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How to clean the keyboard on a laptop: several ways to quickly clean


Many PC and laptop users regularly asked one very simple, but very interesting question: “How to clean the keyboard?”. Yes, this peripheral device constantly collects dirt, dust, crumbs from food (there are enough lovers to eat at the computer) and other garbage, which significantly spoils not only the appearance and functionality of the device, but also reduces the service life. There is a strong desire to clean the keyboard, but how to do it? Let's figure it out.

Cleaning methods

How to clean the computer keyboard? Actually, before getting to the point, I would like to talk a little about what methods of cleaning exist. The most popular and not very effective method is wiping with a damp cloth or napkin. The main disadvantage of this method is that when “cleaning” pollution can only be removed from the case and the surface of the buttons. Under the keys themselves and between them, dust, crumbs and dirt will still remain. You can, of course, more wet the rag and make great efforts, but after one such cleaning, the keyboard can be thrown away.

The most practical ways to clean the keyboard at home include: cleaning with alcohol wipes, special tools, cleaning parts, using third-party equipment, cotton swabs, blowing with compressed air and much more. Now let's look at some of these methods, but in more detail.

Alcohol wipes

The first and easiest way (how to clean the keyboard) is to use special alcohol wipes. You can buy them either at a computer hardware store or at a household chemicals store. Just want to say - this method will take some time, because (except for wiping the surface) you will need to carefully clean each key from all sides. But the final result will be pleasantly surprised - the keyboard will be clean again.

There is still one minus - wipes can be cleaned only the outer part, while the garbage will still remain under the keys themselves.

Special means

The second way to clean the keyboard is to use special cleaning agents, for example, lizun. Lizun is a very interesting and fun thing that you can not only buy in a store, but also do it yourself at home.

This cleaning does not take much time, but it will help quite effectively get rid of dirt. First you need to open the bag with "Lizun" and get it from there. Then we place it in any place on the keyboard and wait until the "lizun" "spreads out" a bit (you can help him with this). After that, it remains to collect "lizuna" by rolling. The tool does not stick to the keys, so problems should not arise. Repeat the procedure the necessary number of times and remove the "Lizuna" in the bag until the next time.

Vacuum cleaner goes to the rescue

Another very effective way to clean the keyboard is to vacuum it. For this purpose, perfect car vacuum cleaner or home, but only with a special nozzle-brush. The principle of cleaning itself is quite simple, so there is nothing special to tell here.

By the way, you can also use a hairdryer or a can of compressed air as a vacuum cleaner. At the end of the procedure, the keyboard should be wiped with a damp cloth or cloth to remove residual dust and dirt.

Need to disassemble everything

The last and perhaps the most effective way to clean the keyboard (how to do this will be described in detail later) of the computer is complete disassembly and washing under water. Immediately it is worth noting that this method takes a sufficient amount of time, so for the next few hours you can say goodbye to the keyboard. And yes, you should definitely make one or two photos of the location of the keys so that nothing is confused during assembly.

It is worth starting with removing the buttons. This can be done with a flat screwdriver or knife. We place the tip under the edge of the button, and then we hook it. A4Tech keyboard owners can use a special key extraction tool that comes with peripherals. Once everything is ready, the buttons should be placed in a deep bowl or saucepan, add water, add a little powder or dish detergent, leave for 15-20 minutes.

While the keys are washed, you can begin disassembling the case. To do this, remove the back cover of the keyboard. To do this, you need a small Phillips screwdriver. With its help, unscrew all the screws and fold them somewhere separately. It is very important that some screws can hide under stickers or rubber backing - you need to check very carefully. Once everything is done, you can disconnect the halves.

The next step is to unscrew the controller with the power cord, and also remove the film with the tracks and contacts. After that it is necessary to remove all silicone membranes. They, by the way, it would be nice to wash. As a result, there should be an empty case from the keyboard, which should also be thoroughly washed under water, and then left to dry.

We wash the buttons and membranes, then lay them on a rag or newspaper, waiting for drying. The drying process can be accelerated with a hair dryer.

When all parts are completely dry, put them together in the same order as they were removed. At the end, insert the buttons into place using pre-made photos. That's all. The keyboard is clean, you can connect and use.

How to clean the laptop keyboard

Finally, some useful keyboard cleaning tips for laptop owners. Unfortunately, the design of keyboards for laptop computers is significantly different from ordinary ones, so they cannot, for example, be completely disassembled, washed, and then assembled. But do not be upset, there is a solution!

Here are some useful ways to clean your laptop keyboard at home:

  • wiping with microfiber cloth,
  • rubbing alcohol wipes,
  • special cleaning products for laptops,
  • cleaning with cotton buds,
  • use of "lizuna"
  • blow-dry and wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

As you can see, some methods of cleaning the laptop keyboard coincide with the previously described methods of cleaning the usual keyboard, so that detailed instructions can be taken from there.

As recommended to clean the keyboard on a laptop

As already mentioned, from time to time cleaning is required for any device or mechanism. In particular, regularly removing dirt and dust from the keyboard, you can extend the life of a laptop computer, because in it, unlike a stationary device, all the individual elements are concentrated at once and the failure of one part can entail damage to the entire laptop.

With these same features and the difficulty of cleaning his keyboard. With one careless movement, you can provoke irreversible consequences, but if you are looking for a way to advise you to clean the flooded laptop keyboard, you will have to disassemble it.

If there is even the slightest fear that you will not be able to return all the extracted elements to the site, then you do not need to do this, but rather bring the PC to the service center.

How can I clean the keyboard of the ASUS laptop without disassembling it? To make superficial cleaning. Regularly removing dirt and dust from the surface of the keys and from the space between them, you will rarely need to free the contacts and internal devices of the laptop from dust, that is, deep cleaning.

Special napkins and brushes with soft bristles, which can be purchased in specialized stores, will help you in your work. Brushes well absorb elements of pollution during movement between the buttons, and napkins polish the very surface of the keys.

A special cleaning kit can be found on the market, which, in addition to the above-mentioned items, includes cleaning fluid that can greatly facilitate the process of removing contaminants.

If you do not find a special liquid, you can use isopropyl alcohol diluted with water. After wetting a soft cloth with such a solution, proceed to polishing the keys, but the cloth should not be too wet, otherwise drops from its surface may get on the contacts.

