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10 signs of tasteless dressed woman


Many are outraged when they read or hear about provincialism. I myself am not a resident of the capital, so I partly share the outrage. But here we are not talking about a place of residence or a small homeland, but about preferences in style. This word was fixed for the inability to dress stylishly, look after oneself and that's it!

Signs of provincialism in the image.

So why looking at some girls, you can immediately say that she looks like a provincial (although she may have absolutely no relation to the province)?

-bright gum

Have you seen at least one truly stylish woman who would make a tail with a light green eraser? Hardly. And how many women with uncertain styles have seen, in the hair of which are these elastic bands? Make a conclusion yourself!

- old-style haircuts, hairstyles and dyes

Even long hair can look old-fashioned. The terrible color, the whipped ends are about to you and the sign of a woman who is still looking at herself and even more so at some style. Or another situation: hairstyle, which is 15-20 years old, went out of fashion, but Vasya, a classmate, said that she really suits her and the woman does not change her hairstyle for years. And well, if such a hairstyle fits. It happens that no. I have such a friend, she always has a high comb on top of her head. As much as I remember her, I remember her so much.

-long nails

Forget about the fact that long and sharp nails are a super-duper! There are women who wear their long nails at will. But in most cases, women and girls do this build-up themselves.

- bright design

Why rhinestones on the nails? Or bright color on long nails? Go to a wedding or other celebration? Agree! But to do this manicure over and over again, a complete lack of taste.

-Message mismatch setting

In the afternoon-day, in the evening-evening. And not to be confused. Daylight inconspicuous, slightly emphasizing your facial features. The evening is bright and attractive.

- complete lack of makeup

No one forces to paint or buy cosmetics, no. I write about a certain category, which invariably is not painted, but would be worth it. For example, cover acne, or tint pale lips, draw eyes. It will only benefit the appearance. Well, I have not seen stylish women who would not be painted at all.


- lack of personal care

Hair, skin, nails, clothes. Everything must be clean and well maintained. Not everyone has money for brands, expensive skin care creams, but here's the time to wash your dirty head, get a manicure, and wash everyone’s clothes. But alas, there are no fewer women with greasy hair on the streets (and here you just need to change the shampoo, at least for the same tar), in worn out T-shirts, old shoes. Lack of money does not always mean a lack of personal style and neatness.

- inability to combine

Sometimes you look like everything is of good quality on a girl, but everything together does not look at all. And here provinciality is present in many large cities. There is money, there is no taste or style.

trends and trends

Everything is exclusively trendy, everything is exclusively according to the latest fashion. Interestingly, and the wallet at this time does not emit its last squeak? Basic wardrobe + several trendy gizmos and you are a stylish lady always!


Cheap prints flooded the shops and wardrobes of women. And remember, wherever you put this blouse with a strange print on, it will give you a provincial everywhere.

- one style

As you started dressing at 18, you still dress. Believe me, every year there are interesting new items in the fashion world that you will surely enjoy!

- silly ornaments on clothes

Rhinestones, rivets and other cheap accessories are absolutely not conjugated with the word "style." Cheap, they always look cheap.


-a lot of gold

One has only to leave the big city in the towns and villages, as there are women who wear gold, in my opinion even in the times of the USSR. And all at once. Swollen fingers, matted gold chains around their necks. Maybe already enough?

-bag and shoes of the same color

They wrote about it all and sundry. But they all continue to combine in one color. Well, if it only concerned one bag and one pair of shoes. So sometimes they buy a bag, or shoes for a combination, and wear them exclusively in pairs.

- lack of accessories

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Only gold, only hardcore

Costume jewelery is not serious and is good only for 10-year-old girls, and silver looks “poor”. Therefore, the owner of a typical provincial wardrobe buys gold, no matter what is cheap and “samovar”. Another indicator of status is the golden ring on each finger. So that everyone there would not think that you have no money for jewelry!


Sneakers under the dress? Phew Sweatshirt with lace skirt? Nightmare! A provincially dressed girl is most afraid to look different than “necessary” (“like normal people”, “as usual”, “like mom taught” - the list goes on and on).

Black shoes - for any outfit

Black pumps are a must-have for any provincial. Of course, objectively in this basic shoe there is nothing wrong, but the distinctive feature of the provincial wardrobe is the “cramming” of these shoes into each look. It does not matter that with a white summer dress or shorts and a simple T-shirt, the shoes look just awful: our lyrical heroine will put them on even with a tracksuit. Why? Boat shoes are suitable "for everything"!

