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18 years of wedding - what a wedding? Wedding anniversary 18 years


Turquoise wedding is the eighteenth anniversary of marriage. By this time, crisis situations, if any, were in the family, come to an end, and dawn comes. Children have already matured enough, and therefore the problems have become much less.

Turquoise is a symbol of happiness and victory. The relationship of the spouses to the turquoise wedding should sparkle with a new light. They crossed this border, and this is a kind of victory.

Gifts for this anniversary - products from turquoise. Among the guests should be relatives and friends. They give spouses any turquoise products. Also, as gifts are acceptable flowers and various sweets.

From turquoise, since ancient times, amulets that bring happiness. Therefore, a family that celebrates 18 years of married life will be happy in the future. This day will be remembered for a long time, it is worth celebrating it properly: enjoy and have fun, accept gifts, enjoy family happiness and have grown-up children.

It is happiness to live with one person for so many years, we just do not always understand it. Children, family and loved one who gave you a lifetime - this is true happiness.

Eighteen years you are together
Indissociable, as always.
Once again, the bride and groom,
The wedding has come to you again.

Turquoise let shine
Your whole house will be lit up.
Let love and understanding
Day after day soar in it.

Happiness, joy to you, caress,
Life is long and fun.
We congratulate you now
With your wedding turquoise.

Over the shoulders of a lot
Affairs, deeds and anxieties.
18 years old spouse
So not everyone could.

Well, you're such a couple,
Together side by side always.
So close and lovingly
You lived year.

So let them on the anniversary
All feelings will be renewed.
Love a hundred times more
Be in sensual glory.

May welfare reign,
Understanding of hearts.
May for all of you be,
As the best sample.

Congratulations on the delicate turquoise date, on the 18th anniversary of family life. Your marriage has become an adult, even if your life together will be perfect. I wish luxury and happiness in life, faithful support and care for each other, mutual understanding and harmony in the house. Let love inspire you, children please, and life surprises you with new pleasant events.

Today is an anniversary - eighteen,
And her character is alluring color.
We wish you stay on this day
Such as today, for many years.

Let the sky be your turquoise!
On the turquoise sea relax!
And let your bonds not only older
A stronger will be able to become stronger.

Eighteen years you are together.
Wedding symbol turquoise.
You are the bride and groom again,
Even heaven is glad.

You should not be upset,
You have gone only part of the way.
We wish you love together.
Happiness just ahead.

Eighteen years ago you
Became husband and wife
I heartily congratulate you
And proud of your family!

Turquoise let wedding
Only happiness will bring,
Life will give you good luck
Respect and honor.

Family age -
Turquoise wedding anniversary!
Eighteen years passed in love -
That is the essence and happiness is the reason.

Together you and forever.
Let the looks change, fashion,
Feelings never die away
Despite the time and years!

Turquoise, turquoise,
Close your eyes,
Wedding turquoise
Most lucky!

Whole eighteen years
Did you have one ticket
On a family steamer,
What in life you are lucky.

Let the steamboat continue
On the waves of love floating,
And neither grief nor trouble
You will never be met!

Kiss young
You are beautiful such
This is such a rhyme for you
And family greetings!

Today's wedding is Turquoise at you,
For 18 years, the fire of love has not died away,
And causes only a storm of admiration.

We wish you the same family strength, health,
To please each other every day, loving.
Soul to fill with happiness and love
To be successful joint business.

So that your children do not grieve you at all,
Let the sparks are those that glow in the eyes now,
All my life with the same power shone,
To be happy together, as if in heaven.

With your turquoise wedding
I congratulate now.
Eighteen years you are together.
I wish you happiness in this wonderful hour!

To live only each other
All divided in half.
Only happiness and patience
I want to wish you.

Take care of your feeling
No stronger than armor.
Will save you from troubles and grief
The power of your love only.

Happy holiday, with a wedding anniversary. Just think, as much as eighteen years together! This anniversary is called “turquoise wedding”, let your feelings for each other be comparable in depth and purity of color to turquoise, which can be a worthy reflection of true love.

What to give each other for the first marriage age?

