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How to choose and use a comb for hair?


The hairpin hair comb has remained equally popular among women of fashion for many centuries. Such functional decorations from various materials are found among the excavations of ancient cities.
The comb for hair not only decorates, but also allows you to fasten unruly strands and create a light but stylish haircut.

Hairstyles for every day and for the holiday

This hairstyle with a comb remains intact for the whole day, and can be an evening option.

One has only to change a simple comb for a refined elegant option.

Tip: the shell does not disintegrate if you use a double comb, or stab two on both sides of the same.

To create a hairstyle:

  1. Gather the hair at the back of the head, twist it several times clockwise in a bundle, lifting the hair gradually to the top of the head,
  2. Twisting continue until the tail, which wrap down under the shell,
  3. Attach the edge of the shell to the studs and secure with a comb, or two - on both sides.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a comb for hair, first of all you should pay attention to such signs as:

  • The convenience of use.
  • Purpose You need to know exactly how the comb will be used.
  • The degree of electrification. Some materials produce static electricity for a long time in contact with the hair. When combing with such combs creates the effect of "lush hair."
  • Availability. Price comb depends on the naturalness and strength of the material, functions performed.
  • Possibility of use for different types of hair. There are combs used for all types of hair, and there are those that have narrow functionality.
  • Strength. The degree of strength and durability of the ridges is determined by the material of their manufacture and purpose.
  • Functionality. The possibilities of using ridges depend on the length, thickness of teeth, the presence or absence of a handle.

The following are the features of different types of ridges, which will help to quickly determine the choice of the appropriate, in accordance with the parameters of interest.

There are several types of combs for hair. Here are just some of them. Combs are divided by:

  • For combing. Suitable only for combing hair, not an ornament. Flat, with many short teeth.
  • For decor. It is difficult to comb hair with such scallops, but they look good in a hairstyle. Usually have 2-3 long teeth. There are:

- everyday - suitable for every day, have a simple design,

- holiday - used for special occasions (wedding), have a more complex decor and a high price.

  • Multifunctional. Suitable for combing, and to create different hairstyles. Combine beauty and convenience.

  • 2. Form:

    • With long sparse teeth. Helps to better cope with matted wet strands.
    • With thick teeth. This type of combs is convenient to use for combing short hair.
    • With teeth of different lengths. With their help they create the hair.
    • Narrow ridges. Do well with curly hair.
    • Combs with a handle. Used to separate hair into separate strands.
    • With teeth of medium length. Can be used daily for combing hair and applying special masks.

    3. Material production:

    • Plastic. Lightweight, comfortable products that are suitable for different types of hair. With prolonged contact with the plastic comb, the hair is electrified. Toxic substances are released upon long-term exposure to high temperatures.
    • Metallic. Durable, tough, with prickly teeth, suitable only for owners of normal hair type. Without a protective coating, teeth can damage the skin.
    • Silicone. They have similar characteristics with plastic products, but they do not electrify hair and do not emit toxic substances when heated. Cost more.
    • Wood. Made from natural materials, simple and easy to use, suitable for all types of hair. In this short-lived, easier to break.
    • Bone. Durable, made from natural materials, do not electrify hair. Have a higher price.

    How to use?

    Knowledge of the characteristics of the types of ridges can quickly and easily select a suitable comb. But in order for the comb to serve a long and good service, you need to know how to use it correctly.

    If the comb is chosen as a comb, then you should remember a few simple rules for its use:

    • you should not comb your wet hair with a comb, it is better to wait until it becomes wet,
    • start combing from the tips, slowly grabbing the rest of the length,
    • touching the skin should be soft, massaging to relax and restore the skin,
    • After use, the comb must be rinsed and put in a dry place, in order to avoid the rapid deterioration of the comb.

    As an element of decor comb used in various hairstyles. Below are several combing hairstyles for long and short hair.

    Hairstyles examples

    There are several ways to style your hair with a comb.

