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Nautical Wedding


If your wedding celebration fell in the summer months, when there is unbearable heat outside, and only one desire in your mind is to go to the sea as soon as possible, then a maritime style wedding can be an ideal option for you.

In the summer, it is difficult to organize a banquet, because the products quickly deteriorate, the guests quickly get tired of the heat, so organizing a celebration somewhere on the coast is a good solution in this situation.

Also, the concept of a marine wedding is ideal for couples who have always dreamed of celebrating the birth of their family somewhere near the sea. Or they have already done it in a narrow circle on the seashore, and now they want to please their friends and relatives with the atmosphere of love and joy.

If you are interested in how to hold a wedding in a nautical style, then this article is for you, we tried to collect all the most interesting and original ideas that will help you to make your celebration bright, beautiful, romantic and unforgettable.

We will deal with the invitation

In fact, the wedding begins with invitations, after the guests receive such a card in their hands, they already know exactly about your event and can prepare for it in advance. Your invitation cards should set the general tone for the whole future celebration, which is why they should be designed as much as possible starting from the theme of the holiday.

It can be cardboard postcards in soft blue tones, studded with shells, images of sea stars, fish or other inhabitants of the seabed. You can add satin ribbons to your tone or insert your image from a trip to the sea.

Another option, more complex, but very original, is the invitation in the form of a sealed bottle. Inside you can pour sand or small shells, enclose, folded into a tube, decorated leaf with the words of the invitation.

Outside, you can also decorate the bottle: glue with sand, pebbles or shells - such an invitation can become a memorable and original souvenir about your wedding.

Where to hold a banquet?

Of course, the ideal venue would be the seashore: a beautiful snow-white arch with developing translucent fabrics, a large bright tent decorated for the theme of the celebration, as well as sand, water and sea air, which will set all guests and the young people to the right mood.

If nothing like this was found nearby, and there is simply no means to take all the guests to some tropical islands, then any reservoir will be the perfect solution: a lake or river bank, also a good option is a restaurant or a hotel with a pool.

A restaurant or a cafe decorated in a nautical style will also work, but if nothing like this can be found, then you can work independently on the decor to recreate the true maritime atmosphere.

Another interesting option that will surely provide you with an unforgettable and vivid celebration, is the deck of a motor ship or a pleasure boat, which will be rented this day just for you.

As for the decor and decorations

In thematic weddings, even the smallest details are always very important: take care of small shells, starfish and pebbles that can be laid out on your table and guests table.

Registration should begin with a color scale: blue, blue, white, sand or delicate shades of turquoise. Wooden motifs can be added to the decor, arrange tubs of flowers, palm trees and other exotic plants will do.

You can try to arrange the hall as if you were in an old mess-room: steering wheels, heavy wooden furniture, anchors, chandeliers with candelabra, compasses and shells.

Do not forget about the walls, you can decorate them with pictures of the sea or some tropical islands, light transparent curtains, sea nets will also be suitable for decoration, and if you are lucky and the space of your room allows, you can decorate it in the form of a ship deck.

A symbol of unity of two young spouses can be two lifebuoys, tropical fruits and flowers, candles, figures of sea lighthouses and ships, all the same seashells and pebbles can also be a good decoration. Do not forget, the whole decor should be in tune, you can even agree with the waiters so that they dress in vests.

And what about the menu?

It is important that in such an evening nothing is out of the general concept, which means that the menu of your banquet must fully correspond to the marine theme. It is clear that most of the dishes offered by the kitchen should be mainly fish and using seafood.

Sushi, seaweed, stuffed or salted fish, shrimps, mussels or squids that can be cooked in any interesting way would be appropriate.

Do not forget about the wedding cake, it must also fully comply with the chosen style: it can take the form of any sea creature, fish or ship, and you can go classically - a two- or three-tiered cake decorated with pearls, starfish, shells and so on.

Take care of the bottles on the tables: they can be pasted with stickers with inscriptions, for example, "Fresh water", "Rum, only rum" and something like that. You can take care of other treats, for example, candy in the form of sea creatures, ice cream with tropical fruits and so on.

What should the newlyweds look like?

It is very important that the bride and groom feel as comfortable as possible, so for those who prefer the classics, the usual white wedding dress will be perfect, the “mermaid” or “princess” style will be perfect.

If the wedding is somewhere on the seashore, then you can choose a dress from light and developing fabrics, complement it with blue or turquoise ribbons. For the groom will be relevant light suit, you can do with a shirt and trousers.

Together with the outfits and details are important: instead of the groom's boutonniere with flowers, you can use a starfish or a shell. The bridal bouquet, by the way, can also be made unusual, supplemented with the same shells, starfish or tropical flowers.

For risky newlyweds, there are options with complete transformation into marine life, for example, a mermaid and a sea pirate, King Neptune or a goldfish. Everyone can choose for themselves the image that he most liked.

Do not deprive such pleasure and guests, perhaps they will also want to change into something like that, but if not, do not forget about bridesmaids - long blue dresses will be the perfect solution.

If you decide to arrange a completely informal atmosphere, you can offer a dress code that will include swimsuits, bright shorts for guys and colorful pareos for girls, light tunics and shales, in general, exactly what guests can feel comfortable .

Holiday ideas

Do not forget to warn the host about the theme of the wedding, let her prepare several specific competitions that will fully comply with the maritime style. And you can turn all the triumph into a quest, during which the guests along with the newlyweds will search for hidden treasures along pieces of the map.

On your journey there may be stops and halts, where you will find the following tips, you can have a snack, and the newlyweds will be able to spend time photo shoot. The last stop is the place of your banquet, the Island of Love and Happiness.

Registration of a wedding in sea style

Before you begin to think through the details of the design, it is worthwhile to seriously approach the issue of choosing a place for a themed wedding. This will play an important role in creating the atmosphere, will help guests immerse themselves in the underwater world or on a pirate ship. Below will be considered a few places that are perfect for a wedding nautical style:

  • Boat or boat with a restaurant. The style of celebration implies the presence of water, so newlyweds and guests will ideally go aboard a real ship to mark the connection of two hearts. Well, if you can go on a sea voyage, but even a boat trip on the river will leave an unforgettable impression on all guests of the holiday. There are options for removal of water transport for every taste, number of guests and wallet.

  • Sea shore. The sandy beach will create a romantic atmosphere, to the sound of the waves, future spouses can make an exit registration of the marriage, and then go with the guests, celebrate a wedding under a tent on the beach or on the territory of the hotel, next to which the event takes place. If a trip to the sea requires considerable investments that young people do not have, the river bank is quite suitable.

  • Outdoors. Even under the condition that there is no sea, river or even a small stream nearby, there is always an option to go with the guests to nature. Fresh air, themed sea style of decoration will create the atmosphere that the hero of the day was so eager for when planning a wedding.