Of course, the gift should be combined with the color of the anniversary itself. Today you will not have any difficulties with the choice of a gift, because there are a large number of products from turquoise.

In almost every jewelry store you will find necklaces, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with such a beautiful stone. You can easily pick up a gift for your beloved, which will be suitable for her, so it can be both pale green and bright blue.

You can be creative and give each other charms with turquoise. Since ancient times, it is considered a talisman of happiness, wealth and well-being. So let peace and harmony reign in your home.

Do not forget to give your beloved flowers. They may not be turquoise in color, but it’s always nice to receive bouquets from your spouse. But if you try, today you can even find flowers of such an unusual color. Most often it is roses and chrysanthemums.

A wife can give her beloved a gift in the form of a turquoise shirt, T-shirt or T-shirt. Wife can also make a gift - a ring with a small turquoise stone. If your other half wants something concrete, just wrap this gift in turquoise wrapping paper.

What to give the newlyweds for 18 years of wedding?

This question worries very many who want to congratulate the spouses. The closest relatives, of course, can ask you what you need most and will give it to you. Or simply make a gift in the form of a money envelope.

And how to be friends and acquaintances? It would seem that your friends just had a wedding. 18 years of living together flew by unnoticed, and now they invited you to celebrate such a significant date. Immediately the question arises about what to give?

Everything is very simple: the color of the wedding is turquoise. Starting from it, you can pick up the appropriate gift. This may be bedding of this color, any interior elements with turquoise trim, all sorts of accessories and figurines.

Turquoise home furnishings will easily fit into any style of the room, whether it be country, modern or high-tech.

Also a very original gift will be a great photo of young people. It can be ordered at a photo studio or in specialized firms. There you can even print a collage of wedding or regular photos of young people. This can be done on canvas. Such a gift, though not fit the color of the wedding, but it will be very valuable as a memory.

Where to celebrate the 18th anniversary?

Celebrate such an important event in your life is a must. This, above all, will help you to morally relax and plunge into the arms of each other with a new force. You already have such a serious anniversary - 18 years of wedding, and yet your family has gone through so much over the years together that you definitely need to feel yourself in the center of attention.

If your anniversary fell on the vacation of both spouses - this is the perfect chance to go somewhere together. Time flew together like one day, and today you have a wedding anniversary - 18 years. This is already a very long time for a couple that has experienced so many minutes of joys and adversities. So go together on a romantic trip. It is best to go somewhere in the mountains or in warm countries, closer to the sea. You will spend an unforgettable time together, take a break from the bustle of the city and just be able to improve your health.

But if any trips are not included in your plans, arrange a romantic dinner for your soulmate. You can book a table in a cafe where, for example, you met or held a first date, or arrange everything yourself at home.

You can also gather your closest friends and relatives at your home for a warm dinner and recall funny stories during the years of living together, scroll through the wedding photo album.

Anniversary Features

The 18th anniversary of the joint marriage life is a serious anniversary, which definitely needs to be celebrated. This kind of adulthood of living together. After all, over the years of marriage, husband and wife have experienced a lot together, have achieved a lot, learned a lot. The people of this anniversary is called turquoise wedding. As usual, the naming of the anniversary appeared not by chance. Similarly, no one can say why the 18th anniversary of married life is called the turquoise wedding.

But there is one very interesting version. The word "turquoise" in translation from Arabic means "victory." Therefore, the 18th anniversary of living together can be considered a kind of victory over the troubles and hardships that the spouses managed to adequately survive together. Over the years, husband and wife have learned to live together in complete understanding and mutual respect. In addition, they managed to keep warm and tender feelings towards each other. And also stone turquoise is associated with loyalty and devotion.

There is such a tradition among the people regarding the turquoise wedding, which should be considered in more detail. On the eve of the anniversary, spouses should make a family bed with turquoise linens that will help them strengthen their relationships and recharge themselves with positive energy. On the day of the anniversary celebration, the house is decorated in turquoise colors. Spouses can also wear clothes of this color, or at least add small details, accessories of turquoise color to their outfit.

As a rule, such a celebration is celebrated at home with family. But if you wish, it is possible to mark the anniversary in a restaurant in a noisy company of relatives and friends.

