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Diet for gastritis: how to build a diet for inflammation of the gastric mucosa


A person, being in a modern rhythm of life, rarely thinks about proper nutrition. He takes food only when he manages to carve out a minute, or if his stomach starts to ache and growl, demanding his dose of food. Such neglect leads to a very common disease - gastritis. And when the discomfort becomes unbearable, people turn to the doctor. The doctor recommends dieting. This is where the question arises about what should be the menu for gastritis for a week.

Basic nutritional guidelines

In developing a menu for gastritis for a week, nutritionists insist on following important nutritional rules:

  1. Food should be consumed only in the form of heat. It is unacceptable to accept too cold or too hot food. Because such dishes are irritating to the mucous membranes of the stomach.
  2. Food intended for patients with gastritis should be frayed. This is especially true if an increased secretion of gastric juice is diagnosed.
  3. Nutrition that provides benefits - extremely fractional. It is recommended to take food about 6 times a day.
  4. The patient must abandon smoked, fried, canned, salty foods.
  5. Do not take alcohol. It is recommended to refuse spices and spices.
  6. Coffee must be excluded. Maximum use of chocolate is limited.

There are many dietary options. Each of them allows to improve the patient's condition with a certain type of pathology. Therefore, it is extremely important that the menu for gastritis for the week was developed by your doctor.

The doctor will recommend just such a menu for erosive gastritis for a week. This table is prescribed for stomach ulcers.

Food completely excludes food that can cause exacerbation of the disease or discomfort. The recipes recommended in this diet make digestion as easy as possible.

In addition, table number 1 not only contributes to recovery, but also reduces the severity of exacerbations of the disease. And they, with this pathology, unfortunately, are not uncommon.

Prohibited Products

Initially, we analyze what should not be food for gastritis.

The menu for the week implies an exception:

  • fat poultry, meat, and fish,
  • various canned foods
  • raw vegetables, fruits,
  • smoked and half-smoked products,
  • all sour vegetables and fruits (citrus, spinach, sorrel, cabbage),
  • all sauces (allowed dairy non-fat gravy),
  • spicy vegetables (onion, garlic, radish, radishes),
  • any pickled and salted foods
  • mushrooms,
  • ice cream and chocolate
  • coffee, strong tea,
  • carbonated water and kvass,
  • black bread
  • butter products
  • fried foods.

Recommended Products

An extensive list of dishes contains (if you are diagnosed with erosive gastritis) diet.

The weekly menu is based on the following recommendations:

  1. Soups Give preference to cream dishes. Useful mashed soups. Be sure to fray food.
  2. Kashi. The diet includes any cereals cooked exclusively on water. However, milk can be added to the dish (a little). The most useful mucous porridge.
  3. Bird, fish, meat. Choose only low-fat varieties. Such products should be steamed or boiled. Do not forget that they should be used in a ground form.
  4. Vegetables. These products are recommended to eat boiled. If you want to eat raw vegetables, then grind them beforehand.
  5. Fruits. They will bring the greatest benefit in the form of compotes or jelly. Also, remember that only non-acidic varieties are permissible in the diet.
  6. Sweets. Lovers of delicacies can treat themselves to marshmallows, jelly, marshmallow. In addition, this diet allows you to consume sugar.
  7. The drinks. It is extremely useful decoction of wild rose. The diet includes cocoa, weak tea. Fresh juices are allowed. However, they should not be sour. In addition, they are recommended to be diluted with water.
  8. Sausages, hard cheese. Choose low-fat products. From sausages give preference to the following types: doctor, dairy.
  9. Eggs This diet includes scrambled eggs. You can eat a soft-boiled egg. But do not abuse this food. During the day, 1-2 eggs are enough.
  10. Bakery products. Give preference to biscuits, bread crumbs. Bread can be used only yesterday.
  11. Dairy products. Low-fat foods are allowed. In the diet, you can safely enter the cottage cheese, butter, milk, cream. But it should be recalled that only low-fat.

Sample menu

Despite multiple limitations, the diet table is quite diverse.

To make it easier to understand what food should be, consider an exemplary menu for gastritis for the week:

  • 1 breakfast: grated curd with cream or milk, buckwheat (grated) milk porridge, tea with milk,
  • 2 breakfast: one glass of milk or cream,
  • lunch: milk semolina soup, meat zrazy meat stuffed with scrambled eggs, apple jelly,
  • Dinner: steam fish bits, flavored with bechamel sauce + pasta, tea,
  • for the night: biscuits with a glass of cream or milk.

  • 1 breakfast: steamed meat chops + mashed potatoes, Hercules flakes cooked in milk, cream tea,
  • 2 breakfast: milk jelly,
  • lunch: pureed rice-milk soup, boiled meat, carrot puree with bechamel sauce, fruit, berry jelly,
  • dinner: lazy dumplings, tea,
  • at night: milk / cream and biscuits.

  • 1 breakfast: boiled eggs - 2 pcs., Boiled vermicelli with a piece of butter, tea with cream,
  • 2 breakfast: one glass of kefir,
  • lunch: potato-carrot milk puree soup, meat steamed meatballs under bechamel + semi-viscous rice porridge, compote,
  • dinner: steam meatballs + buckwheat grated porridge, 1 tbsp. broth hips,
  • for the night: a glass of milk + cookies.

  • 1 breakfast: cottage cheese cream, mucous rice porridge or milk milk, cocoa + cream,
  • 2 breakfast: berry jelly,
  • lunch: milk soup with cereals "Hercules", meat pudding under bechamel + mashed potatoes, cooked from green peas, apple jelly.
  • dinner: meat puree with vermicelli, dogrose broth,
  • for the night: crackers with 1 tbsp. milk

  • 1 breakfast: herring butter, mashed potatoes with carrots, milk tea,
  • 2 breakfast: 1 tbsp. milk
  • dinner: ground green pea soup, boiled chicken + vermicelli + white sauce, berry mousse with semolina,
  • dinner: buckwheat pudding with cottage cheese, rosehip broth,
  • at night: 1 tbsp. cream (milk) + cookies.

  • 1 breakfast: steam omelette, grated “Hercules” pureed, milk tea,
  • 2 breakfast: 1 tbsp. cream or milk,
  • lunch: carrot soup with croutons, boiled fish with buckwheat (pureed) porridge + oil-egg sauce, berry syrup with snowballs,
  • dinner: steam rice cakes with cottage cheese, rosehip broth,
  • at night: cookies + 1 tbsp. milk

  • 1 breakfast: semolina milk porridge, meat cheese, tea with cream,
  • 2 breakfast: 1 tbsp. milk
  • dinner: milk squash soup with croutons, boiled tongue with rice grated porridge, baked apples with jam,
  • dinner: steam meat pudding with mashed potatoes, rosehip decoction,
  • at night: cream or milk with biscuits.

Dietary table number 5

In some pathologies, a different nutrition is prescribed. Diet number 5 is recommended for chronic gastritis and the presence of other ailments of the gall, liver, pancreas.

The main purpose of this diet is to create the most benign conditions for the liver and normalize the functioning of the digestive system. However, do not forget that the menu for gastritis for a week should be developed for you by a doctor. Only in this case it will bring the maximum health benefits.

Permitted meals

If you are assigned such a diet for gastritis of the stomach, the menu for the week includes the following products:

  • river fish,
  • skim cheese,
  • soft cheese,
  • low-fat sour cream,
  • wheat bread (soft part),
  • kefir,
  • herbal teas
  • cream,
  • vegetable soups,
  • teas with milk,
  • sweet apples
  • pasta soup
  • ripe fruit.

Approximate diet

The menu for gastritis and pancreatitis for a week will be recommended by a nutritionist.

It looks like this:

  1. First breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, milk oatmeal, tea.
  2. Second breakfast: baked apple.
  3. Lunch: only vegetable soup with the addition of vegetable oil, boiled chicken + milk sauce, boiled rice, stewed fruit, prepared from dried fruits.
  4. Lunch: 1 tbsp. broth hips.
  5. Dinner: boiled fish + white sauce, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, tea.
  6. At night: 1 tbsp. kefir.

Recipes for diet number 1

It is important to understand how to properly prepare food. Therefore, talking with your nutritionist, discuss the menu for the week with gastritis with recipes.

Consider the technology of making several simple dishes:

  1. Potato and carrot rice soup. Cook 30 grams of rice in water (1.5 tbsp.) Until cooked. Grind it. Cook potatoes (100 g) and carrots (75 g) separately. Also wipe these ingredients. Mix everything up. Dilute the mashed potatoes with boiling milk (200 g). Season with 0.5 egg yolk and butter (20 g).
  2. Boiled beef. Fill the meat (110 g) with hot water so that the liquid only covers the beef. After boiling, remove the foam and cook on low heat for 1.5-2 hours. 30 minutes before the end of cooking add to the pan sliced ​​carrot (10 g), parsley root and celery (5 g). Salt to taste.

Recipes for diet number 5

The menu for gastritis of the stomach for the week includes the following dishes:

  1. Meat cheese. Boiled (lean) meat skip 2 times through a meat grinder. Grate the cheese (15 g). Mix both components. Add butter (10 g) and bechamel (flour - 10 g, milk - 100 g). Give mass shape. Sprinkle with chopped greens on top.
  2. Steamed omelet Beat 2 eggs. Add some salt. Add milk (50 g), butter (5 g) to the mixture. Omelette steamed.
  3. Cottage cheese with lingonberries and sour cream. But remember that you can only use a non-greasy product. Take the cottage cheese (100 g), carefully rub it. Pour sour cream product 10% or 15% (20 g). Add the lingonberries, pre-mashed with sugar (30 g).

If you are diagnosed with gastritis, be sure to follow the diet. This will allow you to return to service much earlier.

Competent diagnostics: why it matters

Diagnosis of gastritis should be entrusted to a specialist. Pain in the stomach is not a reason to swallow antispasmodics and drugs that reduce acidity. In the presence of temporary or permanent discomfort of any intensity should consult a gastroenterologist.

Diet, as well as drug treatment, it is incorrect to choose on their own. Gastritis is of various forms and degrees. Each of them requires an individual approach to diet therapy. Gastritis happens:

  • with reduced gastric secretion,
  • with increased secretion
  • acute,
  • chronic.

Atrophic gastritis (with low acidity) requires the introduction into the diet of mild stimulants of gastric secretion. And, for example, hyperacid (high acidity) - their complete exclusion from the daily diet.

There are also differences in diet, depending on the form of the disease. Acute inflammation requires maximum sparing of stomach function. In the recovery phase, an adaptive diet is selected. Next, a diet is prescribed to prevent the transition of the disease to the chronic form, but providing the body with all the nutrients.

Varieties of "gastric" tables

The doctor selects diet food for a patient with a diagnosis of gastritis, given the presence of concomitant diseases. Most often, inflammation of the gastric mucosa becomes a consequence or, conversely, causes pathology:

  • pancreas,
  • gallbladder,
  • the liver
  • intestine.

If there are concomitant diagnoses, the diet should not only promote healing of the gastric mucosa, but also normalize the function of other organs. It is also designed to optimize the evacuation function of the stomach, small and large intestines. With this approach, the load on the pancreas and liver will be automatically reduced.

Doctors prescribe during gastritis one of the diets of Manuil Pevzner. The famous doctor has developed a range of different options for therapeutic nutrition. Among them there are options for the treatment of gastritis of different species.

  • Diet number 1. It is used for the treatment of acute gastritis, rolling in the recovery phase, chronic hypoacid gastritis in the acute phase, chronic gastritis with normal secretory function.
  • Diet number 1a. Provides maximum sparing of the gastric mucosa. It is used in the acute period, accompanied by the risk of opening a stomach ulcer and bleeding. Assigned to the patient for a short time.
  • Diet number 5. It is prescribed to patients with chronic gastritis, not accompanied by sharp changes in the acidity of gastric juice. Also, table number 5 is used in the presence of associated diseases: cholecystitis, pancreatitis.

Diet for gastritis: general rules

Diet for gastritis begins immediately after the diagnosis of the disease. In acute form, inflammation of the gastric mucosa can provoke vomiting. This is a protective reaction of the body. Therefore, in the first couple of days of the exacerbation period, medical fasting can be shown: the patient drinks a lot of clean water and follows bed rest. The following is a short-term period of a very tight diet:

  • volume - eat food in small portions every two hours,
  • form - all dishes have a liquid and mucous consistency,
  • salt - completely excluded
  • irritants - a ban on substances harmful to the mucous is introduced,
  • cooking - only cooking.

