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Tips for choosing the right hand cream


The skin on the hands - a delicate area of ​​the female body, perhaps it requires even more attention and care than the skin of the face. If you care for your hands and nails badly and irregularly, then they will be the first to start to become covered with wrinkles, pigment spots and cracks, which will instantly give out your true age, and maybe add a few more years.

Daily external stimuli, such as wind, sun or frost, as well as household chores using household chemicals, adversely affect the beauty of women's hands. To maintain their health, it is very important to soften and nourish the skin of the hands every day, using all kinds of creams.

Of course, many of us are used to not bothering and just buying care products in the store - most of them are not that expensive, and the choice in the mass market is quite wide, which is already talking about professional lines.

Of course, this is a way out of the situation, it is better this way than there is anyway. But few know that the best option is a hand cream made by themselves from natural ingredients, which, by the way, is not so difficult to get, and most of them are at home. How to do this, you ask? It turns out that there is nothing difficult in this; anyone who wishes can master the basics of cream making.

The benefits of homemade cream

Everything that is cooked with your own hands and at home - most often, it turns out to be healthier, safer, tastier (when it comes to cooking) and so on. Creams that you can do at home have a lot of advantages over purchased counterparts, and perhaps only one drawback: they cannot be stored for as long as those from the store.

Since for their preparation, mainly used natural ingredients, devoid of all kinds of preservatives, fragrances, parabens and other chemical additives, the shelf life of homemade cream can be no more than 14 days in the refrigerator.

Of the benefits - this is undoubtedly the benefits of such compositions - you are always confident in the components that are used to create them. In addition, homemade cream - it is always available and inexpensive, because most of the ingredients can be bought for very little money. And the last thing - by mixing different components in action, you can achieve unique compositions that meet exclusively your individual skin needs.

What ingredients can I use?

Before embarking on the creation of specific recipes, you need a little understanding of the individual components - how and what affects, and what should be used as a basis. The most popular base options are beeswax, which is ideal for skin care of nails and hands, and getting it is not so difficult.

Often used cosmetic oils - liquid (almond, olive) or solid (coconut, cocoa, etc.) - depends on the desired consistency of the final product. Butter doesn’t stand aside either - however, as a basis, you need to take a high-quality home-made product with a good percentage of fat.

There are a few components that are necessary for the effectiveness of homemade cream, it is lecithin and lanolin. The latter perfectly softens rough skin, and lecithin is necessary for creating good moisturizing compositions.

All of the above components are used to create the foundation, but your composition will become individual after you use different additives, each of which also has its own therapeutic or cosmetic effect.

Depending on what your skin needs the most, and you need to adjust the recipe. For example, ingredients such as olive oil and avocado, sandalwood, sour cream, honey or egg yolk are suitable for giving a nutritional effect.

But for moisturizing experts recommend using infusions of various herbs (chamomile, St. John's wort, linden), patchouli oil or jasmine. If there are pigment specks on the handles, you can add parsley juice, lemon juice, vanilla oil or rosewood to even out the color. Tea tree oil, chamomile extract, aloe juice, sea buckthorn oil are well suited for healing small cracks.

Often in homemade cream add vodka or alcohol, some believe that such additives can greatly dry up the skin, but it is not. In reasonable and moderate amounts, alcohol, by contrast, serves as a good conductor of nutrients to the dermis layers.

The composition of hand creams

Water is the basis of any hand cream, regardless of its type. Its amount in the composition of the product can vary in the range of 65-80%, the rest falls on additional components: fats, vitamins, plant extracts and others. Acting as a binder component related elements, water prevents excessive lubricity of the cream and provides an even more pronounced moisturizing effect. Glycerin in the composition of the hands provides a moisturizing and softening function, lanolin also softens the epidermis well, provides the necessary nutrition and hydration. In the production of hand creams, oils such as sea buckthorn, olive oil, wheat germ oil, linseed, sandalwood, cocoa, jojoba, and lavender are often used. Instead of vegetable fats of animal origin can be used. In any case, the main task of fatty components is to protect the skin with the help of a water-repellent film, which they form on its surface. In addition, some oils provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects - for example, tea tree oil. Any good hand cream contains vitamins. Thanks to them, recovery, rejuvenation of the skin, activation of its protective properties. If, according to its purpose, the cream is anti-aging, then elastin and collagen are necessarily present in its composition. These components increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, prevent its premature aging. Among the ingredients of hand creams, you can also often find all kinds of plant extracts: aloe, chamomile, wormwood, calendula, plantain. They work to moisturize the skin, relieve inflammation, heal cracks, have a bactericidal effect. Some creams contain UV filters that neutralize the harmful effects of UV rays.

