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The story of the most ridiculous beliefs, or why you should not be afraid of black cats


Oh, yes, why fear them? After all, we live in the modern world, and not in the Middle Ages, when these animals don't know what kind of superpowers they attributed.

Well, or let's also be afraid of the Negroes, because their skin color is also far from white, -)

In general, the genetic memory of these black cats themselves makes them afraid of a person themselves: that, look, throw something or hit :-(

Honestly, I don’t really believe in all sorts of superstitions (Do I believe in them if I have been living in a house with a "terrible" number since birth? 13 , -), and I even like black cats (even though I am allergic to cat's fur), but for some reason I really remember one wonderful case with a black cat:

Not so long ago, I worked as a duty (emergency) elevator mechanic. Here I go somehow with the next application for dispatch. I walk up to the intersection, the intersection of two roads: one along two neighboring houses and the second between the same houses. I was just walking along the second road, and along one of the houses, a black cat was approaching the same intersection: two steps I, two steps it.

Apparently I stomped so loudly that the cat noticed me and looked in my direction, but still went further. And I, too, -) Seeing that I was getting closer and did not think to turn off, the cat sat down a bit as if ready to run. We both continued to the intersection. Before our meeting, there is literally a meter and.

then the cat ran, but it was not for me to intercept, but back, where I came from!

Apparently, the cats also have some signs in relation to people crossing their road, -)

What happened later?

Only in the Middle Ages in Europe did such a high status of a black cat begin to decline. They became associated with real witches. Fear of witches practicing black magic has penetrated into Europe. Black cats were often picked up and fed by poor single old women who were later accused of witchcraft.

Even meowing creatures with a completely different color were also considered to be involved in witchcraft. This faith was specifically conceived, and it was the father and son’s stories in Lincolnshire in the 1560s that were to blame. They say that one quiet night father and son were walking along the street, and the black cat crossed the road and wanted to hide in the basement room. Naturally, they did what any guys would do with pleasure. They threw stones at this furry creature until the helpless, wounded animal ran and hid in a house that at the time was considered a witch's house.

The next day, father and son stumbled upon one woman. They noticed that she was limping and was all in abrasions, and they considered that it was not just a coincidence. From that day in Lincolnshire, people believed that at night witches could turn into black cats.

Belief in witches, who at night turn into black cats to be not so noticeable on the streets, became the most important.

This belief became fundamental during the witch hunt in Salem.

Past and Present

Even today, such silly associations are popular during the celebration of Halloween, despite the religious beginnings of the holiday. Thus, the animal, which had previously been considered a good creature, became a symbol of evil omens in some parts of the world.

However, in some cultures, the black cat is still revered and is considered a symbol of good luck even today.

The Scots are confident that the strange and unexpected appearance of a black cat in a dwelling means success in business, while pirates of the 19th century believed that if a black cat came to you, it is a sign of failure, but it is good luck if it leaves you . It is believed that in some regions of England such an animal as a wedding gift brings good luck to the bride!

In short, the belief that a black cat will bring bad luck is a faith that is socially built and needs to be changed.

Among other things, such beliefs sometimes cause a bad attitude towards animals. Black cats are as cute and innocent as all other animals. Let's start the story from the beginning.

Middle Ages

“Pagan beasts conspiring with the devil,” Innocent VIII condemned the cats, who led the Catholic Church at the end of the 15th century.

There were no hunters to argue with the Pope, and together with hundreds of women accused of witchcraft, black-haired cats were sent into the fire. Total cat raids took place on schedule, on strictly fixed days.

People unconditionally believed in the infernality of black cats, believing that under their guise often feline mistresses, witches.

Bonfires flared throughout medieval Europe. In the middle of the 14th century, the pandemic of the bubonic plague mowed 60 million, most of which would probably have survived if it had not been for the massacre of cats - the main fighters against rodents carrying the plague wand.

