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Any bold girl in the wardrobe should have a stunning dress with a neckline. But there are so many different models in the stores that the eyes literally run up. Find out which one is right for you and also how to wear a fashionable dress.

Dress with cut: to be or not to be?

If you do not yet have a dress with a neckline, then you probably want to become its owner, appreciating all the advantages of this thing:

  • If you wear such a dress to a party, then just pay attention to yourself and attract enthusiastic and envious looks.
  • A luxurious neckline becomes the accent of the image and distracts attention from minor flaws.
  • Having selected a suitable cutout, you can change the proportions of the figure, skillfully disguise flaws and emphasize all its advantages.
  • Decollete is able not only to complement and complete the image, but also to set its main direction, create a general impression and become a highlight or main accent.
  • You can experiment with a variety of decorations.

But there are some drawbacks:

  • Deep neckline is not always appropriate and not everywhere, it is worth remembering that it does not look ridiculous.
  • A frank neckline can make your image flashy or even vulgar if you pick it up incorrectly and beat it.
  • If the dress is excessively open at the top, there is a risk of accidentally exposing the chest and getting into an awkward position.

Is it always appropriate to wear such a dress?

The cut-out suggests that a certain part of the chest or back will be open, which is not always appropriate. So, frank neckline can only afford the owner of a beautiful and elastic bust. In addition, the cutout on both the front and the back will open the skin, so it should be perfect. If there are defects in the form of acne or redness, it is better to make a choice in favor of another style.

Dresses with deep cuts are only suitable for special occasions, such as social events, gala evenings, concerts, visits to restaurants and nightclubs, and so on. On a date, frank cleavage will not benefit the girl, as she can make a guy think that his companion is too accessible. Such models are not suitable for study and work, official meetings.

Variety of cuts

Before finding out with what and how to wear a beautiful and fashionable dress with a neckline, it is worth considering all the existing types of neckline:

  • The V-shaped notch, as the name implies, resembles the corresponding letter or an acute triangle turned upside down. This option can be considered universal, as it is suitable for almost all the fair sex, if you choose it correctly. Depth can be minimal or extreme and reaching almost to the waist.
  • Little heart The variant is similar to a V-shaped neckline, but has a heart shape with rounded sides and a pronounced recess in the center. Especially sexy dress will look on a girl or woman with a magnificent breast, as it emphasizes the shape and hollow.
  • Round or oval neckline. It is considered the most common and popular, but it goes far from everyone. For example, you should not choose his ladies with appetizing forms and a round face. But the angular shape of this neckline can transform.
  • A square neckline looks somewhat strict, but this is its special charm. But this form will emphasize any chest, even small. But girls with broad shoulders, pronounced cheekbones and a square face should be more careful and give preference to other options: obvious angles can highlight all the flaws.
  • Asymmetrical neckline can have literally any, even the most unimaginable form, so it will certainly become a highlight or accent of the image.
  • The “carmen” cut-out completely opens the shoulders, therefore it is used in evening or flowing summer dresses. But if the shoulders are wide or full, this model will not work.
  • The “boat” has a soft oval shape and slightly opens the shoulders.
  • Designers often use U-neck for creating summer dresses with short sleeves or youth models of T-shirts.
  • A drop-shaped neckline has a proper shape and usually starts from a neck or a collar that fastens on one button. It looks very sexy and feminine.
  • A triangular cut with a smell has an appropriate shape, but at the same time one side partially covers the other.

We should also write about the cutouts on the back, which can take absolutely any form, including some of the ones listed above. Such models do not open the chest, so they seem more restrained, but in fact they look no less feminine and brave.

How to choose a suitable model?

To look stunning in a dress with a neckline, you need to choose the right model. The main criterion is the figure, or rather its features. Consider several options and recommendations:

  1. If you are the owner of a “pear” figure, then draw attention to your upper body with a deep round, asymmetrical or heart-shaped neckline.
  2. Girls with short necks should choose models with a V-shaped neckline that will visually stretch the silhouette and lengthen the neck. In any case, give preference to narrow and deep enough cuts.
  3. If the neck is excessively long, then a round shallow neckline or “boat” will help to visually make it more proportional to the body.
  4. If the chest is not as lush as we would like, you should choose a rectangular, V-shaped neckline, “boat” or “Carmen” with a voluminous upper part.
  5. To emphasize the waist, choose a dress with a neckline tapering to the bottom.
  6. Slender tall beauties are incredibly models with a cut on the back, emphasizing the curves.