  • A restaurant. A lush banquet in the restaurant is a classic way of holding a wedding, but it can also go well. To do this, the newlyweds will need to decorate the hall in the appropriate style, and first find the premises that are suitable for the theme of the wedding. For example, many seafood restaurants already contain marine elements of decor: anchors, lifebuoys, wooden hand wheels, you just need to search.

It is believed that a wedding in a nautical style is a summer version of the holiday, but you should not abandon this idea only because the sea is associated mainly with heat and sun. Just in the winter, it is necessary to escape from the cold, frost, snow, and the warm mood of the sea celebration will certainly help everyone to do it.

When the venue of the celebration is chosen, the moment of creating a unique room decor comes. Maritime style includes a large number of design options, for this you need to decide which bride and groom want to see the wedding. Several interesting ways of decorating the room will help future spouses to choose a subject that is closer to them in spirit:

  • Romantic dream. If the hero of the occasion hopes to create a light, carefree atmosphere, you should refer to the following decoration options for the venue: a wedding arch decorated with flowers and airy fabrics will look great, seashells, stars can be placed everywhere, thick textured candles stand. Petals of exotic plants can decorate the table and floors. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics, wooden decorations. Colors should be delicate, although contrasts are also permissible.
  • Exquisite tale. Perhaps, the future spouses associate the sea with wealth, a beautiful view from the bedroom of a luxurious mansion, a morning dip in clear azure water and delicious cocktails. In this case, decorating the sea wedding, you should give preference to the classic, traditional design: a lot of white, contrasting blue or blue color, polished wood, polished dishes, neatly placed island flowers, splashing waves. See how the sea celebration looks like on video:


  • A sailors party or a pirate wedding. If the newlyweds are true lovers of adventure, then at the nautical-style wedding it would be ideal to organize a merry party where striped motifs, jolly Roger's flags, active instrumental music, rum and champagne will prevail. This design will make both simple and refined - it all depends on the taste of the heroes of the occasion.

Accessories for the wedding in a nautical style

Accessories play a big role in creating the atmosphere, so future spouses are advised to pay heightened attention to the details of the nautical style wedding. Depending on the chosen motive, you can include ribbons, colored fabrics, starfishes, dense ropes, pearls, various plants, creepers, and sand. See options for marine accessories with photos:

  • Pillows for rings. Very few people take this simple thing to decorate, but if you are determined to follow the style of the wedding in everything, then try to think of an original way of decorating them. Pads can be decorated with striped fabric, shells, artificial fish, and also a real shell of pearls can act as a stand for rings.

  • Glasses and bottles of champagne. Glasses for the wedding of the perpetrators of the celebration, as a rule, differ from those of which guests drink - they are decorated in different styles. To support the theme of the holiday, decorators or the newlyweds themselves can decorate them in a nautical style. It will be easier to decorate the bottles with alcohol - it will be interesting to sheathe them with an appropriate fabric.

  • Candlesticks. Candles are a romantic accessory that creates a warm, almost intimate atmosphere. As an interesting candlestick, the newlyweds can use glasses with colored sand, banks in which there is a scattering of seashells. Candles themselves are easy to decorate with colorful blue sparkles, beads, ribbons.

  • Seating cards. In order for each guest to understand where to sit during the wedding, you need seating cards, you can make them interesting and original, if you use scrolls, origami boats, sea animals.

  • Aquariums. An unusual way to make a wedding more wedding style more “sea” is to decorate the tables with aquariums with real fish. Such neighbors will surely delight guests.
  • Details of the wedding procession. Making the car will turn out colorful ribbons, fabrics, shells, fresh flowers and even a large life preserver.
  • Tablecloths, napkins, other textile materials. These details of the decor can be contrasted with the white or light background of the banquet hall, contain cute prints of anchors, dolphins, whales.


The role of invitation cards is extremely important, because this is the first thing that will tell guests about the style of the wedding. There are a lot of options for decorating invitations, the final design should depend on the printing materials of the holiday. On the sea motif of the wedding can only speak the colors of the cards, as well as small painted details. If you want to create an original decoration, the bride can decorate the paper with pieces of shells, halves of white beads. A beautiful and fun way to invite a guest to a nautical wedding is to send a message-scroll in a bottle.

The bride's bouquet

The bouquet of the hero of the occasion is an element of the dress that attracts much attention during the ceremony, and in the evening, when the girlfriends line up behind the bride’s back, for a second becomes the main character of the holiday. To support the style of the event, the bouquet will be well decorated with low pearls, marine symbols, figures of the inhabitants of the deep sea, floristic white mesh. An accessory that is completely made with the help of various ocean decorations - small corals, dried sea stars, and pretty shells will look unusual.

Sea style cake

Sea cake for a wedding - the main position of the banquet menu. Modern confectionery products look like works of art, so future spouses will easily embody their wildest fantasies through the cake style. This may be a multi-tiered dessert, decorated with dolphins, starfish, whales, colorful exotic fish, flowers, ropes, nets, be a paradise island for young or a pirate ship. Perfectly looks like a convenient option for a marine wedding treat - a cake with portioned cupcakes.

What to dress guests at the nautical wedding

Wedding style suggests the possibility of specifying an interesting dress code. Guests will be pleased to dress up in a special way for an unusual themed celebration, but the need to wear dresses and suits of a certain type is better to specify in advance in the invitation. As a dress code can be selected several colors: for example, blue and blue and their shades. An ornament or print can become an element of style: striped motifs, drawings with attributes of sea travel, and if you wish, you can give your guests a completely independent way to think over their image.

Variant of scenario themed wedding in the marine style

An interesting version of the scenario of the wedding of the nautical style - a pirate party. There are many ideas for the implementation of such a festive program: for example, the bride and groom can be the most merciless and fearless pirates in the entire history of sea robberies. Their union was supposed to start the prosperity of the family business. The culprit of the celebration may be the faithful commander of the royal fleet, and the spouse - a pirate, but, no matter what, they could be together. Support the script will be toastmaster.

If future spouses are fans of sea dives, the whole wedding will be decorated as a submarine or the depths of the sea. The scenario can be built on a serene swim under water, watching the life of sea creatures. Competitions and entertaining quizzes of such a maritime-style wedding should be connected with obstacles that arise in the way of a brave scuba diver.

Наверняка каждая девочка с детства мечтает стать принцессой. Так почему бы не стать принцессой морского царства? Невеста может исполнять роль трогательной, нежной русалки, которая покорила своей красотой человека. История их любви с романтикой, немного грустная, но все же им удалось быть вместе. А вот получила прекрасная русалочка ноги или человек обзавелся рыбьим хвостом – решать виновникам торжества.