It is interesting! The "demonic" properties of the feline served them a second disservice: the inhabitants began to use them in numerous magical rites.

Meat cats attracted love and tried to cope with incurable ailments. Pharmacists knead their drugs on cat blood, urine and fat.

Europeans walled up living cats in the walls of housing, no doubt that they will help scare away evil forces, diseases and other misfortunes.

Karl First

It is rumored that this English monarch, who ruled in the 17th century, was extremely attached to his black cat. He was absolutely convinced that his pet brought him happiness, and forced the guards to watch her vigilantly.

Alas, the time came, and the cat passed away. The inconsolable ruler stated bitterly that luck had left him, and he was right. Karl lost the civil war, was arrested, convicted by parliament and executed: January 30, 1649 his head was cut off.

Cats in Russia

Russian witches and healers often decorated black cats for particularly superstitious - to frighten or damage them.

All those who kept black cats in the huts, escorted them beyond the threshold at the beginning of bad weather, so as not to attract a thunderstorm to the house.

If a strange black cat ran into a peasant dwelling, she was killed in order to avoid future troubles. If an animal bit or scratched a child, it was immediately led to the temple to remove the curse.

The black cat's bone played the role of an amulet guarding against the evil eye and devilryand also became part of the love potion. The bones of an animal caught exactly at midnight on the 13th suited him.

It is interesting! In deaf villages, to increase yields, they practiced terrible sacrifices, burying two living creatures into the ground: a black cat and a naked girl.

Russian signs

No one will tell now from which year Russia began to fear meeting with black cats. But God knows when the omen appeared firmly established in the mind, having lived to the present enlightened times.

Before you panic when meeting with a black cat, observe which direction it moved: if “in the bosom” (to the fastener on the clothes), be wary, otherwise, do not attach importance.

There are three ways to remove a negative message that came from a cat running “in the bosom”:

  • go around the animal, choosing another path,
  • spit (3 times) by the left shoulder and move on, twisting the piece in your pocket or holding a button,
  • wait for the man who first passes on the "cursed" road.

In the villages, the black cat and the cat helped the owners to settle in the new hut: they were launched there on the second night, giving the first to the black rooster and the chicken.

Fashion and cats

In the XIX century, the inhabitants of Russia cracked down on black cats against the Inquisition, killing them for the sake of selling skins, in a large number purchased by Chinese merchants. In China, fashionable fur hats were made of them.

It is interesting! The Chinese gave the highest price for the fur of domestic black cats: 2-3 times the surplus value of skins of a different color.

Why exterminated urban murok instead of hunting for forest and steppe cats, now no longer understand: the last two and the color is more diverse and the size of the skin more.

Be that as it may, the cats survived this attack, gradually giving birth to new kittens black as coal.

Signs of sailors

Seafarers have their own scores with these animals. Black cats going towards are perceived as harbingers of trouble, moving away from you - they predict luck.

The black cat on the ship is responsible for the safe outcome of the journey, and if the animal is thrown overboard, the sea will begin to storm.

If the cat comes to the ship moored to the pier, but after a while leaves it, then it is doomed to death and will soon go to the bottom.

That is why sailors keep cats on board until the ship departs, and the wives of the navigators hold the tails of the house, believing that nothing bad will happen to their pious at this time.

Bad omens

Fear of black cats spread throughout the world. And now, any marriage in the United States, to which the black-haired Murka accidentally falls, is a priori considered doomed to divorce.

A similar belief exists in Germany. Meeting such a cat on weekdays, the Germans will take into account the vector of its route: from right to left - to turmoil, from left to right - to good news.

The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire are sure that cats with black fur portend poverty and hunger, and also come into contact with the souls of the dead.

Herald of death is considered a black cat in Italy: but only if she unexpectedly jumps onto the patient's bed.

The aborigines of Yorkshire (northern England) divide animals into friends and foes. The latter, running across the road, promise adversity. To their owner, black pets are exclusively good.