You should not choose a frank neckline, if the chest is voluminous and heavy. In addition, the modest and shy of the fair sex in a dress with a deep neckline will feel extremely uncomfortable, so focus on personal feelings. And it is especially important to choose the right size so that the dress fits perfectly.

How to wear a fashionable dress with a neckline?

Finally, a few important rules of wearing and the combination of a dress with a neckline:

  • Remember that deep cleavage should not be combined with the length of the mini, otherwise the image will be extremely vulgar, and the girl will seem accessible and frivolous.
  • If you decide to focus on your chest, your back should be as closed as possible. There are examples with two frank cuts, but they look very frank and are only suitable for entering the red carpet.
  • A dress with a cutout should be made of a single-tone fabric, since the main accent is the neckline, and colorful and catchy designs will overload the image.
  • The material should be opaque so that the dress does not look vulgar and overly revealing.
  • A deep neckline can be added with decoration, but only if the dress is devoid of bright decorative elements such as rhinestones, stones and embroidery. The accessory should correspond alongside in form and style: long beads and pendants are in harmony with a V-shaped neckline, necklaces are in harmony with a necklace, and chokers with a “boat” or “carmen”.
  • Having chosen a dress with an open back, by all means lift hair up and make an elegant and simple hairstyle.
  • Pick up a suitable bra, which should not stand out much and even more so stick out from under the clothes. It can be a silicone cuffed bodice, a model with transparent or thin interlocking straps or beautiful linen with a decorative clasp in the form of a chain, bead or necklace.

Arm yourself with the above information and go to the store for the latest seasons trend - a dress with a neckline!

Fashion dresses 2018-2019: trends, fashion styles and features of choice

What else can you think of and what will surprise many young ladies in choosing a fashionable dress? Not one lady will say ... But designers are tirelessly surprised and show us more and more new clothes, not only surprising, but also inspiring to create magical and best images.

What will be the fashionable dress of 2018-2019 years - we suggest you quickly find out ...

Stylish and attractive sheath and A-line dresses are the perfect choice for the office. For a party, you can choose cocktail dresses 2018-2019, which will emphasize the beautiful figure and slender legs.

But fashionable dresses in the floor and lush to the bottom, with deep cuts and cuts, beautiful satin and transparent dresses will be a wonderful evening dress that will make you look not just beautiful, but delicious and memorable.

From fabrics it is worth choosing fashionable velvet, satin, silk, leather, denim, lace and mesh, for the cold season - wool, in which the best outfits of the season 2018-2019 are demonstrated.

Trendy floral and geometric patterns on fashionable dresses of the season, which will give tenderness and refinement, or restraint and conciseness. In addition, a properly selected print will help correct the figure, hide flaws or emphasize merits.

As a decor, designers offer us fashionable dresses with fringe, sequins, feathers, fur, floral appliqués, as well as dresses with pleating, ruffles, draperies, ruffles, bows.

Depending on the event for which you are looking for an outfit, you can choose a beautiful dress in different styles, silhouettes and textures. And the most trendy dresses of the season we suggest to consider in more detail below.

Attractive and amazing "naked dresses" 2018-2019 year for the fatal beauties

Fashionable dresses of transparent fabric, such as lace and mesh, are the trend of 2018-2019, which is presented on the catwalks by fashion houses and designers.

Mostly translucent dresses are made in black and white colors. But also for delicate and lovely girls presented refined versions of a dress made of mesh and tulle with beautiful flower appliqués.

Fashionable “naked” dresses in black look superb and delightfully, concisely complemented with accessories and decorations, will allow you to look attractive and feminine at any party.

Original asymmetrical dresses of 2018-2019

Many designers, as for example, Josie Natori, Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung, in their collections showed exquisite dresses of asymmetrical cut and unusual silhouettes that cause admiration and interest in all without exception.

These can be simple and concise dresses on one shoulder in a monochrome version, as well as fashionable dresses with an asymmetrical bottom and complemented with interesting inserts and decor in the form of sparkles, rhinestones, embroidery, etc.