How to apply hand cream?

Despite the seeming simplicity of smearing hands with a cream, certain recommendations on this matter are worth considering. Apply the cream with light, smooth movements in the direction from the fingertips to the wrist. To improve blood circulation and ensure rapid absorption of the product, it should be applied with a simultaneous light massage of the hands. You need to massage each finger separately, including the nail plate and the area of ​​the cuticle. If during the session the cream is not completely absorbed, its remains can be gently blotted with a paper napkin. One of the most important rules in the use of hand creams is to never apply these products in the cold before you go outside. Since there is a lot of water in the creams, under the influence of a very low temperature, it can freeze, covering the hands with an ice crust which is unfavorable to the skin.

Some girls successfully use hand-made hand creams. Recipes for homemade hand creams are listed below.

Dry Skin Hand Cream Recipe

Prepare a decoction of chamomile pharmacy: pour 2 tbsp. dry flowers 100 ml of water, then boil the mixture over low heat for an hour. Add to the cooled strained decoction of 1 tsp. jojoba and shea butter, as well as 4 drops of orange essential oil. Beat the mixture thoroughly with a broom. Use to moisturize dry and very dry skin.

What ingredients should be in the composition of a good hand cream

Hand creams as well as face creams are divided into categories. They are moisturizing, nourishing, anti-age, daytime, night. When choosing a category, you should consider the features that the skin of the hands has at the moment. In addition, it must be remembered that there can be no gradation on dry and oily skin in this area of ​​the body. The skin type on the hands is subdivided only into dry, normal and sensitive. Therefore, in the absence of pronounced problems universal cream will be the best solution when choosing. Among the priority components of the composition of the funds include the following:

  • Vitamin C is a powerful stimulator of the production of collagen and elastin necessary for any type of skin, giving it elasticity and elasticity,
  • Vitamin E - activates the regenerative processes in the epidermis, has protective properties,
  • bisphosphonate complexes - normalize and activate the metabolic processes in the skin, update it and prevent the development of signs of aging,
  • natural oils - form a protective water-repellent film, saturate the skin with useful substances and trace elements, moisturize, have an antiseptic effect,
  • lanolin - effectively softens and prevents the formation of rough skin of the hands,
  • glycerin - acts as a powerful moisturizer, forms a softening effect,
  • extracts of medicinal plants - relieve inflammation, have a healing effect, soothe the skin.


For a successful choice, you need to decide what you expect from the best hand cream. It may be:

  • Protection. Protective hand cream creates a barrier against aggressive media, water, cold, it envelops the skin like a glove. Protective creams are thicker and slightly less comfortable “to wear”, because their function is to create an imperceptible barrier film on the skin.
  • Care. Care creams are divided into moisturizing (quickly absorbed and recommended for use in the warm season) and nourishing (recommended for hands with very dry and irritable skin and for use during the cold season). In a separate group, anti-aging creams can be distinguished, which not only moisturize and nourish, but also smooth out wrinkles, lighten pigment spots.
  • Treatment. Healing hand creams have a more intense effect on the skin, regenerating properties, fight against microcracks and coarsening of the skin. Most often, these are rather “heavy” remedies recommended for occasional use.

Also, hand creams are day and night. The daytime has a lighter structure and is absorbed faster, has protective functions, a UV filter. Night cream fatty and more saturated with nutrients. They intensively nourish and restore the skin during sleep.

Note the presence of the following components:

  • glycerin (helps retain moisture)
  • paraffin (softens)
  • lanolin (nourishes)
  • allantoin and alpha-bisabolol (relieve irritation),
  • tea tree oil (anti-inflammatory)
  • panthenol (promotes healing of skin lesions)
  • natural oils and vitamins (give the skin a smooth and healthy look).