Good omens

Mass will take a positive interpretation accumulated by the British.

Residents of the UK believe that living in a black cat's house guarantees the marriage of the master's daughter and many lovers, if the spouse loses vigilance.

An excellent sign is a cat sneezing next to an English bride: marriage will be strong and happy.

In the Midlands without a black kitten, presented by the bride, it is impossible to have a good wedding.

There, in England, they are still convinced that a black cat met or wandered into a house will certainly attract good luck.

It is interesting! "The black cat on the porch - wealth in the house": this proverb belongs to the Scots.

Residents of England, France and Bulgaria will be happy to receive a black kitten as a gift, considering it to be a sign of special respect.

Americans still believe that the black cat that has come to your doorstep must be let in, petted and fed. Otherwise do not wait for farta.

In Portugal, the miser was easily identified - due to the absence of a black cat or dog in his house.

The Japanese see black cats as healers and defenders from negative impact, having no doubt that the tailed ones attract not only happiness, but also suitors.

Residents of Latvia changed their minds about black cats, eventually discovering repulsive properties in them, although a couple of centuries ago, a black dog, a rooster and a cat provided the Latvian peasant with excellent harvest and good luck.

The Finns entered into contradiction with the majority of Europeans: they fear not black, but gray cats in panic.

Black Cats Day

This date (November 17) was established by the Italians, or rather their national Association for the Protection of the Environment and Animals, concerned about the disappearances and death of cats around the world.

The members of the Association calculated that annually only in Rome the owners lose up to 15 thousand black cats. This suit is not in demand in shelters, where children are more readily dismantled lighter.

The patience of Italian activists burst in 2007. Having established a special day, the Italians reminded the world that for now black cats themselves are unlucky. Animals can not get rid of obscurantism, which still prevails in human minds.

Why do black cats scare people?

So why do black cats scare people so long ago? Previously, the fears associated with these animals were even stronger and made many feel real horror. And there are several explanations for this. The first is the fear of the dark, which extended to almost all primitive people. And it was caused not by mysticism, but by the fact that in darkness it is much more difficult to defend oneself from enemies. Therefore, all black was perceived cautiously and caused panic.

The second explanation is directly related to faith. In many religions, black personified evil and was associated with the other world, dark forces and other "evil spirits". And that is why cats were persecuted, especially in the Middle Ages, when the Inquisition was used in many European countries, and the witches were burned at the stake.

What do they think about black cats in different countries?

Superstitions and legends associated with black cats, there are a very long time, and in different countries they differ, sometimes dramatically. Here are some judgments:

  • In medieval Germany, it was believed that cats were messengers from the underworld who took the souls of dying people. These animals were endowed with approximately the same abilities in Finland: there they were considered to be some kind of companion who helped people to be reborn and move into another world.
  • Druids believed that cats with black coat were in the past life people who had a great sin. And for bad offenses they were punished, turning them into such animals. The color was considered a certain mark and was perceived extremely wary.
  • In England in the XVIII-XIX centuries, cats were considered saviors. And they were especially appreciated by the wives of fishermen, who gave such animals to their husbands, believing that this would help make swimming safe and successful.
  • In Australia and Scotland, the black cat was considered a symbol of luck, and the meeting with it caused joy and promised good luck.
  • In India, America, Ireland and most countries of Europe, such animals, on the contrary, were considered heralds of problems and bad luck.

