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How to choose a schoolbag


Parents of future first-graders are quite naturally concerned with the question: which knapsack to get a child? It is clear that a backpack for an elementary school should be light, comfortable, ergonomic and at the same time have an attractive appearance, first of all, for the owner himself. And yet, the variety of models that the modern market offers is easy and confused.

Satchel for a first grader - which company to choose

The German brand specializes in the production of school bags. The priority of this product is the health and comfort of schoolchildren. The carefully thought-out design of the orthopedic back, comfortable straps, an indispensable rigid frame, lightness combined with a sufficiently large capacity, compliance with the strict standard DIN 58124 are what distinguishes DerDieDas schoolbags, which have received a huge amount of positive feedback from grateful buyers and high ratings from independent experts.

DerDieDas satchels have a recognizable round shape and a cheerful design: they use a characteristic positive orange color. DerDieDas products are a set that also includes a sports bag, a pencil case and a purse decorated in the same style as a knapsack.

Another popular German brand with extensive experience in the production of school backpacks and school bags in accordance with the highest European quality standards. The manufacturer also pays great attention to the prevention of scoliosis and other problems with the spine in younger schoolchildren. Therefore, a distinctive feature of the brand’s products is a “breathing” orthopedic back, reinforced with a plastic frame.

One of the most popular and ancient German brands on the Russian market. The company specializes in the production of school backpacks and satchels in various price categories. Products are characterized by unsurpassed German quality and reasonableness of every detail. These are durable strong ergonomic backpacks that provide maximum comfort to the younger student in the process of operation.

The products of this popular Russian brand are manufactured according to GOST 28631-2005, which automatically means high quality of the product and its safety for the health of schoolchildren. All Mike-Mar backpacks weigh up to 1 kg and are notable for their large capacity. These durable, reliable school bags invariably delight children with their stylish design.

The production of school bags and backpacks is only one of the many activities of the large Russian Hatber TM. Directly manufacturing products is carried out in China. Hatber knapsacks and backpacks are products of the “average” and “below average” price segments. They are distinguished by a bright design (the characters of popular cartoons are often used in the design), the thoughtfulness of the design and the quality that is quite decent for this price category.

Summer ends, and this means that it’s time for parents to get their children to school. Both a first grader and an older schoolboy will need a lot of things: exercise books, writing materials, textbooks, sports uniforms, etc. However, the most important, difficult and responsible purchase is a schoolbag.

Summer ends, and this means that it’s time for parents to get their children to school. Both a first grader and an older schoolboy will need a lot of things: exercise books, writing materials, textbooks, sports uniforms, etc. However, the most important, difficult and responsible purchase is a schoolbag. Why? Yes, because the quality of the knapsack largely depends on the health of the child, his safety, and finally, how he will carry a considerable load of modern school.

Satchel, backpack, briefcase.

According to the GOSTy, the school (apprentice) satchel is a “leather goods product with shoulder straps designed to carry textbooks and school supplies on the back.” Student portfolio, for the same GOST, shoulder straps (straps) does not have and should be worn in his hand. Because of this, orthopedists do not recommend buying it to children. Permanent carrying of weight in the hand can lead to scoliosis and other problems with the spine (for the same reason, children should not be allowed to carry packs in their hand or on one strap).

What is the difference between a knapsack and a backpack? At the satchel, the case is solid, the backpack, on the contrary, is soft. The hard case protects at the same time both the child, and contents of a satchel. The solid back does not allow the content to press on the back of the child. In addition, thanks to the solid walls and the bottom, school supplies in the knapsack can be placed correctly: heavy objects are closer to the back, lightweight ones are in front, the left and right sides are equally loaded. Finally, the hard case saves the contents of the satchel in case the child drops it. Or throw. Or, for example, decide to ride on it with a slide.

School backpacks do not have all these advantages - they can only be bought by teenagers, but in this case it is better to choose models with a compacted back. It is worth noting that in recent times, manufacturers are increasingly launching models on the market, representing a kind of symbiosis of a knapsack and a backpack. This move allows you to reduce the weight of the product and offer an original, memorable design. It is often difficult even for specialists to say what is in front of them: a satchel with a soft body or a backpack with an orthopedic backrest. However, if the back and bottom of the product are hard, you can safely buy it for a child of any age. The main thing is that he meets the three basic requirements for school bags.