If you follow the dietary recommendations and the correct prescription of medications, the acute stage is stopped until the fifth day of treatment. The diet of the patient is changed according to the individual characteristics of the course of the disease. The list of products is expanding, it includes:

  • lean meat - in processed form (soufflé and puddings),
  • light soups - with the most boiled cereals and creamy dressing,
  • fish - in the form of souffle and meatballs (steam),
  • eggs - soft-boiled or protein omelet (steam),
  • tea - plus some milk,
  • liquid porridge - rice, oatmeal,
  • butter - a little bit
  • fruits and berries - in the form of jelly and jelly.

It is very important to eat with gastritis in a sparing mode. Do not eat or drink too hot or cold foods. The optimum temperature is from 20 ° C to 52 ° C. In the acute stage, all dishes should be barely warm.

When the acute period has passed

Food for gastritis outside the acute period requires a moderate schazheniya stomach. At the same time the task of the diet is to provide the body with essential nutrients. From the diet remove foods that provoke inflammation. It is saturated with protein, which is necessary for the healing of epithelial damage. Ensuring evacuation functions of the digestive tract play a huge role: constipation and fermentation processes in the intestine are extremely undesirable in gastritis.

Permitted products are steamed, boiled, baked. There is no urgent need for grinding. However, lumpy food should not contain coarse elements that can damage the mucous. The following table describes in more detail about the diet of patients with gastritis.

Table - What can you eat during gastritis (outside the acute period)

Nutrition during exacerbation of gastritis with high acidity

With gastritis, accompanied by increased acidity, dietary nutrition is based on the complete exclusion of products from the daily diet that can provoke an increase in the amount of gastric juice produced. Be sure to follow several nutritional guidelines if the disease has been identified:

  • Eating should be at least 6 times a day, between each meal break should not be more than 3 hours.
  • During the day you need to drink at least 6 glasses of plain water.
  • The patient should not eat cold or hot food.
  • In order to avoid heartburn during gastritis, it is necessary to chew each piece of food thoroughly.
  • It is strictly forbidden to eat on the go, you need to forget forever about fast food (various fast foods).
  • Almost all consumed food must undergo heat treatment - the dish that will be steamed is ideal, you can bake meat (beef will do).
  • Nutrition in diagnosing the disease gastritis prohibits all hard fruits, and vegetables and meat should be wiped or chopped before eating.

When gastritis is accompanied by high acidity, daily meals may include the following products:

  • Soups with meatballs, pasta, cereals (the broth on which you cook, should be weak).
  • Mashed dishes of meat, fish, poultry (you need to cook by boiling, stewing, baking or steaming).
  • When gastritis food allows dairy products, cheese (dietary, non-spicy).
  • Sweet, soft fruits in their raw, baked or shredded form.
  • Ветчина, сосиски, колбаса (только диетический продукт).
  • Копченая, нежирная рыба.
  • При гастрите полезны макароны и крупы (только хорошо проваренные).
  • Хлеб (несвежий, подойдет вчерашний либо слегка просушенный).
  • Масла растительные.
  • Масло (сливочное, топленое).
  • Ягоды (только сладкие).
  • Желе, муссы и суфле.
  • Какао и слабый кофе.

In gastritis, if an increased level of acidity is determined, daily meals should exclude the following products:

  • A variety of carbonated drinks, alcohol.
  • Fresh bread, sweet pastries.
  • Strong tea, any coffee drinks.
  • Mustard, horseradish, hot spices, sauces, spices.
  • Legumes
  • Gastritis prohibits any pastry, if during their preparation was used a rich cream.
  • Cheese (this includes solid varieties).
  • Ice cream, chocolate.
  • Fruits with hard, hard skin are prohibited in gastritis.
  • Onions, radishes, cabbage, turnips, fried and fatty potatoes.
  • Eggs fried under strict prohibition of gastritis.
  • Fat, as well as fatty meats and fish can not be included in the diet for every day with gastritis.

Low acidity

How to eat with gastritis, which is accompanied by low acidity? The main diet is the same as in the case of a disease that occurs with an increased level of acidity. However, there is one major difference - the number of meals. In this case, it is recommended to do - 1 snack and 3 main meals. When diagnosing gastritis with low acidity, daily meals may contain the following products:

  • White bread (dried or stale), crackers.
  • White pepper, cinnamon, salt, lemon juice (as seasoning).
  • Pasta, cereals.
  • Cheese, dairy products.
  • Eggs cooked in almost any form (the only exception is fried eggs).
  • Ground meat, fish.
  • Baked fruit, jellies, mousses.
  • Sausage, lean ham, fish (low-fat varieties).
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Butter.
  • Natural juices, thermally processed fruit.
  • Vegetables (pureed, boiled).

With gastritis, accompanied by low acidity, daily meals should exclude the following products:

  • Raw radish, cabbage, swede, radish, turnip.
  • Fried potatoes.
  • Bread (bran, rye, fresh).
  • Meat, fatty fish.
  • When gastritis prohibited hard, spicy cheese.
  • Legumes
  • Fruits with dense peel exert a large load on the stomach, therefore they cannot be used for gastritis with low acidity).
  • Vinegar, mustard, all spicy seasonings.
  • Ice cream, chocolate.
  • Alcohol, sweet carbonated drinks are strictly prohibited during gastritis.

If you use the above products (permitted list) for gastritis, proceeding with low acidity, after a week this diet gives the first positive results - there is a feeling of relief, heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms of this disease no longer bother you, you can increase acidity. Adhere to this menu is recommended for several months.

Allowed and prohibited products for gastritis and gastric ulcer

Diet for gastritis and proper nutrition for stomach ulcers have similar principles. If there comes the aggravation of diseases, it is necessary to refuse irritating products. In this case, daily meals may include the following foods:

  • Dried or slightly stale wheat bread.
  • Pureed cereal or milk soups.
  • When gastritis and ulcers allowed meatballs, meatballs, which will be steamed.
  • Souffle with lean fish, poultry, lean meats.
  • Be sure to gastritis, you must eat non-fat milk, cream cheese, sour cream.
  • When gastritis proper nutrition involves the use of oatmeal, manna, rice porridge.
  • Vegetables (beets, potatoes, zucchini, carrots) are allowed in the form of puddings.

When diagnosing ulcers and gastritis, daily meals should exclude such products:

  • In order not to irritate the stomach, you need to give up salty, spicy, fatty, fried.
  • When gastritis and ulcers proper nutrition prohibits fatty meats, canned food, strong broths, hot sauces, and various marinades.
  • Salty varieties of cheese.
  • Puff pastry is forbidden in case of ulcer and gastritis.
  • Salt consumption is minimized, because it not only retains excess water in the body, but also irritates the gastric mucosa.
  • Spinach, white cabbage, cucumbers, sorrel, onions.
  • Carbonated drinks, strong coffee are strictly prohibited for gastritis and ulcers.
  • Fresh bread, muffins, sweet pastries.
  • Whole milk products.
  • Grapes
  • Legumes

Therapeutic diet for atrophic and erosive gastritis

Atrophic gastritis is characterized by a strong thinning of certain areas of the gastric mucosa, as well as a decrease in the number of glands responsible for the secretion of digestive juices. As a result of a lack of enzymes, cells are involved in the digestion process, which are not adapted to it. This leads to the fact that gastric juice begins to mix with mucus and prevents splitting, as well as further processing of food.

Erosive gastritis is the most common form of the disease, the main feature of which is superficial damage to the gastric mucosa, manifested in the form of small erosions. But scientists have not been able to accurately establish the mechanism of erosion (foci of mucosal necrosis about 4 mm wide, which heal without the appearance of a scar).

Diet for erosive and atrophic gastritis is almost the same. Proper nutrition helps to significantly alleviate the condition of the patient and in a relatively short period of time to restore normal functioning of the gastric mucosa. If chronic atrophic gastritis was diagnosed, treatment should be combined with proper nutrition, which helps to restore the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract).

General rules

Diseases of the digestive system occupy the third place in the structure of the incidence of adults.

Chronic gastritis develops due to errors in the diet (in the use of poorly chewed food, rough and very spicy), the presence Helicobacter pylori, bile acids in gastric contents, prolonged neuropsychic stress, occupational hazards, from smoking and alcohol abuse. Currently, "chronic gastritis" is considered as a concept that includes inflammatory and dystrophic changes in the gastric mucosa. In practice, the diagnosis chronic gastroduodenitis put in endoscopic examination.

Its main forms include superficial (catarrhal) and atrophic. This separation means the preservation or loss of the glands, which is of functional importance. A number of classifications include an intermediate form - subatrophic, meaning the beginning atrophy of the glands.

Depending on the prevalence of altered cells and the depth of penetration of inflammation into the thickness of the mucous membrane, non-atrophic gastritis is subdivided into mild, moderate and severe gastritis. The inflammatory process may involve the lining of the entire stomach (pangastritis) or some of his department, then it takes place focal gastritis.

Atrophic gastritischaracterized by changes in the cells of a dystrophic nature, a decrease in the number of glands and inflammation of the mucous membrane, similar to that in marked surface gastritis. Depending on the decrease in the number of glands, there is a moderate and severe degree of atrophy. In 50% of cases, this form of gastritis is combined with mucosal restructuring (metaplasia of the fundal glands may occur, intestinal metaplasia, epithelial dysplasia). A true precancerous change is dysplasia of the epithelium, which is of three degrees.

In addition to the main forms of gastritis, there are also its special forms: hyperplastic ("Warty", polypous), hypertrophic, granulomatous, hypertrophic, collagen other. Focal hyperplasia of the mucous is considered as the earliest form of a polyp. When bile is thrown into the stomach, pronounced inflammation, metaplasia, gland atrophy and focal hyperplasia develop under the action of bile acids.

Infection N. pylori causes the most severe form of the disease. So, most often the infectious factor is found in erosive and hypertrophic forms, more rarely in subatrophic, atrophic and superficial gastritis. In persons with a long history of the disease (17–20 years), a decreased level of acidity is more often determined, and normal or increased acid production is noted with a shorter period.

Symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of the disease are non-specific and diverse. Patients are worried about the appearance of pain and heaviness in the epigastrium, stomach distension and overflow or feeling of hunger after eating, burning sensation in the epigastric region and premature saturation, bloating after eating, heartburn, burp, nausea, vomiting, drooling, regurgitation of food, loss of appetite.

Hemorrhagic gastritis - one of the most severe injuries, accompanied by the formation of multiple erosion and is manifested by bleeding. Patients develop vomiting in the form of “coffee grounds” and a tarry stool appears. With abundant blood loss, loss of consciousness occurs and develops. anemia. The most common cause of this form of gastritis is long-term use of glucocorticoids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The treatment of gastritis is aimed at eliminating all factors that provoke the exacerbation of the disease. In the first place are drugs that reduce the acidity of the stomach - H2 blockers, but nowadays proton pump inhibitors are widely used, as they are more effective H2 blockers 3-10 times.

When identifying Helicobacter pylori conduct its eradication using a 3-component treatment regimen (De nol in combination with two antibiotics or proton pump blockers in combination with two antibiotics). With the ineffectiveness of these schemes, quadrotherapy is carried out (bismuth preparation, IPP and two antibiotics).

In parallel, for the prevention of dysbiotic changes in the intestine prescribe complex probiotics (Bifiform, Linex) containing antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms and colonizing the intestines at different levels. Antacid drugs (Phosphalugel, Almagel) slightly affect the level pH, but are used as enveloping agents that increase mucosal resistance to the effects of hydrochloric acid and pepsin. In case of dysmotility and evacuation of gastric contents, prokinetics are prescribed (Motilium, Motorix). With reflux gastritis appropriate reception Magalfila 800 (four to six tablets per day), which bind to bile acids is not inferior cholestyramine.

With the symptoms of gastritis, diet treatment is of great importance, since eating a dry meal, irregular and poor nutrition, eating too cold or hot food and a lot of spices cause aggravation of gastritis. For many decades, this disease has been recommended to follow a diet, as with peptic ulcer.

