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Manicure with scotch tape


Since the appearance of the manicure, a lot of original design ideas have been invented, one of which is moonlight. Its history began in the first decades of the 20th century, just at the time when red and pink lacquers were first released to the world market. Then the nails, completely painted in one color, were not considered fashionable, so along with the French, a new design version appeared - moon. When the idea was shown in American films, it was immediately picked up by millions of the fair sex. Now this design is once again popular. How to make a moon manicure at home?

What is needed to create a moon manicure?

In order to make yourself a fashionable moon manicure, it is not necessary to contact a specialist and go to the salon. If you have already done a manicure before, then no difficulties will arise. First make sure that you have the following materials and items:

  • nail file 180-220 grit,
  • orange sticks,
  • small capacity
  • 2 tbsp. l salt,
  • 2 color varnishes,
  • nail clippers,
  • fixer,
  • lacquer base,
  • hand cream,
  • cotton pads,
  • nail polish remover,
  • stencils
  • cuticle oil,
  • nail scissors,
  • polishing buff.

Keep all tools clean. To avoid any infection, devices should be disinfected with alcohol before each use. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray directly on the nail clippers and clippers.

Tip! Base under the lacquer, fixer and color coating is better to acquire one company. So the manicure will last longer. It's all about the similarity of the compositions: one manufacturer will add components that are combined with each other.

If you did not find the special round stencils that are needed to create a smooth line of the hole, you can make them yourself. To do this, use paper tape: it leaves no sticky residue, unlike the usual, and it is easier to work with. Cut out semicircles that repeat the shape of the hole, and then attach it to the surface of the nail.

Paper tape is a great replacement for ordinary stencils.

The result will be no different from what is obtained using stencils.

Moon manicure at home: step by step instructions

In order for the result of the manicure you were pleasantly surprised, you should follow the instructions, as well as some rules and tips.

Important! Carry out the procedure in a well-ventilated area: the varnish has a very unpleasant smell.

Consider the procedure step by step:

  1. If the nails still have old lacquer, then it must be removed. Blot a cotton pad in the removal fluid and remove the cover. Make sure that it does not exist anywhere, because sometimes small pieces of old varnish often remain near the side rollers. They can spoil the look of a new manicure.
  2. After you have removed the coating, you can proceed to the treatment of nails. First you need to make a softening bath. In capacity, pour 2 liters of warm water and pour 2 tbsp. l salt. Dip your hands in liquid for 20 minutes. After this time, rinse them with warm water, wipe dry and begin work. The pieces of the cuticle, which remain solid, and also the burrs are removed with nail clippers. Be careful, because this tool is usually very sharp. Orange stick move aside the other cuticles.
  3. When the skin around the nail is processed, we begin to form a free edge using a nail file. If the length needs to be drastically changed, first you need to use scissors. There are 3 most common options: square, semi-square and oval. Traditional moon manicure involves choosing the latter, since the shape of the hole should follow the curve of the free edge. But this does not mean that such a design is required. Make sure that all nails have the same length.
  4. After you have decided on the form and made the one you liked the most, you need to degrease the nail plate. Due to this, the lacquer will last much longer. With a cotton pad moistened in a means for removing, we spend on each nail.
  5. It was time to apply the base under the lacquer. It is often possible to find various useful components and vitamins in its composition. This is done for nutrition, as well as to prevent the lamination of the nail plate. So, with careful movements from the cuticle towards the free edge we make the first stroke. Then we cover the side parts with the base. If suddenly it turned out that the tool is numb in the side rollers or affected the cuticle, you can use the orange stick and remove all the excess with it. After you have applied the base, you need to wait 2–3 minutes for it to dry. It should be noted that freezing occurs faster in the open air.
  6. The next step is to apply a color coat. If you want to make a classic moon manicure, where the hole is not painted over, fix the round stencil. For the design option where it is colored, take the desired tone and cover the entire plate with it. It is necessary to apply 2 layers, each of which is well dried for 3-4 minutes. If you are not quite sure that the varnish has dried up, gently touch your finger to some inconspicuous area. Is the coating still soft? So you need to wait a little more.
  7. If you choose the classic option - it's time to complete the procedure. Apply a fixative and wait until it hardens. In the case of a well decorated with a different color, we attach a stencil and apply the main coating in 2 layers, drying each one. In the end also apply fixer.