In the composition of anti-aging hand creams, in addition to the above, look for bioactive substances: aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen, vitamin and mineral complexes.

It should be borne in mind that moisturizers for hands contain up to 80% moisture (the water in them comes first), unlike them, the nutrients have a fatty basis. That is why moisturizing care is shown in the warm season, and nutrient is simply necessary in winter, but not vice versa.

Manufacturers of the best hand creams

Do not think that hand cream - the most simple and inexpensive means for personal care. World famous companies: L'Occitane, Roc, Vichy, TheBodyShop, Caudalie and others devote to their creation not less time than the development of other means. Products of these brands are very good in composition and action, but they also cost from 500 r. and higher.

The average price category (150-500 rubles) is represented by imported and domestic hand creams of good quality: Natura Siberika, Librederm, Nivea, etc. The budgetary niche was quite successfully filled by domestic producers: concern “Kalina”, “Svoboda”, “Neva cosmetics” , “Belita-Vitex”, whose products are suitable for daily skin care that does not have any special problems.

Solve hand problems

Before you rush headlong into the nearest cosmetology shop for a dozen tubes, bottles, jars of creams, it is recommended that you analyze your skin problems in a relaxed atmosphere. Each category of hand creams offered by manufacturers is aimed at a specific resolution of the “manual” complications that have arisen:

Deterioration of the skin - redness, peeling, microcracks, etc.
Loss of skin elasticity and softness of the hands - coarse skin will soon lead to claim 1.
Dehydration and dryness - on the hands of the hands moisture is naturally produced in insufficient quantities, but because such a problem can occur at any age,
Age manifestations of aging: flabbiness of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.
Adverse environmental, weather, domestic effects - for the skin of such hands need reliable, like gloves, protection.
Fatigue of the skin is manifested in connection or independently of the preceding paragraphs - additional nourishment and hydration will result in pens in perfect shape.

Usually the hands need comprehensive care. In order to give the skin of the hands proper nutrition, protection, hydration, it is necessary to navigate in the proposed cosmetic departments, shops, boutiques, creams and understand the impact on the pens they have.

Moisturizing Hand Cream

A common category is that women, because of their life purpose, have to have constant contact with hard tap water: washing dishes and floors, cleaning bathroom fixtures and cleaning the house with chemicals, cooking food daily and almost hourly thin and dry the skin. Moisturizer will relieve from this dryness and tightening of the skin, saturate it with a sufficient amount of moisture.

The texture of this cream is light and gentle due to the significant amount of water in the composition (up to 80%!) - this cream is easily applied and distributed over the surface of the hand, can be used more than once a day and is extremely comfortable when wearing. Beauticians are recommended for the warm season, because in the frosty air excess moisture on the hands can play an unkind service.

Nourishing hand cream

Additional nutrition is what is required of those who are constantly in work and caring hands. Its functions: regeneration of cellular structures, restoration of elasticity of the epidermis and saturation with its nutrients. The texture of this cream is oily, usually additionally enriched with vitamin supplements, giving softness, tenderness and health to the handles.

Protective Hand Cream

This type of cream is useful in cases where women's hands are exposed to adverse factors: hard water, wind, frosty air, when working in aggressive environments and with chemicals. The protective function of the cream consists in the formation of a thin film on the skin surface, enveloping the arm, retaining moisture and being a reliable barrier for environments and substances that destroy the natural protective layer of the skin. Such a cream remains on the skin for a long time, it is not immediately subjected to washing, thinning and abrasion - it does not differ in comfort when “wearing”, it will cope with its task as “excellent”.

Separately, winter cream should be distinguished in this category, due to its fatty structure with nutrient content and thin film formed on the skin, which reliably protects female hands from the weather.

Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Well-groomed handles are attractive at any age. For women over 35-40 years old, the wrinkles on their hands, spots, the loss of skin elasticity and elasticity become problematic moments. Anti-aging remedies usually have a complex effect on the epidermis: they prevent the evaporation of moisture, nourish, soften, relieve irritation, lighten pigmentation, give the skin a smooth look.

