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Top 10 worst gifts for the holiday of March 8


Every woman has her own list of unwanted gifts. Someone does not understand why they are given the means to care for themselves, others are offended when they are handed various certificates, some still don’t tolerate gifts related to food or health, or appearance.

Therefore, we will not even try to understand which present is the worst, but just let us announce the most common gift options for March 8, which cause hostility among women. But, as is customary with the fair sex, for each case we call exceptions.

10th place. Stuffed Toys

No need to throw slippers. But women who have long gone out of adolescence and do not consider themselves to be infantile blondes do not understand at all why they are given a plush monster.

Exception: Mice bears, mice and other soft toys will delight not only a 5 year old girl, but also a teenage girl, as well as sentimental persons, regardless of age.

9th place. Vases, mugs, dishes

Cups and mugs prefer to give colleagues, regardless of the type of holiday.

Usually, each employee accumulates a few faceless or with inappropriate gags tanks. Should I continue this tradition. And the dishes in the form of plates, glasses, carafes, sets - this is a good gift, but not on March 8.

With interior items guess even harder. You are sure that the vase presented by you will fit into the general concept, and will not be pushed onto the far shelf of the cabinet.

Exception: A good table set or a new set of spice jars can be presented to a woman for whom the kitchen is not an obligation, but a hobby, a vent. Yes, and interior things will be appropriate, if you know for sure that your half sighs about this unique vase for a long time.

8th place. Gift Certificate

Oddly enough, but 11% of women do not want to receive an impersonal certificate as a gift. Such a gift causes negative emotions and resentment.

Exception: A gift certificate can resolve the issue of wish fulfillment.

If a woman has long dreamed of buying a branded jogging form for jogging or a bicycle of a certain model, and there is a catastrophic shortage of funds for a dream, a certificate to a sports shop will be very useful.

The main thing is that the sum of the certificate allows you to fulfill this dream, and not just become a reason to go to the store and once again make sure that before its execution, oh, how far.

7th place. Card to the fitness club, paid course in the SPA-salon

About 12% of women perceive the gift in the form of a paid subscription in the fitness room, as a hint of the shortcomings of her appearance. Strangely enough, but 11% of women will be offended when they are given a course of SPA procedures, for them this is a humiliating rude hint that it does not look good enough.

It should be borne in mind that not all women sleep and see how they begin to play sports or do useful procedures.

Some have no time for this, others have no desire.

Exception: If your girlfriend or wife has been a member of a fitness club for a long time, she is clearly not upset after receiving a paid renewal of the subscription as a gift. With SPA procedures, things are much more complicated. It is unrealistic to predict which events the lady will like and whether she wants to go to the salon at all, without a frank conversation with her.

6th place. Underwear

For 13%, the worst gift was underwear.

Even if it is lacy, beautiful, but not chosen in size, such a gift will not choose delight.

And yes, men, do you remember your indignation at shorts and socks as a gift on February 23?

Exception: However, about 3% of women were in favor of such a gift. So dare, perhaps your girlfriend or lover is waiting for just such a sign of attention.

5th place. Kitchen and household appliances

About 18% of women consider such utensils to be the necessities, not a gift for March 8. So, if your companion has long been asking for a new vacuum cleaner, this does not mean that she wants to receive it as a gift for her holiday.

Exception: Remember those 9% of women who spoke in favor of modern, functional equipment. But the key in this case will be precisely the usefulness for the particular woman of the gift.

4th place. Souvenirs

Charms and magnets, meaningless figures and souvenirs, statues and unnecessary trifles - how much of this junk is given to women annually. 38% of them will send such a gift immediately to the trash can, they will not even think of a gift.

Exception: A souvenir may become necessary if it is functional. For example, a flash drive keychain or a magnet with tear-off sheets for notes.

3rd place. Extreme gifts

Almost all Internet resources praise gifts-impressions such as parachute jump, balloon flight, participation in the quest. But it turns out, 41% of women do not want to get a gift with extreme notes.

Exception: A girl should have a certain way of thinking and a tendency towards extreme hobbies in order for such a gift to make her delight.

2nd place. Send gifts

Almost 42% of women consider as inappropriate gifts for March 8 goods from sex shops and jokes with vulgar subtext.

Exception: The remaining 58% of the fair sex was simply lucky enough to never receive sex things as a gift. Otherwise, this category of gift would become the leader in the unwanted list.

