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Turk for coffee - how to choose? Tips for true coffee connoisseurs


Coffee is a unique drink that is loved for taste and aroma, and its preparation is an art.

Make coffee in several ways. Appliance stores offer a wide assortment of coffee makers and coffee machines, which will prepare a cup of your favorite drink with little effort, but its taste will be different from the one you cook yourself. Therefore, the traditional way to get the taste and aroma is cooking in a special vessel, which is a thick-walled metal ladle with a long handle, which we all know as a coffee pot. How to choose it and what to look for when buying - tell our article.

Something Turkish is heard in the name of the coffee maker. And it is no coincidence, because it was in this country that he was invented. For a long time, a fragrant oriental drink was distributed among the people of this country. In the days of the Ottoman Empire, it was even forbidden to drink coffee, because it had a stimulating effect, but despite this, the population continued to drink an aromatic invigorating drink.

Most often it is prepared in Turku, where ground coffee beans are brewed. Many generations of connoisseurs use this proven method of ancestral creation of aromatic coffee and will not exchange it for another, even the most technologically advanced and modern. The classic drink is created by dissolving coffee bean enzymes in water. This process has several features. Given them, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the real taste and aroma.

Form matters

We have already figured out that for making an invigorating drink you need a special jazz, or as it is otherwise called, a Turk for coffee. How to choose the right one? It should be of a special form - have a wide bottom and a narrow neck.

Such a device is a classic, it appeared for a long time and remains unchanged for a long time. The generally accepted standards of culinary art dictate the use of Turks precisely conical shape. What caused such a choice? In the process of preparation, a foam is formed, which accumulates in a narrow place and does not allow coffee enzymes to evaporate, acting as a kind of cork. Thus, the saturation of the taste and aroma of the drink with a delicious bouquet of coffee beans is preserved. Therefore, the narrower the neck, the better will be the taste of coffee.

The walls of the vessel can be steep, it looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but if they are gentle, then the thicker will sink to the bottom faster and settle down there better. Ground coffee beans under the influence of heat rise up and, meeting with the inclined inner surface of the walls, sink to the bottom. Choose a Turk with a wide bottom - a large heating area will ensure even preparation of the drink.

If the neck of the Turks looks like a funnel (first - wide, then - narrows), then you will have a couple of moments to save the "runaway" coffee. It seems to be small differences in terms of shape, and so many subtleties and nuances in the preparation!

What are the Turks doing?

Before buying a dish for making coffee, determine what material the coffee pot is made of. How to choose one that will allow you to enjoy for a long time and maintain the best taste of the drink?

Currently, the production uses the following materials:

Material properties are different, and each has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of metal vessels are obvious - they will not break, if you accidentally drop them, such products are easier to clean and wash. But the taste of coffee brewed in a clay or ceramic Turk is much higher. Therefore, people will choose for themselves what is right for him.

The secret of traditional coffee: fire, water and ... copper Turk

Copper coffee pot is especially good. How is it different from others? Why so often gourmets buy accessories from this particular metal? In the manufacture of a special conical shape, the manufacturer chooses copper because of its plastic properties, since it is easy to give it the desired shape. Copper heats up quickly and well, the Turk from this metal evenly transfers its heat to the drink that is being cooked in it, while maintaining its taste properties. Modern manufacturers cover the inner surface with a thin layer of food tin so that chemical compounds contained in copper do not get into the drink.

Good as a gift for yourself

Great gift idea gourmet - Turk for coffee. Which is better fit - decide for yourself. Even if a person already has it, trying new things is always interesting. Coffee lovers are happy to compare portions of the drink, cooked in different vessels or with different technologies, so do not hesitate - the gift will delight the coffee lover. Produced by manufacturers and expensive silver Turks, they perform a more decorative role, such a souvenir will be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen, and occasionally the drink prepared in it will seem much tastier.

Convenient and safe

When buying, pay attention to whether the Turk is conveniently placed in the hand for coffee. How to choose the right pen? Is it convenient to hold it? Does it heat up during the cooking process? Is it firmly attached to the body?