The right schoolbag: health is paramount

When choosing a schoolbag, parents often pay attention only to the number of pockets and compartments, the quality of materials and strength of seams, design and price. Of course, all this is important, but the health and safety of children is influenced by something else - the weight of the knapsack, the presence of an orthopedic back and light-reflecting elements.

Weight. According to the current GOST, the empty weight of the pack should not exceed 1 kg. At the same time, the weight of the pack with all its contents should be no more than 10% of the child's weight - for junior schoolchildren, this is approximately 2-3 kilograms. It is important not only to choose a light satchel (most models of well-known Western manufacturers fit into the norms), but also to monitor its contents when the child begins to learn, to lay out unnecessary textbooks, exercise books and other things.

Orthopedic back repeats the natural curve of the spine and therefore does not harm, but on the contrary, helps the formation of correct posture. In the lower part of the back should be a lumbar support - a small roller, which, when properly worn, will be the main burden. The back itself is to be tough, but at the same time have a soft lining, so that the child is comfortable wearing a satchel. The same lining should be at the straps, otherwise they will crash into the shoulders. The straps must be adjusted in length (this requirement is spelled out in GOST) and not stretch, since only with their help you can correctly position the knapsack on the back. It is better if the adjustment buckles are present not only at the bottom, but also at the top of the straps. This design helps to ensure that the satchel fits snugly to the back of the child. The optimal width of the straps is 4-5 cm.

The pads on the back and on the straps are most often covered with mesh “ventilated” fabric, due to which the back of the child does not sweat. In some models, the backrest is completely plastic, and the function of a “fan” is performed by special grooves applied to it.

Reflective elements. Not all parents understand their importance, but it is the light-reflecting elements and the bright coloring of the backpacks that make the children more noticeable on the road. According to GOST, in school bags "parts must be used from materials of contrasting colors, finishing parts and accessories with reflective elements." The rules of the road recommend that all pedestrians, when driving at night or in conditions of insufficient visibility, “carry around objects with retroreflective elements”.

When choosing a satchel, make sure that there are light reflectors on all sides: in front, on the sides and on the straps. Some manufacturers also use a fabric with a reflective thread and locks with integrated reflectors. In addition, the design of the knapsack should use fluorescent materials that make the child more noticeable during the daytime. The most catchy and, therefore, noticeable for drivers, colors - yellow and orange.

Remember that children can not always correctly assess the situation on the road, and the majority of domestic drivers consider to follow the rules below their dignity. A satchel with light-reflecting elements is no less important than explaining to a child the basics of road behavior or installing “speed bumps” in schools.

How to choose a satchel for the student: quality indicators

So, do you have a schoolbag in your hands with an orthopedic backrest, which is lighter than 1 kg and hung with reflectors on all sides? Fine! Now you can pay attention to the material, accessories and other quality indicators. This is what distinguishes a really high-quality schoolbag:

  • The fabric is lightweight, durable and waterproof (nylon or polyester). Drawing from it is not erased and not washed off. Some manufacturers can even wash bags
  • Stitches and edges are durable and thoroughly treated (this eliminates the possibility of a child being injured). Plastic parts - smooth, without chips or burrs
  • Locks and zippers - comfortable and reliable, they are easy to open, not only for you, but also for your child.
  • Corps with reinforced corners - they increase the strength of the pack.
  • Valves reliably protect the outside pockets, zippers and internal separation from rain and snow.
  • Several outer pockets and a comfortable inner compartment. In the inner compartment - a few more compartments and pockets, allowing you to properly position everything you need in a satchel
  • Waterproof plastic bottom (or bottom with plastic feet). Thanks to him, the knapsack can be safely put on the ground, in the snow and even in a puddle.

Knapsack fitting

After you have found a backpack that meets all these requirements, do not rush to the checkout. Now is the time to try it on. Of course, to make a child a surprise will not work, but you will be sure that the satchel will do. During the fitting note the following:

  • the width of the satchel should be approximately equal to the width of the child’s shoulders,
  • the upper edge of the knapsack and the child’s shoulders should be at the same height,
  • the lower edge of the knapsack should be at the waist level,
  • the knapsack should fit snugly against the back of the child.