Salty wind in the face, strong steering wheel, compass, just pointing the direction - real sailors are always confident and bravely looking ahead. Ship style of this sea voyage will appeal to active, cheerful people who know how to have fun, but always know the measure. Playful images of the groom with the bride, cheerful music, decoration of the hall with ropes, lifebuoys, anchors, and the rudder of the ship are an integral part of the correct atmosphere of a maritime style wedding.

Wedding in a marine style do it yourself photo

From scratch to fully create the decor of the event is extremely difficult, but realistic. If there are not enough funds for the purchase of finished products, this does not mean that a maritime-style wedding cannot take place. Below is a small photo report of the event, which the future wife organized on her own, almost all the elements of the decor, making her own hands. Look at how interesting the image of the bride and the groom looks, the bouquet decoration, the seed cards. A lot of work was done, which eventually gave an unforgettable wedding to the hero of the occasion and guests.

Sea voyage with stops at the fictional islands

When the young ones arrive at the banquet hall, a team of guests will greet them with applause, and the Moderator will announce that it is time to set sail and sail to the island of Love and Happiness. Here you can let the sound of the sea and the wind, which will be the first toast.

First you can stop at Romance Island and invite the young to dance. The next stop can be the island of Thanks: at this stage, young people can thank their parents. Then Friendship Island : First, the groom's friends make toasts, and then among them and the bridesmaids it is worth holding a contest.

For example, divide friends into two teams and arrange a baton in large flippers. The goal is to find out which team will quickly collect pearls from the bottom of the sea for the bride. The number of "pearls" is equal to the number of participants. The first participant puts on flippers, runs backwards to the table on which there is a vase with “pearls”, takes one pearl, returns back as well, puts the pearl in a beautifully decorated basket, removes flippers, transfers to the second. When the last participant puts a pearl in a basket, one of the members of his team should quickly take this basket to the bride. The winner is the team of friends that makes it faster. By the way, with flippers you can hold other competitions on the marine theme.

Island of Wealth. At this stop, you can make a chest covered in mud and algae and invite guests to guess what lies in it. You can put a wallet, stocking in the chest (to always be full), bills or a calculator (to count money). In addition, in the chest should be an additional bottle of champagne with an invitation to the wedding anniversary. Guests guess the contents of the chest. Whoever guesses will receive a gift (champagne and an invitation), and the symbol of wealth will go to the newlyweds.

Island of Joy and Fun. The leader says that there should be a lot of joy in the life of a young family. And who brings us joy? Of course, friends and relatives. Let's check how they themselves and the newlyweds know how to have fun.

The leader divides those who wish to participate in two teams, male and female, and says that now there will be a tug of war. Women, of course, in shock, men are already preparing to give in. The presenter, having considerably heightened the situation, is really carrying out the rope, but in fact it will not be necessary to over-pull it.

Dance music is turned on, two assistants to the lead hold the rope high. A pair of participants (one from each team) takes place in a dance under the rope. Then the rope lowers a little, the next pair is walking. Gradually, the rope lowers lower and lower - those who could not pass under it, without leaning forward, drop out. Wins the team, which eventually will be more participants.

And so come up with a few more islands, approaching to which the crew of the ship is forced to participate in contests or contemplate a show. At the end of the ship arrives at island of love and happiness , and guests accompany the newlyweds, who are going to spend their wedding night on this island.

Sea voyage with stops at really existing geographical objects

At the moments of such stops, you can include national music and arrange themed entertainment, games and competitions. For example, by stopping in Italy , it is possible to organize a contest "Winding spaghetti on a fork". Participants are given large-size fake forks or ordinary forks and very long white ribbons that spread along the floor. The one who quickly wraps the ribbon on the fork wins, receiving as a prize some souvenir associated with Italy.

Stopping in Spain , you can arrange a comic corrida. Bulls and toreros are chosen. First on the forehead are attached with adhesive tape by two bright clerical buttons. The second lower backs attach inflated balloons (with the help of the same tape), and give a red “cloak” (a large piece of red cloth) to the hands. Spanish music is turned on, and the bullfight begins: the bull tries to pierce the torero's horns (with the button) —that is, to burst the ball. Torero is trying to protect his ass, that is, the ball. When the music is turned off, the results are summed up: prizes are awarded to the bulls that have burst even one ball and the surviving toreros.

*** Photo: Tatiana Tarada ***

Stopping in brazil , you can arrange a football competition (eyeliner: "Brazil is famous for its football players"). You can invite men to fill the ball with your foot, knee or head - whoever is bigger, he won. Or another option is possible, comic: girls play the role of the gate, clamping plastic buckets in their horizontal position between their legs. Men are attackers. They are trying to score the ball into the goal. The balloon acts as a ball. Each participant is issued on a personal ball ball. The gate can be 2-4. Girls “gates” can stand still or, on the contrary, move, making it difficult for the players to score the ball. Each scored - a prize. Girls, however, too. Take for the competition such balls that fit in a bucket.

So in the course of the evening is about 10 stops. Some of them are illustrated by contests and games, some - by numbers of professionals. For example, at a stop in Holland, a visiting cartoonist shows his creations (eyeliner: “Holland has always been famous for its artists”), the stop in India is accompanied by Indian dances of professional dancers, etc. Last stop - island of love and happiness and farewell to the young.

2. Sea wedding: on or near the ship

The ship can be a restaurant hall, decorated accordingly. The main thing is to create an entourage and adhere to the chosen concept (wedding on the ship).

Wedding design in the marine style Workshop “Holiday” (Yakutsk)

The ship supposedly has to go, the captain we already have (this is the groom), next to him is a faithful girlfriend (his newly made wife), many friends and relatives, but no crew. The course of the event is based on the replenishment of the team. Various contests and games are arranged in order to determine the Coca, Jung, the helmsman, the boatswain, the radio operator, the sailors, etc. Any “ship positions” that do not even exist will fit.

Radio operator You can designate the one who first sends an SMS to the groom with the word "Polundra."

To determine coca , you can arrange a fishing contest. You need 1.5-2 liter plastic bottles. They need to paint a la fish, gluing paper fins and skirt-tail. Participants are given a rope with a loop. Bottle-fish are placed at a certain distance. The task is to “lash out”, that is, to catch a fish (throw a loop over it). You can give each of several attempts. Whoever catches more fish will get the position of coca and a chef's hat to boot.

Boatswain usually “whistles” everyone upstairs, so you can arrange singing with whistles. Distribute to those who want to participate whistles and offer to whistle a love song. Who, according to the guests, will do it better, is the boatswain.

So, with the help of games and contests, the team is gradually recruited. When the team is recruited, the moderator will announce that it is time to set off - into the ocean of happy family life.