At such a celebration, many spouses order special seafood dishes. And you should also order a large and tasty cake that will be decorated with beautiful flowers and other turquoise details. By the way, it is possible to order a cake in the form of a large casket with precious stones.

During the celebration, the spouses must have any object or accessory of turquoise color. For example, it may be a belt, belt, pocket scarf, shoes. If at least one detail of this color is present in the spouses' outfit, this will attract even more happiness, good luck, well-being and positive to the family.

Gifts for two

Traditionally on this day, the couple present each other decorations with turquoise. You can give your wife an earring, bracelet, pendant or ring with this stone. Husband can present a rosary, tie clip, ring or cuff links. A gift with such a stone for an anniversary is not just a symbolic gift.

Such decorations with stones carry a special energy, due to which they can positively influence the life and fate of spouses.

At all times, turquoise was considered a stone that brings happiness and prosperity. It is for this reason that spouses should pay attention to the jewelry with turquoise. In addition, the mineral is able to enhance intuition, to attract financial well-being, to protect from negativity and the evil eye. There is such a belief that if the spouses exchange jewelry with this stone, their feelings for each other will be even stronger. And also the stone can have a positive effect on health.

A blouse, underwear, turquoise peignoir will also be perfect as a gift for your wife. This gift will definitely like a woman. But only if you are not sure that you can guess with the size, then it is better to give your wife a certificate of this store for a certain amount. And you can also give your wife a beautiful box with inlaid various stones. For your beloved husband, you can choose some modern gadget or accessory for the car. But only if the husband has a car or if he likes to spend time at the computer. It is quite possible to give a spouse a shirt or tie of turquoise hue, a stylish case for his new phone, a beautiful key chain with turquoise, which will also serve as a talisman.

Gifts from friends

Friends and acquaintances who will be invited to the wedding anniversary should also make sure that the gifts are practical and memorable. The 18th anniversary of joint marriage is a serious date, so you should give the couple something useful and memorable. For example, you can present as a presentation high-quality bedding, bedspread, blanket, a beautiful tablecloth or a set of towels of a beautiful turquoise color.

Such gifts will always be useful in everyday life, and will remind spouses of the past celebration every day.

Beautiful candlesticks are perfect as a gift. Now you can find options inlaid with turquoise. If you give candlesticks, remember that such gifts should be paired, as well as vases. As a supplement, you can buy a set of beautiful candles, and you can also give beautiful vases, a turquoise tea set, beautiful figurines, a set of glasses and much more.

A beautiful picture in an expensive frame is always a great gift. Given the fact that the picture is intended as a gift for a turquoise wedding, it is quite possible to choose a maritime theme. When choosing a picture, it is important to remember that the plot should be calm. That is, it should not be a picture of a storm or shipwreck. Such negative plots will negatively affect the energy in the spouses' house. From the picture should blow peace and tranquility.

If spouses are funny people and adequately respond to humor and jokes, then you can present them with an unusual gift. For example, it can be a custom-made cartoon with a funny inscription or a quatrain in honor of a turquoise wedding. It can be a pair of bathrobes or turquoise shirts with beautiful and cool inscriptions. On the 18th anniversary of marriage, it is customary to give paired gifts. That is, if you present umbrellas, then they must be the same color. If you want to donate wallets, they must also be from the same series. By the way, you can immediately put a mascot with a stone of turquoise in your wallets.

Important! You can not give on the anniversary of the mirror, sets of knives or forks, watches, gloves, pictures with the image of one object. All these gifts bring to life only negative.

The fact that they still give a wedding anniversary, see the following video.

Surprises for parents

As a rule, on various anniversaries, parents are presented with something made of furniture or household appliances. If you do not know exactly what to give to parents from the equipment, then give them a certificate for a certain amount, and they will choose the necessary household appliance for themselves. As a gift, it is quite possible to present to the parents the repair in their married couple. Of course, the emphasis should be placed on the details of a turquoise hue. Only about such a gift should take care in advance.

