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Nothing cheers up everyday fuss like windows, beautifully decorated for the New Year. One has only to look at this decor, and the heart becomes much warmer, the mood rises.

In this article we will talk about decorating windows in various ways for winter celebrations.

Independent production of decorations on the windows

The tradition to decorate windows with homemade ornaments has been preserved for many years. Back in Soviet times, it was possible to see New Year snowflakes cut out of paper on glasses. This is the simplest way to design a living space, but it is not alone. If you connect the fantasy, you can come up with many interesting ideas.

We list the options for self-decoration of window openings, in addition to the usual snowflakes:

  • use of toothpaste for glass decoration,
  • presentable garlands,
  • vytynanki - original technology used to create jewelry in the Christmas theme,
  • homemade Christmas wreaths,
  • gouache prints
  • garlands of paper.

You can also buy store stickers for New Year's decor. In specialized outlets the choice of such products is very large.

The decor created with the help of ready-made stickers certainly looks beautiful, but it’s much more interesting to make jewelry yourself.


The most popular consumables for the manufacture of decorative elements and for the new year window decoration is paper.

On a paper basis they create snowflakes, make garlands and presentable decor elements on the window sill.

Often used in the creation of decorative items cotton wool, colorful rain, beads, balls, ribbons, fir cones, threads. The list of materials that can be used for making jewelery is very large; various tools are suitable for this purpose.

Your imagination in combination with the ideas proposed in this article will help to make a New Year's masterpiece out of a regular window. Create a fabulous decor is easy, even children will cope with this task. The main thing is the desire and creative approach to business.

Carved snowflakes

Before decorating the window glass with snowflakes, you need to make them. We recommend using white napkins. Thin paper, which is given an interesting shape, perfectly glued to the glass.

There are various snowflakes that differ in configuration and number of sharp ends: four, five, six, seven, and eight-pointed. The most popular are six-pointed ornaments.

To create each variety, you need to fold a piece of paper in a special way, but there is the simplest way to create a presentable snowflake:

  1. Unfold a paper napkin and place a round plate on top of it, circle and cut a circle.
  2. Fold the resulting billet to make 6 or 8 pieces.
  3. Make a drawing and cut.
  4. Expand - you should have a beautiful snowflake.

You can use the following templates:

After you make a large number of such snowflakes, put them on the glass in a chaotic order or create original compositions.

The most creative versions of the compositions of snowflakes are presented in the photo with pictures:

Toothpaste decor

No less impressive than decorations in the form of snowflakes, looks decor, created using white toothpaste.

We offer you a guide with illustrative examples.

There are two ways to use pasta in decorating window glass - let's look at each of them in more detail.

Snowflakes and holiday lettering

To create a decor you need to make a snowflake from a paper sheet. After making the decoration, slightly moisten the glass surface and glue the snowflake.

Using a paper napkin, remove excess water from the glass surface.

Squeeze a small amount of pasta into the cup, add water and mix.

Take a brush for brushing your teeth and moisten it in a mixture.

To remove large drops, shake the brush over the cup, and then splash the snowflakes.

Thoroughly process the contour of each snowflake.

Carefully remove the snowflake from the glass.

Wait for your creation to dry.

Winter patterns

To create patterns with paste on window glass you need to prepare the following materials:

  • pasta tube
  • sharpened pencil or wand,
  • absorbent sponge or piece of foam rubber.

Make a mixture to create patterns based on the paste, squeezing it on a plate.

Dip a sponge in the extruded paste, and you can start drawing.

You can use themed templates. They are easy to make with your own hands from cardboard, you can buy stencils in the store.

With the help of a sharply sharpened pencil, form the outlines on the applied paste so that the pattern will get a complete look.

Using the templates, you can cut and New Year labels. Attach the stencils to the glass surface and fill the cavities in the letters with paste.

An overview of the basic methods of making Christmas garlands with your own hands: simple and complex, from various available materials - make a beautiful garland according to our instructions with your children!

You can get acquainted with the main ideas of beautiful decorations of New Year's dishes in this article.

Christmas stickers

For decorating the window, you can buy ready-made stickers. If you do not have time to create homemade jewelry, use this option. The stores sell stickers for every taste: they can decorate not only windows, but also other glass surfaces in the house - for example, mirrors or furniture.

This decor looks very presentable, thanks to him your imagination will plunge into a winter fairy tale filled with adventures.

On sale you will surely find several types of stickers:

    to create compositions

white, representing individual figures and compact figures,

Christmas wreaths

Beautiful wreaths, which are used to decorate the doors for Christmas, can be used for New Year's window decoration. With their help, it is possible to decorate the window beautifully and unusually.

Festive wreaths can be made with your own hands or you can buy a ready-made wreath.

To create such a wreath, the following manipulations should be performed:

  1. Cut out a thick cardboard.
  2. If you want a wreath to be voluminous, paste it with cotton or compressed paper. Glue with adhesive tape.
  3. Make the basis of coniferous branches or rain.

  • Decorate the resulting product with balls, snowflakes, beads, ribbons, bows and other decorative elements that meet the New Year's theme.
  • Such a wreath hanging on the window will please not only you, but also people who pass by your house.

    This video describes in detail how to make a new-year wreath with your own hands:

    Not everyone knows what is hidden under this name. We will understand what it is.

