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9 best shampoos for colored hair


What is the difference between shampoo for colored hair from the usual? There are several cardinal differences between professional and household tools:

  • High functionality. If the usual means only cleans the skin and washes away dirt and grease from the surface of the hair, then professional shampoos have a powerful healing effect. They saturate the strands with useful substances, restore their structure, strengthen the follicles, prevent the color from rapidly washing out, thicken hairs and envelop them with a thin protective film. It is extremely important for dyed hair, as well as for bleached,
  • Composition. The composition of cosmetics for colored hair includes a lot of useful natural ingredients - ceramides, oils, herbal extracts, proteins of rice, soy or young wheat. They make it easier to comb and provide additional conditioning for the strands,

  • High quality silicone. The most frequent component of many modern brands is silicone - it is this which affects the appearance of the hair. But if a cheap variety is usually used in cheap products, then a quality type is included in salon shampoos. The first accumulates in the hair, weights them and leads to brittleness and cross section of the tips. The second one is completely washed out during washing, therefore it does not affect the health of the hair,
  • An integrated approach to the problem. Salon shampoos are designed for complex use. The fact is that only when interacting with other products from the same series, they are able to maximize their effectiveness,
  • Specialization. Professional shampoos are highly specialized - they cannot be complex a priori (“2 in 1” and “3 in 1”).

Important! Salon cosmetics contain more detergents and more intense. If the product is chosen incorrectly, it can be harmful.

Where to buy this shampoo?

Professional hair products can be bought at several points. These include:

  • Specialized stores selling products for hairdressers,
  • Beauty salons - unfortunately, the price here will be very high,
  • Internet sites
  • Network cosmetics stores - the choice is very limited, the quality is not the best,

  • Official sites - the best option. The cost of cosmetics from the catalogs located on official sites will be the lowest, but the quality will be high. In this case, you are exactly protected from fakes.

On a note! Most women believe that a sulfate-free professional shampoo is not able to remove contaminants and grease, so you have to wash your hair very often. Far from it! In reality, however, natural-based products form less foam, which complicates the headwashing process a little.

How to apply?

When choosing salon cosmetics, there is one single rule: it should correspond to the type of your hair (dry, oily and normal). Otherwise, its use will give absolutely nothing.

It is also very important to learn how to properly wash your dirty head:

  • Moisten hair with plenty of warm water,
  • Squeeze a little shampoo on your palm,
  • Fool him well,
  • Apply this foam on the wetted strands,
  • Massage well,
  • Rinse with running water.
  • Repeat one more time,
  • Apply balm / mask.

What shampoo to buy?

We offer a whole list of the best shampoos for colored hair, from which you can certainly choose the option that suits you.

Mulsan Cosmetic Professional Care Shampoo

Deservedly in the first place you can put the last hit, from the company Mulsan. Shampoo with grape seed oil, macadamia, extracts of fireweed and Dyagle root. Will help in the care of dry, dull and weakened hair with signs of section. Virtually all products from the company Mulsan can be called unique. The only manufacturer who completely abandoned the chemical components, replacing natural raw materials. Here you will not find sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes.

Products quickly gained popularity among lovers of all natural. "Mulsan - cosmetics for those who read the composition." The slogan fully describes the principles of the company. Our colleagues from the editorial office, used shampoo + balm for two weeks and were just shocked. Hair has acquired an incredibly healthy look, as in childhood. We recommend everyone to try great products. The official online store mulsan.ru

Cost - 389 rubles for 300 ml.

L’Oreal Professional Série Expert Absolut Lipidium

This tool is based on the innovative Neofibrine system, which includes Bio-Mimetic ceramide sunscreens. Shampoo fills curls with powerful vital force, strengthens from the inside and provides cellular regeneration of the damaged structure. As a result of using this product, hair becomes stronger and smoother.

The approximate cost is 700-830 rubles for 250 ml.

L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Restore

Hair repair with severe damage. Its main active substances are:

  • Aminosilan - strengthens and restores the structure of the strands,
  • Cationic polymer - envelops them with a thin protective film,
  • The complex "Aptyl 100" - seals useful components inside the hair.

Approximate cost - 1080 rubles for 250 ml.

“L’oreal Elseve” shampoo “Color and Shine” for light colored hair has been created according to a new formula that ensures the fixation of pigments to the strands. The tool keeps the color, prevents it from washing, makes the shade brighter. Moreover, it includes special UV filters that protect the tone from negative influences. With regular washing the hair gets the necessary nutrition, it becomes smooth, shiny, silky and obedient.