So, the top 10 worst gifts for March 8:

1. The book. Slightly less than 8% of women believe that the book is not the best gift for International Women's Day. Why do the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity consider such a gift not very pleasant? First, a woman might think that a book is a subtle hint of lack of intelligence.

And even if sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite, and the person giving the book, on the contrary, provides food for the mind and thus shows that the recipient of the presentation is capable of reading books, and therefore is interested in them (and this indicates a fairly developed intellectual abilities ).

The girl can still be offended. Secondly, the book is not a surprise that will prove the best intentions of the donor or, for example, tell about the feelings. Thirdly, it’s not a fact that the product will be enjoyed by the gift recipient. And, fourthly, many today read books on electronic media.

2. Household appliances and kitchen utensils. Even if a woman dreamed of a slow cooker with a unique set of functions, a new set of heat-resistant pans or an oven, but she certainly will not want to receive all of this as a gift. And there are several reasons for this. So, if any device gives the spouse, then the woman probably will not be happy and even accuse him of greed. Why?

Because such items should be bought regardless of the holidays, that is, such purchases are included in the list of planned or mandatory. If a home appliance was presented by a young man or a groom, then the fair sex woman might think that he sees her as a housewife and believes that she should cook, clean, wash and so on, depending on what kind of appliance was donated. In general, about 15% of women consider such a gift not the most desirable.

3. Cheap jewelry. Judging by the polls, more than half of all the ladies do not want to receive tasteless and cheap jewelry as a gift. And it is not surprising, because, firstly, girls and women self-respecting and having a taste simply do not wear such jewelry. Secondly, even if jewelry is available in the arsenal, many people prefer to choose it independently, because the choice is not only a pleasant, but also a rather responsible matter.

Thirdly, cheap jewelry can be regarded as a frivolous attitude. Yes, representatives of the fair sex believe that if a man is serious and appreciates a companion, then gifts should be serious and valuable. So if you give jewelry, then only precious and expensive. Most women will definitely appreciate them.

4. Anti-aging or weight loss remedies or skin condition. These include various anti-aging anti-wrinkle creams, anti-stretch marks creams, anti-cellulite gels, and so on. Probably the girl wanted to purchase something from this list, but she was definitely not going to advertise it.

And if such a gift is made by a man, the woman will simply be furious. She will think that the beloved believes that she has serious shortcomings that need to be corrected.

And even if the woman herself is well aware of some of her minuses, speaks about them openly and even ironically, this does not mean that someone else can point at them. And let the gorgeous, high-quality and very expensive cream be donated, bad thoughts will still creep into the head of the recipient of such a gift.

5. Sports equipment. If the girl is not involved in sports, then any items of sports equipment will be perceived by her as a hint that it is time to start doing this. But, as you know, sports are regarded by many as a method of losing weight, and this will mean that the donor hints at an excess of body weight or imperfections of the figure.

And if the representative of a beautiful time - a real athlete, or at least regularly visits the gym, then surely she prefers to get everything you need yourself, because for the female half of humanity shapes, colors and design are important. In addition, buying, for example, dumbbells, you can not guess with the shape and weight.

6. Scales. This is not a subtle hint that your need to control. This is almost a direct indication of excess body weight, which, of course, will offend any girl. And let her really strive to keep an eye on weight, or say that she dreams of scales with the function of measuring muscle mass, water and fat.

Only she can buy them, and no one else! And, in general, scales are not the best thing. If you are constantly weighed, you can just get stuck. And if an increase is found, it can lead to depression.

7. Sex products. As the statistics show, many girls have never been to sex shops, as they are simply afraid to go there and feel shame. Although at the same time many would not have refused to buy some little thing from such a store. It would seem that having received a sex object as a gift, a woman should be delighted. But, as polls have shown, only very liberated, self-confident and self-sufficient women of the weaker half of humanity will be happy with such a present, and there are not so many of them. The rest are embarrassed, indignant and will experience other unpleasant emotions.

And still the girl can think that the one who has made such an original gift, either considers her to be a lady of easy virtue, or, on the contrary, thinks that she is closed and not very inventive in bed.

8. Stuffed toys. Even a huge teddy bear will please only a very young girl, not spoiled by male attention. All the rest believe that a soft toy is too frivolous a gift.