This type of dress in any style is boring and original, made with prints and unusual combinations of shades, different textures, asymmetrical dresses are undoubtedly in the trend of 2018-2019.

Stylish and elegant pleated dress 2018-2019 year

Particular attention should be paid to the actual pleated dresses of 2018-2019, which are so popular, and attracted many fashionable women.

Flowing, airy and such elusive fashionable pleated dresses are just amazing. Dresses with a pleated skirt are suitable not only for evening bows and for a beautiful festive look in everyday life.

Beautiful pleated dresses are shown in rich shades of blue, green, burgundy and muted shades that make this outfit very original and elegant.

Elegant dresses 2018-2019 year with frills, ruffles and bows

The most feminine of all the dresses of the season are models with ruffles, ruffles and frill that will make any of your look cute and delicate.

Beautiful dresses 2018-2019 with flounces on top or on one side of the attire, with frank décolleté and cutouts, in bright and muted shades - such dresses look elegant and unique.

This outfit with various frills and ruffles, as well as dresses with bows will appeal to a real lady who wants to emphasize her femininity and beauty.

Fashion trends of dresses 2018-2019: models and styles

Fashion houses represent a riot of colors and prints with which fashionable dresses are made, regardless of the season and season. Therefore, fashionable dresses from 2018-2019 are quite unusual and original, surprising with their courage and style.

Monochrome variations in bright colors, floral motifs with ornaments, embroidery and appliqués, asymmetry and combined textures, prints and décor - all this you will encounter while watching fashionable dresses from 2018-2019, which cannot but attract the attention and interest of everyone.

Fabrics of which fashionable dresses are made are silk, chiffon, tulle, velvet, lace, and for a cool season - tweed, wool, leather. You can safely look for yourself fashionable dresses from the combined fabrics of various styles, which looks very original for a bold and beautiful appearance.

Adorned with unimaginable prints and drawings in a businesslike and romantic style, fashionable dresses can transform you beyond recognition, so do not be afraid to change and choose the most daring solutions proposed by designers.

The color palette, in which charming dresses for girls and women of different ages are selected, is demonstrated in classic white and black shades, red, yellow and gold, brown, orange, emerald and pastel.

Fashionable top dresses and trends of 2018-2019 show sophisticated and stylish motifs interwoven with feminine, elegant and charming elements of modern dresses.

Attractiveness and frankness are certainly subtly combined with sophistication and elegance, with which the fashionable dresses of 2018-2019 are “imbued”.

Fashionable dresses made of chiffon, silk and lace for romantic and gentle ladies

Choosing a dress for a romantic dinner, wedding, prom or birthday is not very easy and simple. Gorgeous evening gowns of elegant and sophisticated fabrics can be the basis for your perfect appearance to celebrate.

Delicate chiffon and silk will give you lightness, tenderness and attractiveness. Long dresses for evening in the floor of flowing fabrics will make your image charming and mysterious.

Fashionable lace dresses from 2018-2019 are also beautiful and made in a long version, midi or cocktail. Choosing fashionable dresses from lace, accessories that complement them need to look after unobtrusive and concise, harmoniously completing the fashionable choice.

Fashionable dresses with cuts and V-shaped notches: the trend of the season 2018-2019

A lot of styles and types of dresses for the evening and a cocktail party will delight girls, and how to do without models of dresses in different versions with a slit and deep cuts in the neckline.

A bold type of dress for confident ladies who wish to emphasize their attractiveness and femininity, and the proposed fashionable dresses in this design just allow you to emphasize the virtues of lovely ladies.

Beautiful cuts that adorn fashionable dresses from 2018-2019, emphasizing and drawing attention to the décolleté, are especially frank this season and are made in the shape of a “V”.

The grace of the V-neckline gives the lace with which the fashionable dresses in the mentioned version are decorated.

Fashionable dresses 2018-2019 with cuts, which can be very long and open your legs, are just as effective. Putting on fashionable dresses with cuts, you will catch the admiring glances of everyone around you, so get ready for close attention, choosing attractive dresses for the evening.

The most amazing and fashionable fluffy dresses

The dream of every girl to feel like a princess for at least one evening and this can be helped by a correctly chosen evening outfit. In this case, the best choice will be fashionable dresses with a fluffy skirt "a la Dior".