The approximate cost is 200-250 rubles for 250 ml.

Schwarzkopf Professional Sulfate-Free

Famous German shampoo created for washing hair damaged during coloring. It was developed by lamination technology (Krio Color Defense), which normalizes the pH level and freezes the pigment until the next paint. The main ingredient of this cryo-shampoo is silk hydrolyzate, a special component that restores hair on a cellular level, polishes its surface and gives bright shine.

The approximate cost is 680 rubles for 250 ml.

Important! Schwarzkopf Professional Sulfate-Free does not contain sulfates.

Kapous Color Care

Cosmetics of this brand provides good nutrition of hair follicles and helps to remove unwanted color appeared after unsuccessful painting. Kapous Color Care contains vitamin E, amino acids, milk proteins, extracts of healing herbs and extracts of various cereals. Due to this rich composition, this shampoo provides a powerful healing effect:

  • Keeps pigment bright at the molecular level
  • Restores a weakened structure
  • Actively nourishes the strands from root to tip.

Approximate cost - 300 rubles for 250 ml.

Natura Siberica - “Protection and Shine”

This rating continues to be a popular drug for Russian-colored hair. Its main feature is the natural basis - as part of the product there are no harmful mineral oils, parabens and sulphates. Their place in this shampoo is occupied by useful substances:

  • Pink radial hood - moisturizes and nourishes, activates recovery processes, strengthens the protective mechanisms,
  • Natural oils - Altai sea buckthorn and Dahuri soybeans. They contain vitamins and macronutrients that provide overdried locks with good nutrition and regeneration,
  • White beeswax - increases the resistance of curls to the effects of harmful chemicals,
  • The solution of soapwort, helps strengthen hair follicles and normalize the sebaceous glands.

Approximate cost - 300-360 rubles for 400 ml.

Tips to help you choose the best professional hair care shampoo:

If you do not know how to wash colored hair with shampoo, stop your choice on this famous brand. Means "Periche" is in great demand among modern women. Its main ingredients are:

  • Macadamia oil - prevents the destruction of the hair structure under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, protects hair from loss of moisture,
  • Marula oil - moisturizes and nourishes, adds shine to curls,
  • Cucumber extract - retains the brightness of the color.

The approximate cost is 560 rubles for 500 ml.

Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed

This professional antioxidant shampoo to protect the color of colored hair has a number of qualities:

  • Delicately cleanses
  • Protects hair from free radicals and harmful UV rays,
  • Strengthens their structure,
  • Saturates strands with glitter
  • Supports Ph,
  • Keeps a bright tone until the next painting (as many as 32 shampooing sessions),
  • Participates in filling porous sections of strands.

The composition of this tool includes vitamin E, natural silicones and sunflower oil.

Approximate cost - 530 rubles for 300 ml.

Matrix So Long Damage

The famous salon colored hair shampoo is based on Cuticle Rebond & trade (ceramides + aminosilicones). With this technology, Matrix So Long Damage restores strands in the deepest layers, strengthens their structure, fills all voids and glues scales together. Hair after washing becomes elastic, smooth and obedient. Also this wonderful shampoo makes hair thicker and reliably protects it from various damages.

Approximate cost - 565 rubles for 300 ml.

Estel Prima Blonde

Not sure which shampoo is best for dyed hair? Many experts enter into this rating a means of the Russian company Estel. It is based on the NATURAL PAUL system, which contains useful keratin and panthenol. The role of these ingredients is difficult to overestimate - they gently cleanse, fix hair color, provide softness. Estel is often used to give a silver tone to the strands and restore structure.

Approximate cost - 450 rubles for 250 ml.

Important! Too frequent use of this product can cause dry hair. Also remember that the composition of this shampoo includes hormonally active substances.

Bain Chroma Captive Kerastase

Rather expensive, but also very effective. This salon shampoo contains natural ingredients that delicately cleanse the hair of dirt and give it the most powerful shine. The basis of this tool is an innovative complex Systeme Capture, which prevents the rapid etching of pigments and keeps the shade rich and beautiful for about 30 days (subject to continuous use of the entire series). Also, this shampoo contains UV filters that protect strands from negative effects.

Approximate cost - 1400 rubles for 250 ml.

Important! One of the main advantages of the "Bain Chroma Captive Kerastase" is the presence of detergents. They remove dirt without affecting paint. But it is precisely this delicate effect, as well as the absence of sulphates, that does not allow for the complete purification of the strands.