A maritime wedding can be held in a different way - there are a lot of options:

  • underwater wedding - the venue of the banquet is arranged under the seabed (the bride may be a Little Mermaid, and the groom - Neptune),
  • pirate wedding
  • Wedding "Scarlet Sails" (styling under the content of the book by Alexander Green),
  • Beach party wedding.

Sea Svvadba - it is fashionable! Photos from the wedding-festival (details on wedding-festival.ru)

Nautical Wedding Of course, it will require a special approach to the drafting of the script and the selection of details, but it's worth it. Beautiful, interesting, original and conceptual - this is how your nautical wedding if you are thoroughly prepared for it. We sincerely wish good luck and a great wedding!

Choosing a venue for a marine wedding

Features of the design of the marine wedding, above all, depend on the venue and the very theme chosen by the newlyweds.

To create a suitable atmosphere will help the current decor and object trivia.

But you can throw in design ideas only after agreeing on the arena of the whole action.

And it can be both monolocation, and the script of a wedding in a maritime style, divided into logical parts.

Consider several options and choose the best for your options and season.

Wedding in a marine style on the boat, boat

The very theme of the wedding dictates the presence of waves, water and fresh wind. Therefore, the first thing that comes to mind is the creation of a new union on board a real ship.

You can organize a great celebration if you go on a boat trip on a boat trip throughout the whole wedding.

But even if only part of the festive ceremony will take place on the water, it will be very interesting.

You can arrange an exit painting on a seagoing ship, or just a walk with a photo shoot.

For a chamber wedding a cozy boat that is easy to turn into an island of sea happiness is ideal.

If you are planning to hold a wedding for two, you should rent a yacht. What could be more romantic than flying through the waves under the prank-inflated sails?

Sea wedding on the shore

No less interesting options can be thought up for organizing a wedding on the seashore. The most memorable wedding you can give yourself, having gone to exotic islands.

Definitely, it is necessary to sign in advance, and directly on the sandy shore to beat the exit painting.

For those who prefer native shores, there is a great opportunity to create their own fairy tale to the sound of the surf.

And on the shore you can register, and then go to a cozy tent for a festive ceremony.

If you are not afraid of the version of the original beach theme, feel free to arrange a holiday right on the sand.

For young people living far from the sea, there are also options for a wedding on the coast.

Let it be the bank of a river or a lake - on any beach you can create a wonderful marine surroundings.

Just keep in mind that at a hot afternoon, guests will need a place to hide from the sun. Therefore, be sure to arrange gazebos or tents.

Organization of a wedding in nature in the sea style

But if there is not even a hint of a reservoir nearby, do not be discouraged. To organize a maritime wedding is easy just in nature.

It will be a wonderful wedding picnic with sea reptiles cooked right on the fire.

Against the backdrop of raging greens, it is possible to create an atmosphere of the underwater kingdom or a fairy tale about the little mermaid.

And even the feast of pirates perfectly fit into the forest surroundings.

Sea wedding style in a restaurant, cafe

For those who prefer a luxurious banquet option, it is better to dwell on themed cafes or restaurants.

Beach and fish houses are ideal for the realization of maritime ideas.

There are usually already elements of the corresponding decor.

But it is easy in any cafe to create the appropriate atmosphere on your own or with the help of an agency.

Moreover, the marine atmosphere of lightness and freshness is easy to recreate not only in summer, but also in the winter cold indoors.

How to choose the maritime theme of the wedding

It would seem that the theme of the wedding has already been chosen - this is a maritime style. But each newlyweds in their own way see both the sea itself and everything connected with it.

Therefore, it is better to choose design options, having determined the direction of the holiday.

We offer several original options for decorating the wedding hall in a nautical style.

Wedding in a nautical style: decoration of a fabulous holiday

Maybe it will be a real fairy tale filled with sunshine, wealth and sophistication?

For such a wedding is better to choose a classic decor. There will be a lot of white.

And let the colors of the sea only emphasize the cold restraint of snow-white. All lines must be strict and symmetrical.

Dishes are traditional white, arranged on tables covered with tablecloths made from natural fabrics.

There is a place for expensive bouquets of flowers that will take place strictly in the center of the tables.

This design is ideal for a wedding holiday on the theme “Sea cruise”.

Decor of a romantic wedding in a nautical style

Or a romantic dream sea wedding? This holiday is filled with ease, carelessness, freshness.

A floral wedding arch will be appropriate here.

Flowing lightweight fabrics use for draping walls, covering tents, as curtains in openings on verandas.

Do not skimp on the sea romantic decor. The design should not resemble a chest filled with underwater or pirate riches.

But here is a place for seashells, starfish, aquariums here.

Add thick candles, cover the tables and the floor with petals of exotic flowers - and the romantic marine surroundings are ready.

In the romantic style, you can beat the plot of the novel "Scarlet Sails".

The bridegroom, who arrived for the bride on a yacht with scarlet sails, will win the admiration of all those present.

Maritime Wedding: Travel Design

For lovers of freedom, travel perfect sea wedding scenario "I'm a sailor, you're a sailor" or "Sea trip."

Young people with guests will go on a journey on the sea waves in search of family happiness of the newlyweds.

It will be appropriate and bold outfits: short skirts, wedding dress with stripes, sailors and caps.

And the decor will be appropriate: anchors, sails, steering wheels, nets, gulls, ropes and telescopes.

If you want to make a crazy fun wedding with friends, consider options for pirate, beach, Hawaiian themes.

All of them are connected with the sea and have space, both for decoration and for the creation of the wedding scenario itself.

Sea wedding: decor and accessories

The design of both the banquet hall and the registration area of ​​the marine vessel will benefit, taking into account all the details of the decor, give importance to accessories, colors.

The general picture will depend on such nuances.

Despite the freedom of the subject, do not allow the decor of pretentiousness, pomp, mixing incompatible colors and details.

It is better to choose the design in the same style.

And since they decided to make a romantic wedding, do not force the room to force pirate chests.

Color spectrum

What is it, the sea? Azure in moments of tranquility, blue under the sparkling rays of the sun, blue-green before the storm, with white lambs under the breath of a sparkling darling-wind.

It is with these colors you can experiment and at the sea wedding.

And the blue and white color scheme should be present not only in the design of the room, the table, but also in the dresses of the newlyweds and guests.

For those who prefer the game of contrasts, you can dilute white and blue with rich black. These are the colors of the navy.

But then the subject should be consistent. It will benefit clear lines, conciseness and simplicity in design.

Fans of bright pirate or sailor themes can be advised to add red color to standard stripes.

He will give playfulness and emphasize solemnity.

Looks good and orange, as the most sunny and warm color.

Even against the background of marine shades, he favorably focuses attention on the joyful meaning of the moment.

Orange is perfect for a romantic wedding or a fun beach.