    For medium and long hair:

      Curls, fixed back comb. It is the easiest and versatile hairstyle. It can be used both in everyday life and for truly important events.

    Twist hair with curling or curlers. Separate the side strands and collect them on the back of your head, holding together with a scrunchy. Straighten the strands and decorate with a comb.

    Reversed tail. A more elegant hairstyle with a comb.

    Comb your hair carefully and collect it in the tail at the back of the head. Squeeze the elastic, divide the hair over the elastic into two parts and wrap the end of the tail in several times, creating a pocket. Decorate the crest with a comb.

    "Gulka" using the comb. Collect the hair in the tail at the back of the head. Twist them into a bundle and wrap around the rubber band. Hide the tip of the tail under the resulting "bun". Secure with studs, top with a comb.
    Simple and comfortable hairstyle, as for every day, and for special occasions.

    For short hair:

      In the style of "retro". It is one of the most simple and convenient hairstyles for short hair.

    Twist the hair with a curling iron. Separate one side strand and secure it to the side with a comb. Done! Stylish and elegant hairstyle in a few minutes.

    The video below shows how you can make some simple and elegant hairstyles using a comb. Presentation options are more suitable for long and medium hair.

    Stylish bun

    The bundle is one of the easiest styling for curls. middle length. There are many variations of such hairstyles: from casual lightweight options to restrained classic models. The bundle will decorate every lady, and a beautiful scallop will be a wonderful addition to such a feminine image.

    So, how to make a romantic styling with studs and scallops?

    1. Brush your hair carefully.
    2. Collect all the curls in the tail at the crown or nape.
    3. Twist all the strands in the bulk harness, not much tightening them at the same time. From the free strands, if desired, you can weave a braid.
    4. Wrap the harness around the base of the tail.
    5. Fix hair hairpin.
    6. Complete the image with a delicate comb, securing it on top of the beam or below it.

    Detailed photo instructions for creating a stylish beam are presented below.

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    Delicate "Malvinka"

    Malvinka - universal hairstylewhich is suitable for a solemn event, and for everyday exit. Neat curls and small bouffant will decorate every girl and make her look unique. Especially original look such hairstyles with a beautiful comb for hair.

    How to make a tender Malvinka?

    1. Carefully comb the hair and part with its parting.
    2. Gather a few front strands and make a little bouffant. Fix the result with a small rubber band.
    3. On each side in the temporal region, select one narrow strand.
    4. Twist the selected curls with a harness and fix with a small rubber band.
    5. Decorate your hair with a delicate comb. In order to securely fix the hairpin, insert it with the teeth on the bottom (under the braid), and then turn it so that the base of the comb is on top.

    Detailed photo instructions for creating a classic malvinki presented below.

    French shell

    French shell - ideal for special occasions. This model will emphasize the beautiful features of the exterior and will make its owner more gentle and elegant.

    The essential advantage of such styling is that it can be easily embodied on long curls and on hair of medium length.

    The technology to create an elegant shell:

    Brush your hair carefully. Select a wide strand of front hair, lightly stir it, put it back and fix it with a barrette.

    Leave free curls to the left. At the base of the strands form the mount using stealth. Carefully twist the loose curls with a rope counterclockwise to form a shell.

    Fix the result stealth. Decorate your hair with a comb. To do this, you can use the original comb with two strips of teeth. To fix the barrette, stretch it and secure each part in the hair.

    Some topical tips

    1. To decorate your wedding, choose large combs with stones, pearls and other decorations.
    2. Small scallops that look like tiaras are also suitable for brides. This accessory will be the perfect complement to the gentle wedding look.
    3. To create everyday images, use bright hairpins with interesting patterns and decor.
    4. If you are going to use a comb as a fixative, and not a simple decoration, then pay attention to accessories with large teeth.

    Below are photos of hairstyles with a comb and video tutorials on how to create them.