The composition of anti-aging hand creams include glycerin, paraffin, lanolin components, natural oils and vitamins, mineral complexes, hyaluronic acid or collagen and other bioactive substances.

Healing Hand Cream

Microcracks and hardened areas, redness and irritation - this is the scope of such creams. In terms of their functionality, such creams are intense, have powerful regenerating properties and are a kind of “heavy artillery”, because they are not intended for everyday use, but are used sporadically, as problems occur.

The composition of therapeutic cream includes anti-inflammatory components and drugs (allantoins, oils, panthenol, etc.)

Day and night hand creams

As for the face, conditional categories of day and night creams are distinguished from hand creams:

Day hand cream is characterized by a light, airy structure and instant absorption, protects hands during the day and contains UV filters,
ночные кремы имеют жирную и плотную консистенцию, по сравнению с дневными более насыщены питательными полезными компонентами, такие средства предназначены для усиленного питания и восстановления кожного покрова ручек во время отдыха организма.

Кожа рук, как лица и шеи, подвержена аллергическим реакциям, а потому при выборе и приобретении не помешает предварительно проверить реакцию кожи на конкретное средство

The price category of hand creams varies: from budget (in the range of 20-70 rubles per tube of domestic manufacturers) to professional from well-known companies with world names (from 500 rubles and above).

3 Velvet handles integrated

The budget hand cream from the Russian manufacturer has a moisturizing effect and eliminates peeling. Nice texture and unobtrusive aroma. The skin becomes more tender after the first use. A tube with a special lid shape leaves the cream sterile all the time and allows you to apply the correct dosage. Low price is another argument in favor of the purchase of this tool.

  • optimal cost
  • economical packaging,
  • suitable for dry skin
  • beautiful appearance
  • light pleasant aroma
  • good texture.

  • there are non-natural components,
  • not too noticeable effect.

2 La Roche-Posay Lipikar Xerand

La Roche-Posay, a brand of french care cosmetics, presents thermal skin hand cream for dry skin. It has a natural composition and does not contain parabens. It is quickly absorbed and has an instant moisturizing effect. This hand cream is recommended by dermatologists throughout Russia for atopy, other inflammations or excessive dryness of the skin. After using the product, the skin becomes radiant, beautiful and well-groomed. Does not cause an allergic reaction and prevents microcracks and inflammation. The unique composition of the cream gives elasticity and elasticity to your skin.

  • excellent composition
  • natural wholesome ingredients
  • fast and good results
  • effectively relieves dryness.

  • high price,
  • small package.

1 Aravia Professional Hydro Active

The unique composition of hand cream with hyaluronic acid perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It does not need to be constantly re-applied, because the agent has a lasting effect. Strict packaging has an easily removable cap that reliably protects the cream from dust and dirt. Large volume (300 ml) provides long-term use. It is completely absorbed and does not leave unpleasant sensations on the skin. Delicious aroma makes the procedure of applying the cream even more comfortable. Fights dryness and minor injuries. Eliminates flaking on the skin.

  • economical packaging,
  • good composition,
  • skin elasticity after application,
  • well absorbed
  • suitable for dry skin
  • It has an excellent moisturizing effect.

  • high price,
  • does not care for nails.

3 TONY MOLY Red Apple

Unusual and bright packaging of hand cream from TONY MOLY in the form of a red apple is due to its extract of this fruit. Shea butter and jojoba oil make the consistency thick and oily, which ensures perfect moisturizing during the winter period. Therefore, the cream is well suited for dry skin. Spicy aroma leaves a good impression after each use.

  • beautiful compact packaging you can take with you
  • apple extract smoothes out wrinkles and speeds up regeneration,
  • fights inflammation
  • economical consumption (you need a small amount of cream to moisturize the hands completely),
  • nourishes the skin,
  • long noticeable effect.

  • too oily texture, not suitable for all skin types.

2 Limoni Collagen Booster

The cream from the Korean company Limoni has a unique composition that enhances the production of collagen and elastin. Thanks to specially selected nutrients and microelements, Collagen Booster hand cream accelerates skin regeneration, preventing its aging. The effect of rejuvenation - the main advantage of the tool. After several uses, the skin becomes more elastic. The consistency is particularly light.

