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How to quickly and easily wake up in the morning


Getting up early is helpful. This is reported by the headlines of articles for the time being. Tutorials about how successful people start their day at five in the morning, countless. But the question is not only how to get up early and get enough sleep, but is it really necessary? This article will resolve this dilemma, and not only it alone.

Modern division of society

From a certain point in society, a rule was secretly established to divide all people into "owls" and "larks". The first birds, respectively, are nocturnal, and at a later time of the day, they are awake, while the second are clearly early birds. Of course, there is something in it. But does this mean that someone is allowed to sleep before twelve?

If we take the statement that this is harmful for a healthy organism (and even more for an unhealthy one), then the answer is, of course, negative.

But the axiom is an exceptional thing, so it is better to consider the evidence.

Why get up early?

All nature on Earth is subject to solar influence. It is easy to see that with the first rays of this brightest star, all life begins to wake up - therefore, the processes in the human body are also activated somewhere around sunrise.

If the activation occurs during sleep, it turns into irreversible processes. This leads to poor health.

"Owls" and "larks" - true or false?

V.M. Kovalzon confirms the scientific prerequisites for the emergence of the division of people into early and late "birds" - this is a genetic predisposition. At the same time, according to him, at the present time, the overwhelming number of people who consider themselves to be one or another species are not inborn "owls" / "larks", but retrained.

The sleep pattern in the modern rhythm of life is strongly influenced by the pressure of social graphics, professional orientation. For example, all the actors are owls, and doctors are larks.

Genetic predisposition is rare, although it occurs, albeit in a smaller percentage. This "owls" no instruction about how to get up early and get enough sleep, will not help.

Time to rise early

The most inspired by the early rise advise everyone around to rise at sunrise, but at certain times of the year it may be at 4-5 in the morning. Not all are capable of such exploits. The ideal time is 6 AM. This is not a prerequisite, but in any case, the rise must be no later than nine. But how to train yourself to get up early? What is the use if the alarm is set for the right time, and the body still resists?

How to get up early in the morning?

First of all, recommendations are offered for consideration, which facilitate lifting in principle, and indeed are good habits:

  • do not eat at night
  • to air the bedroom before bedtime
  • it is also useful to take a breath of fresh air - take a walk, go to the balcony or at least look out the open window and stand for a couple of minutes,
  • go to bed no later than ten or eleven in the evening, the deadline is not to stay up until midnight.

"Morning meets us cool!"

Tips for getting up early in the morning:

  • the music on the alarm clock should not be loud and sudden - such a transition from the morning will be stressful for the body, on the contrary, it is better to put quiet, pleasant sounds, perhaps spiritual classics or high voices,
  • you can agree to get up early in the morning with someone - a sense of responsibility helps,
  • alarm clock should be put on the other end of the room - so in the morning you will have to get up at least to turn it off.

Strategic approach

How to learn to get up early? It’s not for nothing that the question is posed that way - “learn,” “study,” “science.” This is a long-term deal with the daily routine, and not a one-time need. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to develop a whole plan with a real strategy.

We use two main approaches (we choose which one will be more pleasant / effective):

  • it is necessary to fall asleep and wake up every day at the same time (well, at least an approximate error of 10 minutes is not considered),
  • listen to the body - if he wants to sleep, then it's time to the world of dreams.

The second approach is good for trained owls - despite the habit of staying up late, the body continues to work according to its biological clock. But he does not fit the "owls" true. What then should they do? How to get up early in the morning?

Apply psychological tactics

How to learn to get up early? If the most violent physical methods are still ineffective, then the time has come for psychological attitudes.

  • The principle "see the goal - I see no obstacles." Learning to get up earlier is easier, if there is a reason to do it. Need a meaning, need a goal, and then nothing will be an obstacle to the early rise.
  • Love for life and active life position, optimism and positive.
  • Dream and favorite thing.
  • Sports as a way to influence the vital rhythm, maintain body tone, allow the body to get tired for the day and in the evening want to have a warm embrace of sleep.
  • Motivation as an internal setting is the need to understand how to train yourself to get up early.
  • Anticipation of a pleasant morning. Let this time not be associated with stress, nerves and migraines. Want to know how to get up early in the morning? It is easy if it is pleasant. Let the beginning of the day be associated with hot, fragrant and tasty coffee, cool breeze, the atmosphere of something new, the kiss of a loved one. Really, it will not want to exchange for a dream!
  • Self-discipline with regards to what to do in the evening. For example, a book is a rest, and a TV is an energy vampire, a pleasant conversation is useful, and sitting at a computer in social networks is opposite.

