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Features of the choice of a cape for the bride


Hello dear readers! Do you know that the dress can be modified with the help of certain details: brooches, a thin leather belt, a wide belt with a bow or a lace cape. And if the first three accessories can be considered barely perceptible in the image, then the cape absolutely definitely cannot go unnoticed. But how will the lace cape look on the dress, and to what cases will it fit? Below will be presented suitable photos, in which you can look at various images with lace boleros and capes, and now we will tell you where to wear such an elegant item of clothing. Of course, the most appropriate such a cape will look at any special events, such as: banquet, dinner party or wedding.

How to sew a transformer cape:

The lace cape on the dress looks simply amazing, it can even transform a simple sheath in a matter of seconds, especially when you need to quickly prepare for an unplanned event, and you only have time for styling and makeup - wear a little black dress (which should be in the wardrobe each girl), and throws on his shoulders elegant lace cape. The image will play, and you will look at five with a plus.

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Cape as a complement to the image of the bride

Wedding capes are an original and solemn element of an image of the bride. However, their selection is important to treat responsibly and pay attention to every detail. The cape should be in harmony with the wedding dress as much as possible and at the same time be light, warm and comfortable.

A harmonious combination with a wedding dress

Wedding dress should emphasize all the merits of the bride and be perfect for her. When selecting the top cape, the same rule applies, only with this it should look harmoniously with the dress and other accessories.

A suitable cape reveals all the virtues of the dress and is its visual complement. This is largely due to the style of the dress and the shape of its skirt. Fur coats made of natural or faux fur - the best option for a dress of any complexity. They look spectacular and appropriate in almost any style.

When selecting a cape for a fluffy dress, it is important to minimize the volume from the top, that is, the model is better to choose a fitted and maximally emphasizing femininity of the bride. Otherwise, visually it will look overweight. Silhouette dresses can afford any kind of cape. Particularly relevant are models of fur stoles or ponchos.

When selecting a cape for a short dress, it is important not to deform the skirt. You can choose the option that completely covers it, or a short cape to the yoke.

Comfort, comfort and warmth

Of course, the capes on the wedding dress can be decorative, but in most cases they are entrusted with a warming mission. In warm and cozy capes the bride will not look like a snowman with a red nose in the memorable photos, and all sorts of colds will not overshadow the honeymoon.

The warmest and most spectacular models are:

However, not less than the warming items of outerwear are a woolen jacket, a coat and a coat.

Spectacular accessory

Often a great help in the selection of accessories is provided by salon specialists who offer wedding capes wholesale and retail. Also, quite often brides are offered to rent a product. However, in the case of an expensive thing made of natural fur, this method will only create additional nervous tension, as the bride will constantly worry about the safety of the thing and its appearance. The best alternative would be to purchase an elegant, cheaper cape made of faux fur or a beautiful thick fabric.

Features of the correct choice of cape

When creating a spectacular image of the cape plays an important role. To find the right model, you need to take into account many factors. It is necessary to assess the length, material, color and features of the figure and appearance of the bride. When everything in the product is combined, a full fitting of the image with the dress and other accessories is carried out.

Cape Length

The most popular length of wedding capes is the length to the waist. It is perfect for any style of dress. For a fluffy skirt, they will not create extra volume on the hips, in the silhouette model it will open feminine body bends, for a short dress it will be the optimal weatherization. Most often in such models use the sleeve ¾.

However, when holding an outdoor event in cold weather, it is better to prefer longer models with long sleeves and a hood. They will keep warm and look very gently.

Manufacturing material

Among the existing materials for the manufacture of wedding capes are most often used:

  • fur,
  • skin,
  • suede,
  • swansdown,
  • drape or felt
  • tight knitwear
  • silk / satin
  • lace.

When choosing a material, it is important to take into account the personal preferences of the bride and the characteristics of her image:

  1. Capes for impressions - fur, swan's down, lace or silk.
  2. Materials for decoration - lace / lace, silk.
  3. Materials for heat - fur, down, drape / felt.

Fur capes are an effective and expensive accessory. He adds femininity and elegance to the image of the bride. Suede and leather capes are romantic accessories for a bold look. Guipure, lace and silk - this, of course, sexuality in every centimeter.