    Vytnankami called the technique of creating jewelry from paper materials. This is a peculiar Russian variation of the art of origami, which is called “kirigami”. In this technique, a three-dimensional image is formed from one paper sheet by cuts. When creating vytynanok images have a flat format, they are ideal for placement on vertical surfaces.

    In the first half of the twentieth century, this area began to be actively used to create festive decorations, including New Year's.

    Original vytynanki perfect for window sill. If the window is large, with the help of such elements you can make a voluminous New Year composition consisting of Santa Claus riding on a sleigh pulled by reindeer through the winter forest or create a round dance of magical characters merry around the Christmas tree.

    To create such decorative elements you need to have an image stencil and a narrow stationery knife to form the slits.

    Considering that 2018 will be patronized by the Dog, this animal should be depicted in vytynka style in the compositions on window glass. Stencils and templates for cutting and creating such a decor are presented below.

    Paper garlands

    If your imagination draws only a garland consisting of multi-colored paper rings interconnected by glue, we will give you a few more ideas for creating such decorations.

    Engage the imagination in making beautiful garlands for decorating the window.

    You can make cute hares, looking out the window.

    Another popular option - colored snowflakes, collected in a garland.

    No less beautiful is the garland of fir trees arranged in a row.

    You can also create a garland of the most popular winter characters - snowmen.

    Mittens with hearts on the ribbon - also a good option.

    We bring to your attention a video master-class of creating an original garland:

    Printout of Christmas decoration templates

    How to print templates of elements for window decoration for winter celebrations? It's simple: find the stencil you like: angel, snowflake, new year character. Copy the image to the landscape sheet. Increase to optimal size and print it. It remains only to cut the picture - and you can decorate them with a window.

    Here are some templates for self-styling windows:

    Create your own templates

    In addition to stencils, you can use templates made by yourself. This will require a little imagination and a minimum of artistic skills to create a stencil on a cardboard sheet.

    Another option is to print the image you like on a paper sheet, then transfer it to a cardboard base and cut it. Such a pattern can be used to decorate windows several times.

    Read about what kind of Christmas decorations for the house with your own hands can be made from simple and affordable materials: ideas of holiday crafts and decorations for the New Year, photos and workshops on making.

    How to make New Year's Topiary? Several varieties of homemade mini-Christmas trees for the New Year with instructions you will find here.

    A lot of original ideas of the New Year's décor of the apartment can be found in the article at: http://prostilno.ru/idei/prazdnik-dekor/novogodnij.html


    On the cardboard, draw a star, snowflake, Christmas tree.

    Fasten needles on all protruding edges.

    Moisten the knitting thread with glue and stretch over the stencil. Look at the photo to understand how to handle this task.

    After drying glue crafts can be used.

    You can create a garland from the thread figures and decorate the window with it.

    Original PVC Bottle Snowflakes

    To make such snowflakes, you will need the following materials:

    • plastic bottles - blue or transparent,
    • White paint,
    • scissors.

    Cut off the bottom of the tank as shown in the photo below.

    Create patterns with paint. After drying the gouache decorate the window.

    Plastic snowflakes are great for decorating a small Christmas tree placed on the windowsill. Snowflakes can be collected in a garland.

    Pasta decorations

    Today, shops sell pasta of various configurations. Turning on the imagination and using glue, it is easy to make unusual elements of decor. After the glue dries, the macaroni decoration can be colored by applying paint in a can.

    Colored bumps

    There is nothing easier than to make a decoration from a fir cone. For this it is enough to decorate. Attach the ribbon to the painted cone and the decoration is ready.

    You can collect a few cones on a ribbon or put them in a glass container and put it on the windowsill.

    Pompons Snowflakes

    To create such wonderful snowflakes you need to make a pompom. There are two ways to make them:

    1. Wind the thread on your fingers, dragging it in the middle, and carefully cut along the edges.
    2. Make two identical circles out of cardboard. Twist the thread into a circle and cut it between round cardboard blanks, holding together in the middle.

    As you can see, there are many options for winter decorations for a beautiful window decoration for the New Year holidays. Paper and plastic snowflakes, garlands, vytynanki and other cuttings, wreaths - all this can be made by yourself and decorate your room and apartment in an original way.

    How to decorate the windows for the New Year?

    Let's look at simple options.

    1. Windows can be decorated with snowflakes cut out of paper. - This is the most affordable option.

    How to cut beautiful snowflakes, read here:

    How to glue snowflakes on the windows? For this you need to buy ordinary soap, better baby.

    • Cut a snowflake out of paper.
    • Well we moisten a foam sponge with water and lather.
    • We coat it with a snowflake.
    • Put the snowflake soap side to the window.

    This option is good because after the holiday the snowflake can be easily removed. Simply pull the edge, and it will disappear. And wash off the soap residue with water.

    From snowflakes of different sizes and stars, you can create a whole composition on the window.

    2. Paint the windows with toothpaste.

    • Toothpaste must be diluted with a small amount of water.
    • Take a piece of foam or sponge.
    • Dip foam in paste and paint on glass.
    • When the paste dries out a little, you can draw various small elements with a wooden stick.

    If the house has stencils (purchased or homemade), they can also be used to create a beautiful picture on the window.

    3. We make the window using a spray of toothpaste.

    Another simple option if you do not know how to decorate the windows for the New Year.