Well-groomed nails - the card of every girl and woman

Manicure ready! At the end of the procedure, lubricate the cuticles with special oil, and apply cream on your hands.

Tip! If you have short fingers, then the oval shape is ideal for this type. It will visually lengthen them, make it more elegant and more refined.

Moon manicure without a stencil

If suddenly it turned out that you do not have a regular stencil, or one that you can do with your hands using paper tape, and you need to do a moon manicure, you can do without them. It is worth noting that it is quite difficult and certainly not suitable for beginners. The difficulty lies in the fact that the hole will have to paint with a brush. And in order for the line to turn out even and neat, you will have to try. So, from the tools you need all the same, only instead of stencils need a brush. All steps are absolutely identical. First, start drawing the outlines, and only then paint the space inside them.

Choose a fine brush with a high-quality pile.

If necessary, adjust the lines, make them as ideal as possible. If you have problems with drawing the hole on the right hand, contact your relatives for help.

How to make a reverse moon manicure?

Reverse moon manicure is the opposite of the usual. The area of ​​the hole as if turned inside out, repeating the line of the cuticle. This design was invented relatively recently in order to diversify the usual lunar manicure.

Reverse moon manicure is original and simple.

The technology of implementation practically does not differ from the usual: stencils of another form will be required They are harder to find because this type of design is not very common. If you were unable to purchase them, use the method already described: cut them out of paper tape. Carefully paint the arches that fit your nails. Attach them to the plates at the same stage as in a regular lunar manicure. At the end, apply a fixative. Reverse wells are usually left under the natural color of the nail, but there are also design options where they are highlighted in a different tone.

Features and benefits

When creating such an unusual manicure is used far from office tape. If you use this option, then on the glossy lacquer surface of the nail will remain an unattractive adhesive trace, which will be difficult to get rid of. Nail art masters use a special adhesive tape. It can be transparent or colored. It all depends on what type of manicure you want to use.

With the help of a special adhesive tape, you can create almost any version of the pattern - geometric shapes, stripes, mosaic or classic jacket.

If you combine colors, separating them with scotch tape, the shades will not mix and flow into each other.

Another important advantage of such a manicure is that it is very easy to perform at home. Make any manicure neat and clear with scotch tape is much easier than hand.

There are many unusual ideas for doing such nail art. If you are a beginner, then you should follow the proven techniques, but experienced girls who decorate their nails with unusual patterns for a long time can themselves think through some kind of drawing.

The most popular version of manicure using adhesive tape is geometric. Such patterns are the most difficult to perform without the help of additional tools. You can draw stripes, squares or triangles.

Another popular nail design - french. With the help of sticky stripes you will get a beautiful even manicure using bright edges. Perhaps you lighten the holes by making a stylish moon manicure.

Phased manicure

If you like the idea of ​​using scotch for manicure, then it is worth considering in stages how to do it with your own hands.

Stock up with all the necessary tools. Buy a special tape that does not leave a trace. It can be thin or wide - regardless of how the finished pattern will be. Stock up on the necessary colors of varnish and cotton buds to correct the shortcomings that you will still have, even if you work as carefully as possible.

And now it is worth considering a few options for a stylish manicure, which you can easily translate into reality at home.

With multi-colored rays

For the summer look, you can choose a bright manicure using color strips. To do this, you will need at least three colors of lacquer. Pick those shades that are well combined with each other.

Using these three colors, draw stripes on the surface of the nail. They should be about the same in width. From a special color tape you need to cut neat thin rays. Attach them to the surface of the nail and cover with a transparent base. It will look very stylish.