Insomnia - the scourge of modern society

How to learn to get up earlier in the morning? For this you need to sleep. And to sleep, it takes a dream to take a sufficient number of hours. And for this you need to go before. Bingo! This means that the important question arising from the initial question is: “How early to go to bed and wake up early?”

It seemed to be easy - to force yourself not to while away the time until midnight while watching TV shows or working. But now the light is turned off, eyes are closed, only blankets and pillows are around, but sleep does not go and does not go. So an hour passes, and two, and three. The clock is almost five in the morning, to rise in an hour. And how to get up early here? Unless it does not go to bed at all - it almost turns out.

Unfortunately, this state becomes the rule, not the exception. And it is called insomnia.

Causes of the problem and how to deal with it

All causes of insomnia can be divided into two large layers:

  • Mental. This includes stress, depression, and nervous breakdowns, and sometimes even serious disorders.
  • Mental fatigue. Its basis is increasingly - information glut, the brain is working for wear, but inefficient, feverish pieces of data either appear or disappear in the head, there is no way to accept or process anything new, not to mention filtering.

Insignificant everyday causes of insomnia:

  • the inconvenience of sleeping clothes, bed / sofa,
  • taking before bedtime drinks, which contain caffeine,
  • heavy dinner
  • medications
  • factors that irritate the senses: strong lighting, loud noise or unpleasant odors,
  • the presence of bad habits (alcohol and cigarettes have a negative effect on sleep patterns).

As you can see, insomnia is a consequence that can be eliminated only by eliminating the cause. Therefore, from the list above, you need to select the appropriate item.

Folk ways of getting rid of insomnia are often herbal infusions that need to be drunk before bedtime. It really has a positive effect on the general condition. Herbs such as mint and chamomile, calm the nervous system. Beneficial and completely harmless effect before bedtime honey.

Of course, if the cause of insomnia is much more serious, these tools will not help, you will have to consult a doctor. But these are exceptional cases, the most common reason nowadays in the modern world is the irrational expenditure of forces and the distribution of time. People engaged in mental work, often overwork, drink coffee and energy drinks for vigor, and then suffer, because they can not sleep.

It is worth remembering that proper nutrition and proper sleep patterns are interconnected things, so it is also necessary to monitor healthy and regular meals.

Get up early - who does not need it?

After reviewing helpful tips for early recovery, you can go back to basics, to the beginning of the article, and to what was said in the first headlines.

So, the division into "larks" and "owls", as well as the important fact that they are trained (for the most part) and real.

The real larks did not need this instruction. Trained - also, because they have already (although, perhaps, with difficulty) have mastered the technique of how to get up early in the morning.

How to understand if you are a real owl?

The essence of the "owl" is not that she can not sleep at night. Can. And with a special desire, even get up early. The problem is that she doesn't need it. Moreover, it is harmful to her.

At the beginning of the article it was told about the biological rhythm, that the natural clock makes the body stay awake during the daytime and rest in the dark. The "owl" is the opposite. And just like the “larks”, if you sleep until 12 o'clock - to ruin your health, so real “owls” are not recommended to force yourself to get up at six in the morning and run for new achievements.

A few signs of this "owl":

  • Regardless of how many hours were spent on sleep, and whether there is a feeling of a sleeping person, in the first half of the day productivity is reduced,
  • the moral inclination to start things in the evening is a feeling that spiritual energy is waking up at this time,
  • when trying to live in a “lark” mode, by 22-23 o'clock, the tired body wants to sleep, but at the same time there is inspiration, which cannot be called up during daylight hours.

How to live a real "owl"?