If you just want to change the wallpaper, order new curtains, a chandelier, lamps in the parents' bedroom, then it will take several days. To make the gift really a surprise, you can send parents to rest for a few days in a country holiday home. As long as they enjoy nature, fresh air and the company of each other, you will just have time to renovate the interior of their bedroom by the 18th anniversary.

Quite a gift for a trip to the sea for parents. You can send parents to the city of their dreams or to the city of their youth. They will love any trip without a doubt. Be sure to order a movie about your family, which will include the brightest moments in the life of your parents. Such a memorable gift is sure they will like it. And you can also order a family photo session, and then present a beautiful album, which will include these photos. Be sure to choose a photo album with a beautiful and high-quality cover on which you can order a memorable inscription.

How to celebrate the 18th wedding anniversary

As for the spouses, traditionally on this day they exchanged gifts from turquoise, which symbolized the undying love and loyalty of the couple. As our ancestors said, if the stone on these products became dull with time, then a crisis period is expected in the relationship.

At the festive table usually gather only close family environment. Usually, by this time, children form an independent and independent personality, which is accompanied by transitional periods at the age, and hence strained relations with parents. It would be nice to get together at the same table and establish family relationships. Traditionally on this day, the table and the interior are decorated with various accessories with turquoise hues.

An excellent option would also be to bring a pinch of adventurism into our relationship and celebrate this holiday together, giving each other tenderness and love. Можно отправить детей к бабушкам и дедушкам, а самим остаться вдвоем и провести романтический ужин при свечах. Еще лучше будет подарить себе поход в ресторан, путешествие в другой город с ночлегом или отдых на берегу моря, глядя на бирюзовое небо с улыбками счастья и радости, что в 18 лет свадьбы вы все еще вместе и все также счастливы.And in a year the next celebration is waiting for the couple - Pomegranate Wedding

Ancient customs and traditions for 18 years of wedding

The turquoise wedding came: how many years the husband and wife have spent together and still remain with each other. Long since turquoise is considered a stone amulet that symbolizes wealth, success, brings happiness. On the day of the eighteenth anniversary, the stone acquires a different meaning: it protects the family hearth, calls upon the spouses to preserve the important thing that they have built all these years. This anniversary reminds the couple that they should continue to take care of each other, make the marriage happier.

For more information about the symbol of this stone, beliefs associated with it, look at the video:

18 years of marriage: what is a wedding? It takes place using some old customs. On the night before the holiday, the husband and wife should wear turquoise linen — the stone itself has many shades from greenish to bright blue, so the choice is huge. As on the day of the first wedding, during the celebration of the anniversary, the couple should exchange rings with this stone. The whole celebration should be held in blue, blue, turquoise hues.

Turquoise wedding: how to celebrate the anniversary?

Turquoise wedding anniversary of 18 years should be held according to the wishes of the spouses. They can invite only the closest relatives (parents, sisters, brothers), friends, children / children, or they can arrange an elegant feast in a restaurant. You can also have fun outdoors if the turquoise fun wedding is held in the summer. Celebrating the eighteen-year anniversary is not widespread among older couples, but it is a great way to get distracted, immerse yourself in the light holiday atmosphere.

An important part of getting a perfect turquoise wedding is the decoration. It should be airy, light, executed in blue, blue, blue-green tones. Bright shades of turquoise, original interior decoration will make the holiday atmosphere fabulous. On the table you can put bouquets of plants in shades of turquoise, decorate tables and chairs with an appropriate fabric, make a scattering of pebbles on a tablecloth, paint autumn leaves with an appropriate color.

Celebration script

In order to celebrate the turquoise beautiful wedding was a great success, it is necessary to pay attention to the script - its main component. The script will allow you to have fun on the holiday. If finances allow, the couple can hire a toastmaster who will lead the celebrations, hold original funny contests, read out funny, beautiful, touching congratulations. In the script of the celebration can be included:

  • Suits If the beautiful turquoise wedding is fully themed, have the guests dress appropriately so that everyone comes in the same color scheme. This will support the mood of the holiday, different shades of turquoise all evening will be pleasing to the eye. Or vice versa - all guests can come in white, and heroes of the occasion will put on turquoise festive clothing.

