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7 signs of a mentally healthy woman


As you know, it is the female gender that is called “weak”, as regards not only physical strength, but also subtle mental organization or mental state, which in the beautiful half of society is often much more unstable than in men.

Women tend to worry more: for family and children, for home life, for circumstances at work or in a team, they suffer mental trauma much worse and harder, which directly affects their mental health.

Today we decided to talk and list the top 10 signs that define a mentally healthy and well-balanced woman, we should not worry about such women, because they are ways to cope with many life difficulties with their heads held high.

  1. So, the first sign is the blooming and well-groomed appearance of a woman. She always looks after herself, she wants to rejoice at herself and those around her with her attractiveness and, importantly, she is not too lazy to spend time and energy on this.
  2. A mentally healthy woman is always open for relationships and love: at the same time, she loves not because of something or for something, but just like that, not expecting anything in return. At the same time, she will build a similar principle of relationships not only in parental love, but also in affiliate.
  3. She has almost no bad habits, she does not smoke and practically does not drink. She just does not need this to feel happy or self-confident, all this replaces a balanced and harmonious shower organization.
  4. She loves and knows how to accept compliments. Have you noticed how sometimes women are embarrassed or even refuse from the pleasant words of the opposite sex? This is a completely wrong position based on internal complexes and fears. A real woman with a healthy psyche and decent self-esteem keeps herself confidently with the opposite sex, knows how to interest and attract attention.
  5. Such women always strive for self-development. They are well aware that life is a constant movement, and therefore it is very important to show interest and curiosity in various areas. Usually they have some favorite hobby that brings them pleasure and helps them grow.
  6. She is able to rejoice, joke and smile sincerely. Healthy ladies do not expect a special occasion to experience happiness and pleasure (holidays, weekends), they always find a way to smile. At the same time, the reason for joy can be even the simplest, at first glance, for example, the first flowers in a flower bed, a leaf that has broken from a tree or a clear sun outside the window.
  7. Mental healthy women rarely complain and can be grateful. You, for certain, met those who constantly complain - on fate, on the husband, on the small salary, on the annoying relatives or neighbors, in general, on everything that you can think of. But there are those who really feel a deep appreciation for all that they already have at the moment.
  8. She does not constantly try to avoid sweet or flour, count calories and gained kilograms. A happy and healthy woman lives in harmony with her body, she gets real pleasure from nutrition, and as a result she does not experience constant stress.
  9. Such women fully understand the responsibility for their own and the lives of loved ones, they never blame others (husband, parents, loved ones) for their own failures and failures.
  10. Still, women are a special “race”, sometimes they are characterized by weaknesses, for which men love them. Life can not pass smoothly and without any jumps and unrest, which sometimes affect the mental organization of the fair sex. However, if they are able to quickly recover and return “to their own place,” then there is nothing to worry about.

Mental and psychological health of women

Unfortunately, the fate of the weaker sex in this world is unlikely to change, because nature itself has created women more susceptible to irritation, vulnerable and emotional.

Very often, violence and cruelty on the part of the male leaves an indelible imprint in the mind of a woman and influences the formation of her personality, behavior, perception of the world, mental and psychological health in general. As a result, psychosomatic diseases, fear, instability, aggression, addiction, etc.

In order to make it easier to recognize a mentally healthy woman there are 7 signs, these are:

  • good and blooming appearance, well-groomed and clean skin, because there is a desire to look attractive,
  • no craving for frequent use of alcohol and smoking,
  • mentally healthy woman, feels confident in communicating with the opposite sex and responds adequately to compliments in his address,
  • the desire for self-development, the occupation of a favorite thing that brings pleasure,
  • correct speech, without using foul language,
  • healthy sense of humor, the ability to understand jokes,
  • a mentally healthy woman, usually not at all off to enjoy sweets, this suggests that nerve cells get enough nutrition, as a result, irritability passes, and any conflicts are resolved peacefully.

