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Boarding Pass for a Plane: Sample Instructions and Rules


The most convenient, fast and comfortable type of transport is an airliner. That is why most of the travelers choose planes for flights, especially to distant countries. Such vehicles are not afraid of the huge distances with which they are able to handle in a matter of hours. And so that it is convenient and much easier to buy a ticket for any type of airliner, you can book a plane ticket in advance via the Internet.

What gives the passenger boarding pass booking via the Internet?

By purchasing a ticket on an airliner via the Internet, passengers not only save their own time, but also can largely cash, because shipping companies offer online tickets at reduced fares.

Modern air transport passengers are not enough to have a ticket on hand, they definitely need to register, according to the laws of the country. This moment is very important for all travelers, therefore all without exception should observe it.

Registration via mobile device

After the passenger passes the mobile check-in, a boarding pass for the aircraft and additional information that may be useful to the tourist will be displayed on his phone or tablet. Quite often, passengers are interested in the question: how to get a boarding pass for a plane using an e-ticket? With this question we will try to figure it out now.

First of all, it should be remembered that the coupon in electronic form is no different from the paper equivalent with respect to legal force, and its advantages are as follows:

  1. It is acquired much easier and more convenient through the online system.
  2. The electronic version is reliable to use, it can not be lost.
  3. It is difficult to fake or spoil an electronic version of a ticket. And you can use an electronic sample card without any difficulties and problems. For check-in, a passenger only needs to present a passport proving his identity at the airport counter.
  4. Not only the person traveling, but also any citizen with access to the Internet can acquire an electronic boarding ticket for the plane.
  5. To check in for a flight, a passenger will take much less time, since with an electronic ticket you can check in at the special racks that are located within the airport.

The electronic boarding pass for the aircraft will become the property of the traveler as soon as he makes the payment online on the official website of the carrier company.

Boarding pass printout

Many are interested in the question: how to print a boarding pass at the airport or in another place where there is an Internet connection? And is it even necessary to print out a ticket, which is often called a route receipt?

First of all, it should be understood that the itinerary receipt, which appears to the traveler as soon as he makes the payment online, does not act as an electronic ticket. This receipt is simply a confirmation of the payment, that is, we can say that this is a kind of check issued for the purchase of goods. But it should be remembered that it is in the itinerary receipt that the individual number of the purchased electronic ticket is recorded, which is duplicated using an SMS message to the passenger’s mobile device.

To print a route receipt, you should:

  • just go to the client’s own office,
  • press the print button,
  • make sure the layout is displayed correctly
  • print the ticket itself.

This receipt will be required by those passengers who fly outside their country, as it contains important information for immigration services abroad. In particular, in the receipt there is information about how long a tourist will stay abroad. Therefore, the immigration service will know for sure that the tourist who arrives is not going to stay in their country for a long time.

It is not always possible to print the receipt yourself for various reasons, so passengers often have a question: is it possible to print a boarding pass at the airport? Of course, this can be done in a special machine for quick check-in of passengers or at the counter, which belongs to the airline chosen by the tourist. But do not forget that you need to print the document before the end of the registration of passengers on a flight.

A printed flight receipt should be kept throughout the entire flight, sometimes its presence may be required by employees of foreign airports, if the main condition for foreign companies is to have a boarding pass for the passenger on the return flight.

Remember that a computer is first and foremost a technique that can sometimes fail. And having a printed receipt in your hands, you can not worry about the problems in the system.

What should the boarding pass look like on an airliner?

As the boarding pass for the plane looks like, passengers can see it on the official website of the airline carrier. It also spelled important information that must be contained in each electronic document purchased. In particular, the electronic ticket must display the following data:

  • the initials of the passenger, which must correspond to the passport data,
  • airliner route,
  • landing time
  • the number of the reserved seat in the cabin of the air transport,
  • the number to which passengers must proceed to exit.

Checking the boarding pass, the airline employees give part of the coupon to passengers, and leave the detachable part to themselves. The passenger remains the so-called tear-off spine of the document, which contains all the necessary information, so throwing it in no case is not allowed until the tourist leaves the territory of a foreign airport.

Why do you need a boarding pass?

In fact, This is a document confirming your right to land on the plane. It must be presented at passport and customs control, as well as immediately before going on board.