    Options for wedding hairstyles with a comb

    The comb in the wedding hairstyle is designed to effectively, luxuriously and simultaneously concisely complement the styling. Depending on the image being created, an accessory is selected:

    • For a formal and strict style, a sophisticated accessory with an elegant design and iridescent stones is suitable. The shape, the performance of the accessory can be varied.
    • An accessory with leaves, plants, dragonflies, butterflies is suitable for a romantic image. They can be encrusted with rhinestones.
    • The scallop with the decor of stones is a modern, perfect solution for creating an original wedding hairstyle, since they harmoniously complement the veil and look magical.
    • Scallop with floral design is very popular among the bride. It will easily decorate any hairstyle, bringing interesting notes into it.
    • Accessories that look like tiaras look very beautiful. They are easily fixed on short, long, medium hair, make any image a little brighter.
    • Pearl scallops are ideal for special dates. They allow you to look beautiful, feminine and elegant. With such an accessory, it is better to comb the hair back or to one side.

    Bridal Hairstyle

    A bride of any type of appearance can create a bunch like wedding dressing. This hairstyle is universal. If your hair is distinguished by a large thickness, length, then any beam is available for you in shape and size. If the volume is not enough, you can put a roller. In addition, the bride can always use the overhead strands to make her hair longer.

    A bundle is ideal for hair that does not keep a curl. In addition, this is a real salvation in inclement weather. After all, the collected hair is fastened with hairpins, varnish, and pile, so the bride can be sure that the styling will last the whole day, will not lose her magnificent look. However, the newlywed must be prepared for the fact that to create a beam, you will need a lot of invisible hairpins and hairpins, making it heavier.

    The beam can be smooth, voluminous, high or low, it all depends on the style of dress, the shape of the face. For example, for a dress of a mermaid style or a fitted high beam, assembled from curls, for lush robes or A-silhouette, it’s better to prefer a voluminous low, Greek outfit looks perfect with a low bun under the elastic band. Such wedding styling, decorated with a beautiful scallop, gives the image elegance, femininity, freshness and an interesting highlight.

    With the collected locks on the side

    Laying on the side with gathered curls on the side with the help of a comb makes the image flying, gentle and airy. This hairstyle looks good on long hair. However, if you are a medium owner, then go for a little trick and attach overhead strands, the length of which should not differ from your own more than 10 cm. The comb makes the image more interesting. Laying with curls fit brides in a dress with an open back, neckline, A-line dress and lush.

    Hairstyle with roller and comb

    The styling, decorated with a roller and a comb, is a classic based on a babette that was popular back in the 60s. She came into vogue thanks to the popular actress of the time, Brigitte Bardot. This wedding hairstyle helps to visually stretch the round face, look slimmer and taller to the bride. Scallop in this style looks very beautiful and harmonious. If your own hair is not enough to create this hairstyle, you can use the patch hairpiece.

    Crested curls at the back

    Drop down the curls give the image of the newlywed femininity and romance. This hairstyle can be performed in different variations: natural waves, curls removed, Hollywood curls, with weaves, bouffant, tail, braids. One of the most successful options is pinned curls at the back with a comb. This visually opens the face of the bride, does not make the image heavier, while at the same time giving it a touch of romance.

    Hair shell

    This arrangement has many names: banana, twist, shell, French bun. Its shape resembles a sea shell. Being born at the beginning of the last century, it still does not lose its relevance. For the solemn image of a shell with a comb - a great option. It is easy to perform on the hair of almost any length. And do not think that such a wedding hairstyle is too strict, because it can give the effect of disheveled.

    Photo hairstyles for a wedding with a comb for hair

    Comb for wedding hairstyles is not only elegant, beautiful decoration. This accessory performs the sacral function for the bride. He keeps the female energy. In Russia, the crest was considered a talisman, as well as a strong magical object. Not without reason modern brides, decorating their heads with such an accessory, feel like luxurious queens.