The uniqueness of the blue color is that you can combine many shades with it.

Therefore, you can safely experiment, without fear of violating the stylistic principles. But still better to stay in the colors of the sea and the sun.

Decor elements

For marine wedding choose, first of all, materials that are closely related to the beach, sea, the underwater world.

Here shells and shells, starfish and corals will be appropriate. Perfectly fit into the interior of the sail and steering wheels.

If you are preparing a romantic holiday, stop at the airiness, elevation. Let the light sea waves flow from the airy fabrics, foamy lambs from garlands sparkle, and the shells full of flowers sparkle.

A wedding - a journey through the sea will be decorated with fishing nets, lifebuoys and even binoculars and telescopes.

And for the brave young pirate family and decor we prepare the appropriate. Это сундуки, наполненные драгоценными каменьями, раковины с жемчугом, флаги и льющийся реками ром.

На морских свадьбах прекрасно смотрятся гирлянды. Их можно сделать даже своими руками из бумажных помпонов в бело-синей гамме или же из ракушек: натуральных и окрашенных.

На свадьбе в морском стиле найдется место и для цветов. Ими можно смело заполнять свободное пространство.

And as a vaz use aquariums or large sinks. It is better not to choose variegated flowers, if we are talking about a classic fairy tale - white bouquets would be appropriate here.

But on the beach, a romantic wedding, you can experiment with exotic variants of garlands and bouquets.

Be sure to use the idea with aquariums. Goldfish look cool, they will fulfill the most cherished desires.

But you can not only settle for the time of the celebration of fish in aquariums, but use them as containers for interesting compositions and flowers.

Candles - they just have to be at the nautical wedding.

Moreover, you can choose among the huge monumental, or exquisite, arranged in glasses, which are filled with sand and shells.

Look great and floating candles, which can be placed in blue tanks or in the same aquarium.

And think over non-standard details so that the wedding does not become just another maritime-style celebration.

It is worth emphasizing the importance of the event or to focus on the newlyweds.

Put a real boat and fill it with ice containers and beverage bottles.

Not afraid of experiments, use boats as containers for fruit, snacks.

You can use the wheel to hang wishes from guests, and chests - for gifts. Alcohol pour into symbolic buckets or kegs.

Even more ideas about nautical decor with your own hands can be found in the article "Nautical style party: ideas of decor and do-it-yourself design".

Wedding accessories and important little things

Even wedding accessories should be given a themed look. Otherwise, they will look torn out of the picture.

Consider a ring pad design. Do not stop at the standard options. All the same sea wedding.

Let this accessory be in this color scheme with the rest of the decor. An interesting option - pads of striped fabric or with an embroidered anchor.

Originally can be used as an unusual stand shell or shell, starfish or coral.

The shell can be filled with sand or small jewels.

It will be creative to look at a chest or a small wooden box with multi-colored or one-colored stones, on top of which wedding rings are placed.

Bottles with champagne and glasses.

Definitely, a wedding pair of champagne bottles and glasses of the newlyweds should differ from guest ones.

Here you can make bold decisions. Decorate with small starfish on the background of minimalistic golden painting.

Wrap with ropes, decorate with a striped fabric and make thematic inscriptions. Or just use sticker templates and blue ribbons.

Seating cards. The easiest way to designate a place for guests is seating cards.

And they can become an additional decor of the table. Here feel free to use paper boats, which are easy to do with your own hands.

Figures of fish and other marine animals - they can also be used as gifts-compliments for guests.

Scrolls, flags, shells, and even just cards decorated with ropes, starfishes, gulls will also be suitable.

Sea serving

It is not enough to decorate a room or a tent and skillfully scatter shells, petals on all surfaces, you need to think carefully about the serving of banquet tables.

Tablecloth may be snowy white. In this case, the decoration on the edge with blue ribbons or a net, marine figures will perfectly fit.

Wipes take blue or striped, with anchors or gulls.

On a white background it is better to use blue or blue plates. However, white, transparent perfectly fit.

Or use a blue and white striped tablecloth. But in this case you should not supplement it with another decor.

But napkins are better to use single-color, single images are allowed.

But for a banquet on a boat, boat, celebration in a narrow circle on the beach or nature, you can safely use disposable tableware. And here the choice of thematic options is much broader.

Original themed invitations for the wedding in a nautical style

A special place in the preparation for the wedding is making or ordering invitations. After all, this message is the first joint news, the first is already a real step.

Skillfully designed nautical-style wedding invitations immediately inform guests that they are in for a happy holiday and a sea of ​​joy.

And you can not just order standard postcards with the image of the sea, but go a lot further, and by invitation, let them know that the ship’s bell is calling them on the islands or on a sea cruise.

Just look luxurious invitation with a shell.

It may just be a huge shell, to which is attached a scroll with text. By its appearance, such a sink will tell about the wealth and good fortune that await the young.

And as a guest, she will surely promise a chic holiday where ladies will perform in elegant dresses, and men in strict captain costumes.

You can invite guests to a pirate club by placing a scroll in a bottle entwined with algae.

Immediately it will become clear that there is a lot of fun ahead with dancing, treasure hunts and abductions.

Place elegant invitations in special tubes or boxes.

Or simply fasten the rope wrapped around the scroll with a wax seal.

And no one has canceled the usual letters, cards, clamshell books.

Just be sure to decorate such invitations with a string of pearls and shells, blue ribbon or exotic dried flowers.

The image of the sea bride and groom

Choosing wedding dresses for a nautical wedding, it is better to abandon the traditional lush dress or the dress with a mermaid tail.

A-line or Greek-style dresses are perfect. Embellish the waist belt with stones or replace with a blue trim.

Lace translucent dresses that can magically transform a bride into a mythical mermaid look interesting.

If you are looking for an outfit in the appropriate color range, take a chance to buy a blue or blue dress.

And the most risky young ladies can be advised to dress with stripes or bright marine decoration.

And, of course, mischievous short dresses, in which sea brides look especially playful. Just remember that the shortened and bold options for wedding dresses for the bride require appropriate clothing and groom.

Just imagine how interesting the couple will look: the bride in a short blue or bright yellow dress and the groom in shortened pants with suspenders, a beach shirt.

Next to the sailor in a striped dress, there should definitely be a dribble sailor.

But the classic bride's groom simply must be in the guise of an important captain. And it can be both black and white suit.

Do not forget about accessories - these little things will bring the classic and bold images of young people into the world of the mysterious sea.

A girl can make a hair-shell and decorate her hair with hairpins with sea stars.

And even the bridal bouquet can be themed. Florists with pleasure add marine details to wedding compositions. In the same style, you can make the groom's buttonhole.

Sweets and cake in a nautical style for a wedding

The highlight of any wedding will always be a cake. Whole stories are played out around this treat, the newlyweds will surely cut it to treat all the guests.