Unfortunately, both educational and working hours in official institutions begin at around 8 - quite inconvenient for the "owl", which even a slept person is not able to perceive information at such a time. But there is another way out for her (in terms of work), for example, freelancing, in which the worker himself plans his schedule. Freelancers can be engaged in such professions as a journalist, programmer, web and graphic designer, illustrator, blogger.

In addition, it is possible to work on the night shift - these are guards, taxi drivers, and various establishments that are open around the clock. So "owls" will get rid of the need to yawn in the workplace.

Many creative professions suggest irregular working hours, which in this case can be called a way out. You should not force yourself to force yourself to do something unnatural for the organism.

But if the "owl" of you is only imaginary, trained, then take heart and, applying all the above tips in practice, start a new life from a new, early morning.

How to learn to get up early in the morning without magic and get enough sleep?

There is a whole range of actions to start the morning. You can choose the ones that suit you, you can combine, you can do one thing if it works. Let us enumerate progressively: from the moment when you just opened your eyes, until full awakening. For example:

  1. Turn off the alarmIf he continues to ring - he has already fulfilled his main function.
  2. Turn on the lamp at the head - bright light will work on the gradual awakening of the body.
  3. Pull or yawnif there is such a need. In fact, we yawn when we want to cheer up, and not vice versa. Therefore, yawning in the morning is a very useful thing.
  4. Smile and try to set yourself up in a positive way. The next day is just beginning, and there will be a lot of good in it, only if you set the mood yourself.
  5. Glass of water. Very important and useful action. In order to quickly wake up and normalize the level of fluid after sleep, the body needs at least one glass of water in the morning.
  6. Do exercise. No need to invent complicated exercises or put a barbell and a set of weights at home. It is enough just to stretch the muscles and make a small stretch - so the body will soon wake up and come in tone.

For greater effect, you can perform a complex of morning yoga exercises — they can be found in the public domain on the Internet, but it is better to consult with experienced teachers.

  1. Wash with cold water or take a douche - this is another good way to cheer up, and after charging it will be very useful.
  2. A good start to a good breakfast.. He will give you energy all day. This is the most important of all meals. Oatmeal with fruit, yogurt, eggs and chicken are ideal breakfast foods. Choose and make your diet. It is better to do it immediately a week in advance.
  3. Avoid fatty and spicy food in the morning, do not add syrups and remember that saturation comes after 10 minutes from the beginning of the meal - wait until the eaten digest.

  1. At any of the above stages you music will help for awakening - energetic and favorite composition or immediately playlist.
  2. The advantage will be the opportunity walk in the morning. Walking after sleep will reinforce all previous measures, and you will fully wake up.

How to enter the mode? What to do if you go to bed late and do not sleep?

To begin with, the optimal time for a healthy sleep is at least 7 hours. If you sleep less than three, no matter how hard you try, it’s not easy to wake up. In the interval from three to seven hours of sleep, the probability of a comfortable waking up exists, but the body will be exhausted and quickly tired. Seven hours is the minimum, and you should not experiment with health.

What to do if there was no daily regimen and now you need to get up early? There are a number of measures, simple and understandable.

Prepare yourself for your morning awakening:

  1. Two hours before bedtime, you must eliminate any meals. Especially it concerns fatty and spicy dishes, alcohol and coffee - if you don’t want to toss and turn around half the night and not sleep again, forget about them after six in the evening.
  2. Try rehearsing the morning awakening. It sounds funny, but it works. Start the alarm a few minutes ahead. Lie down on the bed and imagine that you are asleep. When the alarm sounds, turn it off immediately and stand up. Do this several times - the body will develop a habit and over time will wake up easier and faster.
  3. Playing with the alarm clock - put the mechanism away from yourself, for example in the far corner of the room - on the table. Thus, to turn it off, you have to get out of bed.
  4. Ask a friend or relative to call in the morning and wake up.
  5. At night, put a glass of water at the head of the head, so that after waking up you do not have to go to the kitchen.
  6. Make a to-do list for the day. There will be a feeling of the work ahead, and you will not be able to sleep for a long time.