Wella brilliance professional

If you decide to choose a professional shampoo for dyed, normal or thinned strands, take a closer look at the Wella Brilliance Professional. It is also suitable for sensitive skin - relieves burning and itching. The product has a pleasant smell that remains in the hair for a long time. In addition, this shampoo provides effective deep cleansing. Its main active ingredients are panthenol, keratin, vitamin E, lotus extract and glyoxinic acid.

Approximate cost - 650 rubles for 250 ml.

Important! Despite being part of the Wella Brilliance Professional salon product range, it contains both parabens and many preservatives that dry the strands and affect the structure.

Shampoo "Clear Vita Abe" for the regeneration of dyed and damaged hair is also among the best. It does not contain sulfates and other harmful substances. The basis of this tool is advanced technology "Nutrium 10", which consists of nutrients, vitamins and extracts, allowing for a long time to keep the final color. This property is very important for owners of bright and saturated colors - for example, red hair. The tool foams very well, so its use will be quite economical.

Approximate cost - 300 rubles for 200 ml.

Important! The formula "Nutrium 10" helps to get rid of dandruff.

Shampoo "Ginger and Hop" from the company "Green Mama" is designed specifically for weakened hair. In its composition there are active substances (extracts of various herbs and peach seed oil) that improve growth and promote overall healing of the curls after a staining session. We also note the fact that in the “Green Mama” formula there are no fragrances, parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate, therefore hair washing is delicate.

The approximate cost is 250-300 rubles for 250 ml.

Londa Professional Color Radiance

This highly effective shampoo to preserve the color of dyed hair provides effective protection for the strands. Due to natural oils and extracts from plants, the tool cleanses the strands and gives a beautiful shine. With regular washing, the curls become soft, docile and silky.

Approximate cost - 500 rubles for 250 ml.

Important! “Londa Professional Color Radiance” was developed using a special technology using Radialux micro-ions. They retain color, block the microspheres and perfectly remove the remaining stains.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair

Professional Israeli-made product designed to care for damaged and weakened hair. Shampoo has a regenerating and moisturizing effect. It is based on a highly effective formula that provides a delicate wash and unravels the strands. The main active ingredients of this drug are keratin, argan oil, antioxidants and fatty acids. They work on two levels at once - penetrate the hair, strengthen their structure, nourish and moisturize both inside and outside.

Approximate cost - 1535 rubles for 250 ml.

Sim Sensitive System

Salon Finnish tool designed for dyed, dry or damaged strands. It relieves severe itching and also prevents dandruff. The hair becomes smooth, docile and looks to all 100.

The approximate cost is 936 rubles for 500 ml.

Matrix Biolage Color Care

Very good shampoo on a natural basis. The tool is enriched with citrus extracts, soy proteins and hibiscus extract. These components provide restoration of curls after dyeing, as well as saturate them with vitality and energy. For dyed hair “Matrix” is just perfect - it keeps the pigment bright and incredibly juicy for a long time. Using this tool, you can get another important bonus in the form of soft, silky and very obedient strands.

The approximate cost is 550-650 rubles for 250 ml.

After reviewing the rating of shampoos for dyed hair, you can easily choose the best tool and follow the head of hair according to all the rules and regulations.

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What should be a good shampoo for colored hair?

Shampoos for colored hair are different from the usual ones in the first place because they have a lower amount of aggressive substances in the composition, and most of them are also enriched with useful components and UV protection. After all, strands injured in the process of painting need careful approach and maximum gentle washing.

That is, these shampoos should not only fix the brightness of the color, but also have a healing and regenerating effect: moisturize and nourish, smooth the scales, return the elasticity, natural radiance and vitality, and soothe the scalp to damaged and overdried hairs.

For example, keratin, lecithin, silk, glycerin, protein, polymers, vitamins, and wheat germ extract may be on the list of necessary care ingredients. If the hair is dark, cocoa butter, extracts of cinnamon, chestnut, and hazelnut will keep their tone. If light - honey, chamomile, nettle, citrus extract.

And to choose the best shampoo for colored hair of a particular brand will help you our rating, made up taking into account the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users.

Londa Professional Color Radiance

The best professional hair shampoos cannot be listed without mentioning the following:

  1. Price: 480 p. - 250 ml.
  2. Ingredients: Orange peel lipids, passion fruit extract, Radialux micro-ions.
  3. Action: Protects hair from leaching and discoloration, gives shine, restores damaged structure.
  4. Pros: The shampoo forms a thick foam, rinses well, smells nicely, is economically spent, gives volume to a hairstyle, does not overdry, does not cause allergic reactions.
  5. Cons: Does not eliminate fluffiness.