    • In a small bowl we dilute the toothpaste with water to the state of liquid sour cream.
    • Download new year's stencils on the Internet, print and cut them. Snowflakes, bells, penguins, deer, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. will do.
    • Wet the template with water and stick to the window.
    • Gently blot the paper to remove excess moisture.
    • Take a toothbrush, immerse it in a diluted paste, shake it off a little and, after running your finger over the bristles, spray the window around the stencil. When the paste evenly covers the window, peel off the template.

    4. As Christmas decorations on the windows recommend using Christmas toys. They can be hung on the threads, and you can make whole garlands.

    5. Christmas decorations on the windows can be done with vytynanok (beautiful patterns) of paper. I will not dwell on this option, you can learn more about it here:

    6. Decorating the windows for the New Year with the help of Christmas wreaths and twigs.

    This kind of decor can be bought in the store, but you can do it yourself.

    7. Decoration of windows for the New Year with the help of garlands.

    Garlands can be from electric lights, and can - a variety of hand-made: from snowflakes, trees, snowmen, products made of felt, foam, fabrics, cones.

    The windows hanging around the perimeter are colored or plain lights flickering in the evening, well adorn any interior.

    8. Decoration of windows for the New Year with the help of interior stickers.

    They are often used in shop windows. But, you should not buy too many stickers, it is better to stick to a certain style.

    9. We decorate the windowsill with mini-trees and candles.

    The window sill for the New Year should not be empty. It can be decorated with candles, fir branches, cute Christmas figures, a vase or a dish filled with balls, cones, small Christmas trees.

    10. We paint windows with gouache.

    This is a very good option for those who can draw. Bullfinches on snow-covered branches look beautiful, Father Frost looking out of the window, a fairytale forest, a snowman. Well done pictures, if you mix gouache with toothpaste.

    For drawing various patterns it is possible to use cliche.

    11. Decoration of windows for the New Year with the help of a paper fairy-tale town.

    It is not difficult to make crafts, but it will bring the atmosphere of magic into the house and will attract the eyes of loved ones.

    12. Decorations made from napkins.

    This is also a simple window design option. After all, openwork napkins are very much like snowflakes.

    13. Tinsel.

    The fastest and simplest decoration of New Year’s windows is hung tinsel. You can attach a garland of tinsel, tied to the eaves, or fastened with adhesive tape in the upper part of the frame.

    14. Decoration of windows for the New Year of wool.

    You can make a beautiful decor for window openings from cotton wool. Enough to prepare cotton balls, strung on a fishing line and hang on the windows. If cotton balls of snow alternate with snowflakes (paper or napkins), the craft will become airy and tracery.

    Decorating windows for the New Year gives a sense of celebration in the house. We wish him to come to all and bring the desired happiness!

    On how to make beautiful snowflakes out of paper, see the video:

    We decorate the windows with vytankami

    Christmas vytynanki - openwork patterns of paper that are used for window decoration. Now they are sold in any store, but the nicest thing is to make this element of the decor yourself. You can simply put up snowflakes, and you can give free rein to fantasy and create a fabulous New Year's story on the window.

    For the manufacture of vytynanok need such materials:

    • White thick paper (or drawing pattern)
    • Small scissors
    • Stationery (or mock) knife
    • Cutting mat or plywood board
    • Мыльный (или на основе клея ПВА) раствор

    Узоры можно нарисовать самому или скачать и распечатать уже готовые шаблоны.

    Самый главный инструмент в этом творчестве – нож. Он должен быть хорошо заточенным, с узким концом — так удобнее вырезать мелкие детали. Для более крупных элементов – используйте маленькие ножницы.

    Start working with smaller ones, then move on to larger details. Last cut out the contour of the vytnanki.

    If there are straight lines in the selected pattern, use the ruler - it will be neater and more beautiful.

    After reviewing the rules of cutting vytnanok, you can start creating magic stories on the windows.

    Since the coming year 2019 will be held under the auspices of Mumps, make a composition with images of cute pigs.

    Small vytynankami decorate not only the windows, but also the mirrors in the apartment. Making the figures bigger - decorate the walls with them.

    We hang on the cornice branch with garlands

    Using simple materials that come handy, you can create an original Christmas decoration. For example, walking in the park, do not pass by pretty tree branches, take them with you, and they will turn into stylish decorative elements.

    Before starting work, clean the appropriate branch, cut, giving the desired shape and size.

    You can also use spruce or pine branches.

    Hang from the eaves, decorate with Christmas balls, garlands, cover with artificial snow, gold or silver paint.

    Such unusual creativity will help you create an amazing accessory and reduce the cost of preparing for the holiday. The main thing is not to be afraid to dream and experiment boldly.

    We paint windows with chalk marker

    A simple and inexpensive way to create a decor with your own hands - painting on glass. One of the options for applying a festive pattern is a chalk marker that is sold in office stores. One of the main advantages of such a pattern is brightness and clear lines.

    The color scheme of crayons is quite diverse, you can also find "luminous" - fluorescent markers. They will be a great helper in creating a festive mood on the windows of an apartment. And the fascinating process will appeal to both adults and children.

    To start a creative lesson, draw or print a stencil. Glue it on the back of the glass.

    To make the drawing fit well, the work surface must be clean and dry.

    Circle all contour details with a marker. Remember that chalk marker inks take a few minutes to dry, so work carefully.

    After all the details are ready, the template is removed. At will, the drawing is colored with color markers.

    The drawings made in this way are easily erased with a damp sponge, which means that at any moment you can correct inaccuracies in the work. Creative success to you!

