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Top 10 most popular music bands of all time


Every year there are dozens of musical groups that preach rock. Many of them, having achieved popularity, gather an army of many thousands of fans at concerts and sell their disks with enviable circulations. True, only a few such teams are truly legendary. Your attention we offer your top. He is called "The best rock bands of all time."

Among the best teams of the fatal orientation of the XX-XXI centuries, musicians from Nirvana have deservedly earned the right to be in this top. The team appeared in the late 80s in Seattle. A wide popularity came to him in 1991. That is, when a landmark album called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” appeared on the shelves of music stores. Thanks to him, the group managed to change the face of the music itself, creating a completely new musical style. It's about grunge. Thus, Nirvana became not just another formation preaching rock, but a real symbol of a generation, and the leader of the collective, Kurt Cobain, with his voice. In 1994, Cobain ended his life by suicide, and the group ceased operations. But the albums “Nirvana” are still very popular. The group recorded three studio releases in total. They all sold out in huge circulations.

One of the best rock formations of all time is the British team "Queen". He appeared in the late 60s. The group never followed musical trends and certain stylistic measures. The finest hour for Queen was the appearance of the record A Night at the Opera. It was released in 1975, after which the team received a truly cult status. In subsequent years, the group boldly continued to experiment, creating ambiguous compositions and albums. One of the most iconic releases at this time were “The Works”, “Innuendo”, etc. In general, in the creative baggage of the group of 16 studio releases.

The Black Sabbath team in Birmingham is rightfully ranked among outstanding rock bands that are not subject to time. After all, this formation, at least, became the founder of such a style as “heavy metal” and, thus, had a great influence on the further development of all rock music. Black Sabbath was formed in the late 60s. Ten releases of the team were in the top ten British chats. By 2000, the total circulation of the group's records was close to 70 million. In 2011, the band decided to reunite with the original line-up and two years later recorded a new album, “13,” after a massive world tour.

The Pink Floyd team is not only one of the best rock bands of all time, but also one of the most influential in all world music history. The formation was created in the mid-60s in the capital of Great Britain. Bold musical experiments, philosophical texts and grandiose shows became the corporate identity of the Floyds. Over time, the team became the real embodiment of all psychedelia in music. The epochal record of the band is “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, dated 1973. For fifteen years, she has been in the top 200 best releases of the United States. Pink Floyd has released 15 studio albums, the circulation of which exceeded 300 million copies.

“The Doors” was created in 1965 in Los Angeles. The group was a symbol of the era of the late 60s and issued a composition with deep texts on a mountain. The debut album immediately became a bestseller. She is still considered one of the best and most interesting in the world of rock. In 1971, after the death of Jim Morrison, the team virtually ceased to exist. In general, "The Doors" released nine studio releases. At the moment, their total circulation is 100 million pieces. The discs of the group are still in enviable demand, and therefore the fact that “The Doors” appeared in the top of the best rock bands of all times is, in our opinion, self-evident and more than reasonable.

This British quartet, which appeared in the late 60s, combined four unique musicians with tremendous creative potential. Practically for one decade of existence, the group released ten studio records (circulation - more than 300 million copies). And all of them, without exception, had a platinum status. And the composition “Stairway to Heaven” is still considered one of the most popular in the whole world. Deserved fifth place in the top of the best bands of all time, focused on rock music, it seems more than deserved.

The quintet “Deep Purple” still exists and for its fans is not only a real “living legend”, but also the best and most influential rock band, whose compositions are already considered “nettle”. Shark feathers and music experts appreciate the group’s contribution to the development of hard rock and progressive music. Deep Purple was formed in 1968 in England. The participants of the “classical” composition of this formation are rightfully recognized by virtuoso instrumentalists. The musical baggage of the group includes the magnificent “live” album “Made in Japan” and the legendary rock anthem “Smoke on The Water”.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The US-British team "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" appeared in the mid-60s. The soul of this musical formation was a unique guitarist Jimi Hendrix. It was he who managed to create a whole direction in rock. Both on the stage and in the studio, he constantly experimented with his favorite instrument. There was no such thing in rock music at all. Therefore, he is rightly considered the “God of the guitar”, and his team is the “best rock band for all times.” And although the collective, before the death of Hendrix, managed to release only three studio records, all of them became “classics” over time, which are still being sold in colossal editions.

