, eliminate enzyme deficiency.
  • In female diseases, it helps to cope with premenstrual and menopausal syndrome, relieves muscle cramps and joint contractures, eliminates irritability and tearfulness, promotes weight loss, and normalizes the endocrine system.
  • It is a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulates sexual function, is useful against frigidity and impotence, contributes to the solution of sexual problems.
  • Neroli essential oil effectively in the fight against colds and infectious diseases, in particular, with the flu and herpes, is a light diuretic, will help to overcome insomnia.

Neroli oil has many properties due to which it is widely used for medical purposes.

Impact on emotions

Due to its ability to stimulate the growth of new cells, neroli essential oil has a rejuvenating effect and a beneficial effect on any skin type. It has the ability to smooth fine lines, relieve irritation, reduces vascular pattern and fights acne, gives skin freshness and elasticity, has a healing effect on eczema, in the fight against cellulite, helps to eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy or weight change. Neroli oil is useful for daily hair washing to prevent hair loss and as a remedy for dandruff.

Neroli essential oil also has the ability to positively influence the emotional state of a person. Balances mood, instills a sense of confidence, peace and tranquility, relieves emotional depression, anxiety, fear, anger. Will help with astheno-depressive and astheno-neurotic states. Effective with neuralgia, hysteria, headache and dizziness. It has a sedative effect and increases the tone of the central nervous system.

Thanks to such a huge range of actions in the old days, it was believed that neroli oil has magical properties. Many nations call him a gypsy plant because of the subtle hypnotic effect on the human psyche. The ancient Greeks made wreaths of fragrant orange flowers and decorated the heads of newlyweds with them. Magical fragrance served as a symbol of purity, love, lust and fertility. Magic properties were attributed to neroli by chance. Oil has a beneficial effect on the spiritual development of the individual, helps to be in harmony with the outside world. Very effective for practicing meditation.

From the flowers of orange, the ancient Greeks made wreaths for the newlyweds.

Application in other areas

Neroli essential oil is used in cooking, for the production of fine drinks, it is an indispensable component in elite perfumery, they are enriched with creams, tonics, and cosmetic masks. As well as in everyday life, neroli oil is used for evaporation in an aroma lamp, for cold inhalation, for taking an aromatic van, in baths and saunas, during massage and rubbing, like oil compresses, for microclysm and douching.

Neroli oil is often used in the manufacture of luxury perfumes.

Precautionary measures

Neroli oil has contraindications, there are few of them. Essential oils should be used with extreme caution for pregnant women and children. Individual intolerance and the manifestation of allergic reactions that pass by themselves are possible. After applying the essential oil on the skin, a tingling effect appears. Due to moderate phototoxicity, it is not advisable to apply it before going out in the sun. It has relaxing qualities, so if you need to be collected and make informed decisions, it is better not to use neroli. Contraindications: do not exceed the recommended dose.

Possessing a huge amount of properties important for human health, neroli deserves to take an honorable place among your favorite essential oils.


  1. Little about neroli
  2. Application of neroli essential oil according to properties
  3. The magical properties of the neroli essential oil
  4. Contraindications to use

For the manufacture of oil using two methods:

  1. Steam Distillation
  2. Extraction with volatile solvents

The composition of the aromatic oil includes many different components, including: limonene, pinene, terpinen, linalool, benzonitrile and many others.

It also contains substances with a high concentration of nitrogen: indole, pyridine, phenylacetonitrile and methyl anthranilate.

Neroli oil is ideally combined with other citrus oils, with coriander ether, myrtle, mint, pine, lavender, juniper, rosemary, fennel.

Verbena and lemon oils are considered complementary.

Properties of neroli essential oil:

  1. Antiseptic effect
  2. Bactericidal
  3. Deodorant
  4. Antispasmodic
  5. Antidepressant
  6. Sedative
  7. Hemostatic
  8. Anti-sclerotic

In addition, orange tree flower extract is a powerful aphrodisiac.

On an emotional level, the oil of orange tree flowers has not only an antidepressant effect.

It is also an effective aid in the fight against neurosis, anxiety, and helps even in chronic cases.