    We hang on the windows electric garland

    One of the easiest ways to create a Christmas mood in your home is to decorate a window with a garland. Multi-colored lights in the evening will attract the attention of passers-by and make their hearts smile.

    To hang a garland, use scotch tape (plain or double-sided) or special hooks that can be purchased at a hardware store.

    No matter which way you choose, the main thing is that the fasteners must be safe and secure.

    It is also necessary to follow some safety rules to avoid fire situations:

    • Do not leave a working garland for a long time without supervision.
    • Do not allow water to enter.
    • Check the cord insulation regularly.
    • In case of failure, turn off the device from the network.

    Before you start decorating the window with colorful lights, consider mounting options. I hope a small selection of photos will inspire you to create a small New Year's miracle.

    Electric garland can simply stretch around the perimeter of the window or hang hanging threads. And you can create different images, compositions or use light bulbs of decorative forms.

    The modern range allows you to make the most daring fantasies!

    We decorate the window sill with mini-trees

    When you have finished decorating the window, place candles, themed figurines or mini Christmas trees made with your own hands on the windowsill. How to do it? I will be happy to tell you!

    A pretty, incredibly fragrant Christmas tree is obtained, decorated with dried citrus slices. To create it you will need:

    • Beautiful bottle
    • Christmas tree branches
    • Lemon, Orange
    • Clips

    Start by preparing the decoration. Cut lemon and orange into slices. Spread out on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Place in the oven for 5 hours.

    Drying citrus slices should be carried out at a temperature of 50 degrees.

    After the slices have cooled down, carefully attach the usual paper clips to them, hang the Christmas trees on the branches previously installed in the bottle.

    From simple materials at hand, you can also make wonderful Christmas trees. All that is needed for work: colored paper, sticks, glue gun for connecting parts.

    Let's make three more Christmas trees, which will be based on a paper cone.

    To work prepare:

    • A 4 format cardboard
    • Ruler, compass
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Glue "moment"

    First we make a cone. Let's draw on a piece of cardboard ¼ a part of a circle with a radius of 21 cm. We will cut off a small piece from the top of the cone so it will be easier to glue it.

    Cut the cone along the outlined contour, glue.

    To decorate the first tree, take: threads of different colors, ribbons, glue gun.

    We make little balls from threads. Glue them to the cone, starting from the base.

    To the top of the tree we glue a ribbon bow.

    For the second tree, take: thick threads, twine, dried citrus slices, coffee beans, sackcloth, PVA glue.

    We cover the cone with white glue and, starting from the top, we wind in a spiral thread. Give a good dry.

    At the bottom and in the center we glue strips of burlap. Decorate the Christmas tree.

    At the end add a bow of twine. Another wonderful Christmas tree is ready!

    For the last Christmas tree will need: tinsel, beads, ribbons, hot glue.

    With the help of glue, attach the tip of the tinsel to the top, tightly wind the cone. At the end fix it again with glue.

    We decorate the Christmas tree with beads, bows of ribbons.

    As you can see, it’s quite simple and quick to make little Christmas beauties with your own hands.

    We dress curtains

    Having thought out the composition competently, you can turn ordinary curtains into a New Year's masterpiece. Use for this all that you find at hand - Christmas decorations, electric or paper garlands. It is possible for the holidays to make curtains of snowflakes.

    Use for decoration curtains podhvaty on New Year's theme - Christmas trees, snowmen. Or take a beautiful ribbon, hang Christmas balls on it - a simple garter is ready!

    Decorating curtains, remember that all elements should not only be combined with each other in color, but also look harmonious in the room.

    Decorate the windowsill ... Christmas stockings

    The British say that once, long ago, in one magical winter night, Santa Claus flew over one house. Accidentally, several gold coins fell from his pocket, which fell directly into the chimney. And from there - to the sock of the poor man, who was drying on the fireplace. Since then, the custom has gone - to hang socks by the fireplace, hoping to get a gift from Santa.

    This beautiful tradition has long taken root in our country. But not everyone has a fireplace in the house. There is a solution - hang Christmas stockings on the windowsill. Just glue hooks to it and hang a sock.

    We painted windows in gouache

    Do you want to turn into a good wizard and create a fabulous pattern on the windows? Arm yourself with gouache, tassels and go ahead! If you do not draw very well, use stencils, which, as in the case of drawing with markers, are glued to the glass. And after applying the picture simply removed.

    To paint lay on the glass evenly, and the drawings were clear, when working with gouache, you must follow a few simple rules:

    • Wipe the window with a bulb cut in half - so the paint is better placed on the glass.
    • Apply a stencil to the window, apply a pattern with a wide brush or sponge.
    • After the paint dries out, paint fine details with thinner brushes.
    • Strokes can be applied when the shreds of a wooden toothpick or skewer.

    As you can see, it is not difficult to create a small miracle, even if you are not a professional artist.

    We decorate the windows of our house for the New Year

    On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, a special atmosphere reigns around! Everybody is in a hurry, buying gifts, decorating everything and everyone).

    I looked into such an elegant window - and it immediately becomes clear: here they are ready for the holidays. You go into the house and plunge into the New Year mood!

    Many already in the first days of December begin to prepare to decorate their rooms, office rooms for the New Year. Windows occupy a special place in the festive decoration.

    In the shops you can find a lot of a variety of products for this purpose. However, hand-made crafts will look much more interesting and will delight not only you, but also your guests. And if your child made this work, you will agree that it is twice as pleasant, even if this work is not as elegant as “shop-like”.