Check whether it is possible, by adjusting the length of the straps, to achieve such a position of the knapsack on the child’s back - it is optimal. In this case, keep in mind that the child will have to wear a satchel in a shirt, and in a jacket, and in a down jacket. Some models, like climbing backpacks, regulate not only the length of the straps, but also their location on the body of the knapsack. Such backpacks are suitable for children of different ages and sizes.

If the satchel sits incorrectly or significantly wider than the shoulders, try to try another model. You should not buy a “growth knapsack”: the child will be uncomfortable, and it is very difficult to correct a bearing damaged in childhood.

Caring for a child, do not forget about it

The ideal schoolbag is one that appeals not only to parents, but also to a child. That is not only high quality, reliable, safe, but also attractive in terms of design. The ideal in this case is quite achievable, it is only necessary to approach the selection process responsibly.

Now in our stores you can find bags of various designs. With the heroes of popular cartoons, with kittens and puppies, with cars and soccer balls - for boys, with princesses, dolls and flowers - for girls. Choosing a satchel, think not only about its convenience and quality, but also about whether the child likes it. Often the same model is available in several designs at once - decide on it and let the child choose colors.

I said a lot about really important and serious things: the health of children, their safety and comfort. But we must not forget that the most important thing for themselves. Children are concerned about how their satchel will look, what will be drawn on it and whether half of the class will turn out to be exactly the same.

How much is health

Finally - a few words about prices. A high-quality schoolbag today costs an average of about 3,000 rubles. Many parents argue this way: why spend money on an expensive satchel when you can buy a light and cheap backpack? Especially since the next class the child can grow up or break the old one or just ask for a new one. However, after all that has been said, I think it is quite clear that such carelessness can be costly.

Three thousand - is it a lot or a little? Reception at the orthopedist costs about one and a half thousand. A course of treatment that allows at least some time to get rid of problems with the spine, involves at least ten receptions. Remember how much you spend a week on purchases at the supermarket. Most likely, an amount comparable to the cost of a quality knapsack. And how much do you appreciate the comfort, safety and health of your child?

So, a good best schoolbag.

  • weighs less than 1 kg
  • with orthopedic back and adjustable shoulder straps
  • with reflectors on the front, sides and straps
  • made of durable waterproof fabric
  • with strong seams and edges
  • with valves for rain and snow
  • with convenient locks and zippers
  • with reinforced corners and plastic bottom
  • with comfortable pockets and roomy interior
  • sits correctly on your baby's back

Irina Evstigneeva, head of the city sales department of PETROPEN Plus

What is a children's backpack for the student?

A backpack with an attractive appearance will delight any student. Children love to stand out from the crowd. Both foreign and domestic manufacturers offer a wide range of models, and each has its own individual characteristics.

  • They differ in shape and color.
  • There are zippers or fasteners.
  • Equipped with orthopedic, soft or simply compacted back.
  • The presence of stylish designs.

Today's school curriculum requires students, starting from the very first grade, to carry with them a huge amount of textbooks, stationery, notebooks. The result is a fairly large weight, which, if improperly distributed, can cause significant harm to the weak back of the child.

Why is it better to choose a backpack for the student, and not a briefcase or satchel?

Some parents mistakenly believe that a backpack and a satchel are identical things. Often attributed to them more and portfolios. However, the only feature that can unite these attributes is the possibility of carrying textbooks in them. Otherwise, they have completely different characteristics, each has its own pros and cons.

The main distinctive feature of satchels is the presence of a solid body and wide straps. For convenient use, it has several differently sized additional internal compartments, where the student can fold stationery, notebooks and even a bottle of water or a couple of sandwiches.

Many parents, sending babies to the first class, give their preference to this type of school bags. Although some still note and a clear lack of satchels - this is their cumbersome. Not every little student will be comfortable and comfortable to carry on his back such an awkward design that resembles a small suitcase.

As for portfolios, most of today's children, even at a young age, are very picky about their appearance. It is unlikely that a Soviet-era school bag, from which our grandparents went, would cause a wild delight in a modern child. It is quite another thing fashionable and stylish backpacks. They look much more original and tiny, perfectly keep their shape. Yes, and many manufacturers have so improved the new models of backpacks, that now they are much more functional than the classic backpacks.