And if the invitation was the first step to the holiday, then the cake is the final stage of the celebration.

It should be remembered not only for its taste, but also for its appearance.

Find a good pastry chef who will create a work of culinary art is not difficult.

But with the ideas of decorating the cake, the situation is more complicated. And it is better for young people to decide in advance on how they see their themed cake at the sea wedding.

Increasingly, newlyweds prefer not multi-tiered cakes, but cupcakes, arranged in several tiers.

You can decorate such cupcakes not just in an original way, but also make each cupcake individual by decorating it with marine details.

In order to observe the tradition of newlyweds cutting a cake, a small cake is placed on the uppermost tier.

And guests are handed cupcakes, which are convenient and transmit, and if desired, take with you.

A multi-tiered cake can be originally decorated with mastic shells.

Confectionery additives can make such elements very realistic. And put a pearl in each sink.

If the decor or clothing provided the presence of strips, the same style can be observed in the manufacture of the cake.

Moreover, the stripes can be not only horizontal, but also zigzag, wavy.

You can decorate the cake with edible anchors, which will symbolize that the family created has already dropped its anchor.

There is a place on the wedding cake and for orange starfish, which can be diluted with algae, coral, pearls.

And if you place a real edible boat on top of the cake, it will clearly say that the newlyweds are ready for a joint family trip.

Design and location

Before you start to make out an institution or open space, seriously consider choosing a place for a themed wedding. Do you want to dive into the underwater world or go on a pirate ship? Sea banquet appropriate to hold:

  • on the boat or boat,
  • by the sea
  • in a restaurant
  • in the lap of nature.

The scope of the celebration should also be determined in advance. Sitting together with family and friends or a noisy party with a mysterious quest - despite the general tone of the event, these are different events. The same goes for boat trips. If you decide to hold a wedding in a nautical style, you can do a lot with your own hands - from landing cards to finishing the hall decoration.

Interesting! Learn how to complete the original invitations and seating plan in nautical style.

Water walk

If a wedding in a nautical style takes place on a boat or boat, you don’t have to invent almost anything. Unable to board this ship? Replace the sea walk of the river and include in the design of the ship characteristic stylistic elements.

Owners of water transport willingly provide it for rent. By calculating the cost of the trip in advance with a known number of guests, you can decide which ship is best for the holiday. An important condition - the presence of a restaurant on board.

Depending on the possibilities of the newlyweds, on-site marriage registration, a wedding celebration and a banquet can take place on the sea or river bank. A comfortable and spacious tent should be installed on the beach. In this case, the decoration of the wedding in a nautical style will take a minimum of funds. If the wedding is planned in the resort town, it can be arranged in one of the hotels.

Sea Banquet

Banquet in the restaurant will suit lovers of interior parties. If you rent a classic room, decorate it with appropriate attributes: anchors, lifebuoys, wooden hand wheels, pipes, a large chest. Registration of the hall for the wedding on the sea in the photo on the left is a great example.

In many fish houses there is a necessary decor - renting a hall in such a restaurant will save time on finding and purchasing sea-style things.

If you do not plan an off-site event, you should not abandon the winter version of the wedding celebration. Cheerful mood and summer memory will become the best companions on a cold overcast day. In the pictures, the design of maritime-style weddings looks very attractive, and photos from your holiday will remind you of wonderful moments for a long time.

So, the room for the festival is selected. The time has come to decorate it in the spirit of pirate adventures, surround it with a romantic aura, or emphasize the rich setting. Ideas for a wedding in a nautical style are as diverse as the water spaces themselves.

Unstoppable fun

If the bride and groom are not averse to making an incendiary thematic show and are not embarrassed, dressing up as pirates and crew members, you can have a feast for which you will need Jolly Roger flags, striped robes and noisy music. All those who are not averse to miss a glass of rum, waiting for a lot of alcoholic beverages. In this version, comic contests are appropriate, you can include contests and sweepstakes with memorable gifts in a nautical-style wedding scenario.

Dreamy Romance

If your choice is a romantic wedding in a nautical style, the decoration of the hall should be appropriate. The ease and carelessness of youth is played in the interior, filled with flowers, aerial draperies, shells, textured candles. On the tables are exotic plants - their petals are scattered on the floor, and the flowers themselves adorn the festive tablecloths.

If the room is buried in floral arrangements, give preference to natural materials, wood ornaments in a rustic style. Choose delicate colors, moderate contrasts are also allowed. Making your own hands is not difficult, and such a wedding in a nautical style will be remembered for a long time.

Sophistication and wealth

Want to feel real luxury? If you associate the sea with bliss and pleasure, the decor of the nautical wedding is done in a traditional style with white and blue or white and blue contrasting elements. Furniture from smooth polished wood, brilliant dishes, the sound of waves, beautiful landscapes and island flowers, delicious cocktails and an exquisite festive table - this and much more forms the basis for a bright and memorable maritime celebration.

Style in detail

Pay close attention to the details of the wedding party - they set the tone and theme. Regardless of the chosen motive, common to the nautical style are:

  • sandy islands with starfish, corals and growing algae,
  • ribbons, colored pillows, rope ropes,
  • pearls
  • all kinds of tropical plants.

It should be said separately about the pillow for rings. Usually it does not decorate and use the finished version. Harmony manifests itself in trifles, so it will be good if your small pillow is striped, decorated with shells, fish, and pebbles. An interesting and catchy idea for a nautical wedding is to use a real opened pearl shell as a stand for rings.

The tuple can be decorated with traditional marine details, ribbons, fresh flowers. Unusual element of the decor of the wedding in the marine style - a large life preserver.

Wedding Manager

Pirate images, photos on the seashore, colored by sunset rays, images of sailors in the tavern - so that the photos are atmospheric, take care of the surroundings, think over the place for filming.

Elena Sokolova

Festive table

Glasses for a wedding in a nautical style can be done by hand. Typically, the glasses of the bride and groom differ from those that are served to guests. Decorate them with the appropriate elements, recreating the picture of the underwater kingdom. It would be great if you put the bottles with alcohol in a fabric case - the fabric can be taken as printed, with a marine pattern, and plain, with embroidery, appliqués, loose decor (beads, embroidered or glued decor).

Interesting! Cake can also be made "sea" - consider the successful options for its design.

On the wedding table are often candles. This creates a romantic setting and is appropriate for almost any celebration format. Instead of traditional tea candles, you can use large and massive ones by placing them in glasses with colored sand and scattered shells. You can use these candles solo, decorating them with beads, ribbons, sparkles, sequins.