    You can decorate anything with your own crafts, including windows. Watch the video:

    If you have an artist's hand, you can draw something.

    The truth requires a special paint, which is then easy to clean.

    It seems to me that figures cut out of paper and pasted on glass will look much more interesting. What is more interesting, you say? The fact is that you will draw in proud loneliness, but your children will help you to cut and paste figures. After all, the New Year is a family holiday and the children are waiting for him with a special feeling. And if the child takes a direct part in preparing for the holiday, the celebration will be more joyful and enjoyable for all its participants.

    And you can not only cut out paper and stick any figures, but also make stencils with which you can then decorate your windows. And you can also make a Christmas tree out of paper with the children, like - see here.

    Stencils on the glass do it yourself

    The most common material for New Year crafts, and crafts for other holidays is paper. This is such a good and convenient material that for centuries there have been various schools for the manufacture of paper crafts. Take at least the same origami.

    But today we are interested in New Year stencils. The manufacture of such handicrafts came to us from the depth of the centuries from China and, as you see, it stuck. Although in ancient Russia, they were fond of such creativity.

    At the beginning of the necessary tools.

    For the manufacture of stencils, we need:

    • scissors,
    • stationery knife,
    • flat place - a table or board,
    • Well, for granted - paper. (The paper may be colored, and even wrapping.)

    The easiest thing to do is traditional snowflakes. It is not difficult to make them, the main thing is to lay down so that then an interesting figure turns out. Here you can go two ways. Take a paper square or rectangle and bend it six or seven times.

    You can put a sheet of paper on the table and draw a large circle or compasses or using a plate. After that we fold in the same way.

    By the way, the paper folding technique is a classic example of origami.

    After we folded the paper and got a triangle, we take a pencil and draw patterns along the edges of the triangle. Then with scissors we carefully cut out the drawn places and unfold the snowflake. We get such products here:

    In more detail each:

    You can just take these patterns,

    print or draw yourself and cut

    Patterns can be different - it all depends on fantasy. These same snowflakes can not only hang out separately, but also make them whole compositions.

    It looks quite interesting and impressive. This is of course a fairly simple option that is available to everyone. However, there are more artistic works that are not for everyone.

    Therefore it is better to copy them

    download to your computer and print.

    If you are an artist, then you can easily draw your own idea. And what about the rest?

    But nothing is impossible, and the Internet comes to the rescue. Find the most favorite template, download it and print it. After that, carefully cut out using a stationery knife for small parts.

    The template is ready. It remains to stick it on the glass. You can of course "stick" to the glue, but then it will be difficult for you to tear off your craft.

    In order to make everything easy to remove after the holiday, we use laundry soap, with a solution of which we apply the product and then paste it on the windows.

    How to make stencils for the New Year 2019 (video)

    In the description below the video, and in the next part of the article you will find templates for downloading, but for now, look and choose:

    And one more good video with stencils:

    By the way, in the era of plastic windows hardly anyone remembers that in still not quite distant times, when the window frames were completely and next to wooden, they were sealed for the winter with rolls of special paper or simply with newspaper tapes, using all the same soap.

    Paper Pig Patterns

    The upcoming new year 2019 is the year of the pig. All preparations both in clothes and in the interior and holiday menu are associated with this symbol. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to decorate stencils of this wonderful little animal and our windows.

    Below are some great stencils.

    Feel free to download them:

    Print and use for decoration:

    Cutting with a child will be both easy and fun!

    Use to decorate windows or mirrors.

    You can decorate the pillows))

    For cabinets also fit these patterns.

    Cut and decorate the door!

    If the walls are painted, you can also use them for walls. For wallpapers we do not recommend.

    The first method of drawing a picture using a stencil: You can not only glue the cut stencils, but also using them to put on the glass pattern. To do this, cut a stencil out of cardboard, so that he does not hesitate and apply to the glass. After that we take the toothpaste squeezed out on a saucer, diluted in a small amount of water and foam rubber rolled up into a tube. Dunking foam in a solution of toothpaste stencil pattern on the glass.

    If the design is complex and it needs to be wet for a long time, you can glue the template (made of thin paper) to the window with soapy water, and when all the work is dry, remove it from the glass.

    Small parts can be scratched with a thin stick.

    The second way: fix the stencil on the window and using a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste or paint, spray around the mixture on the glass. Remove the template, and the picture on the window will remain.

    It will turn out as if snow covered up

    Stencils on the windows for the New Year - you can print to cut

    Here are some more stencils that you can print and use to decorate your New Year’s windows.

    Santa Claus and bells

    Angels, bells, deer

    More options firs

    Snowman and Santa Claus on a sleigh

    Christmas tree, boots with gifts and happy Santa Claus

    Snowman, deer and house

    Angel and Santa Claus with gifts

    Another option Christmas tree and Santa Claus

    Window decorations

    Festive house on glass

    Candle house option

    And such a composition

    Stencils there are many, for every taste. So choose, print and use to decorate your home, at school, kindergarten or at work. Festive mood guarantee 🙂

    Unusual and original window decoration ideas

    There are so many ideas for decorating windows that it is rather difficult to define them all. Every more or less creative person has his own approach. But often, even in search of inspiration, we are looking for ready-made original ideas. We may not use them, but they will give us a reason for our own equally interesting discoveries.

    Toy tree

    For example, it is quite interesting to look at the snowflakes not pasted on the window, but hanging like blinds.