Consider the age of the child when choosing a backpack

Bags for school students are made in different shapes and sizes. This is done specifically in order to be able to choose a model for any age student. For the youngest students, as a rule, a stable back is provided, which ensures correct posture. For high school students the choice of backpacks is simply unlimited. Here will be where to show imagination even the most fastidious fashionistas.

The models of backpacks provided for primary classes are equipped with many auxiliary functions.

  • Different size pockets for pleasant things.
  • Be sure to provide reflective elements that are located on all sides of the school bag. With their help, the baby becomes the most visible on the roadway at night.
  • Additional waist and chest strap, greatly facilitating the load on the shoulder girdle of the child.

Teenage backpacks are much bigger, more spacious, and therefore heavier. Its empty weight can reach four kilograms. В зависимости от возраста ученика меняется и внешний дизайн школьной сумки. Он становится еще более модным и универсальным, может отличаться необычной отделкой в стиле хай-тек, широкими молниями и крупными зубчиками на змейках. Все зависит от предпочтений подростков.

Главный критерий выбора – пол ребенка

Мальчики и девочки сильно отличаются по вкусовым предпочтениям. The first like backpacks monophonic and without the presence of excesses in the design. They often pay attention to the bags, where there are inscriptions with the names of your favorite musical idols, sports clubs or logos of modern cars.

Bag for a young fashionable woman should be a stylish accessory that favorably complements school clothes. Girlish backpacks are decorated with a variety of sequins, rhinestones and many other decorative elements. The color palette of backpacks is also different. It is bright, bright and saturated. The presence of any gloomy tones is completely excluded.

Not less in demand are models of bags made in neutral colors. Usually, such backpacks are not distinguished by the presence of pronounced applications and drawings that fit only the specific sex of the child. They can be a stylish school accessory for both the young knight and the little princess.

What should I look for when choosing a backpack for the student?

To choose the most high-quality and comfortable to use school bag you need to take into account several important characteristics of the product.

  • Back backpack and the frame itself must be made of rigid material. This is very important for the correct distribution of the weight of the structure relative to the spine of the child.
  • The presence of a special orthopedic back will contribute to the formation of the correct posture of the student, as it perfectly captures the natural curve of the spine. Even more convenient if the design will be provided with a soft lining.
  • The highest quality backpacks are made of waterproof and light but strong fabric. Most often it is polyester or nylon. If a student accidentally drops a bag in a puddle or gets dirty with juice, it can always be washed or wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Backpack must be of optimal size. and conveniently located on the back of the child.

For each age student has its own norm of weight of an empty backpack.

One of the most important parts of a backpack is the shoulder straps. They should be comfortably adjusted in length and provide a snug fit to the baby’s body. Their optimum width is five centimeters. The most ideal version of the model backpack, if it contains an additional belt, which is fixed on the waist of the student. It will help evenly distribute the load across the body.

Choosing a quality backpack for the student

Pay special attention to the quality of the seams of the product. A backpack often becomes not only an accessory for carrying educational supplies, but also an exciting toy. On it you can ride on slippery floor, abandon classmates, and as a comfortable seat it is used at least. So not only the fabric must be durable and of high quality, but the seams themselves are thoroughly processed. And if the corners of the backpack body are strengthened, this will further increase its reliability.

The important detail of a design is the waterproof washing bottom. Such a bag can be put anywhere without fear that it will become unusable after the first rainy day. Any zippers and locks present in the product must be not only durable, but also easy to open for both parents and children. A quality backpack will surely live to the end of the school year.

Fitting a school backpack: how to choose the right size?

In any case, the school bag must be chosen in the presence of the child, because the most important part of the purchase is fitting. Ask the seller to fill the backpack with books. In this form, it is easier to understand how comfortable the design is located on the back of the child, and notice the flaws.

The most optimal size of the backpack:

  • The top edge should not be above shoulder level.
  • The lower part is approximately at the waist.
  • Width to fit the shoulders of the child, and not to act beyond their limits.

And in order to adjust the ideal location of the backpack relative to the back of the student, the straps are used, which are equipped with a special buckle that allows you to easily and quickly change their length.