Cape color

Choosing the color of the cape, it is necessary to pay attention to the suitability of its basic dress and the combination with additional accessories. Often only 1 of the listed factors can be performed.

The cape, perfectly in harmony with the color of the dress, will be an excellent finishing element. She will not stand out and emphasize all the advantages of the main dress. It is important to get perfectly in tone so that one of the elements does not look washed or dirty.

The cape contrasting with the color of the dress is a very effective accent. She can emphasize the style of the image and even create a visual effect, for example, reducing the upper part of the silhouette, the combination with the skin color of the bride (if the white color is pale). Accessories of a single color are very relevant when elements of jewelry, shoes, accessories of the groom and others can be in harmony with the color of the cape.

A spectacular cape in cold weather is an indispensable accessory for every bride. In the modern variety you will definitely find your version, but we'll talk about this in the next article about the types of wedding capes.

What are they like?

To make it easier to determine, you should first learn the main types of wedding capes:

  • Bolero. It covers only the shoulders and arms, so that for a cold winter just does not fit. Bolero can be worn on a cool summer evening, early autumn or late spring. This cape is not very practical, but incredibly elegant. It will be perfectly combined with the wedding dress without the shoulder straps of the “year”, “mermaid” or “fish”, as it will fully preserve the magnificence and will give a special chic.
  • Tippet or shawl. This style is probably the easiest, but at the same time universal, as it will be combined with any style of dress. But the most harmoniously this cape will look with a dress in the so-called ball, classical, romantic style or in the style of Provence. Palatine emphasizes elegance and makes the image clean and restrained. The only drawback is that the bride will have to constantly correct and support him.
  • A jacket is a stricter and laconic version, which the business bride will definitely appreciate. This cape will be perfectly combined with an A-line dress, as well as a ball or Greek dress. If you choose a jacket, then the top of the wedding dress should be as concise as possible, otherwise it will stand out and wrinkle under the cape, which will make the image sloppy and careless. By the way, if the accessory is decorated with bright details, it will not look too reserved and strict.
  • If your wedding is held in the winter season, then by all means pay your attention to the fur coats. And if you consider that there is a great variety of styles, then you will definitely find something suitable. The choice of style of this accessory will depend on the features of the wedding dress. It can be short and sweet, elegant and fitted, straight and strict or elongated fur coat. This model can have buttons, original hooks or romantic ties. Such a detail as a hood would be useful. By the way, you can buy a practical white fur coat, which you can wear in winter as an everyday element of outerwear.
  • Cape-coat This accessory will be best combined with a straight or slightly flared bottom-length dress or knee-length. The coat will make the image feminine and elegant and warm in almost any weather, even in winter.
  • The cape-raincoat appeared quite recently, but has already managed to become popular among stylish brides. It is a long raincoat, sewn from a rectangular cut of fabric, with ties at the neck. Such an accessory will be harmoniously combined with long dresses and will make the image bright, original and romantic.
  • Neckpiece. Most often boas are made of fur. This cape covers the shoulders or neck, and its ends are connected to the chest with buttons, braid or, for example, a beautiful brooch. It looks royally gorgeous, but this accessory cannot be called practical and convenient, as it will not protect against wind and cold, and it is not quite comfortable to dance and actively move in it. Best of all the boa is combined with elegant fitted and long or luxuriant dresses.
  • Boa is a peculiar volumetric scarf of medium length, made of fur, down or feathers. Boa perfectly with the wedding dresses in retro style, presented in the photo of fashion magazines. If you create such an unusual glossy image, you will certainly be a bright and self-sufficient bride.
  • Classic - is an accessory that covers the shoulders and almost the entire top of the dress. Typically, such a cape is connected in the upper part with a button, braid, hook or brooch.
  • A cape-sweater or cardigan will be perfectly combined with a wedding dress in country style, rustic, "shebby chic" or, for example, in a nautical style.

How to choose a wedding cape for the bride? The style will depend on the dress model.

  • If you choose a fitting short or medium length dress, then pick a straight short cloak.
  • If your dress is long, slim and not breathless, then you can choose a tight cloak to the hips.
  • If the dress is a little flared or absolutely straight, then almost any cape will do.
  • A long fitted cloak can be worn over a tight-fitting dress of almost any length.
  • If the dress is magnificent, then only short capes will fit, preferably up to the waist.

