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The most fashionable manicure 2018-2019 - new items, current trends and photo ideas


As they say, sleighs need to be prepared in the summer. The same applies to the New Year's image, the creation of which is better to do in advance. An important component of it is a manicure. And what nail design will be relevant at the meeting in 2018? Let's figure it out!

Color palette @ asnail72 @ asnail72 @ nails_harbor @ nails_harbor

The symbol of the coming 2018 will be a yellow earth dog, and this means that the most relevant colors will be mustard, yellow, golden, copper, lemon and others.

Choose and shades associated with the land: terracotta, chocolate, woody, brown. You can also use bright tones of a warm range, for example, coral, red, salmon. But give up the pale colors, because the New Year is juicy and saturated.

Advice: if the shades listed above do not like you or do not suit your outfit, then take white as a base: it is universal, looks bright and winter-like, associated with snow.

Length and shape @ nails_harbor @ nails_harbor @ nails_harbor

The length should be medium, since naturalness is still in trend, and excessively long nails will make it difficult to enjoy the celebration and spoil the image, making it vulgar. The maximum natural shape should remain, so make the plates oval or almond-shaped, avoiding sharp and pronounced edges.

Fashionable Christmas patterns

Fashionable New Year's manicure for 2018 absolutely should not be banal, boring and monophonic, so feel free to dilute it with drawings.

Consider the most relevant and interesting ideas:

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Fashion manicure 2018-2019 - current trends, the shape of nails, fashion colors

Good news for girls who love fashion manicure on long nails - in the new season, long nails are returned to the list of fashion trends manicure for the upcoming season.

Long oval and pointed legs will make the most fashionable manicure 2018-2019 in all its glory. Patterns and patterns on long nails will become more diverse. This length of the nail allows you to fully combine different types of fashion manicure.

It is not necessary to grow long nails, they can be built up or glued. For those who long nails are not suitable for various reasons, you can leave the usual length. Fashionable manicure for short nails remains in trend in the new season 2018-2019.

As for the fashionable color palette in manicure 2018-2019, it is still dictated by the season. The relevance of certain shades of varnishes depends on the season.

Spring-summer fashion manicure as always pleases with bright colors. Yellow, green, blue, pink in combination with nude and pastel shades, floral and fruit prints will inspire you to create a sunny and bright fashionable manicure.

Autumn-winter fashion manicure 2018-2019 traditionally uses cool and matte shades. Brown, blue, deep green, wine shades will be more relevant than ever this season.

By the way, iridescent pearl shades of lacquers will become one of the most fashionable in manicure 2018-2019.

Fashionable red, black and white manicure, it seems, will not go out of fashion ever, this season for sure. The same applies to gold and silver manicure, "chrome" nails remain in the trend.

Do not be afraid to experiment with shades of lacquers, fashionable manicure in the New York style allows you to do a monochromatic manicure in your favorite color and highlight one nail in a completely different shade.

The tendency to single out one nail has taken root in other types of fashion manicure 2018-2019. We are talking about a manicure with rhinestones and drawings, French, moon, matte manicure.

Fashionable manicure for every day - the latest technology, news and ideas

A simple, neat, concise manicure suitable for study and work can be performed in several fashionable versions. Basically it will be a fashionable manicure 2018-2019 for short nails.

Definitely this is a popular solid color manicure in your favorite color. Carefully you have to be with a black and bright red manicure, which on long nails is absolutely not suitable as a daily design.

Solid manicure is considered by many to be boring, so the trend is the same fashionable manicure 2018-2019 in Hollywood style, mentioned above, to which you can apply and patterns on the nails.

Casual fashion manicure with a pattern is very diverse. Art painting, simple geometric patterns, patterns, flowers, ethnic motifs, color block, stamping and stickers - all these techniques can be easily tested in a fashionable manicure 2018-2019.

As in the new season without the traditional French and moon manicure, firmly on the list of trends in fashion manicure 2018-2019. Interestingly, these types of manicure are well combined and allow you to make original manicure options.

Make a fashionable manicure for every day with your own hands, you can use gel polishes with beautiful effects.

If you have everything at home to create a manicure gel polish (special lamp, base and top), you should definitely try a fashionable ombre effect manicure, a cat's eye manicure, a textured manicure with a craquelure effect, a marble manicure and a smoky manicure.