Do I need a strict diet for gastritis? In spite of the fact that lately they have been deviating from strict restrictions in the diet even with peptic ulcer, however, food, especially during the exacerbation period, should not contain irritating substances. Recommended sparing diet, and the degree of schazheniya depends on the severity of exacerbation. In addition, the composition of food depends on the state and acid-forming function of the stomach.

For those who have gastritis with low acidity, suitable Diet number 2, which provides for moderate stimulation of the secretory function of the stomach and includes cocoon products and dishes. Allowed:

  • First dishes on skim meat / fish / mushroom broth, pickle with mashed vegetables and pickle pickles.
  • Porridge on the water or meat broth (excludes millet and pearl barley).
  • Vegetables boiled and stewed - potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower and white cabbage.
  • Salads from ripe tomatoes, salads from boiled vegetables (excluding fresh onions, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers), vegetable caviar, herring and forshmak.
  • Kefir, yogurt, yogurt and other sour milk drinks, cheese slices or grated, scrambled eggs with cheese.
  • Heat treatment in the form of frying without the formation of a rough crust and quenching, which stimulates the production of gastric juice.
  • Unripe ripened fruit. Oranges and lemons (in tea), tangerines, watermelon, grapes.
  • Sauces in meat broths, aspic dishes using broths.
  • Lemon tea, vegetable juices, coffee and cocoa, fruit juices (all juices are diluted).

For these gastritis, food products and dishes with choleretic effects are also prescribed: vegetable oils, beetroot and beetroot juice, lemon and lemon juice, melons, watermelon, avocado, turmeric, fresh greens, rosehips, dandelion leaves and dandelion root. Restrictions (pea, bean soup, okroshka, millet soup, fatty coarse meat, salted, smoked fish, canned food, hard boiled eggs, corn, barley porridge, raw vegetables) are necessary only in the period of exacerbation, and as they improve and during remission, nutrition should be complete.

At the same time, the following are excluded: fresh bread, pastries, pastry products, legumes, okroshka, millet soup, fatty meat and poultry, smoked products, fatty fish, salted and smoked fish, legumes, millet, corn, barley, barley, raw vegetables, pickled vegetables, onions, radishes, radishes, cucumbers, rutabagas, sweet peppers, garlic, mushrooms, very spicy snacks, mustard, pepper, horseradish.

With hyperacid gastritis (high acidity) recommended Table number 1 and its varieties. Consecutively appointed Diet 1A up to 10 days, then 1B and №1 (up to two or three months). The diet includes neutral dishes that have a weak sokogonnym action: milk, eggs, boiled meat and fish, milk cereals, sweet fruit juices. In addition, the recommended fractional food in small portions. The lack of food strong irritants creates the conditions for effective treatment. The main principles are:

  • Exclusion of products that enhance secretion (spicy, pickled foods, rich broths, mustard, alcoholic drinks, smoked and fried foods, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks).
  • Exclusion of irritating products (cranberries, tomatoes, garlic, onions, citrus juices, sour fruit juices, peppers, chocolate, turnips, radish, alcohol, ginger) and gassing products (cabbage, legumes, kvass, beer).
  • Increasing protein intake and reducing fat in the diet (fatty pork, cream, butter, goose, duck, cakes and other pastries with cream, animal fats, lamb).
  • Reducing the amount of food consumed (no more than 200 g at a time).
  • Frequent meals (up to 6 times a day).
  • Eating in the form of heat, excluding cold dishes and excessively hot, irritating mucous.
  • The use of cooking, stewing and baking in cooking.
  • The exclusion of products that are not combined (proteins and carbohydrates) in order to avoid rotting and fermentation.
  • Inclusion in the diet of potato juice, bananas, decoction of oats, sweet apples (first in the baked form, and later - fresh).

In general, dietary nutrition should be followed for 1-3 months. Table number 1 is full and physiologically balanced (proteins up to 90-100 g, carbohydrates 300 g, fats 100 g). Gradually, the diet expands to the usual for each person, but the spices, spices, spicy dishes, pickles, smoked meats, canned foods, fatty foods (meat and fish) are definitely excluded. The further course of gastritis depends on the attitude of the patient to their health, adherence to preventive recommendations and discipline in relation to food intake and medicines.

Equally important is the exclusion of bad habits and correction of lifestyle. Previously used seasonal therapy is now rarely used. But in the presence of provoking factors (business trips, exams, mental surges), it is advisable to change the usual diet and go on a diet.

Permitted Products

Medical diet includes:

  • Low-fat soups from oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat, rice groats on vegetable broth or water. First, the soups are wiped, and when the condition is improved, the use of soups with finely chopped vegetables and well boiled and mashed cereals is permitted. Cooking soups with the addition of boiled chicken or beef is possible. In soups to improve taste, you can add cream, egg-milk mixture or butter, mashed meat, a small amount of dill or parsley.
  • Bread, wheat, thinly chopped crackers from high-grade flour, not very reddened.
  • Fancy buns, baked pies (with cottage cheese, apples, boiled meat, jam).
  • Meat and poultry low-fat varieties (beef, lamb, low-fat pork, chicken, turkey are recommended). Cooked steam and boiled dishes of minced meat (soufflé, meatballs, chops, zrazy, quenelles). As the process subsides, lumpy meat baked in the oven is allowed.
  • For the main dishes you can cook non-spicy homemade sauces based on milk or cream.
  • Fish in the form of meatballs, meatballs and dumplings, which are made from pike, hake, cod, pollock, ice fish and whiting. Fish or meat dishes are present in the diet two times a day.
  • Potatoes, carrots, squash, pumpkin puree with cream and butter, vegetable souffle from the same vegetables, green peas. Dill and parsley are added to the dishes.
  • Buckwheat, oatmeal, semolina, rice. Prepare pureed or well boiled porridge with milk and butter.
  • Milk, fresh cottage cheese (with the addition of milk), cottage cheese souffle, baked cheesecakes, lazy dumplings, milk kissel. The cream is added to soups, mashed potatoes and tea. Молоко разрешается пить до 600-800 мл.
  • Яйца (2-3 штуки в день) всмятку или паровой омлет, их добавляют в супы и в другие блюда.
  • Ягоды в обработанном виде (кисели, желе, муссы). В свежем виде их употреблять нельзя. Яблоки, печенные с медом и сахаром.
  • Сливочное масло 20 г в день и растительное употребляются в качестве добавок в готовые блюда.
  • Нужно соблюдать питьевой режим и употреблять 1,5 л жидкости. This may be a decoction of wheat bran, weak tea with milk, diluted juice from the berries, carrot juice, filtered water, dogrose infusion.
  • Caramel, meringue, meringue, jam, milk kissel, honey, sugar, marshmallow, marshmallow.

What can you eat during gastritis?

  • Kashi -This is the most healthy dish that should be eaten for breakfast for anyone who has stomach problems. This is especially true for oatmeal and buckwheat, they can be cooked with milk diluted with water, and gastritis should be boiled for a long time. You should not eat instant cereals that do not require cooking, they have no benefit. It is better to buy oatmeal and buckwheat, it is much healthier.
  • Rusks and white bread - eating rye bread during gastritis is not allowed, as well as freshly baked bread has a bad effect on the gastric mucosa. Therefore, croutons soaked in loose tea with milk or dried white bread during lunch is the best option.
  • Potatoes - This is a very useful and necessary product that is best eaten as a puree or boiled form. Fried french fries - a very negative effect on the gastric mucosa, it should be abandoned altogether.
  • Soups - You can not cook soups in a very strong broth, be it chicken or beef. If you can not eat vegetarian soup with cereals, then you can use beef broth, but only very diluted. You should also avoid any seasoning for soups with flavor enhancers, use soups in warm, not hot.
  • Meat - You can eat with gastritis, but only low-fat varieties - beef, veal, chicken, rabbit. Steam cutlets are especially useful for gastritis, since the meat is finely chopped and steamed. If it is just steam meat, then it should be chewed very thoroughly and not overused quantity, since any meat product is a load on the stomach. Naturally, neither smoked nor smoked sausages and sausages can not be consumed during gastritis.
  • A fish - Only low-fat species of marine fish, such as pollock, cod, hake. Among river fish - better pike and pike. It is better to give up canned fish and fried fish altogether; in their manufacture all useful properties of any fish are lost, and a lot of spices and preservatives, carcinogens can be obtained with interest. Like meat, fish is best steamed, limiting spices.

With gastritis with high acidity

Milk can be consumed, especially with tea. All dairy products are yogurt, yogurt is also useful for gastritis, only if they are not too sour. But kefir is not very useful because it has a high acidity. Recommended fresh cottage cheese in shabby form. Among the cottage cheese products are very good for the stomach various casseroles, lazy dumplings, cheese cakes baked in the oven, but only in moderation.

With gastritis with low acidity

But is it possible to milk with gastritis with low acidity? Consumption in whole form is not recommended, only if you add in the preparation of various dishes, in drinks and cereals. Fermented milk products, kefir, sour milk with such gastritis are very useful. Natural fresh cottage cheese can also be consumed in moderation, in the form of a soufflé, puddings, and casseroles.

It is advisable to avoid eating the following dairy products for gastritis: Spicy, salty cheeses, full-fat milk and sour cream, shop-glazed curds.

Is it possible to cheese, egg, ice cream during gastritis?

  • Cheese - Sharp or too salty cheeses can not be used for any gastritis, even ordinary hard cheese should be consumed in limited quantities in small slices.
  • Egg - You can eat with gastritis with high acidity, but only soft-boiled or in the form of an omelet, 2-3 eggs per week. With low acidity, you can also use soft-boiled eggs, baked, scrambled eggs with cheese, but no more than 1 egg per day. Hard-boiled eggs are categorically impossible for any gastritis. Scrambled eggs fried in butter are especially harmful in gastritis.
  • Ice cream, cakes, candy - with gastritis categorically impossible, especially with high acidity of the stomach.

What kind of fruits (bananas, apples, grapes, melons and watermelons) are possible during gastritis?

  • Bananas - Can bananas for gastritis? This is a useful fruit that contains some fiber, it is soft, easily digested and contains a lot of useful substances needed by the body. And although diet No. 5 forbids fruits such as dates, bananas, many gastroenterologists believe that their moderate consumption cannot harm and bananas should and can be eaten during gastritis.
  • And the apples with gastritis possible? Apples are one of the most beneficial fruits for the stomach in gastritis, applesauce even treat this disease. Only there is a difference in the choice of apples with different acidity, with increased - you should choose sweeter apples, and sour to use is not desirable. And with low acidity, on the contrary, apples with sourness are better. When exacerbating gastritis eat apples can only be in the form of mashed potatoes.

  • Grapes this gastritis fruit is a clear contraindication, neither the berries nor the grape juice can be drunk with any gastritis. The fermentation process peculiar to it and the thick skin of the grapes nullify all its beneficial properties for the body, since during gastritis it irritates the mucous membrane and increases the acidity of the gastric juice. Even with low acidity, the grapes are not recommended to use because of the thick skin and seeds.
  • Melon - almost the heaviest plant product, not only for the stomach, but also for the pancreas and gall bladder. The gastrointestinal tract of even a completely healthy person is difficult to cope with melon, so anyone who suffers from gastritis is better to refuse such a dubious product.
  • Watermelon - This is what you can eat during gastritis, but only very little. With any acidity it can eat only 1-2 slices. It is best to buy watermelons at the end of August or September - this is explained by the fact that farmers in the race for the early harvest do not skimp on chemicals, so the first watermelons and melons in July are simply dangerous to health. By the end of August, most of the melon crops have time to get rid of excess nitrates and pesticides, and at this time they are the most delicious and safe.

With increased acidity

You can drink juices only from sweet fruits and berries - sweet apples, cherries, figs, tomatoes, pears, peaches. Citrus juices are excluded - oranges, tangerines, pineapples, grapefruits, lemons, and also from other sour fruits - apricots, pomegranates, gooseberries, cranberries, plums, grapes. As a therapeutic folk remedy, vegetable juices help very well - cabbage and potato, they have wound-healing properties. All fruit juices should be drunk warm, at room temperature, as gastritis does cause cold drinks and food to irritate the stomach lining.

What kind of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage) can be for gastritis?