    You can use for decoration and natural material - cones

    And here, look, the whole composition of paper crafts

    And how do you like this composition? After the holiday, and it does not want to disassemble.

    So there is no limit to creativity!

    We dress the window homemade garland

    Very gently and beautifully look on the windows of the cascades of garlands, which are easy to do with your own hands. I offer you instructions for creating such jewelry. Stock up on the necessary materials, patience, good mood and get to work.

    For the manufacture of the first garland take: colored foil (sold in sets in the offices of the office), scissors, thread.

    Cut out circles from paper (monophonic or multi-colored) of different sizes. Cut the thread into pieces of the desired length. Apply a drop of hot glue to the center of each circle, glue the thread.

    Thus, along the entire length of the thread at a small distance from each other, we glue the circles. We make as many threads-garlands as needed for the entire width of the window.

    For the second garland, you need to cut out snowflakes, angels or any other silhouettes that are also glued to the thread.

    Let's make another version of Christmas curtains-garlands in the form of snowflakes. For work you will need:

    • Baking paper
    • Glue gun
    • Acrylic paint (white, gold, silver)
    • Skein of white wool

    On the parchment draw glue snowflakes.

    The glue hardens quickly and it looks like silicone figures.

    Gently paint the snowflakes. While the paint dries, we make small pompons from the threads.

    We draw the layout of the garland. На длинные нити поочерёдно приклеиваем снежинки и помпоны, скотчем цепляем их к верхней части окна.

    Красиво смотрятся на окнах гирлянды из шишек.

    Смастерить такой оригинальный элемент декора просто. Для работы понадобятся: шишки, акриловая краска, моток ленты.

    Dip the bumps in the paint, leave to dry well for 10 - 12 hours.

    We connect the cones to each other with a tape. We make one or more garlands according to our plans.

    So just decorate the windows for the New Year. And it is not necessary to spend huge sums on it. All materials for creating decor are available and can be found in any home.

    How to Decorate Windows For the New Year: Decorate Windows and Wardrobe

    After watching the video, you will learn how easy it is to decorate windows or mirrors with Christmas patterns with the help of tooth powder. The technique is so simple that even a child can handle it.

    Preparing for the holiday is able to captivate people of different ages. Therefore, find a lesson for everyone - children, grandparents. Such a joint creative process can be a great family tradition. And the windows decorated with love will present the New Year's fairy tale not only to the owners of the apartment, but also to all passersby. Happy New Year!

    Ideas than you can decorate the windows for the New Year 2019

    What are the main directions for the festive decoration of windows:

    • Snowflakes. (Wait, a separate article will be devoted to the snowflakes soon. In order not to miss it, subscribe right now at the top of the window - click "Allow to send notifications"!).
    • Garlands.
    • Christmas attributes.
    • Inscriptions, numbers and greetings.
    • Stencils in the form of a pig.
    • Scenes of Christmas and New Year.
    • Christmas decorations.
    • Wreaths.
    • Lights on the windowsill.

    All these areas involve many, many options. Today I will throw some interesting ideas.

    Deer, Christmas tree of snowflakes

    If you just become boring snowflakes, you can make a panel of snowflakes. See what a beautiful deer and tree from small and large snowflakes.

    But what a cute curtain of snowflakes and silhouettes of seals

    And here is how unusual the scene, the hut and smoke from the chimney, decorated with the help of snowflakes. Agree, snowflakes do not look so boring?

    Thermal Glue Snowflakes

    I will tell you in more detail later. Now there is one idea that, in the context of the whole theme, will show how beautiful this jewel looks and how quickly to make it.

    • Stencils,
    • Baking paper (or simple tracing paper),
    • Glue gun,
    • Scotch.

    • Tracing to put on the stencil.
    • On the tracing paper with a glue gun repeat the contours of the snowflakes.
    • Peel off the snowflake.
    • Scotch fix the craft on the glass.

    Snowflakes are obtained as crystal!

    By the way, you can make a pattern from snowflakes of different shapes and sizes. For example, a Christmas tree or a snowflake in the whole window. Stencils for you help - increase with a click:

    Glue to the glass such crafts from paper can be in different ways:

    • On the water (if from the napkins),
    • Soap solution
    • Put on the tape.

    PVA Snowflakes

    This option can come even for kids. Put a printout-drawing of a snowflake under the parchment and draw a snowflake with the help of PVA. If you immediately trot on the non-frozen glitter with sparkles, you will get a beautiful shiny snowflake. You can paint the PVA glue with acrylic paints and paint colored snowflakes at once.

    It is very easy to glue on the windows - they stick, if not, then moisten a little with water.

    Transparent snowflakes look like crystal:

    Make it easy. You can use ready-made, for example, the usual "rain".

    And you can make a soft and bright garland of felt. Toys do not have to be voluminous, you can simply cut the Christmas trees or boots according to a pattern, using hot glue or the moment to glue small decorative elements and attach to the string.

    Bells on a ribbon.

    Ball garland

    At a short distance apart knotted bells. Make these threads a few.

    Snowmen from krokotak, or rather a garland of snowmen. It is very easy to make it - we print a snowman or draw around the contour. Pattern - two in one, depending on how you fold the top. We fold one snowman so that he has a hat on his head, another one so that the headphones are turned out, instruct the children to paint and hang the snowmen on the rope.

    Cotton balls on the line

    Roll up cotton balls. Strung on a fishing line or thread. I wonder if the balls will be of different sizes. They can be alternated with snowflakes.