Chic fashionable manicure in the evening design - bold combinations and bright options

In search of a beautiful evening manicure you can find the most unpredictable and luxurious options. Fashionable manicure 2018-2019 will delight marigold chic holiday nail design.

Here is a trendy manicure with rhinestones. Pebbles, bouillons, camoufs, glitters, microgloss and acrylic powder and modeling are the ideal components of a bright evening manicure 2018-2019.

Even the simplest plain manicure or light jacket will shine with a festive mood, complementing it with rhinestones and glitter.

Inlaid with rhinestones is now a very fashionable trend in manicure 2018-2019. Make a similar fashionable manicure mainly on two or one nail. It can be based on monophonic, matte, moon manicure, the same jacket or trendy manicure with a cat's eye effect.

Monophonic or colored bouillons will help to make a fashionable caviar manicure 2018-2019, where the whole nail is covered with a microbender.

A little shine in the form of a strip of jacket or holes will give manicure relevance in the evening image.

In the new season it has become fashionable to combine a fashionable manicure with different nail design techniques. As an evening manicure for long nails, a dark manicure with a pattern of “broken glass” will do. Perfectly fit into a trendy evening manicure 2018-2019 kamifubuki different shapes and colors.

Since it is now a very fashionable geometric manicure, why not add gold stripes to it, thereby making your nails even smarter and more beautiful.

And do not forget about the pictures. Floral arrangements, monogramous and lace patterns, complemented by stasis or glitter, will be appropriate in evening nail design.

A fashionable manicure veil looks very unusual and stylish, as well as appropriate in the evening look. The effect of transparent nails mainly with a black light pattern, resembling a veil, will certainly become a hit fashion manicure 2018-2019.

New minimalistic nail ideas of 2018-2019

The elegance and natural beauty of the fingers will allow to emphasize the new manicure with a simple and uncomplicated design created in a certain technique. Such is the trendy minimalism in nail art.

Spectacular shades of beige, cream, flesh-colored, and if you wish - any other, you can always decorate with simple and such unassuming lines and dots, creating minimalistic patterns.

Manicure novelties with contrasting tones, graceful images of plants in the form of flowers, trees, leaves and branches, geometric figures - all this can be safely used to perform and recreate the minimalism novelties of this season.

Manicure trends for 2018-2019: fashionable nail shape, color shades and the best nail art techniques of the season

Relaxed and laconic short marigolds of the season, tired of some girls and women, you can safely change your manicure to spectacular sharp nails that will help you in creating an evening and delicious bow for a special event.

Many designers at fashion shows showed us the manicure trends for 2018-2019, both on natural and more familiar short nails, but also some fashion gurus once again showed the original manicure for long sharp nails 2018-2019, which is also in trend.

To achieve the desired result on the nails and create a fashionable manicure, it is important to take into account the many details and features that, however, create the most beautiful and fashionable nail design.

Pay attention not only to the shape of nails, but also the trends of color shades of manicure 2018-2019, presented from the body and shades of "ivory" to dark and deep colors.

Pink, peach, blue, purple, gray, sand, milky - trendy light shades 2018-2019. From the dark and rich range of the most popular wine, Bordeaux, Marsala, sea peony, grenadine, green, red, metallic colors.

Trends in fashion manicure allow you to create beautiful nail art with still trend moon and French manicure, which with each season acquires new changes.

The best manicure of 2018-2019 can be made using kamifubuki technique, “waterway”, “color block”, “marble stone”, “negative space”, metallic manicure and with rhinestones, minimalistic, geometric and with origami, as well as a lot of others. interesting variations of manicure, photo examples of which can be found later in the review.

Manicure trends for 2018-2019: fashionable manicure “bracelets”

Fashionable manicure acquires new and unusual manifestations that inspired masters offer to try in the new season. One of the original types of new manicure was a manicure of 2018-2019, imitating friendship bracelets.

Trend bracelet manicure is best done on the nails in a neutral shade of light-colored lacquer, but you can also experiment and perform bracelets on the blue lacquer, as shown in our gallery example.

It is quite simple to carry out an original “bracelet” manicure that resembles thin threads of different bright colors: you just need a very thin needle and a little dexterity.

Fashion manicure 2018-2019: the original "kamifubuki" and confetti on the nails

Stylish manicure with kamifubuki or confetti - the trend of 2018-2019 year, which managed to win the hearts of many girls who follow the fashionable novelties of manicure.