Its design and colors may vary depending on the airline, but the information given there is the same:

  • passenger's name and last name in Latin letters,
  • city ​​of arrival and departure,
  • your flight number and company code,
  • boarding time (don't forget that landing ends 15 or 30 minutes before departure),
  • the gate number (it can change, so it’s worth checking the scoreboard for your flight),
  • number and row of seats in the cabin (the letter is a place in a row, and the number is the number of the row itself).

The second part of the coupon.

Talon consists of two parts, the first of which comes off the airport staff at landing, and the second remains for you. Sometimes they do not do this, since an electronic system is used to board the aircraft. It's like in the subway or train. You need to hold a place with a barcode on the illuminated surface of the turnstile to pass.

In the second part, information is specially duplicated. It is necessary for you to be able to find your place in the cabin or to fill out a migration card. Also, in case of loss of baggage, they will ask you.

As the boarding pass for the plane looks like, you can see a sample of it in the photo below.

Ways to get a boarding pass

It is usually issued immediately when you check in for a flight. Or you can print it yourself using this service of the airline.

Why do you need it? To the airport did not have to stand in line. To do this, go to the airline's website or in the application on your smartphone and, following a simple algorithm, print it.

On the Aeroflot website, select the “Reference Information” menu to print your boarding pass.

At the airport you will only have to check in your baggage, if you have one.

How can I print my boarding pass at the airport without contacting the front desk? In some of them it can be done on special printerslocated in front of the entrance to the departure area. For example, at the airport "Vnukovo" they are.

How to restore it in case of loss?

Suppose you have already registered, but then just lost your ticket. No need to immediately panic and despair. All information about you as a passenger is stored in the company database. Therefore just contact the reception and ask to write you a duplicate. This will require Your passport.

If you have already entered the departure area and there are only a few minutes left before the departure of the flight, then do not waste time, but go straight to the gate. There, try to explain your situation, and they will help you find a way out.

Some people who go exactly on a business trip need a ticket for reporting in the accounting department. How to recover a boarding pass for a flight ticket report?

It's pretty simple - You need to contact the office or service center of the airline you flew. You will need to write a statement requesting a duplicate.

Or will be given certificate confirming that you made this flight. She is a replacement voucher. In addition to the electronic ticket, you will need to provide a passport.

Most airlines have such a fee. For example, at S7 Airlines such a certificate costs 800 rubles.

What is the boarding pass for?

According to the tax authorities, tickets alone are not enough to confirm the flight. In fact, one can say that the trip took place only if there is a boarding pass in the name of the person traveling. It is this document that allows the enterprise to take into account the costs of air transportation in the profit expenses (Letter of the Ministry of Finance No. 03-03-07 / 50992 of September 1, 1616). Why?

Because the coupon is celebrated during the check-in of passengers for a flight, and it documents that the person landed and used the services of the airline. But if the boarding pass is lost, how to report? About this - further.

If you lost the boarding pass - how to report

Upon returning from a business trip, each seconded specialist is required to report on the cash costs incurred. For these purposes, within 3 days (meaning working days), the physical person prepares an advance report with attached primary documentation of costs. Accordingly, as evidence of the cost of the flight tickets and boarding passes are attached to them. The tax authorities have repeatedly expressed this opinion in their letters (Ministry of Finance No. 03-03-07 / 50992 of September 1, 1996, etc.).

But suppose a person lost a coupon. Is it possible to confirm the fact of the flight by another document? In this situation, the employee will have to request a special certificate from the airline. Archival form contains all the information about the individual who made the flight. The form must be certified by the signature of the official and the seal of the carrier. With such a certificate, the company will be able to take into account the cost of travel in “profitable” expenses (Letter of the Ministry of Finance No. 03-03-06 / 2/28296 dated May 18, 2015) otherwise it will not be possible to reduce the taxable base for profits.

Note! As the airline carries out the transportation, the certificate must also be issued on behalf of this organization, and not on behalf of the agent (subagent) for the sale of tickets.

What to do if the ticket was purchased online

Many workers prefer to save time and purchase tickets for traveling over the Internet. The form of such a document was approved by the Ministry of Transport in Order No. 134 of November 8, 2006. Here are also the forms of the baggage check and coupons (control, agent and flight). Depending on the type of airline, the form of the coupon may differ slightly, and if tickets are purchased via the Internet, the boarding pass is printed on A4 paper.

At the same time, a ticket and an electronic boarding pass are attached to the advance report to confirm travel expenses. Consequently, also in case of loss of a coupon, a certificate should be requested from the airline’s archive. The form must contain the name of the passenger, the number and date of his flight, the cost of the flight, the route, the number of the seat, etc. When compiling a certificate in a foreign language, it is required to translate the basic information into Russian. And in order for an enterprise to deduct the amount of VAT on an e-ticket, it is additionally necessary to have a route-receipt drawn up according to the rules of BSO, where the tax must be specified separately.