    Paper christmas balls

    • Put some sheets of thin paper in silence over each other.
    • Fold all layers of paper harmonica. The width of the strip of your choice and depends on the diameter of the ball.
    • Tie this accordion in the middle with a string.
    • Edge trim (align) and round out.
    • Alternately lift each layer and straighten it. Raise half layers up.
    • Then turn the craft. Straighten the other half of the sheets in the other direction.
    • Get a ball.
    • Hang it on the window.

    Inscriptions, numbers and greetings

    I will share the observation from the last NG. Residents of the same apartment hung out a wish on their windows: “Everyone! Total!". You know, as they say, a trifle, but nice!

    You can print any letters and hang them as a congratulatory text. You can cut all the patterns and get vytynanka.

    Cut conveniently with a stationery knife. Print out the template, put a blank A4 sheet under it. Fix both sheets with scotch tape to the table and on the template with a knife cut out all the patterns inside, then the general outline, a sheet with a ready vytynanka is obtained under the template.

    Stencil checkboxes are incremented by a click.

    Toothpaste drawings

    And this is a simple but effective drawing with toothpaste diluted with water to a gouache condition.

    You can draw pictures yourself with simple gouache. I think the child would be interested in doing this. But you can print some animals.

    Christmas decorations

    Simple, but always win-win.

    It is interesting that you can choose not only bright toys, but also multi-colored ribbons. They can be of different lengths and thicknesses.

    Little detail. But its action is literally magical. Immediately the mood rises! Detailed workshops here

    Thin branches with a Christmas tree can be tied with a wreath. Decorate them with ribbons and toys. Glue clippings pictures of your favorite children's characters. Everything! Original decor is ready!

    Light fixtures

    They create comfort. And if you come up with the right decor, then such lamps will become a real decoration of the holiday.

    Balls in a vase with a garland:

    Vase fit any. Transparent and with a pattern, thin and puzatenky. Even a simple bottle will do!

    We select the appropriate size and color of the balls. Lay them in a vase. And between them - a luminous garland.

    Window sill decor

    This video shows how to make artificial snow to decorate the window and the winter city to decorate the window sill)))
    Patterns for the decor of the video - increase with a click:

    A lot of ideas. It is worth choosing those that will appeal to you and your kids. Decorate the house. And do not forget to send a photo report!

    Gouache drawing

    Gouache is easy enough to wash off with water, besides it allows you to make a color drawing.

    Comfort and warmth to you. Do not miss! New Year is very close. If you have not decided what to wear, what to cook for the new year, then welcome to my recent post on this topic.

    Often, December is a difficult period of life, often changes, quarrels, lack of money fall down on this month, but usually, on New Year's Eve, everything magically changes. I noticed this for years and not for myself. If you also, then learn with me to think correctly.

      Related records

    We decorate the windows constantly. I usually buy stickers, we will cut something out and stick it this year) Thanks for the ideas!

    Idea # 1: Decorating windows with toothpaste

    The older generation remembers well that during the periods of the Soviet shortage, toothpaste was the main tool for creating New Year's décor. She painted not only the windows of apartments, but also the windows of schools or kindergartens, attracting children to this fascinating process. It is worth noting that toothpaste is a universal art material that allows you to create several types of painting at once - both ornamental and negative.

    In the second type of painting the picture is similar to the image of the film, that is, dark, unpainted places become the accent. By the way, this is the simplest type of painting, which even a child can easily cope with. Be sure to attract kids to the process of creating fabulous pictures on the windows! Another positive point is that after the end of the festivities, you can easily clean the windows from the design by simply wiping the glass with a wet cloth. Before you start work, you need to prepare:

    • foam sponge or old toothbrush,
    • a piece of masking tape
    • a bowl,
    • water
    • scissors,
    • rag,
    • pencil,
    • paper.


    If you have at least minimal artistic skills, you can paint the window manually, but for this purpose you first need to make a brush for yourself. To do this, twist the foam rubber in the form of a tube and wrap a piece of adhesive tape. It is better to make a pair of brushes with different diameters in order to draw both large and small parts. Squeeze the paste on a platter, dip a brush and draw fir branches, snowmen, Christmas balls and serpentine.

    When the paste dries, take an orange stick for a manicure or a toothpick and scratch small details - dots or asterisks on the balls, eyes at the snowmen or needles on the fir-tree legs. By the same principle, you can create window paintings, painted with gouache paints or artificial snow from a can.

    Idea # 2: Snowflakes Stickers

    Snowy winter with soft fluffy snowdrifts is the dream of most children and adults. In the end, it is so nice to ride on a sled, make a snowman, make a snow battle, or go for a walk in the woods! Unfortunately, not every New Year pleases us with a snowball, and slush spoils the whole impression of the holiday. However, you can create a snow whirlwind at home. For this you need to decorate the windows with unusual stickers made of white glue.

    Who would have thought that an unusual decor could be created from such a simple material? In the daytime, while it’s light outside, the snowflakes seem almost transparent and do not interfere with the view. But in the evening, when the moonlight or rays of lanterns fall on the window, it gleams like a real frost! By the way, this decoration can last more than one year - it is enough to carefully remove the snowflakes, lay them with paper, put them in a box and send them to a dry place until next New Year. For making snowflakes you need to have:

    • paper or ready-made cardboard or plastic stencils,
    • strong film or paper files
    • a jar of PVA glue,
    • medical syringe (no need for needles),
    • brush,
    • sparkles (you can use those used for manicure).