The most popular folk signs associated with black cats:

  1. In Russia, it was believed that if a black cat ran across the road, then it is worth waiting for trouble. And a particularly bad sign was that the animal is heading "in the bosom", that is, in the direction of the buttons on the shirt or other clothes. But everyone knew what to do to avoid trouble. It was necessary to spit three times over his left shoulder, then either take up a button, or put his hand in his pocket and show the dulu, continuing the way. And you could just stop and wait for someone to cross the road.
  2. If on the night before Christmas a black cat dreamed of a man, then in the coming year a disease may overtake him.
  3. If an animal jumps onto a sick man’s bed, he will soon die.
  4. A dreamed black cat that clings to you can mean some kind of enemy or foe seeking to gain your trust and harm you.
  5. A homeless black cat who has come into the dwelling is a herald of happiness. It is believed that he is designed to protect the house from evil spirits and clean it, so the animal should be treated with care and affection. Be sure to feed him and leave to sleep. If the cat decides to stay, then do not chase him, because he was sent by the fate itself.
  6. A black cat can bring wealth, but it will have to try. So, you first need to find a suitable animal: its coat must be completely black, without a single white spot. Wait for the moonless night, find the intersection of four roads, one of which leads to the cemetery. Stand in the center and begin to pinch the animal so that it starts to meow. And when a stranger wishes to purchase a cat from you, set one ruble as the cost. And that he will become unchangeable: no matter how you try to spend it, he will come back to you again and again, improving your financial situation.
  7. If a thunderstorm has started, then the black cat should definitely be driven out onto the street, since it can attract a lightning, and it will get into the house.
  8. Sailors believe that the presence of the animal in question on the ship is a good sign and promises good luck. But if the cat falls overboard, then the troubles can not be avoided, so it is better to protect the pet.
  9. If a black-colored cat belonging to someone else suddenly appeared in the house, then he certainly brought trouble. Residents can expect misfortune, so the animal needs to be expelled as soon as possible (in some versions, it was proposed to do more cruel signs — to kill the cat).
  10. If you bought or built a house, then on the first night let in a black rooster and a chicken. And on the second night in a new house a black cat should spend the night. This will protect against thieves and other intruders.
  11. The British believe that if there is a black-colored cat in the house, then its owner will make connections on the side.
  12. If a black-colored cat sneezed near the bride, then the newlyweds will face family happiness. But the animal is desirable to wish health.
  13. If a black cat lay down on a certain place, it means in this zone pathologies will be detected.

And what really?

How to really treat black cats? As with animals of other colors, that is, with kindness and emotion, because these pets bring joy and give positive emotions. If you believe in omens, remember only positive ones. Мысли материальны, так что если вы будете постоянно бояться подвоха или беды, то несчастье не заставит себя ждать, причём его привлечёте вы сами.

Бояться чёрных кошек не стоит, они способны дарить радость и становиться верными друзьями.

Черный кот – к несчастью

The most famous belief about a black cat is that when an animal crosses your path, you should turn around its axis, and then grab the body cross. If you do not, then the whole day will go down the drain. To believe in such a theory or not is up to you. But if the black cat has come to the house and you have settled the animal in your house, then every time you turn and look for a cross on your neck will not work.

A tender animal can describe circles around you and cross your path 10 times a day. Why did the belief that black cats bring bad luck? Our ancestors considered all animals of dark color to be servants of the devil. There is nothing surprising in the fact that cats are not lucky. Moreover, unlike many other animals, cats are too masterful and it is quite problematic to tame them. Unlike dogs, cats are difficult to train. These animals are too independent and self-sufficient. They do not need human society, although they are not averse to taking food from the hands of people.

Cat at home - to lightning

Do you have a black cat and you are not worried about this? Not all people are just as calm towards animals of similar color. In the old days it was believed that dark-colored cats attract lightning. Similar signs and superstitions for a house with cats were often prophetic. People sincerely thought that having driven an innocent animal into anything under the rain, they would save their dwelling. It is clear that a similar system of protection from lightning worked through time. Too many black cats lived in the village, but there were no lightning rods. It was necessary to blame someone for all their troubles, so black cats acted as a scapegoat.

Today, only backward citizens of our world believe in such a sign. Smart people will not expel the animal to get wet in the rain only for the reason that he happened to be born dark-haired. But in ancient times, omen was very popular. Why? Cats, which the owners drove out in bad weather under the rain, did not go far from home, and superstitious people sincerely thought that this was their main problem.