  1. Think of a reward for the early rise: buy clothes for charging or a dressing gown, prepare a delicious breakfast in advance and leave it for the night, watch the delayed series of your favorite series or read the chapter of a good book.
  2. Do not go to bed with confused thoughts, doubts, resentment or anger. The body will not be able to sleep due to stress and anxiety. Try to settle all your concerns for the evening.
  3. At least an hour before bedtime, put aside the gadgets, close the social networks and turn off the TV. Better read something neutral or easy to tune in emotionally for good dreams.
  4. Meditate or perform evening yoga exercises. Your muscles will relax and it will be easier to sleep.
  5. It is also good for the state of the body will cool shower. It is cool, because after it you will wrap yourself in a warm blanket and fall asleep.
  6. Do not like the cold? A hot bath with essential oils will relax you and make your sleep serene and easy.
  7. Do not overload yourself - the right rest will restore strength and performance.
  8. A quick massage will help you get into the realm of Morpheus faster. In case of insomnia, do special massage exercises - they can be easily found on the Internet.

If, despite the efforts you have made, you constantly want to sleep, you may need to consult a doctor.

Stick to your sleep pattern - wake up and fall asleep at the same time. So you fix the habit and after months you can wake up without an alarm clock. But if drowsiness appears earlier than usual, do not suffer - go to bed.

How to learn to get up early

1. Get up just 1 minute earlier every day.

If you set the alarm earlier, it does not mean that you wake up earlier. If you constantly turn off the alarm before your normal wake-up time, your body takes time to get used to.

Instead of setting the wake-up time immediately around 5:00, every two days set the time 1 minute earlieruntil you reach your goal.

· Your awakening time: 6:30

· Two days later: 6:28, etc.

In a month you will wake up 15 minutes earlier and will not even notice it. Возможно, вам потребуется больше времени, чтобы достичь своей цели, но лучше создать привычку за несколько месяцев, чем ничего не делать.

2. Мотивируйте себя, преследуя малые победы

Of course, when you wake up at 5 am, you have more time to do a lot of things, but if your normal wake-up time is 8:30, you will not be able to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning right away.

You can resort to the method "snowball“for paying off debts when the smallest debts are paid first. Thus, you create small victories, which motivates. This can explain why we lose weight more easily after the first kilogram lost. Progress encourages us to continue.

Instead of setting yourself a goal to get up 2 hours earlier, try to get up half an hour earlier. When you reach the goal, you have achieved a small victory.

3. Use the pressure of others to wake up in time

Make an appointment with other "larks" in the morning. This will help you to be more responsible, because you do not want to let others down.

In addition, it involves biological signals. Studies have shown that, when we have something important assigned, our body naturally awakens us.

When you pin your hopes only on an alarm clock, a warm bed becomes more attractive.

How to wake up early in the morning

4. Change the setting to make it easier to wake up.

You are much more likely to get up early if the environment is appropriate.

Place the alarm in the room so that you had to get up to turn it off.

Put the coffee on the timer, so that it is ready when you wake up.

Put next to the bed warm bathrobeso you can immediately put it on after you wake up.

5. Identify problems in wake up mode.

What actions do you take that prevent you from waking up early? Analyze what you tried to do to get up earlier.

· What actions did you perform?

· Why did they fail?

· What could have been done differently?

For example, if you set the alarm, but did not get out of bed, because it was cold in the house, then you can put a bathrobe and slippers next to the bed in advance.

6. Find a tempting excuse to wake early

How do you perceive the time that comes to you when you get up early?

If you are thinking of starting to run in the morning, but you do not like it, then you will associate the awakening with something unpleasant.

Changes are easier to implement if they are related to something pleasant.. Plan to do something that you like to do in the morning, and awakening will not seem such a punishment.

How easy to wake up in the morning

7. Watch your progress.

You can hang a calendar next to the bed to mark the days when you managed to get up early. Progress will motivate you to continue in the same spirit.

8. Convince yourself that you are a “lark”

The belief that you are not a "lark" can prevent you from getting up early. If you change your installation to "I treat people who get up early", it will change your behavior, because believing in yourself becomes a fulfilled prophecy.