Conclusion - in this article we figured out what to do and how to report to the accounting department if the boarding pass is lost. Replace this form can carrier help. The document must indicate the basic information about the person who made the air trip.

If you find an error, please highlight a piece of text and click Ctrl + Enter.

What is the difference between a boarding pass and a ticket?

Air ticket is an official document confirming the agreement concluded between the carrier company and the passenger on granting the right to air transportation services. This document is subject to mandatory registration when boarding a flight.

The ticket includes personal data of the passenger, information about the flight: number, direction, point of departure and arrival, date of departure and landing, class of booked services, marking of the carrier company and cost.

After registration of the ticket at the airport, the passenger is issued a boarding pass confirming the right to board the aircraft. This document also indicates the personal data of the passenger, the name of the airline, the flight number, the date and time of departure and arrival, the route, the number of the boarding gate, and the two-digit code of the carrier.

On the boarding pass there is a tear-off spine on the right side with duplicated information from the main document. When boarding a flight, an employee of the airline tears off the back and passes it to the passenger. The main part of the coupon remains as a reporting document with a representative of the airline.

A coupon is presented to authorized persons when passing a number of pre-flight procedures (passport, customs control), as well as when handing over personal baggage. The specialist marks the traveler's suitcase with a sticky tag and sticks a similar tag with the number to the tear-off part of the boarding pass. Under this document, the traveler will be able to receive personal belongings after landing at the place of arrival.

What does the boarding pass look like?

Boarding pass - a small document with a tear-off spine on the right side. The front side contains information about the passenger, flight and route. From above, the logo of the company-carrier is published. Boarding pass color may be different, depending on the design chosen by the airline.

What does the boarding pass for the S7 aircraft look like?

How to get and print your boarding pass

Most Russian air carriers offer passengers to check-in at the airport before boarding a flight, on the company's website via the Internet, as well as at self-service terminals installed on the air terminal. Each air traveler can choose the most convenient way to check in for the plane, after which the boarding pass is issued.

In the airport

You can get a boarding pass at the airport near the special counter after passing check-in.

Registration opens 2-3 hours before departure and ends 40-60 minutes before the aircraft departs.

We also offer to get acquainted - how to get a boarding pass at Moscow airports Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo.

With online registration

If the passenger passes Internet registration, he must print out his boarding pass for himself, without which he will not be able to board the flight.

How to get an electronic boarding pass online:

  • The first thing you need to do is check in online for the flight on the carrier’s official portal. To do this, you need access to the Internet, air ticket and passport.
  • On the company's website there is a special section for registering online. Clicking on the button, a window with a form for filling will appear on the screen. The passenger needs to enter information on request. Data is entered in Latin letters (as indicated in the ticket). Then you can choose a place in the cabin, ticking the selected option with one click. All changes are saved and proceed to the completion of check-in.
  • After this option, an electronic boarding pass will be sent to the e-mail specified for printing, which can be done if you have a printer on a regular A4 sheet.
  • If there is no printer, the passenger can print the boarding pass at the airport using a special self-service terminal. To obtain it, you must enter the code specified in the document.

The boarding pass for electronic check-in has a different format, somewhat different from the document obtained during check-in at the airport, but it also has legal force and is officially used when boarding the plane, when receiving baggage and for reporting to the accounting department of travelers.

Electronic boarding pass photo:

From a mobile phone

You can check in for a plane and quickly get a boarding pass, eliminating the need to wait your turn for a long time near the registration desk at the airport, if you have a mobile phone or tablet with Internet access.

Чтобы получить посадочный талон, нужно скачать специальное приложение, пройти регистрацию онлайн и получить штрих-код по завершении регистрационной процедуры, который будет использован для распечатки посадочного талона в аэропорту в терминале самообслуживания. This device quickly recognizes information on a bar code and instantly prints an electronic ticket for boarding a flight.

Boarding Pass for Accounting

Passengers who make air travel on business matters must submit a boarding pass to the accounting department upon return. This document is the main confirmation of the cost of travel, which is approved by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

After the presentation of the boarding pass, a traveling employee who has made a business trip at his own expense acquires the legal right to receive compensation for expenses in full, including the cost of the flight, service charges, as well as the cost of additional services of the air carrier.