Art people are very superstitious. Not surprisingly, the theater has its signs associated with black cats. It is believed that keeping a dark-colored animal at the theater is fortunate. The cat will help the actors to relax and feel at work at home. And cats help create a friendly mood in the team. After all, it is not surprising that when the actors live like one big family, discord happens in the troupe.

Many signs are connected with cats as to whether the performance will be successful or unsuccessful. For example, if before the premiere a black cat rubs against the director's legs, it means that the performance will go well and there will always be crowded halls in the performances. And if the animal does not even fit the director, then the public will perceive the new creation coldly.

Not surprisingly, a cat that ran onto the stage in the middle of the performance is considered a bad omen. But the animal is not scolded for such audacity. After all, it is not the cat's fault that they overlooked him. The animal regards the theater as its home, therefore it runs where it pleases. So that the cat does not interfere with the actors to please the public, it must be well fed before the performance. Then the animal will quickly fall asleep, defaced by delicious food, and will not be able to disrupt the statement.

On the ship

In the old days, our ancestors always carried cats on ships. Sailors didn’t need pets to retract their souls by stroking a lively anti-depressant, but to fight off mice in the holds. And if among the cats that were taken on board, black came across, it was believed that swimming would be successful. Sailors feared and idolized the black cat at the same time. The animal could not be thrown overboard, under any circumstances. Despite the fact that many people believed that the animal that ran across the road symbolizes misfortune, people tried to coexist peacefully with one of the ship’s inhabitants. Everyone tried to appease the animal in its own way so that it brought only good news and did not predict personal troubles.

Today, cats are not taken on board. Sanitary conditions allow you to sail on a ship without animals. But the sailors still experience a certain weakness for dark-colored animals. Perhaps this is due to the many legends that occur in the fleet. People say that cats treated sailors, helped to establish a personal life, as well as get rid of serious mental illness.

First must enter the cat

Do you have a housewarming party soon? What are the signs? Black cat in the house - fortunately. A similar theory was actively developed by those who liked these animals. It was believed that when starting a black cat, people entered into a deal with the devil. They helped the cat to lead a decent lifestyle, and the animal in return helped the person to avoid a lot of trouble. For example, when people drove into a house, a black cat was allowed to enter the house first. After the animal got a little comfortable in the new environment, people would go into the corridor. It was believed that the cat in the time allotted to him enters into a deal with the brownie and asks for concessions for their owners. Folk omens about a black cat are very diverse. In one of the variations about housewarming, it is said that if you do not let a black animal into the dwelling, then someone from the older generation will soon die. And since relatives did not want to bury the new settlers, they with great pleasure turned on their furry pet.

Cat - doctor

What do you know signs? A black cat in an apartment is a doctor who will help you in just a few minutes to relieve fatigue and feel relief. So since ancient times people who practiced black and white magic are considered.

Why is it that fluffy with a dark color have enough energy to treat diseases? It was believed that black cats were minions of evil forces. Animals could ask their patrons well-being for a host who takes good care of them, feeds them deliciously and does not pay attention to superstitions.

You do not like this explanation of the miraculous effect that animals have on people? Scientists have their own explanation of why a cat doctor can cure all adversity. An animal that sits on your knees and starts to purr emits special sound waves and vibrations that pass through your body and act on the source of the pain. To believe in such stories or not, it’s up to you to decide, but in practice it is known that many animals treat their owners on a daily basis, and those with gratitude and reverence treat their pets.

Getting rid of toothache

Do you believe in traditional medicine? Then you should have a cat doctor. An animal of black color can save you from toothache forever, the Japanese think so. If you can catch the moment when your cat sneezes, and at the same time you tell him “be healthy”, then you will no longer need to be afraid of toothache. Cats have really good teeth. Despite the fact that animals do not care for them, the teeth of most of them are in perfect condition until old age.