If the overall picture is much different, in this case, the woman rather needs to strengthen her mental health. To do this, experts recommend visiting a psychologist, to distract from everyday work, have a good rest, start to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Main signs

Mental and psychological health rests on the inner perception of the world. Obviously, if a woman sees the world in gray tones, does not rejoice, even something grand, and complains about life, then in the end, she really does get her “desired” chronic depression. But what about those who never knew about it?

  1. The girl watches herself, tries to look beautiful. However, it is worth distinguishing the line between “looking beautiful” and “just being visible”. The latter is focused on bright non-standard colors not only in clothes, but also in make-up,
  2. Bad habits are absent or occur very rarely. For example, if a woman drinks only on important days, and does not have a craving for such habits, then there is nothing wrong with that
  3. Adequate response to compliments is a sure sign that a woman’s mental health is normal. Such a person is always adequately self-confident and is able to calmly communicate with both her and the opposite sex,
  4. Have a hobby. And it not only exists, but also actively develops in a positive direction - the girl is sure that one day she will achieve success in this. Maybe success has already been achieved
  5. There are no “toxic” words in the replicas. In simple terms, she does not use foul language or she is ashamed when such words “fly off” from the language,
  6. Healthy sense of humor. She is able to distinguish jokes from insults and perfectly understands the first, ready to listen and laugh,
  7. Loves to eat sweet. Yes, a really healthy woman is not averse to pampering herself with something delicious - this suggests that her nerve cells are in a state of relative rest.

How to strengthen the psyche?

Not everyone was able to receive a proper upbringing in childhood, in order to grow up to be a truly exemplary woman, or to any separate reasons for that. Anyway, do not despair, you always have a chance to change something in yourself. And promoting mental health, with proper readiness and patience, is not such a difficult thing.

First, highlight from the above, those signs that do not exactly apply to you.

Secondly, if the first reason is unusual for you, but you want to be beautiful and attractive, then there is good news - on the Internet you can always find useful tips and videos on personal care, find the right makeup or hair and body masks. With proper desire, this is nothing complicated.

If the second reason is unusual for you, and you are sure that you depend on some bad habit, then you cannot do without a doctor. Make an appointment with a narcologist, and discuss your problem. The specialist will find a solution.

If you cannot say that you respond adequately to compliments, then before answering something to a “helpful” person, think it would be nice for you to hear that in response to praise. You can make a list of desired answers and bearable to remember them.

Be sure to find a favorite activity. Well, even if you like your work, this is also a kind of hobby. Try yourself in the field of art: painting, writing.

Get rid of harmful words in your speech. Such a girl does not attract anyone.

Give a proper part of your joy to jokes of friends and acquaintances. You can not teach a person to understand jokes, and many believe that with a sense of humor in general must be born. But nothing prevents you from just laughing at a funny joke.

The latter reason may seem quite controversial, however, if you are dieting and are actively trying to lose weight, and not just trying to draw attention to your person, then first lose weight, and then you can slowly begin to eat tasty food.

Signs of physical health

1. You have thick hair and strong nails.

A pile of thick hair on the head and strong, fast-growing nails in most cases indicate good health.

Conversely, thinning hair, brittle and fragile nails are often a sign of a significant deficiency of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin D and other important vitamins.

2. You have a lot of energy

If in the morning you get out of bed easily, are ready to go to work or to the gym and meet a new day, you can do it without worry - everything is all right. With many diseases and lack of vitamins, a person loses energy, and he constantly feels tired.

3. You rarely have headaches, and they are short

Virtually everyone faces headaches. Often they are caused by stress or muscle tension. Periodic headaches are normal.

However, if conventional medications no longer help you, headaches are very strong, accompanied by nausea, fever, confusion, weakness, stiffness in the neck, sensitivity to light - all this is a reason to consult a doctor.

4. You breathe normally, even when you are sick

Free and easy breathing is something that many of us take for granted, until it ceases to be so.