It is not recommended to use acetons and other solvents, as this may lead to the removal of all identifiers from the key surface and then you will have to buy special stickers. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for the keyboard also applies to surface cleaning.

This device is powered by USB and is able to collect crumbs from bread, small objects and hair that fell inside, but it still cannot produce high-quality deep cleaning.

How can I clean the Acer laptop keyboard? Thorough and deep cleansing can be done by using a can of compressed air. Providing a jet of air under strong pressure, the device blows dust and dirt settled on the contacts, and in such quantities that you did not even suspect.

How to remove dirt from flooded keyboard

How can I clean my hp laptop keyboard flooded with liquid? If you accidentally spill coffee, tea, or some other drink on the device, you should free it from the liquid that has penetrated into it in the shortest possible time.

Turn off the device from the network and turn it upside down. Any available means to get wet protruding liquid.

If the situation is not critical and you notice that there is quite a bit of water inside, you can not remove the entire keyboard, but only individual keys, armed with a screwdriver or a knife.

It is necessary to slightly pry one of the corners of the button and slightly move it in the opposite direction. Now you can begin to remove the liquid with a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

If you want to remove the entire keyboard, you need to understand how it is mounted on the panel. Inspect the space under the decorative panel next to the computer monitor, or under the batteries: usually this is where the elements of the device are fastened together with screws. In this case, they need to unscrew and all. How can I clean my Lenovo laptop keyboard?

Modern devices have fastenings to the panel, made in the form of latches. Depending on the model of technology, their number can vary from 6 to 8. Look at the grooves around the perimeter of the keyboard and start with the latch located in the upper left corner. Pressing it with a thin screwdriver to achieve a click, meaning that the latch has opened, and gently pry the corner.

Act in the same way with the second and subsequent snaps. It is better to hold the corner of the raised keyboard not with your fingers, but with something thin, such as a ruler or a plastic card.

Next, you need to act very carefully, so as not to damage the cable used as a connection to the motherboard. Experienced users recommend first taking a picture of the keyboard with the keys, so that you do not suffer and remember how everything was originally.

Now you can clean any of the above methods, but it is better, of course, to do a wet cleaning. In order to further prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant situations, it is better not to combine the meal with work at the computer.

When do you need to disassemble?

For effective cleaning, the keyboard is best removed.

The need for this occurs when the liquid enters the keyboard. And also before deep cleaning.

There are several signs that help determine the need for disassembly: this is heating the device over a short period of operation, as well as slowing down the operation of applications and operating systems.

The spontaneous shutdown of the laptop indicates excessive heating of the processor due to contamination. In such cases, you need to disassemble the device and carry out a deep cleaning.

How to remove the buttons of the keyboard of the laptop Asus, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Samsung

Removing the laptop keyboard will help to get to the deepest pollution

Today there are laptops of various models on sale, which differ in external parameters and technical properties. But they have similar characteristics, one of which is the method of fastening the keyboard. To the body of the device it is screwed or fixed by means of latches.

Consider a phased disassembly process. For the work you will need thin tweezers and a dental probe. If there are no such tools available, similar devices will do. The process of removing the keyboard is as follows:

    First you need to figure out which side of the key is easier to detach. Each button has a vertical and side mount.

That is, the key is fixed to the left or right and at the bottom or top.

  • Dismantling is performed in the vertical direction, since attempts to remove the button horizontally can result in damage to it.
  • First of all we remove the keys with letters and numbers.

    They have a similar fastening mechanism and the same square shape for laptops of all famous brands. When removing the keys, set them aside with the microlifters. Each of these mechanisms in many models correspond to a specific button.

    Therefore, if you mix them up, it will be extremely problematic to assemble the keyboard in its original state. We proceed to the dismantling of the upper buttons: E, Esc, F, and others. Then remove the large keys. Next, remove the space button, it is fixed using two microlifters. Last we dismantle Fn, Win, Ctrl, Alt.

    When all the buttons are removed, you need to remove the black stencil. First, remove the film base, consisting of three layers. Each of them must be separated. Do not be afraid of this procedure, in the process of assembling the layers are easy to connect. You need to remove the keyboard very carefully.

    Otherwise, you can damage the cable that connects it to the motherboard. Now the laptop is ready for cleaning.

    Important! Before you start dismantling the keys, it is advisable to take a picture of them, this will facilitate the assembly in the future.

    From dirt and dust

    We begin work with key processing. To do this, you need to prepare a container or a regular package. Pour water there, add detergent and place the keys. You can use laundry detergent or laundry soap. Leave them in liquid for 15–20 minutes.

    Then the water is drained, the buttons are laid out on any surface, where they will dry for about two hours. If necessary, you can use a hairdryer. It will help dry the keys much faster.

    Important! When drying the hair dryer, use only the mode of cool blowing, otherwise the keys can be melted.

    While the buttons are in the liquid, proceed to clean the keyboard. We take a napkin or cloth, apply detergent to it and remove contamination. In hard-to-reach places, use cotton buds. When the buttons are dry, collect the keyboard back.

    Is it possible to clean the spilled liquid

    Cleaning contacts will improve the use of a laptop

    If liquid gets onto the keyboard, you should immediately turn the laptop upside down to prevent it from entering the device. Then disconnect it from the power and remove the battery.

    Remove the keyboard and check how deeply the liquid has penetrated. If you turn the device immediately after flooding, it is likely that damage to the laptop will be limited to the keyboard.

    In this case, you only need to clear this part.

    If you do not have time to react and flooded the keys, the motherboard may also suffer, which will also have to be washed. For cleansing use a special composition Kontakt U or Axent, which are available in cylinders. It is necessary to prepare the tank, where the tool will flow.

    Liberally spray the liquid, placing the cylinder at an angle to the surface to be cleaned. Kontakt U contains toxic substances.

    Important! After completing the work, you need to place the keyboard in a ventilated room until the composition is completely dry - this will help to get rid of dangerous elements.

    Elementary rules of care

    Timely regular maintenance will extend the life of the equipment

      Cleaning procedures are recommended to be carried out with regularity once every 1-2 years. Among other factors, the rate of contamination of cooling systems is affected by their placement, which differs from different models.

    The keyboard of Asus, Acer, Samsunq, Lenovo, HP laptops must be cleaned annually. SONY products can do without this procedure for two years. A similar ability to have expensive models of HP and Asus. Apple laptops need to be cleaned every 4 years.