This season's manicure trends offer to perform fashionable manicure in the style of kamifubuki, which are colored circles, squares or triangles that will be able to decorate your nails.

Original confetti, laid out on the nails in a certain form and order, can create a very sophisticated manicure: playful and funny, delicate and airy.

Fashionable manicure kamifubuki can be made in different styles: a festive and magical manicure for a special solemn event, as well as a light and unusual gel of lacquer in bright colors.

Fashionable manicure "negative space" 2018-2019 year

The actual negative space technique, which is a manicure made with a transparent varnish - when part of the nail does not stain and is left free from color coating.

Different geometric patterns and prints in the manicure “negative space” look original and stylish, attracting attention and special interest to the refined manicure.

Feel free to perform a fashionable manicure “negative space” in different shades: black and white gamma is best for the office, but for everyday life, choose interesting juicy gel colors for the trend “negative space”.

Stylish manicure "metallic" 2018-2019 year

Irresistible manicure 2018-2019 years, you can perform if you use a metal coating for their marigolds. You can make it with the usual varnish with this effect or using a rub or foil.

Each method allows you to achieve several different results that are original and beautiful in their own way. We offer you some of the most original manicure trends for 2018-2019 with a metallic coating, presented in the review below.

Manicure trends for 2018-2019: geometry, lace and minimalism

The master suggests to make an incredibly beautiful manicure of 2018-2019, with a variety of drawings and prints. The subtleties of the trend manicure are in the skill of its execution and the selection of current techniques.

Trendy geometric patterns, as well as sophisticated minimalistic manicure, which is simple and at the same time so original and unusual.

Romantic lace manicure is the trend of the year 2018-2019, which can be created using the technique of stamping. The best variations of lace manicure are shown by nail art specialists in delicate shades of beige and brown with white lace.

Romantic white manicure with flowers

Flowers, as perhaps diamonds are the best friends of girls. And you can’t argue with that, because starting with dresses and ending with manicure design, girls choose flowers in everything.

Floral and floral prints of nail art are especially relevant in the season 2018-2019, decorating and such a snazzy white manicure.

Various mini-flowers, small and tiny buds, branches, sheets - all this is welcomed in the nail art, and you will find in this style a trendy white manicure.

In addition to small color drawings, you can also meet and complex paintings with flowers on white toes. These prints can be supplemented with rhinestones and pebbles, which add a touch of glamor and luxury to a white manicure.

Fashionable classic: black and white manicure

Make a white manicure more expressively and effectively allows the game shades. And there is no way to do without the intriguing black and white nail design, which is so amazing and attractive.

Manicure with black and white varnishes has a huge variety of directions - from discreet to elegant and sweet. And all thanks to the used patterns and patterns, decor and decoration for white nail art.

Милый черно-белый nail art можно получить с изображением мультяшных зверушек и необычных предметов, как например, ушек Микки Мауса, или же булавки на белых ногтях. Полосы и штрихи, завитки и зигзаги, этнические росписи, шахматные доски, черно-белые мраморные узоры — все это в тренде на маникюр 2018-2019.

Чарующий красный с белым маникюр

Прибавить экспрессивность и оживить такой спокойный и умиротворенный белый маникюр поможет алый оттенок в нейл-дизайне. An excellent addition of red and white in white manicure will make your pens the center of attention and universal admiration - we promise you that!

Use rhinestones and sculptures, foil strips, or draw thin lines that will make a red-white manicure even more charming. See the ideas of red and white nail design in the photo below.

Charming white manicure with a pattern

Immaculate white coating and beckons to use drawings and various prints that will dilute the restraint of white design, giving it the desired notes of playfulness, tenderness or brevity.

If you like romanticism - choose flowers, curls and lace. For extraordinary and creative girls will like white manicure with ethnic ornaments. But office white manicure perfectly complement the geometric patterns.

Attractive matte white nail design

Snow-white matte solution of nail design will be desirable for every fashionista. Muffled white color is very attractive and pleasant. So you want to quickly perform a white manicure with a matte effect on your nails? Then what are you waiting for?

All nail pros in one voice say that a manicure with a matte type of white lacquer will be super relevant in the season 2018-2019. And to decorate a pleasant matte white color can be a gentle ombre, such as a white-gray matte manicure with a gradient and modeling on a ring finger - it looks great!