The most common option is a long wooden handle - it almost does not heat up, and this will save you from burns. Well, if the handle is located horizontally, and its end is directed slightly upwards. With this arrangement, you will not burn your fingers with steam. Produced by the Turks and with a vertically positioned handle. They are suitable for those cases when coffee is prepared on hot sand, and heating occurs on all sides.

On some models, the handle can be removed, it is very convenient for washing and storage. If it is not removed, it is fastened with a bolt or by welding. The bolt joint is less reliable, it will gradually loosen, and in addition, the bolt may rust.

Copper Turk

Throughout the history of the existence of the jazz (Turk) was made from different materials - from clay to gold. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, these containers are made of copper, aluminum, steel, ceramics, silver, and crystals. What properties should have a quality Turk for coffee. How to choose it correctly?

Copper has a high thermal conductivity, so it is fully heated completely. Cooling down such a cezve occurs quickly. Copper coffee pot is considered a classic version of the container, so it is suitable for cooking on different stoves. The benefits include durability and accessibility. The average cost of the product is from 800 rubles.

But copper can be toxic, so the inside of the cookware is processed with food tin. Every person wants a quality coffee pot to be bought. How to choose her? It is necessary to inspect the container for integrity, otherwise the dishes will not be able to prepare a saturated drink.

Quality is considered Turk for coffee copper with a silver coating inside. It is a solid and high-quality thing that will delight for many years, but its cost is high. Modern coffee brewing containers are usually prepared not just from copper, but from alloys, which increases safety. For example, brass is often used, which is represented by a compound of copper and zinc.

Stainless steel

This capacity has average thermal conductivity, heats up for a long time and cools quickly. The advantages include a beautiful polished surface and a polished finish inside.

But there is a lack of such Turks, which affects the taste of the drink. Steel Turks have a wide throat, because of which does not rise coffee crema. It is thanks to her that there is a fragrance and essential oils. Because of this, the taste of the drink will not be so rich. But according to the other characteristics - strength, stability, durability, the steel product is stronger than copper.

Earlier, clay Turks were made by pilgrims and pilgrims. The method of doing the job was changed, but not drastically. Ceramic Turk for coffee has a low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity. This means that it has a thermos effect.

When the jazz is removed from the heat, the heat effect remains, the drink continues to languish. But this property can cause overheating, and therefore the coffee cap runs over the edge. Ceramic coffee pot quickly breaks, chips and cracks may appear.

Pottery is also used, some specimens are fashioned by hand and burned on a live fire. This is an advantage of the Turks, the properties of the product are similar to ceramic - long-term heating, slow cooling, but the heat is distributed evenly.

To create a cezve, they use not pure silver, but its food alloy. Such a Turk for brewing coffee quickly heats up, slowly cools, but does not have the uniform distribution of heat that copper and pottery have.

Silver Turk is more a decoration of the kitchen than a practical thing. Many metal connoisseurs believe that coffee in such a container turns out to be more delicious. To acquire such a thing or not, it all depends on the desire.

Crystal create beautiful transparent cezve, more suitable for decorating the kitchen. Such dishes slowly heated and cooled. Drink can run away. It is undesirable to use it daily.

The neck of the container is very wide, which does not allow to get a flavored drink. But with the ability to work with a crystal Turk will get a great result.

Electric Turk

In the shops you can find the Turks for electric coffee. With such a capacity, your favorite drink is prepared very quickly, because they are produced with a power of 500-1000 watts. It is only necessary to pour water, and also to place ground coffee, and soon everything will be ready.

Electric coffee turks are convenient to use when traveling and at work. The device will help out where there is no stove, but there is electricity. Capacity can also be used for boiling water. Such designs are reliable and durable. If the heating part has been damaged, then in any workshop it will be replaced with a new one.

Forms Turks

It turns out that the correct coffee pot should be used. How to choose her? The container neck must be narrow, which protects against the fast runaway of the drink. Thanks to this property of coffee it turns out saturated and fragrant.