    In addition to the variety of the model, the operating conditions of the device should also be considered. Если в квартире есть домашние животные, проводятся ремонтные работы или вы курите в процессе пользования прибором, клавиатура будет загрязняться чаще. Поэтому раз в 1–2 недели проводите поверхностную очистку.

    Протирайте клавиатуру салфетками или спиртом.

  • Также пользуйтесь специальным пылесосом. Во время работы старайтесь не есть и не пить за компьютером.
  • Every time you sit down at your laptop, wash your hands.

  • If you have not developed such a habit, process the keyboard with a disinfecting spray. It should be applied to a napkin, and then process the surface.
  • Systematic keyboard cleansing will extend the life of the laptop. Of course, if you regularly use the device, you will not be able to completely avoid pollution. But following the necessary rules of care will help maintain the device in proper condition and prevent its breakage.

    It is not easy to keep the kitchen in perfect order and cleanliness. But experienced housewives know the secrets of such a mold - this is a separate kingdom of mushrooms. It spreads on various surfaces, and washing machines Many people know the habit of dining at a laptop or drinking a cup of tea.

    This, unfortunately, is not ironed shirts, T-shirts, pants, skirts and other things we have to regularly. Unfortunately, how sooner or later every housewife notices that the snow-white bath is initially polluted and loses the ideal. Even if you use your mobile phone with extreme caution, there are sometimes scratches on it.

    Small and Today, without a microwave oven, it is difficult to imagine a comfortable and rich life, because in it so For a not so long time, we have already managed to get used to intelligent household appliances.

    It If the area of ​​your home or office is large enough, then to regularly maintain the cleanliness of the floor, a centralized dust extraction system, or simply a built-in vacuum cleaner, is a very convenient invention for large or

    How to clean the keyboard on a laptop from spilled liquid and other situations at home, how to disassemble on devices acer, asus, hp and others, tips with reviews and video

    If you spill any liquid on the keyboard and it refused to function, do not despair, it is not very difficult to clean it. The main thing is to be patient and take time. After drying, the keyboard is working again? You still need to clean it, otherwise a small problem will affect the important elements of the laptop. And then cleaning the dirt is not getting off.

    Why do I need to clean

    The user contacts the keyboard constantly while working at the laptop. But many people do not think that it needs to be cleaned. After all, outside the trash is almost invisible.

    With active use, you can wipe the device in 10-15 days, then it will look like new. But after a year it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning.

    During this period, not only dust but also hair and crumbs accumulate under the buttons. And along with them harmful microbes to health.

    Under the keys a lot of garbage accumulates

    Tea, coffee and other drinks on the keyboard are dangerous for the entire laptop. If the computer now works normally without cleaning, then after a while, for example, a couple of months, it can be thrown away.

    Why? Liquid penetrates through the keyboard inside the case, falling on the motherboard and contacts that are closed or oxidized. As a result, not only the board will suffer, but also the hard disk, the processor and other components.

    The accumulation of dust on conductive elements also leads to a short circuit. From the excess dirt and hit sugary drinks keys begin to stick.

    Fluid penetrates the keys and may damage the electronics in the housing.

    We disassemble the laptop keyboard

    The most effective option for cleaning the keyboard is to remove it from the laptop, disassemble and process every detail. This method is effective, but takes a lot of time and attention. And if you also incorrectly assemble the device, you will have to carry a laptop to a service center.

    Therefore, this option is not suitable for everyone, and it is often irrational to use it. Only in emergency cases, after a long period of time or when the keys stick. If you have not spilled liquid on the keyboard, then it does not make sense to disconnect it from the body of the laptop.

    It is enough to remove the buttons.

    Cleaning the keyboard for different notebook models is no different. But the ways to remove the device from the case are different.

    1. Unplug the laptop from the network. Remove the battery.
    2. ASUS laptops:
      • On the far side of the keyboard are five latches. Take a flat screwdriver or a plastic card. Pry off the keyboard and pull up. Do this for all mounts. The keyboard is stuck with a plastic card
      • Disconnect the cable from the motherboard. The cable connects the keyboard to the card
    3. ACER:
      • In these models, the fastening clips are movable and pressed like buttons. Therefore, they need to be pressed into the case with a screwdriver. The ACER catches slide into the case.
      • To unplug the cable, take the tweezers and move the black clamp back. The clamp moves away with the tweezers
    4. HP:
      • Put the laptop upside down. Remove the cover. The lid needs to be removed.
      • Unscrew the two bolts marked with the keyboard icon kbd. You need to unscrew the two bolts
      • Turn the laptop over. With a flat object, such as a spatula, pick up the corner of the keyboard next to the latch. Walk along all the mounts. So you need to pick up the keyboard
      • To disconnect the cable with a blade, lift the black clip up. The lock must be lifted
      • When installing the keyboard, insert the cable with the lock fully raised.
    5. Lenovo:
      • Remove the cover under the laptop. Remove the three bolts that hold the keyboard. Lenovo has three screws that hold the keyboard.
      • Keyboard and cable are removed similarly to HP laptops.
    6. Samsung:
      • Without removing the bottom cover, unscrew the two bolts. Samsung dvuhbolta hold the keyboard
      • The keypad latches are on the near side. Slide one at a time, and lift the keyboard. The latch retracts, and the keyboard rises
      • The loop is disconnected after raising the black retainer.
    7. Toshiba:
      • On the far side of the keyboard there is a slat. Pry it off with a flat screwdriver and pull it out. Under the bar are the keyboard mounting bolts
      • Under it are screws that need to be unscrewed. Latch is not here.
      • After that, the keyboard is easily removed.

    Buttons for all models are removed equally.

      Pry the key down the center and run a screwdriver along the edge to the left and right. If the key does not come off, do the same with the opposite edge.

    The key is removed from the front face

    To remove the space bar key, first detach the side faces, then the front ones.

    Mounts on the side and front

    Surface or standard

    Standard keyboard cleaning is a preventative option. It is carried out often: in two - three weeks. Depending on the intensity of work.

    1. Brush walk between the keys.
    2. Vacuum remove trash. There are special vacuum cleaners with usb-connector.

    The vacuum cleaner sucks the dust between the keys.

    Wipe the keys with a damp cloth or cloth.