Gorgeous outfits, fascinating unusual fabrics, silhouette, sophisticated decor and jewelry, presented beautiful dresses with a lush hem.

Dior-style dresses are created with an elegant and beautiful fitted top, a free and wide bottom, ankle-length.

The color palette will be pleased as well, in which fashionable fluffy dresses are demonstrated: beautiful dark and muted shades, as well as delicate and so cute shades for a romantic evening bow.

Original and unique dresses with prints and drawings

Amazing dresses are also in this season and thanks to the variety of prints and various patterns with which you can look for yourself fashionable dresses 2018-2019.

Elegant and beautiful dresses with a geometric theme that will help you look appropriately in the office, and perfectly complement the business bow for a business lady.

Romantic girls by the way will be fashionable dresses with floral motifs that will help "bloom" regardless of the weather outside the window and look great.

In addition, dresses can be with animal prints, ornaments and a variety of patterns that will help not only refresh the image, but also help to adjust the shape and create a stylish image for every day and for celebration.

Beautiful translucent dress 2018-2019 year

Известные дизайнеры и модные дома, такие как Christian Dior, Chloé, Fendi, Elie Saab предлагают нам самые модные полупрозрачные платья этого сезона, которые стали очень популярными среди знаменитостей.

Полупрозрачные платья 2018-2019 отличаются откровенностью и женственностью, привлекая особое внимание и интерес к представительницам слабого пола в платьях такого стиля. Interestingly, the designers offer such outfits not only for special occasions and evening out, but also for the office.

Fashionable translucent dresses 2018-2019 are decorated with inserts of lace, sophisticated chiffon, guipure, mesh and other exquisite materials that allow you to create chic and luxurious dresses for lovely ladies.

Fashionable dresses for women 2018-2019: elegant satin dresses

Fashionable satin dresses from 2018-2019 look very elegant and elegant, being the best outfit for the evening and the festive occasion.

Elegant and feminine satin dresses are presented in long styles on the floor, which are good for an evening out, as well as satin dresses in the form of a combination dress.

The latest version of a dress-combination of satin can be safely worn as a day dress, combining even with sneakers, as many fashionable women do.

Elegant dresses with flowers of the season 2018-2019

Beautiful and original dresses with a floral print, which can be bright and contrasting or, on the contrary, delicate and concise, are in trend in the season of 2018-2019.

Fashionable dresses with flowers will give any image of romance and extraordinary femininity. Bright and colorful flowers on the dress look great in spring and summer, and a more discreet print on the dress with flowers is suitable for the cold season.

The most fashionable dresses 2018-2019: velvet dresses

Trendy velvet dresses are again at the peak of popularity in the fashionable season of 2018-2019. Many designers have demonstrated stylish dresses made of velvet in interesting colors - dark blue, burgundy, emerald and classic black.

Beautiful velvet dresses of 2018-2019, the designers diversified frank cuts and cuts that looks attractive and elegant. For an evening out, a velvet dress can be perfectly complemented with beautiful decorations that will make any image spectacular and luxurious.

Beautiful fashion dresses from 2018-2019: dresses with frills and ruffles

The most feminine and romantic images can be created by choosing fashionable dresses of 2018-2019 with frills and ruffles that are relevant as never before in this fashionable season.

Delicate and romantic dresses with frills and ruffles will be an excellent choice of dress for a romantic evening, a walk and any other holiday. Various shuttlecocks, ruffles and draping will make your look harmonious and original.

Fashionable dresses can be both with a large number of flounces and ruff, and with a minimum number of them - it all depends on your individual style and type of your figure. After all, romantic ruffles and various frills on the dress add roundness to the forms and make the image more vivid and original.

Original dresses 2018-2019: what fashionable dresses, new fashionable dresses, photos

You can view the original selection - the most fashionable dresses of 2018-2019 and see what fashion dresses this season at the peak of popularity?

Choose for yourself the best styles of dresses from 2018-2019: bustier dresses, leather dresses, satin dresses, velvet dresses, translucent dresses, dresses with frills and ruffles, stylish dresses with floral and “predatory” prints - fashionable images and photos are presented below ...