For guests there are seating cards. It is necessary that they do not get confused with the numbering of the table and take the place prepared for them by the heroes of the occasion. Figures of sea animals, boats and origami paper boats, mysterious scrolls - there are a lot of options for decorating nameplates. A nautical-style wedding invitation, the text of which can be written in verse, should echo the theme of the seedling cards.

Tables can be decorated with aquariums with real fish. Stencil prints of dolphins, whales and ship anchors on a blue or white background look noble and elegant.


The first impression of the upcoming celebration opens with a viewing of invitations. Modern printing offers a variety of options, and handmade stores provide you with decorative details for the most original message. Want to use pieces of shells, halves of white beads? And, maybe, it will be interesting to you to draw invitations to the wedding in a nautical style? Another unusual way to announce the upcoming marine party is to send an invitation in the form of a scroll that is tightly packed in a bottle.

Bouquet newlywed

Increased attention to the main bouquet of the celebration requires a special approach to its design. He is constantly in the hands of the newlywed, is one of the key elements of the photo shoot with the company of girlfriends and should fit into the overall theme of the celebration. It is good to decorate a flower arrangement with pearls, sea figures, a white floral net.

Маленькие кораллы, миниатюрные морские звезды, разнообразные ракушки – эти детали приобщат букет к остальному декору вечеринки.

Стиль свадьбы в морском стиле

Морской стиль это легкость и свобода, пространство и, конечно же, море. Это яркое настроение отдыха и курортной жизни. Чтобы наяву воплотить все эти ощущения для начала следует определиться с местом организации свадебного торжества. Самыми очевидными решениями станут:

  • Морское побережье, бухта или пирс.
  • A picturesque cafe located near the river.
  • Ship deck

Naturally, the best time for a wedding in a maritime theme will be a warm season. However, even in winter and at a distance from the reservoir, you can organize a sea wedding, you just have to properly handle the design.

Photos from the site: linaflorist.blogspot.ru

Properly composed content will help to plunge into the atmosphere. A nautical-style wedding scenario may contain unusual plots — blessing young sea gods, conducting a royal Poseidon wedding ceremony, various contests, fun and charades connected with the sea elements, etc.

Photos from the site: nevesta.info

In creating the mood will help sound design, filled with the sound of the waves and the cry of seagulls. Well, and to announce the gathering about the triumph that has begun can be a real ship’s bell.

Dress code marine wedding

Guests will already understand the theme of the wedding from the invitation cards themselves, but it will not be superfluous to notify them in advance about the dress code. In principle, the choice of costume will not make any work, it suffices to dwell on any thing blue or blue. Particularly original personalities will like the idea with the vest.

Photos from the site: wedinmoscow.ru

Bridesmaids and groom's friends should pick up dresses and shirts in the overall range and style of the celebration. So friends can appear in the costumes of the sailors, or just confine vest. Suit and blue shirt.

Photos from the site: 13-colonies-blank-ma

Girlfriends can offer an idea with light dresses of various edema blue and blue, to complement their image with necklaces of shells. It will be interesting to look dresses stylized under the sea form.

Photos from the site: southboundbride.com

Photos from the site: minzdrav-kbr.ru

Groom suit

The maritime theme of the wedding presents the bridegroom with plenty of room for choosing a suit. This may be a classic version in white and white color, or a blue suit. You can restrict yourself to a white shirt, which resembles a sea uniform and a stylish tie. Luxurious on the groom will look like a sea captain.

Photos from the site: lulusvadba.ru

Photos from the site: womanadvice.ru

Photos from the site: womanroutine.ru

Photos from the site: caribbean-wedding.ru

The boutonniere, of course, is only in the blue and white gamut and in the general theme with the bouquet of the bride, and you can use the design of small shells, ship rope, starfish, anchors or other marine symbols.

Photos from the site: botalovo.ru

Photos from the site: onebigday.ru

Photos from the site: youwedme.ru

Bride in a nautical style

The wedding dress in the sea style can be traditional white color, any shades of blue are permissible. It will be interesting to look stylized decor in the form of stripes vest. Dress style should be simple. Fluffy skirts on numerous hoops do not fit into the concept of a maritime holiday. Fabrics are translucent, airy.

Photos from the site: nevesta.info

Photos from the site: lulusvadba.ru

Photos from the site: lieben.ru

Photos from the site: allwomensay.ru

The dress can be complemented by a long airy veil, or you can use a wreath with shells woven into it.

Photos from the site: unitedflorists.ru

Photos from the site: lawedding.com.ua

Shoes, of course, in white or blue. Light sandals on a graceful heel or openwork sandals will look great.

Photos from the site: lulusvadba.ru

Hairstyle should be chosen easy, without complicated hairdressing techniques. Loose curls or slightly sloppy styling are welcome. Nice complement the image and Greek hairstyles. Hair can be decorated with hairpins and combs in the form of shells and sea stars.

Photos from the site: beccy.ru

Photos from the site: discoverwedding.ru

Photos from the site: elegantwedding.info

The bridal bouquet should correspond to the general floristics of a celebration - gentle blue and white flowers will emphasize touching and tenderness of an image. An interesting solution would be the additional decoration of the bouquet with shells.

Photos from the site: the-wedding.ru

Photos from the site: wlooks.ru

Photos from the site: nevesta.info

It is logical to choose jewelery in a marine theme: pendants in the form of an anchor, earrings and a necklace made of shells, bracelets in the form of chains, etc.

Photos from the site: elegantwedding.info

As you can see, a nautical style wedding is a fairly easy triumph. Many colors, lightness, romance and freedom. Such an event will be akin to this sea adventure and will be one of the most exciting events not only in the life of the newlyweds, but also their guests.

What are the styles of weddings?

The modern world of festive fashion is full of amazing and unusual wedding themes. For example, one of the most popular wedding scenarios is the Russian wedding style, where the newlyweds are trying to revive forgotten traditions and rituals. The colorful and interesting event will surely be remembered not only by the young, but also by each guest individually.

Popular styles of celebrations in 2018 include:

  • Classic wedding style
  • Rustic celebration:
  • Rococo,
  • Renaissance theme,
  • Themed movie weddings,
  • Wedding styles in your favorite shades and more.

In thematic articles on our site you will find interesting information about each style, a pleasant bonus will be useful recommendations that have been checked by thousands of brides from different cities of the CIS and colorful photos of wedding styles. Find all the important and in one place - isn’t it necessary for the bride in pre-wedding preparation?

Wedding decoration in the style of rustic, boho, Provence and more

Before you start thinking about the details of thematic wedding decoration, carefully consider not only the theme, but also the wedding scenario in the style of the upcoming event. After all, even the smallest detail is capable of smashing the general idea, if it does not correspond to a given topic. Let us cite a few examples of the difference between seemingly similar in spirit styles.