Lack of stylistic diversity

Most of these fashionistas, there are two main "style" - "decent" (to work) and "relaxed" (outside of work). Often, these “styles” are mixed in a creepy way, giving rise to images a la “corporate in the office,” when something is worn under a gray suit, complementing it with a “festive make-up” and tightly covered with lacquer curls. Casual, eclectic, boho-chic - all this is alien to the adherents of the provincial style and, in their opinion, looks "strange."

"Sweatshirts" and "blouses"

Tops, body, cardigans, turtlenecks, sweaters, sweatshirts, blouses - no, no, and again no! The provincial wardrobe recognizes only “sweaters” and “blouses” - knitted creations by unknown Chinese manufacturers. Distinctive signs - poor-quality material, quickly stretched and overgrown with pellets, often decorated with ruffles, lace inserts or rhinestones. This "blouse" is worn in a feast, and in the world, and with black office pants.

“Gorgeous” lingerie even to the gym

Simple bras with a smooth and thin cup? Never! You never know where the prince on a white horse is waiting for you: he can meet both in the office and in the gym or in the grocery market. Therefore, exclusively lace superpush-ups are used, richly decorated with the same rhinestones, feathers, and sometimes artificial fur (it pleases only that no animal suffers for the sake of such “beauty”). It does not matter that under the smooth and thin clothes the whole “decor” sticks out tastelessly, and the “sexually raised” chest presses on the chin: the main thing is that now you will impress both the prince and even his horse!

Tights in summer

Another fear (besides the above fear of looking “not like everyone else”) is to show your bare legs. Especially pale at the beginning of summer. Therefore, an important part of the provincial wardrobe - tights, which their hostess does not take off all year round. Special squeak - "invisible" with brilliance, able to dazzle, in a large mesh, "tan colors". The latter are especially "chic" in contrast with the rest of the unburned parts of the body.

Fear of experimenting with color

Difficult color combinations and, in principle, any work with color is not about fans of a provincial style. Why reinvent the wheel, they think, when there are simple and time-tested mixes - black and white, black and red, black and black. And no need to suffer and think about how to combine in one image lilac top and pistachio pants.

Inability to wear accessories

Even seemingly such a simple and widespread accessory, like a hat, causes representatives of the provincial style to be perplexed: “Who wears hats and where?”, “Show me these people!”, “Something I haven't seen anyone on the street in a hat ... "- they say with an" ironic "grin. All other accessories are also perceived as “brute force” - why do you need something that does not have special functionality?

Love for fakes

It is impossible to prove to the representative of the provincial fashion that fakes are a shame. Because “I am a trembling creature, or I can afford to buy a bag of lacquered oilcloth Dolce & Gabbana in the transition” ?! In their minds, a parody of a well-known brand will always be better by default and “more fashionable” than a quality leather bag of an unknown brand for the same money.

1. Without regard to the type of figure

Here it can be explained by the “method of the opposite”: many stars are not suspicious of the “flaws” of the figure (wide waist, small breasts or lack of priests) precisely because they wear only what will be beneficial to emphasize their advantages and level the flaws. If a woman is convinced that she can wear a cruel mini with her hips, J. Law is her right. But it is tasteless.

2. Incorrectly selected palette

Color is a complicated thing. and, probably, only units like Olivia Palermo ideally combine shades on an intuitive level. All the rest, in order not to be in a mess, you need to:

  • carefully study and determine your color type (see below)
  • inspired by ready-made palettes on inspiration boards,
  • and study, study and study again!

5. Lingerie for show

From * xaprile, the slightly visible cups of sconces look only in the photo shoot of Monica Bellucci for Harper’s Bazaar. And the fact that you can sometimes see on the streets or in transport (fragments of strings, straps) and other “details” is vulgar and ugly.

The linen has to be beautiful, but it is not worth exposing it. It is like a higher education: no one can see it, but it increases self-esteem.

7. Clothes, shoes and accessories of the same color.

I am not against the total look. But again - you need to be able to create it. It is important to take into account the texture of the fabric, getting into the shade, so it is better not to risk it. Well, even the beloved by many “total black onions” is still worth diluting with golden or silver details.

8. Ponty prints

In an effort to combine in the dress a few drawings, girls extremely often find themselves in a ridiculous situation. And it doesn't matter to anyone that you wanted to create just a stunning image - flowers and a leopard, a stripe and a cage, various variations of prints with peas - all this is better to add as spices in the dish: little by little and with caution.

9. Shine and shine

Many people wonder - how to wear metallic things and accessories, sequins, sequins. I will answer bluntly. One such thing “with character” for the whole look is enough! Otherwise, you risk turning into an ardent fan of Boris Moiseyev or Philip Kirkorov.