No less is the impact on health:

  1. Stabilization of blood pressure
  2. Normalization of heart rhythm
  3. Obstruction of angina and ischemia
  4. Strengthening and cleansing of blood vessels
  5. Normalization of the endocrine glands
  6. Increased potency and sensuality
  7. Eczema treatment
  8. Elimination of skin rashes

Oil is unusual also because it has a certain effect on human bio-energy.

It drowns out envy, prevents bad deeds and intentions.

Also, oil reduces the importance of the material, contributes to the appearance of objectivity and increases tolerance.

The amount of oil, as well as all sorts of variations depend on the type of skin and purpose:

  1. Normal skin - two drops of neroli, a drop of mint and rosewood
  2. Tired skin - a drop of neroli and 3 drops of a rose
  3. Smoothing wrinkles - drop by drop of neroli, pine, nutmeg

The specified amount is based on 5 milligrams of cream.

Neroli oil is an excellent ingredient for masks:

  1. For the preparation of a nutritional mask for normal skin type, you need to take a tablespoon of Hypericum oil, a drop of neroli, mint, lemon and ylang-ylang. Everything is thoroughly mixed, applied for 15 minutes on the skin of the face, then washed off with warm water. After the mask, be sure to use a moisturizer.
  2. A mask of moisturizing purchased cream, 3 drops of Neroli and 1 drop of orange will help tighten the skin. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a small container, after which they are applied to the skin for half an hour with massage movements.
  3. Combining a tablespoon of jojoba oil or avocado, two drops of neroli and limemett, a drop of incense and nuts, you can create a wrinkle mask. Apply it for 15 minutes, then wash off and moisturize the skin with a special cream.

The magical properties of the neroli essential oil

There is a belief that neroli oil is one of the most powerful plants that can bewitch a person.

For this, the woman dripped the extract onto the hollow between the breasts.

In addition, when applied to whiskey, it is able to give a person peace of mind and balance.

Some believe that the extract of orange flowers is able to bring a person enormous wealth and helps to reach those heights that you are afraid to even dream of.

Along with these properties, neroli oil:

  1. Develops extrasensory abilities
  2. Brings success in all areas of human life
  3. Makes the result of any divination more accurate.

In the Middle Ages, the scent of orange tree flowers was used in a variety of sorcery rituals, especially when driving demons out of man.

Neroli flowers have long been considered magical.

Whatever it was, joking with the oil just is not worth it.

If it is correct to dose its quantity, visualization, work on yourself and add a pinch of luck, it will really become a component of the recipe of this magic tool, the main thing is to believe in yourself and in the result.

Contraindications to use

There are some contraindications to the use of oil.

For example, it can never be used as a freshener for the air in the car or in cases where you need a clear head, quick reaction and concentration.

This is due to the fact that the ether not only relaxes, but also acts as a sedative, that is, a soothing drug, inhibiting the nervous system and dulling the reaction.

In addition, it has a hypnotic effect, and causes a person to relax to the level of light slumber, at the same time stimulating sexual desire.

It is contraindicated in the first 4 months of pregnancy.

Tip: It should be noted that the use of any aromatic oil during pregnancy is better to discuss everything with a doctor who can indicate the correct dosage of neroli or find an adequate replacement for it.

It is not necessary to use aetherol in cancer, during the course of chemotherapy, individual intolerance and allergies.

Characteristics of neroli oil

Even in ancient Rome they made fragrant water from the flowers of an orange tree. It was used for flavoring the air, as well as in the treatment of certain diseases. She loved this fragrance of Countess Neroli, after whom the oil was named. It is made from orange flowers. The most valuable and expensive type is the product obtained from the petals of Seville bitter orange, and the Portuguese Neroli from sweet orange flowers. The usual essential oil, which is most often found on sale, is obtained from the flowers of mandarin and lemon.

This product is an aromatic liquid of golden color. It darkens in the light, so the oil should be packaged in bubbles of dark glass. The aroma of neroli is very strong, floral, with a bitter tinge. It is well combined with other essential oils: citrus or coniferous, as well as bergamot, lavender, mint or rosemary. The molecules of these substances are so small that they easily penetrate the skin cells, exerting their curative effect on the body. Because of this, it is often used in medicine and cosmetology. Neroli - essential oil.