When a cold occurs in a healthy person, nasal congestion, weakness and other symptoms of the disease may occur. However, after a week, plus or minus a few days, the condition should improve. If this does not happen, it is possible that there are any violations that require an appeal to a specialist doctor.

5. You have good blood circulation.

With good blood circulation, your legs and arms may periodically become sore or tingling in your limbs may occur, but such sensations usually pass quickly.

However, if the tingling, numbness and weakness last longer than usual, this may indicate a pinched nerve. Prolonged symptoms cannot be ignored, as they may indicate a problem that requires surgery.

6. You have fresh breath

The smell of your breath is one of the main indicators of your health, since most of the immune functions are associated with the intestines.

Fresh breath is a good sign of healthy digestion. At the same time, bad breath can tell about a number of diseases: a strong fruity odor can indicate diabetes, bad breath is associated with acid reflux, a fishy smell with renal insufficiency, and an acidic smell from sleep apnea.

7. The desire to fall asleep in the middle of the day does not occur every day.

You ideally, when you wake up in the morning, you should feel a surge of energy that persists throughout the day. The absence of the urge to fall asleep during the day indicates a healthy work of the adrenal glands and a stable level of sugar in the blood.

8. Your skin looks healthy.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. The condition of the skin on the face and on the neck not only reflects its genetic features and its health, but also the effect that the external environment has.

Healthy skin looks slightly pink, supplied with blood and even tone.

9. Your face looks full.

The fullness or roundness of the soft tissues of the face indicates youth and health.

Conversely, the disease, dehydration, inadequate nutrition is reflected on the face, because of which the skin loses vitality, looks drained and flabby.

10. You have clear eyes.

Eyes can give a lot of details about human health and his psychological state. They can be rested or tired, bright and cheerful, or sad and depressive.

Eye proteins can be white and clear, either with blood vessels or yellow, which may indicate the possible presence of certain diseases in humans.

11. You have a normal percentage of body fat.

According to nutritionists, the most important indicator of health is the percentage of fat in the human body. When this index increases, your body begins to accumulate more fatty tissues instead of muscles.

In turn, the percentage of body fat affects metabolism, blood sugar levels, mobility, and emotional well-being.

12. You find time for physical activity.

Physical activity is very difficult to replace. It has a positive effect on all parts of your body: it burns excess fat, improves blood circulation to the muscles and limbs, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, increases blood flow to all muscles and organs, helps sleep better and promotes regular stools.

In addition, systematic physical activity strengthens the heart muscle, which is also an important indicator of health.

13. You pay attention to what you eat

Do you eat enough vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products? The answer to this question allows you to quickly find out the quality of your food.

If you have all these ingredients in your diet, you have good nutrition. And all because most people often miss these moments. According to nutritionists, only 3 percent of the population gets enough nutrients from the above sources.

14. You have healthy gums.

One of the indicators that your body is in order are gum tissue. This means that your gums are not inflamed, do not bleed, they have a normal texture and color.

Healthy gum tissue is dense, has a pyramidal shape between the teeth and evenly bends around the rounded edges of the teeth.

15. Do you eat regularly

The point is that you do not have a lack of nutrition, choose a balanced food, and do not rush mindlessly to food from bouts of hunger.

Regular nutrition also helps prevent many gastrointestinal problems that are caused by chaotic nutrition.

16. You feel full after eating.

Many people are too concerned about their diet, cut back portions of food and limit themselves to something. This causes a feeling of dissatisfaction, and as a result, the person begins to snack a lot or overeat at night or on weekends.

The feeling of satiety after a meal suggests that your meal brings you pleasure, and a person who eats what he likes has a healthy attitude to food.

17. Your muscles have relief

Do you see your muscles with the naked eye? Are they dense and embossed and not covered in fat? All this is a sign of health.

Atrophied or weakened muscles, on the contrary, speak of poor muscular health. Also pay attention to the asymmetry of the arms and legs. If, for example, one leg is larger than the other, this may indicate that you are trying to compensate for one side of the body because of some undiagnosed disease. Perhaps you have some problem with the nerves on the weaker side.