An earlier awakening will not be easy in the first few weeks, as the body takes time to get used to. But as soon as you get used to the new schedule, you will become that very “early morning”.

Raise - raised, but forgot to wake up!

If this phrase is about you, then I will share several morning tricks that help me get up with ease and spend the morning without fuss.

  1. Do not eat at night. 100% of people who eat tight have difficulty waking up early in the morning. The ideal dinner is light (for example, buckwheat with vegetables, steam or fish stew, low-fat cottage cheese) and no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  2. Set only one alarm and do not translate it forward "for another 5 minutes." Here is a hand on the heart - are you better sleep in 5 or 15 minutes? Just set a signal and get up - it’s so much easier to accept the fact that morning has come.
  3. Choose an invigorating and not long alarm melody. At one time my wife had a very melodic, gentle song, 10 minutes long on the alarm clock ... Needless to say that my wife could not get up on time almost every morning?
  4. If, when you are going in the morning, you usually throw about, then there are two solutions to this problem: a) prepare everything you need from the evening, right up to putting cottage cheese for breakfast (or whatever you eat breakfast) and pour water into the kettle in the morning you will boil with one touch of the button, be) try to set the alarm for 30-40 minutes earlier (the rationale for this strange advice is read further).
  5. Calculate correctly bedtime. On average, one cycle (fast + slow sleep) lasts 90 minutes.
  6. If you wake a person in the middle of a cycle, he will feel overwhelmed and not rested. And children, for example, wake up so simply unreal! The time between cycles is the easiest to wake up. For example, you need to wake up at 5 am. So, you need to sleep at 21.30, 23.00 or 0.30. Please note: at this time you need to fall asleep, and not go to bed! It takes about 15-20 minutes to fall asleep.
  7. That is, to go to bed to wake up easily at 5 am, you will need to be at 21.10, 22.40 or 0.10 hours.
  8. This principle is based on the work of “smart alarms”, which monitor the cycles of your sleep, and emit a vibration or a signal at the right time. Now, many manufacturers produce fitness trackers with the function of "smart alarm" - it is not at all ruinous useful purchase. You can, of course, install a special application, but then you need to sleep with a smartphone under the pillow, but I personally do not like this idea.
  9. Try to set an unusual alarm clock on your smartphone. There are tons of apps that make you wake up. For example, Alarm clock extreme or I can't wake up for They force them to perform various actions to turn off the signal: solve a couple of mathematical examples or shake the phone ... For iOs, there is also something like that. The main thing is to put the smartphone away from the bed.
  10. After waking up immediately take a few deep breaths and exhalations. So your body will be saturated with oxygen, and the brain will receive a signal that it's time to get up.
  11. Getting out of bed, immediately open the window. Fresh morning air just will not allow you to get under the blanket again.
  12. Brush your teeth. There is something magical in this action, with freshly brushed teeth, it is simply impossible to feel sleepy! Choose a palatable toothpaste.
  13. Drink a glass of water. Yes, you can pour it from the evening.
  14. Take a shower. Hair drench too. This is a win-win.
  15. Have some coffee or tea. Caffeine in a small amount invigorates, improves mood and stimulates activity. Green tea is milder than coffee, and in addition, it contains antioxidants that help prevent the aging process.
  16. Cheered up - do the exercises. Complex yoga-asan (like "Surya Namaskar"), jogging in the nearest park or squatting with jumps - choose any activity. After that, you just want to sleep!
  17. Find the motivation for an early climb. Noticed that enthusiasm for a new business literally inspires? What dream! Jumping out of bed easily and joyfully! Try your favorite thing in the morning (whether it is jogging, yoga, reading, repeating mantras or drawing), and you will notice that getting up has become much easier. But it is important to periodically change hobbies, then novelty and enthusiasm will remain.
  18. If you got up early, do not go online! Jumping on the links will devour a lot of time, and it could be spent with benefit. Better read a book or listen to a podcast.

And now tell us about your experience, dear readers! Does it happen that it is very easy for you to wake up? Or you can not get out of bed, like a bear from hibernation? What motivates you to get up early? Pavel Yamb was with you. See you again!

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