Properties of this product

Already in antiquity, people realized that this oil has a beneficial effect on the body. He was recognized simply as a panacea for many problems. Therefore, it is often used to treat internal diseases and skin diseases. Why is it used successfully in medicine and cosmetology neroli oil? Its properties explain such efficiency.

  • It normalizes heart rhythm, improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels.
  • It has a tonic effect, increases efficiency.
  • Destroys viruses and bacteria.
  • Relieves muscle spasms and helps with cramps.
  • Stimulates the production of the necessary enzymes, improves appetite and normalizes the processes of digestion.
  • Relieves swelling and has a diuretic effect.
  • It soothes, improves mood, has a slight hypnotic effect.
  • Normalizes metabolic processes.
  • Stimulates sexual function, so it can be used in the treatment of impotence and frigidity.
  • Normalizes hormonal balance.
  • Stimulates the growth of new cells and regeneration processes.

Scope of neroli oil

This healing product has universal properties and is beneficial for the whole body. Therefore, the area of ​​its application is so wide. Where do they use neroli oil?

  • Most often it can be found in cosmetics. Beauticians love it for the ability to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate pigment spots and wrinkles. Neroli accelerates the processes of regeneration and normalizes fat balance, which allows you to quickly get rid of acne.
  • This oil is used in medicine. Antiviral properties of neroli and its ability to normalize the functions of the intestines and the heart are especially famous.
  • Very rarely, but still used neroli in cooking. It is added to pastries, used to flavor drinks.

How to use neroli oil

There are several ways to use this product. Sometimes a person does not even know that neroli is added to a drug or cosmetic. Свойства его проявляются как при приеме внутрь, так и при наружном использовании. Как же можно применять это масло?

  1. Самый распространенный способ – это ароматерапия. Inhalation of volatile components of the essential oil is considered more effective than its exposure through the skin. When inhaled, healing substances enter the body unchanged, immediately exerting its beneficial effect. You can use aroma lamps for this purpose, inhalations or splashing fragrant water from a spray bottle. For the procedure of aromatherapy, only 5-7 drops are enough, and they spend it not more than 15 minutes.
  2. Neroli oil has a very strong effect when taking a bath. Through steamed skin, its healing components penetrate the lymph and spread throughout the body. Be sure to add ether to water before it is necessary to dilute it in a base: cosmetic oil, milk, or honey. No more than 7 drops of neroli can be added to the bath, as it has a very strong effect.
  3. Compress using oil helps to penetrate its components directly into the diseased organ. To prepare it, you need to dissolve 5-7 drops in 100 ml of water, moisten a napkin and attach it to the skin, covered with a film. You can keep it from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Such a compress helps relieve pain and swelling, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.
  4. Massage with neroli oil also contributes to the rapid penetration of ether into the body. This method has a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the blood circulation, respiratory and digestive organs. Neroli for massage must be diluted in base oil: 5-7 drops per 10 ml.
  5. You can also take this oil inside. The main thing is not to exceed the dosage: no more than 3 drops dissolve in a tablespoon of honey. Drink once a day before bedtime.

The use of neroli for the treatment of diseases

The healing properties of the oil are often used in various diseases. Moreover, volatile components can enter the body during aromatherapy, and when taken orally. Sometimes also treatment is carried out with the help of massage or compresses. Apply such methods can be with different health problems.

  • When stress, depression, insomnia, neurosis.
  • With colic, diarrhea, intestinal infections. It reduces flatulence and abdominal pain.
  • It alleviates the condition of painful menstruation, cycle disturbances and menopause. Helps with frigidity and decreased libido.
  • Relieves headaches, helps with migraines.
  • Accelerates recovery from acute respiratory viral infections.
  • Effective for complex treatment of ischemic heart disease, hypertension, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, and vascular dystonia.

