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What is better not to joke with women?


Before you begin to joke, it is necessary to study the character of the girl, find out what she loves, and what concerns with the negative. Indeed, among women there are persons who like parodies of interesting manners of people, and someone considers it a bad attitude and disrespect for these people.
It is very good when personal jokes are created between a guy and a girl, the meaning of which is clear only to them. Find any positive moment from living together and come up with a joke that can be remembered more than once.

You can also make fun of the positive qualities of your girlfriend and avoid making fun of her shortcomings, it’s better to just hint about them than to exacerbate the situation with a joke. The main thing is to look into her eyes and smile, all this will show the friendly nature of your jokes.

The ability to pick a joke is as great as the ability to pick a compliment. After all, girls are interesting guys who can cheer. The main thing in this case - the ability to improvise. Prepared jokes are also welcome, but first try them on friends, so as not to suffer a fiasco in front of a lady.

How can you not joke with girls

Everything is not as simple as it seems. If for a guy some kind of joke seems funny, not the fact that the girl will laugh at her too. It depends on the perception of jokes in boys and girls, which is fundamentally different, and on the events during which the joke was told and on what exactly she was making fun of.

Do not joke during sex and about sex. Guys who joke with a girl about sex, unless they do it with her, are considered anxious. Also, do not joke during sex, as the susceptibility of the weaker sex to humor in these moments change.

If in your jokes any sarcastic, mocking or malicious notes are traced, it will speak about your dissatisfaction with the girl or her company.

Do not make fun of a woman's appearance. Even if there is any flaw on her body, this should not be done. No need to make fun of her makeup, because girls are trying to do everything to look even more attractive.

Do not make fun of her ex-boyfriends, even if you are not too cute. The girl on a subconscious level will protect him, and you can quarrel because of this.

Be careful of picking jokes when your girl is pregnant. Her mind has changed a lot, and you have to take this into account. Death is like a joke on a girl's pregnancy.

Forbidden topics

Due to the fact that the system of thinking of girls is based on a variety of shades of the same emotion, you need to think carefully before joking on some topics. And here are some:

  1. Appearance. Having released a joke to the address of make-up, hairstyle, body or appearance features (long nose, ears sticking out), you risk being sent home (or even far away) from the very first minutes of the date. Jokes about the appearance - it is too strong a blow to vanity. By the way, if you are married or living together, this does not mean that you can allow yourself too much. Sostrativ at least once about the arsenal of tools intended for care and neatly exposed on your shelf in the bathroom, you risk long begging for forgiveness. Better pretend not to notice them. It is for your own good.
  2. Age. Many representatives of the fair sex do not like at all when they talk about their age alone or in a company, but even if such a conversation cannot be avoided, and you have already matured a joke about this, think carefully before pronouncing it with a woman. You can miscalculate, as by diminishing your age (she may think that you consider her too young and stupid), so he is exaggerated (after all, all girls spend a lot of time to look younger).
  3. Problems. You can humor as much as you like, but you shouldn’t better over its problems. When a girl with tears in her eyes tells you about some little thing, in your opinion, the best way to calm her down is to hug, pat her head and whisper pleasant words in her ear. The variant that is common in the men's team is to give out a silly joke and laugh at it loudly together, could create an even bigger problem.
  4. Former. In books on etiquette about this is unlikely to write, but in fact it is better to avoid such topics. Yes, and men themselves do not always love when they start talking about the former, why stir up the past? The logic is not always clear, but the fact remains that as soon as you begin to “run into” the ex-boyfriend, she will immediately begin to defend him, even if before that she had been telling him for half a year that he was not far and boring. By the way, guys, you should also give up jokes about your ex-women at your present girlfriend.
  5. Cooking skills. Even if she feeds you already some day a burnt and unsalted scrambled eggs, you can not throw back jokes about it. This will surely lie in your beloved's head and is fraught with either a complete refusal to prepare any food, or a constant fear of doing “wrong” again. If there is something she prepared and really is impossible, take patronage over her and try cooking together.
  6. Relationship with technology. Many girls really have problems with technology. And if she chose the easiest way - she pretended to be stupid and pushed all the repair duties on you, while she herself chuckled softly behind her back, there’s no harm in joking. But there are those who are studying the instructions, browsing dozens of forums, trying to understand why it does not work. And if an unreasonable thought came to your mind to manifest sexism at such a moment, be prepared that you might not be well. In any, even the calmest girl, after jokes about an animal with a grenade behind the wheel, such an evil feminist will wake up that your ego may not be able to withstand such piles.
  7. Pregnancy. If the mother of your unborn child during the period of pregnancy is “overgrown” with weird laughs, it means that you must forget about this idea forever. In such a situation it is important to know how to behave properly in order not to hurt her most tender feelings, and jokes will be all the more irrelevant. Do not think to exercise in wit about her sometimes disproportionate figure, even if the beloved and herself often calls herself an “elephant” or a “behemoth”. From your mouth it will sound like the worst offense in the world.
  8. Sex. Last in the list, but one of the main ones in fact. No need to make fun of how funny she grunts during intercourse or behaves in the process of role-playing games. Just think that, otherwise, the beloved could just imitate. Would you like to joke then?