Sea theme

In the summer, the marine theme is also popular. To perform such a manicure, you will not need any special skills. Use a thin sticky tape, white varnish and other means of scarlet or blue color.

As a basis the dense white varnish is used.

Paint your nails so that there are no bald spots. Wait until it dries completely, and only then proceed to the next stage.

Apply thin strips of adhesive tape. After that, cover your nails with blue or red lacquer, wait until this layer is completely dry. When everything is dry, carefully remove the strips of adhesive tape. Another way to do this manicure is to stick on simple blue sticky ribbons that will not need to be removed later.

The trend is now the so-called moon manicure. Its essence lies in the fact that the entire nail is covered with dark varnish, and the hole remains light. It can be covered with a brilliant varnish - for example, stylish silver or gold. If you are not sure that you can make clear holes by hand without helping yourself with any additional tools, you can stick the tape on the hole before painting the nails with dark colors. The scheme is extremely simple, and anyone can handle it.

An interesting and very unusual looking manicure using puzzle pieces. To perform such a manicure you will need the primary colors - black and white, for example. Divide the nail into four flat squares that will look as clearly and accurately as possible. Different colors should be located diagonally, opposite each other. When the varnish dries, finish the necessary details, making the mosaic manicure more like a combination of several puzzle pieces. The surface of the nail plate should be covered with a transparent varnish to keep the tool longer on the nails.

Modern french

Eternal classic is a refined French manicure. This is the complete opposite of the moon manicure. Light edges on the background of a soft pink or transparent base look very elegant. So such a manicure will be suitable even for girls limited to the dress code at work or school.

Apply light varnish on the base of the nail plate and wait until it dries completely. After that, cut a thin strip of adhesive tape and glue it a few millimeters from the edge of the nail. This space should be painted over with a different color lacquer. As a rule, it is white. He looks gentle and feminine.

If you are not a connoisseur of the classics, then you can paint over the edges of the nails with some bright shade.

It can be a French jacket with black or bright colored edges. It looks very stylish and is perfect to complement an unusual look.

Manicure using scotch can be very different - depending on your skills and the availability of new creative ideas. Try the proposed manicure options, experimenting with different colors, and it will look unusual and bright each time. But the most important thing here is a manicure of this type as accurate as possible, and even a beginner will easily make it. Worth a try: everything starts to turn out very quickly.

You will learn more about how to create a manicure using tape, from the following video.

It is forbidden to use any materials without our prior written consent.

Clear hole

"Moon" manicure with a transparent hole (if you wish, you can paint it with a neutral nude varnish) is simple, but perhaps one of the most original versions of such a coating. However, in this case, you can experiment. For example, make a pattern resembling a web on several nails, or add them with a pattern of acrylic powder in the shape of a rose.

Color hole

To create a “moon” manicure with a hole that is not transparent, but colored, you must perform the following actions: apply a base coat, completely paint your nails with the lacquer of the shade you chose for the hole, then apply a stencil and on top, apply a second coat of the primary color (such the method is relevant, first of all, to create a coating using gel polish). The last stage - applying a topcoat for fixing varnish. In this case, the well can be both semicircular and triangular.

"Moon" manicure with glitter or metallic lacquer

It seems possible to diversify the “lunar” manicure, which is already a familiar way for everyone - with the help of a “metallic” lacquer or a glitter lacquer. They, as a rule, allocate exactly the hole, but you can alternate - on several nails create a hole with glitter or varnish with a metallic effect, then use it as the main color on other nails. Another option is to alternate varnishes with different textures, and leave all the holes transparent.

"Two in one"

When you can do both classic French manicure and “moon”, why choose? Make a hole like a "reverse french" and highlight the free edge of the nail, just like a classic one. Such accents, as a rule, are performed in one shade, but you can turn on fantasy and experiment - there are no restrictions.

Another version of the "lunar" manicure is when the pattern repeats the outline of the nail plate, sometimes even along the entire length, which allows you to visually lengthen the nail (instructions for creating a summer version of such a manicure can be found at the link).