  • Themed food. It is difficult to find turquoise shades in natural food, but the cake - the final holiday dish should be chosen in this range: let the couple cut it together, as they used to cut their first wedding cake. Beautiful treat looks tasty and unusual, see photo for more details:

Scenario wedding 18 years will not get lost during the holiday, to a good game or competition program.

What to give to a turquoise wedding

A logical gift for the day of such an anniversary will be all kinds of accessories, decorations of the corresponding color, presented by the husband to his wife and vice versa. A spouse can give a favorite earrings, bracelet, necklace from this stone. Many product options are presented in various jewelry stores. Everyone who wants to make a purchase of products from turquoise will definitely find a suitable option for the price. A wonderful gift to her husband will be cufflinks with a turquoise stone.

Other gift ideas for people of the day:

  • souvenirs - all sorts of figurines, a tree that brings happiness and wealth, with turquoise stones on the branches, caskets, paintings,
  • useful things: wallets, clothes, interior details (candlesticks, a set of a suitable shade),
  • Expensive bed linen that will be pleasant to the look and feel,
  • registered jewelry for both spouses,
  • tickets for marine recreation, where the couple can dive into the deep waters of the azure-turquoise sea.

Useful advice: to follow the tradition, handing a gift that is not associated with the main symbol of the holiday, enough to wrap it in the paper of the appropriate shade.

Turquoise Wedding Greetings

There are many suitable greetings for this anniversary - these are humorous poems, cute, touching toasts. Wonderful memories of those close to those days when spouses have just joined their hearts and lives will be a wonderful greeting. There will be also stories about funny ancient events, it will be especially interesting for them to listen to children. Look for congratulations with a turquoise wedding here:

Turquoise wedding photo

Turquoise fabulous wedding - a beautiful celebration. This anniversary marks the beginning of a new life for spouses - children grow up and soon leave the family nest, it is time to live again for themselves, to pay attention to each other. The celebration of this anniversary will remind the couple of the hot love that tied them together many years ago.

How would you like to celebrate a turquoise wedding? Leave a comment.

What is original to give to friends for a turquoise wedding anniversary?

What gift to present to your friends on the 18th anniversary of your wedding depends on your wallet and the preferences of the heroes of the occasion. remember, that Both the husband and the wife should use the giftand not one of them. That is, donating a punch or cookbook is not worth it.

A gift from friends can be comic or extravagant. This is entirely appropriate if you have an easy and trusting relationship.

What can you give to the family? It is desirable that the present had turquoise elements. So, a gift option can be:

  • set of towels in turquoise color,
  • linens,
  • a souvenir with turquoise - a vase, a jewelry box, statues, a beautiful photo frame with stones, a money box for money,
  • a set of high-end tea or coffee.

In addition to things as a gift, friends can present unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. How to do it? Give a couple a balloon flight, a parachute jump or a scuba dive.

Posted by @ksenia_kicenka on Aug 25, 2018 at 3:17 PDT

A gift may not be so extreme. For example, you can give a married couple a certificate for SPA services for two or for a family photo session. A good gift will be tickets to the theater, to the exhibition, to the circus or on the tour.

As a complement to the main gift, present a bouquet of flowers for a woman. She will be very pleased to receive such a sign of attention from close friends.

What can you give the spouses to each other for 18 years of wedding?

On the birthday of the family it is very important to remember the second half and to please her with a small gift. Spouses should prepare in advance for the turquoise anniversary and think about themed gifts.

When presenting a gift, be sure to tell me how much you love each other, despite everything that has been experienced over the years.

Men love practical gifts that can be used more than one day. Give your husband for 18 years of marriage can be something with a precious anniversary symbol - turquoise.

If the husband, by occupation, often wears formal business suits, present the spouse a cuff link or a tie clip with turquoise. If not, then you can present a memorable key chain with turquoise. Such a simple, at first glance, gift can be individualized. Order an engraving with an inscription that only two of you understand.

Tie to husband for turquoise anniversary

If the spouse is skeptical of precious stones, you can give him garment of turquoise or blue. This can be a shirt, T-shirt, tie or something else at your discretion. T-shirt can also be printed with the inscription beloved spouse.

