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Traveling Alone: ​​Pros and Cons


Despite numerous studies that have revealed the beneficial effect of romantic relationships on human health, single people do not look dejected. Do you still want to arrange your personal life and actively place profiles on dating sites? After reviewing this information, you are likely to hurry to delete the data. As it turned out, loneliness can also have a beneficial effect on human health.

Singles have a more extensive social network.

Single people, as a rule, value their relatives and friends, they are extremely easy-going when they are asked to take part in one of the social events. This is due to the fact that married couples are more focused on internal needs and depend on each other. Spouses have made their choice and now direct their internal resources to the maintenance and prosperity of the union. Singles do not report to the second half for the delay in work and can communicate with anyone they wish. That is why they have a more extensive social network. A study conducted in 2015 showed that loners have more guarantees for help from friends and close relatives. In turn, they are more attentive to parents and friends.

They have less financial turmoil

Another advantage of bachelor life is financially. It seems that singles are more competent in their budget and manage their money. They depend neither on the partner, nor on society, less often they allow themselves delays in loans and are not burdened by the burden of keeping children. Debts to creditors can have a negative effect on a person’s emotional health. Fear of the future puts married people at a higher risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart attacks.

They sleep better

In a dream you can not hug a partner? No problem at all. In total reign on the bed and sole possession of the blanket more comfort. When you sleep, no one wakes you up in the middle of the night with your snoring or visiting the restroom. One of the sociological polls revealed that the quality of loneliness in general is better than the quality of the spouses' sleep. It is curious that even the most harmonious and happy relationship does not provide you with proper comfort. Quality sleep has a beneficial effect on a person’s emotional and physical health. Concentration, increased memory functions, good mood and peace of mind will ensure you efficiency throughout the next day.

They have improved performance

Couples regularly post pictures of a happy married life. You, in turn, without a twinge of conscience can share pictures from the gym. No one will judge you for frankness or self-admiration. And here is another curious fact: one of the scientific studies revealed that lonely people with more dedication lay themselves out at training sessions. Excellent sports form is necessary for them as a bonus in the dating market.

They have an individual schedule.

People who are in a relationship synchronize their schedule with the schedule of the spouse. They tend to return home before dinner and are unlikely to go to a nightclub in the middle of the week. When friends invite a married friend out of town for a barbecue, he is forced to refuse, because this weekend he is invited to a wedding with his spouse's relatives. It is easier for a lonely person to control his schedule, making spontaneous adjustments there. In addition, a flexible personal schedule contributes to increased productivity.

They are used to solving problems on their own.

Loneliness gives people emotional stability. They get used to the fact that there is nowhere to wait for help, and they solve the problems they have arisen on their own. Self-reliance protects them from stress at times when things get out of control.

Housework takes them less time.

One of the scientific studies showed that lonely people spend much less time on housework than married people. This is especially characteristic of married women who daily do one more hour of homework than their lonely “colleagues”. Just imagine that every day you have one extra hour! You can use this time to meet friends, to play sports, to read and other hobbies. You do not experience stress about the everyday routine, which tends never to end.

They are happier

According to a variety of studies, women do not become happier immediately after the wedding. These findings contradict persistent social stereotypes that the marriage gives happiness to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. At least, unmarried people do not feel the infringement of emotional well-being, but, on the contrary, cherish their own freedom. As for men, the emergence of responsibility for the family makes the life of the bachelor more preferable. Not everyone can cope with the increased emotional burden.

They have better sexual relationships

Single women point out a higher quality of sex life. This is the case about which it is customary to say “quality beats quantity”. Studies show that couples, on average, have a greater number of sexual contacts, but loners report greater satisfaction with their sex lives. It is worth noting that the quality of sex by and large does not depend on the stamp in the passport. Both single people and married people can show imagination and experiment. But spouses for various reasons do it less willingly.