The color should be in harmony with the color of the dress, otherwise the image will be ridiculous.

  • You can choose a cape that will completely match the dress in shade. This accessory will not stand out, but it will complement and complete the image.
  • Create a bright and unusual tandem will help cape in a contrasting color. So, if you chose a boiled white dress, then you can put on, for example, a red or blue cape. A purple or burgundy cape will be in harmony with the beige dress. But such a bold combination can only afford a confident bride who is not afraid of experiments and prefers fresh ideas.
  • She can frame and shade the outfit. To make it a certain cut for a diamond, that is, for a dress, give preference to tones in harmony with the main one. So, a white outfit will be interesting to look with a blue, pink or lilac cape. Beige outfit will match accessories of brown, coffee and sand shades.

Determine the material

What material can a cape be made of?

  • By choosing a fur cape, you will provide yourself with warmth and make your wedding look chic, elegant and expensive.
  • The lace cape is the epitome of romanticism and femininity. It will be combined with a dress of simple material, complementing it.
  • The cape of guipure will make the image a little sexy and at the same time tender. But guipure, like lace, will be in harmony with simple and opaque fabrics.
  • If you choose a lace or guipure dress, then pay attention to capes made of thick materials such as brocade.
  • If you prefer a dress made of light flowing non-textured material, then it will complement its romantic silk cape.

Few rules

  1. If the dress is bright, then the cape should be concise. If the dress is simple, the accessory can be an additional accent of the image.
  2. The cape should not be too catchy and bright, because the main part of the set is still a dress.
  3. Remember about comfort!
  4. If you do not want to buy such an accessory, rent it.

Long wedding capes: "cloak" fairy princess

Long capes this year literally flooded the international podiums. Capes with a long hem have a completely uncomplicated cut: a simple rectangle with a thin thread tied into an inconspicuous bow at the neck, and small cutouts for the hands. At the same time, such an accessory smoothly covers the whole body.

The materials chosen for such a delicate wedding decoration are as simple as the style: translucent fabrics, silk, light lace — they all seem to carry into the world of fairy-tale princesses, the main attribute of which, besides the magnificent wedding dress, was a cloak that covered them from others eye. Of course, modern capes do not bear such a role, but they make the image more elegant.

Such wedding capes for the bride, the designers almost unanimously decided to make a continuation of the dress: for the entire set the same fabric and color is used. At the same time, the ideal style of a dress for a long cape is as simple as it is: a long straight or slightly widening skirt, open shoulders and a simple top. Of course, there are exceptions in the form of particularly bright details - for example, the red color can be an option for an amazing photo shoot that reminds everyone of the famous fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood.

Long wedding gowns photo

Wedding capes of a simple form - not fitting, without a collar, with long or three-quarter sleeves - they exactly resemble a coat. Girls who decide to move away from the traditional length to the floor, and who prefer a straight dress to the knee, should certainly choose a cape-coat for the bride in a similar design in the compartment.

Such wedding capes ideally suit in autumn or spring, when the sun “already” or “still” does not warm enough to allow itself to go without sleeves, but it is quite possible to put on elegant boats that blend so beautifully with a simple cut and a dress . It can be soft, completely laced, or holding a form and made of shiny silk. In any performance, the resulting wedding look looks incredibly stylish and is ideal not only for young girls who do not like excessive pretentiousness, but also for adult ladies who want to feel like a bride again.

Capes for a short wedding dress in the form of a coat

In the photo: collectionMoniqueLhuillier

Lace capes: laced splendor for wedding dresses

Lace can make almost any look special. The leading material from which the summer wedding cape can be made is lace. With a small or large pattern, it looks great, being in completely different forms. Bolero is one of the clear leaders. With small sleeves, but not buttoned capes, look incredibly beautiful on a dress without straps. In addition, they are comfortable to wear: do not constrain movements and allow hands to move, as your heart desires.

Lace capes-bolero wedding dress photo

The lace cape on the wedding dress, which rests on the shoulders and fastens in front or behind, is certainly short, going down a little below the chest, will decorate even the most ordinary-looking outfit, making it not just elegant, but truly innocent.