Neroli oil for skin

This oil was widely used in cosmetology. It is added to creams, shampoos, masks. Neroli are the main component of popular perfume "Chanel №5". At home, you can also use this oil. 2-3 drops of neroli can be added to factory-made cosmetics before using them. But it is best to mix it with the basic framework, so it will be more effective. Do not apply undiluted oil on the skin, with the exception of cases of point use in the treatment of herpes and acne. But usually only 2-3 drops of ether are added to a tablespoon of almond, peach, castor or olive oils. These masks have a healing effect on the skin:

  • improve complexion, eliminate age spots,
  • moisturize the skin, normalize the water balance,
  • struggling with stretch marks and scars
  • rejuvenate, eliminate fine wrinkles,
  • relieve irritation and inflammation,
  • remove swelling,
  • heal wounds and accelerate the process of regeneration,
  • help in the treatment of herpes, acne,
  • treat dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases.

Hair oil application

In various shampoos and hair balms also use neroli. Its application favorably affects the condition of the hair and scalp. It treats dandruff, makes curls smooth and shiny. Moreover, the oil is suitable for dry hair, moisturizing and filling them with power, and for oily, normalizing the fatty balance of the skin and eliminating excessive greasiness. Neroli prevents hair loss and their fragility. You can add a few drops of the funds in the usual shampoo or balsam. But it is better to make a mask of neroli, diluted in base oil: jojoba or castor. Aromatic combing is also effective: put a few drops on a wooden comb and comb wet hair well along its entire length.

Contraindications and side effects

Neroli is one of the safest essential oils that very rarely cause allergic reactions. But still it is not recommended to use it for children under 3 years of age, pregnant women and during lactation. In general, aromatherapy is contraindicated for allergy sufferers and cancer patients, and essential little neroli in this sense is no exception. Possible side effects are related to the main properties of the oil: soothing and relaxing. This may be drowsiness, weakness, absent-mindedness. But they appear only in case of overdose.

Neroli oil: reviews

This tool is popular, despite the high price. The highest quality imported oil costs more than a thousand rubles for 10 ml. You can buy neroli and cheaper: for 200-250 rubles. It is about this oil most reviews. Most note the beneficial effects of neroli on the skin and hair. Many get rid of insomnia and anxiety with it.

Oil is worth its weight in gold

Among their own kind, the most expensive is neroli, the essential oil, which is widely used today. Moreover, its high cost is explained not only by the unique properties of the substance (and they are truly magical). The point here, rather, in the production of the product. In order to get only 800 g of oil, you need to process a whole ton of flowers of the bitter fruit of an orange tree. Agree yourself, quite time-consuming exercise.

Let's get acquainted with the miracle remedy closer.

Neroli essential oil may have a pale yellow color or be completely colorless. It has a liquid consistency. The smell is clearly felt notes of orange and acacia. Although, in fact, its aroma consists of 5 tones, therefore, it is distinguished by saturation and complexity.

The name "Neroli" is not tied to any plant. The tool is named after the Countess Neroli. They say she just adored the aroma of this oil, so the name stuck to him.

How to get butter

Such a valuable product is produced by distilling the flowers of bitter orange. Cubes with water are heated by an internal serpentine. It is through it that steam is passed. The liquid in the tank is poured just enough so that all the flowers were covered with it. This is explained by the fact that the French (namely, in France, most often, the neroli essential oil is produced) are prepared, as a rule, non-rhodium water. Oil is collected separately. And it is exactly what does not dissolve in water during distillation.

Types of oil

There are 3 types of neroli oil. The classification is based on the raw materials from which it is made.

  • Neroli bigared For its production are used petals of bitter orange from Seville. This variety is recognized as one of the best.
  • Portuguese variety of neroli. It is made from sweet orange.
  • Conventional neroli oil. The raw materials for it are the petals of mandarin and lemon flowers.


Experts say that the essential oil of neroli is absolutely safe. It can be used by almost everyone and not be afraid of harmful effects. However, we must treat this product with caution to those who are allergic to this oil, pregnant women and children who have not yet turned 7 years old. All others can safely decorate their shelves in the bathroom with this healing tool.

Spheres of application

Today, no one will deny the value of tacago as a neroli oil. Its application in various areas speaks for itself. Where is this magic oil used, which can make us forget about the biological clock and give youth?