A sign about a black cat in the house will work only if the animal belongs to you. It is not enough to come to visit the parents and wish the health of their cat. You need a personal animal that will give you a great smile and will help you avoid frequent visits to the dental office.

Black cat nailed to the house? If you have your own garden or cottage, then consider yourself lucky. Our ancestors believed that black-colored cats help people endow the site with fertility. The cat will act as a talisman and guard of your crops. He will not let the moles and rats eat the seeds that you will collect with such love in a season. Well, and the cat will scare away the birds, who constantly strive to peck out all the shoots of your precious seedlings. So do not be dismissive of the old omens. After all, our ancestors were not stupid people. Any belief is based on reliable facts. And if people believed that the cat will make your plot more productive, then it will be so.

But do not use the animal as a panacea for all diseases. A black cat can never make your potted flowers grow better. The animal only picks up the ground and can eat some green shoots, if you do not stop this mess in time.

You already know that black cats treat people, but you probably do not know that these animals will help you arrange your personal life. The British believe that if a black cat comes up to the girl and will rub her, then the lady will soon get married.

How does such a belief work? They say that cats feel the aura of man. And if a person has a good energy field, then animals love a person. And those people whom animals bypass, are not the most pleasant personalities. Therefore, men always pay attention to how a woman treats animals. If a lady is attentive and courteous with a cat, then she will also treat her future husband. There is nothing surprising in the fact that men get acquainted, and subsequently marry ladies, to whom the cat has approached.

To good trade

One more sign is connected with the strong energy of animals. In Scotland, it is believed that if a black cat washes in front of a store or in front of a pub, it means that in this place the financial situation will soon improve. There is no clear explanation of why this belief appeared. But there is one conjecture that cats live where they are fed. And the owners of institutions rarely feed animals with their food. But the guests of the institution often take out animal leftovers from their table. And the more animals live next to the institution, the better the pub or restaurant is doing. So a similar sign can work in two directions. For example, visitors to the city could identify an institution that was popular in a place they did not know. But such a theory is still a guess, and you shouldn’t trust it especially.

What does the black cat come to the house? There is such a belief that an animal protects its chosen family from dark forces. They say that black cats guard their owners and take all their troubles and problems on themselves. Animals can even save a person from death. And with such problems as damage, cats cope on time. Therefore, it is not necessary to drive the animal, if it chose your family. Shelter a kitten or an adult cat, and give her the opportunity to peacefully coexist with you. Believe me, a furry creation will help you avoid a lot of problems, as well as cope with failures.

Good news

Did you see a black cat on the street? If the animal has not crossed your path, and, for example, peacefully basked in the sun, it means that on this day you will receive good news. At least, such a sign with cats exists in Mexico. Therefore you should not run from the cat as from the plague. Smile to the animal and mentally thank him for the fact that the cat appeared today in front of your eyes.

Does this sign work? Many people believe that the power of thought can work wonders. Such self-tuning on the positive news in reality can bring you good luck in business. Therefore, do not be dismissive. For some reason people always try not to believe in good things. Try to go against the system and perceive black cats as a symbol of good luck.

Cat in a dream

What night dreams have you seen today? There is a sign: a black cat in the house, who has come to you in dreams, promises you a dangerous enemy in reality. The subconscious tells the person that he should be extremely careful. No need to commit rash acts. Do not trust your friends, and if you just need to rely on someone, then double-check the reliability of the person. The sign says that a person who saw a black cat in a dream does not trust his entourage, but can not figure out the enemy. Therefore, try to find your pest and neutralize it before the person strikes you surreptitiously.

Why do people fear black cats

A rather interesting version explaining the fear of people in front of black cats was suggested by anthropologists. In their opinion, rejection on a subconscious level of a man of black color (many interesting facts about colors and breeds of cats are presented here) originated in primitive times. Then the first people were afraid of the dark, because they did not have the opportunity to discern the enemy or predator in it. Accordingly, animals that had black color, including cats, caused them to fear.