One on the way: pros and cons

The first conscious journey happened at the age of 29. Burning at work, unfulfilled dreams, tiredness of the roles of mother, wife, colleagues, sisters, a heap of their own and other people's thoughts in my head, lack of understanding of what to do about it. Decided: now or never. And here I am flying to my teenage dream: an intensive English course in Ireland with compulsory homestay. And this is the first trip abroad. Here comes the thought that it is better late than never.

Was it difficult to decide and organize the whole process? Yes. Did my family or friends support me on the way to the dream? Not. Only my mother after the fact understood me, remembering my experiences at school due to the lack of opportunity to go to other countries in exchange.

Was it difficult for me in another country? Yes. Sobbing in the room due to translation difficulties, a burning feeling “I understand, but I can’t say,” austerity on everything, loss of money, feeling out of place with the guys who have just finished school and are already free to travel around the world, experiencing son and husband.

But in the end, I had almost free English in my pocket, a skill to communicate with different people, new acquaintances, an important ability to ask for help, entertain myself regardless of the amount of money in my pocket, and most importantly self-confidence and pleasure from selling my little and such Seeming a foolish dream all around. At home, I was still waiting for a mega bonus: the removal of excessive responsibility from their shoulders for the family - the husband and son turned out to be more independent than I thought.

Then there were surf-camps on the shores of the oceans, escaping to nearby towns, courses in Ayurveda in various places, wallowing seals on the sea. I enjoyed my loneliness, made important decisions, slept off, blew up the brain with physical challenges, intellectual puzzles.

Still lounging without remorse, sad, having fun, meeting people and chatting incessantly, closing in the room and silent in private with a book or her thoughts, filling all the cells with new impressions, exploring sensations, trying on cultures, learning to live again and look at the world -inomu.

As a result, the children had a happy mother, her husband was pleased and the best wife, a sincere and positive woman with friends, colleagues, acquaintances. I found for myself a resource that fills me completely and completely, collecting in parts in case of disunity or sobering, if necessary.

Advantages of such travel:

1. You begin to understand yourself better.

Sometimes you meet with yourself again. A fascinating activity, gives a huge potential to move forward in all areas.

2. You learn to occupy yourself. Enjoy.

You are no longer waiting for someone to come and make you happy, loved, rested. You learn to do it all yourself, for yourself, from within. And often the bonus to this skill is the changing attitude of others to you for the better.

3. You give the freedom to be yourself not only to yourself, but also to others around you.

Sometimes we are so suffocated by the excessive care of our loved ones, causing good to others, that by moving our position to the side and shutting up our ego of our significance, we get surprising surprises. Whether it was a delicious lunch prepared without our participation, an increase in the child’s academic progress, a man’s achievement, improved relations with family and friends, or freeing up time for his personal interests and activities. It turns out that others are capable of much and without us, just sometimes we do not give independence, exhausted from fatigue and being in the illusions of its importance.

4. You learn to be yourself and take off the mask where you do not know.

And you may like it so that when you return, you realize that it is easier, more interesting, more environmentally friendly to be yourself.

5. You expand your horizons, experience different emotions, get new knowledge and skills that open up another world to you or, on the contrary, make it clear that you should not reinvent the wheel.

The bonus can be inspiration, letting go, making an important decision, meeting amazing people, various insights, “tightening” a foreign language, pumping the body and many pleasant surprises that our life is so generous with.

The disadvantages of such travel:

1. Disappointment in oneself.

Sometimes it is unpleasant, painful or not at all clear how to see and feel yourself in an unknown place, so also with your cockroaches in your head. Slowing down and a sober look at yourself can shake the stagnation, assess your point A and the new route to point B. It is important to ask yourself what I am doing here and what I want and just so difficult to take responsibility for my life. Contact people and feel free to ask for help.

2. Disappointment in place or on site.

This is about the discrepancy between the expectations of reality. It is important to have a plan for travel, but always leave a gap for "how it goes." Usually it is better if you do not expect anything, but just get high on what you see here and now. Often the goal is not a place, but the opportunity to look at the world and yourself in it differently.