Capes of lace on a wedding dress

Lace does not have to cover the entire surface of the cape, it can only frame its edges. Wedding capes for weddings are most often found in the form of an ordinary stole, thrown over the head and draped around the neck, or in the form of a transparent silk bolero. Covering the head, they serve as a substitute for those who did not want to decorate their image with a veil or veil - the cape after the wedding ceremony is easy to remove, causing the image to change immediately. Very beautiful option, gently covering the hair and not falling down, in contrast to the shawl - a wedding cape with a hood.

Wedding capes for wedding photo

Зимнее время года, с пушистым снегом и словно укутанными деревьями, сделает любую фотосессию сказочной. Но для холодной поры ко дню бракосочетания лучше выбрать свадебные накидки из меха, которые защитят открытые плечи и руки невесты от мороза.

Меховой палантин смотрится очень красиво и подходит к платьям совершенно разных форм и стилей. A fluffy or straight skirt, a train or a short length, long sleeves or an open style - such a fur cape for a wedding dress will save shoulders and back, and also, depending on the length, it can be laid in various ways.

Fur cape for winter wedding dress

But the wedding fur cape on the shoulders, if it does not save in the harsh winter, then certainly decorate the dress with an open top. However, an elongated version, more like a poncho, but without slots for hands, will also save your back well. Depending on weather conditions and time of stay on the street, such a cape, keeping its shape, can be of different lengths.

Short fur capes on the shoulders for the bride

The most popular and very warm option is winter wedding fur coats. Most often, brides prefer the most open, reaching the waist, without a collar and often with three-quarter sleeves fur coats. Necessarily with a short white fur (the long one will make the bride look like a round ball), such a short fur coat will be very practical and comfortable, and the variety of models will allow you to choose an individual style for each dress.

But the white fur coat of a simple cut with a hood and after the wedding will find practical application in everyday life, each time recalling the most important day. In such a fur coat, made of natural or high-quality artificial fur, it will be warm even in the dead of winter!

Wedding white fur coat with a hood photo

A cape for a wedding dress is simply indispensable for the off season and the cold season. The main thing is that her model is ideally suited to the dress, so it is best to choose these two components of the bridal outfit together - so you can avoid mistakes in shade and style.

Wedding Fashion Trends 2017

The fashion season 2017/16 passes under the motto of elegance, refinement: simple lines of cut, elegant style, muted pastel shades emphasize the beautiful figure of a woman. Designers of world renown, who presented on the most prestigious catwalks delightful bridal collections, offer to recall the times of femininity, emphasized high taste and style.

Lush outfits with a lot of frills, ruche, catchy embroideries and rhinestones sunk into oblivion. In place of the intricate styles of "mermaid", "a la princess" came simple, sophisticated models, gently emphasizing the silhouette of the bride. Delightful conciseness, expensive fabrics, perfect cut lines in the style of the great Grace Kelly are distinguished by the collections of Oscar de la Renta, Alexander MqQueen, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera.

Add the shocking appearance of the newlywed offers the famous fashion house Chanel and its leading fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, while maintaining the best traditions of Mademoiselle Coco. Young, daring, courageous beauties, going down the aisle, the season 2017/16 offers a huge selection of short wedding dresses, allowing you to demonstrate beautiful legs, slim figure.

Classic handmade lace again at the top of popularity: Kate Middleton, Amal Alamuddin, Anne Hathaway and many other representatives of the aristocracy, show business, super-star choose exquisite patterns of openwork fabric. The peculiarity of the new, 2017 will be unusual lace patterns, resembling a tattoo, suitable for bold, self-confident brides.

“Simplicity and lightness” is the motto that is embodied in the autumn-winter 2017/16 season in all details of the organization of a wedding celebration: elegant banquets are replaced by exquisite but simple dishes, elegance, minimalism, pompousness is replaced by sincerity, expensive ones. , flashy accessories are invited to change to stylish, elegant.

The choice of fabric and color of the bridesmaid dress

The lightness, airiness of the image will emphasize natural fabrics. Unusual play of light, the play of satin, silk, and grogron will create the perfect silhouette, gently and gently wrapping the newlywed figure. Illusion gas, chiffon, used for translucent skirts of wedding dresses so fashionable in the season, will elegantly decorate the silhouette. For a winter dress, a broker will be an excellent choice - a weightlessly thin fabric with interweaving of woolen threads, silver or gold.