Orthopedic backpack for schoolchildren - what is it and is it needed?

A school bag with a rigid frame and anatomical back allows you to adjust the student’s posture. It ideally distributes the weight of textbooks on the spine and protects it from possible overloads. The frame of such a backpack is usually made of aluminum, stable, durable and not deformed. No matter how carelessly a student addresses with notebooks and textbooks, they will never be confused in an orthopedic backpack.

This bag will be an ideal option for those children who already have some problems with posture. This is a convenient and practical model designed primarily for primary school students. The muscular corset of adolescents, as a rule, is already practically formed and they are in much less need of orthopedic backpacks.

Major manufacturers and models of backpacks for school

There are a huge number of companies engaged in the production of school bags. Many of them use modern technologies, constantly develop new designs of backpacks, improve product designs and thoroughly work through even the smallest details.

The most popular German manufacturers are Hama and HERLITZ. Austrian company Walker is ready to provide not less exclusive and high-quality models. A huge range of products is presented by Russian manufacturers such as Garfield or HUMMINGBIRD. All these campaigns are confident in the quality of the products offered and guarantee not only comfortable, but also long-term operation of any model school bag.

Parents reviews about children's backpacks for schoolchildren

Svetlana Govorova, 28 years old (Novosibirsk). This year, we bought a stylish backpack instead of a traditional satchel for our schoolchild. The son was pleased, and I am very pleased with the quality. Not only went through the whole year, but the next one is probably enough. But the price could save a lot. It turns out that Russian manufacturers offer lower prices.

Irina Chervyakova, 31 years old (Krasnodar). I noticed that many guys now prefer to wear backpacks instead of the usual backpacks and briefcases. I didn’t notice a special difference between a backpack and a knapsack. The same dense back, straps and the number of additional pockets. But the child was incredibly happy. Well, this is the most important thing.

Tatyana Lazarenko, 27 years old (Ulyanovsk). I am very pleased that I decided to buy an orthopedic backpack for my baby. Insanely convenient and practical thing. The child has never complained of pain in the back or the severity of stress. But familiar parents constantly say that after the children take off their backpack at home, it seems that they wore the whole day.

Inga Simonova, 35 years old (Timashevsk). This year I begged my son for a backpack. To be honest, I doubted for a long time. Still, this thing is more suitable for hiking. But soon I was amazed at the variety of models. About the quality of a single word. The school year is coming to an end, and our backpack looks like new.

Andrey Novikov, 34 years old (Samara). I want to appeal to parents who are not yet familiar with orthopedic models of backpacks. Last year we bought our daughter a regular briefcase, and we dragged it all year round, marveling at how heavy the granite of science was. My daughter just could not reach it to school on her own. But an orthopedic backpack makes life easier for a modern student. Yes, and for posture is useful.

Natalya Konovalova, 39 years old (Gelendzhik). I want to boast of my bargain, which not only made the child happy, but also saved me from unnecessary trouble. Bought a child for school instead of the usual backpack. Immediately pleased with the presence of additional pockets, stylish design, solid back and durable straps. Everything else is appreciated in the process of use and were satisfied with the result.

Whatever bags parents give their preference during the preparation of the student for the school year, the main thing is that they bring the children only pleasure.

Hard orthopedic backrest

She correctly distributes the load on the spine of the student and helps to maintain the correct posture. The rigid back of a high-quality satchel is not only “packed” into a softer material that is comfortable for the child, but is also complemented by ergonomic pads, an anti-slip mesh, and even a ventilation system. Reduces the load on the spine and additional chest and waist straps with snaps, which fix the knapsack in the most comfortable position and do not allow it to dangle while walking.

Number and quality of pockets

They should be neither a little nor a lot. It is optimal to have a knapsack of one main compartment (with a separator or half-open pockets) for textbooks, notebooks and pencil case, one medium compartment for small objects or food, 1-2 small pockets for a bottle of water or toys. Internal pockets should be necessary: ​​in them money, keys, certificates, cell phone and other valuable items will remain intact.