    The cloth is used for surface cleaning.

    Deep cleaning

    Before you start, take a snapshot of the keyboard to put the keys in place.

    1. Remove the buttons.
    2. Clean mounts. To do this, use a rubber pear or hair dryer. The air should be cold. If there is a lot of garbage, it is better to vacuum it. Wipe the joints with a damp cloth or a special cloth.

    A large amount of garbage is better to vacuum.

    Put the removed keys into the container and cover with water and detergent.

    The removed keys are placed in a container with soapy water.

  • Rinse the keys with clean water.
  • Lay the parts on a towel to dry. To speed up the process can use a hairdryer. But do not forget about the cold air.
  • Collect the keys according to the photo. For convenience, first fasten large buttons.
  • Using gel

    When the brush does not help to remove dust from the buttons, Lizun cleaner may come to the rescue. It has sticky and viscous properties, it spreads well on the keys and between them. Lizunom can remove not only dust, but also large crumbs. It needs to be well kneaded and distributed on the keyboard. Then take over the edge and take off.

    Lizun takes the form of keys and penetrates deeply in between.

    How to care for the keyboard

    For the device to work well, and preventive cleaning was effective, you need to follow not only care tips, but also follow some rules of conduct when working at a laptop:

    • Do not eat or drink near the laptop - the path of the spilled drink is unpredictable,
    • do not place a container with water, for example, a vase of flowers,
    • wash your hands with soap and water before work so that the buttons do not get dirty,
    • do not hit the keys - strongly pressing the buttons does not affect the speed of typing, and the keyboard may fail.

    Now about the rules of care for the keyboard:

    • once every two weeks do preventive cleaning:
      • Dampen a rag with isopropyl diluted alcohol and wipe the keyboard. Alcohol will remove not only dust from the surface of the buttons, but also grease. You can use special wipes,
      • Vacuum the keyboard with a special or regular vacuum cleaner. The second pulls more trash,
    • if there are crumbs, seeds or other objects between the buttons, immediately remove them with a cotton swab or spatula,
    • If the keys start to stick, carefully remove and clean them.

    Lizun for keyboard cleaning

    Lizun well distributed over the keyboard

    I am the owner of a laptop with a black keyboard. Dust on it settles only in this way, even though I rub it regularly. Plus, the cat sometimes likes to sit on the clave or shake the wool nearby. And eating the cookies over the laptop has not been canceled. In general, a decent amount of dirt accumulates between the keys. This thing has become a real my must-have.



    The vacuum cleaner is connected to the usb-connector

    He really sucks the dust and cleans the keyboard. The kit has two nozzles: one brush, the second rubber pad. Used both, rubber absorbs dust better.

    The fact that he really sucks something you can make sure by leaning your finger against the holes. Also saw dust on the filter when it was taken apart. I recommend to purchase due to the fact that it is cheap, it copes with its work.

    Well, the mood can also be lifted by such a toy!



    Wet wipes

    Remove dust without streaking

    Napkins alcohol, therefore, from the invisible pests of health will help get rid of. But most importantly - wipes cleaned without streaks and without excess fluid, which often remains after wet wipes.

    For the skin of the hands, indeed, these wipes are safe and do not irritate the skin. Antistatic effect is also there, as promised by the manufacturer. This is very noticeable on the TV - less dust sticks after processing.

    Cleans fine and antibacterial effect pleases.

    carta blanshe


    A dirty keyboard can permanently paralyze your laptop. Therefore, timely carry out its preventive maintenance. And if the liquid gets inside, do a deep cleaning.

    No matter how carefully you work with electronics, there is no escape from the manifestations of the human essence: someone sins with food near a laptop, someone likes to drink flavored coffee and eat crispy crumbly cookies. Therefore, how not to follow computer hygiene, after a short time, the question will certainly arise: how to clean the laptop keyboard at home?

    Why clean a laptop?

    Any device that is powered by electricity attracts dust, such is the nature of electromagnetism, and if the device is also equipped with a forced ventilation system, dust and dirt will collect inside like bees in a hive. Just such a device is a laptop.

    Care and prevention in relation to a laptop comes down to timely and proper disposal of dust and stains. This is necessary not only to maintain a neat appearance, but also, most importantly, for the normal operation of the device and the extension of its service life.

    What could cause contamination of the laptop keyboard?

    If dust and dirt get inside the keyboard of a regular computer, then the only harm they do is ruin the keyboard itself. But when dirt and dust from the laptop keyboard get on its “stuffing”, then the following troubles await you:

    • Due to mechanical debris getting inside, one or several buttons may fall.
    • The failure of all keys can occur if you accidentally knocked over a glass of liquid to the surface.
    • The breakage of the internal parts of the laptop can also occur due to moisture getting inside,
    • The laptop shuts down due to overheating - this can happen if dust and dirt hit the radiator. As a result, the ventilation system stops passing air.

    Important! Considering all these factors, knowing how to clean a laptop keyboard, it is necessary for each owner to do it regularly and regularly, if you don’t have time to take the device to specialists.

    Laptop cleaning products

    It is necessary to carry out surface cleaning of the keyboard regularly, at least once a month. In specialized stores you can buy a cleaning kit. It includes a brush, cloth and cleaning fluid. Such a set will help you clean the keyboard more thoroughly. If special liquids for cleaning the buttons are not at hand, use the available tools to clean the laptop keyboard.

    We offer some of them:

    • Diluted isopropyl alcohol. This is an optimal cleaning agent that will help get rid of stubborn dirt. Soak a soft cloth with alcohol and wipe gently all the keys. Handle the keyboard carefully, do not overdo it with liquid so that it does not drip between the keys on the contacts.Important! Acetone and other aggressive substances can not be used, since they can not only erase the keyboard paint, but the worst thing is to melt the body of the laptop. Ethyl alcohol and vodka can also spoil the paint on the buttons.
    • Soapy water. Dampen a tampon or cotton swab in soapy water and gently remove any dirt from the buttons. After the procedure, be sure to wipe the keyboard with a dry cloth, as moisture is contraindicated in the device.

    Basic rules for the use of cleaning products

    1. Use only special liquids, as well as lint-free wipes, which are sold in any computer stores. Users recommend high-quality computer cleaning tools from the firm “Defender”.