Steel Turks have a wide neck, which is their disadvantage. The drink is not as tasty as with a narrowed container. The bottom of the product should be two to three times wider than the diameter of the narrow part. This is necessary for uniform heating of the mixture of water and coffee, and therefore the drink tastes great.

Sizes of products

In order for the aroma to be rich and the taste pleasant, it is necessary to take into account the size of the dish when purchasing. You should acquire a Turk of this volume, which is usually used. If you often prepare 1 cup of espresso, then you will need a small jazz - per 100 ml.

Fans of large portions of the drink will have to buy a Turk for 250 ml. For two people suitable capacity of 400-500 ml. Large families need to buy dishes for 750-800 ml. You can cook a small portion in a large Turk, but the foam will not rise to the top of the tank. Because of this, taste and aroma is lost. Therefore, it is important to purchase a product based on servings.

Tips for choosing the Turks

It is important that the quality was Turk for coffee. How to choose this? When buying, you need to pay attention to several important details. You must choose a product with a thick bottom, which makes the heating uniform. The drink will be rich.

The handle must be selected non-metallic, since such a part heats up quickly. Wooden holders are excellent for permanent use. These products may have additional insulation. It is advisable that the handle be bolted and not welded.

Do not choose products with application decorations on the outside. The scenery quickly deteriorates, and even this capacity is more difficult to clean. Copper products are decorated with stamping, engraving, images. Ceramic or clay handle painted patterns. Usually they are applied by a special technology, so they are not washed off even with frequent washing.

What is better to choose?

The best coffee pot is copper. It is ideal for brewing an invigorating drink. You can choose a ceramic, which also has good characteristics. Crystal can be used as a gift, and silverware can be used on holidays. A less successful choice would be steel jazz.

The acquisition of the Turks is a personal matter for everyone, so you should take into account not only the generally accepted rules, then your desire and taste. It is important that the purchased container be pleasant, pleasing and safe. Then the preparation of the drink will always be pleasant, and the result will be joyful.

In a product functionality, but not external properties is important. If copper capacity is chosen, it should not be washed with abrasives. As with any other dishes, Turkish care requires constant care. After each brewing of the coffee it should be washed and dried.

Coffee making tips

If you choose a suitable Turk, you can start making coffee. There are several recommendations for this process to make the drink tasty:

  • coffee should not be boiled, it should be brewed at 90 - 95 degrees,
  • clean, filtered water should be used
  • it is advisable to acquire grain, and grind before cooking.

Among such a large selection is sometimes difficult to navigate what is best to buy. Therefore, drink connoisseurs buy several types of Turks, which will be useful in different situations. Thanks to this capacity, you can make delicious and aromatic coffee every day.

Who came up with a Turk?

Africa is the original homeland of the Turks, not Turkey, as some mistakenly believe. For the first time, African nomads used special dishes for making coffee. These were narrow copper bowlers with a spout, dallas. They were convenient for transportation, as well as for preparing a small portion of invigorating drink.

Turkish citizens at one time appreciated the convenience of this container and in order to prevent coffee from spilling on the coals, narrowed the neck, and also extended the handle. So there were the first cezves, which we called the Turks because of the popular method of making coffee - "Turkish coffee".

Those who are looking for which Turk to choose know that the taste of coffee will largely depend not only on the type of coffee selected, but also on the dishes in which it will be prepared.

Let's look at what taste the coffee affects directly Turk.

  • First of all, the taste of coffee depends on its strength (density). This property is influenced not only by the amount of coffee used for brewing, but also by the preparation time of the drink. And the brewing time of coffee depends on the material from which the container is made, in which it will be prepared.
  • Secondly, when brewing coffee, it is important to preserve the foam. It helps to keep fatty coffee oils and make the taste of the drink more saturated. Thanks to its narrow form, the Turk is ideal for making coffee. When cooking in a narrow container, the coffee slowly rises, stops at a certain level, where foam is formed. The foam was formed - the coffee was covered with a “cap”. The taste of the drink under the cap remains, so it is important to choose the right Turk for brewing coffee.