Brilliant white manicure with foil

Pieces of foil on the nails - another “must have” of nail art of 2018-2019, which you definitely need to try. Nontrivial manicure with white lacquer and foil in silver or gold color, or even multi-colored pieces of foil - it is so stylish and effective.

Use the foil on one finger, completely covering it with your finger or the pieces of the foil slider on two fingers to create the necessary accent. Such a wonderful white manicure with foil 2018-2019 will not remain unnoticed, believe me!

Spectacular marble white manicure

A fashionable trend in nail art is a marble manicure imitating natural patterns on stones and minerals, such as marble and quartz.

The best solution for such patterns as a manicure with white color and you can not imagine Contrasting and stylish gray-black marble patterns are fascinating. And if you wish, you can make a delicate pink ornament on a white manicure with a marble effect.

Foil and sequins, glitter and a matte finish will help to add softness to cool marble patterns, which will make white marble manicure 2018-2019 a hit of the upcoming season.

Color palette

The symbol of the coming 2018 will be a yellow earth dog, and this means that the most relevant colors will be mustard, yellow, golden, copper, lemon and others.

Choose and shades associated with the land: terracotta, chocolate, woody, brown. You can also use bright tones of a warm range, for example, coral, red, salmon. But give up the pale colors, because the New Year is a time of rich and rich colors.

Advice: if the shades listed above do not like you or do not suit your outfit, then take white as a base: it is universal, looks bright and winter-like, associated with snow.

Length and shape

The length should be medium, since naturalness is still in trend, and excessively long nails will make it difficult to enjoy the celebration and spoil the image, making it vulgar. The maximum natural shape should remain, so make the plates oval or almond-shaped, avoiding sharp and pronounced edges.

Fashionable Christmas patterns

Fashionable New Year's manicure for 2018 absolutely should not be banal, boring and monophonic, so feel free to dilute it with drawings.

Consider the most relevant and interesting ideas:

  • Since the dog will be the symbol of the year, this cute and faithful animal may very well and should even show off on your claws. And it is not necessary to portray it naturally, funny and playful cartoons or cartoon drawings that look fun and playful.
  • The most relevant pattern in winter is, of course, snowflakes. And even a beginner will be able to cope with such an image, since there are no strict restrictions: you can use a variety of options.
  • As patterns for a festive manicure, you can and should use the essential New Year's attributes. The choice is simply huge: Santa Claus and reindeer from his team, snowmen, beautiful green Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations, sweets, garlands, stars.
  • In such a holiday sweater ornaments that are often found on knitted clothes will look funny on the nails. Moreover, traditional deer can be replaced by dogs.
  • If you prefer simple patterns, then take as a basis the strips, which you can depict yourself using stencils. But in the New Year they should be contrasting, distinguished and bright. Particularly successful combinations are red stripes on a white background or, on the contrary, white on red.

Fashionable Christmas Effects

The New Year is an excellent occasion to create a stylish nail design, complementing it with bright effects. And especially relevant are glitters and glitter, personifying the fabulous shine, magic and sparkling snow. Rhinestones are appropriate, but they are best used in moderation.

If your image should be elegant and elegant, then choose a feminine jacket. And so that it does not seem too boring and everyday, supplement it with glitters located along the edge of the nail plates, or rhinestones. You can also arrange french with bright and contrasting shades.

Another interesting and winter version is the so-called glass manicure, which on the eve of the New Year may acquire a slightly different design. Shards of glass are very similar to ice, and this similarity can be used to decorate marigolds, as if covered with a scattering of thin pieces of ice.

General rules

Finally, a few general rules, the observance of which will allow you to make a perfect manicure and complete the festive look:

  • Remember that the manicure should fit into the image and be combined with the New Year's outfit, so choose the tones and effects that will be in harmony with your dress and complement it. Consider and make-up features to look perfect.
  • Complicated designs or intricate designs look good and are fully revealed only on long nails. If your short, it is best to choose simple longitudinal patterns.
  • The new year is an excellent occasion for bold experiments. Do not be afraid to dream and be bright: a festive image allows it and welcomes.
  • Remember that the naturalness still does not go out of fashion, so do not overdo it with pictures and effects. It will be enough to focus on one or two nails: one to complement the pattern, and the other underlined rhinestones or sparkles.

New Year's manicure will be bright, festive and stylish, if you go creatively to create it and follow some rules.

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