10. The abundance of jewelry

Tasteless women firmly believe that happiness is measured precisely in the number of jewelry worn. But even real gold and diamonds will seem vulgar and irrelevant if their number exceeds 3 names. In general, 2 decorations - the golden mean.

So, the top 10 signs of a tastelessly dressed woman:

  1. Clothing is not on the figure. To choose an image under the type of your figure is a useful skill inherent only to owners of impeccable taste. Such women are well aware of all their flaws and skillfully disguise them, but tastelessly dressing unfavorably emphasizes shortcomings, for example, wearing short dresses or skirts with full and not the most even legs, covering the already narrow hips, visually increasing wide shoulders with voluminous and complex top . Such mistakes spoil the figure and make the image ridiculous.
  2. Things are not in size. Any thing should sit perfectly. If she either excessively and underlines the extra volume, or, conversely, hangs awkwardly, then the woman either simply does not know her size (shame!), Or unsuccessfully tries to look slimmer with clothes, or does not update her wardrobe after losing weight or gaining weight. or do not care about yourself. But in any case, it will look funny and unattractive.
  3. The abundance of patterns. Overloading the image with prints, you risk making it variegated and lurid. But women without a sense of taste and style do not know or ignore this rule, and therefore unsuccessfully mix several patterns in one set, for example, a cage, polka dots, stripes, leopard spots and so on. Of course, you should not abandon the drawings, but if you decide to dilute the onions with them, choose one or a maximum of two, kept in a single theme.
  4. Incompetent combinations of shades. Trying to collect all the colors of the rainbow in one image, a woman can look like a gypsy, a colorful tropical parrot or a New Year decorated Christmas tree. The prospect is so-so, agree. Therefore, it is necessary to master the science of compiling harmonious color tandems and combine only the shades that are combined with each other and do not interfere. And still it is not necessary to use many tones at once: it is better to limit yourself to two or three, so as not to overdo it and not look ridiculous.
  5. Ultra short length. Even if you have a perfect figure and slender long legs, it does not at all mean that you need and can show them off. Short dresses and skirts can be appropriate on vacation, for example, on vacation with her husband at sea. But to go shopping in them and even more so to wear such things for work, study or business meetings is a clear sign of bad taste. It is unlikely that someone will appreciate your feet, but everyone will draw conclusions about licentiousness and dishonesty.
  6. Prominent underwear. It is called the bottom precisely because it must always remain below under the clothes. And demonstrate it to others - uncivilized and always inappropriate. Nevertheless, you can meet the representatives of the weaker sex, in whom a dark bra is shining through a light translucent blouse, bra straps are peeking, or underwear can be seen above the skirt or jeans. And it looks flashy and extremely tasteless.
  7. The abundance of jewelry. Even if you wear only genuine, high-quality and expensive gold, you should not demonstrate it and put on all the best at once. Yes, people will certainly notice this and appreciate your financial situation, but they are unlikely to find it beautiful. According to the rules of good tone, a woman should wear no more than three ornaments at a time. Otherwise there will be brute force and bad taste.
  8. Dirty or heavily wrinkled items. Any self-respecting stylish woman should monitor not only appearance, but also clothing. And if she allows herself to leave the house and show herself in public in things that look sloppy, hardly anyone will appreciate her taste. Careless stains and untidy folds attract attention, instantly repel and make you think that a woman not only has no sense of taste, but also does not know how to keep clothes in proper condition.
  9. Excessive shine. To shine is not to shine. But some people think differently and overdo it with brilliance, overloading the image with sparkles, rhinestones, jewelry with sparkling large stones, sequins, Lurex, silver and golden flowers. But with all this it is worth being careful: excessive glistening is appropriate in stage images, but not in everyday life and not even at social events. If you want to refresh the set and add shine, then choose one thing, for example, an accessory with stones, shoes with rhinestones or a golden handbag.
  10. Shoes, clothing and accessories of the same color. If earlier it was decided to pick up shoes to match the handbag, today this rule does not work. And it was canceled by the legislators of fashion for a long time, but some continue to persist in following this outdated and irrelevant advice. And when the whole set consisting of three elements (for example, a dress, shoes and an accessory) is sustained in one scale, it definitely speaks of disgusting taste. And if you put on a bright dress, then shade it with shoes of one of the neutral or universal shades, for example, black, beige, gray or white.

Knowing all these signs, you will be able to be more careful when drawing up images and not to allow stupid missteps that spoil the appearance and impression of you.