  • What kind of vegetables can you have for gastritis? You can eat ripe non-acidic tomatoes without aggravation. As for fresh cucumbers, there are two opposing views, one that they can not be categorically consumed, and the other that with a mild degree of gastritis without aggravation, peeled and grated cucumbers can be consumed. Potatoes, beets and carrots, as well as cauliflower and green peas can be consumed, but only in boiled, baked, stewed, or soufflé, mashed potatoes, puddings.
  • What kind of vegetables can not gastritis? As for cabbage, then white cabbage is not recommended for gastritis, as well as turnips, turnips, radish, onions, mushrooms, all canned, pickled and salted vegetables, especially potato products such as chips and french fries.

Can tea, coffee, chicory, chocolate with gastritis?

  • Tea - with increased acidity, you can drink weak tea with milk, high-quality green tea is especially useful.
  • Coffee - categorically you can not drink black coffee with gastritis on an empty stomach, also in large quantities, especially with increased acidity of the stomach. At low acidity, coffee or cocoa with milk is allowed, but only in limited quantities.
  • Chocolate - it is better to give up completely on this product during gastritis.
  • Chicory - A lot of contradictory information about the fact - is it possible to drink chicory during gastritis? Producers of soluble chicory convince that it is a completely safe and useful product that everyone and everyone should drink. However, the effect on the gastric mucosa is just as harmful as regular coffee. If you can not deny yourself this drink, then soften it with milk and never drink on an empty stomach. Read more about the benefits and dangers of chicory.
  • Carbonated drinks and kvass You can not drink for any gastritis of the stomach.

Can I drink beer, wine, alcohol during gastritis?

In acute gastritis or exacerbation of chronic gastritis of any kind, it is strictly forbidden to use any low-alcohol and alcoholic beverages - beer, brandy, vodka, wine, etc. Even during periods of remission, the use of alcoholic beverages in a person with gastritis causes chemical damage to an already unhealthy gastric mucosa . Alcohol provokes the production of gastric juice, namely hydrochloric acid, which damages the mucous membrane, which aggravates the inflammatory process in the stomach.

Is it possible to have seeds, nuts, honey, ginger during gastritis?

  • Nuts, sunflower seeds, beans - no types of nuts can be used during gastritis, the same applies to seeds and legumes.
  • Honey It can be used for gastritis, as it has a wound-healing property and is considered to be a fortified and useful product. However, everything is good in moderation, especially since many people may be allergic to bee products.
  • Ginger - This is a very sharp spice, which can not be used with gastritis in any form.

Is it possible to cure gastritis?

In not neglected cases, with superficial gastritis, it is possible to completely cure gastritis, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, and to observe the following strict rules, which in practice is quite a challenge:

  • Permanent diet, no dry food, fast food.
  • Meals should be 5-6 times a day, at certain hours, the last meal should be no less than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Eliminate any overeating and big breaks in eating.
  • To exclude smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Work on yourself in developing resistance to stress (stress resistance), or eliminate psycho-emotional overload.
  • Lack of physical overstrain, constantly monitor the state of the body, do not overwork, do not overwork, sleep at least 8 hours a day at night and preferably 1 hour during the day.

I die from gastritis is impossible.

You yourself are the chief doctor of your body. Besides you, no one knows what is happening with your body.
And for the doctors that we treat, we are just experiments.

Normally all bybt

how to live after that? Olya let's be friends)

Girls, everything is possible. And you can eat deliciously on a diet and cure gastritis is also possible. As a student, I ruined my stomach. It helped only the correct formulation of power.
Next jaundice. And again restored only diet. The doctor said you can if you want. But the moderate approach and the balance got it all. Sacha broke her stomach with pills, back. And immediately I had to think seriously again. And remember, you need to believe and set yourself up positively. Everything will be fine .

At first it was very hard, but now it is easier. No one except ourselves will help us!

I eat some chocolates (well, cottage cheese for breakfast). If you exclude them, then you can die at all, because nothing else climbs ...

How then to be. I'm so thin if I eat vegetables, then what remains of me.

Do not worry! On boiled potatoes, white breadcrumbs and bananas with casseroles you will not lose weight

And I really want dranik (((I'm tired of steaming food (((What do you think can be a little bit? (

I learned about bananas, now I will eat some bananas.

On bananas too long you will not sit. They are very high in calories. I tried ...

Sergey, bananas are also prohibited by diet N 5.

I eat bananas and steamed food every day for half a year and no improvement.
The only plus is that from this diet lost weight is not sickly ...)

but I have trouble at all. that I have not eaten heartburn begins !! how to live.

if heartburn is increased acidity, I also have this condition now 30 minutes before a meal I eat a spoonful of flaxseed I chew to milk in my mouth and then I wash down with a glass of water

Katenka seems to have increased acidity, I have elevated and not just chronic gastritis, but in general erosive gastropathy before and strong alcohol allowed me to be hungry, then I ate anything and even a lot of eternal heartburn of pain, frustration, that has now come to erosion, is now being treated by a doctor, and in general it is usually the cause of HELICOBACTER! Examine for Helicobacter and treat it there will be denol, omeprazole or pantoprazole and a pair of antibiotics the doctor will prescribe, exclude fatty fried sour citrus, even sour kefir do not drink ryazhenka and varenets 2.5 percent, neither sour fruit, nor sour cream or mayonnaise anything fatty and rich, neither pork nor mutton porridge only but boiled vegetables other than white, bananas after eating, apples like mashed potatoes and baked fruits after eating and non-acidic and until 5-6 pm I have not had heartburn for a long time. Butter and milk is very very small and non-fat. Try to reconsider the diet, and what to do ... With this we live, we must eat more often and properly and not at night. I wish you health.

if you wash down food with water - try to stop. After eating, drink no earlier than 30 minutes.

People! First you need to determine what kind of gastritis you have! With high or low acidity. And then pick up food.

gastritis exhausting scary, almost a year. Gastroenterology treatment does not help. I will eat on a diet, see, it can help. I already have the feeling of eating deliciously forgotten. Heartburn drugs to quench it immediately. There is no gallbladder, so also the stomach bile eats away. Increased acidity, no Helicobacter pylori. Said the nerves. They write not to be nervous, in principle, with such a diet you can work in the library, there is enough money)))

++++ It is impossible to cure, for a year now I have only been at the doctor. 10 tablets per day. Gastritis, enlarged liver, gall-eats. This I treated a sore throat, sinusitis. And it already will not cure

And I was treated for a whole month with potato juice, a rare muck. I rubbed the potatoes on a fine grater, then squeezed the juice through several layers of gauze and so 3 times a day for 30 minutes. before meals. At first it seemed that I could not drink such rubbish for a month, then I got used to it. And at first, it was so sick and sick, and after a week it was no longer sick. But so effectively, now already half a year no pain, heartburn, nausea - I recommend. Harm certainly will not.

I agree with you, I myself cured potato juice. Three years no longer worried gastritis.

Irina, how many potatoes do you need to grate at one time, and how many times a day?

And how many ml of juice was taken?

And how much juice do you need for 1 time? Tell me please.

And potato juice helps me a lot!

From 1/4 cup to 3/4 cup, add a little each time. Because At first, it will not immediately "go", and then you can have a glass))) Only zamorochisto 3 times a day, at least in the morning and evening.

With such restrictions, it is better to immediately self-immolate.

It is checked, often eat 5-6 times a day and servings no more than 150-200 grams. The main thing is not to overeat! In the morning oatmeal on water or milk + water. Liquid soups with noodles, potatoes, oatmeal, buckwheat and chicken. Nothing hot, smoked and fried. Cottage cheese with sour cream 10%, hard bread. Sensual kilograms began to leave the body, and gastritis, too! Try it.

Hello, and how much can I lose kg on this diet? I'm just so very thin

From May to late August, he was treated for gastritis and GERD. The tips are very good, and my attending gastroenterologist told me the same thing. Eliminate sour and alcohol, and in a month you will feel that you are recovering)
For nearly a month, not sick, no belching. And most importantly, I began to eat right, and I like it. ))

I can’t live like that anymore, I want to eat like all normal people, how can I not be nervous, I can’t eat anything, I don’t want to go to the store, sausages and kebabs are hunting! AAAAAAAAAA

got a stomachache, she herself understood gastritis, read it, I can refuse oilya, I can refuse from tasty foods, but I don’t drink well at all, I don’t like to take medicines, but the boiled carrot-sama relieves the pain in shock. Well, I'll be treated, I have a deposit here sweet, who wants. ))))))

From surface gastritis no rest for several years. All because of the nerves. More and rashes on the face appeared. Helicobacter detected for the second time. After getting into the hospital, decided that we need drastic measures. I do not smoke, do not drink. Today I start to drink medicine and strictly follow a diet. I hope for recovery.

Galina, and give me a sweet to destroy, I will avenge him for you! Do you live far away ??
I climbed into this topic because my son (25 years old) got the same sore, now she cannot work because of nausea (he repairs the car, and there it stinks with gasoline, solarium, nothing to breathe!). А у меня другой проблематос, я наоборот из-за нервов похудеть не могу, сказали гормон стресса блокирует расщепление жиров снизился иммунитет, помогает пока только одно лекарство и то к сожалению временно — это СЛАДОСТИ! Вот такая ирония судьбы у нас с вами….

Да, диета очень важна. У меня дикие обострения хр.гастрита. Лекарства и правильное питание обязательны. Стараюсь кушать как здесь написано, но как любой человек срываюсь. Поверьте мне, если очень скрутит еще больших ограничений придется придерживаться: исключить мясо, мясные бульоны, сыр, чай, всю кисломолочку, молоко только разбавленное. To eat pureed vegetarian soups on sweet vegetables (cauliflower, potatoes, carrots), porridge on water with milk, yesterday's white bread, herbal teas are not strong, then steam meat and fish souffle. Very hard, but nowhere to go. Minus-lose weight much. I managed to eat differently. Do not repeat mistakes, treat.

how to be with smoking.

Yes, smoking ... it's hard with him. Two days were taken away in an ambulance, well, a drop got better, and thoughts about smoking

I die than sit on a diet.

Heartburn has plagued over the years. I've been on a diet for two weeks now. And it is even worse. In the morning right. Do you just drink water?

when heartburn, chew a little, on the tip of a teaspoon, calamus root!

How much is one portion of food for superficial gastritis? 100-150gr is the norm?
if we allow to eat 150g of porridge and drink a glass of tea is it permissible? I immediately become a feeling of overeating.
How to check the acidity of the stomach? hoses I can not swallow.

Myron: Do not be afraid to swallow the hoses. If you are very afraid, you can ask to do it under anesthesia. You won't feel anything at all. But I swallowed the hose, just had a sharp urge to vomit. And so quite tolerant. And this is not a long time - only 10 minutes.

always loved sweets and coffee, then discovered gastritis with high acidity. I had to part with everything. “Full awareness of the situation + diet + medications” (for me in exactly this order). I forgot what meatballs, fried potatoes, chops and a cup of coffee with candy, and without this I have been living for a year! do not be afraid to swallow the gut - it's not as scary as it is described! when stomach pains and nervous tension were brought to the wall from this — she was ready for any analysis and any diet! the main thing is to make it easier!

I do not understand that you are all suffering. I began to live in chocolate. It is not necessary to go to school, the duck is not greasy, apples baked with honey, cheese cakes, steamed burgers, cereals (I already have milk). You lie, you play on the iPad, you watch the telly. All is well….
Only the drugs got out, although I was already accustomed to swallow the tube - you just need to quickly move it and LIVE HUMBLING.

Baby, this is your mommy's getting ready. And when you work from morning to evening, no one will bake apples at work.

With a head like? what kind of chocolate? there is nothing good when gastritis is better to go to school or college but to go healthy!

Of course it is nice when you are prepared for pickles on a diet and quite another when eating all your life as you like, and now you have to invent something incredible for yourself on a diet and cook it for hours at the stove. In addition to oatmeal with milk, everything else in the diet is fresh and not tasty, you just force yourself to eat. Awareness of sitting on this diet is very morally demanding - as if you are thrown out of life, you can not eat anything tasty, while everyone around you continues to enjoy food. How to develop stress resistance in such a situation? Just the opposite. I have only a superficial gastritis, a month, but I cannot even cure it, I still do not understand what to eat, except for rice, potatoes and other fresh dishes, almost diarrhea. This will not wish anyone.

I read the comments and rzhu. Stopud most fat and eat everything) Eat right! And better go to vegetarianism and forget about the problems with digestion forever!