18. You perform everyday tasks easily.

Can you easily climb the hill? What about bringing shopping bags home? Try to touch your toes or stand on one foot, not holding onto a support. And can you sit on the floor and stand up without the help of your hands?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions, you can say that you are healthy.

19. You have regular stools at least once a day.

It is very important that you eat and invest in your body, but no less important is what comes out of it. Irregular stools can mean that there is some kind of malfunction in the digestive system. It may be a magnesium deficiency, poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, and even emotional stress.

20. You do not have shortness of breath during normal activity.

Your airways, in fact, are a multitude of tubes leading to the "balls" - the lungs. Each person has these “balloons” inflated, and inside the “balloon” there is air and blood. Cells use oxygen from the air to produce energy. If you have problems with your lungs, you may experience shortness of breath even during normal routine activities.

21. Ваши суставы не болят, когда вы двигаетесь

Чтобы вести активный образ жизни, человеку нужны здоровые суставы, кости и мышцы. Если сустав не способен на полный диапазон движения, это может сигнализировать о проблеме.

For example, an athlete after an injury may return to the sport after his pain disappears, and he is able to perform normal movements.

22. You have clear urine.

A simple indicator of kidney health is human urine. The kidneys keep the electrolytes in the body in balance due to the fact that they filter the surplus and waste products. Clear urine indicates that you are getting enough fluid.

At the same time, the appearance of foam or blood in the urine should alert you and become a reason for seeking medical attention.

23. You have a pink tongue

The norm is considered a pink shade of the tongue with a thin white coating without signs of discoloration or fingerprints from the teeth.

Any other color or bloom may indicate dysfunction or imbalance in the body. All this will be seen in the language.

24. You recover quickly after surgery.

The ability to recover quickly after surgery often speaks of general health. A person is endowed with an amazing ability to recover on his own after an experienced trauma or injuries arising during operations.

The body sends white blood cells and neutrophils to the site of surgery to prevent infection, and monocytes regulate inflammation. If a person quickly recovers after the operation, he will cope with more complex treatment.

25. Your skin returns to its original state if you pinch it.

There is one simple and quick skin turgor test that will help you find out if you are healthy.

Pinch the skin on your arm, ankle, or lower leg, and see how quickly it returns to its former state. The delay may signal dehydration, and if the deepening of the leg stays longer than usual, it may be a sign of excess fluid due to kidney problems, heart disease, or liver.

26. You can easily stand up from sitting cross-legged without help.

This simple exercise was designed specifically to determine strength and flexibility, as well as predict the possibility of early death.

To check this, you need to sit down with your legs crossed and stand back, not leaning on anything. The specialists who developed this test found that people who could not get up from a sitting position died 5 times more often in the next decade than those who performed this test.

However, do not panic, because such a test is more indicative of determining the strength, flexibility and balance of a person. If these qualities are not developed, your risk of injuries, falls and other possible problems increases.

27. You have a peaceful sleep.

This is one of the most important signs of good health and speaks of normal blood pressure, the absence of problems with breathing and gastrointestinal reflux. It also signals normal breathing during sleep, which is key to overall health.

28. If you have an allergy, it’s easy to handle.

A healthy person may have seasonal allergies, but they are easily pacified with antihistamines. Allergies of this kind are found in about 20 percent of people, and if they can regulate them with simple medicines, this indicates good health and a healthy immune system.

29. You have a cold about once a year.

This frequency indicates a normal immune system. In a certain year, you can survive even a few colds, and this too will be the norm. But if you are sick more often, it may already speak about more serious problems, for example, allergies or sinusitis.

30. You do not need to greatly increase the sound when watching TV.

If nobody in your house complains that the TV is too loud, your hearing is fine.

31. You do not mind spices in food

A healthy person likes to cook and add spices to food. This indicates a normal sense of smell and taste. People who have lost their sense of smell do not enjoy food or its preparation.