    6 hairstyles options:

    1. Collect the hair in the tail, a little to the right from the center. Use a not very large gum. Now begin to slowly move the tail to the left, pulling the hair to the right, then wind it over the tail to the left. Wrap the remaining tips on the left side of the top of the hair and hide them there. Take the comb and fasten the bundle with it, be sure to be on the left side - so the hair will hold and the hairstyle will not disintegrate.
    2. Gather the hair from behind, twist it into a bundle, twist it clockwise. Secure the “shell” with a comb.
    3. Tighten the hair in the tail with elastic. Divide the tail into two parts in front of the elastic, in the resulting hole through the top of the rest of the hair, but do not push them completely, but simply wrap inwards and hide the ends. Insert in the middle of the comb, teeth fixed hair.
    4. Make the tail, use gum. Take the comb, turn it over with the back side, lift it to the tail from below and grab the gum with one of the middle teeth. Put the tail up under the comb, and then pull the comb around (over) the hair, at the same time turning it over, and fasten the hairstyle (the movement will be from the bottom upwards, then the turn and the teeth of the comb will go into the hair from top to bottom, only on the other side). Screw the remaining tips and let loose.
    5. You can make an unusual "malvinu." Половину волос оставьте распущенными, остальные соберите вместе и начните закручивать в жгут.Twist to one side so that the right hair is tightly pressed to the head, and to the left there is a small relief, give the necessary shape and use a comb to fix the hairstyle.
    6. Make a high tail, tie it with a rubber band. Pull the gum down a little, and begin to twist the tail inward, under the gum and the front of the hair. Hide all hair and secure it with a comb.

    Step by step photos of 2 more hairstyles

    • If you want to use a hairpin-comb not only as a decoration, but also to fasten hairstyles with it, choose combs with rather long and thick teeth. The more hair you have, the more should be the hairpin itself.
    • Experiment with different styling options, consider your face shape.

    How to choose a comb?

    For a perfect hairstyle, it is important to choose a suitable comb. Here are some important points to pay attention to:

    • Material. It is desirable that it is durable, not electrified and non-slip, otherwise the accessory will break or will constantly slip out of the curls and spoil the hairstyle. The best option would be rubber.
    • Colour. The shade of teeth should match the color of your hair so that the accessory does not stand out in the hairstyle.
    • The decor. It should match your outfit. So, if you choose a comb under a wedding dress, then get an accessory decorated with pearls, artificial flowers, stones or rhinestones. For a casual look, a more modest and discreet bow will do.
    • Frequency cloves. Frequent teeth will be suitable for sparse and thin hair, and sparse will allow you to collect thick curls.
    • Teeth length If they are long, they will fix the curls. A comb with short teeth can only be used for decoration.
    • Width. The thicker the hair, the wider the comb should be.
    • To create more complex hairstyles, you can purchase a comb consisting of two parts connected by a chain, elastic bands or a cord.

    Option One

    In the photo and in real life, this hairstyle looks elegant and feminine, and make it very simple. To create the required comb with frequent teeth, a comb, several invisible and lacquer for fixation.

    1. Hair need to be combed well.
    2. Now separate the upper part from the forehead and approximately to the crown.
    3. Lift the separated part and add hair to the roots.
    4. Collect the curls at the crown and fix with a few stealths.
    5. Now place the comb in the curls so that the decorative part covers the invisible beings, and the cloves are located below them.
    6. Done!

    Option Two

    With the help of the comb you can make a romantic bunch. You will need a thin elastic band, the comb itself, a comb and several studs.

    Description of the creation process:

    1. First, comb your hair well and collect it in a ponytail. It is desirable to place it on the back of the head or slightly above it, so that the decoration can be clearly seen.
    2. Now take the tail at the base and start twisting it into a bundle, while at the same time laying it around the base (i.e., elastic) in the direction of twisting.
    3. Continue to twist hair to the tip was at the top. In several places, fix the structure with studs.
    4. Place the comb over the tuft so that its teeth fix the tip of the rope and go behind the rubber band.