3. There may be a conflict with the family (husband, children, parents, someone else against your trip).

It is better to negotiate and honestly explain why, why it is important for you to be somewhere alone with yourself. This is a question about family trust. They can let go with reluctance, but gradually close ones see more advantages later than disadvantages in your absence.

4. Dependence on travel.

At some point you realize that you live from a trip to a trip, with veil on eyes and hopelessness in the intervals. It is important to understand that you cannot run away from yourself; you will still carry something that you avoid in your head and body. It is more honest and sometimes cheaper to figure out what you're trying to escape from.

5. Fears.

They are always there. Sometimes more, sometimes less. And it is normal to be afraid. But we are always more than fears.

“And if you think adventure is dangerous, try a routine. She is deadly- wrote P. Coelho.

I do not urge to rush on a journey into the pool with the head, and also alone. But it is worth trying at least once. It is necessary to go and buy a ticket on the train to the next station, on a train to the nearest town or on a plane to the beautiful far and with an anticipation to go on your first (regular) route. Suddenly hooked? And you may have a new resource for content and inspiration. And this is priceless. Published by econet.ru.

Marina Kuznetsova, specially for econet.ru

Who is this trip for?

Who will travel alone? First of all, introverts who used to keep everything in themselves and never share their emotions with someone else. Also uncompressed people will remain satisfied, who are quickly bored by the society of any interlocutor.

Where to go?

In principle, you can go in proud loneliness in almost any corner of the world, but there are places where you definitely want to be alone with yourself. Here are some of them:

  • Switzerland. Here you can simply enjoy stunning views. Silently.
  • New Zealand. In this country, gorgeous nature: mountains, forests, glaciers and so on. Fans of extreme rest will also be pleased.
  • Norway, which is famous for its beautiful fjords, will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty. Be sure to ride along the coast by boat and see the northern lights.
  • Vietnam. The inhabitants of this country are good-natured and hospitable, the cities are beautiful and colorful, and in the markets you can buy anything. In addition, here you can enjoy more and beach holidays. And what else is needed for happiness?
  • Austria. Best to go to Vienna, this city is one of the most popular among single travelers. Why? Because there definitely will be a lot of entertainment options. Visit museums, cafes and concert halls, go to one of the cleanest lakes.
  • Malaysia will delight lovers of exotic travel. This is a country with many unknown parties.
  • Indonesia, Bali. Here you can relax both physically and emotionally. And here you can meet interesting people from around the world.
  • Peru is an incredible, mysterious and mysterious country.
  • Australia. Here you will feel real freedom and appreciate the friendliness of the locals.
  • Chile is another place where it is pleasant and interesting to dive into your own thoughts.

Pros and cons

If you are planning a trip alone, then first learn all its advantages:

  1. Himself master. You can wake up and fall asleep at any time, do any business, go to any place, plan everything yourself and, in general, do whatever you want. You do not have to adapt to their fellow travelers.
  2. Traveling alone can help you understand your thoughts and feelings. You can understand what is really important to you, what you want, who is dear to you. After these trips, some rethink a lot and completely change their lives.
  3. This is a great experience. You will be able to learn a lot about yourself, about the country and its inhabitants and then happy to tell your friends or children about this adventure.
  4. You can enjoy new impressions and your emotions to the full, because you can only feel them alone with yourself.
  5. You will get the opportunity to chat with new people and make a lot of interesting acquaintances. Usually traveling with a fellow traveler does not succeed.
  6. Such a journey will harden you. You can overcome your fears and discover new, previously unknown qualities.
  7. A trip can be spontaneous if you embody all your ideas, even the most courageous ones. To do this alone is much easier than with a satellite.

Now the cons:

  1. You will have no one to share your emotions. Although some of these needs simply do not arise.
  2. You may become bored, especially if you are a very sociable person.
  3. If in everyday life you are constantly surrounded by people and communicate a lot (even forcedly), then on a trip alone you may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
  4. It may be dangerous. Single travelers are much more likely to become victims of crime than those who go on trips with fellow travelers.
  5. It is very expensive. Room for one person is more expensive than for two or more.
  6. The risk of getting lost is increasing.
  7. This can be difficult. There may be difficulties with the language, with finding the right places and so on. And when traveling with a fellow traveler, there is always another head that will definitely not be superfluous in controversial situations.
  8. Such travel scares many. And it is really scary, because you will find yourself alone in a completely unfamiliar place without the support and a loved one.
  9. You will have no one to photograph, especially in deserted places against the backdrop of nature.

