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Cosmetology of the near future: what awaits us?


December 22, 2014 16:35

As a beauty editor, I attend many different events. As a rule, these are presentations of new cosmetics, beauty gadgets and all kinds of personal care products. Speakers are often invited to them: highly respected professors, famous cosmetologists, and simply good doctors who tell in the smallest detail about the structure of skin, hair, self-care trends and generally explain in every way how to remain young and beautiful.

As a beauty editor, I attend many different events. As a rule, these are presentations of new cosmetics, beauty gadgets and all kinds of personal care products. Speakers are often invited to them: highly respected professors, famous cosmetologists, and simply good doctors who tell in the smallest detail about the structure of skin, hair, self-care trends and generally explain in every way how to remain young and beautiful.

The work of a cosmetologist should not be seen by anyone, of course, if everything is done well. What others notice says about the poor work of a specialist

It would seem that I should already know everything about beauty. However, the saying “live and learn” also works in the beauty sphere. And I felt this most acutely when I came to an international conference on mesotherapy, organized by Martinex, one of the largest distributors of beauty injections in Russia. The conference was held on a huge liner that cruised from Barcelona to Rome and back. During the 5 days spent in the company with cosmetologists, I learned a lot of interesting, shocking and fascinating. I share with you the main points!

1. About the concept of "perfect skin"

Today, cosmetologists are paying great attention not to the correct proportions, but to the quality of the skin (even relief, lack of pigmentation, redness, acne and damage). This trend is traced throughout the world. In the fashion is not pumped lips or cheekbones, and smooth, radiant complexion. This trend originated in America, after sociologists conducted a study and found out that beauty and attractiveness is equal to success, and self-care is not only beautiful, but also a tribute to the position in society, a kind of indicator of success.

2. About the most popular procedures

No wonder cosmetologists say that our future for laser technology. Today, in the popularity rating among all procedures, laser polishing comes first. Further down are injections of their own fat (they are usually used for facial contour surgery), microscopic and injection (hyaluronic acid fillers and botulinum toxin injections).

3. About the profile and how it determines the age

With age, in the process of gravity, the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the tail of the eyebrow and the corner of the mouth drop. To look young, you need to raise it all. Volumization is done for this - an additional layer is formed between the skin and the tissue, and the patient looks fresher and younger.

4. About acupuncture points

Another new method is the introduction of the hyaluronic acid drug in the acupuncture points, that is, in biologically active points. According to Chinese medicine, the vital energy of Qi circulates in the human body along the meridians. Violation of this energy leads to disruption of the work of various organs. It is possible to restore energy by irritating various points on the body, and if previously, needles, currents, special grains and magnets were used for this, today, hyaluronic acid injections are used for this. After the procedure of injecting the mezococteyl into certain points, the drug begins its action on one or another organ (heart, lungs, liver, kidney) and has a positive effect on it. The procedure normalizes the work of the internal organs and is done by the course.

5. Pro alternative to plastic

Today, with the help of gels of different densities, the beautician can model the face as well as plastic surgeons. Such a procedure is called injection express-facing. For example, you can even the shape of the nose, if it is too upturned or a little curve. The gel is injected with a long needle cannula in such a way that it aligns the asymmetry. Pay special attention to the contour of the face on the chin. It has been proven that with age the contour of the gutters, the line along the contour becomes blurred, the skin seems to hang. The gel helps to re-model the face and make the oval clear.

Previously, in order to remove nasolabial folds, a large number of fillers were introduced into them. The skin as a result of such manipulations was stretched, and sometimes the face looked unnatural.

6. Pro nasolabial folds

Previously, in order to remove nasolabial folds, a large number of fillers were introduced into them. The skin as a result of such manipulations was tightened, and sometimes the face looked unnatural. Today, the nasolabial fold is not removed completely. Only a small amount of the filler is introduced into this zone. Well, then the beautician works with the cheekbone zone, makes a general face modeling - due to this, the corners of the lips are lifted, which as if blown away with age, lose volume, thereby the skin hangs and a nasolabial fold forms. Filler gives volume, and the face as a whole looks more young.

7. About lip augmentation

Until now, on the street you can meet girls with siphoned lips. Why? There are two options: either the girl wanted so herself, or she came to a poor cosmetologist. An experienced specialist, to understand whether volume is needed, draws a line from the tip of the nose to the chin (you can do it yourself, just lean a pencil or pen against the nose and chin) - lips should not go beyond this line, otherwise the duck effect cannot be avoided. If the lips do not reach the line, then you can give them extra volume, if you want, of course! In general, the work of a cosmetologist should not be seen by anyone, of course, if everything is done well. What others notice indicates a poor specialist’s work.

8. How to care for yourself in 20, 30 and 40 years

In 20 years, it is enough to use basic creams with vitamins C and A. For about 30 years, there comes a time when it becomes necessary to use non-toxic injections (that is, these are not synthetic fillers - silicones and artificially created materials, but fillers based on natural ingredients). In 40 years, you can turn to filing, fill wrinkles. But again, there are no uniform rules for everyone, and a lot depends on facial expressions and genetics. If you feel some kind of problem, you need to come to a professional. It does not make sense to buy expensive creams, better find a good cosmetologist who will select the right treatment for you.

9. About Botox and Dentistry

The beautician is now in contact with the dentist, because the correction of the lower face takes into account the state of health of the dental system, masticatory muscles (healthy teeth and the correct bite really affect how the facial contours look). The introduction of botulinum toxins into the chewing muscles is one of the new directions, so the cosmetologist must understand and know what he is doing and for what purpose, how to interfere in this area. As for Botox, 5 drugs are registered in Russia today: Botox, Dysport, Lantox, Xiomin and the Russian drug Relatox. A new player in the market will soon appear - a Korean-made botlax drug. This amount of drugs is necessary to work with different patients depending on their needs.

The case of technology

“As long as there is such a thing as competition in the world, beauty will be in demand. And the more innovative the appearance becomes, the more and more people will resort to the help of transformation specialists, be it a plastic surgeon, a genetic engineer, a cosmetologist or a representative of an emerging profession - a body designer, ”said Valeria Prayd, futurologist, sociologist, one of the creators Russian transhumanist movement. This society supports the use of science and technology to improve the physical and mental abilities of man.

Global transformations await us in all aesthetic directions. Erik Azizyan, the general director of APTOS, a company engaged in developments in the field of thread correction of the face and body, is sure that the changes will affect the materials in the first place. In the near future, new instruments for filing threads will appear in plastic surgery. This will allow to carry out a facelift without any visible consequences and shorten the rehabilitation period after the intervention to a minimum. Operations will be so filigree that even a doctor will not be able to determine the true age of the ever-young beauties.

Mesotherapy drugs will be enriched with growth factors, fillers will get a longer effect, botulinum toxin will be non-immune-resistant, and lasers will help to remove fat cells in a safe and natural way. So, no liposuction. Svetlana Tagaeva, chief physician and dermatocosmetologist at the Real Clinic Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology, is confident that plastic surgery will soon be over: “In ten years more and more patients will prefer cosmetology rather than surgery. Laser methods of rejuvenation and skin tightening will rise to such a level that the correction will be almost painless, without a rehabilitation period. This will postpone the need for a circular facelift for at least 60 years, or even completely replace it. ”

A Skin Gun device works like this: a special solution with the stem cells of the victim is sprayed onto the damaged areas from a spray gun. The procedure takes an average of one and a half hours.

Science will take a step further in work with stem cells, especially since there is already plenty of impressive evidence. The founder of the cosmetic brand APOT. CARE Antoine Le Galloudec leads biopicimeter. The future is a deep study of plant stem cells with antioxidant properties, and their introduction into the composition of cosmetic products. Svetlana Tagaeva argues even more globally: “We effectively apply SPRS-therapy - rejuvenation with our own fibroblasts, in a decade we will inject the vaccine intravenously to rejuvenate the whole organism. And laboratory-grown skin will allow for transplantation without the need for a fence from another part of the body, ”concludes Tagaeva. And even more: in the future we will grow ourselves new, young bodies. For example, the experimental technology Skin Gun now allows for a day or two to build on new skin over large areas.