If, however, a huge bear is given a growth from the recipient herself, she will probably rejoice and be surprised, but then she will surely think that such a purchase is a waste of money, and you could get something more worthwhile and useful for the money spent . In addition, for a large toy may simply not find a place. As a result, such a gift will still be forgotten and will lie somewhere in the far corner.

9. Money. Yes, someone thinks that money is the best gift. And surely many wives think so. After all, often husbands just do not understand the hints that a woman so diligently begins to do a few months before international women's day. And therefore instead of an unnecessary thing any married woman will want to receive money.

But an unmarried girl who just started dating a young man will probably not even be delighted with a pile of bills, as she considers that the guy simply did not want to waste her time buying a gift. And it will say that he does not appreciate his chosen one.

In addition, the representative of the fair sex, who received money as a gift, might think that the beloved simply could not choose something suitable, since she knows nothing about her second half.

10. Figurines. In them, most girls and women simply do not see the point. Yes, it is very cute and beautiful. But there is no use in statuettes. Of course, if the thing is original and expensive, then it will probably be appreciated. And yet, in order for a gift to be used, it must fit into the interior.

If a banal and tasteless statuette is presented, then be sure that it will be put on the top shelf or to the farthest corner or even put away in the closet. And many more such a gift can be considered frivolous. It can be a complement, but not the main and main gift.

It is important to consider the choice of a gift for a woman responsibly and carefully and to present it from the heart. And then the recipient will definitely be happy.

1. Books on scientific literature.

Many women believe that the book is not the best gift for March 8, so this may be a subtle hint at a lack of intelligence. Of course, that this is not always the case and that is why the one who gives the book actually considers the recipient of the gift intellectually developed. However, after all, such a gift can greatly offend a woman.

2. Kitchen accessories and appliances.

If a husband finds out that his wife is dreaming, for example, of a multicooker with unique functions, this does not mean that this is exactly what she would like to receive as a gift from her spouse as a gift. Such a gift from her husband can be a reason for his wife to accuse him of greed, because household appliances need to be bought regardless of the holiday, because she is on the list of mandatory purchases.

If some household appliance has decided to present the bridegroom to her bride, then she may regard such a gift as a hint at something, that after the wedding she will have to become a housewife for her husband who will only be engaged in cooking, cleaning and laundry.

3. Costume jewelry cheap quality.

The fair sex does not like to receive cheap and tasteless jewelry as a gift, because they are very responsible for choosing jewelery and prefer to choose them themselves. Also, cheap jewelry can be regarded by the girl as a reason for the fact that the man does not take her seriously. In this case, it is best to choose more valuable and expensive jewelry.

4. Anti-cellulite cream and anti-wrinkle cream.

If a man or a loved one presents his woman with a gift, some kind of anti-wrinkle cream or an anti-cellulite cream, then she, of course, will become enraged by such a gift, even if the cream is rather expensive. This may be the reason for the woman to consider that her lover directly points to the flaws of her figure, which she would like to correct, but in no case would anyone want to advertise.

5. Sports equipment.

A woman can regard a gift in the form of sports equipment as a hint that she is overweight and therefore she urgently needs to play sports. And if the chosen one is professionally involved in sports, in this case she will prefer to choose sports equipment on her own.

This gift can greatly offend any girl, as the scales are considered to be a hint that the lover believes that she is overweight, and she must look after her figure.

9. Cash.

The majority of married women want to receive money as a gift. But an unmarried girl would not like such a gift, because she may find that the guy with whom she had recently started dating just did not appreciate her and therefore did not want to waste her time looking for a good gift.

The top 10 bad gifts traditionally include:

  1. Hygiene products: shampoos, soaps, shower gels, etc. Donated by a deodorant or cream for problematic skin can offend a girl to the depths of the soul.
  2. Soft and plastic toys. Unless your lady is 5 years old.
  3. Household appliances and kitchen utensils: pots, pans, ladles, plates, blenders, aprons. These gifts are completely unromantic, no need to give them on March 8.
  4. Pets. To bring a pet is a huge responsibility; such a decision must be made carefully and together.
  5. Perfume and cosmetics. If you do not have accurate information about what shade of lipstick your favorite bears and what kind of perfume dreams, it is better not to risk it.
  6. Ridiculous souvenirs from the shop jokes, statues, charms and other nonsense. No comments.
  7. Shaving accessories and hair removal products. See point 1. Such gifts are regarded as spitting in the face.
  8. Anti-aging or weight-reducing products and especially scales. Any hint of a girl’s imperfections on that day is offensive and inappropriate.
  9. Cheap jewelry and jewelry. You risk looking like a goon.
  10. Postcards with ready greetings. No comments.