How interesting and useful to spend time?

How to entertain yourself in travel? Here are some interesting ways:

  1. Go to some cafe and try to get acquainted with a local resident. He will probably tell you about several interesting places that are not popular among tourists, but deserve attention.
  2. Attend some event taking place in the city. And let it be completely unfamiliar and uninteresting for you to race, but you can see the emotions of the locals, but it can be very interesting.
  3. Go around all the museums of the city. Surely you will find something interesting.
  4. You can simply watch the locals, it is also very exciting.
  5. Остановитесь не в гостинице или отеле, а в одном из хостелов. В них в одном номере селят несколько человек, так что вы сможете найти собеседника, хотя бы на вечер. А в общей зоне отдыха можно пообщаться сразу с несколькими новыми людьми.
  6. Take some interesting book with you.
  7. A laptop or tablet will be useful in the journey.

Useful tips

To rest not only gave a lot of new impressions, but also was safe, follow some simple rules:

  • If you are in another country, you will definitely find out where the consulate is, as well as the police stations nearest the hotel or hotel.
  • Find out in advance the most dangerous places that you should not visit, especially alone.
  • In order not to get lost, use navigation software for smartphones or specialized gadgets, namely the navigator. Also find out the number of the hotel where you stayed, the consulates and embassies of your country.
  • Plan your trip in advance and make a route in order to have time to look as much as possible and not get lost in an unfamiliar place.
  • Do not take with you a lot of things to travel light.
  • Be sure to warn relatives and friends that you are leaving. Tell them where you are.
  • Purchase a card and learn how to use it.
  • Be friendly not to run into conflict.
  • Be sure to study the mentality of the locals in order not to offend them by chance.
  • If you plan to travel abroad, then it is better to go to a country whose language you know.
  • Be sure to bring a dictionary!
  • If you are not ready for such a trip, then do not go into it.
  • Keep money and documents in secret pockets and constantly check them.

We can only wish for an unforgettable journey and the most vivid emotions.

What good is solo travel

The first thing that comes to mind when a person travels alone is that he has no friends. This is not true. Thousands of people around the world go on a journey alone, and not at all because they have no one.

If your vacation schedules do not coincide or if you have a desire for a place to be visited, this is not a reason to abandon your plans or frantically search for fellow travelers. Here are a few advantages of traveling alone:

Take a break from everything

Sometimes you get so tired from constant fuss that you just need to be alone, sort out yourself and your thoughts, and a solitary journey will help to do it. Week of meditation on the environment, unfamiliar areas and beautiful views. This will help refresh perception and “restart” the brain.

Perhaps there are other reasons to go on a trip alone, but this is enough to at least try. And here are seven ideas to help you get started.

1. Hostels: solitude or company to choose

If you stay in a hostel for a few days, there will be a lot of travelers around, who also travel alone, and among them you can find friends during your trip.
You can explore the city with them or alone - just sit in a coffee shop, wander through the streets and temporarily forget about your smartphone.

3. Explore a small town

If you are tired of the constant hustle and bustle of big cities, you can go to a small town and take a walk along it, while all citizens at work or at school.

Ask the locals whether they like to live in this city, what is interesting here. Surely they will be pleased if you say that you have come just to get acquainted with their city, and they will gladly tell you what to see and where to go.

7. Participate in volunteer programs.

If you want to travel independently, but do not want to be alone, you can participate in volunteer programs in Russia and abroad. So you will always find something to do, you can go for a walk alone or in company with other volunteers, have fun and make the world a little better.

Starting a solo journey is not difficult, and who knows if you want to travel differently then?

Maybe you already tried to travel alone? Share your experiences in the comments.