Themed Provence Wedding:

  1. The basic palette is pastel shades. No bright colors!
  2. Vintage furniture telling about French villages,
  3. Gentle greens and plenty of floral decorations - a must!
  4. Accents on small areas of fabric, for example, napkins, with flower prints, in peas or a cage.
  5. Lace, ruffle, crochet details design.

Wedding style - boho:

  1. Wedding dress - always made of natural materials, on the legs - shoes with low heels or wedges,
  2. Natural colors that are found in nature,
  3. Ethnic motifs in the design. The main thing is not to overdo it!
  4. The celebration of the event is better to transfer to nature, emphasizing the unity of the wedding style with the environment.

At a rustic wedding There are many similar details from the above topics, but it also stands out with a number of important trifles:

  1. The color scheme of the wedding - natural soothing shades,
  2. In the design must be the presence of natural materials: wood, moss, cones, flowers, greenery, twigs and even wild berries,
  3. A bouquet is better to choose from wildflowers. Or make them additional notes,
  4. Clothing young - the most comfortable and made of natural fabrics.

To learn how to approach the design of the style you like, read below in the articles.

How to choose a wedding style in 2018

It is important for every bride to understand that you should not chase after a fashionable wedding. At the festival, it is young people who should first of all be comfortable and cozy. Actually, therefore, wedding styles in 2018 are so diverse in topics and even financial investments.

When planning a celebration, style and theme of the holiday, always rely on the wedding budget. It is about him worth taking care from the first steps of pre-wedding preparation. Having an idea of ​​the material possibilities, you can choose the styles of wedding decoration.

Further, the taste of each side should be considered. The bride and groom have the same word, because this day is especially important for each of them. Discuss every little thing so that during the ceremony there are no unpleasant surprises.

For example, the boho wedding style is perfect for romantic and airy natures, and for those who appreciate rigor and restraint we recommend a classic wedding event.

Remember, the wedding program, decoration, and even the script for a bachelorette party and bachelor party, must correspond exclusively to the taste of the young. It's so sad to realize afterwards that the moment was missed to organize a truly perfect wedding for yourself and your loved ones.

Ideas for a themed wedding

A wide variety of themed weddings have long been waiting for you on our pages! Funny and funny, touching and romantic - we will try to surprise every couple, because the ideal style of wedding decoration will help to reveal the taste and personality of future spouses.

More and more newlyweds are showing interest in original themed weddings. This may be a ceremony with a maritime theme or immersion in a vampire saga ... All for the sake of the holiday stood out and was away from the standard clichés.

Festive treat

A banquet is unthinkable without a wedding cake. Modern possibilities of confectionery art make it possible to embody various marine motifs in the decoration of the main party treats. To follow the theme, prepare a multi-tiered cake with figures of sea animals, fish, decorate with ropes, fishing nets, anchors. If you have a pirate party, it is appropriate to equip the edible ship at the top of the product.

Paradise cake decorated with floral motifs, ribbons. It is painted in pastel colors. Such a treat can be bright and lively, like the plumage of overseas birds. There is a great variety of options - it all depends on the general direction of the party. You can use monolithic or portioned cakes. The main condition is to provide detailed information in advance to the confectioner.

Guest Clothing

Specify in advance in the invitation cards that the wedding in a nautical style and clothing guests must match. Select base colors (for example, blue, cyan, and several shades of them) and report on this in the message. Also, your wish to the appearance of those present can be special prints: stripes, seascapes, traveling, inhabitants of the depths of the water and much more.

Sometimes guests are required to carry a marine accessory. The main thing is that it does not interfere with enjoying the triumph and not hampering the movements in favor of the party's festive style.

Colors, overall style, details of costumes - you must find something that could unite the guests of the wedding celebration. For bridesmaids, these may be luxurious pearl beads, female jungle costumes, striped white and blue shoes. For men - chic hats and ties and addition to the blue-white suits, moccasins, pasted pirate mustache, flasks with strong alcohol, casually sticking out of the pants.

At such a party, you can show a remarkable fantasy in regard to the costumes of the bride and groom. They can be dressed in traditional dresses, decorated with marine motifs. If you decide to create a real sea fairytale at your wedding, dress in the costumes of the heroes of books, films or performances, select the appropriate entourage and decorate the room according to the chosen scenario. Noisy pirate feast also implies some theatricality in the costumes. The guests and the main heroes of the day can transform into interesting characters.

If you dream of a classic wedding dress, this option is also possible. Do not forget about the silhouette of a dress-fish, as if specially created for such an event. The image of the groom in a classic suit with shiny lapels is a good addition to the image of a romantic bride princess.

In general, pompous and heavy dresses are inappropriate for a nautical-style wedding. Fluffy skirts and tuxedos can be present only in the variant, where the key moment of the evening is the luxury and wealth of decoration, the fabulousness of the situation. Basically, the dress code of sea parties is fervent dresses of free cut from light and flowing fabrics.

The groom may appear before the public in a captain's suit - a blue jacket and white linen trousers. Convenient styles, contrasting elements (shoes, accessories), decorative elements in the maritime theme - all this can and must be present at the festival, where the main driving element is the spirit of freedom and travel.

If the wedding takes place on the coast, a lot depends on the weather and climatic conditions. In hot weather, dress in lightweight cotton clothes, wear comfortable shoes without a heel, use wide-brimmed hats or white umbrellas.

Perfect script

Do not let the guests get bored by actively attracting them to participate in contests and fun contests. There are a lot of ideas, and you can take as a basis any one, starting from the quest to find the mysterious scroll with a treasure map and ending with a real dive on the seabed (if the wedding takes place on the coast).

Dance entertainment on the boat and in the restaurant, thematic performances by guest artists and surprises from guests of the evening - you can diversify the program as much as possible, based on the preferences of the audience present. Miss and Mr. More will prepare a competition number. A nautical-style wedding scenario can include musical performances and competitions for the best flips, knowledge of the marine alphabet, ship devices, and much more.


Real or improvised shooting in the “mermaid” style, a wonderful love story by Ariel and the Prince - against the backdrop of a reservoir, with brilliant make-up and flowing hair, the bride will create an incredibly attractive image for a professional photo shoot. Another option - a brave captain controls the ship, and next - his loyal assistant.

It seems that the abundance of marine parts is absolutely impossible to harmoniously link together. Choose the style of the basic elements and use it everywhere, starting from prints on the tablecloth and ending with decorations in the bridal bouquet. If you want more variety, think about how “unsuited” accessories for a nautical-style wedding will be combined with each other. You can charge it to the photographer himself, after reviewing the finished work.

In general, proceed from the general scenario of the party - then it will be easier for you to understand what to add to the design. In case of difficulty, contact professional stylists, decorators and florists. They will offer a ready-made version of decorating the solemn and entertaining parts of the festival, will independently prepare the script and take care of the hosts.