    Option Three

    Stylish and bright get a "babette" with a comb. To make it, prepare a thin gum, comb, hair spray, a few invisible and comb.

    1. Comb your hair and make a low tail.
    2. Raise the curls upward, twist the tips inward towards the base of the tail. Fix them approximately on the crown with a few invisibles.
    3. Place a comb above the design so that the teeth fix the tips.
    4. Spread the babette and spray it with varnish.

    Fourth option

    If you have an accessory consisting of two combs, connected by thin elastic bands (usually they are decorated with beads or beads), then you will be able to gather your curls into a stylish “shell”. This will require several studs, comb, comb and varnish.

    1. Well comb your hair and divide them into two parts.
    2. Secure the left side and set aside so that it does not interfere. Right start to twist inward and simultaneously lift upward. Tip the tip, and fasten the entire structure in several places with studs.
    3. Now twist in the left part of the hair, fix hairpins. The result will be two adjacent shells.
    4. Next, place one scallop sideways in one shell, and the other in the other, that is, from the opposite side.

    Option Five

    Enumerating fashionable youth hairstyles, one can not but mention the so-called inverted tail, which with the help of a comb will gain elegance. To create the required comb, comb and gum.

    1. Make a tail under the crown or on the back of the head, after combing the hair.
    2. Slightly lower the gum and curls above it divided into two parts.
    3. Thread the tail several times through the hole.
    4. Secure the comb to close the gap.

    Option Six

    Beautiful comb can complement the Greek hairstyle. Prepare a comb, gum, bezel, comb, and several stealth.

    1. Comb your hair.
    2. Put on the head over the hair elastic band.
    3. Separate the strand at the temple and thread it through the gum, pulling under it.
    4. Continue through the curls, attaching the hair already passed through the gum.
    5. Reaching the neck, wrap the hair for the gum. If they are long, then twist them into a roller and fix them with stealth or studs.
    6. Secure the comb over the back of the head.

    1. To keep the comb better, pre-mix your hair, but only lightly.
    2. Scroll your hair, creating light curls. This advice is relevant for many of the hairstyles described above.
    3. It is advisable to do her hair not on perfectly clean hair, but on washed yesterday.

    Create new bright and original images using such a stylish accessory as a comb.


    Sometimes loose hair, even curls get bored, and in the hot season they just get in the way and some even think of taking radical measures and cutting them off.

    On the photo - step by step execution of hair with a comb:

    But no need to rush to do it, because there are many simple hairstyles using a comb that can create a stylish image and remove curls from the face.

    Comfortable tail

    This is not the usual tail, this hairstyle will be in place in everyday life: at work, at home and away.


    1. Collect all the hair in the tail at any length, but below the back of the head.
    2. The first comb of the plastic hairpins should be pinned under the tail.
    3. Then the comb-bow should be stretched to the limit. Pinch the hair with your right hand, rotate the comb 360 degrees, this will prevent the strands from falling out of the beam.
    4. Insert both ends of the comb over the rubber in which the tail is clamped, and fasten it.

    But how to make a high tail hairstyle to itself, the information from the article will help to understand.

    Stylish youth

    It can be done in five, maybe seven minutes.


    1. Twist the tail on the top with a large rope and tie it with a rubber band.
    2. Slightly lower the gum down and start turning the tail inward towards the head.
    3. The resulting inversion must be fixed with a comb, and the remaining curls are well combed to get a smooth curl.

    Festive variations with crest

    This universal hair accessory will be able to give them an elegant look, it is very simple to choose a universal hairstyle with him for a party, a meeting of graduates or a romantic evening.

    One of the universal hairstyles, it is chosen by the girls, if you want to look spectacular, and the time for the hair after applying make-up is limited. It visually consists of curls and a small pile, together these styling elements look extremely tender.