It is interesting that you all bent under the zhirdyev ... I have been eating properly for ten years now and I’ve lost my way, rest, barbecue ... It was 50kg, it became 47kg ... And I’m not happy about it (hard diet, pain ... And I want sweets, meat ... Food improves mood , and here there are some disorders, thanks to the organism thanks ... It’s sad that ... Gastritis ...

vegetarianism is greens and greens are not allowed during gastritis

Denis, on vegetarianism there are also quite a few pitfalls) Even on veganism. Here it is a matter of proper nutrition (vegan-raw food, if taken in full, my opinion). And proper nutrition is nutrition with a head. Everywhere knowledge, analysis and moderation are needed, without fanaticism.

Denis! about veganism you, of course, bent, most fruits and berries contain a slaughter amount of sugar, nuts and mushrooms are poorly and long digested, with vegetables is also not so simple. A fatty)) hehe most likely it is) only lazy, weak fatty people will complain about the diet ..))

Why are you all wrong use the word "zherdyay"? From the word "pole" - skinny means! Read Dahl! And these weakly aching - just fat!

For example, I also suffer, sitting on such a diet, it is very difficult to follow it. Eat a little, ailments appear, besides, you lose weight when so you weigh 44 kg ...

Here you go. We all understand each other here. All good health!
Interested in how to bring it to remission. In fact, just what you eat and everything ...

before, the only pleasure you could get from eating was not to sleep, a university from 8 to 8 ... you were eating chops from the frying pan at 12 at night, I ate some sweets, washed down with strong tea - happy-happy you learn more ... and what now t_t

I got sick with gastritis after eating the products of the Auchan store every day, so that they, like me, tormented bast-eyed bastards and crooked souls. for three months now I have been suffering a little bit before dystrophy, but then I began to eat the truth, not quite on a diet, I even recovered. But the New Year holidays brought down my stomach again, and I did not eat either mayonnaise or fried or sweet, but only ate mashed potatoes because of it increased acidity and the stomach stopped working - the potato purchased cannot be eaten all over. Now I am eating chicken broth with bread and cooking oatmeal jelly. And finally, I will say when I was invited to visit the new year, I went unnecessarily every year, came with my food in a container and you know everything at me was staring at the table and the owner of the house kept telling me to try my food nobody listened about the disease. The verdict is that people don’t listen to other people even in small things until they get sick, my girlfriend started having problems with the stomach after the new year and I know which table I will prepare for her when I invite her for my birthday in February, I hope she will understand me and the future will always listen to the requests of others.

... right! Until she gets sick, she will not understand! The most important thing is not to pass on ... to keep to the norm! This disease will teach you how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Yes ... I am not the only one who suffers with a stomach .. I have been sick for 4 years already. I swallowed the tube as if I were alive .. What I didn’t try ... I saw a lot of medications - it helped me a lot, and the last thing was without any sense. And in the hospital, and at home I was digging up with expensive drugs, went to a vaunted gastroenterologist — my last hope was — and all to no avail .. The most offensive thing is that I constantly sit on a diet — I restrict myself in everything, but I have to admit some trifle (from food, Big break between receptions food, and then a little eating too much, because hungry), and all-on sled.den country I have been provided with .. I have concluded that no one but myself will help me, and therefore it is necessary to not even allow these trifles ... It seems to me that only a diet can help me, provided I do not allow any irritating factors for the stomach. The only thing that I feel helps - Chamomile (at least 10 days in a row) and preferably not packaged. I WANT TO CERTIFIED. Tired of suffering .. God help me and everyone who suffers as well .. I wish everyone good health is happiness.

Academician Ugolev "Theory of Adequate Nutrition," information about which is hushed up by doctors. I advise everyone to see and when you are cured, tell everyone who is suffering!

Try to treat gastritis with propolis tincture. It helps. The recipe will find: A method for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori gastric and duodenal diseases. If this recipe is complicated, then you can add propolis tincture of 20 drops per cup of water or warm milk. 40 minutes before meals 3p day. On the Internet, all the recipes are.

fatty lazy people say, just, I am 150 cm tall and weight 35-38 hk has always been, it is very difficult to recover, but I lose weight quickly, and now, chronic gastritis and diet, I will die on it, on this diet, besides much of the diet I can not eat, it does not go to me, and you say lazy fat, sad ((((

As I understand Olga, I also weigh 40 kg with height 160 and I can not get better because of gastritis too. And I eat right, I do not eat any nastiness at all. That's what it is for? Why do others eat even nails and nothing for them. Chips are called a useful food and their stomachs do not hurt. And even from bananas I can feel bad, stomach pains and nausea are sometimes so severe. Is there no escape from him?

You also have to go on a diet ... = (I found recipes of all kinds of “gastritic” dishes in nete. Some even look quite tasty = -) I will hope that it will be so.
But just do, of course, hard. Well, at least I love snotty oatmeal, and that pleases =)

6 years ago I treated the ulcer 12p. A month later, I ate like normal people. And now caught gastritis. 2 months aches and sore. 2 months I sit on a rigid diet. I do not drink or smoke. Snotty oatmeal and jelly are the best dessert)). OMEZ saw. To one place. She lost 6 kg. Daily pain is very morally exhausting!
Ran the other day to "swallow the gut." For 6 years, the procedure has become less nasty, the equipment is better. Well, actually there is no such terrible thing, lie to yourself and breathe deeply thinking about the beautiful)) In general, superficial gastritis, several small erosions and Helicobacter. Well, why is it so painful?
Prescribed treatment with seeds and oil of flax, quamatel, motilium, borjomi and diet. Today is the third day. It is easier only after snot flax seeds.
And so a colleague brought chocolate with nuts. Favourite. I could not resist and ate 3 dice. Now I sit with heartburn.
Friends in misfortune, I beg you, do not give in to temptations! any forbidden food gets out sideways!
I wish you all to quickly return to normal and finally eat delicious!

Here I do not agree with Denis. Gastritis often affects people of normal normal weight. At least I just met those. My parents were sick. Both are completely slender people. I, too, have never been overweight. 53kg my standard weight is 163cm tall.
Often this is a hereditary predisposition, poor nutrition in student (school) years, love in spicy and fatty foods on an empty stomach or at night (even in small portions).
Sat in line to the doctor. Next aunt kilo 150 and her husband - a thin little muzhik. Guess who has gastritis? HUSBAND)))

I am not always fat. Relatively always eating well: wholesome food. Chronic gastritis at 20 years old. Yes, I liked to drink (as you understand youth, do not confuse with alcoholics, who eat every day / week). I smoke, but not much. interesting, no burping, no bloating, vomiting, heartburn. Only when I do not eat the stomach for a long time (but it will be healthy). I went to be checked, as they say for the company. And you have superficial chronic gastritis. What is it all about? Do I have to eat like this all my life now? Or is it possible in remission?

I have about 15 years ago, gastritis was terrible. Even the consciousness lost from pain. It was scary. I do not remember how I learned this recipe: burdock root (honey can also be) insisted on vodka (or alcohol) for 7-14 days. Saw on 1 st.lozhku morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. Itself did not expect, to be honest, but forgot for many years about this sore. And now I suffer again. I have lingering stress. Put again this tincture. I will drink.

Lyudmila, and you can learn more about burdock root and honey, how much and where to insist on the sun or in a dark place! Thank!

I've read that with high acidity it is very useful to drink goat's milk, who can tell if this is true or not!

It does not matter goat or cow, milk quenches acid, that's useful.

Goat's milk is much healthier than cow's!

Not people, but limp vegetables. Any healthy diet, and so excludes almost everything that is forbidden with gastritis (minus perhaps citrus, some vegetables and dairy). You can always find a useful substitute for unhealthy favorite food. Yes, you will have to stand at the plate - this is longer than in the queue for dumplings. But if you are a lazy seal, then the flag is in your hands.

Why be rude? Rudeness, a girl - a sign that your attic is poorly furnished, and this is neither a diet nor the right way of life is treated. Proper nutrition does not imply such restrictions as the diet for gastritis, especially in chronic and with high acidity. So that you, before people to find fault, ask the subject to be a better subject, and then give a voice, if there is something to be said on the merits.

He began to be treated with the juice of potatoes, because of the aggravation. Thanks for the advice

I do not agree that only lazy people complain. I have 5 workouts per week + healthy food. It was not pleasant and very unexpected to get acute gastritis due to taking antibiotics and other medicines. And all because of a sore throat. This diet is not suitable for sports, (taking antibiotics for another 6 days does not improve the condition. Just drop your hands. If you follow the diet + treatment, how much can you regain?

Such a tough diet should be followed during the period of exacerbation, and during the period of remission Pts can do a lot of things ... you don’t need to perceive everything literally ... and when the exacerbation has passed you have to wait another couple of months so that the digestive tract functions ... it is better to go to the sanatorium in this direction ... or just find out what kind of mineral water contributes to your recovery ... And forget about your Gastritis ... you can eat almost everything but not much ... .. well, of course, it’s impossible to get very sharp and fat ... try to eat healthy ... this is not good Only for your gastritis but also for the whole organism ...

Diana, a couple of months after adequate treatment should be enough .. but the load is generally not desirable)

I read the comments and you can see immediately whom the pretense is seriously, they immediately quit drinking and smoking and diets. The percentages of 90% who wrote here will bring themselves to chronic gastritis with lifelong treatment and diet, and some even get to the ulcer. And only one out of a hundred, if not one in a thousand can cope with this disease, only the one who loves Himself more than the opinions of those around smokers and drinkers and for which nothing hurts for the time being. Believe with gastritis only a STRONG MAN can cope.

We must not lose heart, make efforts and, most importantly, become better and kinder! Love and faith heals everything! "What are your thoughts, so is life" Archimandrite Thaddeus

And I'm already tired of eating by the clock. If I’m lingering somewhere, I’m getting nervous that we don’t sing in time. Eating every 2-3 hours, if you work or have a small child, is unrealistic. Yes, even annoying that you need to cook yourself separately. The husband will not eat unleavened food. I go to the eternal thoughts about food and gastritis. Already more than two months.

Gastritis is a disaster. I am not lazy and do not suffer from completeness, rather thin. I have gastritis, my husband is allergic to gluten. I spend half a day in the kitchen because I have to cook several dishes at once, and again I don’t want the same for weeks. And for my husband, I also bake bread because the fact that the store sells gluten-free, just disgusting to taste. Madly in love berries, fruits and chocolate. I gave up everything, but there is no result yet. A little break between meals and immediately heartburn. The doctor says, all this is the result of antibiotic treatment in childhood.

I agree - health problems are a disaster. Thank God I am already in adulthood and can philosophize on the topic. 🙂 Otherwise, the soul nasty. I really love sweets - I did it. The problem is different. I'm allergic to gastritis. I take antihistamines for a long time. Because of them, the libido fell asleep .... This is a tragedy. And maybe from this pepous food libido is generally dying? Sometimes I sin with a good glass of high-quality vodka or whiskey, brandy. Then the libido head raises :). I would like to know how others in this topic to the opposite sex? It is clear that when it hurts - there is no love for carnal love ... And in the periods of improvement, how? At least some joy of life should remain the same? 🙂

That's for sure!) I, too, started having problems with libido with these diets) I am not alone) rather, it is because of my experiences, gastritis is mainly due to nerves.

For half a year already, the forest has a surface gastritis, there are no results, only everything hurts more! I myself have 40 kilograms of bones, and there’s also nothing really ... I have lost weight very much and now I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid only one thing like an anesthetic gastritis did not.

I really want to help you and everyone who suffers from my experience. In 1996, I defeated a stomach ulcer. Now I conquer atrophic gastritis. The main thing is to know my acidity! And only then it will be treated otherwise there will be no benefit. I have a low acidity. Eating everything that is sour helps me — these are lemons, sour berries: lingonberries, cherries, viburnum, etc. The stomach does not produce acid and needs to be helped. Before eating for 15 minutes Eat berries or juice from them. Or herbs that increase acidity. Nutrition for lowered strictly for low acidity .. If acidity is increased, then vice versa. With high acidity it is easier, then milk will help to reduce it. And the diet is strictly for high acidity. All milk porridge , meat, vegetables. soups, etc.

Friends are assuming the drowning business of the hands of the drowning people. I wish everyone to recover faster.