    Use special soft brushes to remove dust and dirt between the keys, and it is better to clean the buttons themselves with napkins.

    Important! Before cleaning the laptop keyboard at home, completely disconnect it from the power supply and remove the battery.

    How to remove dirt from under the keyboard?

    Under the keys are also collected dirt and debris that interfere with the normal operation of the laptop. The easiest way to get rid of garbage is to flip the device and shake out the contents.

    For the same purpose you can use:

    • long stiff bristle brush,
    • hairdryer - lift the laptop and tilt it, blow the keyboard with cold air,
    • household vacuum cleaner, using a narrow nozzle,
    • portable can of compressed air - such an aerosol is sold in computer stores.

    Important! When vacuuming do not turn it on at full capacity.

    What difficulties may arise in the care of a laptop?

    There are cases when it is impossible to do with ordinary keyboard cleaning. For example, when you poured a laptop with juice or tea. Here it is necessary to completely disassemble the keyboard, wash it with a special solution.

    If this happened to you, first thing:

    1. Turn the device over and pour out as much liquid as possible.
    2. Blot the remaining moisture with cotton wool or blow-dry.

    Only then separate the keys and disassemble the keyboard. Wipe the surface with diluted isopropyl alcohol and then dry with a clean, soft, soft cloth. If necessary, replace the protective membranes.

    Important! Such an operation will be better carried out by service center specialists. Masters will disassemble the laptop keyboard, conduct the necessary diagnostics, find out if the contact tracks are damaged, and if the damage is strong and the contacts are oxidized, then in this case you will have to buy new spare parts for the laptop.

    Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that in order to avoid serious damage to the laptop, regularly clean the device, and keep the mugs of drinks as far as possible from the computer. Remember that cleanliness is a guarantee of health not only for the user, but also a guarantee of the long-term and uninterrupted operation of any equipment.

    Cleaning the laptop keyboard at home

    The laptop keyboard has a tendency to become clogged with dust, crumbs, water can be shed on it or, even worse, sweet tea, coke, etc. In all these situations, the buttons start to stick, and the characters stop typing.

    Moreover, if any sweet and sticky liquid gets on the input device, it must be quickly removed and cleaned. Otherwise, the aggressive environment can get on the board tracks and damage them.

    Next, we will tell you how to clean the laptop keyboard at home in the most convenient and safe way.

    Dust and crumb cleaning

    Dust and dirt under the keyboard keys of the laptop usually accumulates for many months or even a year or two, so simply wiping the device with a cleaning cloth will not allow the user to remove all the accumulated dirt.

    Для этого перед чисткой придется снять все кнопки, но перед этим не забудьте сфотографировать их расположение, чтобы не испытывать далее трудностей с их обратной установкой.

    Клавиши с устройства ввода лэптопа «отщелкиваются» следующим образом:

    1. Pick up a suitable thin knife or flathead screwdriver, pry out the selected buttons and remove them from the landing sites by slightly turning the sting or blade of the tool around the longitudinal axis. In this way, you can remove one or several problem keys, or you can do a full keyboard cleaning.
    2. Removing dirt can be done with a soft brush or cotton swab slightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol. If a large amount of dust has accumulated on the laptop's panel, it should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner (it is more convenient to use a compact car device for this) or with a can of compressed air. It can be purchased at many computer stores.
    3. Upon completion of cleaning, all dismounted buttons must be put in place. To fix the element, it is lightly pressed down to a characteristic click. Large keys - Space, Shift, etc., are additionally fixed on metal pins, which must also be properly installed.

    The cleaning method described above is effective only when random droplets of spilled liquid, crumbs and dust get into the input device. Cleaning the keyboard of a laptop after getting sweet tea on it requires several other measures, which also most users will be able to perform on their own at home.

    Cleaning the keyboard from sticky fluid

    To completely remove any traces of tea or coffee, the laptop's input device will have to be completely dismantled. But on most laptops, this device is attached to the front panel with ordinary plastic latches, so you will not have to complete or any complicated disassembly of the mobile computer.

    In some cases (mainly it concerns already quite old and less common models) the keyboard can be attached to the back cover of the device with screws. Usually there are no more than two. After unscrewing the fasteners, it is sufficient to simply dismount the dismountable device with a knife or screwdriver, after which it is easily disconnected from the case.

    The main thing - after moisture gets the fastest way to turn off the device and remove the battery. Then you can disassemble and clean the keyboard on a laptop:

    1. Decide where the latches hold the input device in the laptop case. There are usually at least four such fastenings, sometimes up to eight. Their location can be identified by small notches on the body.
    2. Prepare a pair of thin socket screwdrivers for further work. All further actions will need to be carried out extremely carefully, since plastic fasteners are very fragile. If you accidentally break at least one, the input device is no longer securely fastened in the case.
    3. Lightly press the first screwdriver on the latch located in the very corner of the top around the perimeter of the keyboard.
    4. Carefully pry the second edge of the panel to be dismounted in the same corner, then move on to the next mount.

    Lift the edges of the input device when loosening the mountings should also be a screwdriver. It is not recommended to do this with your hands, since the plastic of the device is quite thin - if you carelessly apply force to it, the material may crack.

    Disconnecting the loop

    The input device of the mobile computer is connected to the motherboard through a special loop. It is easy to damage, so in no case do not jerk the removed panel after loosening the fixings. The cable is attached with a special lock with latches, the type of which may differ in different models of laptops.

    When removing the cable, in order to open the retainer holding it, in some cases it is required to perform such actions as lifting the fastener or clamping the ears. Certain types of latches use spring clips to hold the plume.

    Washing keyboard laptop

    After the ingress of a large amount of liquid to prevent oxidation of the conductive tracks of the board, the keyboard will need to be rinsed with water (it can be soapy), which any user can do with their hands. No aggressive detergents can be used for this.

    The main thing after this is to carry out a high-quality drying of the device. This should be done in the sun or on the battery for at least a day, and you can have two. Otherwise, if moisture remains on the conductive paths, over time they will oxidize and the input device of the mobile computer will no longer work completely.

    How to clean the keyboard on a laptop - from spilled liquid, at home

    Most laptop owners are rather careless about keyboard cleaning. Therefore, no one has long been surprised by the sticky keys, the space between which is clogged with dust and crumbs.

    The result of such carelessness is always the same - a breakdown of the keyboard or even the entire device. Laptops are primarily at risk, because the keyboard is part of it.

    Many people mistakenly believe that getting rid of dirt is only necessary for an aesthetic reason.

    But clogging of the case can cause a number of problems, among which the most common are the following:

    • "Dropping" buttons
    • keyboard failure,
    • breakage of internal parts,
    • overheating laptop.

    At the same time, careless cleaning can also result in damage to the device. However, this is easily prevented by following the tips described below.

    How to clean the keys

    Most often, specially designed tools are used to clean the keys. These include cleaning fluids, special wipes and brushes. Wipes are needed for the keys themselves, brushes will help remove dust and dirt between the buttons. Thanks to these devices, cleaning the keyboard on a laptop at home is possible not only quickly, but also fairly well.

    But with the right approach, the surface can be cleaned with improvised means. The best cleaning agent is diluted isopropyl alcohol (normal can damage the paint on the keys). With his help, you can even get rid of persistent pollution.

    Tip! Do not overdo it with cleaning fluid, it should in no case drip onto the contacts between the keys.

    A special brush for cleaning the computer can be replaced with a soft paint brush with a long nap. Some also use a knife wrapped in a rag. As for napkins, instead of them it is recommended to use any cloths from non-woven material.

    In addition, the keys should be regularly rubbed with soapy water. At the same time it is impossible that they remain wet. They need as quickly as possible to wipe dry. It is also convenient to clean the surface with cotton buds.

    Dust and dirt cleaning

    First you need to figure out what kind of cleaning the mechanism needs - superficial or deep. The first clears the buttons and the space between them, and the second helps to remove dust from the contacts, which can eventually settle on the internal devices. The more often you will conduct a superficial cleansing, the less will require a deep.

    Everyone can carry out surface cleaning. To get started is to turn the device and shake out its contents. A car vacuum cleaner or a furniture cleaner will make the cleaning procedure more effective. They must be used carefully in order not to accidentally tear off the keys.

    Keyboard vacuum cleaner

    In this case, you can use a can of compressed air or, in extreme cases, an ordinary hairdryer. Note that the air from the cartridge comes out under strong pressure, which allows you to well blow out the dust that accumulates on the contacts. When using the first one, try not to inhale its contents. After completing the procedure, ventilate the room.

    Compressed air can

    Deep cleansing will require great effort. The device will have to unwind. Keys can be detached from the cabinet with a table knife or a screwdriver. At the same time, you need to act with maximum caution, otherwise you risk damaging the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.

    It is equally important to reassemble the keyboard correctly. Here the main thing is to put all the keys in the correct position. It will be easier to do if you prepare a photo before the procedure begins. Some buttons may have metal bases, so before installing them, make sure that all parts are installed in specially designed slots.

    But remember, if you decide to completely disassemble the mechanism, it is quite possible that then you will not be able to exchange it according to the guarantee. On the whole, computer buttons are not so easy to replace, especially Enter and a space.

    Surface cleaning

    Once a month you need to carry out surface cleaning. It will get rid of dust and crumbs (for those who like to chew something delicious in front of the monitor).

    Turn and shake the keyboard a little. Part of the garbage will disappear already at this stage.

    Take a small brush or brush for drawing and brush away the dust and crumbs stuck between the keys.

    To get rid of dust in hard-to-reach places, you can use a special USB vacuum cleaner for the keyboard or cans with compressed air, which are sold in stores of digital and home appliances (cleaning products department). A regular hairdryer will do as well, but only if the keys are tight and there is no likelihood that the garbage will simply get deeper.

    Blow out the keyboard can only be cold air.

    To remove the fat from the keys, go over them with a paper napkin or microfiber.

    In case of preventive cleaning, in no case should wet cloth be used: liquid should not get into the keyboard. Maximum - wet wipes for the computer.

    Method 1. Standard

    This method is suitable for cleaning the built-in laptop keyboard.

    Remove the keys. Usually the buttons are attached with clips. They are easy to pull off with a clip, flat screwdriver or knife, starting from the side edge of the key. This should be done very carefully, because thin plastic is easy to damage.

    Tech Profis / youtube.com

    Pay special attention to long keys, such as Shift, Enter and space. Usually they are fastened with metal clips, so it is more difficult to remove and fix them again. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to touch them. Some laptops do not have this feature at all.

    Clean attachment point. Walk through the joints with a flannel cloth, a damp napkin, or a paper towel. You can blow the keyboard from the inside with a can of compressed air or a cold hairdryer.

    Do not forget to take a picture of the keyboard before disassembling.

    Rinse the keys with plain water, soapy water or an antiseptic. Alternative method: fold all the buttons into a clean sock, tie it up, soak it in detergent, and then hold it under running water.

    Dry the keys. If you do not want to wait until the moisture evaporates, use a hairdryer.

    First fix the large keys, then all the others. This is where the photo you took before cleaning is very useful.

    Method 2. Complete disassembly

    Take a photo of the keyboard, and then turn it over and unscrew the screws with a screwdriver. Open the device and place both halves on the table with the inside facing up.


    The lower part can be put aside, since it is not necessary to clean it.

    Gently push the keys out. Pay attention to the space and Shift, which can be additionally secured with metal pins. Do not remove the Enter key: usually it has a very difficult attachment, so it will be very difficult to put it back.


    Put all the keys in the sink and rinse under running water or leave for a while in a disinfectant solution. If the plastic is very dirty, go over it with a soft toothbrush. Then dry the keys.

    Rinse the top of the keyboard under running water, removing any dirt from the toothbrush, especially at the corners and joints. Then let it dry.


    Secure the keys in their original position. If you hear a click when pressed, everything is in order: the button is firmly fixed.

    Connect the top and bottom of the keyboard, tighten the screws.

    Connect the device to the computer and make sure that all the keys work.

    Method 3. Cleaning after spilled fluid

    Keyboard, which spilled water, hot coffee or any other drink, immediately turn over and shake well. Wipe dry with a rag.

    Leave overnight to keep the keyboard dry. If the next day of the keys sticks or does not work, use the first or second method of cleaning.

    Efficient and easy

    Of course, you can bring the device to the nearest service center, where it will be cleaned for you with joy, but for money. Well, for those who want to save money, we offer to do it yourself. First of all, let's see how this can be done with the keyboard of a regular, stationary computer.

    1. If you need to cope with this task quickly, and you always keep the working equipment clean, then you will need a brush with a long but soft bristle. Your task is to thoroughly wipe the entire gap between the buttons. As an aid, you can use special solutions that can remove any dirt and stains. You only need to pre-put them on the keyboard.
    2. If you sinned by allowing yourself a snack at the computer, then a more thorough cleaning will be necessary. First you need to disconnect the device from the system unit, flip it over and shake it well, you can even pat it a little. Then moisten a cotton pad or cloth in a cleaning fluid and wipe the surface. After the procedure, allow the keyboard to dry completely, and only then connect.
    3. There is another way, characterized by high efficiency. On sale there are special lizuny, which are a jelly mass that can eliminate pollution. Despite their unattractive appearance, they are safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to cleaning "zheleyki" also help to cope with 80% of bacteria settled on the device.

    You only need to gradually glue them to the surface.

    1. Another modern method of cleaning the keyboard, which can easily be used at home - a USB vacuum cleaner. In the set, as a rule, there are several nozzles that allow you to get even to hard-to-reach places. If such a miracle device was not at hand, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner with the narrowest nozzle.
    2. A more complicated option involves disassembling the device. To do this, you need to carefully remove one key at a time using a flat screwdriver or other improvised tool, and clean the socket with a cotton pad dipped in a special liquid. The keys themselves should be washed in a soap solution and wiped dry, then set back.

    Owners of laptops can clean the keyboard of their portable device, too, without making much effort. How to do it quickly?

    1. Surface cleaning. This method is effective if you follow the purity of its technology. To remove dust and minor dirt, you just need to use cleaning products, velcro or mini vacuum cleaner.
    2. Deep cleaning. This option is suitable in case of severe pollution or for emergency cleaning after the ingress of liquid. First you need to turn off the power and it is desirable to remove the battery. If the liquid has flowed superficially, then it will be enough to put cotton pads in the gaps of the keyboard and turn the laptop over, letting it dry.

    If the liquid gets inside, it will be necessary to disassemble the keyboard and clean each cell with isopropyl alcohol. If after such a procedure the buttons continue to sink or not all of them work, you will have to carry the equipment to a service center for complete disassembly and cleaning.

    It is not at all difficult to clean up the workplace and to clean the keyboard with your own hands. But it will be even easier if you monitor the cleanliness constantly, and give up the habit of drinking tea and staying for a bite at the computer monitor.

    We clean the keyboard from dust

    The keyboard always accumulates dust, and even a superficial wiping it with a cloth does not guarantee proper cleaning. Therefore, 1-2 times a month, the keyboard is cleared using the following devices:

    1. Soft brush with villi or silicone.
    2. Compressed air can, blowing dust.
    3. Manual vacuum cleaner, which is used to clean hard-to-reach areas of upholstered furniture.
    4. Cotton swabs or soft napkins.
    5. Hair dryer, which blows crumbs from the device, dust.

    Tip! Alcohol wipes, which are used for unplugged keyboards, will help to quickly clean dust or fine dirt.

    Removal of germs and fatty plaque

    If the computer is close to the kitchen or you like to work while eating, the keyboard buttons are covered with greasy yellow spots. This dirt penetrates the keys, creating a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria or mold.

    Alcohol-based sprays or pure alcohol are used to remove this type of dirt.

    When applying the spray, you should spray the keyboard with it, press it for 2-10 minutes, and then gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth. For cleaning with alcohol, cotton swabs or napkins are used, which are moistened in the product. Смоченной салфеткой протирают верхнюю часть клавиш, а ватной палочкой труднодоступные участки. Не стоит заливать клавиатуру спиртом, чтобы не испортить ее.

    Чай, кофе, пиво… учимся очищать клавиатуру от пролитого напитка

    Можно не включать функцию «Залипание клавиш», достаточно просто разлить на клавиатуру сладкий напиток. If you have spilled something, then immediately disconnect the keyboard from the computer, gently turn it over and shake it so that excess liquid flows out.

    Next, the keyboard with a screwdriver disassembled, buttons, and sealing gum under them are washed with warm water. Disassemble the device as follows:

    • They unscrew the bolts on the back panel, putting them in a matchbox so that they are not lost.

    • The rear panel is removed, and it remains to quickly assemble all the gaskets, which are located under the buttons. Replacing such a gasket is very difficult to find.
    • Carefully disconnect the wires and the microcircuit.
    • The upper part remains, the lower one sets aside. On the top panel are dirty buttons that need cleaning.

    In a laptop, buttons are removed from the left or right edge. The upper part of the keyboard is wiped with a dry cloth, then the “iron” is degreased with a solution of alcohol. Dirt and debris from the bottom is blown away by a hair dryer or collected by hand vacuum cleaner.

    Important! To collect the keyboard and its buttons in the correct order, find a picture or training video online. Collection is made only after drying of all elements of the device.

    Cleansing from food debris and sticky spots

    To clean the remnants of food you need to disassemble the keyboard. Under the keys, practically everything that the user ate while working is accumulated: bread crumbs, salt from chips, etc. Carefully remove the buttons, using a balloon with compressed air to blow dirt.

    To clean the buttons from greasy or sticky spots, you can use clean water, alcohol or a regular eraser. After cleaning the single keys with an eraser, do not forget to wash them. The old toothbrush moistened in a soap solution also copes well with dirty buttons.

    Keyboard cleaners: gels and liquids

    There are special tools for cleaning keyboards that are commonly used for fragile laptops:

    1. Sticky gel This universal remedy is used to clean everything - calculators, keyboards, push-button telephones or plant leaves. It is enough to roll the gel into a cake, stick it to the surface, and then sharply remove it. With the gel is separated and all the garbage from the dust, the cost of about 250 rubles. for 80 grams.
    2. Magic Power kits are used for cleaning keyboards, plasma panels, phones. The set includes wipes and spray, which are carefully cleaned. But the spray copes only with the top layer of pollution, it does not penetrate under the keys to the crumbs and spilled water. The cost of funds about 500 rubles.

    To prevent keyboard contamination, leave the tradition of snacking while working on a laptop or PC. If it is difficult to get rid of bad habits, then stock up with a powerful hairdryer, alcohol, sticky gel, which is easy to make an emergency cleaning at any time. Practice at least 1-2 times in six months, a full analysis of the keyboard to remove accumulated debris and dirty plaque from the keys.

    Perform computer keyboard cleaning

    So, there are several ways to clean the keyboard of a computer or laptop. Consider the main five of them, which you can easily make yourself.

    There are several ways to clean a computer keyboard.

    But before starting work, something must be clearly understood - before cleaning, the keyboard must be disconnected from the computer device, thus de-energizing it.

    Note: before cleaning the laptop keyboard, it is necessary to turn it off and, if possible, remove the battery.

    Method 1 st. Soft brush and napkin in hand

    This method is acceptable if we make the procedure for freeing the keyboard from dirt and dust regularly and quite often, that is, we keep the device clean and do not allow it to be very dirty.

    You can use a soft cloth to clean the keyboard.

    For this type of care, an ordinary soft-bristled brush is suitable, which is usually used to clean furniture from dust. With a brush we can easily remove the dust that has accumulated between the keys, and with a napkin we will be able to clean their surface.

    As for the napkin itself, it is specifically designed for this purpose, it can be easily found in specialized stores.

    In particular, its own preventive care products are offered for various notebook models.

    Method 2. We will help compressed air

    This method is perfect if we need to remove dust, accumulated dirt and crumbs from under the keys themselves.

    A can of compressed air will help to clean your keyboard from dust and crumbs

    So, we get an ordinary can of compressed air, the benefit now they can be easily bought in any automobile shop. Then, by pressing on the cylinder lid, we get a strong stream of air, which is formed due to the very strong pressure inside.

    Directing this jet on the keyboard, we can effortlessly, but it is very effective to blow out all the dust on the buttons, between them, as well as on all existing contacts. Particles of pollution are instantly removed from the device, but without getting inside.

    Note: Blowing out dust and dirt particles from under the keys, you will most likely be very surprised at such a large accumulation of this garbage in the seemingly clean, at first glance, keyboard.

    Method 3. Use a vacuum cleaner

    For deep keyboard cleaning, you can use an alternative method to compressed air,

    A small vacuum cleaner is another keyboard cleaner.

    but with the use of available tools available in every home, such as a regular vacuum cleaner.

    Turning on the mode on blowing, you can achieve the same effect as in the case of a can.

    Also, do not be amiss to try and the usual mode of the vacuum cleaner - suction of dust, crumbs and dirt particles.

    Note: Special vacuum cleaners are available for cleaning laptops, which, if searched, can be found in specialized stores.

    Method 4. Armed with a special set

    At present, specialized computer hardware stores offer the consumer not only computer devices themselves, but also various means to care for them.

    Currently, in specialized stores you can find a variety of different computer cleaning kits.

    For example, special kits are available for cleaning the computer keyboard, and as for laptops, there even exist special types of these tools depending on the configuration.

    Such a universal set consists, as a rule, of several items:

    • special brush,
    • napkins,
    • cleaning fluid.

    And, if this set is systematically used for its intended purpose, then the general cleaning of the device may not be needed at all or it will happen very soon.

    Disassembling and cleaning the keyboard

    So, if things are really bad - a sweet tea (coffee) is inadvertently spilled on the keyboard and it causes sticking of individual keys, or you have never done prophylactic cleaning, then it's time to think about the "general cleaning" of the device.

    It's time to make a general cleaning of the keyboard with the dismantling of all the keys

    And the first thing to do before the general cleaning of the keyboard is to turn off the computer (laptop), disconnect it from the power system (for the laptop, also remove the battery).

    Further strictly we act, according to the instruction below.

    Independent "general" cleaning of the computer keyboard

    Before you begin disassembling the keyboard, you need to take a picture of it, then to know which key to place.

    Before disassembling the keyboard we photograph it

    Then we prepare the necessary tools for doing this procedure:

    • table knife or screwdriver
    • package,
    • detergent (you can washing powder),
    • unnecessary toothbrush.

    • We take our keyboard, which was previously disconnected from the computer, and turned it down with the keys, then unscrew all the bolts and remove the back cover.

    Turn the keyboard upside down

    • We carefully remove the film located under the bottom cover and attached to the board with contact tracks. To do this, unscrew the two bolts on the conductor through which this film is attached to the board.

    Under the bottom cover is a thin film with contact tracks.

    • Now remove the keys. Use a table knife or a conventional screwdriver to hook one of the corners of the key and try to lift it, it should fall and be easily detached. We perform this action with each key.

    • All disconnected keys are placed in the bag, add detergent or powder to it and pour a small amount of warm water. Next, we tie the package and start shaking well, trying to have more foam and more intensive cleaning of the keys.

    Keys in the bag with washing powder

    • After a while, we open the bag of such a “wash”, drain the soapy water, and wash the keys well under running water. Then let the water drain and dry the keyboard.
    • The main part of the keyboard is well cleaned with a toothbrush, from time to time wetting it with a foamy soap solution. We also wash with clean water and dry well.
    • We proceed to the assembly of the keyboard, which we do in the reverse order from disassembly - first we insert all the keys, placing a photo in front of us and checking with it. Next, we put an elastic contact on each button, then put the keyboard board in place, cover it with a film with conductors, and then screw it to the keyboard case.

    We assemble the washed keyboard

    • We put the keyboard cable and fasten the cover.
    • We connect the keyboard to the computer.

    Our cleaned keyboard sparkles clean

    That's it, the sparkling clean device is ready to go.

    We disassemble and clean the laptop keyboard

    The process of disassembling a laptop keyboard is similar to the method described above for dismantling a computer keyboard device, and therefore there is no point in repeating and describing everything again.

    Learning to properly care for a laptop keyboard

    But I would like to dwell in greater detail on such moments as it is not necessary to do when disassembling and cleaning the laptop keyboard, however, like a computer.

    Disassembling a laptop keyboard is similar to dismantling a computer keyboard device.

    So, it is strictly forbidden:

    • tear off the keys when disassembling and carelessly handle the computer board,
    • use aggressive and corrosive detergents for washing the keys, and it is better to purchase a special solution for washing the keys of the laptop; you can also use medical alcohol diluted in a 2: 1 ratio
    • carelessly handle when removing the laptop keyboard with a cable connecting it with the case.

    For the rest, a little patience and the keyboard will again serve you faithfully until the next overturned cup of coffee (just kidding).

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