  • Neroli essential oil in cosmetology. An area where this tool is indispensable. Healing drug can relieve not only wrinkles, but also pigmentation, ugly stretch marks, scars. It causes the body to produce new cells, narrows the pores and allows you to say goodbye to the greasy luster on the face.
  • In medicine. This is a fairly strong antiviral drug. In this regard, it brings invaluable benefits in the treatment of herpes or flu. It is used in neurology and gynecology. It is able to fight diseases of the intestines and stomach, stop the development of sclerosis.
  • In aromatherapy. It is necessary to breathe oil vapors, and you will forget about fears and panic. It heals from anguish and anxiety. Gives a sense of self-reliance and gives peace.

This oil has found its place in traditional medicine. How many decoctions and other healing potions are done with its addition!

How to apply an amazing oil

One of the most universal remedies is neroli oil. Its application will save from many ailments. The main thing is to do it right. Most often it is used:

  1. In the oil burner. Just 7 drops will be enough, and your house will be filled with an intoxicating aroma. It should be heated for at least 15 minutes. Allowed to do the flavoring room no more than 3 times a day.
  2. When taking aromatic baths. You can simply add 10 drops of oil, you can mix it with any emulsifier, which is often milk, honey, sea salt. Do you want to take a bath of pleasure? Then mix a few essential oils. For example, 3 drops of mint and neroli and 5 drops of rosewood oil. Only you should not be in such an aromatic bath for more than 20 minutes.
  3. It is used for massage. In this case, it is added to any base oil. For example, plant. 10 ml of base oil will require from 5 to 7 drops of neroli oil.
  4. As compresses. 5 drops of healing oil are added to the base. Then a bandage soaked in this composition is applied to the wound. Keep this miraculous compress need no more than 25 minutes.
  5. In creams. Do you want to enhance the effectiveness of your chosen cream? Then you can add 2 drops of neroli in a one-time share. The results are not long in coming.
  6. To create your own perfume. As already mentioned, neroli oil has a complex aroma. That is why you can create your own toilet water. This will be your know-how, whose secret is known only to you. Think it's so hard? Not at all. The basis should be taken jojoba oil. It can be diluted with alcohol, and can be left in its original state. To the jojoba (3 ml) should be added a drop of bergamot and mint, 2 drops of neroli and sandalwood.
  7. Reception inside. Do not be surprised, this oil is suitable not only for outdoor use. Just watch the dosage carefully. Allowed to mix 2 drops with half a teaspoon of honey. You can drink the mixture with warm water.

You see how many opportunities the acquisition of miraculous oil gives you.

What will help our skin?

Of course, neroli oil! Its merit is that it is suitable for all types.

  • Dry skin. With the help of oil you can protect it from drying out. Regular use restores the lipid balance. In addition, this tool perfectly soothes sensitive skin. You will forget about your past problems.
  • Oily skin. Neroli oil has bactericidal properties and saves from irritation. It is able to narrow pores, and therefore you will no longer need to worry about oily shine. And with annoying acne, you too can say goodbye forever.
  • Fading skin. As soon as you notice the first signs of aging, immediately buy neroli oil. It will accelerate the growth of new cells, so the skin will look renewed. Its elasticity will also increase due to the production of collagen.

Beauty secrets

How to apply Neroli essential oil for the face? It is best to add it to creams that you use daily and tonics. You can also make your own cosmetic product: mix neroli oil with any other oil and use it as a cream.

Do not forget about two things.

  1. Do not use this oil on the skin around the eyes.
  2. You can not use the tool described by us in its pure form. It must be diluted with other oils. Allowed to put a little neroli only if you have acne.

For masks it is allowed to combine neroli oil with various fruits. For example, mash a banana (you can replace it with 3 strawberries), add 2 drops of neroli to the mass. Apply on face and hold for 20 minutes. Then the mask should be washed off with warm water.

Oil on guard of our hair

Who among us does not want to have beautiful and healthy hair. But how often problems arise with them. And why not try the neroli essential oil. For hair, believe me, there will be no harm, but the desired transformations will not keep you waiting. The fact is that this tool restores hair. It provides them with the necessary nutrition, as a result of which the fragility disappears and the loss stops. Curls become strong and resilient. Saves oil and neroli from dandruff, as well as irritation of the scalp, excessive flaking.