ESTEL Otium Color Life delicate

Moisturizing shampoo for colored hair helps to restore their vitality. For example, Otium Color Life from ESTEL:

  1. Price: 485 p. - 250 ml.
  2. Composition: Silk proteins, innovative complex Blossom Care & Color.
  3. Action: UV protection, deep moisturizing, maintaining the saturation of the hair shade. Shampoo gives silkiness, smoothness, shine.
  4. Pros: Pleasant smell, convenient packaging, effective, suitable for daily use, quality washes.
  5. Cons: No

Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed antioxidants

In the rating of shampoos for hair after dyeing Total Results Color Obsessed by Matrix:

  1. Price: 580 p. - 300 ml.
  2. Состав: Натуральные силиконы, витамин Е, масло подсолнечника.
  3. Действие: УФ-защита, очистка, поддержка оптимального РН-баланса, придание устойчивого блеска волосам. Предотвращает сечение и ломкость, восстанавливает.
  4. Плюсы: Средство экономно расходуется, подходит для ежедневного применения, приятно пахнет, питает, обеспечивает легкое расчесывание.
  5. Минусы: Корни быстро жирнеют.


Деликатный шампунь с кислым рН и восстанавливающим эффектом:

  1. Цена: 850 р. – 200 мл.
  2. Ingredients: Vitamins F, C, E, pigment fixatives. Extracts of kelp seaweed, bubble fucus, glycerin, aloe vera gel, sun filter. Essential oils of ginger, rosemary, mint, menthol, tea tree, eucalyptus.
  3. Action: Shampoo maintains the intensity of color and shine to hair, nourishes, protects against the negative effects of UV rays, prevents hair loss, restores damaged hair structure. Sour pH - 4-4.5. Active ingredients trigger natural keratin production.
  4. Pros: Means strongly foams, easily washed off, effectively cleans.
  5. Cons: Expensive, uneconomically consumed.

Natura Siberica Protection and Gloss

This shampoo is one of the best for dyed, damaged, brittle hair. It has a pleasant smell and thick consistency. Description:

  1. Price: 300 rubles - 500 ml.
  2. Ingredients: Rhodiola rosea extract, vitamins P, E, B, A, C, Siberian flax oil, Dahuri soybean, Altai sea buckthorn, white beeswax, soapwort solution, Far Eastern lemongrass.
  3. Action: “Protection and Shine” nourishes, stimulates natural regenerative processes, increases protective abilities.
  4. Pros: The shampoo is inexpensive, it smells good, helps to get rid of dandruff, is economical, moisturizes and nourishes, foams a lot.
  5. Cons: Dries skin.

Concept Live Hair color & care

The following shampoo from the Concept brand is considered one of the best. It smells good, contains many natural ingredients. Features:

  1. Price: 240 p. - 300 ml.
  2. Ingredients: Vitamins of group B, fruit extracts of strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, mandarin, elastin, silicone, panthenol, peach oil.
  3. Action: "Live Hair color & care" nourishes, adds shine, elasticity, silkiness, softness to the hair, improves structure, eliminates split ends, gently cleanses, has a smoothing effect.
  4. Pros: Shampoo is suitable for dyed, damaged, brittle and thin hair, it smells good, foams well, makes combing easier.
  5. Cons: poorly washed, deprives the volume.

The most effective means

We decided to simplify your task: we studied the opinions of consumers and made an independent rating of the 10 best products that wash colored strands. This includes well-known Western and domestic manufacturers.

We open the TOP ten professional line of shampoos that can be purchased commercially and successfully used at home.

1. Mulsan Cosmetic - Repair Shamp oo

The company Mulsan is the undisputed leader in the category of safe shampoos, but for colored hair it is most welcome. Due to the absence of aggressive chemical components (SLS / SLES), the shampoo does not wash out coloring pigments, leaving the color saturated for a long time. Birch buds extract accelerates the growth of strands, normalizes the sebaceous glands, restores the hair structure. Almond extract protects the curls from damage. According to the test results, she receives the highest mark, while remaining in the affordable price category 399 rubles for 300 ml. You can familiarize yourself with the unique products on the official website (mulsan.ru).

2. Bain Chroma Captive Kerastase is the most expensive and posh product (price about 1400 rubles for 250 ml). As part of only natural ingredients that give the maximum shine and gently cleaned from contamination. The revolutionary Systeme Capture complex blocks the leaching of color pigments, thanks to which the color remains bright for up to a month (with regular use of the Chroma Captiva series). UV filters protect curls from aggressive environmental influences.