Take into account the interests, activities and hobbies of men. The car enthusiast will be delighted with the new gadget in the car, the programmer will surely like the accessories for the computer, and the fisherman will be delighted with the new spinning.

And what should be a gift to his wife for 18 years of wedding? Almost every a woman will be pleased with jewelry. Bear in mind that the anniversary symbol is turquoise. This means that products with this gem will come in handy.

Choose jewelry without a size range, so as not to be trapped. Give your wife an earring, pendant, necklace or brooch.

Silver pendant with marcasite and turquoise, silver earrings with marcasite and turquoise, silver ring with marcasite and turquoise, all SL (prices refer)

A casket made of turquoise or something that facilitates the daily cares of a spouse will be a good gift. Another option - underwear or sexy peignoir. The main thing is to choose items of clothing turquoise color.

Any add a gift with flowers. Wife will be very pleased with your attention.

What to give parents on the 18th turquoise wedding anniversary?

As a rule, gift ideas for relatives are reduced to practical gifts. Usually it is household appliances, dishes, furniture.

If the planned practical gift is really a necessary thing for the parents, then donate without hesitation.

In order not to be mistaken with gift options, present a gift certificate for the amount required for the purchase. So parents will be able to choose for themselves the thing that they really need.

The best anniversary gift from a daughter or son - journey. This is especially true for people who grew up in the USSR, when not everyone could afford to go abroad for a holiday. Buy them a ticket to a popular resort or a country that they would like to see for a long time.

Gift to parents for the 18th wedding anniversary

Another original gift option - arrange a holiday for parents. You can decorate the room where the celebration will take place, to help in the kitchen or to please them with festive pastries.

In addition, many civilian registry offices have a “solemn celebration of a wedding anniversary” service. You can contact the registry office, where the parents signed up and order this event for them. Mom and Dad will be happy to once again listen to Mendelssohn’s waltz and find themselves in that setting.

All of the above ideas of the gifts are quite suitable for parents who do not know what to give to children for 18 years of wedding.

Original gifts with their own hands on the 18th turquoise wedding anniversary

It is always a pleasure to receive a gift made with your own hands - after all, the donor tried to present a gift especially for the addressee, he invested his soul and mood. Such a gift is individual, unique.

Show imagination and consider the theme of the celebration. A gift made by yourself will be out of competition.

If you're a cooking genius, bake a cake and decorate it with turquoise elements. This beautiful and delicious gift does not commit to anything, so with it you can go on a visit with congratulations even without an invitation.

Actual gift will be photo collage of joint photos of a married couple. Add a congratulatory text with your wishes to the collage. You can leave a place so that all the guests present can write warm words.

Cake for the 18th wedding anniversary

What will be a gift with your own hands on the anniversary depends on your skills. Someone can tie a great blanket, sew decorative pillows, make a unique photo frame. Another can mount videos and can create a whole movie about a couple.

When choosing what to give for a turquoise anniversary, consider the interests and hobbies of the married couple. It will be better if the gift becomes symbolic. Take into account symbolic color and the stone of the 18th anniversary of living together.

Date value

In the people, the 18th anniversary of living together is usually called the turquoise wedding. Modern historians can not say exactly where this name came from. Since ancient times, the semi-precious stone turquoise is considered a symbol of victory. The turquoise wedding triumphs over the victory of lovers over the routine of life, over the uneasy compatibility of characters, over their absurd pride, often ruining the relationship.

Usually, by this time - by the age of 18 - children have already grown or are growing up, the house and career have been arranged. This means that a husband and wife can plunge into the world of passion and tenderness to each other without a twinge of conscience. After 18 years of marriage in the life of the spouses comes another era, promising positive changes in relationships in particular and in life in general.

Turquoise symbolizes eternal love and loyalty. If for 18 years the spouses did not hide from each other, they were together both in grief and in joy, then the next years of their life together would be happy for them.

What to give the second half

The theme of wedding anniversary gifts depends on which wedding is celebrated. On the turquoise wedding, it is customary to give gifts with this stone. So, it will be very symbolic if the spouses exchange the rings purchased in advance with turquoise stones. These jewelry will become a talisman for family relations for the whole next year. They will be given special importance given to each other in the presence of relatives of the oath of love and loyalty.