    Hairstyles progress:

    1. Comb all the hair and split it into two parts.
    2. Take from each parting the same number of strands and comb them. Obtained pile fix in small elastics.
    3. To separate small strands from each temporal part and twist them into a bundle, put gum on their ends.
    4. Twist the remaining hair in large curls.
    5. Connect the tips of the previously created flagella to each other and insert a scallop under them, and then rotate it so that its base takes up a position from above.

    What festive hairstyles for long hair are the most popular among women will help to understand the information from the article.

    What kind of holiday hairstyle for medium hair is best to use, you can see in the photo in this article.

    The best light festive hairstyles for medium hair can be seen in the photo here: http://opricheske.com/pricheski/p-povsednevnye/legkie-na-srednie-volosy.html

    What holiday styling for long hair is easiest to perform, helps to understand the information from the article.

    Twisted tail

    It is applicable for girls with thick curls.

    Working process:

    1. Make a tail on the crown or on the back of the head, before it is carefully combed curls.
    2. Then, slightly lowering the gum, you need to divide the hair on top of it into two strands and lead the tail end there.
    3. The comb must be inserted on top of the inverted tail to hide the resulting clearance.

    But how beautiful tails for long hair look and how easy it is to make them at home, is indicated in this article.

    Wedding hairstyles with comb

    A bride without a haircut is nonsense; she discusses her with the stylist in advance, thinking through every detail. Among the many options in which the comb is involved, there are styling with and without a veil.

    These hairstyles are delicate execution. For them, the combs are selected on a floral theme, they are voluminous and at the same time appear fragile. To create hairstyles with them, you must first gently perform the styling, and then pin the comb in the right direction.

    Romantic bunch

    To perform it you will need a comb, a rubber band and a stud.

    The progress of the styling creation:

    1. Prepare curls - well comb them. Tail a little below the neck.
    2. Take strands in the tail and start to twist them into a bundle and lay it around the gum.
    3. Perform the previous step until the tips of the hair are at the top. To fix the obtained location of the harness studs.
    4. To decorate the bundle obtained in this way, the teeth of the comb must pass behind the elastic to hide it.

    But how to collect hair in a beautiful bun and how to do it yourself will help to understand the photo from this article.

    Curls with wavy bangs

    At first glance, this comb will decorate a simple hairstyle and make it solemn.

    Work progress:

    1. Wash and gently dry the curls.
    2. On all hair apply fixing mousse or gel. Twist the curls from the very tips on the curlers of large diameter.
    3. Chelku separate and spin on the largest of them. If it is thick and below the eyebrows, then you should use two hair curlers of different diameters.
    4. Not to wait two hours when using hair curlers. You can use the curling iron, curling curls on it faster.
    5. After performing large curls, you need to separate and wrap the hair in one of the temples towards the crown, fix it with a comb, placing it parallel to the ear.
    6. The bangs must be "set" in the opposite direction from the place of attachment of the comb.
    7. Fix the entire hairstyle with lacquer.

    But how to make a voluminous hairstyle with curls and how well this hairstyle will look, in detail with the photo, it is indicated in the article.

    On the video hairstyle with a comb:

    Under her fit high hairstyles, which will show beautiful hair, but at the same time they will have a place to fasten a veil.

    To perform it, you will need a rubber band, a roller, some invisible hair and a comb.

    Hairstyles progress:

    1. From purely washed and carefully combed hair to make a low tail.
    2. Raise the curls up and wrap their ends under the bottom. Insert the roller into the space formed under them.
    3. Fix the resulting structure of the hair on the top of the invisible.
    4. Straighten the curls so that they smoothly and evenly close the roller and insert the comb, so that its teeth go above the invisible and block them.
    5. Fix all varnish.

    But how will look hairstyle with babette on medium hair and how to make this hair. indicated in this article.

    Using the comb, you can quickly create any hairstyle, you need to select the appropriate model. With the help of it are created romantic and tender wedding images, unpretentious styling for every day and stylish variations for special events. This stylish accessory is suitable for girls at any age from toddlers to solid.