3. Shampoo L’Oreal Professional Série Expert Absolut Lipidium using the innovative Neofibrine system (a combination of Bio-Mimetic ceramide and sunscreen) effectively restores the damaged strand structure at the cellular level, returning them vitality and strength. Curls become healthy, strong and filled with shine. The price of 250 ml of such an effective product is in the range from 700 to 830 rubles.

4. Londa Professional Color Radiance can be purchased for 650 rubles 250 ml. The tool instantly protects the hair from washing out the color. Due to herbal extracts and natural oils, gentle cleansing of the hair occurs and a fantastic shine appears. Curls become soft and obedient. The tool professionally protects dyed hair from UV radiation, while removing chemical residues, but maintaining color.

5. Detergent Kapous Color Care fully nourishes the roots, effectively neutralizes unwanted shades, which turned out after painting the strands. 350 ml of funds cost 220 rubles. The active ingredients of cereals and vitamin E effectively preserve the brightness of the color at the molecular level. Milk proteins restore the damaged structure of the cuticle. Amino acids and plant extracts that are part of, actively nourish the roots and strands along the entire length.

6. Periche colored hair shampoo has proven himself and is popular with women. Macadamia oil protects the capillaries from dehydration and prevents the structural destruction of hair from the sun's rays. Cucumber extract and oil Marula actively moisturize and nourish the strands along the entire length. With constant use perfectly preserves the color and shine of the curls that have been painted. The not-too-high price of this professional drug (about 560 rubles per 500 ml of volume) allows you to purchase it instead of mass-market means.

7. Matrix Biolage Color Care presented by manufacturers as an organic product, the average price of which is 550-650 rubles for 250 ml. Active ingredients such as hibiscus extract, soybean and citrus proteins help curls to recover from staining and give them strength. The product is used to preserve for the long time the most vivid and rich color of the strands. After its regular use, the damaged curls become soft, obedient, easy to fit.

Close the top ten of our ranking shampoo budget class.

8. Means Natura Siberica “Protection and shine for dyed and damaged hair” Russian production, in which there are no sulphates, parabens and mineral oils. Natural popular product consists of extracts and oils of wild herbs of Siberia. Organic solution of soapwort regulates the sebaceous glands, strengthens the bulbs. Altai sea buckthorn oil is saturated with vitamins and macronutrients that nourish and restore damaged curls, gives them shine and strength. Dahurian soybean oil nourishes and moisturizes dry tips. This product can be purchased in stores for 300 rubles (400 ml).

9. Detergent Ginger and Hop from Green Mama Designed specifically for colored strands. Thanks to active herbal ingredients, curls improve after painting and their growth is accelerated. Peach seed oil enhances the glossy shine, gives silkiness and softness of hair. This washing formula does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, fragrances, so the washing of the head takes place gently and delicately. The average price for this product is 250-300 rubles for 250 ml.

10. L’OREAL ELSEVE Color and Glitter created on the basis of an innovative formula that aims to strengthen color, protect it from leaching and maintain saturation. UV filters protect strands from harmful solar radiation. Additionally, the curls are nourished; they become smooth and silky. At the same time, the active ingredients add shine and radiance to curls. Ideal for owners of light curls. The cost of such a unique product is 200 rubles (250 ml), and it can be found on the shelves of any supermarkets.

11. Shampoo Clear Vita Abe perfectly restores damaged painted strands. Advanced Nutrium 10 technology consists of ten nutrients and herbal ingredients that literally saturate the strands with vital energy and strength. Formula means further aimed at removing dandruff. Regular use of this shampoo will make strands healthy and strong. 400 ml of this high-quality product cost about 450 rubles.

After reviewing our ranking of the best and most effective detergents for colored strands, you can easily make your choice in favor of professional formulas or a more budget product.

The best inexpensive shampoos for colored hair: a budget of up to 300 rubles.

Cosmetic companies produce shampoos in various price categories. Very often, inexpensive means become a real boon for owners of dyed hair. And, despite their cheapness, they do an excellent job with their purpose: they retain the brightness of the colors, deeply nourish and moisturize, restore the structure.

Cutrin color ism shampoo

The Finnish company has created a line of specialized shampoos for dyed hair, which are notable for their impact and an affordable price. Well-balanced complexes of natural ingredients help to gently cleanse, wash out persistent dirt, while not injuring the delicate skin of the head, to restore the structure of damaged curls.