If you decide that after all the taboos there are no topics left for jokes, you are mistaken. They are sure to be, the main thing is to always think before you say.

2. Girl's problems

Above your problems is also worth joking, sometimes it is even useful. But if a girl with tears in her eyes talks about her problem (let it even be broken lipstick), no need to joke. After all, the essence of the problem - in relation to her girls, and not your attitude. If she seems to be a universal misfortune to lose a carcass, then do not joke that there are still many carcasses in the world. This can lead to scandal, with a large number of phrases on her part, such as "you don't love me," "my mother told me." And so on.

3. The appearance of the girl

Does she have bulging ears? Big nose? You may be aware of all this, but in no case do not speak to the girl herself, and even more so, do not joke about this topic. It is best to respond positively to the girl’s appearance, almost everyone likes it. Girls spend a lot of effort in looking good (even if they look great). So no need to make fun of the girl's appearance, as well as the means of maintaining appearance in fair condition.

4. Her ex MCH

For some reason, most of the girls begin to protect their former young people if the current young man rolls a barrel on them. And this, according to psychologists, is not a consequence of that. that the girl still loves her ex-mch. It just happens, and the girl herself can also be surprised by her reaction. But do not scold her former MCH, even if he is very unattainable to you.

5. Pregnancy

It is clear that this pregnancy is not yours (gee-gee), but the girl herself. Believe me, they have a hard time, and you should understand this. The girl's psyche changes greatly during pregnancy, so consider these changes. Even what you laughed at before together can now be very offensive for a girl. And of course, jokes about pregnancy itself are taboo. There are exceptions, yes, but joking with a pregnant girl over her pregnancy is like death. You will then smooth out your guilt for a week.

6. Girl and equipment

Despite the fact that many girls really do not understand the technique (here it is worth remembering the anecdote about how the blonde chose the camera - "yes, yes - I have a little red"), some girls are very keen on "communication" with technology. And your joke that your girlfriend is only a gasket between a chair and a computer (while you yourself don’t know anything but Tanchiki) can be very offensive.

These are the prohibitions on humor. What do you think is relevant to all of the above in relation to your girls? Girls, what do you think about this?

What nature prescribed

Man is by nature a leader, conqueror. It is important for him to achieve success in everything, to master new spaces and ... new women. And humor helps him in this. The very nature laid down that a man is joking, and a woman is laughing. And not just laughs, but connects the presence of a sense of humor in a man with a high level of intelligence and a good gene pool. Those. A sense of humor is one of the criteria for natural selection. By the way, this feeling should also “work” for a woman, otherwise she will pass by the promising “male”.

Canadian scientists decided to find out whether the influence of humor is really so strong in interdisciplinary relationships. During the experiment, they asked men and women to choose those they like best from the group of the opposite sex. It turned out that women almost always prefer wit, and men prefer laughter. German scientists, in turn, found that the more a woman laughs on a date, the more she likes a man (for men such a relationship was not revealed). From what lies in our genes, you will not leave!

Away match

And what will happen if women become witty? As it turned out, nothing good. Researchers from the United States solved the mystery of male dislike for women-comedians: witty women men take for ... competitors. After all, jokes, according to representatives of the stronger sex, a purely masculine privilege. In addition, men are afraid to get the witty ladies under the distribution. We know that the imperfection of men is one of the favorite themes of women's jokes. Also, American scientists say that despite the universal love of humor, men do not want to marry women wits.

Freud and hormones

The nature of humor was described by old Freud. In his work “Wit and his attitude to the unconscious,” he noted that in jokes and humor in general, aggression is hidden. But not direct and primitive, but of a higher order, since it is related to the intellect. Can say that tartly jokingly, we are civilizingly releasing our aggression. It is clear that even such female aggression does not particularly attract men. And she can frighten the pampered modern knights altogether.

In addition, British (already ridiculous!) Scientists Professor Sam Shuster and Dr. Nick Neave, studying the effect of testosterone on human behavior, noticed that the higher the level of testosterone, the more sarcastic the joke. Especially the young men “distinguished themselves” who only entered the path of struggle for the attention of women (if you are interested, look on the Internet for a description of the experiment that Sam Shuster conducted while riding the city on a one-wheeled bicycle). In this way, actively cheering crowd of woman men take for their boyfriend.

Very smart

As I said at the beginning, people who know how to joke well immediately associates immediately with non-thinking intelligence. “The acuteness has an extremely sharply expressed character of a sudden“ thought that came to mind, ”wrote Sigmund Freud. Of course, the man is afraid that, against the background of a good and a lot of joking woman, read that he is supposedly a very clever woman, he will look like a poor fool.

So beautiful girls, witty jokers, if there is no prince next to you (and you need him!), Then sway this article on a mustache. Maybe for the sake of the prince it is worth a couple of times to step on the throat of his own song and turn from a joker to a jolly hottie? Even if the jokes of the prince that suits you are not very funny.

And I would like to hear the opinions of men about this article. How do you feel about funny women? Do they have a chance to conquer a man's heart? And of course, leave fresh jokes in the comments. Not all women know how to joke, but most of us are able to appreciate a good joke.