32. You have a lot of saliva

Saliva is responsible for the natural level of PH in the mouth and ensures that your teeth are clean. A sufficient amount of saliva is a normal indicator and protects you from the occurrence of caries.

33. Your jaw does not click when you open it.

The temporomandibular joint, which we use for almost a whole day while chewing, speaking and yawning, should not click when you open your mouth wide.

To find the joint, feel the protrusion in front of your ear and try to open and close your mouth. If you hear a pop or a pop sound when opening the jaw, you are at an increased risk for migraines and other headaches now or in the future.

The incorrect position of the jaw can lead to compression of the joint and muscles, and by removing this tension, you can get rid of headaches and significantly improve the quality of your life.

34. The skin around the eyes and on the hands is not very thin.

The look and feel of the skin around the eyes and on the back of the hand is a good indicator of your health.

In these areas, the skin is usually the thinnest of all, and therefore it is possible to notice signs of atrophy (thinning) or photodamage (freckles) in the first place. Healthy skin looks smooth without protruding blood vessels or blotchiness.

35. You have strong teeth

Strong teeth mean good health. A person experiencing stress and anxiety often squeezes and grits his teeth, and may suffer from other problems with the health of the oral cavity.

36. Your blood pressure is 119/79 or lower.

Blood pressure is easy to measure, and it can tell a lot about the health of a person’s heart and blood vessels. If the pressure is high, it can be adjusted by a healthy lifestyle and special preparations.

Woman's health

37. You have a regular menstrual cycle.

Regular menstrual cycle with a frequency of 27-35 days indicates reproductive health. He talks about the presence of normal ovulation and a balanced level of hormones.

If a woman is not doing well with her health due to being overweight or underweight, she may have more chaotic or absent menstruation. In this case, ovarian function is impaired, ovulation does not occur, or it occurs unpredictably.

38. You do not have acne.

Acne in adult women can be a sign of hormonal imbalance. For example, polycystic ovary is often accompanied by the appearance of acne, excessive hair growth, hair loss, irregular periods and sterility.

39. You have vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is normal. During a cycle, vaginal secretions may vary with hormone levels, but they are almost always present.

It is important to pay attention to the color and smell of these secretions. An unpleasant smell or discoloration of green may indicate an infection, while a clear discharge is the norm.

40. You deal with spasms.

Menstruations are rarely completely painless, but they should not cause pain, because of which you are not able to work, walk or talk. Painkillers also help to deal with many of the symptoms during menstruation. However, severe debilitating pain may indicate an inflammatory process, such as endometriosis, and affect your ability to conceive.

Signs of Mental Health

41. You know how to cope with your emotions and the emotions of others.

Each of us has needs for affection, respect, independence, and other things. The ability to recognize and express these needs is the path to a happy life. Healthy people also try to understand and satisfy the emotional needs of others. They are inquisitive and attentive to the feelings of others. If their actions offend another person, they try to correct it and change it.

42. You arrange your own vacation

In a crazy rhythm of life, it is very easy for a person to come to emotional burnout. Sometimes we are so careful about what needs to be done, what we forget about ourselves, and we don’t realize that the level of stress in our lives is overwhelming.

One fine day you have a nervous breakdown, a disease, or you are in a hospital. People who regularly devote time to themselves and to rest, stay healthy longer.

43. You are able to set boundaries

A person who can establish healthy boundaries knows when to say no and how to take care of his needs. This may seem selfish, but this skill is an important part of a person’s mental health and helps protect them from resentment and burnout.

44. You say what you think

It is important for a person to learn how to discuss the problems that bother him instead of keeping everything inside. Saving in yourself insults and stress and carrying this load with you is not beneficial to your health. It is best to deal with all the difficulties and contradictions at once.

45. You do not need to be depressed to consult a psychologist.

A healthy person understands that psychological help is needed not only to a person with mental disorders. Each of us sometimes needs an unbiased third party to talk through his problems and come up with reasonable and useful solutions for us.