The rolling stones

The “The Rolling Stones” group appeared in the capital of Albion at the very beginning of 1962. Until now, it is considered the best and greatest "fatal" formation, which is not subject to time. In terms of the number of fans and in popularity, “rolls” can only compete with “The Beatles”. The team has released more than two dozen studio records. Of these, at one time eight releases in a row were recognized as No. 1 worldwide. The band became a world star when a single came out, called “Satisfaction”. He stayed on top of the American chats for four weeks.

The legendary Liverpool quartet “The Beatles” existed for only one decade. But during this time, the names of the participants, in fact, have become nominal. The music of “The Beatles” has become a truly incredible phenomenon in the whole history of world music. Their albums still diverge enviable circulations. Therefore, this group can rightly be considered not only the best-selling, but also the best rock band. Moreover, not only of all times, but also of nations.

The beatles

About the Beatles, probably, they don’t need to say anything, because this legendary Liverpool four for some 10 years managed to conquer the whole world, earn a real army of admirers, and the names of the group members have long become a common noun.

This British rock band was formed in 1960 and existed for only 10 years, but which ones! During this time, the guys managed to release 13 official albums, 6 of which received the status of "diamond", win 10 awards of the prestigious Grammy Music Award, and also completely turn the whole world of music.

The result is tremendous achievements in the musical field, the first place in the list of “50 greatest performers” according to the famous Rolling Stone magazine and immortal memory on the Olympus of world fame.

Led zeppelin

Another British rock band, known in the world as the “Beatles of the 70s,” was formed in the late 60s and existed for 12 bright years, if you do not take the subsequent short-term reunion. These guys are called real innovators, because they created their own sound, and are also considered to be one of the main founders of heavy metal.

They miraculously combined folk and blues, diluted them with country and soul motifs, achieved weighted guitar drive and just piercing vocals. Today, they remain one of the most successful groups in the rock direction, are considered the best group of the 70s, became the founders of the concept of "album rock" and let in 9 studio albums, 5 of which became diamond.

The rolling stones

Another legendary creation of 4 talented musicians, "thundering stones", perhaps, in the army of fans and their popularity can safely compete even with The Beatles. The British rock band was formed in 1962 and continues its work to this day, it is considered the "greatest rock and roll group" of all time.

The musicians released 24 studio albums, of which 8 in a row became the best and ranked first in various ratings. Most of the songs were written by creative tandem Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, who were familiar from elementary school, they are the main and constant backbone of the group.

Today they are considered one of the most published pop groups in the world, according to general estimates, their official sales amounted to about 160 million copies, and the number of illegal copies exceeds 300 million!

This German disco band, founded in 1975, literally blew up world dance floors, the band itself entered the Guinness Book of Records, and their hits are still quoted and constantly “rehearsed” in various compilations and remix versions of popular DJs.

One of the most successful pop music groups in the world, with which popularity can argue, except that Boney M. A unique Swedish quartet, the main hits of which even young children probably know, became the first of representatives of continental Europe who managed to win the first places in the charts of English-speaking countries.

The band's recordings were sold over 350 million copies, and their worldwide compilations remained in the playlists of most radio stations, the group's albums continue to be actively sold to this day, despite the fact that the group ceased to exist more than 35 years ago.

The cult to this day, the British rock band, which was at the peak of popularity in the 70s odes of the last century. The group released 16 studio albums, which sold 300 million copies, and the performances of the legendary musicians were recognized as one of the most popular, vibrant and unforgettable shows in the history of world rock.

Guns N’Roses

One of the first and successful American rock bands of the 80s, which still managed to press the disco movement that filled up at that time. Up until the mid-90s, the band's musicians were very popular, their albums flew at the speed of light, and the participants themselves constantly hit the front pages of magazines and newspapers.

And again success, and again a legend! This four, like most of the above, does not need a special presentation, because they always occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most popular music bands of our time.

These guys have already released 12 studio albums, which sold 130 million copies, became the best rock band of the 80s and, who knows how much more interesting is waiting for us ahead!

A relatively young British rock band (founded in 1994), which is considered to be one of the best and most progressive musical groups of our time. Of course, she is not able to do anything with such titans as The Beatles or Queen, but, as critics say, there will be more!

And the best proof of this is a lot of victories and awards in various nominations and ceremonies, 6 studio albums with an impressive sales run, as well as a peculiar and unique style that combines alternative rock motifs and unique elements of various directions.

This is not just another grunge rock band, this is a whole voice of a certain “generation X”, performed by the most famous and talented Kurt Cobain.

Nirvana appeared on the world musical horizon in the late 80s, flashed a bright spark, and went out in 1994 with the death of the main vocalist. During her short existence, she managed to acquire a whole crowd of followers, fans and admirers, and the Nirvana records were sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

The most popular rock bands of the world of all time.

The most popular rock bands of the world of all time

The 20 most successful bands in the history of world rock music can be identified by the number of discs sold with their albums.

So, on the 20th place group Journey (Journey). Since 1973, more than 75 million albums of this rock band from San Francisco have been sold worldwide.

On the 19th place American hard rock band Van halenFounded in 1972 in California by people from Holland, brothers Edward and Alex Van Halen. Over the entire history of this group, 80 million albums have been sold.

Legendary American rock band The doors (Doors), created in 1965 in Los Angeles, has sold about 100 million albums worldwide. The Doors became the first American group to release 8 gold albums in a row.

Def leppard (can be translated as a deaf leopard) - a British rock band, formed in 1977. To date, more than 100 million albums of this group have been sold.

One of the most outrageous rock bands - Kiss founded in 1973 in New York. Thanks to the crazy makeup and costumes of the musicians of this group, even a person who is not interested in rock music will recognize it. Kiss has forty-five gold and platinum albums and over 100 million records sold.

Guns N ’Roses (trunks and roses or guns and roses), a group from Los Angeles, formed in 1985. Around the world, sold more than 100 million discs with albums of this team. This is the youngest group on this list. However, the circulation of their records is comparable to the grandfathers of rock and roll.

The who (Who) - British rock band, founded in 1964. They were the first to break the instruments on stage after the performance. Around the world, sold more than 100 million discs with albums of this team.

Legendary Metallica - the only group in history that has performed on all seven continents of the Earth, including Antarctica, and in 2013 alone. Sold around 110 million albums around the world.

Bruce springsteenAmerican rock and folk musician from New Jersey is one of the highest paid rock performers in the world. Twenty-time Grammy Award winner, winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe cinema awards for the best songs to the Philadelphia and Wrestler tapes, Bruce sold 120 million CDs with his songs all over the world.

Forever young and energetic John bon joviThe vocalist of the American rock band Bon Jovi from New Jersey, which was formed in 1983, has released 12 studio albums, five compilations and two live albums. In total, the albums of this group have sold 130 million copies.

Eagles (Eagles) is an American rock band playing melodic country guitar rock and soft rock. Even people far from rock music have probably heard their immortal hit “Hotel California” more than once. A compilation of their greatest hits, "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975", released in 1976, sold 29 million copies (becoming a diamond) and is still the best-selling album in US history. In total, about 150 million of their albums have been sold.

Aerosmith - American rock band from Boston. 150 million albums sold. By the number of gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums, Aerosmith is the first among American bands.

U2 (pronounced "U tu") - a rock band from Dublin, Ireland, founded in 1976. About 180 million copies of this group's albums were sold. They have twenty-two Grammy awards, more than any other group in the world.

AC / DC (translation - AC / DC) - Australian rock band, from Sydney (Australia), founded in 1973 by immigrants from Scotland, brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. One of the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal. The total circulation of the discs with their albums is 200 million copies.

Group Queen (Queen) - the cult British group of 70-90 years of the last century. The group has released fifteen studio albums, five live and numerous compilations. Many compositions performed by Freddie Mercury have long become classics. So the six-minute composition Bohemian Rhapsody, combining the features of rock, pop music and opera, is today in the UK called the song of the millennium. Total sold about 200 million albums of the Queen group worldwide.

Another legendary English rock band The rolling stones (rolling stones or tumbleweed) was founded in 1962. The worldwide circulation of the Rolling Stones albums exceeded 250 million.

Pink floyd - British rock band, founded in 1965, is famous for its philosophical texts, acoustic experiments, innovations in the design of albums and grandiose shows. The worldwide circulation of Pink Floyd albums has exceeded 250 million.

And again, the British - a British rock band, founded in 1968 - Led zeppelin. Led Zeppelin ranks first on the VH1 “100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists” list. In total, their albums sold over 300 million copies.

King of rock and roll, American singer and actor, Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) ranks second in the number of discs sold - 600 million copies!

Obviously, the immortal Liverpool quartet of the Beatles (The Beatles) is in the first place. Только представьте себе: всего в мире продано 2,3 миллиарда их дисков!

Таким образом, самые коммерчески успешные и популярные группы появились в Англии, а не в Америке. Действительно, за исключением Элвиса, лидеры этого рейтинга родом из Великобритании. Хотя на вкус и цвет товарищей нет.