  • fruity aroma
  • stylish packaging
  • skin aging warning
  • excellent composition (herbs, plant extracts, oils, etc.).

  • the moisturizing effect disappears after a few hours
  • small volume.

1 Christina Forever Young

A popular Israeli company presents to your attention a hand cream that prevents skin aging. It has an average degree of protection against UV radiation (SPF15), which replaces the use of sunscreen. Well nourishes the skin with beneficial elements, gives a natural glow. It prevents wrinkles and has an excellent moisturizing effect. Light texture promotes rapid absorption and does not leave greasy marks on the skin. The volume of packaging is 75 ml.

  • high anti-aging effect
  • nourishes the skin
  • nice texture
  • excellent sun protection
  • not felt on the hands.

3 Neutrogena Norwegian Formula

Neutrogena Hand Cream has a pleasant tart flavor and economical packaging. To moisturize your hands, a small amount of cream is required, which is easily distributed onto the skin and quickly removes dryness. Positive effect on the condition of the cuticle - it becomes well-groomed, soft after the first use. The texture is oily, which makes this tool especially relevant in winter weather. Specially formulated elements soothe sensitive skin in a short time.

  • quick and noticeable effect
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • fights dryness
  • perfectly moisturizes
  • compact packaging
  • economical consumption
  • restores damaged skin.

  • does not contain natural oils,
  • contains preservatives,
  • not suitable for all skin types.

2 Neobio Natural Cosmetics

The German cosmetics company has developed an intensive-action hand cream specifically for sensitive skin. It has a unique composition, which includes: vitamin E, olive oil, aloe leaf juice, various essential oils and other natural ingredients. The manufacturer claims that the cream does not contain dyes, flavors, paraffins, silicones and even gluten. Moisturizes hands quickly and permanently. It has a medium density consistency, which makes it suitable for absolutely any skin.

  • natural pleasant aroma,
  • non chemical composition
  • soothing properties
  • good degree of moisture
  • high production standards
  • optimal cost.

1 Noreva Laboratories Aquareva

French hand cream Noreva Laboratories Aquareva is well suited for sensitive skin. It has a positive effect not only on the hands, but also on the nails. It makes the cuticle soft and moisturized. Prevents nail foliation. The texture of the cream is perfect, because moderately oily and light. Saves the skin from dryness, filling it with moisture and nourishing elements. Fights irritation and inflammation, has a calming effect. Quickly softens the skin.

  • prevents aging
  • nourishes and moisturizes,
  • enough for a long time
  • soothes sensitive skin.

  • felt on hand for the first 10 minutes
  • slowly absorbed.

3 Velvet handles Nourishing

The brand "Velvet hands" is considered one of the leaders in the ranking of the best in several categories at once. This cream plentifully softens skin of hands, relieves from dryness and fills with nutritious elements. After drawing it is noticeably smoothed. Among the ingredients is shea butter, famous for its unique properties. Regular use of tools with it makes the hands more well-groomed, beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Despite the low cost, it has high efficiency. This is indicated by numerous customer reviews. The composition is also enriched with provitamin B5 and avocado oil, which act very intensively in the complex.

It is suitable for those whose hands often dry out due to contact with aggressive substances. Quickly absorbed, has a neutral smell. The volume of the tube is 80 ml. Consumption compares favorably with competitors. The texture is fairly light, quickly distributed over the skin. Immediately after use, there is a softness. The cream is tested by dermatologists. The main advantages: the best price, excellent efficiency, a noticeable result immediately after application, optimal consumption, a lot of positive feedback.

2 GARNIER Intensive Care

The company GARNIER is a super nourishing hand cream “Intensive Care”, which occupies a confident position of the top best. It is designed for daily use and has good protective properties. Prevents premature aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and cracks. Suitable for very dry and damaged skin, actively restores it. Regular care with GARNIER cream makes the hands well-groomed and the skin soft and soft. Over time, damage, corns, etc. disappear. Among the components there is allantoin, which has a powerful healing effect, and glycerin, which is responsible for protecting against negative factors.