A little later, religion also added fuel to the fire, matching the black color to the mourning and mystical. For example, animals of dark colors began to be considered as guides of the other world, and keeping them in the house meant putting on trouble (by the way, you can find out whether you should get a cat in the house regardless of its color here). Well, if a black cat crossed your path, it didn’t foretell anything good. Such fear gave rise to violence against these animals, which were destroyed by thousands only because they were born with wool of that color ...
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Signs about black cats

Causes of fear - black

Probably there is no other animal that would bring such horror to superstitious people, like a black cat. So, if in Russia such a cat ran into a hut - it should have been caught and killed, so that the animal did not bring trouble into the house. Well, and if someone ventured to keep such a “beast” in his house, then, during a thunderstorm or bad weather, a black cat should be escorted out of the house’s threshold - so that the lightning does not strike this building. Well, if a child was bitten or scratched by such a cat, then it should have been taken to church in order to remove the curse from it. By the way, taking into account the superstitiousness of people, many sorcerers made just such cats for themselves, and if it was necessary to persuade someone or just to frighten someone, they used these animals.

In the West, the appearance of a black cat also did not bode well. They were called insidious demons who took on this appearance, and the sailors from England claimed that if you throw such a cat into the sea, a strong storm would take place on the sea. Whereas the Americans, at whose wedding such a guest wandered, were already beginning to think about the divorce immediately after her visit, and the Germans saw a sign in them that warned them of such a union.

However, as cats could attract misfortunes, so they could relieve them - for example, it was believed that if such a cat stayed in the house, then it would drive away all the evil from him. Similarly, such a black pet can cure its owner from the negative impact and very real diseases. Pragmatic Japanese - they are sure today that if you wish such a cat good health, then you wish yourself such good health.
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Why dream of a black cat

Well, if you dreamed of a black cat, then, depending on its behavior in your dream (and, you know, how cats behave in real life), you need to treat your dream. So, if a cat fawns upon you and meows - next to you is a cunning enemy who wants to trust you, if a cat walks around you in circles - trouble is near, well, and if a grimy cat jumped onto your chest - you will soon get sick.

By the way, if not in a dream, but in reality you are confronted with a black cat - knowledgeable people recommend not to drive the animal and not curse, but rather to caress, in order to appease your fate ...

Video about the breeds of black cats

Breeds of black cats

Despite the fact that many animal breeders complain that if a cat or a cat appears in the litter, it’s also impossible to attach them without a single wool of a different color (in order for this not to happen, you need to know everything about breeding cats), after all there are those who are looking for just such special black cats as the darkest night. If you consider yourself to be such extreme lovers and superstitions do not frighten you, then in order to facilitate your search for such a black cat, you can recommend the following breeds of animals - curls, orientals, Burmese, Karakul rexes, Persians, plush black Britons ... The colors of these cats - the most that nothing, black ...
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The truth about black cats

Black cats need love

In fact, scientists argue that no potential danger and the threat of a cat of this color in themselves do not conceal. On the contrary, they have the ability to take on negative energy, to protect their owner, and these cats are distinguished by an unusually friendly, peaceful and calm, stress-resistant nature. Well, for those who still live by stereotypes and believe that such a cat can bring misfortune if it crosses your path, we can recommend ... to carry around a box of matches with a fly or a cockroach inside. In order to release this insect at the intersection of your trajectories with a black cat, and thereby divert trouble from themselves.

And, finally, to love or hate an animal only for the color of its fur is somehow not human, therefore, look at a black cat in a new way - in fact, there is nothing terrible and repulsive in it - it is the same purring and meowing creature like other felines who need your love ...

Today we talked about black cats. Оказывается, это очень милые создания, которые нуждаются в нашей любви и заботе.

Ещё один вид кошек, который вызывает неоднозначную реакцию - это лысые кошки. На самом деле, они тоже большие милашки.

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