Thus, the most important criteria when choosing the Turks, on which we dwell - This is the material and form of the Turks. They affect the time of cooking and allow you to save the foam on the surface of the finished coffee.

Ceramic Turks

Ceramic Turks can be of fireclay, porcelain, clay. They are very popular among connoisseurs of rich strong coffee, who chose a good Turk for brewing. What are the advantages of clay and porcelain turks?

  • They are distinguished by high thermal conductivity, that is, they allow the coffee to be heated for a long time and to wean it after removing the container from the stove.

Consequently, it turns out a good density of the drink, which is important for the strength (density, density) of coffee.

For those who decide to choose a Turk for cooking from ceramics, it should be taken into account that they are quite fragile.

Stainless Steel Turks

Stainless steel turks look attractive. Coffee in them is prepared quickly, but also cools instantly. In addition, the taste of the beverage prepared in the steel Turk is worse than in the ceramic and metal Turks.

Therefore, for those who want to choose a good Turk for making coffee, we cannot recommend this option.

Geyser Turk

Today, you can also choose a geyser Turk for brewing coffee. It consists of two parts. Coffee is poured into one, water is poured into another. Under the pressure of water, coffee rises and brews. There is no need to stand at the stove and make coffee. The volume of geyser turks is large, which allows you to make several servings of coffee at once - convenient for offices.

Quartz Turks

Today you can also buy a Turk from mountain quartz - crystal Turk. Она пригодна для приготовления кофе на электрической и газовой плите. Специальный горный кварц очень стойкий. Из него делают иллюминаторы в космических ракетах и кораблях.

Кварцевая турка имеет свои преимущества перед керамическими и металлическими турками.

  • Во-первых, теплопроводность у турок из кварца выше, чем у турок из металла (следовательно, крепость приготовленного напитка у них лучше). Они близки по этому свойству к керамическим туркам.
  • Во-вторых, турка из кварца прозрачна, что позволяет контролировать процесс закипания воды. Consequently, you do not miss the boiling point of water, and a strong froth is formed on the coffee, which allows you to keep the real taste of coffee.
  • Such Turks never oxidized.
  • Turk tolerates both high and low temperatures - is not afraid of either fire or cold.
  • In addition, the Turk looks elegant and refined.

In this way, quartz turks can be called the golden middle for those who are looking for which coffee pot is better.

The shape of the Turks affects the taste of coffee

If the strength of coffee is affected by the material from which the Turk is made, the shape of the vessel influences the taste of coffee. That most turks tall, widened downwards and tapered upwards - not the whim of the creators, but a necessity.

  • To get good coffee, it is important not to digest it and not to miss the moment of boiling (raising) coffee in the Turk. Best of all, the process of raising the foam takes place in high-shaped Turks. Therefore, for those who are looking for what form to choose a Turk, it is important to pay attention to the high Turks. Only in such tanks the foam rises slowly.
  • Due to the fact that the Turk is narrowed up, the foam can not quickly rise. A “cap” forms on the surface, which prevents fatty coffee oils from evaporating and oxygen to penetrate into the drink. The foam makes the coffee aromatic, and the taste is saturated.

We draw the attention of those who decided to choose a Turk for brewing coffee from steel: almost all of them are produced with a wide neck. This feature does not allow foam to form on the surface of the drink. Coffee will lose its taste.

Therefore, we do not recommend choosing a Turk from steel.

The bottom and neck of the Turks

As mentioned above, the Turks should have a wide bottom and a narrowed neck - this form is ideal for those who are looking for which one is better to choose a Turk for coffee.

  • Ideally, the diameter of the bottom of the Turks should be 2-3 times wider than the diameter of the neck.
  • On the neck of the Turks should be a spout through which it is convenient to pour the drink into the cup. Some manufacturers produce Turks with nozzles on both sides, which is convenient for left-handers.