Dear gastritis running down! One diet and drugs is not enough. Something we do not digest in this life, and therefore gastritis. So I have the same. We must work on ourselves and change our attitude towards the life around us. What I try to do. All health!

война у нас….потому и гастриты у всех……как можно в такой ситуации "работать над собой" ?

Рекомендую заменить обычный чай на ромашковый! 3 раза в день.

Ха….два месяца они болеют, я уже девять месяцев в себя придти не могу, вернуть бы начало болезни сейчас я бы поступила по другому….но увы и ах(((( По началу мне ставили панкреатит и лечили от него, говорили питание по диете 5,ну я и питалась только легче мне не становилось. Then I decided to retake the FGDs from another doctor, he then found my gastroduodenitis and reflux, a lot of bile in my stomach (I have no gall). The diagnosis of pancreatitis was dropped. And now, having read in the internet about gastroduodenitis, I understand how it was necessary to eat before. It is very hard when everyone eats around, feasts, holidays, and you just sit and look like a fool, you expire with saliva. Well, naturally, I have a breakdown (when nothing hurts and a good mood is difficult to hold), but the pain does not take long to wait. Yes, and the weight is terribly annoying, you get up on the scales and there less and less ((((soon the wind will blow.
P.S. I want to recommend such a drug as de-nol, I only feel better from him + instead of omez is better than an emaner. If nausea and stomach does not work - motilak. And I really liked the trimedat. Good luck everyone.

It seems like the same diet that with gastritis that with pancreatitis. And what would you change?

I drink De-nol, trimedat, parite, Almagel. Diet. Everything is equal in the mouth acid.

It’s almost impossible to cure. I live with this. Eat everything and you will be happy) just kidding) keep healthy lifestyle, do not overload and get enough sleep, it will become much easier) good luck to you) is not an easy task)

and I will say a very very big thank you to those who have painted everything that can and cannot be. The point is that if we are ill, then we can’t go anywhere, but you shouldn’t waste time and exclude certain products by your own checks, and everything is clear and you think yes, really, I did it, or here I was, and I didn’t know what caused the aggravation to be what was impossible. And on many websites, in two words, you cannot do one or two names and it can be one or two. Thank you. Thank you. And it's not true that someone writes everything is impossible, you just did not read carefully, we can about almost everything but interchangeably, for example, whole fruit-baked steamed, fried-steamed, baked and other sour sweets and vice versa, but read on other sites — no apples, no meat, no tea, no tomatoes, and not ate them and everything was fine, they write like that where everything is impossible, this is fear. good health to all good people

Juice or tincture of plantain actively heal stomach wounds! Take 6 times a day for a teaspoon 20 minutes before each meal)

It helps propolis or tincture on it. It is IMPORTANT to know what acidity! if it is very low, then the effect of the treatment will be very weak, and it is generally possible to damage the antibiotics, as there is not enough acid to break the medication! therefore, fruit and tea with lemon ... a very difficult version of gastritis 12 perstny with throwing bile into the stomach with low acidity - of course, without a diet it is not much ... but first tests! what percentage of helicobacter? endoscopy, acidity in order to properly approach the treatment .... and after the period of treatment also do more tests ... God help everyone, do not be discouraged who the believer is asking for help ...

Fu guys and whining how much. How to understand this “I’ve got used to something else and I can’t eat it”, if this “favorite” food has led you to this route, change it or crawl on silently. But there is another reason, NERVES. It is more difficult with this, but you can still cope. The main thing is not to swim back, but to row, if you want to go somewhere, of course. It is necessary to live in order to live, and not to exist.

And I still have the rules for now .. only I had to give up the sweet, and I sit, fruit purees and apple juice, I drink and milk (this is all Fruto Nanny) And I can not go to school, but I still go, I need to learn) But sometimes I miss, because it's just too lazy to go and the pain is terrible .. But for now I’m holding on, I hope I’ll live on baby food ^^ By the way, from my baby food, everything starts to go through

Irina, and how many potatoes are needed to be grated, otherwise I can’t bite straight) You know gastritis is a tin of what pain and the main thing in the night hurts terribly (((

I also suffer from gastritis, but I eat normally who told you that you need to eat a little. Do not overeat 3k calories 100 proteins 400 carbohydrates 100 calories calories and eat skillets I live with gastritis 3 years old hell but not thin and not thin, just constipation and bloating you can live. I will go to a normal gastroenterologist. I can go che can advise

Hello, I, too, gastritis have ways to cure forever

Normal, such a diet. The main thing to be able to cook it all deliciously, "The book about tasty and healthy food to help you." Remember the hospital food. Not a single gram of excess. Ketki with steamer steamed, melted in the mouth, light soups and dried fruit compote! Just a fairy tale! It's time to go back to this diet.

Now I’ll say a terrible thing, three things help me in the aggravation stage:
1) cognac + sweet juice
2) red wine + Essentuki 4
3) just Essentuki 4.
no mezimes, festivals, almagels, noshpy - do not relieve pain.
this is a paradox, alcohol burns the insides - and the pain goes away. Told doctors - one believed.
DZ: superficial gastritis. duodenitis. acidity is not checked - but I smell it - increased.
and ... well, from the harmless - kefir.
what is the logic ...

little advice: with FGDs, breathe very deeply, slowly and rhythmically, without getting lost - the doctor taught - in general, there is no negative from the procedure. quite tolerant. before that, she suffered from nausea, tremor and cold sweat.
but ... best of all. ask for this execution under general anesthesia. conduct. and under this case - take a colonoscopy - kill two birds with one stone. Check guts.
IBO COLONOSCOPY - that's it for live - the living will envy the dead. held in the hospital volunteered (FGDS rests). and under the general at a time - everything is wonderful both EGD and colonos (only to get you home after the general was taken).
if enemas are prescribed before a colonoscopy, send it boldly and take Fortrans (the number of packets depends on the weight of the victim) ... it tastes like a rehydron. but it comfortably cleans everything up to clear water in a couple of hours. it is better to suck 3 liters of water through the mouth, the effect is better, and more comfortable.
Good luck to everyone, patients. health!
I will climb on the wall. again nothing helps. and neither wine nor cognac - I do not want.
I will endure!

Mezim, festal - drugs krionovye, tobishch only for the pancreas (in essence, it is an enzyme that it produces). Almagel - absorbent (removes toxins). Noshpa - antispasmodic (with gastritis will not help).
Try them instead - Ranitydin (I always helped me, literally 15-30 minutes after application at the moments of exacerbation with pain).
And a strict diet for 2 weeks, steaming flax seed for half an hour and drink. And ofsyanska without salt and oil purely zhizha slime))))

Read about the goat milk treatment .. I will try .. I hope to help.

Hello everybody! I also have a diagnosis of chronic superficial gastritis ...., BUT ...., the pains themselves, ugh, ugh, ugh, do not bother much, but the rash on the body (not on the face) is simply terrible, just eat something wrong hour a couple of huge plaques on the arm or leg, as if the midge bit her! Five days heal, the plaques are huge, cm 10-15 in diameter, it hurts and itches terribly: (here, too, the question interests you; now you will always have to follow a diet, or only temporarily, and then at least occasionally I can afford sweets and alcohol.

I think this is not from gastritis, but an allergy to something. I had this on a new washcloth, did an injection in the hospital and everything went away. It's just that it is very dangerous; severe edema can happen.
You'd better go to the doctor!

Horror. Superficial gastritis - when it started, choked, there was a lump in my throat, I stopped eating in general, got better first, then sharply worse. A lump of air settled in the throat, sometimes it came out with a belch, and then accumulated again. I went to the doctors for a long time, did tests, checked the thyroid gland, then checked the stomach, as a result - superficial gastritis and Helicobacter. The stomach does not hurt, but constantly belching (which is also a lump "stuck" in the throat). If you eat a little, the belching passes by the air and it is easy, without interfering, if you eat at least a third of your usual portion or drink after a meal - there will be a reflux. Got the habit of chewing everything carefully.
Began to increase portions, it became a little worse. Deviation from diet is also fraught with consequences. Now I eat literally a couple of spoons at a time, stretching the plate for the whole day. It seems like doctors are allowed to eat a lot of things, but oatmeal is best (in terms of well-being). With active physical activity, by the way, I can not remember for hours.
Compared with what was in the period of exacerbation - heaven and earth, I had already written a testament then), but still inconvenient. It is especially difficult to fall asleep, if not eating before bedtime - there will be a lump in the throat, and if you eat - reflux and fear of choking. Often mild heartburn. As a result, I drink milk at night. Compared to what was before the disease, there is little pleasant, but the desire to die no longer arises.
In general, I would know what it is - I would eat normally. On the other hand, parents once were also diagnosed with gastritis, they calmly eat everything and do not suffer from the symptoms.

Hello to all! Gastritis is certainly a problem for life. But enough to learn to live with him, and you can never notice this disease. There are simple recipes for a happy life with gastritis. You can not eat fatty, sour, highly salty, limit soda and alcoholic beverages, fresh juices on an empty stomach. In general, everything that is inherently harmful. It is advisable to eat healthy, closer to fresh food. Lead a healthy lifestyle, walk in the fresh air, exercise is mandatory! In short, the sun, air and water are our best friends. By the way at the expense of water, mineral water is recommended to drink. And a certain composition, because people with hyperacidity suffer from gastritis, then they are recommended to drink it, bicarbonate water. I have long been with them and a healthy lifestyle! Mood and feeling great!

Hi everyone, he suffered from gastritis for 2 years until he started eating a little and often and at the same time) everything went smoothly and constipation took place. I understood they were from overeating ...
Yes, and these diets are too steep brute ... I only felt better when I started eating little and often and the main thing was that at the same time, and I eat fried patties (well, without a coarse crust) chicken without skin and everything is fine, no puree soups and the like. garbage never ate and everything is fine. I do not think that these very strict diets solve something. Just do not eat a lot and preferably not on sunflower oil .. Well, what about fried, etc. I think everyone does not want anything better. Cleaning the intestines every month is a must! I cleaned with salt water after no acne for a month. Good luck to everyone ..

Hello dear friends ... of course I understand everyone because I have the same garbage. For the past 4 year I have gastritis. 2 times passed Fgds, of course it is not very pleasant, but it is worth enduring. I have erosive gastritis, I just do not eat fatty, very fried, strong salty. Only in spring and autumn there are aggravations, at this time I drink mineral waters to release completely gas, and instead of ordinary water, everything is fine. The most important thing is Dita

I have not heard about the treatment with snails. I already know three of them recovered so

I have chronic gastritis, I am 23.Koshmar simply. Begin to follow a diet, today is the 2nd day only, barely holding on. I really want cutlets, hot dogs, chocolate, cheese and pickles, but I can’t stop you .... I can't stop smoking, tearing. How to get rid of?

Why do they say that lazy people cannot be cured?) On the contrary, it is almost not necessary to cook to eat) to put my husband on cereals) removed bile a year ago, I sat on a diet for a couple of months, then I ate almost everything (except fat, spicy, salty) and shish kebab ate not fatty pieces. Then stress nerves three sore throats for three months and everything has become aggravated. I love these diets) I am a bummer). The endoscopist doctor always says that gastritis from the nerves, always recommends drinking soothingly how the exacerbation begins. Potato juice helps (my sister treated them with an ulcer), chamomile tea helps me a lot. I do not often stop heartburn with just any medication. It used to be endlessly, for several years, every day because of all that I eat, I ruled out greasy baking, everything went slowly. And you can eat everything. I already did not like much fried and salty and spicy. The most uncomfortable is 5-6 times a day. There is not always an opportunity. I drink water, I can drink drinking yoghurt, but I dilute it with water 1: 1 for me it is rather heavy in the period of exacerbation. It is advised to drink oatmeal pudding, I have not cooked it yet, it's a chore like that)

I have gastritis with pains in the stomach and abdomen. Specifically grabbed after sauerkraut and Pepsi. And besides, frequent digestive disorders. If not every day, then every other day for sure. What I do not eat, then to the toilet. I read different diets. On the subject of what you can eat and what not. Alas, almost no effect. I do not know who wrote that it is possible that, and another, and the third - all nonsense. These hacks with gastritis did not hurt. Special mineral water is also ineffective. In general, during the month I tried to adhere to two modes (rest and my own food) and drank sea buckthorn oil. Feeling well, I will say that I am healthy by 98%. The remaining 1-2% clear for the month will not pull up. Who needs more - write super100x gav soap ru

Digestive problems that you do not eat - in the toilet. Talking about pancreatitis or cholecysto-pancreatitis.