The shampoo has a triple protection system, which consists of UV filters, antioxidants and cations. They prevent washing and fading of color, the formation of a static effect.

After the first application, the hair is smoothed and combed well. After several sessions, they are restored, get a healthy and well-groomed appearance. According to reviews, the shampoo foams well and is washed off with water, also indicate the economical consumption of funds.

Estel curex color save "color maintenance" for dyed hair

Our rating includes a shampoo from a domestic producer who knows everything that a Russian woman needs to maintain beauty and health. The formula of shampoo is designed specifically for the care and restoration of damaged after dyeing and chemical perm.

Part of the keratin complex gently washes away pollution and residues of styling products. It does not injure weakened hair and sensitive scalp, penetrates into each hair and keeps the coloring pigment inside it, which preserves the brightness and beauty of color.

The shampoo is medium consistency, well foams and washes off, has a pleasant unobtrusive smell. According to reviews of one bottle, 300 ml is enough for three months of daily use. Another undoubted advantage is the presence of a convenient lid with a dispenser.


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Estel curex color save "color maintenance" for dyed hair

Our rating includes a shampoo from a domestic producer who knows everything that a Russian woman needs to maintain beauty and health. The formula of shampoo is designed specifically for the care and restoration of damaged after dyeing and chemical perm.

Part of the keratin complex gently washes away pollution and residues of styling products. It does not injure weakened hair and sensitive scalp, penetrates into each hair and keeps the coloring pigment inside it, which preserves the brightness and beauty of color.

The shampoo is medium consistency, well foams and washes off, has a pleasant unobtrusive smell. According to reviews of one bottle, 300 ml is enough for three months of daily use. Another undoubted advantage is the presence of a convenient lid with a dispenser.



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Essence ultime diamond color for dyed and bleached hair

The famous German brand Schwarzkopf is a shampoo for dyed and streaked hair with an improved formula Essence ULTIME. Its main component is the essence of pearls, containing calcium, silicon, magnesium and other beneficial substances.

Means, penetrating into the hair, securely fixes the color and retains its brightness up to 2 months. Special serum smoothes hair, gives them an incredible brilliant shine. Filters protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and burnout.

After use, the hair is perfectly combed, not tangled, amenable to styling. The shampoo affects the structure, reduces fragility and cross-section by 85%, restores the water-fat balance. Since it foams well, a small amount of the product is enough for one use.

The best shampoos for colored hair in the average price category: a budget of up to 1000 rubles.

Many girls agree to spend any money on preserving their beauty, so they are not satisfied with the budget care products. Shampoos for colored hair of the average price category are offered by many manufacturers of cosmetic products. They include special complexes designed to meet the characteristics of dyed hair. They retain the maximum color, restore the structure, protect from the harmful effects of UV radiation and styling devices.

The Body Shop Forest

Shampoo for dyed hair The Body Shop forest, included in the rating, is an environmentally friendly tool that does not contain parabens, silicones and artificial colors. It is absolutely harmless to health, suitable for people with sensitive skin, does not affect the environment.

Shampoo intensively moisturizes and nourishes dry damaged hair with nutrients, does not make them heavier. Natural flax, coconut, manchetti and babassu oils, oil palm, bilberry extract are included in the composition. They gently wash away the strong pollution, do not injure the cuticle and scalp.

Shampoo helps to preserve the brightness of the color, and UV filters prevent fading during prolonged exposure to sunlight. The pleasant aroma of the forest remains for the whole day, giving a feeling of freshness.

Lakme Color Stay Shampoo Sulfate-Free (Rainforest Shampoo for Dyed Hair)

The Spanish brand has long and successfully produces cosmetics for the care of all types of hair. Its product does not contain sulfates, gently affects even the sensitive scalp, suitable for daily use.

Shampoo consists of a complex of amino acids that deeply moisturize, nourish, have a regenerating effect. The active ingredients - acai extract and oil - make the curls soft, docile, without the effect of fluffiness. They reliably fix the color inside the hair, retain its original appearance. Even with frequent use, it remains unchanged, as after staining.

Shampoo reanimates even the most damaged hair, returns them a healthy look and shine. Users note the immediate effect and minimum consumption in a single application.

The best professional shampoos for colored hair: a budget of up to 3000 rubles.

Many people choose for home use products that care for their hair in the salons, which are recommended by professional hairdressers. If someone is afraid of the high price, then it is quite justified. The volume of the bottle of such a means is several times more than usual, it has an increased concentration of detergent substances, which affects the flow rate. The most important thing is a balanced composition, which includes only safe ingredients.

Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique

Reflection Bain Chromatique from the famous French manufacturer Kerastase is a real find for those who like to experiment with hair color. The tool instantly returns the lost shine, restores the water-fat balance, prevents the washing out of the coloring pigment, maintains its saturation up to 1.5-2 months. The presence of UV filters allows you to be under the sun without the risk of burnout strands.

The shampoo does not contain sulfates, therefore it is suitable for people prone to allergies. It prevents the appearance of static electricity, does not overdry hair, while effectively washing away the remnants of styling products and pollution.

Rice bran oil, extracts of yuzu and lychee that are part of, vitamin E deeply nourish, saturating each hair with useful substances, make it strong and elastic.

Leonor Greyl Bain Vitalisant B

Our rating includes the tool of the famous professional cosmetics manufacturer from France. It is specially designed for dry, damaged by dyeing hair, returns them vitality and lost shine.

The formula, enriched with vitamin B, strengthens the structure, promotes regeneration of the scalp, prevents itching and loss. It penetrates every hair, nourishing it from the inside, protects it from mechanical, chemical and thermal effects. Plant extracts give elasticity, relieve static stress. The curls after application are easy to comb, the tips are soft and smooth.

The shampoo permanently fixes the original color, the coloring pigment is not washed out even with frequent cleansing. According to the reviews, the tool is minimally consumed, lasting for quite a long time.

Miriamquevedo Extreme Caviar Shampoo for Dyed Hair

Adherents of safe environmental products will appreciate the shampoo of one of the world's recognized cosmetics companies from Spain. They do not contain in the composition of mineral oils, parabens, phthalate and other harmful chemicals.

Shampoo is designed for colored hair. It gently cleans, washes away lasting dirt, facilitates easy combing. Weakened hair gets intensive nutrition and recovery.

The active ingredient - black caviar extract - is considered one of the most valuable and exclusive ingredients that make up cosmetics. It preserves color as much as possible, protects it from exposure to sunlight and leaching. Витаминно-дрожжевой комплекс восстанавливает кератин, оливковое и кокосовое масла образуют защитную пленку.

Лучшие восстанавливающие профессиональные шампуни

Нередко, при выборе средств для ухода за волосами мы заходим в тупик, забывая элементарную истину – восстановление волос начинается с правильного подбора средства. Если у вас сильно повреждены волосы, предлагаем воспользоваться нашим рейтингом и выбрать наиболее подходящий для себя шампунь для их восстановления.

3 Kapous Professional

Шампунь Kapous в строгом, лаконичном дизайне занимает почетное третье место в рейтинге лучших. Благодаря ментолу в составе, он приятно охлаждает кожу головы, распространяя вокруг приятный аромат. Успокаивает зуд и борется с перхотью, если она есть. Shampoo perfectly washes hair, removing residues and dirt. After applying it, the hair remains clean for a long time. The low price of the product makes it affordable to a wide range of consumers.

Given that Kapous Professional is tough enough, he does not confuse strands. It treats the scalp carefully, does not dry. After using the shampoo, the hair acquires a volume that lasts almost all day, even in winter under the cap. Of the minuses can be noted only watery consistency. The tool has the ability to drain on the hand. Despite the fact that the shampoo goes well into the foam, its consumption is quite large. But this, according to buyers, is not a significant drawback.


ESTEL AQUA is one of the few professional shampoos that is suitable for daily use. It has a watery consistency of a transparent color with an “apple” smell. Due to the high content of silicones, shampoo is able to make hair smooth and silky. Easy to foam and easily washed off. Does not contain sodium laureth sulfate.

Having tried it on themselves, the women confirmed the properties of the shampoo declared by the manufacturer. After using it, the hair gains a healthy shine and softness. Even heavily dried hair becomes moisturized. It is also noted that the tool has an antistatic effect. Very pleased with the price. Compared with other professional shampoos, it is quite acceptable. ESTEL AQUA is recommended by many professional hairdressers.

1 Lebel Cosmetics Proedit

Founded in 1977, Lebel is still successfully developing professional hair care products. Regenerating shampoo of this manufacturer is very popular among buyers. It is used for thin, damaged and brittle hair. Professional Lebel shampoo moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes, and also improves hair growth and protects them from ultraviolet rays.