Size turks

  • The most popular among users are the Turks, in which 150–180 ml of coffee can be made at a time. For this volume, choose Turks with a capacity of 150 to 200 ml.
  • For those who drink coffee in small portions, as is customary in Turkey, we recommend choosing a small Turk for 100 ml. In such a Turk you make coffee for one small 50-80 ml cup.
  • Turks of greater volume (300 ml) allow you to make coffee for 2-3 people. But the taste of coffee brewed in large Turks will differ from that of small Turks.

The women's site sympaty.net recommends choosing the Turks of a small size, since they can make real strong coffee, in which both the taste and the density of the drink will be perfectly preserved. And even better to have 2 small Turks than one large.

In a big turk you don’t brew good coffee for one person, but for a few guests you can make coffee individually for everyone in the little turks, considering their taste preferences and wishes.

  • Well, when the handle is long and does not heat up.
  • There are also Turks with removable handles. They are especially convenient for those who want to take the Turk with them on the road - the Turk will fit compactly in a travel bag.
  • You can choose a Turk with a very long handle, which is designed for making coffee on the grill.
  • But the Turks with a high-raised handle are designed for making coffee on the sand.

Turks for induction cooker

It is known that Ceramics, metal or quartz turks are not suitable for use on an induction cooker. You can choose a Turk for such plates. In this case, keep in mind that it is better to choose a Turk for an induction cooker with a bottom, the diameter of which is 8 cm.

Turks with a wider or narrow bottom are often unsuitable for an induction cooker: the stove "does not see" the Turk with a narrow bottom, and with a wide heats not only the bottom of the Turks, but also the surface of the stove.

Some manufacturers produce special wheels under the Turk. Thanks to the pancake disks, you can make coffee on an induction stove in the ceramics, metal or quartz turkish. The disk will heat up and transfer its heat to the Turk, and the Turk to heat the water for coffee.

Ceramic Turk

Connoisseurs of invigorating hot drink on the question of which Turk to choose for brewing coffee, confidently answer - ceramic. Food ceramics - the material is environmentally friendly, natural, proven. Ceramic Turks do not leave a taste in the drink, on the contrary, they themselves are soaked with coffee aroma.

  • Title: Ceraflame "Ibriks", with decor, D93228
  • Price: 2074 rubles.
  • Characteristics: Cezveza, volume of 0.35 l, with a removable handle, chocolate colored, coated with glaze, resistant to temperature changes, can be used in the microwave, on the gas and electric (including convection) stove.
  • Pros: environmentally friendly, resistant to mechanical stress, can withstand both high and low temperatures (freezing).
  • Cons: perfect jazz but expensive.

Coffee does not like fuss. He needs a leisurely reception, a beautiful table setting. Elegant ceramic coffee Turk, made in Brazil, will not only give you the taste and aroma of real Arabica, but also incomparable aesthetic pleasure.

  • Name: Ceraflame "Ibriks", 500.
  • Price: 3219 rubles.
  • Characteristics: half-liter, glossy black jazz, material - high-quality ceramics, designed for large temperature drops, wooden handle is removed.
  • Pros: durable, roomy, beautiful.
  • Cons: only high price.

Clay Turk

Products made of clay are distinguished from ceramics by the absence of glaze and, as a result of this, by a porous matte texture. This structure complicates the care of dishes, increases the risk of violation of hygienic standards. Because of this, leading manufacturers of dishes refused to release clay products. In their catalogs, the phrase "clay Turks" means in essence that they are made of ceramics. Below is another interesting ceramic model that Muscovites willingly buy.

  • Name: Turk ceramic "Namibia"
  • Price: from 1265 rubles
  • Characteristics: Available in three versions (0.2, 0.3, 0.5 liters), ceramics are reinforced with metal, which makes it stronger, withstands temperature changes, the color of the glaze is red with black ornamentation.
  • Pros: very beautiful, keeps warm for a long time.
  • Cons: requires careful handling.

Brewing coffee is a kind of art. One of the interesting properties of clay pots is the ability to “bring” content to readiness after turning off the fire. It is necessary to adjust to remove the boiling drink on time, then give it a minute to infuse.