Fashion gurus offer brides to abandon the bright, catchy colors of wedding dresses: red, dark blue, emerald shades are not in fashion now. The beauty of delicate pastel, muted colors reigns at the shows of the bridal collections: olive, peach, pearl-gray, pale blue, ash-pink hues will be an ideal choice. All the same in favor remains snow-white classic.

The choice of model and style of dress

To choose the perfect bridesmaid dress that will turn you into a refined, mysterious, delightfully delicate beauty, pay attention to the main trends of the wedding fashion of the 2017/16 seasons:

  • Air laces, the finest guipure, openwork patterns are the must-have of a stylish bride. The conciseness of the cut, the elegance of the silhouette emphasize the ideal proportions of the figure.
  • Long loops gradually go out of fashion. A stylish replacement for the latest designers offer to make a cape - cape, similar to the robe of royal persons.

  • Crop top style confidently leads among young ladies. The impudent, scandalous style is perfectly combined with air laces, expensive fabrics, emphasizing at the same time sexuality and shyness of the bride. Beautifully designed wedding dresses with a short top and a shoulder strap, opening the slender waist.
  • Asymmetry is a favorite of this year’s models. Large flounces, wide frills adorning the wedding dress, located diagonally or on one side of the attire, become an ideal piece of decor that does not require extras.
  • Long translucent sleeves of a wedding dress will decorate and emphasize the aristocracy of the image. The finest lace, lace, in harmony with the style of dress, will be the ideal choice for the newlywed, watching fashion trends. The optimal length is up to the bone on the wrist or.

  • Light, airy drapery on the shoulders, covering the deep neckline, bare back, will allow the bride and groom not to think about the presence of clothes for the civil ceremony and for the church wedding.
  • A low neckline, softened by pastel colors, a romantic flying silhouette of a wedding dress, will ideally give a subtle touch of erotica without vulgarity and bad taste.
  • Transparent lace skirts, narrow models with a slit to the hips again on the Olympus of wedding fashion.

Useful tips on choosing a dress for the bride

Start choosing a perfect dress with ... a cup of coffee and wedding magazines. New collections of famous designers will delight you, lift your spirits and help you navigate the intricacies of fashion. Worried that the cost of designer models you can not afford? Take your time, visit wedding salons with your mom and friend, choosing, trying on various outfits. Pick up the dress that you saw in your dreams.

If the price "bites", and you have a margin of time at least a couple of months, contact a good fashion designer studio: the purchase of fabric, accessories, tailoring to order will cost less. Another opportunity to save will be the choice of the ideal model for a wedding attire: in the fashion are exquisitely elegant styles of the A-silhouette, air-flowing Greek models. Trendy short silk, lace, satin and even crepe short dresses for the bride will give a highlight, charm, typical of the style of the 50-70s of the last century.

If the wedding celebration is scheduled for a cold season, stop choosing elegant models with a swan feather. Do not forget to pick up beautiful accessories:

  • This year, designers offer to choose a veil of the same length as the dress.
  • Disheveled bouquets of the bride will bring slight negligence in a flawless image.
  • A neat, piquant garter “tells” the groom's friends who is going to marry.
  • Capes, capes from fur will warm the bride, giving charm.

Features of the choice of a dress for low girls

When choosing a wedding dress to owners of a miniature figure, of low stature, you should pay attention to short dresses with draperies, bows, asymmetrical flounces. The ideal option would be fashionable this year, long dresses of A-silhouette or Greek Empire style. The trend sleeve length, small flashlight, light draperies around the shoulders will highlight the fragile beauty of the bride.

Owners of small breasts fit neckline "boat", which occupies top positions in the wedding collections of designers. An elegant corset with lacing and a minimum of shiny pebbles, catchy and bright details will help emphasize the lush bust. High heels - stud or platform, neat, short veil-hat, increasing growth, a delightful bouquet will complete the refined image of a girl.

Photos of perfect wedding dresses 2017

Choosing the perfect dress for the wedding ceremony is a pleasure and a lot of work. Take the process responsibly: in the most solemn, long-awaited day of your life, you should look kingly. Refinement, elegance, delicate taste, sense of proportion and style will be your ideal allies. To navigate in a whirlwind of fashion trends, designer trends, new styles of leading wedding fashion houses, look at photos of the latest collections of dresses for brides from world-famous fashion designers: