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New items and fashion trends in women's underwear in 2015


In the fashion collections of the spring-summer 2015 season, dedicated to women's underwear this season, openness and transparency prevail. Black is still in fashion; models of deep and bright tones are also fashionable - fuchsia, scarlet, bright red. The fashion trend of this season is floral prints of bright colors, flowers can be both small and large. Animal prints are also in fashion, mostly tiger and leopard prints, do not forget about snake prints - they are also in fashion.

Fashionable underwear 2016

Romantic style in women's underwear is always in fashion. This season in the romantic style is dominated by floral themes, at the height of fashion - lace tulle, lace, smooth microfiber, satin.

Removes the folds in the abdomen and emphasizes the waist and create a retro-mood slimming body of black and gray shades.

Bra in classic style can be both closed and open. Guipure inserts are in fashion this season, both in contrast and to match the color of the main fabric. As for the panties, here in favor thong. Many well-known brands offer models of sports style bras, with a tight cup, back-scooter and almost no decor.

The style of baby dollars is still popular - shirts and suits in pastel colors, as well as satin and silk robes ala-kimono.

Photos of fashionable women's underwear 2015

Fashion trends

To begin with we will list the main fashion trends:

  • Sexuality, sometimes bordering on vulgarity. You can without doubt get the most daring set and feel like a real goddess.
  • Minimalism. If you can afford to open most of the body or almost the whole body, then do it!
  • Comfort. No matter how sexy lingerie is, it should be comfortable and comfortable, for it is the bottom.
  • Hide weaknesses and emphasize the merits. Designers have come up with so many different tricks and tricks that a girl with any figure and any physique can feel charming.

What is relevant?

Some women are limited to two or three sets, or even purchase panties and bras separately. But if you follow the fashion trends, then in your wardrobe should certainly be the following things:

  • Several sets for all occasions and for any mood: bright and creative, sexy, sporty, feminine. A woman should always be fully armed, because it is not known how the day will end.
  • Corset. In it, you will be not only sexy, but also slim.
  • Grace. It will help to hide all the flaws.
  • Body - a simplified and more sexy replacement of grace.
  • Want to please your companion? Buy a belt for stockings.
  • Sexy shirt. Use it instead of pajamas to be attractive in bed (even in splendid isolation).

Fashionable shades

The most fashionable shades of 2015:

  • Incredibly relevant all pastel colors. Especially fashionable are shades of beige, which create the effect of nudity and excite the imagination. But others are also in trend: peach, pistachio, sand and others.
  • As never before, classic black and white are relevant; moreover, special attention should be paid to their combinations.
  • Romantic people may prefer a cute pink.
  • In a fashion passionate and sexy red and all its shades.
  • Pay attention to the refreshing and bright mint color.
  • In the trend of shades of blue and blue.
  • You can also buy a set of lilac, violet, purple, plum, purple or eggplant color.

This season will please all lovers of unusual and original linen with a variety of prints:

  • Coloring animals are relevant, especially the sexy leopard. If such a print left the clothes, then in the underwear he not only stayed, but also firmly strengthened his position for the next year.
  • Lovers of romantic drawings can pay attention to floral prints, they will also be relevant.
  • Add to the image of the mysterious oriental pattern.
  • Young and creative girls will also be pleased, because in 2015 original, cute and sometimes funny prints will be relevant: perky peas, cage, geometric patterns, stripes and a wide variety of patterns from cats and birds to vegetables, fruits and even skulls.

  1. The real squeak of the season is lace, with the most diverse: simple and rather dense, sexy and openwork, light and almost transparent. Lace is sexy, feminine and at the same time romantic.
  2. More restrained models are made of knitwear or cotton. Such materials provide maximum comfort and let the air through, so it is suitable for active and athletic women.
  3. Feminine and expensive sets are made from flowing and iridescent silk. More affordable and practical is satin linen.
  4. Microfiber will help to hide the extra volume and make the body more slender and fit. In addition, although this material is synthetic, it is perfectly breathable and absorbs moisture. And also the microfiber underwear is stretched, so it suits athletes or just active girls.

Fashionable lingerie of 2015 is presented in a variety of styles, so that everyone will be satisfied and beautiful.

Let's start with bra models:

  • Push-up is still relevant, which will always come to the rescue and help make the forms more appetizing. But this option is suitable for girls with small breasts.
  • In a fashion seamless bras with simple round one-piece cups.
  • Corsage will lift the chest and make it more elastic.
  • Active representatives of the fair sex will certainly appreciate bras tops (or T-shirts). They will allow you to actively move, not to feel discomfort and provide support to the chest.
  • In the fashion bras bustier, which is ideally combined with outfits with open shoulders. But remember that such a model will not be able to provide the necessary support for the bulk and heavy breasts.
  • The balconette bra is almost invisible under clothes and allows you to wear dresses and blouses with the most outspoken and deep cutouts.
  • The bra with poluchashechki forms a feminine neckline and favorably emphasizes the chest.

Current models of panties:

  • Comfortable slips are a home option.
  • Panties-shorts will be able to make the buttocks spectacular and appetizing.
  • Sexy thongs and bikinis are models for brave girls or special occasions.
  • Universal, but feminine version - tanga.
  • Actual will be pants with a high waist in retro style. They will make a more pronounced and thin waist and leave room for fantasy.

If a simple underwear without unnecessary details is suitable for everyday wear, then for special occasions you definitely need to buy something special. The brightest and most fashionable decor elements:

  • Tattoo effect Usually the role of imitated tattoos play straps with lace elements.
  • All kinds of straps in the most unexpected places: over the elastic panty, at the top of the cups, under the cups and so on. It looks very unusual!
  • Embroidery. She will make the image romantic and feminine.
  • Beads, beads, stones. Chic underwear should be bright and original.
  • Lace will make even the simplest set sexy.
  • Decorative inserts.

Now go to the store for underwear and please yourself with new clothes!

Underwear: colors

The trend for naturalness this year more than ever. Therefore, underwear in soothing pastel shades is a must have for every woman of fashion. It blends with skin color and looks natural. Due to the interesting design, unusual tailoring and translucent fabrics, such products are called the best. There is a wide variety of styles of linen in such colors, so you can easily choose the right one.

Underwear in white looks very fresh and attractive, and in the new season it will be especially relevant. And the designers presented not only simple, everyday products, but also kits for special events. Most often they are chosen by the bride for the most anticipated day - the wedding.

Despite such a strong popularity of natural shades, this year will be in vogue and contrasting underwear in red. By the way, different shades of red are permissible. Seamless patterns will be a great solution for everyday life, and bright lace sets are suitable for a special occasion.

As for prints, delicate floral and floral drawings will be especially fashionable. Animalistic motifs look a bit more audacious. Also this year, geometric patterns and abstractions are welcome.

Fashionable women's underwear

This year, designers presented a wide variety of styles of underwear. Of course, each of them is intended for different purposes and events, so we recommend purchasing several options for yourself.

Lingerie for everyday life simply must be comfortable and pleasant to the body. But one should not forget about the attractive appearance either. Designers took care of this and presented interesting, but at the same time simple options.

Basically such linen has a smooth surface. Because of this, it will not be visible under the clothes. Also, the category of everyday can be attributed seamless underwear. Due to its shape, the bra perfectly emphasizes the chest and gives it the perfect shape. The decor on such products is usually minimal or completely absent.

Many girls refuse to make corrective underwear, as they confuse it with slimming. In contrast, the presented version effectively masks those extra pounds, tightens the figure and visually makes the body more slender. At the same time, it looks very interesting and attractive. So do not hesitate and try on similar products.

Exquisite underwear will be especially fashionable this year. Famous couturiers have relied on the most delicate materials: lace, lace, mesh. They are the most pleasant in contact with the skin. And as a decor used various beads and small rhinestones. Despite such a rich design, many of the presented products look quite modest. Therefore, they can be worn even in everyday life.

Unlike the previous version of underwear, frank models are not designed for everyday life and are considered rather impractical. However, they look amazing, because they use lace, translucent fabrics, inlays and rhinestones to create. In general, all in order to make the figure even more attractive.

As for the panties, in the new year in the fashion will be comfortable options. Thongs are rapidly losing popularity, and they are replaced by models with a high waist. There are also positive aspects in this, as they make a good adjustment of the figure in the hips, tummy area, and also emphasize smooth bends.

Wedding underwear

As mentioned above, the white color for underwear will be relevant. Since such sets are selected for a wedding dress, any options will be acceptable. But most importantly, that it was not noticeable.

Not to mention sports underwear, which will be needed to practice any kind of sport, ranging from jogging, intense workouts and ending with yoga. Therefore, it should be as concise, practical and convenient. By the way, many girls prefer this type of underwear as everyday.

Underwear: the rules of choice

Underwear - this is the first thing that should emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. In addition, if you pick it wrong, it can adversely affect health. Therefore, the choice should be treated with particular responsibility and pay attention not only to the aesthetic component.

First you need to decide on the size. The bra should not be too small or large. Pick up a set that will fit perfectly to the body and will remain inconspicuous under clothing.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the material. Since the linen touches the body every day, it is better to choose natural fabrics. The most relevant are guipure, cotton, satin and velvet. Suppose a small percentage of synthetic addition in order to keep it attractive longer.

No less important is the style of the bra, which must be chosen, starting from the shape and size of the breast. Girls with small size can try on models with push-up. And for those who have magnificent forms, on the contrary, it is better to abandon it.

The choice of palette depends not on personal preferences, but on the color of your outfit. Therefore, purchase several options for different occasions.

Underwear is not only an important component of the image of a real woman, but also care about her health. Therefore, be sure to purchase quality products, paying attention to new models and styles for everyday life and special events.

Stylish underwear trends

In the next season, designers advise women to wear underwear of classic shape and colors. This year, lace sets with thongs and three-quarter black bodice will return to fashion. In addition, it should be noted that the balconette bodice with thin straps will still be relevant.

Distinguished designers also offer fashionable women to wear exclusive underwear for women 2018-2019, the cups of which are covered with translucent lace fabric, which organically continues into the straps. The bodice is equipped with panties with the front part, made of dense material and the side parts of translucent lace.

Fashionable models of linen can be complemented by elegant embroidery, which will focus on the femininity of this dress. And this is especially true for lingerie sets 2018-2019 with corsets. But at the same time, only the bodice should be embroidered in the corset, and the straps can be monophonic. In addition, the actual will be strapless underwear.

Fashionable fabrics and underwear colors

Pastel range this season allows you to create more than one image, ranging from convenient and practical to sexy and seductive.

White lingerie in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season can be not only a must-have everyday option, but also elegantly elegant. Open models with thin lace will fit slim girls with a polished figure - such underwear does not hide anything. White translucent sets allow you to create a romantic and gentle image, giving you an ephemeral beauty.

The trends of the past year are disappearing - ivory underwear, sand and milk models are inferior to saturated blood-red color. It has long been broken stereotype that red linen - it went. It is not a matter of color, but of fashion, fabric, texture, and, of course, the girl who wears it. But if a girl considers brightly red too provocative, you can always choose a more reserved shade of red - burgundy, cherry, burgundy, etc.

Black underwear has long been considered a classic in fashion and must be in the wardrobe of absolutely every woman. Sets of this color have their advantages, namely:

- black underwear is the most practical and comfortable to wear,

- black laces allow you to create beautiful and sexy images,

- black sports underwear suitable for active activities and under certain clothes.

Also fashionable couturiers believe that the classic underwear of monochromatic colors, dark brown, burgundy, beet and other colors will become fashionable in 2018-2019.

The main materials of the winter 2018-2019 will be satin and silk. Of course, cotton lace with lycra or elastane, translucent chiffon and refined guipure are also in fashion. Among the decor on the peak are bows, lacing, prints. But the applications and metal embellished remained out of work: the emphasis on femininity, the winter of 2018-2019, so typical of the season, does not allow the use of these rough, in fact, elements.

Comfortable sport-style

Seamless sports underwear of concise design heads the rating of fashionable novelties. Of course, such practical kits will appeal to dynamic and active women, and not necessarily interested in sports. Fashionable lingerie in a sporty style can be at the same time a tool for seduction, such as stylish lace panties in thongs. The translucent texture and lace dressing make the linen from the new collections truly elegant and seductive. Also in the new collections are kits from bras without stones and panties-slips adjacent cut with soft elastic bands on the piping, decorated with logos of famous brands. Also on the fashion podiums were presented as traditional models of bright colors, and exclusively sports kits from elastic fabric with a high degree of hygroscopicity.

Women's body: beautiful and practical

Body will also be in fashion in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019. Это такой элемент женского гардероба, который, фактически, можно назвать универсальным, ведь его легко сочетать с самыми разнообразными стилями и частями гардероба, а иногда, в редких случаях, он даже способен выступать как самостоятельный элемент образа. Женское боди неплохо выглядит в сочетании с джинсами, с шортами из джинсовой ткани, со спортивной одеждой. Девушки в боди, одеваясь, всегда должны соблюдать необходимые пропорции — низ одежды не должен обтягивать фигуру, лучше, если он будет пышным. Например, хорошо смотрится с боди юбка-солнце, юбка с баской, широкие брюки, шорты с высокой талией.In no way can one wear body suits with leggings, tight jeans, and a pencil skirt. This rule is especially true for very thin tall girls.

The collection of lace bodysuit deserves the attention of those fashionistas who want to feel like a queen. The collection of fashionable underwear for the winter season 2018-2019 presents seductive body for every taste.

Retro panties

Panty models with inflated bottom are still in trend. In fashion, high-waisted panties, which not only look interesting and unusual, but also help to hide some problems, such as an overly rounded tummy. They are also able to correct the shape of the hips - apparently, because they were so loved by the owners of magnificent forms. Panties with a high waist in the latest fashion collections are made of translucent fabrics, for example, chiffon with an embossed openwork pattern, a combination of chiffon and guipure or satin and lace. Such models are not only airy and seductive, but also practical and comfortable.

The innovation of the autumn-winter season - corsets

Men consider the corset to be the sexiest and most attractive element of women's clothing. Women in this will not contradict, because this thing is able to improve the visual shape, making it slim, fit and unusually feminine. It was not for nothing that women began wearing corsets even before our era, although at that time they were little similar to modern models of corsets, but the main task was the same. Today, fashion designers do not forget to include stylish women's corsets in their collections, paying tribute to this important and elegant element of clothing.

Lingerie for the bride

Perfectly chosen linen for the bride is no less important than a fashionable wedding dress, shoes or handbag. Fashion trends of underwear for the bride amaze with a huge assortment of models and styles. Thanks to this diversity, any girl will be able to choose her own underwear that will not only be comfortable, but also beautiful.

First of all, wedding underwear in the winter season 2018-2019 should be selected according to the model of the wedding dress, it should be as inconspicuous as possible under it. Lingerie, like a dress, should advantageously emphasize all the advantages of the figure, hide flaws and be comfortable. From abandon the purchase of tight, rubbing models and opt for a set of natural material.

Casual Underwear Sets

Fashion gurus presented a lot of options for fashionable clothes for everyday wear. Calm colors, smooth surface is sure to be suitable for creating a casual look. As for the materials, the shows were presented underwear made of leather and its substitutes, satin, velvet, chiffon, cotton, guipure. The main requirement for materials for modern underwear is an environmentally friendly fabric.

Designers presented casual sets of linen, decorated with floral motifs with elegant delicate lace, which ideally emphasize the lightness and tenderness of the female silhouette. Sets with delicate bodices and thongs in black and white should be in the closet of every woman. Such everyday underwear is always relevant and suitable for many items of clothing - dresses with deep cuts, translucent blouses or tight turtlenecks.

In the fashion collections presented underwear with a textured image and a variety of bras, with straps and without them. Black, mustard, orange, navy and pink are the dominant colors of casual linen.

How to choose a fashionable underwear?

The purchase of stylish and high-quality linen, which fits perfectly on the figure, affects the woman in the same way as a trip to the resort. Therefore, you should choose it very carefully and follow the following tips:

- panties and bra should fit in size. In this case, the laundry will fit well to the body, while not leaving marks on the skin and remaining imperceptible under the clothes,

- The material for the autumn-winter underwear should contain more cotton than other components,

- it is desirable to select the color of underwear as well as clothes - according to the type of appearance - autumn, winter, spring, summer. With white, you should be careful, it can highlight the imperfections of the skin.

In the winter of 2018-2019, the silhouettes and styles of underwear are becoming stricter, corsets are again in fashion, forming a slim silhouette, bras with a push-up effect loved by many women. Thanks to this trend, any woman will be able to choose exactly the underwear that will help to hide what you don’t want to show, and to emphasize the advantages.