A strict accountability document is important to maintain during the travel period If, under certain circumstances, a passenger has lost his boarding pass, he can receive a certificate from the office of the carrier confirming the flight on the liner with the exact route, departure date and other important data. This certificate will also be accepted in accounting as an official document confirming the employee’s travel expenses.

When registering online, be sure to print out the electronic boarding pass on the printer or use the self-service terminal at the airport.

Try to save the document, because in the event of any force majeure situation, it will be a guaranteed confirmation of your flight to the selected destination.

Where to get it?

In essence, this is a document that confirms your right to board a plane for a certain flight, basically it is issued at the check-in desk just before departure. Recently, the online registration function has become increasingly popular, which becomes available after online booking of tickets.

In principle, this can be done anywhere (at home, at work, in a cafe), where there is Internet access. Online check-in allows the passenger to choose their favorite places in advance, as well as upon arrival at the airport, bypass the queue at the check-in counter, however, only if you do not need to check in your luggage and you fly only with hand luggage.

After online check-in, you will be offered to print your boarding pass at home on the printer, in which case it will be in A4 format, and all the information required for the flight will be shown on it, just like on a regular plane ticket.

By the way, special automats are installed at many airports in the world where you can go through self check-in and receive an already printed document for boarding.

There are even such airlines that, at the request of the client, send an electronic boarding pass to his phone. In this case, at the airport, you must attach the screen of the mobile device to a special scanner.

By the way, it is worth remembering that getting electronic boarding passes is not always enough, in some airports you still need to get a regular paper ticket at the front desk.

And if the boarding pass is lost?

What to do if you lost your boarding pass after registering? Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon, so there is nothing surprising in this issue.

Sometimes it happens that after passing through passport control and security control, travelers lose their vigilance, there is a desire to take a walk on spacious duty free or skip a glass or two of cool wine, because the vacation has already begun! What to do if immediately before landing you find that the necessary document is missing?

Immediately we warn you: there is no need to panic, it is quite realistic to restore it and it will not even take a lot of time to do this.

Cases are different, according to airport workers, some scattered travelers are even able to throw their ticket with unnecessary bottles or some checks into the ballot box.

In such situations, fraudsters are easily activated, which, for example, may require you to re-pay for the issuance of a duplicate boarding pass. Most regrettable that such cases have happened!

So remember: if you have already been registered for the flight (passed the check-in desk at the airport), then all your data is already stored in the computer, which means that you can print your ticket again at the same check-in desk, you just need to explain the situation. No money should be charged for this, the only thing you may have to pay for re-listing the form.

In addition, all the boarding gates have controllers who check coupons for passengers: they always have manual boarding, in fact, just for those cases when it is necessary to issue a duplicate ticket when it is lost.

Therefore, the easiest option is to go directly to the flight attendants who are boarding an airliner, explain the situation to them and ask them to drop off a new landing.

Usually, a scattered tourist checks his passport and then writes out a new ticket. When boarding a flight attendant, the flight attendants check your ticket, tearing out the main part of it: the traveler is left with a spine in his hands with a tag attached to him for baggage receipt upon arrival.

Online check-in and boarding pass benefits.

It's no secret that in the modern pace of life it is very difficult to find free time. Therefore, in our time it is very easy to go through online registration. This is a very convenient and fast way. Thanks to him, you can independently register for any flight. There are a number of advantages to registering via the Internet. First, the time spent at the airport and on the road decreases. Secondly, it is possible to choose the seat that is convenient for you.

Now many sites offer this service. One of them can be identified - it is EuroAvia.ru. It has a pleasant modern design, it is very convenient and simple to use.

The appearance of the boarding pass depends on which company you have chosen. If you are registering via the Internet, you need to print it yourself on a sheet of A4 paper. There is also another option, the coupon is sent directly to your phone. Then, when checking in at the airport, you need to lean the screen on the scanner, which is located at the airport. We draw your attention to one thing. If you have an electronic boarding pass, this does not at all mean that you board the plane with him .. There are airports in which you need to arrive at the check-in desk, and already there take a paper boarding pass.

Another advantage of electronic registration via the Internet is that you can print tickets as many times as necessary. After all, we can lose it. To do this, just need to go to the post office and print the lost boarding pass again. When you register at the airport, the lost ticket cannot be recovered.

Of course there is an option to get a boarding pass at the airport itself. This happens behind the counter at the check-in desk. But there are also such airports that take a fee to print it. Here you have one more plus to the electronic registration.