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What is useful oxygen cocktail - expert opinion


It is a healthy drink that is rich in oxygen. As a rule, in its preparation various additives are used that make it very tasty.

Very often, this drink can be prescribed by doctors as the prevention of oxygen starvation of the body. Is it true that this method is very effective?

Is it possible, and if possible, how to make an oxygen cocktail at home? This does not require expensive and bulky equipment.

History of creation

This cocktail was thought up in the 60s of the 20th century when scientists studied the effects of pure 99% oxygen (medical) on the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the procedure consisted in the introduction of foamy oxygen (about 2 liters) through a probe. And the results were good. Recorded a significant improvement in the patients.

Since the procedure, despite the effect, is extremely unpleasant, N.N. Sirotinin was invented oxygen cocktail. He gained widespread popularity in the sanatoriums of the Soviet Union, but was very expensive, which made it possible to try the effect of the drink on himself only to wealthy patients.

Technical progress has increased the availability of a cocktail 10 years later, but its popularity has plummeted, the drink was unfairly forgotten. Today, his demand has increased again.

What is preparing an oxygen cocktail

The first cocktails were made from egg whites, carefully whipped. Its taste was not the most pleasant (raw eggs are the same), and the foam very quickly settled. Therefore, this product was replaced with licorice root. Thanks to a combination with various berry and fruit syrups, vitamins, prevention and treatment became pleasant.

Today, the mix for oxygen cocktails may include licorice or licorice root, egg whites, or a gelatin solution. Each of the ingredients is a base for a cocktail, but licorice root is most often used.

Medical institutions sell cocktails filled with medical oxygen from cylinders, and milk, fruit syrup, juice, herbal decoction and even water can be the basis for any taste.

How much does an oxygen cocktail cost?

This business continues to gain momentum. Not only pharmacies and medical institutions interested them, but also supermarkets, shopping centers, cafes.

Increasingly, you can find the so-called hydroxy bars, which specialize exclusively in such drinks as oxygen cocktail. Its price in medical institutions varies around 50 rubles for a half-liter glass. As for other institutions, the cost will be from 60-70 rubles and above.

It is in such bars that it is easiest to try an oxygen cocktail, what it is, whether it is tasty and how useful you can ask bartenders.

The benefits of oxygen cocktail

There is even a special subdivision of medicine - oxygen therapy. Scientists (adherents of this trend) argue that regular intake of such a drink has a very beneficial effect on the human body.

What is useful oxygen cocktail? First of all, the immunity increases, the metabolism stabilizes, the efficiency improves, and the symptoms of hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the blood) are neutralized. And adding vitamins to the composition makes it even more useful.

Studies show that once in the gastrointestinal tract, oxygen is immediately absorbed into the blood. Thus, it is absorbed much faster, instantly turning into energy, which stimulates primarily the body's metabolic processes.

Moreover, such cocktails are recommended to be used by athletes, pregnant women, children and people with weakened immunity. Residents of large cities with poor ecology will also immediately feel the improvement in their condition. What is useful oxygen cocktail for them? It is like a breath of fresh air in a dusty city.

Who may be harmful oxygen drink

Of course, there are many people in the world to whom an oxygen cocktail can bring harm. Therefore, before considering the question of how to make an oxygen cocktail at home, it is necessary to clarify whether you fall into the category of people for whom it is contraindicated.

Benefit will not be a person who has an allergy to at least one component. You should not think about the oxygen cocktail, what is such a magic tool, so an allergic reaction will not manifest.

People who have attacks of acute bronchial asthma, there are diseases of the respiratory system also do not feel useful properties. In such cases, it is better not to try. Moreover, drinking can be dangerous.

Also contraindications include such diseases as hyperthermia, intoxication (poisoning), gastric ulcer, intestinal adhesions, diabetes mellitus, as well as cholelithiasis.

How to make an oxygen cocktail at home

You can prepare a drink in two ways: technical (oxygen cocktail and mixer) and manual (tube with aerator or natural frother).

Technical methods are usually used in various social institutions: schools, kindergartens, sanatoriums and recreation centers, as well as in hydro-bars in private business. With the help of such equipment the foam is thick and dense. Fillers are used different.