In plastic surgery, the latest three-dimensional technologies can replace simple endoscopic equipment. “On the basis of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Russian State Medical University they are developing augmented reality glasses. Thanks to them, a surgeon can see vessels, nerves and other anatomically important formations in the immediate vicinity of the operation area during the operation, ”says Georgy Chemyanov, a plastic surgeon, a member of the Russian and International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Another innovative "accessory" - robots that are already confidently playing the role of apprentices. “In Moscow, for the first time in the world, a rejuvenating facial surgery was performed using the da Vinci robotic surgical system. The four-armed robot was controlled by a surgeon who saw an ultra-sharp and magnified image in 3D format. Perhaps soon such operations will be carried out remotely: a doctor in Moscow will be able to operate on a patient from Los Angeles, ”Chemyanov adds.

“When robots - plastic surgeons appear on the scene, it will be a shame not to have an operation, having some kind of defect. It is inconvenient to walk in a torn dress or in pants with sagging knees! The operations themselves will become more accessible. Even pensioners can afford them, and older women secretly dream of attractiveness, ”concludes Valeria Pride.

If tomorrow comes

Irregular features, obesity and wrinkles will disappear as a look. As scientists predict, when all the beauty cards will be on humanity, the standardized appearance will interest him least of all. New time - a new psychology. With the proliferation of smart homes, robots, cooks, digital-nannies in the lives of people will increasingly be in demand such qualities as intelligence, creativity and, most importantly, individuality. The standards of the beauty of the future are not models and actresses created as if for a carbon copy, but people with an unusual appearance. And, according to the predictions of the Russian transhumanist movement, the primordially Russian expression “Everything is written on her face!” Will turn out to be almost prophetic: “With the individualization of beauty, stereotypes and ready-made templates offered by today's fashion industry will disappear. Each person is born with a unique appearance, but today, if a woman wants to become beautiful, she has to adjust to the standards. This is best seen in Asian countries. Because of the proliferation of plastic surgery, candidates for the title, for example, Miss Korea, are indistinguishable from one another at a glance. With the advent of personalized body design and robotic surgeons who are ready to implement any ambitious project, unique rare beauty will be possible. A person's appearance can reflect his mood, thoughts, aspirations. Perhaps irritation will be manifested in the appearance of spines, like a hedgehog, love - pink skin, and interest in astrophysics will give a star shine in the hair. "


What kind of woman will we call attractive? What should a sexy body look like? Already today we cannot do without additional devices and devices - all people use these or those “prostheses” in everyday life in order to make it better and better. What about female beauty? No, no, the matter is not limited to silicone implants in the chest and buttocks. An example of a transformed appearance of the new level is demonstrated by the model, world champion in athletics Aimee Mailins. From a woman who in traditional society was called disabled, she turned into a beauty with supernormal abilities. Aimee has 12 different prostheses in the arsenal: running legs made of carbon fabric, modeled on the cheetah's paws, a designer pair of wooden carved legs according to the sketches of Alexander McQueen, refined glass models from a prestigious artist and many others. “All dentures are made for me by completely different people,” Aimee says, “each pair changes my relationship with the surface on which I am walking. And I can change height - I choose from five different options. Today, for example, I have it eighty-five centimeters. I remember that as soon as I received this kit and brought it home to Manhattan, I immediately went to a fashionable party and met a good friend. She got used to my natural growth meter seventy-two, and here it is! She repeated the whole evening: “Amy, so dishonest!” In the society of the future, an artificial limb is not a life drama, it is a sign that its owner is able to fill the void that has formed and he wants to get an enviable advantage. And as technologies for body and body modification are rapidly developing, in the foreseeable future we will be able to change faces and body parts with minimal fuss and maximum benefit.

Hard to be god

Beauty can be laid on the genetic level from the moment of conception. Genetic engineers have already found a way to program the appearance of the unborn child, as ordered by his parents, even at the embryo stage. Already today, if finances and patronage of influential lawyers allow it, a very attractive superchildren can be born to an unattractively superficial couple. In this case, genetic selection will be similar to flipping pages in a catalog, by which you can choose the color of your eyes and hair, skin tone, height, shape of the eyes and lips of the unborn child. Primitive selection became available to mankind 20 years ago, thanks to the technology of scanning the embryo for hereditary diseases. Today, couples in the United States have the opportunity to choose the sex of their unborn child, but no one bothers to expand the “list of services” in a few years.

Two years ago, designer and body bioarchitect Lucy Mac-Ree presented the “Perfume Pills” project for development. I drank the pill in the morning - and the body, or rather the pores, all day exude their favorite aromatic notes: lavender, citrus, cardamom ...