According to consumers, the tool has a pleasant smell and good soap. Shampoo consumption is quite economical. With continued use, there is an improvement in the quality of the hair. They become more dense, do not break, easy to lay. Adopt smooth shiny structure. Professional Lebel Cosmetics Proedit - a great shampoo for thin, weakened hair.


The famous German brand Londa also hit the top of the list. As in the best traditions of all professional shampoos, it contains SLS and silicones. Manufacturers have included passion fruit extract and orange peel lipids. Due to the thick, viscous consistency of a small portion of shampoo, a lot of fluffy foam is obtained. Aroma very pleasant, on hair keeps long.

Shampoo qualitatively washes hair. After washing, they are crumbly and voluminous. Combed easily. The most important advantage of Londa COLOR is color preservation. Customer reviews say that over the course of one and a half weeks of shampoo use, the hair color has remained the same as it turned out in a hairdressing chair. Of course, silk strands do not become, but the absence of irritation, itching and dandruff is guaranteed.

2 Matrix Total Results

The ideal shampoo for dyed hair should wash the hair well, without washing out the color, not over drying the ends and not causing dandruff. Matrix Total Results Shampoo is the right fit. Its thick, creamy consistency does not have an obsessive smell and foams well. Consumption is quite economical. After washing, the product does not remain on the hair. Buyers also note the excellent product design and convenient dispenser.

Hair after professional Matrix Total is clean, shiny and soft to the touch, as if only after visiting an elephant. The color is more saturated, alive. Shampoo does not dry hair, but on the contrary, moisturizes without weighting. Consumers recommend this brand not for nothing: Matrix Total Results for dyed hair works perfectly and justifies the money spent.

1 Nioxin System 3 Cleanser

Due to the long preservation of color on the hair after dyeing, Nioxin shampoo came out on top in the top of the best. This is the perfect way to care for colored hair. Especially it is suitable for thin and normal hair. Shampoo maintains the intensity of color, while carefully and carefully takes care of the hair. After application, they look beautiful and healthy. The special formula gives hair shine and silkiness.

The composition of the System 3 includes plant extracts, panthenol and keratin. Thanks to the ingredients in the composition, the shampoo softens and moisturizes the scalp, perfectly cleansing the hair from the remnants of the products of chemical procedures. NIOXIN is suitable for daily use. It makes hair stronger. Without a doubt, this is a worthwhile product that has an acceptable price and really high-quality effect, noticeable after the first use.

3 Hair Company Double Action

Professional Double Action Shampoo is suitable for natural curly, dry and porous, permed hair. It foams well and gently cleanses the scalp and strands from impurities. The tool helps to maintain the natural hydrobalance and strengthen the hair structure.

The composition of the shampoo includes active ingredients that provide effective comprehensive care for curls. Vitamin B has a protective function and revitalizes the hair structure. Olive oil gives hydration and condition. Natural polymers have a regenerating effect on micro-damage to areas of the hair structure, smoothing the cuticle. Professional shampoo from Hair Company easily copes with fluffiness, forms elastic curls, filled with strength and healthy shine.

2 Revlon Masters Curly

Revlon Professional shampoo is best suited for caring for curly hair. It provides hair health and cleanliness, makes them strong and silky, preventing tangling. The curls become more resilient and obedient, easy to fold, and their structure is clearly formed. Moreover, as noted by consumers, after applying a professional shampoo from Revlon, hair becomes noticeably slower and fatter at the base.

Italian shampoo for curly hair moisturizes and nourishes the curls. It has a pleasant unobtrusive aroma and gently takes care of the skin of the head. The tool prevents peeling and dry skin, giving a feeling of coolness. The extract of bamboo contained in it strengthens the hair follicle, reduces hair breakage and eliminates split ends. After washing, the strands become elastic and acquire an impeccable shape.

1 L'Oreal Professionnel Curl Contour

LʻOreal Professionnel Expert Curl Contour is a specialized line designed to care for wavy curls. Due to the composition of the elements in the product, the hair is saturated with essential nutrients, gaining tone and well-groomed appearance. Shampoo foams well, gently cleanses hair from impurities, prevents their fragility.

The shampoo is based on the innovative Nutripulse system. It contains a balanced set of elements necessary for intensive care for curly strands. An ultraviolet ray filter protects hair from the negative effects of light rays and burnout. Ceramide bio-mimetic - moisturizes and strengthens. Grape seeds nourish and give the hair a well-groomed look. Professional shampoo from L `Oreal for curly hair gives curls beauty, easy combing and elastic structure. They become more obedient and begin to glow with energy!