Hello everyone! I, like you, are no exception and got caught in the network of this diagnosis! Yes, it is hard, but what to do, you want to live, you have to be patient, and you have to keep diets and a healthy lifestyle in general. You must stop smoking and drinking alcohol, if you cannot, it doesn’t really hurt, wait for the worst, maybe you can quit the second time! And the main mood is that you will succeed! Afterwards, recovery is sure to come, and here, too, the main thing is not to break down, but then I eat food like all normal people and chips and kebabs, though very rarely! But the realization that you can eat all gives strength. And you know, you get used to this kind of food and even start to like it, honestly! Rejoice that you will spend the rest of your years with benefit for the whole organism, because if you have not forgotten we have many other organs besides the stomach that will fail, if you do not slow down and tell the feet of everything harmful! You look at others from the side and envy that they can do everything, but I’m flawed, but you don’t know that this trouble will come to any people who do not observe the correct regime, it’s just a matter of time for you to be in 20 years, to another in 27 , you, too, not so long ago ate fried meatballs, fries, colas and chips! All patience and good luck!

I'm 25, hr behind. gastroedenitis hr. cholecysto-pancreatitis.
I live with gastritis without giving up smoking, gastritis has not been for 4 years already pah-pah. What does it have to do with smoking? Proper nutrition, stress resistance - that's what matters. You can relax by working))) To each his own.

Gastritis did not torture 16 years) a month for Toshchak saw homemade sea buckthorn oil 1 tbsp. l now, as I later ate as I wanted an exacerbation, now I will heal for a week and again I will undergo an oil course) my grandfather taught him his stomach ulcer had been his whole life.

it is easy to quit smoking! 1 tablespoon of soda per 1 cup of boiling water, cool, rinse your mouth for 15 seconds each time before you smoke! In 3 days, the craving for smoking will disappear!

Good night ... as you can see the second hour of the night. I don’t sleep. Sadness of the pain. And yesterday and seg tried to swallow this same hose. I can’t! 10 years ago this topic was with gastritis in me. The history repeats itself. I think I have an ulcer for sure. But I can't eat. Immediately, the pain is unbearable. The drugs, too, have lost their significance for me.

I wrote below how I was cured. I haven't slept for weeks ... try it. I am sure that will help

Those who can not refuse for the sake of their own health from their favorite products - addicts!

Do not drink 10 tablets per day - pills, doctors, medicine - in order to treat the symptoms, and not the disease itself.

To recover from any disease fasting enough on juices, read books about it.

Yes, I agree, to drink some pills is not an option. Also superficial gastritis + was Helicobacter. Saw antibiotics and a bunch of pills. Helicobacter gastritis caught off, but it was not there. A month had not passed since I began to get cold, then one thing, then another ... .. After taking antibiotics, Inunnett weakened. I caught a cold that I had to take antibiotics again. In the end, they irritated the stomach and that it began to hurt again (((we treat one another with a kalena .... To everyone of great health))))

I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis and pancreatitis (it’s not at all clear why I suddenly took it). I see a lot of advantages so far: if I used to try by force of will not to eat chocolates and all sorts of rubbish (I followed the figure), now it is easier than ever (except for cookies), because I immediately remember how I was in the hospital. Previously, it was difficult to refuse alcohol at a party, but now you say that you are too sick and you are not allowed, and everyone immediately falls behind with the proposals. I love cereals on the water, I don’t use spices for a long time (even salt), and the food doesn’t seem fresh, not a drop.
The only negative is that the stomach hurts if you eat unprocessed vegetables and fruits, and also that you can not beans

Yes, the same problem for 2 years now I suffer gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis, I lie here in inpatient treatment. Один вам мои совет это нужно для начало прокапатся как станет легче не радуйтесь что все нужно содится на диету если ижога то омез и пейте семена Лена с кифиром далее желательно купить эрбифид это лако и бифида бактерии. Всем здоровья.

Не знаю, что за проблемы у всех, я уже 1,5 месяца сижу на овсяной диете, чувствую себя отлично. Поверхностный гастрит, кажется, прошел уже, но я просто хочу уж похудеть тогда. Сбросила уже 8 кг за 5 недель, еще 12-14 осталось и буду 52 кг, как 5 лет назад, до родов. Ем овсянку 3-5 раз в день, на воде, без соли и сахара. Обязательно на завтрак и ужин. For late dinner - yogurt or kefir. At lunch - oatmeal / buckwheat / semolina. A day I eat 1-2 soft-boiled eggs, steamed chicken chops, 3-4 sandwiches from dried bread and butter. I drink all day herbal teas - chamomile, St. John's wort, wild rose, compotes diluted with water.

Wow oatmeal diet ... "I eat 1-2 soft-boiled eggs a day, steamed chicken chops, 3-4 sandwiches from dried bread with butter." - this is not a diet. Diet - when 3 times a day porridge and tea, and nothing more.

Guys, I don’t know some of my advice here, but I recommend trying to drink the juice of raw potatoes. (3 p. Per day, before meals, within a week or two) Well, just clean, wipe, squeeze, you can use gauze. Little pleasant of course, the first time it is better to drink in the bathroom for example. Plus-quickly helps, it starts to get better either by the end of the first day or by the end of the second

Apparently gastritis also worsened, the stomach began to ache constantly. A week later, she bought the medicines Ulkavis (De Nol) and Omeprazole, Almagel (as an anesthetic), drank a week + diets (porridge, chicken broth and boiled chicken. There was dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, complete impotence from the medications. I went to work and returned almost crawling, and immediately cut down on the bed and sleep. I quit taking these medicines after reading side effects. I switched to potato juice in the morning and carrot for the night + all the same oatmeal porridge on the water (without any sweets! And without salt I heal probably 3 weeks It seems a little better, but not yet breaking the diet. He eats a sweet persimmon. It helps me a lot. Bananas are not bad either. Boiled potatoes with sunflower oil began to eat, carrots, boiled beets, lazy dumplings with strawberry jam. A lot of things can be eaten. it is not possible to bake the stomach less.It is not fried, but boiled chicken and fish. I take Fistal after eating 1-2 times a day. But I prescribed everything to myself, I wasn’t checked by a doctor and I didn’t swallow the tube. Tablets might have helped, but I gave them up to take them from feeling sick from them. The principle of treatment is probably the same, a lot of climbing on the Internet - I was looking for treatment. But the main thing is to understand this diet. And Potato Juice helps me. He should drink 3p per day. I can not 3p, only one. And with a break of 10 days. 10 drink-10 break. You can drink carrot. And so in 3 calls. Maybe someone will help. Recover!

Basically the problem of gastritis is nerves. My wife and I moved to another city, I had gastritis, and my wife stopped turning her legs. It is necessary to change in your life that which oppresses you.

Meat broths for gastritis are contraindicated! And then some people write: I eat chicken broth ...
And the second. The increased or decreased acidity is not interesting for modern gastroenterologists. because it is not very informative: the acidity of a person suffering from stomach diseases can be reduced at the moment, and increased in an hour. Those. changing constantly. Therefore, do not determine this acidity now.

Ugh, this diet, as I recall, so tremble. I also prescribed flax jelly without salt and sugar, brr. It seems to be a little better on her, but she still does not cure to the end ... From childhood she was a painful child, gastritis from school, constant nausea - from the morning, before food and after food, pain. Then there is inflammation of the gall, then pancreatitis - and this is by the age of 20. Following anemia, hemoglobin did not rise above 70. Permanent acute respiratory infections, SARS, etc. Then cough, even after 2 years they put asthma of unexplained genesis. I could not go up to the 2nd floor, ride in transport (smells!), Go out into the street. Drugs, drugs ... that did not cure, but gave side. She decided to go vegetarian because of despair, because a friend of my mother told her that he had managed to get rid of asthma. I didn’t really believe it, but it seemed there was nothing to lose. And now I remember it as a nightmare. A month later, without animal products, it became easier to breathe, after 3 - the attacks practically ceased. Another year I was carrying a can with me, then the expiration date was out and I threw it away. For 4 years, I never bothered the stomach, pancreatitis was gone, inflammation of the gall, too. Very worried about hemoglobin, regularly donating blood for control. Hemoglobin 138! During these 4 years, the ARI was ill twice, and then everything went away for a couple of days. I go to Pilates, I can run and no longer suffocate. It turned out that in addition to meat there are a lot of delicious dishes, we just are not accustomed to such recipes. Baking without eggs is not a problem, homemade mayonnaise is even better than shoplifting, and there are so many vegetables, fruits, greens, grains and berries that you won't be hungry. Honestly, I do not know how it works. But suddenly, someone in despair, too, will dare to try, as I did when my mother’s friend told his story, and this will help someone too. The only drawback is that when the stomach recovered, it became a little more than gaining weight.

I also had gastritis when I stopped eating meat and fish. I was 30 then, 23 years ago. Dairy and eggs continued to eat. Now and they do not eat, and in general, in syromonoedeniya. What makes you so keen on these kebabs, meatballs? Nervousness - also from meat: an excess of hormones - hence the inadequacy of reactions, plus the fact that the subconscious "knows" that you are participating in the massacres of unfortunate animals, enjoying their flesh.
The action of meat is narcotic. With the refusal of it, the first time can be "bad" (as a drug addict without a drug). It is necessary to wait out this period of restructuring of the body, sometimes by allowing yourself some fish or chicken to “break up”. And then the desire for meat passes, especially if you are consciously striving for it. And many diseases will go along with it. Already gastritis - that's for sure, I have already met many reports about this from vegetarians. Look for another tasty food besides meat and fish, such food is really very much! At the same time and cruelty on Earth will be less.

And I do not eat meat for 35 years, fish rarely, eggs, if only somewhere in a casserole, and gastroduodenitis for 15 years). So it is not only from meat. Fried, "not healthy", alcohol - all is not mine. Of course, it’s okay on poppy seeds, but really I want Salad.

1kg of onions and 1kg of sugar. cook for about 25 minutes to light brown. Take omeprazole capsule and a teaspoon of onion jam every morning one hour before meals. Onion, of course, finely chopped onion (not bitter) ... fall asleep sugar ... wait about 10 minutes for the onion to start the juice and cook, stirring for about half an hour over low heat until light brown mass is obtained. After cooling, pour in a jar and store in the refrigerator. The course of treatment is 20 days. It helped me a lot ... there is one contraindication: if you have high blood pressure, then jam can increase. Try and do not forget to raise a toast to me after the treatment)

Olga, did not write what was your gastritis, with low or high acidity?

ah yes ... I excluded such dishes as: fried (any) ... pickles ... smoked ... bitter and sour spices ... coffee ... alcohol ... soda ... all kinds of crackers and nuts ... ate only boiled vegetables with vegetable oil ... apples and pears (sweet) ... any cereal porridge (well boiled) ... strictly follow the diet during the course of treatment. eat food a little 4-5 times and go to sleep half-starved ... i.e. 3 hours before bedtime do not take any food. more than 2 years have passed and I have already forgotten where my stomach is. I hope I helped you) DO NOT HELP!

At first, gastritis does not feel worse and worse. Gastritis should be treated before it is too late.
And I have the same thing, gastritis! I fight for my life. ...

Is it possible to eat varied rice, buckwheat, pasta.

Dangerous misconceptions about the disease

There is an opinion that adult patients are mostly susceptible to gastritis. However, today it is absolutely proved that the problem affects various segments of the population. Regardless of gender, age and social status. Gastritis is widespread among children, and among teenagers, and among young mothers.

Andrei Naletov emphasizes that patients underestimate the degree of seriousness of gastritis. And this is due to misconceptions about the causes and consequences of the disease.

Traditionally, gastritis is associated with abnormal eating habits and stress. Therefore, people think that to solve a problem, it is enough to revise the diet and drink sedatives. However, this is not quite true.

Infections, harmful food and overstrain can provoke acute gastritis or give rise to the development of chronic. There are also internal risk factors. In particular, genetic susceptibility to diseases of the digestive system.