On the turquoise wedding, it is customary to give gifts with this stone.

If it is not customary in your family to show gifts or you want to surprise your life partner, then the choice of gift in this case is extremely wide. Thus, a wife can present her husband with cufflinks, a pin for a tie, a key chain, a cigarette case or a pen with real turquoise. A shirt, tie, T-shirt or handkerchiefs of turquoise hues are also suitable. In principle, a man can be presented with absolutely any gift that meets his needs and takes into account his interests. But at the same time present the gift in a bright turquoise color.

Husbands, as a rule, present their beloveds with turquoise jewelry to the 18th wedding anniversary. These can be earrings, bracelet, pendant or brooch. As an option, you can give your wife a set of elegant turquoise underwear. And, of course, such gifts as scarves, gloves and other accessories are always successful. Of course, in this case - turquoise.

Guest Gifts

Relatives and friends of spouses, knowing which wedding is being celebrated, should carefully select gifts. It is strictly forbidden to bring into the house any things hinting at loneliness, for example, pictures with the image of one object. It is also believed that you can not give watches, mirrors and any other objects that personify the transience of life, sadness and sadness.

For a turquoise wedding, it is customary to give a “two in one” gift, that is, two items for a husband and a wife. For example, you can please the spouses with umbrellas - for good weather in the house. Or two belts - to the strength and flexibility of relationships. Another worthy option is two purses: to prosperity in the family. All gifts must be turquoise or part of the gift - turquoise, part - white or black.

Of the expensive presents, one can distinguish a set of decanter and glasses inlaid with real turquoise or a porcelain set with a turquoise pattern.

On the 18th anniversary of family life, you can give any things of turquoise color that will be useful in everyday life: bed linen, tablecloths and napkins, blankets and blankets, pillows, towels, and so on.

Friends of the spouses can cooperate and give lovers a ticket to the sea, a subscription to the SPA-salon or a prepaid photo session in a professional studio. But with gifts, jokes (for example, handcuffs with a turquoise edge) you need to be very careful. Remember that you can give such gifts only to really close people and only in close company without outsiders.

The children of the spouses celebrating the anniversary can present their parents with a big turquoise cream cake with a congratulatory inscription or a home movie made on a computer using photos of the heroes of the occasion. Any gift from sons and daughters, made with your own hands and showing the strong love of their parents, will be relevant.

In addition to gifts, guests can prepare for the spouses pleasant congratulations. It is not so important whether it will be poetry or prose, the main thing is that the words come from the heart. And to remember the text, you can put it, for example, on the asphalt under the windows of the apartment "newlyweds" (it is important to choose a paint that is then easy to wash off with water).

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How to celebrate

By tradition, the 18th anniversary of marriage is celebrated in a close family or friendly circle in the house of spouses. The room in which the festival will take place is decorated with turquoise balls and paper flowers, the table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth of turquoise color, napkins and other small details of the interior can also be matched.

In the warm season, the holiday can be transferred to fresh air. Holiday picnic involves snacks cooked at home, traditional barbecue and active outdoor games. In order not to stand out from the general theme, you can buy disposable tableware of turquoise color or ask guests to dress in appropriate colors.

При желании муж и жена могут отметить годовщину свадьбы вдвоем. Можно устроить романтический ужин дома или заказать столик в уютном ресторане. Только нужно заранее договориться с администрацией заведения о том, чтобы в украшении стола было что-нибудь бирюзового цвета.

Интересные обычаи

Very intriguing old rituals are associated with the turquoise wedding. If you believe the signs, the observance of these traditions will give the spouses peace and understanding. So, on the night before the 18th birthday of the family, the husband and wife go to bed in turquoise underwear. During the whole holiday day, spouses must wear something from the wardrobe items (belt, shoes, handkerchief in their pockets, and so on) in turquoise color. It is believed that this will attract good luck to the family and strengthen relationships.

On the holiday of 18 years from the date of marriage, it is customary to give themed turquoise gifts. But remember that they will not replace the main thing - the good mood of the spouses and their guests, sincere smiles and genuine family warmth.