Progressive scientists believe that a reasonable person is not the end of our evolution, but rather, on the contrary, its beginning. Upgrading the exterior of aerobatics - to abandon their own body and live as information structures in the giant ultra-fast computer networks. Фантастический сценарий — задача сеттлеретики , науки о непрерывном и регулярном « переселении» человеческого сознания из стареющего мозга в резервный — компьютерный , что равно бессмертию. Остановить прогресс ухода в виртуальность невозможно. Человечеству придется осознать , что именно делает нас по‑настоящему привлекательными.Probably soon everything that remains from beauty is a personality, an informational flow of self-consciousness, for the existence of which there will no longer be necessary a frail, fragile, such a vulnerable, even if a beautiful body.

How can cosmetics be related to nanotechnology?

Recently, nanotechnologies have firmly and confidently burst into the life of a modern person, turning over literally everything in their path, drastically changing a person’s worldview in principle. Such an extensive science could not touch the cosmetology, because, as it turns out, any substance can have completely new and unusual properties, if we consider only a single small particle of this substance.

Such microscopic particles are called nanoparticles, each of which can differ in a unique property that can be used for specific purposes.

Cosmetics that contain such nanoparticles, called nanocosmetics, it is fundamentally different from all the usual and traditional methods of facial skin care.

Why is it so unique? The fact is that the capabilities of nanocosmetics can be traced at a deep level: crumbs of nanoparticles penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis, they deliver all the valuable substances, trace elements, vitamins, collagen, hyalouran acid directly to the target, without any loss and “stop” on the upper levels of the epidermis.

Thus, the skin is fed from the inside with all the necessary substances for it, internal processes of rejuvenation are activated, which lacked certain catalysts. Already, nanocomplexes, which consist of nanocrums and various serums, can be found on sale, of course, the price for such a miracle makeup is prohibitive, but the effect, according to experts, is simply amazing.

Mimic wrinkles are smoothed, bags under the eyes disappear, nasolabial cavities are reduced, and the complexion gets a fresh and healthy look, and all this is literally in 1-2 applications!

Neurocosmetics - smart cosmetics

Another type of cosmetics of the future, which fully works at the cellular level, penetrating into the depths of the epidermis and affecting the nervous system. Doctors and experts in the beauty field have long concluded that stress and nervous tension negatively affect the youth and beauty of our skin, brightness and elasticity are lost, wrinkles and folds appear.

Our largest organ, the skin, is completely penetrated by nerves and nerve fibers, as it turned out, their state and "youth" can very clearly affect the state of the epidermis.

Especially for this, scientists and specialists have developed special cosmetics that can slow down the aging process of the nervous system, and at the same time significantly prolong the youth and beauty of our skin. The development of neurocosmetics in full swing in Japan, which is considered the legislator and the progenitors of this method of rejuvenation, but it is already beginning to be used in the United States and some European countries.

Between themselves, the Japanese call such cosmetics “highly intelligent”, because it can improve the information exchange between cells, as well as endow each of them with a personalized program of development and functioning, which can significantly increase the level of vital activity of each of them.

As a result, beautiful appearance, 50-year-old women can look like 25-year-old girls, and without any addiction or surgical intervention.

But what about the injections of "beauty"?

It is hard to believe that ever so common and popular botulinum toxin injections among the female population will become completely unclaimed. Already, many women are beginning to abandon these methods of rejuvenation, because, anyway, too much heap of negative effects and possible reactions of the body to injections.

Already, scientists in this field propose the use of creams "with the effect of Botox," which effectively rejuvenates the skin of the face, returning its elasticity and freshness. In fact, they do not have botulinum toxin in their composition, since its molecules are too large to pass through the surface of the epidermis. The stunning effect is brought by specially developed substances, most often, peptides of amino acids, which have a smoothing effect.

Recently, it is increasingly possible to come across statements about the miracle-action of holistic cosmetology, which has a complex effect on the entire body as a whole, but not focusing on a specific problem, for example, a wrinkle on the forehead or dull complexion.

This cosmetology is common in the East, where they believe that it is absolutely unimportant where the disease manifested itself, the main thing is its presence and the need for its treatment. Only a comprehensive recovery and rejuvenation of the body can bring effective and long-lasting results.