Helicobacter bacterium under the microscope

Ways of infection: disease from a kiss

“Helicobacter is transmitted from person to person. The microbe dies in the air, but lives in saliva. You can become infected during a kiss, while using only table items. Often infection occurs within the family. For example, an infected mother licked a pacifier or baby spoon. Therefore, identifying Helicobacter in one and family members, we recommend to be examined by all relatives living nearby, ”says Andrey Vasilyevich.

Gastroenterologist stresses that in most cases, Helicobacter enters the patient's body in childhood. And the bacterium can not manifest itself for many years, if the patient leads a healthy lifestyle, eats properly, does not have other chronic diseases.

If the bacterium does not make itself felt, and the patient is not worried about anything, modern domestic medicine does not recommend killing the germ with drug with antibiotics. The patient is advised to adhere to certain rules of life and nutrition, to strengthen the protective functions of the body. But, of course, one must always be alert. Because it is a “time delay charge” that can detonate at any time. For example, gastritis is manifested when immunity is weakened.

“Having penetrated into the stomach, an infection can provoke acute gastritis. If you do not pay attention in time, chronic gastritis develops. The next stage is a gastric or duodenal ulcer. A peptic ulcer can transform into cancer, ”says the doctor.

Often, gastritis is detected in the period of exacerbation, when the detrimental effect of Helicobacter pylum is enhanced under the influence of a provoking factor. This causes clinical symptoms.

Classification and Diagnosis

Gastritis has a complex, branched classification. Doctors distinguish gastritis by etiology, the localization of the inflammatory process, the degree of mucosal damage, the nature of the acid-forming function.

For example, erosive gastritis is isolated. With such gastritis, the patient's stomach mucosa is not just inflamed - superficial defects appear on it, which contribute to further ulceration. However, erosion does not reach the muscle layer of the stomach wall. Deeper defects reaching the muscle layer, already indicate the presence of gastric ulcers.

Andrey Naletov notes that only a doctor according to the results of special studies can diagnose gastritis and correctly determine its appearance. Diagnostics of Helicobacter pylori is carried out with endoscopic examination and taking a sample (biopsy) of the mucous membrane. Simplistically, patients call this procedure "swallow the probe." There is also a more modern and painless approach - breath tests. This method is recommended for the diagnosis of infection, including in the child’s body.

Acute form

Acute gastritis is an acute inflammatory disease of the stomach. It occurs as a result of various factors: mechanical, thermal, chemical, bacterial.

So, damage to the gastric mucosa can be provoked by spicy food, alcohol, infection. As well as a number of drugs. For example, aspirin or antibiotics. The list of causes of acute gastritis - stress. It can also appear on the background of other diseases. For example, acute intestinal infection.

Signs of inflammation the patient notices in the first 12-24 hours after an error in the diet or contact with another provoking factor.

Symptoms of acute gastritis:

  • decreased appetite
  • heaviness or pain in the epigastrium - the upper abdomen, the region captures the intercostal triangle,
  • there is a peculiar taste in the mouth,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • there is an unpleasant belching,
  • dizzy and headache
  • there is a breakdown
  • the stool becomes fluid and frequent,
  • temperature may rise, but usually not above subfebrile numbers.

Chronic form

This definition is given to chronic and recurrent inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The peculiarity is that chronic gastritis does not necessarily manifest symptoms. But at the same time, specific structural changes still occur in the patient's gastric mucosa.

The patient takes recurrent abdominal discomfort for banal indisposition. To alleviate the condition, swallows advertised pills "from the weight in the stomach." At the same time, it maintains the usual life rhythm, even without suspecting the diagnosis of "gastritis".

This disease is not necessarily the result of acute gastritis. On the contrary, physicians are more likely to treat chronic gastritis in a patient as a separate disease, provoked by helicobacterium.

Doctors argue about the symptoms and classification of this type of gastritis. Often, patients' complaints do not match the picture, which is detected by the results of endoscopic examination. Moreover, chronic gastritis can be accidentally detected during the diagnosis of other problems with the patient's digestive organs.

However, some characteristic signs of chronic gastritis, can be identified:

  • epigastric pain or burning in the upper abdomen,
  • a feeling of rapid satiety and overflow after eating,
  • heartburn,
  • nausea,
  • increased gas formation in the upper abdomen,
  • belching,
  • poor appetite.

Medical nutrition: 5 tips gastroenterologist

Andrei Naletov notes that the correct diet for gastritis plays an important but not the key role. Before adjusting the patient's diet, it is important to eliminate the cause of the disease. In some cases, antibiotics may be given to the patient to kill Helicobacter pylori infection. And here only the doctor must prescribe treatment.

“How to eat during gastritis? The diet begins with a change in the patient's lifestyle. The first. When gastritis is important to quit smoking, drinking strong and weak alcoholic beverages. Especially carbonated. The second. Strict adherence to personal hygiene. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of hands, in the office and at home to use a separate cup, in time to change a toothbrush, ”recommends Andrey Vasilyevich.

With regard to the organization of the diet with gastritis, the doctor advises patients to adhere to five key rules.

  1. Fractional menu. Food for gastritis should be frequent. But you need to eat in small portions, at regular intervals. The best option: the patient eats four to five times a day every three hours. Last table - no later than 19:00. All food patients with a diagnosis of "gastritis" should be chewed well.
  2. Food processing. When gastritis products should be thermally processed. Even vegetables and fruits in the raw version - an exceptional case. Meat and fish are not consumed in chunks. These products are separated from the bones, skin, tendons and cooked in the form of meatballs, meatballs, cabbage rolls.
  3. Cooking Patients with gastritis are forbidden to eat very hot or very cold dishes. Food can be steamed, boiled or baked without a crust. Nothing fried, pickled, canned, fermented with the diagnosis of "gastritis" is impossible. Porridge boiled on water or half the milk without butter. Moreover, in the stage of aggravation of gastritis and in the presence of severe clinical symptoms, it is better to be guided by the recommendations on cooking, which are prescribed by the therapeutic diet No. 1. It was developed by the founder of Russian gastroenterology, Manuel Pevzner. In particular, the food is preferable to use in the shabby form. The products are brought to the state of souffle or pate with a sieve, as well as a blender. Table No. 1 is usually prescribed during the exacerbation of a peptic ulcer.
  4. Drink plenty of water. When gastritis should drink a lot. Especially alkaline drinks without gas. Patients with gastritis are suitable such waters: “Essentuki”, “Borjomi”, “Mirgorodskaya”. To remove carbon dioxide, the bottle is uncorked and placed in a basin of warm water for 20 minutes. Such a drink is useful before meals. In addition to medicinal water, compote from dried fruits and fresh berries are shown to patients with gastritis.
  5. First meal . Soups are mandatory in the diet of a patient with gastritis. However, preference is given to vegetarian recipes or second or third non-rich meat broths.

Why is recommended table number 5

Andrei Naletov notes that patients with chronic gastritis should be guided by the recommendations of the diet (treatment table) № 5 by Pevzner. Table number 5 is also called liver, because it helps to improve the work of the same body.

Meals, provided by the fifth table for gastritis, on the background of drug treatment helps reduce inflammation of the gastric mucosa, normalizes the work of the digestive tract.

This diet has subspecies with appropriate markings. In these options, the main menu is adjusted to the needs of patients with other diagnoses. Например, стол № 5п назначают при остром панкреатите или обострении хронического панкреатита. А диета № 5а рекомендуется пациентам с заболеваниями печени и желчного пузыря.

Рацион в зависимости от кислотности

Андрей Налетов подчеркивает, что наиболее часто хронический гастрит протекает с повышенной кислотностью. Пониженная же кислотность наблюдается у людей старшего возраста или, если в организме пациента уже запущен атрофический процесс.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity and a diet for gastritis with low acidity are similar. Patients need four or five meals a day. It is also important to remove whole milk, smoked foods and spices, spicy seasonings, and canned food from the menu. But there are some nuances.

Four important points in the organization of the diet of patients with a diagnosis of "gastritis" with reduced acidity.

  1. Principles schazheniya. During the exacerbation of gastritis, a diet prescribed for mechanical and chemical sparing is prescribed to a patient with reduced acidity for five to seven days. But with the preservation in the menu of chemical pathogens secretion. Food should be served warm, and it is important to boil the food well. No fried "with a crust" dishes. This approach helps relieve inflammation. A well-ground food is better digested and absorbed.
  2. Grocery "taboo". In patients with reduced acidity, the secretion of gastric juice is reduced, an insufficient amount of hydrochloric acid is produced. The body is hard to digest products rich in coarse fiber. This, for example, radishes, grapes, gooseberries, dates. They are not allowed in the menu. Also need to exclude food with a high content of connective tissue. This, in particular, the skin of birds and fish, fatty and sinewy meat, fat, cartilage.
  3. Stimulation. In chronic gastritis with reduced secretion, the patient’s main diet is based on the need to stimulate the glandular apparatus of the gastric mucosa. And with moderate exacerbation, it is possible to introduce mild chemical stimulants into the patient's menu These are tea, weak coffee, cocoa, juices from vegetables and fruits, fat-free fish and meat broths, first courses from fresh vegetables.
  4. Drinking As a drink for patients with chronic gastritis with low acidity, the intake of mineral waters of strong mineralization is recommended. For example, "Essentuki-17". But with increased acidity of the stomach, patients are shown taking mineral waters of low mineralization - Essentuki-4.

What you can eat: table

Meals for gastritis of the stomach and the therapeutic menu for each day should be planned, focusing on the rules of the fifth table. Your doctor will tell you a list of foods that are useful and should be in the diet. And also will determine the list of those delicacies, which during gastritis will have to be forgotten.

Below is the basic food table for gastritis, which highlights the main recommended and prohibited foods.

Table - Proper nutrition for patients with a diagnosis of gastritis

Features diet

The principles of therapeutic nutrition for any type of gastritis are primarily based on the method of cooking: they must all be steamed, cooked or baked in an oven in foil (if a crust is formed, then it must be removed).

Any fried, spicy, pickled or canned food is not allowed to be consumed, the same applies to smoked meats, pastries and spices. From the diet, especially in the period of exacerbation, it is necessary to eliminate too hot and very cold dishes, as well as greatly reduce the level of salt intake, which contributes to fluid retention in the body, and also strongly irritates the already sick stomach mucosa.

For any gastritis, a fractional feeding system is welcome: you need to eat about 5-6 times a day, while it is important that the portions are small, and after eating there is no feeling of heaviness. The recommended daily rate of caloric intake of food should vary between 2500-3000 calories.

Naturally, a therapeutic diet involves giving up alcohol, in addition, you will have to give up coffee and strong black tea. After consulting a doctor, you can determine which type of diet is suitable for your particular case, because each of them has its own specific goals and helps to normalize the level of acidity.

Gastritis with high acidity

Nutrition with such a diagnosis should be aimed at reducing the production of gastric juice, which, because of the aggressiveness of its composition, literally “eats away” the mucous walls of your stomach. What products are on the ban list?

  • All those that contribute to increased secretion of gastric juice, that is, cabbage, citrus fruits, various sauces (especially sour) and mushrooms, sparkling water and fresh bread.
  • In addition, products that, because of their structure, can harm the already damaged stomach walls should be avoided. Basically, it is food rich in pronounced fiber fibers, for example, stringy fatty meat, radishes and radishes, turnips, and muesli.
  • Most cereals for patients with gastritis - this is a real salvation, but there are those that are not allowed to use during the exacerbation: barley, pearl barley and pea.
  • Excluded sweet, especially chocolate, candy, butter biscuits.

And what is still possible?

  • Lean meat and fish, steamed or baked in foil - without cartilage and skin. Ideal - chicken, rabbit, river fish.
  • Of dairy products allowed full-fat milk, the best home and boiled: cow, goat, sheep. Yogurt, cottage cheese and cream are also permitted.
  • Most types of cereals, especially buckwheat and oatmeal on milk, ideally, they should be pureed and semi-viscous.
  • Vegetables allowed boiled beets, zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, carrots, tomatoes without peel, as well as greens (parsley, dill, salad).
  • Fruits and berries - in limited quantities and on a full stomach. Apples, pears - better grated, strawberries, raspberries.
  • Eggs - limited, 2-3 pieces per week and preferably only in the form of protein.
  • Soups with vegetables or cereals - in a worn form and without broth, after removing the aggravation - on a light or diluted broth.
  • From drinking allowed green and herbal teas, chamomile, mint extracts, natural juices from sweet berries.