And a few more tips on choosing a satchel:

  • vertical backpacks are generally more comfortable than horizontal ones, since they do not protrude from the shoulders of the schoolchild and distribute the load better, but horizontal ones are better for small children, as they do not put pressure on the lower back while moving,
  • choose portfolios with soft shoulder straps over 4 cm wide and be sure to check the comfort of adjusting their length,
  • Some of the backpacks have a rigid plastic bottom and legs, which slightly increases the weight, but makes the structure more durable,
  • zip or zipper? And the one and the other is strong, it is rather a matter of taste and habit,
  • Pay attention to knapsack-transformers. Their design allows you to unzip the bag along with the sidewalls so that the first-grader can more easily navigate the contents.

The best inexpensive schoolbags for first graders

For several years, schoolbags with the difficult name HUMMINGBIRD have been accompanying first graders on their first trip to school, and then not only books, notebooks and pens of boys and girls, but also their health are safely stored. Hummingbird is a Russian brand that has gained a strong place in the market in the last few years. The popularity of satchels of this manufacturer in their quality, and the design is developed jointly with German experts. Comfortable, bright school bags, designed for different categories of students:

  • Kids series - frame satchels for undergraduates, the back is adjustable in height,
  • Teens series - frame packs for older children, straps are adjustable,
  • NK series - knapsacks with a high-strength plastic plastic bottom,
  • series K - folding packs,
  • S series - comfortable backpacks for undergraduates,
  • Series H - comfortable backpacks for first graders.

Backpacks with orthopedic back, covered with breathing inserts, soft wide straps and handles.

  • orthopedic back with breathable inserts,
  • wide straps,
  • rigid sidewalls
  • reflective elements
  • water tightness
  • good value for money.
  • lack of lightweight models
  • not very durable,
  • unpleasant smell of material.

The Russian brand has gained popularity due to the combination of an unusual design that attracts children and orthopedic grounds, which is so important for parents when choosing a satchel. Backpacks have an ergonomic back, wide shoulder straps with a massage cover, chest and waist fastening for proper carrying and distribution of the load. A unique 3D image is placed on the central valve. Satchels have a frost-resistant coating that does not crack in winter. Packs are available in the following series: the third, the seventh and the ninth, differing in appearance. Briefcases for girls come complete with a bag for interchangeable shoes, a hair ribbon and a branded teddy bear. Electronic models, a shoe bag and a pencil case are attached to the boys' models.

  • orthopedic back,
  • massage straps,
  • durable fabric
  • reflective elements
  • heavy
  • not too durable.

The well-known brand Erich Krause manufactures a wide range of products and has gained popularity due to budget, but rather high-quality stationery. And now the company makes us happy with beautiful and decent backpacks for first-graders and older children. The satchel has a rigid frame, but at the same time, they weigh only 830 g and have a capacity of 16 liters. The orthopedic back of the multi-layer construction allows to evenly distribute the load and perfectly removes moisture. Wear and frost-resistant material provides many years of service. Backpacks are decorated with beautiful stripes, prints and keyrings. Some models come with a bag for interchangeable shoes and a pencil case.

  • orthopedic back,
  • fortified bottom
  • reflective elements
  • low weight
  • good value for money.
  • short-lived.

Since 1998, Mike-Mar has been offering quality and affordable models of backpacks and backpacks for children of any age. Schoolchildren for primary schoolchildren differ in design (briefcases for boys and girls) and weight: the assortment contains the usual models weighing 950 g, as well as lightweight ones weighing 840 g. keep your breakfast safe and sound. Comfortable wide straps and an orthopedic back make knapsacks not only comfortable, but also safe for children from 6 years to wear. Bright prints do not fade in the sun due to the use of material resistant to UV light. Some models come with a bag for interchangeable shoes.

  • orthopedic back with breathable inserts,
  • straps are height adjustable
  • waterproof,
  • reflective elements
  • fortified bottom
  • good value for money.
  • heavy,
  • short-lived,
  • not a very large assortment.

The best knapsacks of the average price category

Concern Herlitz PBS AG is very popular in their homeland, in Germany, due to the quality of their products. The brand produces more than 15 thousand items, including products for school and office, and all products comply with European quality and safety standards.