  • Try applying a few drops to the comb and comb your hair in different directions. You will immediately notice the delicious aroma and pomp. And if you do this for some time, your hair will become shiny, strong and healthy.
  • To get rid of dandruff, you need to add neroli oil to shampoos.

A huge set of healing properties has the essential oil of neroli. Reviews of all who used it, confirm its effectiveness. So why not join the ranks of fans of this tool and feel for yourself its miraculous power ?!

What it is?

Neroli is not the name of a plant. This is an essential oil that is obtained from the flowers of an orange tree. If you believe one of the legends, they called such a tool in honor of the Countess Neroli Anna Maria, who was a native of Italy. This girl simply adored oil made from the fragrant petals of orange trees. She smelled this amazing scent, which attracted men and provoked the envy of women.

Neroli oil is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world, since it takes a ton of petals to get just 800 milliliters of liquid, which is of course unprofitable. The liquid from the flowers is extracted using steam. The aroma of this oil is floral, but with tart and fresh notes. It is pronounced, so it is often mixed with other oils.

Today, there are three types of neroli essential oil:

  • Bigoli neroli is made from the flowers of a bitter Seville orange. It is considered the best.
  • Portuguese neroli is made from the petals of sweet orange flowers.
  • Normal neroli is obtained from the colors of lemon or mandarin.

What contains?

The composition of the essential oil of neroli includes limonene, geraniol, indole, linalol, yasmon, otsimen, camphen, nerolidol, as well as anthranilic and phenyl acetic esters. And although these complex names seem mysterious to almost everyone, it is these components that make oil useful.

Useful properties of neroli essential oil:

  • This remedy has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system. It helps to fight stress, depression, apathy, neurosis, mood swings and so on. Oil improves mood and increases stress resistance.
  • Neroli helps improve digestion. Firstly, it eliminates colic, secondly, it stops diarrhea, thirdly, it accelerates recovery from intestinal infections. In addition, the tool eliminates swelling and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • This oil is also useful for the cardiovascular system, as it normalizes the heart rhythm, strengthens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.
  • Neroli will help with any sleep problems, such as insomnia or too light sleep.
  • This essential oil helps to normalize the female hormones, cope with premenstrual syndrome and its manifestations, as well as facilitate the flow of menopause.
  • This tool is considered an aphrodisiac, which means that it will help in reducing libido, impaired potency, frigidity and other problems of a sexual nature.
  • Neroli oil will help to improve the endocrine system and normalize metabolic processes.
  • This tool is an effective antispasmodic, so it is often used to eliminate pain.
  • This is an excellent antiseptic.
  • Neroli essential oil has a regenerating effect and helps to heal wounds faster.
  • This tool improves skin elasticity and thereby has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Oil will help get rid of acne and redness.
  • With regular use, you can eliminate couperosis, that is, the so-called small vascular asterisks.


Take the neroli oil inside should be very careful, not exceeding the dosage. It should be in one tablespoon of honey dissolve only three drops of oil. To use such a tool is best in the evening or even before bedtime, it will allow you to relax and tune in to a healthy sleep.

You can also use neroli for flavoring desserts, pastries and drinks. So, you can make a more aromatic wine. To do this, add five drops of oil to the bottle.

Outdoor use

For external use it is best to use cosmetic oil.

  • You can make a compress. Например, если у вас болит голова, смочите отрезок ткани, свёрнутый в несколько слоёв, в тёплой воде. Капните на него 15 капель масла нероли и положите на лоб и виски. Полежите полчаса.
  • Можно делать массажи или растирания. To do this, prepare a mixture consisting of 7-10 drops of neroli essential oil and one tablespoon of any base oil, for example, olive or almond.
  • You can add neroli essential oil to almost any face mask.
  • Effective hair masks with this component.
  • You can just drip literally 10 drops of oil on a comb (it is advisable to use a wooden one), then comb wet hair.
  • Such a component can be added to any cosmetic, for example, to a cream, shampoo, mask, conditioner, lotion, and so on. At 10 grams of the composition you need only five drops of oil.
  • Drip one drop on each nail and massage it well.