46. ​​You are not obsessed with food

Although it is very important to consciously and carefully treat your diet, insanity in healthy foods can be a sign of eating disorder. Be confident in your choice of food, observe moderation, and your brain will take care of everything else.

47. You have a balanced lifestyle.

This is a sign of health and suggests that you do not ignore important aspects of your life, such as family, emotional health or playing sports. Equilibrium helps you function and live fully, which has a positive effect on your mental health.

48. You recognize negative trends.

The ability to recognize, understand and interrupt negative tendencies is inherent in healthy people. Such a person can put an end to a negative vicious circle, get rid of the old burden and unresolved problems and lead a free life without stress.

49. You can ask for help when you need it.

The ability to ask for help is a sign of mental health, and the ability to show one’s vulnerability is, in fact, an indication of strength. A person who asks for help, seeks a solution, instead of aggravating the situation because of unnecessary pride or fear.

50. You reason reasonably

If you are able to think realistically and constructively, you are a mentally healthy person. An example of unhealthy thinking can be considered phrases like: "I will not succeed" or "I am a loser." A healthy person knows that feelings are not facts and it is important to weigh all the supporting data. Using the facts, you can get to the truth.

51. Do you like music

Learning, playing and listening to music is useful at all stages of life. It has been proven that music has a positive effect on both the mental development of a child and the abilities of an adult, helping to prevent a decline in cognitive functions at a more mature age.

52. You can break up with your friends when the time comes

One of the signs of psychological health is the ability to end an unhealthy friendship. Not all relationships in your life will be forever, and there is nothing wrong with that. Understanding that friendship no longer benefits you or is bad for you and the ability to let it go is a sign of growth.

16 signs that you are mentally healthy: check yourself

Many of us have mental disabilities, but do not even notice it. We will introduce you to 16 simple signs that will help you quickly find out if you are healthy or not.

The author of these 16 signs is an American woman psychoanalyst, Ph.D., a professional psychologist and therapist, Nancy McWilliams. Her vast experience will help you to easily understand whether you have any problems. This is much easier than passing the Rorschach test, for example, the usefulness and effectiveness of which, by the way, has not been proven.

Why do you need to check your mental health

Many experts believe that this is like going to the dentist - from time to time you need to check yourself for problems. Going to psychologists or therapists is not always efficient and convenient in terms of finances. In the modern world there are quite a few real masters of their craft, so it will be more useful to use the template test.

The only requirement that is made to the subject - the utmost honesty, because no one can check you. He is advised to take on sensations, but to be faithful it is possible to check compliance with the 16 signs of a healthy person once a year or two.

And now we will remember how the old maiden behaves:

1. Breaks down on others (the lack of endorphins affects its perception of the world).

2. Often drinks painkillers (if she had sex more often, she wouldn’t have to do this - oxytocin and estrogen dull the pain).

3. Constantly ill (intimacy increases the number of antiviral antibodies by 30%).

4. Regularly forgets everything (sex oxygenates blood, which then enters the brain, which improves memory and the assimilation of new knowledge).

5. Dissatisfied with herself (whatever one may say, and the lack of sex affects women's self-esteem).

Seven signs of a mentally healthy man!

1. Subtle sense of humor. That is, not laughter from the stomach over the fact that someone fell or someone skirt lifted. And a little more submatch. This is not only pleasant, but also speaks of the quality work of the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

2. He is able to cook, and he has at least 2 - 3 dishes, which he makes with glitter. This signals a developed sense of responsibility and maturity.

3. He has some interesting hobby, an occupation that he likes, but not fanaticism. Computer games and gambling are also excluded.

4. He is not looking for those who are guilty in a critical situation. He analyzes it and makes a decision.

5. He has a coherent literary speech. Obscene language is used extremely rarely.

6. He is not averse to eat sweet. This means that his nerve cells get enough nutrition. He prefers to calmly resolve issues - without shouting and assault.

7. He likes curvy female hips. Fans of bony pops are infantile and irresponsible in the soul. In addition, it is a sign of a latent homosexual.