School bags are available in the following series:

  • Bliss - inexpensive backpacks with an orthopedic back weighing 900 g and a volume of 16 liters,
  • Smart - backpacks with an ergonomic back and adjustable straps, weighing 900 g and a volume of 13 liters,
  • Loop - backpacks with an orthopedic back weighing 890 g and a volume of 15 liters,
  • Midi is recommended for small and thin children, the weight of the knapsack is less than 1 kg, the volume is 13 liters,
  • Mini - the smallest packs weighing only 700 g and a volume of 7 liters,
  • Motion - packs for older children (2-5 class), with ergoActive adjustable backrest, weight 1 kg, volume 18 liters,
  • Sporti - one of the most popular backpacks of the brand, weight 1.1 kg, volume 13.5 liters,
  • Flexi - the most expensive backpacks, have an orthopedic backrest with adjustable ERGO-System ES2, weight is 1.2 kg, volume is from 15 to 18 liters, it is regulated depending on the height and age of the child.

Due to this diversity, each parent will be able to choose the best backpack for their child based on personal preferences and budget. All satchels have a solid ergonomic back, are made of water-repellent material, have a reinforced bottom with legs, strong locks and fasteners, comfortable pockets and compartments, bright original prints and reflective elements.

What to choose?

In total, there are three main types of school bags:

  • Portfolio. With such an accessory, our fathers and mothers went to schools, but today it is unpopular. In addition, doctors consider it quite harmful. The fact is that the briefcase is worn either in one hand or on the shoulder, which, firstly, is extremely inconvenient for a small primary schoolchild who does not differ in significant strength, and secondly, can lead to spinal curvature (the load falls only on one shoulder, which is wrong from a physiological point of view).
  • The backpack, in fact, is a soft bag without a frame on two straps. This accessory is popular among middle and high school students, but it is not very suitable for first graders, as it does not provide adequate support to the back, and its bottom may sag under the weight of textbooks.
  • The satchel is like a backpack, but differs from it in that it has a rigid frame. And this is undoubtedly a great advantage. The hard back provides support for the spine of a growing child, and a hard bottom prevents sagging under the weight of the contents. This option is most convenient for primary school students, so the choice should stop on it.

What is the backpack made of?

The material is a very important criterion, since the ease of operation and the service life of the knapsack depend on it. It is advisable to pay attention to synthetic and fairly dense materials.

  • First, they will not get wet in rainy or snowy weather.
  • Secondly, they are more durable.
  • Thirdly, such fabrics are durable.
  • And, fourthly, it is very easy to care for them. Simply wipe the surface regularly with a damp cloth.

Size and weight

Such characteristics as weight and size also matter, and very important.

What should be the size? An overly large satchel will give the student discomfort, and too much school equipment will simply not fit into a too small one. But how to find a middle ground? It's simple. Идеальный по размеру рюкзак не должен упираться ребёнку в затылок и давить на поясницу.

В идеале нижняя часть должна располагаться над поясницей, а верхняя – чуть ниже шеи. Боковые части тоже не должны сильно выделяться и выходить за плечи, это будет сильно мешать при перемещениях (а они, как известно, многочисленные и активные).

Вес ранца должен соответствовать санитарным нормам. According to them, the student should not carry a mass behind his back that exceeds 10% of his own body weight.

And the weight of an empty backpack of a first or second grade pupil without all school supplies should not be more than 0.8-1 kilograms. For students in grades 3-4, this value should not exceed 1-1.5 kilograms. But in any case, lightweight backpack is much more convenient to use.

The body of the backpack should be tough and durable. This will allow, firstly, to avoid injury by sharp corners of objects (if the walls are soft, they can stand out strongly), secondly, to distribute the load as evenly as possible, thirdly, to protect textbooks and notebooks from crushing and, fourth, prevent the knapsack from falling off the desk if the student puts it there.

And special attention should be paid to the bottom. If the walls can be soft, then the bottom absolutely must be hard. In addition, if the bottom is made of solid material (for example, plastic), then the backpack, if necessary, can be placed on the floor or on the ground, without worrying about possible contamination.

The back should be rigid to ensure a physiologically correct position of the back. But today orthopedic backpacks can be found on sale, and they are considered to be the best, as they help young schoolchildren maintain their posture and provide full support to the spine, protecting it from such a disease as scoliosis.