You can use neroli essential oil in the following ways:

  • Add 15-20 drops to the bath, soak in it for half an hour.
  • Put 7-10 drops of oil in the aroma lamp. A session can last about 30-40 minutes, and it is best to spend it before bedtime.
  • In a glass of water, dissolve 20 drops of oil. Using a spray bottle, spray the resulting aromatic water in the room where you are.
  • You can drop 5-10 drops of oil onto a cotton pad and breathe over it. Such a procedure will be similar to a kind of inhalation and will help not only to relax, but also to improve breathing and alleviate the condition in case of certain diseases of the respiratory tract.

Side effects

Side effects are extremely rare and only when exceeding the dosage and too long use. Symptoms such as drowsiness, confusion, decreased concentration, dizziness, weakness are possible. And that is why immediately after using the tool it is not recommended to drive a car or perform other complex activities.

A bit about neroli oil

In appearance, neroli oil is a light yellow or golden liquid with a pleasant, fresh, floral scent. It is obtained by steam distillation or extraction with volatile solvents from orange flowers (Seville orange or bigardie, rut family). In the light, the liquid acquires an orange-red color, darkens with time. It is most effective to combine neroli oil with citrus oils (lime, orange and lemon), but coniferous oils, rosemary, mint, juniper will do.

The beneficial properties of neroli essential oil

  • is an aphrodisiac, has a positive effect on the functioning of the endocrine and reproductive systems,
  • has a cardiotonic and anti-sclerotic effect,
  • oil speeds up blood circulation
  • has antiviral and tonic properties,
  • has a decongestant and diuretic effect,
  • inherent antiseptic and bactericidal property,
  • has anticonvulsant and antispasmodic properties,
  • normalizes the work of the systems of digestion and excretion,
  • the oil has soothing, relaxing, antispasmodic and analgesic properties,
  • antidepressant agent
  • activates cell regeneration
  • strengthens hair follicles
  • oil has anti-aging properties, especially useful for dry and tired skin,
  • effective against stretch marks and cellulite,
  • oil fights redness and irritation of the skin, rosacea, skin diseases,
  • is an excellent deodorizing agent.

Inhalation and aromatization of the air.

When inhaled through inhalation, the aroma components of the oil get to certain points of the nasal mucosa, stimulate the production of impulses that send signals to certain parts of the cerebral cortex, thereby affecting the functioning of all organs and body systems. At the same time, neroli oil acts directly on the respiratory organs, stopping the development of inflammatory or stagnant processes. For these purposes, neroli oil is taken in an amount of 1-3 drops, the procedure is carried out not more than 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Aromatic bath, use in the bath and sauna.

With this method, neroli oil affects the entire surface of the skin, quickly penetrates the lymphatic network, affecting all human organs. Baths can be hot, cold, sedentary, for hands or feet, in any case, the essential oil should be mixed with an emulsifier (cream, milk, honey, sea salt) and then added to water. Rinse after taking a bath is not necessary, the skin should be lightly blotted with a towel. For one bath should take 7 drops of essential oil. The duration of the procedure can be up to 25-30 minutes, but you need to start from 5 minutes.

For baths and saunas, the neroli essential oil should be diluted in water (3 drops of essential oil per 0.5 l of water), in the first case, water the stove-heater with a solution, and in the second - hot stones.

This method consists in applying a therapeutic compress over the problem organ, as a result, the active components of the essential oil penetrate the lymph flow and act directly on the diseased organ, providing a decongestant, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Compresses can be cold and hot. For the procedure should be on 10 ml of base (fatty) oil to take 7 drops of ether. In a solution, moisten cotton fabric, slightly squeeze and attach to the area above the diseased organ. You can hold a compress for 30 minutes to two hours, start small, gradually increasing the duration of the procedure.

Massage and rubbing.

Massage provides rapid penetration of beneficial components of the oil into the human body. As a result, the procedure has a positive effect on the condition and health of the skin, it has a positive effect on blood circulation, digestion, improving overall overall health and well-being. For acupressure a mixture is prepared: one drop of essential oil per one drop of vegetable oil (base).

Rubbing has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and respiration, eliminating inflammatory processes in muscles, nerve and connective tissues. For rubbing take 4-7 drops of neroli oil per 10 ml of vegetable oil.