The fragrance can be attributed to the perfume, he likes many girls. Cream pink color has an optimal consistency in consistency, it is easily distributed and well absorbed. May leave not quite pleasant sensations - film. Available in bright packaging with a wide neck and a screw cap. The volume is 100 ml. Main advantages: copes with very dry skin, good protective properties, healing effect, excellent aroma. Disadvantages: forms a film, anti-aging effect, rejuvenating effect.

1 Librederm Aevit

The cream of the popular manufacturer Librederm is an excellent tool for intensive care not only for hands, but also nails. It has a pronounced softening effect. It has an antioxidant and regenerating effect. The active ingredients here are vitamins A and E, castor oil, mulberry extract and Amur velvet, as well as alpha-bisabolol. Buyers note that the result is noticeable immediately after application. Hands become smooth, and skin is more elastic and fresh.

Created for comprehensive care of the nails and hands. Suitable for tired and dry skin. Used when necessary. Available in an increased volume - 125 ml. One tube is enough for at least 3 months of regular use. An important feature - does not contain fragrances, but at the same time has a pronounced pleasant aroma. Regular use helps to accelerate the growth of nails. Main advantages: intensive complex care, excellent result, pleasant smell, optimal cost, positive customer reviews, powerful nutritional effect on the skin.

3 AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Mandarin & Cedarwood

At the next position of the top is the Israeli-made AHAVA cream. The company is the only one located on the shores of the Dead Sea. The basis of its funds include its mineral and other useful ingredients. Numerous positive reviews indicate better efficacy with regular use. Immediately after application, the skin of the hands is smoothed, softened and moisturized intensely. This effect persists for a long time. Its main purpose is to protect hands from aggressive environmental factors and the effects of household chemicals. The cream successfully copes with these goals.

The composition includes a special complex OSMOTER, which is a mineral concentrate. It also includes witch hazel extract and other important ingredients. The aroma of tangerine-cedar. The texture is rather oily, the cream is easily distributed and leaves no stickiness, tightness or oily sheen. Ideal for dry skin. Advantages: proven efficiency, optimal price, good reviews, Israeli quality, natural ingredients, incredible smell.

2 Sothys Velvet

Created on the basis of thermal water from the source of Marie Henriette SpaTM, the cream from Sothys takes good care of your hands. Means plentifully moisturizes and soothes the skin. The main component - thermal water - accelerates cell regeneration, supports the natural state of the skin. Ingredients such as amino acids, betaine, vitamins, beech kidney extract, carite and almond oil, as well as a unique complex of olive oil, wheat, soybean and pollen extract are also included. Together, they protect against UV rays, restore the skin, improve collagen synthesis, and support protective functions.

The cream is called "Velvet" because of its texture. It gives a pleasant feeling during application and after. Light aroma remains on the hands for some time. Available in a tube with a narrow neck in two volumes: 50 or 150 ml. The girls note that regular use contributes to improving skin elasticity and its noticeable moisturizing. Suitable for minor inflammations and injuries. Advantages: a unique formula based on thermal water, the best reviews, the highest quality, excellent composition, pleasant sensations from use. Cons: expensive.

1 Eldan Cosmetics

The ranking of the best did not go without a unique means of Swiss production from Eldan Cosmetics. This cream stimulates the accelerated growth of nails, increases resistance to negative environmental factors and perfectly cares for the skin. Its composition is enriched with propolis, which prevents the appearance of cracks, dryness and has a wound-healing effect, as well as shea butter, which is responsible for nourishing and soothing the skin. The tool contains other useful ingredients: vitamins A and E, almond oil, lecithin, stearic acid and glycerin.

The main difference is the absence of harmful elements in the composition. It is made in 250 ml jars. The texture of the cream is quite dense and thick, but it absorbs well. After applying the skin of the hands becomes smoothed, soft, moisturized. It is used as a daily care. Many girls are smeared with cream before bedtime, and in the morning they enjoy the result. Main advantages: excellent composition, the impact of natural beneficial ingredients, optimal consumption, large volume, high efficiency. Disadvantages: high price.