What kind of French manicure do you prefer - classic or “reverse”? Answer the test questions!

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Moon manicure: draw pictures, decorate nails with patterns, monograms

The first trend on our list is a wonderful moon manicure, showing seasonal mood and stunning design.

We are talking about quivering lace patterns, intricate monograms preferably of white, gold and black color, as well as magnificent drawings.

What will transform your moon manicure, depends on the talent of your master, because the more beautiful the painting on the nails, the more luxurious nail art will turn out. Pictures can also be any: from cats and hearts, to entire landscapes on the nails. It is advisable not to overdo the drawings, decorating only certain marigolds.

The second option for the implementation of this trend will be the stamping technique, stickers and dies, with which you can also create a stylish moon manicure with drawings.

Lunar manicure: triangle-shaped holes and other geometric solutions

The second trend in our TOP 10 is a lunar manicure with shapes, geometric blocks, lines and stripes, their combination.

Новинки лунного дизайна ногтей в этой теме сочетают не только названные элементы, но и разные цветовые контрасты, что смотрится в тандеме с лунками очень стильно и колоритно.

Лунный маникюр: сочетаем лунки с полосками френча, улыбками

Как для повседневного, так и для роскошного вечернего образа предпочтите лунный маникюр, идеально гармонирующий с полосками френча и улыбками.

In addition to strips and holes, monotonous lacquer can be applied to marigolds, decorated with decorative elements, or brought to the ideal with the help of painting.

Lunar manicure: gradient technique and multi-colored design with holes

Wonderful spring-summer technique, which, undoubtedly, is also relevant for this type of nail art - ombre.

A smooth transition of delicate and deeper shades with holes will be great, which is confirmed by the best examples and new nail art.

In addition to various variations of the ombre, look at the multi-colored moon design with different shades of varnishes on each nail.

Matte moon manicure - the best trends in exquisite nail design

Evening design will not do without this trend, because it is a manicure with holes on a matte finish.

Matte moon manicure can be supplemented with both spectacular and more refined decor.

Gorgeous white tracery monograms with holes can be made in pastel colors, and a luxurious moon manicure for a special occasion with matte gel polishes will be unique with sparkles or pebbles and chains.

Lunar manicure: elegant nail art ideas with rhinestones, sparkles, camoufs

For special events, weddings, parties, prom and other possible occasions where you need to look your best, the masters offer to evaluate an innovative moon manicure with a luxurious decor in the form of glitters of silver, golden hues and other variations of glitter.

The laconic arrangement of rhinestones and camoufubs also will not leave indifferent fashionistas, who will be able to appreciate the evening moon manicure in a chic design.

In our selection there are many options in this technique, so look closely at the examples that tell you how the holes can be combined with flickering elements.

Lunar manicure: new design with foil and rubbing

True ladies, no doubt, should take note of such innovations in nail design as variants with rubbing and foil.

Rubbing can add a manicure with holes of brightness, well-designed patterns and textures, and a moon manicure with foil, combined with dark and delicate shades of lacquers will be able to show all the luxury of this wonderful way.

Lunar manicure: we apply marble coolness on marigolds

Want marble coolness on the nails, then your attention is another trend - perhaps not the newest, but proven and reliable.

Marble moon manicure can be done in white, green, blue, gray and other shades that connoisseurs of the original and unique nail art solutions like.

Moon manicure in svitblum and scatter techniques

Among the trends and trends of the season, experts have identified lunar manicure in the techniques of sweat bloom and spot technique.

The first way to decorate marigolds involves a design with a volumetric dot pattern, and the charming dots patterns made from dots add to your marigold design of a spring-summer mood.

Nail holes with sculpting and voluminous elements

In addition to luxurious rhinestones, pebbles and kamifubuki, another way to make fashionable moon nail design even more delightful is to apply gel modeling on nails.

Most often it is performed in the form of flowers, curls, patterns. You will see some examples below.