The following rules are worth knowing:

  1. The temperature of the juice or syrup should be room,
  2. Do not push the cylinder valve all the way; the oxygen must come out slowly to form a thick foam,
  3. Syrup needs to be diluted with water in proportions of 3 to 1,
  4. Cocktail need to eat a teaspoon and little by little,
  5. Pulp juices or carbonated drinks are not suitable for homemade cocktails.

How to drink an oxygen cocktail

It is better to drink it for 1.5 hours before meals, let it be lunchtime. If you forget to drink a cocktail before a meal, then after eating 2 hours should pass. This drink is eaten with a spoon for about 5 minutes. Nutritionists recommend not to abuse the product and eat (drink) no more than two servings per day. Cocktail is worth taking for 15 days or less. It is necessary to consult a doctor. And one more thing you need to know about the oxygen cocktail, you can not drink it through a tube, because this can burn the esophagus and mucous membranes.

What kind of hydroxy cocktails can I make?

Recipe for tonic oxygen cocktail. Brew in 1-1.5 liters of water 10 grams. immortelle herbs and 50 gr. rose hips. Give brew for 5-6 hours. Next, filter the infusion and add 100 ml of licorice root. In the resulting mixture, add berry or fruit syrup at your discretion, for example, strawberry. Pour into the oxygen cocktail and prepare according to the instructions for the device.

Anti-inflammatory cocktail. For 1 liter of water, add 1 tablespoon of infusion of calendula and 1 tablespoon of chamomile infusion. For 30-40 minutes, let stand, then prepare the drink in a cocktail.

Fruit milk hydroxy drink "Apple Pie". Take 60 milliliters of apple juice, 130 milliliters of milk and add 7 grams of vanilla oxygen mixture. You can also add a small pinch of cinnamon as desired. The resulting mixture must be saturated with oxygen and the cocktail is ready.

Oxygen cocktail - what is it?

Knowing what an oxygen cocktail is for, the first thing is to find out what it is and what it is useful for. It is a foamy liquid with a light structure, useful additives and flavors. The base itself has no taste characteristics, so the sensation of its use in food is entirely dependent on all other ingredients. The flavoring base can be a juice, fruit syrup, herbal extract, or even juice. What is useful oxygen cocktail, so it is the ability to become a kind of sweetener for drugs.

What is useful oxygen cocktail - expert opinion

To find out whether the oxygen cocktail is useful, consider the opinion of doctors and scientists. They believe that oxygen in the mixture is absolutely not similar to that which enters the body during breathing. It is enriched with ions that activate chemical reactions between different components of the composition. During whipping in the mixer or aerator an easily digestible foam is formed, which becomes a guide for vitamins and therapeutic extracts.

Oxygen cocktail - myth or reality?

Not the first year there is a theory that the beneficial properties of oxygen - a myth, invented for the sake of earning on visitors to sanatoria, fitness bars, spa resorts. It is based on knowledge of the level of school biology course, telling about the absorption of oxygen into the lungs, but not into the stomach. Since the stomach is not involved in the physiological process of respiration, the use of enriched foam from the cup looks questionable.

Before you decide whether an oxygen cocktail is useful or not, you need to understand the mechanism of its impact. The liquid turned into bubbles is absorbed several times faster by the body, and with it the strongest antioxidant enters the blood. Drinks counteract the formation of free radicals, slowing the aging of the body - internal and external.

Oxygen Cocktail - Composition

In this useful drink distinguish the main and additional components. The base are oxygen and foaming agent, contributing to its transformation into bubbles. Only oxygen is used that is suitable for the requirements of GOST and international standards. Juices, tinctures, milk are suitable as an additive-topping. Oxygen cocktail, the chemical composition of which is safe, can be harmful if egg protein is added to it. Protein reduces the shelf life from two days to several hours and creates the risk of salmonellosis.

How to drink an oxygen cocktail?

The average caloric value of the product is about 300 Kcal per 100 g. There are also dietary recipes, which include syrups and decoctions of herbs without sugar, then the energy value of the “bubbles” decreases to 35-50 Kcal per 100 g. For example, licorice root, gelatinous fillers and decoction of daisies do not harm the figure. In general, flavors are recommended to add to the oxygen cocktail only for adults and children over 5 years old, in order to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Get the maximum benefit from the product only by knowing how to take an oxygen cocktail. He is appointed to children from two years, but it is forbidden to drink more than once or twice a day. In order not to disturb the gastric mucosa, drink drink in small sips and a couple of hours after eating. The course can last 10-14 days. You can repeat the reception after a few months.

Oxygen cocktail - the pros and cons

The beneficial properties of an oxygen cocktail are invaluable: the reason for this is its unique composition. Among its advantages are increased stamina, vigor, improved mood and general well-being. The list of diseases for which it is useful is not accidentally so wide: a mixture of ingredients affects many processes in the human body. Drink with bubbles of "canned air" - the easiest way to prevent starvation of the brain.

Whatever useful the oxygen cocktail is, its main drawback is the impossibility of using it as the main medication. He supports the internal organs during treatment with more serious drugs, but he himself does not possess sufficient strength for intensive treatment of at least one known disease. It is included in the registry of medicinal preparations, but in action it is similar to a dietary supplement.

Oxygen cocktail for weight loss

Every slimming girl would like to know about how rich the oxygen cocktail is, which he gives in combination with diets. Hard low-calorie diet causes weakness, decreased concentration and drowsiness. Here the mixture enriched with oxygen bubbles will come to the rescue: it removes swelling, speeds up metabolism and gives energy. For these purposes, the composition should include: echinacea, chamomile, dogrose or cinnamon.

What is an oxygen cocktail

  1. Many people are deeply mistaken in thinking that an oxygen cocktail has come to us from abroad. The product was created by Soviet academician N.N. Sirotkin. Initially, the composition was called "Oxygen film", the composition was prescribed in medical institutions.
  2. Cocktail is recommended to drink at any age, there are no restrictions. The product is enriched with a vitamin complex and pure oxygen. Benefit is achieved by chemical composition and individual manufacturing technology. The basis of the cocktail includes natural juice, juice, milk, herbal extracts.
  3. Currently, the cocktail is supplied with fruit syrups or honey. Oxygen in the drink is present in the form of a soft and sweet foam. The latter is created using a special foaming agent, most often in its role are licorice root or egg white.
  4. The finished product is obtained through an oxygen mixer connected to a special condenser flask. The production technology of the drink is quite simple; a foaming agent is added to the product base. Further components are sent to the container, which receives oxygen flows.
  5. At the exit, we have quite a tasty foam, there are practically no contraindications for the drink. The composition is useful from an early age. After drinking oxygen cocktail enters the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to the lightweight base, absorption of beneficial components takes place instantly.

Oxygen cocktail: chemical composition

  1. Aromatic flavor base. It is allowed to use natural juices without pulp (it prevents the formation of foam), purified water, milk, fruit drinks. In health resorts, often infusions of healing herbs or fortified complexes are taken as a basis.
  2. Foaming product. The component acts as a compound that retains active oxygen in a cocktail. The product also optimizes the absorption of particles in the body. Licorice root and egg white act as frothers.

Action of oxygen cocktail

  1. The drink helps people cope with chronic fatigue and increased fatigue. Often these diseases occur against the background of various pathologies. It is allowed to drink an oxygen cocktail as a therapeutic compound if the ailment is not included in the list of contraindications.
  2. The drink fills the level of oxygen in the organs or tissues during hypoxia of various forms. Cocktail helps to get rid of ailments associated with the cardiovascular system. It does not matter in which form the pathology, acute or chronic.
  3. An oxygen-based cocktail helps to cope with stressful conditions and insomnia on a neurotic basis. The composition is struggling with diseases of the digestive system and the stages of obesity.
  4. Oxygen product is often used to restore the immune system after overcoming complex diseases. It is strongly recommended to use the cocktail systematically for people who live in megalopolises where air pollution is high.
  5. The composition is effective in ascariasis in children. Oxygen cocktail eliminates signs of hypoxia. Experts recommend regularly consume an oxygen cocktail during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the first case, the composition has a beneficial effect on the formation of the fetus.

Harm of oxygen cocktail

  • It is worth knowing that an excess of oxygen in the body can lead to inflammatory processes of existing ailments. Therefore, do not abuse the drink.
  • Oxygen cocktail provokes the acceleration of metabolism. As a result of this, possible stones in the kidney or gall bladder may begin to move. Soon, the ducts will be blocked, and serious inflammation will occur.
  • It is forbidden to drink oxygen cocktail to people suffering from peptic ulcer. Get advice from a doctor if you can drink a drink if you have gastritis or high acidity.
  • Blood and cells are actively enriched with oxygen. As a result, the body receives a complex saturation with essential trace elements. Through this, the metabolic processes are accelerated, the person feels much better after the first cocktail.

    Oxygen miracle - how are bubbles in a glass useful?

    Everyone knows that the body needs oxygen, and its lack results in catastrophic consequences. It is logical to assume that an additional portion of oxygen will be a big plus for health.

    Russian academician N.N. Sirotkin invented a new way to supply this substance to the body - he offered to drink it. The scientist gave his know-how the name “oxygen film”.

    Everything is very simple - you need to take the foundation that make up the juice (preferably fresh), fruit drink, phytonaste, syrup, milk. Then add to it a frother in the form of egg white, and licorice root will do. Further, through a special device (a cocktail maker, an oxygen mixer), it is necessary to enrich this composition with pure oxygen. An elixir with delicious soft foam is ready!

    The therapeutic effect of the oxygen miracle:

    • stabilizes the general condition
    • ликвидирует симптомы гипоксии,
    • помогает восстановить силы после нервного и физического переутомления, интенсивных тренировок,
    • насыщает кровь кислородом (попадая в кишечник, он легко проникает в кровоток и разносится по тканям),
    • выравнивает сердечный ритм,
    • normalizes the natural intestinal microflora,
    • activates blood circulation
    • improves intestinal motility,
    • strengthens the immune defense, reduces the frequency of colds and ARVI,
    • reduces the dangerous effects of intoxication,
    • increases stress resistance, puts in order "shaky" nerves,
    • useful for respiratory organs (especially if made on licorice),
    • inhibits aging
    • improves sleep quality
    • positive effect on complexion
    • It has a low calorie content, soothes hunger, so it is great for losing weight,
    • reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular pathologies and oncological diseases.

    Important! For the preparation of such cocktails are not suitable carbonated drinks and thick juices with pulp!

    A single intake of therapeutic foam will not have much effect on health, but if you drink it in a course, then changes in the body will occur for the better. The gastrointestinal tract will begin to work at its full capacity, the functionality of the kidneys and pancreas will improve. That is why oxygen cocktails often prescribed in the treatment of pathologies of the digestive system (but as an additional element of therapy).

    Who is “a breath of oxygen”?

    Air tonic (in the absence of contraindications) will not interfere with anyone, but some people are especially shown oxygen cocktail. Its benefits are so high that it equates to a three-hour walk through the woods, therefore foamy “miracle” is recommended for residents of megalopolises living in poor environmental conditions, breathing exhaust gases and other harmful substances in the atmosphere.

    Indications for the use of oxygen cocktail:

    • physical activity, enhanced sports,
    • the presence of bad habits (smoking),
    • pregnancy,
    • old and child age.

    The use of such a drink is recommended for liver diseases, ischemia of the heart, reduced immunity. It is indicated for stress, emotional overload, insomnia, chronic fatigue.

    What is the oxygen benefit for pregnant women?

    If pregnancy is a contraindication for taking many drugs and carrying out medical procedures, then with an oxygen cocktail it is just the opposite. He will help the woman "in position" to survive this crucial and difficult period without problems. The use of the composition, saturated with oxygen, will avoid such a dangerous diagnosis as fetal hypoxia.

    Oxygen therapy to a future mother is prescribed for the purpose of prevention, to protect her baby from oxygen starvation, to strengthen the immune defense of the woman, to improve sleep, to reduce the manifestations of toxicosis and to improve general well-being.

    Why do children need an oxygen treat?

    Children living in cities, even more than adults, suffer from a lack of clean air. Oxygen drink is shown to preschoolers and schoolchildren. It will provide them with energy, increase resistance to viral attacks, and have a positive impact on mental abilities.

    Air foam with a pleasant taste normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines, will benefit the respiratory system, protect against the development of heart diseases. Its use removes increased nervousness and irritability, increases concentration. The child becomes more active and resilient.

    A course of such oxygen therapy is recommended for a child who has suffered a serious illness. This will promote healing and recuperation.

    Important! You should not give an oxygen cocktail without consulting an allergic child. Its use is also contraindicated in inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract and the presence of serious pathologies of the respiratory system.

    Who should not drink the "air" drink?

    It seems that there can be nothing wrong with such a drink, especially since it is sold not only in medical institutions, but even in bars. However, the harm of "air medicine" is still possible. The danger lies in its composition. If it contains raw egg white, then the likelihood of salmonellosis cannot be completely ruled out. Drink on this basis is not suitable for those who have protein intolerance.

    Adults and children drink the oxygen cocktail with the same pleasure. But we must remember that he has contraindications.

    Diseases in which the intake of an oxygen cocktail is undesirable:

    • ulcerative lesion of the digestive tract,
    • spikes,
    • high blood pressure,
    • diabetes,
    • inflammatory process in the intestines,
    • propensity for bloating
    • bronchial asthma,
    • kidney stones or bladder,
    • hypersensitivity to the components of the drink.

    To drink or eat? Rules for its safe use

    Although the drink includes only natural ingredients (which are useful in themselves), with illiterate consumption of its reception is possible not only benefit but also harm. Oxygen cocktail should be eaten with a teaspoon, without haste, in small portions. It is strictly not recommended to drink it directly from a glass or through a straw. This will easily lead to severe swelling and even burns of the mucous membranes of the esophagus.

    Important! The optimal rate - 1-2 cocktails per day (500 ml) between meals, but not on an empty stomach. The course of therapy is 14 days.

    Oxygen cocktail and sport

    Oxygen drink has gained popularity among athletes due to the regenerating effect after intense physical exertion of any nature. It has nothing to do with doping prohibited for use after training and before competition. In coordination with the trainer, it is allowed to add multivitamins and minerals to it. Assign it at the first sign of fatigue and hypoxia of the brain. After the first applications, the quality of training and its duration noticeably increase.

    Oxygen cocktail contraindications

    In the absence of contraindications, the therapeutic effect of the drink is incredibly high. There are few reasons for refusing to use it - especially in comparison with other medications. Oxygen cocktail can not harm, only if its use does not occur on the background of the following diseases:

    • Exacerbation of an attack of asthma of any etiology. Whatever Asthma is caused by, its acute course excludes even inhalation and oxygen enrichment.
    • Allergy to the components of the composition. It sometimes includes herbal decoctions, gelatin, flavored syrup or other fragrance. They provoke individual intolerance.
    • Decreased lung volume. In addition to asthma, there are diseases that reduce the amount of air entering the tissue - for example, obstructive syndrome or "smoker's lungs."
    • Ulcer. Irritated stomach will nullify all that the oxygen cocktail is useful. He will aggressively react to dyes or mixtures with sour berries and protein.

    Drink with the magic "bubbles" is inexpensive, so given even the absence of potent ingredients, it should be periodically included in the diet. General body support, an increase in the body's defenses, a surge of strength is a small part of the useful properties of the product. With a minimum list of side effects, it gives maximum benefit in almost any disease.

    The composition of the oxygen drink

    The composition of the cocktail includes not only oxygen in the most accessible form, but also certain additional components. Gas enhances their beneficial effects on the body, and they in turn turn the drink into a treat. The concentration of the beneficial substance in the oxygen cocktail is determined by the doctor. It should not exceed the physiological norm. It is the additional components that gives the cocktail a taste, since oxygen itself does not possess it.

    In the role of such ingredients are usually:

    • special prepared spum mixtures,
    • juices
    • syrups
    • milk,
    • herbal infusions and decoctions.

    The basis can be any liquid, including plain non-carbonated water, but it is more beneficial to prepare a cocktail on herbal decoctions and infusions.

    The most delicious oxygen drinks are obtained on the basis of fruit juices and syrups. The main thing that they do not contain the pulp, because it prevents the formation of foam.

    The classic frothers in the oxygen cocktail are dried egg white and licorice root extract. The latter is preferable because it has healing properties, minimizes the appearance of allergies and eliminates the risk of infection with salmonellosis. However, the licorice root is characterized by a bitter taste, therefore, powdered sugar is always added to the cocktail based on it.

    Why does the body need oxygen

    Thanks to this element, a person breathes and also receives energy from nutrients entering the body, ensuring the flow of fundamental physiological processes, including cell multiplication and organization of immune defense.

    The main consumer of oxygen is the brain, which accounts for a third of the total volume. When it enters the body is difficult, hypoxia develops. It leads to destructive changes in the tissues. A two-minute cessation of O2 influx leads to irreversible death of brain cells.

    Without oxygen does not pass a metabolism. On this element, nature laid and the main functions of cleansing the body.

    With age and in some diseases, the supply of the body with oxygen decreases. Lackiness, fatigue, sleep disorders, - one of the signs of the lack of this element.

    Healing properties and benefits of oxygen cocktail

    Reception of oxygen cocktail promotes:

    • increase the body's resistance to viruses and infections
    • performance enhancement
    • normalization of sleep and blood pressure,
    • elimination of chronic fatigue syndrome,
    • reduce the harmful effects of the environment on the body,
    • activation of cellular metabolism
    • detoxification of the body
    • increased hemoglobin levels.

    Oxygen cocktails are especially useful for children. After all, their need for O2 is several times higher than for adults. Reception can begin with three years. Some kindergartens and schools offer children an oxygen drink throughout the year. It is usually consumed within 10 days, making a break of the same duration.

    A useful cocktail during pregnancy, when the body increases blood flow. For this reason, the chances of an O2 deficiency are high. Oxygen drink quickly solves the problem of intrauterine hypoxia of the fetus, which can lead to a serious disruption of its development.

    A pregnant woman should take a cocktail only on the recommendation of a doctor.

    How to use an oxygen cocktail

    In order for the drink to bring maximum benefit, it must be taken according to certain rules.

    1. The effect will be noticeable only after the course, usually it is designed for 10-15 days. From one serving of cocktail wait for the result makes no sense.
    2. Useful only freshly made drink. It can not be stored for more than 10-15 minutes, since oxygen is rapidly oxidized in air.
    3. Oxygen is well absorbed when a cocktail is eaten for several minutes, but not more than five.
    4. Drink can not be consumed on a full stomach. The optimal reception time is 1.5 hours before or after meals.
    5. The daily rate for an adult is no more than two servings of a cocktail, and for children it is no more than one.
    6. Be sure to take breaks in reception for at least 10-15 days.

    How to make an oxygen cocktail at home

    For self-preparation of the drink using special equipment. It is more expedient to purchase kits that can be found in the pharmacy. These usually include:

    • oxygen canister
    • frother,
    • automatic machine - cocktail

    Pay attention to the composition of the gas mixture in the cartridge. Ideally, it should be 90% oxygen and 10% nitrogen.

    Pure 100% oxygen can cause respiratory tract burns.

    Contraindications to receive oxygen drink

    Oxygen cocktail should be discarded when:

    • acute attack of bronchial asthma,
    • gastric ulcer,
    • ulcerative colitis in the acute phase,
    • gallstone disease of the second and third stage,
    • heart rhythm disorder,
    • gastroesophageal reflux disease,
    • intolerance to the composition of the drink, such as egg white.

    Tasty oxygen therapy at home: how to independently make therapeutic foam?

    To always have on hand such a remedy, it is enough to purchase the necessary equipment for the manufacture of cocktails enriched with oxygen. There is nothing difficult in the technology of their preparation.

    You will need a special cocktail or oxygen mixer, a balloon filled with oxygen. It also requires a liquid base - syrup, juice without pulp, decoction of medicinal plants, fruit juice. The main component, without which the foam "cap" will not work, is a frother (licorice root, protein).

    Cocktail preparation technology:

    1. In the tank you need to mix the base and a couple of spoons of the frother. Stir everything.
    2. Attach a foam tube to the bottle, lower its free end into the container where the juice is located.
    3. Open the cylinder valve slightly. It is not necessary to unscrew it until it stops, since oxygen must be supplied slowly to obtain a thick, stable foam.
    4. Supply oxygen until the foam fills the entire container.

    Important! Juice should be at room temperature. If syrup is used, it should be pre-diluted with water without gas in the ratio of 3 to 1.

    Some try to replace the oxygen cylinder with a conventional compressor or pump. This is wrong, as it will simply fill the juice with air, and this is not the same as oxygen.

    Although the oxygen cocktail is actively taken around the world, its therapeutic effect has not been scientifically confirmed. But the reviews about his reception are the most positive. Today you can buy ready-made dry mixes for the preparation of such cocktails, but it is better to take natural ingredients.

    Oxygen Cocktail - Composition

    The first ozone drinks were prepared from raw egg whites. The taste of this cocktail left much to be desired, and the foam formed during oxygenation quickly subsided. Later, they began to use dried egg whites. The composition of the oxygen cocktail in the modern interpretation includes licorice or licorice root, as well as a solution of gelatin. During cooking, special food frothers are added to the drink. The liquid base oxinappita can be:

    • milk,
    • fruit juices: pear, apple, grape,
    • all kinds of syrups,
    • water.

    Oxygen cocktail - the benefits and harm

    Supporters of oxygen therapy argue that the ozone drink will benefit almost anyone. The benefits and harms of oxygen cocktails are the subject of controversy in the medical environment. Unlike apologists for ozone therapy, opponents of this trend are convinced that it is impossible to obtain the missing amount of ozone through the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, they express the idea that oxygen therapy can trigger the development of various diseases of the digestive system.

    Oxygen cocktail - contraindications

    This useful drink has a positive effect on the body only when properly manufactured. We should also mention the method of use of antihypoxic drugs. Air foam can not be drunk through a straw: it can cause burns to the oral mucosa. By the way, doctors warn that the safest way to take foam is to eat it with a spoon. In addition, the foam is forbidden to eat in case of bronchial asthma. Along with this, there are the following contraindications of oxygen cocktails:

    • individual intolerance to the components of a healthy drink,
    • stomach ulcer,
    • adhesions in the digestive tract,
    • cholecystitis,
    • urolithiasis.

    Oxygen cocktail during pregnancy

    The second half of the period of gestation is dangerous development of intrauterine hypoxia. For this reason, in many antenatal clinics, oxypen is prescribed to expectant mothers as prevention of this serious complication. Oxygen cocktail for pregnant women is very useful. Foam contains the most optimal set of vitamins. Drink helps to avoid not only oxygen starvation, but also increase the resistance of the female body to many diseases. Plus, oxypen has a low calorie, which is especially useful for pregnant women with overweight.

    Oxygen cocktail for children

    Treatment with oxypenka has no age limit. A growing child is actively developing and it often happens that angiogenesis does not keep pace with the constantly emerging new cellular structures. Due to the lack of the necessary number of vessels, the child’s body begins to experience symptoms of oxygen starvation. With the help of oxinapitka, you can easily fill the shortage of vital substances in the body. For this reason, the benefits of oxygen cocktails for children are simply indisputable. In addition, children are usually happy to drink this delicious drink.

    Contraindications to receive oxygen cocktail

    There are a number of contraindications to taking an oxygen cocktail, including:

    Asthmatic status. An acute attack of the disease.

    Migraine during an attack.

    Liquorodynamic disorders in decompensated stage.

    Acute disorders of cerebral circulation.

    The period after the received traumatic brain injury, not earlier than 10 weeks.

    Acute stool delay.

    Gastric and duodenal ulcer.

    The presence of an allergy to the components that make up the cocktail.

    The presence of contraindications to physiotherapy treatment.

    Кому рекомендуется пить кислородные коктейли?

    Если коктейль пьют с профилактической целью, то его можно употреблять следующим категориям граждан:

    Healthy children in the period of massive outbreaks of ARVI.

    Often ill children. Children with long and sluggish ARVI.

    Children and adults living in areas with poor environmental conditions.

    Children who experience chronic mental and physical overload.

    Patients with asthma during its remission.

    People who spend most of their time indoors.

    Older people.

    In general, for preventive purposes, a cocktail can be drunk in courses and one-time to all people, without exception, who have no contraindications to its reception.

    Sometimes an oxygen cocktail is prescribed in a complex scheme for the treatment of various diseases.

    Indications may be as follows:

    Bronchial asthma, but not during an attack.

    Bronchitis, with frequent relapses.

    ARVI with sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheobronchitis.

    SARS at the stage of recovery.

    Migraine, but not during the attack.

    Oxygen cocktail dosage

    The recommended daily intake of an oxygen cocktail for an adult is 1-2 servings of 500 ml. The course of drinking should not last more than 2 weeks, after which you should take a break for 14 days. Then the course can be repeated.

    Single portion of cocktail for children of different ages