This parameter is also one of the most important, since it is the straps that allow the accessory to stick on the body of the child.

Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Material. It should be pleasant to the touch and smooth, so as not to damage the student's clothing and skin.
  • Softness. Yes, the straps should certainly be soft, for example, having foam inserts. This will ensure maximum comfort during wear and protect against squeezing and excessive friction.
  • Adjustment. The straps should certainly not only be adjusted in length (this will allow you to find the most comfortable position and provide comfort), but also be fixed in the chosen position, which will prevent slipping.
  • Additional straps, namely chest and waist. They will fix the satchel on the back and reduce the load on the shoulder girdle.

By the way, a handle will be a useful and convenient bonus, for which the backpack can be lifted when moving over short distances.

The clasp should be as simple and convenient as possible so that at any time you can quickly unbutton your backpack and take everything you need from it, and then also fasten it quickly. It is desirable that the lightning be wide (narrow usually break faster) and have two sliders, at least on the main compartment.

Branches and pockets

In the knapsack there should be at least two large departments, and preferably three: for textbooks, notebooks and other teaching materials. Also a separate department for case and accessories is welcomed. And so that the student was comfortable, it is worth buying a satchel with several pockets on the sides and front.

The student will be able to put a mobile phone, keys and other small items into them. But so that nothing is lost, the pockets must be equipped with clasps (for example, on magnetic buttons or stickies).

Design and color

Today you can buy not only comfortable, but also beautiful and fashionable satchels, and the student will certainly be delighted with the bright model. For example, for a boy, you can choose a backpack with a picture of the machines or characters of popular comics. And girls will definitely appreciate flowers, fairies, various animals and so on. The satchel can be decorated with applications and other interesting and original decorative elements.

As for color, it is advisable to give preference to non-marking and not too bright. The light satchel quickly gets dirty, and the bright one can distract attention from study and annoy.

Additional functions

Some useful features:

  • Reflective tape on the sides. If a student crosses the road at night, such tapes will notify drivers that there are pedestrians on the roadway. The more such elements there are, the better.
  • It will be great if the inside of the case is rubberized, it will protect school supplies from getting wet in heavy rain.
  • Grid on the back. It is not needed for beauty at all, but so that the student’s back does not touch the knapsack and sweat. In addition, the mesh will protect against slipping.

How and where to buy?

Buying a backpack is best in a specialty store or department. Yes, you can buy such an accessory on the market, but will it be of high quality and convenient? Hardly!

Before buying it is important to carry out fitting. Let the child put on a backpack, be like in it, try to put something in it, unzip it and fasten all the buckles. You should buy the satchel, which will seem to the young student the most convenient.

Let your student be comfortable with your chosen backpack!


A school backpack should have two compartments or one with a pocket or liner: the main one is for books and notebooks, the smaller size is for pens, pencil cases, etc.

A backpack for a primary school student must comply with the following parameters:

length of the back wall of the backpack: 3–3,6 cm,

front wall height: 2.2–2.6 cm

(Allowed to increase the size of no more than 3 cm)


A school backpack must be equipped with light-reflecting elements, and the material from which it is made must be lightweight, durable, water-repellent and convenient to clean.

When purchasing a backpack, make sure that the label states:

the purpose of the goods (for example, "school backpack"),

age (for example, 10+).

If the appointment and age are not specified, it may be a product that is not intended for the child. Keep in mind that products intended for children must have a document of conformity. The seller must produce such a certificate at the request of the buyer.

Details on the study of school backpacks read HERE.

Opinion Tatiana Butskoy, an international expert on children's products:

- In addition to the above, I, as a mother and a pediatrician, would recommend paying attention to the following nuances:

Consider the growth of the child. Do not buy growth knapsack. It will not correspond to the physiological curves of the spine. An ideal knapsack should not be wider than the child’s shoulders and below the waist.

If a child "fell in love" with a heavy satchel with narrow straps, but a beautiful picture, look for a compromise. Say that you will not buy such a satchel, and explain why. Limit your choices, for example, to five “correct” models and let me choose any of them, and as a bonus, offer to buy a cap, a dress or a toy with the image of your favorite character.

If possible, do not skimp on the schoolbag. Cure spinal curvature is more expensive!