    Idea number 3: Vytynanka for windows

    Vytynanki - this silhouette figures of paper or cardboard sheets, with which you can create amazing compositional scenes. A little patience - and fabulous animals, snowmen and Santas will settle on your glasses! Each window will become a real picture that can be viewed for hours. We have collected for you some nice little things, each of which will look great on the glass. Before you start making them, make sure that:

    • sheets of white paper
    • a simple pencil
    • office knife,
    • tassels,
    • soap
    • sharp scissors (suitable in the manicure set),
    • a small sheet of smooth plywood,
    • tweezers.

    Idea # 4: Stickers on windows

    The easiest and most colorful version of the New Year's decor - stickers that will help you decorate the glass with funny themed characters. Of course, such pictures need to be glued to the room in order to smile every time, glancing at the window. Now he will look at a cute Rudolph, cute snowmen, funny penguins or a good Santa Claus.

    Of course, you can use ready-made stickers by buying them in the store. However, now in each city there are copy centers that provide a service for printing pictures on self-adhesive paper. You can simply download the drawing in good quality and then take it for printing.

    Do not worry that you will not be able to save windows from decorations after the end of the holidays! Just warm the sticker with a stream of warm air from a hair dryer, remove, and then wipe the place with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. If you are afraid of “grandfather's” methods, then just buy a sticker removal solution at the stationery store, and then wash the greasy place with soap or glass cleaner.

    Idea # 5: Candle Decor

    Candles are always associated with warmth and comfort, so that they are perfectly suited for creating a festive mood. Of course, to describe all types of candle decor is absolutely impossible. Fortunately, having understood the basic principle, you can easily create by yourself. So, you will need:

    • candles
    • fir cones,
    • artificial moss
    • several small Christmas balls
    • paper,
    • glasses

    Idea # 6: Fairy houses

    What can emphasize the spirit of the New Year better than a fabulous town on your windowsill? A simple hand-made article will bring the atmosphere of real magic to your house and, undoubtedly, will attract the eyes of all guests and home. For the manufacture of such a panoramic composition will be needed:

    • scissors,
    • stationery knife,
    • cardboard or paper
    • glue,
    • small candles or a garland with light bulbs.

    Idea # 7: Napkin Decor

    Decorations made from office paper or napkins are the simplest and most budgetary version of the New Year's window decor. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cutting out decorations from paper is snowflakes, because they are still glued to the windows of houses, offices, kindergartens and schools.

    You can make the decoration more interesting, having at hand scissors, paper and twine. To do this, you need to download snowflake patterns, print and cut out the decorative elements, strung them on a string or a fishing line, and then attach them to the cornice. With every breath of wind in the room there will be a real snowfall! Also, snowflakes can be attached to the garland, sticking to the wires with double-sided tape. So they will be beautifully highlighted in the evenings.

    Paper snowflakes on the window can be supplemented with houses and human figures.

    By the way, besides snowflakes, you can cut out many other figures, so that soaring deer, Santa, Christmas balls and other thematic figures that create the New Year mood appear in your house. Do not want to hang figures on the line? Then just stick them to the glass with soap and water! Do not miss the creative ideas of New Year napkins with your own hands.

    Idea # 8: Lights in the forest

    LED garland - an essential attribute of any winter celebration. The soft light of the bulbs fills the house with coziness, making the heart beat in a joyful anticipation of the holiday. Of course, the garlands are good in themselves - it is enough to hang them on a Christmas tree or a cornice to complement the home decoration with bright decor. But you can show a little imagination and come up with a completely unusual decoration, which will be made quite easily. For an improved mini-bulb garland, you'll need:

    • garland,
    • branches with a large number of branches,
    • board,
    • heat gun.

    Idea number 9: Compositions of needles

    Traditional decor can not do without the compositions of fragrant pine needles that fill the house with an incredible aroma. The easiest option is to make small wreaths and hang them on the windows with bright satin ribbons. To make such an ornament, you need to prepare:

    • spruce twigs (can be supplemented with branches of thuja or juniper),
    • heat gun,
    • wire (thick and thin),
    • sprigs of viburnum,
    • Christmas balls,
    • beads.

    Idea number 10: Garlands of cotton

    Decor for window openings can be made from the most simple objects that are in every home. For example, from cotton wool. For the manufacture of garlands you need to prepare a large number of cotton balls, roll them up to make it denser and strung on a long fishing line, hanging in window openings. Alternate the lumps of snow with snowflakes from napkins - so your work will be air, and in the apartment there will be an illusion of falling snow flakes.

    Idea number 11: Garland-ceiling of cups

    You can also make an unusual decor out of paper cups by making cross-cuts (crosswise) in the bottom with a clerical knife. Then insert the bulbs in the holes and attach a garland to get the original ceiling. If you do not have the right paper cups, you can do the same with plastic cups. In this case, you will need to decorate them with an unusual decor - these can be strips of colored paper or ordinary napkins with a pattern planted on glue.

    Idea number 12: Panorama with winter forest and animals

    We have already described how you can make a fabulous village or a city sparkling with lights on the windowsill, but this is not the end of the panoramic crafts. At the window you can arrange a magical glade-panorama with Christmas trees and animals. For work you will need:

    • paper,
    • scissors,
    • pencil,
    • a garland of LED bulbs.