Below are some illustrations from woeful romantics who wanted to surprise their ladies. Attention, all these tricks are performed by professional losers. Do not repeat in any case!

Gifts that most women don't like

There are many opinions about what exactly нельзя дарить девушке, чтобы она не обиделась и не расстроилась. Также стоит обратить внимание, что каждый случай индивидуален, и при выборе подарка нужно отталкиваться от ее интересов, увлечений и характера. Не каждый мужчина все же до конца понимает, что лучше не дарить девушкам на 8 марта.

Нижнее белье

As experience shows, in most cases men are completely unaware of which underwear size have a friend. Orienting on other clothes will not work, you can not even begin to do this.

Underwear as a gift to the girl

The fact is that women themselves often know their size only approximately. Such a thing as underwear must be tried on in order to feel how it sits, comfortable in it or not. And only after that you can purchase.

So that better not to risk. Because if the underwear turns out to be too small, it will lead the girl to the idea that she is considered complete, if she is big, that the man does not like her options. You can not buy a girl's underwear, if she is not near.

You can present a certificate to the underwear salon as a gift, but first find out what the prices are, so that the girl doesn’t have to pay extra out of pocket

Vacuum cleaner and other household appliances

There are still men in the world who sincerely do not understand why women you can not give household appliances. By the way, a blender or food processor is also no better than a vacuum cleaner.

Yes, these are practical and useful things, but they should be simple shopping in the family. It is worth remembering a simple rule: you can not give a girl something that has a motor. Is that the car and all.

Even if a girl often said that she really needed a juicer and a “smart” vacuum cleaner, even if she convincingly told how much she needed these things - can not give them on March 8. Such acquisitions can be made just like that, on an ordinary day, but by no means on a holiday.

Appliances as a gift on March 8

Top 10 gifts that are better not to give on March 8

There is a short worst gift listwhich are definitely not worth giving to your girlfriend on March 8th. You can rewrite it and make a mini-cheat sheet, so that when choosing a present you will not be mistaken.

Flower in a pot as a gift

The worst gifts for women on March 8:

  1. In the first place is household and kitchen appliances. On a women's holiday, it is impolite to remind your girlfriend about housework. Also, you can not give and dishes.
  2. Flower in a pot According to men, a very practical gift. After all, cut flowers will stand a maximum of a week, and a ficus in a pot - for many years. But girls in most cases will prefer to get a modest bouquet and a festive mood as a gift than a flower, which will then need to be looked after.
  3. The most terrible gift can be considered hair removal products. You can give such things only if you want to part with a girl.
  4. Personal Care Products as a gift - it is a bad form. This is equivalent to directly telling a girl that she smells unpleasant.
  5. Things from sex shop not every girl can like it. Handing such a procedure, you can permanently spoil your impression.
  6. Household chemicals - This also applies to the first item in the list. Such things are not bought for a holiday, but during a trip to the supermarket for groceries.
  7. Cosmetics better not to give, because they are difficult to understand. And if you hand a cream with anti-aging effect instead of a cream for normal skin to the lady of your heart, you will not be able to do without a quarrel.
  8. Fitness subscription or to the pool is a direct hint that the girl needs to lose weight. From such a gift will only negative emotions and complexes about their appearance. This also includes products for weight loss.
  9. Money in envelope - This is not the best gift option for a girl on March 8. It went ugly, and says that a man was too lazy or could not choose a worthy gift for his beloved.
  10. The most favorite gift option for men is perfume. You can give them only if the girl's favorite bottle of perfume ends and the man buys exactly the same, that is, he will be attentive and caring. A cheap perfume with a sale in a store of household goods is better not even fit.

This is the main list of things that many men are trying to give to their girls on March 8, being sure that they are doing everything right.

Gift for a girl on March 8

Of course, it is impossible to say exactly about every girl. Someone may rejoice in the new skillet, and someone dreams of going to Paris. Someone wants to receive a certificate for parachute jumping as a gift, and someone wants to just sit together with her beloved man at home at dinner by candlelight. Therefore, first of all, when choosing a gift need to start from the personal preferences of the girlher tastes and interests. With this approach, the gift on March 8 will certainly be successful.

What else it is not necessary to give to girls on March 8, you will find out by watching the video: