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How to make oriental eye makeup, step by step, at home, with photos and videos?


Women of the East have always attracted the views of their mysterious and bright appearance. And it's not just their innate beauty - their stunning, skillful makeup also plays a significant role. Looking at him, the image of a beautiful fairy-tale princess comes to mind. But nowadays such make-up has ceased to be the prerogative of only oriental beauties - if desired, and if there are certain skills, any girl can do it. And we will help you with this, revealing all the secrets of its correct implementation.

History of

The first mention of decorative cosmetics was found in the texts of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the oldest of which are about 10,000 years old. Initially, the decoration of faces and bodies with the help of such means wore a ritual character, but later ordinary women began to use makeup in order to emphasize and enhance their natural beauty.

Cosmetics were made from natural materials such as henna, antimony, usma, ash, safflower and other gifts of nature. The best recipes have been handed down from generation to generation for many millennia. Some have survived to this day.

For example, for eyeliner and underline the depth of the eyes with might and main, antimony was used - black stone, which was ground to a powdery state, mixed with castor oil, and outlined its eyes. This remedy had not only a cosmetic, but also a healing effect - it relieved conjunctivitis, relieved tension and swelling from the eyelids, healed wounds. Antimony makeup was permanent and could last for several days.

The next tool that helped women of the East to become even more attractive is usma. The juice of this plant girls painted eyebrows and covered eyelashes. The fact is that it is an excellent stimulator of hair growth, and also dyes them black, which is why eastern beauties have such thick and bright eyebrows and eyelashes.

The tremendous properties of usma are still appreciated today.

To give the lips a red powder, extracted from the dye safflower flowers, was used. The same effect could be achieved with the help of the juice of the roots of Arneby. And her cheeks were rosy with aker, clay mixed with poppy pigment.

As we can see, Eastern women knew a lot about beauty and were using the generous gifts of nature. Even now, in the eastern markets one can find almost all the tools that were used in ancient times, because their proven efficiency has earned the trust of generations and has not been forgotten and lost.

Arabic features make up

In general, oriental makeup is divided into several types, but we'll talk about them a little later. The most popular is the Arabic-style visage. Looking at him, we present the fabulous Scheherazade or Princess Budur from popular oriental tales. In order to try to do this make-up, you need to know about its features:

  • Focus on the eyes. They should be bright, large and very carefully drawn. Shadows, mascara and eyeliner choose only saturated colors,
  • Lips and cheekbones play a secondary role and are not distinguished. It is strictly forbidden to use dark or bright lipstick,

  • Pay attention to the eyebrows. Give them a clear outline and highlight with a black pencil,
  • Glitter, rhinestones, false eyelashes are welcome.

However, the eastern woman is not only a Muslim-covered chad. There are two more types, makeup which can be considered oriental. This is Japanese and Indian. Based on this, there are the following varieties of this make-up:

  • The aforementioned Arabic. Only eyes and eyebrows stand out,
  • Japanese. Its distinguishing features are a bright face, bright lipstick, underlined corners of the eyes,
  • Indian. The most extravagant of all. The emphasis is on expressive eyes and sensual lips.

There are special cases when Oriental makeup should be applied according to certain traditional rules. One of these cases is nikah - a Muslim wedding ceremony. Of course, it involves the application of Arabic makeup.

Since the Nikaha ceremony is held in a mosque under the watchful attention of the mullah and numerous relatives, the bride should look beautiful, but modest. It is recommended to emphasize the eyes with the help of arrows and pay attention to the eyelashes and eyebrows, but it is worth choosing cosmetic means of the most light, delicate tones. Bright lipstick and blush excluded.

The following special case, which we consider - the makeup of a professional geisha. In this case, the face should be not just bright, but white. Eyebrows are drawn with a thin, clear line, lips are covered with bright red lipstick, give shape to the eyes with a black pencil. This is how traditional Japanese makeup is performed.

And, finally, the third case involving the Indian style - stage make-up of a belly dancer. Since the facial features of the dancer should be visible from the farthest rows of the auditorium, this make-up is made as bright as possible, using only the rich colors of the shadows, liner, mascara, lipstick and blush.

Despite the obvious differences, all three types of make-up of eastern countries have one similarity: each of them suggests a perfect skin tone.

Therefore, no matter which option you like, you should take care of leveling the complexion, correcting its features and eliminating imperfections.

How to choose cosmetics?

To perform any type of make-up in oriental style, you need to carefully select cosmetics. First, pay attention to the tinting base for the skin: cream and powder. It is advisable to choose products with a light texture, not clogging the pores, but at the same time quite dense and pigmented, because the skin must be flawless. Also stock up with concealer, highlighter, proofreaders for contouring. Pick the right color for blush.

Next, select the eye shadow. Their palette will depend entirely on what type of oriental makeup you have chosen. Bright colors, mother-of-pearl and sparkles will suit the Arab and Indian styles. For Japanese - opaque shadows of basic colors.

Ink, liquid eyeliner or eyeliner suggest only one color - black, and the more saturated it is, the better. You can also use false eyelashes.

When performing makeup lips also plays the role of style - if it is an Arabic version, your choice is nude beige lipstick, Japanese implies scarlet lips, and Indian will allow you to play with a palette from red to wine-red.

Lip gloss and nacre are not provided in any of the options.

How to apply?

The type of face and the cut of the eyes of Europeans, of course, differs from the appearance of eastern girls. But if you want to make up so that you can try on the selected image for a while, our step-by-step instruction will help you. Before you begin to acquaint you with the implementation of makeup in stages, I want to mention a few important points:

  • A beautiful make-up is, first of all, a neat make-up. If you have decided to impress everyone with the image of an oriental beauty at any event, be sure to rehearse the chosen makeup and better than once. Experiment with tone, shadows, try to make contouring. See how you will look with different lighting. Make sure that all selected products are resistant and do not drain from the face in an hour,
  • Eastern eyes are almond eyes. But if you have a different eye section, do not be discouraged - any of the techniques implies “drawing” on the outer corner with a black pencil. This way you can “lengthen” your eyes and it will look very organic,
  • Carefully choose outfit. Not every dress or suit fits to oriental makeup. The best option is the style of the dress for the traditional clothes of the country, the make-up of which you have chosen. It does not mean that you should wear a veil, sari or kimono, but you can pick up something similar and dilute it with suitable accessories.

Well, now, the promised master class on the implementation of oriental makeup. For example, we chose the most popular option - Arabic. So let's get started:

  • Align the tone of the face. Clean your skin with water and makeup remover and skin sebum. Apply your everyday cream. Next, apply a toning agent with a round sponge sponge, carefully blend over the face. Contribute if you so desire. Make your skin dull with powder,
  • Emphasize the cheekbones with rouge matching tone. It is desirable that they were a little darker in color than the face. On the "apple" cheekbones can cause a drop of highlighter
  • We draw a clear line of eyebrows, lengthening them to the temples,

Arabic makeup

Oriental make-up is a few completely different types of makeup. It includes - Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and the most beloved, our women - Arabic. It is about him first of all I will tell.

I'm sure you think that the technique of its application is very, very complex and is done only in salons? I will please you, Arabic makeup, you can easily do at home.

Once before, such make-up was done by girls dancing belly dancing on the stage, and today it is popular with ordinary people in the street.

And anyone who wants bright, mysterious eyes that will drive crazy, any man can take advantage of this “weapon”.

It is definitely that such a make-up is very expressive and mega bright, so it is better to do it in the evening. With evening lighting, this make-up looks especially beautiful.

There is a “lightweight” version of oriental make-up, which would be quite appropriate during the daytime, at work or just at a picnic, and I will also tell you about it today. This is in case you can’t imagine yourself in any other way than the "eastern muse."

Eye Color for Oriental Makeup

Shadows on the texture is preferable to choose with mother of pearl, but also matte will look good.

At the theme party it would be appropriate to use rhinestones and sparkles in the make-up. This is a huge passion of Eastern women, because in completely closed attire, the only open place was the eyes, and they gave vent to the imagination and “decorated” them as much as possible.

Rhinestones can be fixed as on the eyelids, over the shadows or on the cilia.

What color to choose for your image, make a start from the color of your eyes and the image as a whole, everything should be correctly combined, so as not to look vulgar, which was not appropriate for oriental beauties.

Blue and green eyes "love" lilac, pink, purple, blue and gray shades.

Brown-eyed - brown, blue, gold and black.

Properly mix colors, make smooth transitions, experiment with color very carefully, I repeat - vulgarity does not need anything.

Step by step application of Oriental makeup

First of all, we need to make our skin “perfect”. To do this, apply the foundation under the makeup evenly, smoothing the skin. Under the eyes we apply a special tool, mask the darkening and wrinkles.

We apply foundation, creating the effect of clean, matte skin, but of course you should not overdo it with cream.

Eyebrows should be perfect in this make-up! Their shape should be smooth, hair to hair. If you do not have beautiful arcs, then they can and should be adjusted.

To do this, use a pencil or shadow. Do not make them too black if you are blonde. Pick a more natural hair color, from this you will not be less bright.

In order to make the look penetrating deep, you need to carefully apply the pearlescent shade at the inner corner of the eye.

For the application of shadows, it is necessary to use a special densely dense brush, carefully shading transitions of light and dark shades.

In Arabic makeup, the desired shape of the eyes is almond-shaped. This eye cross section is considered the most attractive and languid.

To achieve this effect, you need to draw in a liquid eyeliner or a pencil ideally smooth arrows that go beyond the boundaries of your eye and slightly curving towards the temple; on the lower eyelid we also draw arrows.

It is the arrows that create the final appearance of the oriental make-up, give the eyes the desired incision and attract attention.

Another important accent is thick lush eyelashes! If you have luxurious on the nature of the eyelashes, then you will be enough to spend several times on them with ink. But if there is no such “wealth” before your eyes, then you can use the invoices.

Lips finish the job, you should not paint them with bright lipstick, because our main focus is our eyes. For lips, we choose just gloss or lipstick of light shades.

Blush take natural, close to your natural skin color shades.

Well, that's all, I hope, you have not seen anything complicated here, and you will easily be transformed into beauties of the East.

And in this video, a lightweight version of the eastern make-up, which is suitable for everyday life.

Be beautiful always and everywhere! Put huskies! Until! Until!

General rules of oriental makeup:

Any makeup begins with the preparation of the skin. Use a powder or foundation to even out skin tone. If you want to add blush, choose shades of natural tan. Pink or bright peach blush in the east make-up is not accepted.

Eyebrows can be made in Japanese thin or maintain and emphasize their natural width. In both cases, eyebrows should look well-groomed, and their contour should be clearly delineated.

Oriental beauties use bright shadows for eye makeup. Stretched almond-shaped, they give the eyes with a black eyeliner. The growth lines of the upper and lower lashes draw with a soft black pencil. An important and final point in eye makeup is mascara. The longer and thicker the eyelashes, the more effective the image will be.

Oriental-style makeup does not imply a bright lip color (the exception is Japanese makeup). Choose a lipstick delicate natural shades. The color may coincide with your natural shade of the lips or be a tone lighter. If you are not so conservative, you can make two accents in make-up - on the eyes and on the lips. Now it is quite acceptable.

Oriental eye makeup tips:

In the east make-up, you can bypass the golden rule of classic makeup that the emphasis should be only one. Oriental makeup created specifically to make all facial features expressive.

Many avoid eyeliner mucous contour, because they are afraid to visually reduce the eyes. But the study of the line of growth of eyelashes with a black pencil is a mandatory item of oriental makeup.

Eye pencils are of different hardness. For a perfect oriental make-up, a soft black pencil is suitable. It is he who creates the necessary light haze and languid look.

One of the main features of oriental makeup is wide black eyebrows (if we are not talking about Japanese makeup). Eyebrows should be clearly delineated. Mark their outline with a pencil. To fill the contour from the inside, you can use special shadows.

The purpose of the shooter in this make-up is to visually enlarge the eyes and give them an elongated shape. So feel free to draw long arrows, the tips of which will tend to the temples.

Oriental makeup is the perfect choice for those who love makeup more brightly. Here, as we wrote above, you can afford bright eyes and bright lips. Choose the most intense colors - wine, burgundy, cherry, raspberry.

Oriental makeup will look too theatrically on pale, unburned skin. Bronzer and peach blush will help to achieve a tanning effect. But do not overdo it! Bronzer apply on the protruding parts of the cheekbones and the back of the nose, and blush highlight the apples of the cheeks.

How to make an oriental eye makeup?

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Типы восточного макияжа и их описание

This type of oriental make-up looks very advantageous on brown-haired women and brunettes, but if you choose the necessary palette, it will become an excellent make-up option for owners of light skin and hair. Depending on the type of appearance is selected color spectrum.

For brunettes and brown-haired women with green or brown eyes will suit the following colors:

  • Base: brown, green, gray.
  • More and more daring: purple, reddish, pink, turquoise, silver and gold. When using these scales, you should always remember the measure, since the line between rich, effective and vulgar makeup is very thin.

For owners of blond hair and skin restrained tones are most preferable:

  • Basic: as a rule, these are all shades of brown and gray.
  • Additional: pink, purple.

Stages and features of the application:

  • Tonal basis. We start from the natural color of the skin in the direction of creating a tanning effect. It is very important not to overdo it, everything should look natural.
  • To give the face the desired oval, you can use powder with a bronzing effect. Application areas: lower cheekbones and chin line.
  • Eyebrows One of the features of the Arabic makeup is an accurate and expressive eyebrow line. White and light silver shades with nacre, which are applied with a brush in the area of ​​the inner eyebrows, will help to make the shape more accurate.
  • Shadows. It is no secret that oriental women, as a rule, have an almond-shaped eye shape. Shadows - this is the part of the makeup that allows you to visually adjust and change the shape of the eyes in the direction desired. And of course, the arrows are actively involved in this task.
  • Arrows. A distinctive feature of this type of makeup is the ability to simultaneously use eyeliner in different colors. The arrows can be both wide and thin, depending on the desired effect.
  • Eyelashes. Thick, elongated to the outer corner of the eye. To give the desired effect is used or several layers of mascara, or false cilia.
  • Lips. The minimum emphasis, preference is given nude shades.

Step-by-step photo of one of the techniques of applying Arabic oriental make-up:

Indian makeup

In this type of makeup, the emphasis falls not only on the eyes, but also on the lips. If the Arabian makeup lip palette is neutral, in Indian makeup is dominated by bright and sensual colors.

For owners of brown eyes, blue, blue and green shades are most advantageous. Hostess bright eyes very well suited pink, purple, lilac and yellow. Bronze and terracotta colors are also popular.

The mystery and elegance of Arabic makeup

Properly executed Arabic makeup allows you to increase the size of the eyes and change their shape. In this case, the basic color palette makes this make-up universal and allows you not to become attached to the color of the dress. Use the contour pencil to increase the volume of the lips.

Discreet indian luxury

This makeup is the same as the previous one, not overloaded with colors and may well be combined not only with an Indian sari. The technique is quite simple, and even a beginner can handle it. Main accents: arrows, eyebrows and lips.

Tenderness and seduction of Japanese minimalism

In this photo there is no characteristic feature of the makeup in the Japanese style - it is bleached skin. The emphasis on the skin should be done for thematic events. In everyday life, it is quite enough to adopt the stylish minimalism of the Japanese image.

Video technician applying Oriental makeup

Arabic makeup surprises with a variety of options and colors. Every woman should experiment at least once in her life with applying this type of makeup and feel like Scheherezada.

Judging by the video, Japanese makeup is much easier to perform. Some elements of this makeup may well be applicable in the daily makeup.

Indian makeup also delights with a variety of options. If you are planning to master this make-up technique, you should think about acquiring a whole arsenal of various cosmetics and makeup brushes.

Secrets of oriental makeup

1. Arrows. They are always present in this form of makeup. With their help, the shape and shape of the eyes is emphasized or the almond shape is attached.

2. In the eastern make-up used bright and saturated colors of the shadows. They give depth and shine to makeup.

3. Correct and elegant eyebrow shape, thick and long eyelashes.

4. With the help of warm, peach shades, tanned even skin tone is formed.

5. The correct emphasis on the lines of the cheekbones, nose and chin.

6. Choosing the right shade of lipstick.

All the listed rules must be taken into account during the application of Oriental makeup. To reproduce such a masterpiece on the face, many makeup artists use a universal technique of applying evening or festive makeup.

Individual color palette

To create oriental makeup using matte and pearl shades. Makeup is often complemented with rhinestones, jewelry and sparkles. They can be located on the forehead, temples, eyelids and on the eyelashes themselves.
To choose shades of shadows that suit you, pay attention to your natural color of the iris. Look at the palette below. With it, you can choose the colors of the shadows that will harmoniously blend with your eye color.

You can not limit yourself to one color, harmoniously combine several shades and experiment, most importantly, do not forget about the black eyeliner or eyeliner.

How to make Oriental makeup: step by step photos

The first step is to apply the base under makeup. Apply a little makeup or tonal cream on the upper eyelid and evenly distribute it with your fingertips. This will avoid the rolling of shadows on the crease of the moving eyelid, increase the stability of the makeup and enhance the brightness of the shadows. Next, we apply the base on the upper eyelid using light pearl shadows. Apply them follow in the direction from the inner corner of the eye.

In the middle of the upper eyelid, apply a bright yellow tint. If in your arsenal there are brighter shades, then apply them with a wet brush. This method will significantly enhance the brightness of the shadows.

As the third shade, we use shades of bright orange hue. Try not to go beyond the bend line. Many stylists recommend girls to use mother-of-pearl shadows, and older women - matte, so that you can visually hide small flaws on the skin of the eyelids.

Using a straight shadow brush, blend the shadows on the upper eyelid, so that a smooth color transition is obtained.

Using a black pencil, draw an arrow in the form of a check mark on the outer corner of the eye, as shown in the photo.

On top of a black pencil impose a layer of rich brown eyeliner. It is necessary to completely paint over the black tick, and then, using a thin brush, to shade the line, moving in a circular motion towards the orange hue.

Using a liquid eyeliner, along the line of growth of eyelashes we put a clear arrow, clearly paint over the space between the cilia. In order to get a flat line, it is necessary to move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one, without changing the trajectory and force of pressing the brush.

Now we will give lightness to the make-up and with the help of white shadows we will paint a feather, which will pass along the end of the arrow towards the end of the eyebrow.

Let us turn to the design of the lower eyelid. We draw with black shadows an arrow on the lower eyelid along the growth of the eyelashes, giving the eye an almond shape. Pay special attention to the inner corner of the eye, it must also be filled with black.

To give a dark shade depth, you need to duplicate the arrow on the lower eyelid, using purple shadows. Now with the help of a black pencil we paint over the mucous of the lower eyelid from the inner corner to the middle, and with a white pencil from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

Round brush get rid of sharp transitions and borders.

Eyelashes need to paint over lengthening mascara, and if necessary, wear false eyelashes. Eyebrows give the correct shape, color and fix the transparent gel.
Oriental eye makeup is ready!

Little advice

This makeup is good to use as evening makeup. By the way, neutral (pink, flesh) or transparent lip gloss is perfect as a lipstick. In the eastern makeup focus is mainly on the eyes. We remind you that this kind of make-up can be made in other colors, the main thing is that there are several of them, this gives Eastern make-up a luxury.

Discover the beauty secrets of the Oriental ladies

It turns out that under the concept of "oriental makeup" hides several basic subspecies, each of which is unique and is performed using a special technique. There are such subspecies: Arabic, Japanese, Indian and Chinese.

The most simple and favorite is considered to be Arabic makeup, because to make it with your own hands is quite simple, and the result is simply fascinating! Sensual, seductive, bright eyes that are ready to captivate any man. For a long time, Arabic makeup was used mainly by women who danced oriental dances, but today it is becoming more and more popular in everyday life.

The only thing that should be taken into account is an important feature of such make-up: the result is really bright and juicy, therefore it is more appropriate to use it somewhere in a disco or theme party, but not for a walk in the park or for work.

Arabic makeup allows you to experiment, you can use a variety of colors and shades to create it, as long as they are perfectly combined with the color of your skin and eyes. Despite all the variety of scales, Eastern women are able to observe a precious sense of proportion that does not allow them to look vulgar. This moment is very important if you want to get a really beautiful result.

Choosing a color palette

Classic make-up in the oriental style is performed in green, purple, brown, gold and turquoise, the shadows can be, as matte, and with a pleasant sheen, the latter, of course, preferable.

Also in the process of creating the image can be used the greatest passion of Eastern women - sparkles and rhinestones, which they can complement not only makeup, but also hairstyles, clothes. Choosing a color palette for your own image, you must start from the color of your own eyes.

For example, girls with dark eyes should prefer blue, chocolate, black, golden, red and brown shades. But for owners of rare blue and green eyes, lighter tones will suit, for example, blue, lilac, purple, bronze, gray or pink.

The main secret of this make-up is a constant mixture of colors, but it is important that this combination is harmonious and as relevant as possible. Do not forget that the black liquid eyeliner is also an indispensable component of the correct Arabic makeup.

Sensual lips and light blush - mandatory

Blush should not destroy all your work, so stop your choice on light and warm shades, the colors of your own tan, do not overdo it, your cheekbones should not be too catchy. The final moment is, of course, the lips.

Remember, they should not be bright, because in the east make-up the main thing is eyes. Choose gloss or lipstick in soft and soft tones, ideal if the shade is a little lighter than your real lip color.