  • Name: Turk ceramic "Rwanda".
  • Price: 1860 rubles.
  • Characteristics: half-liter jazz conical shape with a narrow neck, thick black color with contrasting exotic ornament, high-quality glaze, wooden handle, not heated.
  • Pros: volume, giving the opportunity to brew coffee for two or three people, great design.
  • Cons: it must be handled with care.

Melchior Turk

Melchior - an alloy of copper and nickel, in the last century was widely used for the production of cutlery, cup holders, teapots, pots. In this historical period, the question "which Turk is better for brewing coffee" was not at all. Without options, Turk nickel silver! Perhaps it was a fashionable trend, or the relative availability of nickel silver items played a role. Today, users prefer copper cezves, which have replaced nickel silver from everyday life. Nickel is used in their production as an outer coating.

  • Name: Turkish Village "Egypt"
  • Price: 1162 rubles.
  • Characteristics: a large jazz capacity of 0.7 l, the main material is copper, the outer coating is black nickel, the inner one is edible tin, the product handle is wooden.
  • Pros: durable, comfortable, very beautiful.
  • Cons: not suitable for induction hobs.

Another model of nickel-plated cezve from TM Stanitsa - Zodiac Signs. It is made in different sizes, from individual, 0.2 liters, to the family - 600 ml.

  • Name: Village of the Turk "Signs of the Zodiac".
  • Price: from 719 rubles.
  • Characteristics: brass jazz, nickel plated on the outside and covered with food tin inside, executed in volumes from 0.2 to 0.6 l, with a wooden handle.
  • Pros: you can choose the size or buy a kit, a beautiful, comfortable stick.
  • Cons: can not be used for plates with induction.

Brass turkish

Brass is another copper-based non-ferrous metal alloy. Zinc and sometimes some tin are added to it. The brass Turk is very beautiful, the metal retains its brightness and brightness for a long time, and is well polished. The choice of Turkish brass is small, but pay attention to them when choosing.

  • Name: Turk for coffee Sri Ram Export.
  • Price: 1337 rubles.
  • Product specifications: India brique made of brass, coated with heat-resistant lacquer, volume 275 ml, height 110 mm, the handle is made of heat-resistant plastic.
  • Pros: modern design.
  • Cons: not for induction stoves.

Adding inexpensive zinc to valuable copper made dishes made of brass more accessible and, as a result, more popular. Metal products of royal design appeared not only in the palaces. The beauty of brass Turks produced by the Indian company Standart Art Product is sure to be appreciated by you.

  • Name: Stand for Art Coffee Products Turk.
  • Price: 1176 rubles.
  • Characteristics: cezve volume 250 ml, conical shape, with a wide neck, material - brass.
  • Pros: durable, does not lose luster, does not oxidize.
  • Minus: not suitable for induction cookers.

Cast Iron Turk

Ware from cast iron evenly warms up, keeps heat for a long time, levels sharp temperature drops with the help of thick bottom and walls. However, the cast-iron Turks did not take root in the everyday life of modern man. They are bulky and heavy, uncomfortable to use them. Replacing the pots of cast iron found. Many well-known companies that produce dishes, produce Turkish stainless steel with a thick bottom.

  • Name: Regent 93-MC03 / 12
  • Price: 890 rubles.
  • Characteristics: steel jazz with a shiny outer surface, non-corrosive, resistant to mechanical damage, volume 0.3 l, has a handle made of heat-resistant plastic.
  • Pros: you can wash in the dishwasher, the cost is small.
  • Cons: the pen is not removed.

The well-known German company GIPFEL also produces stainless steel pots, which are successfully used to brew flavored freshly ground coffee.

  • Name: Turk Gipfel 5591.
  • Price: 1120 rubles.
  • Characteristics: stainless steel pots, with a volume of 0.4 liters, suitable for all types of plates, including electric induction, handle bakelite products.
  • Pros: can be washed in a dishwasher, resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Cons: not identified.

Glass Turk

Cookware made of heat-resistant glass is available and popular, has many fans among the hostesses. Convenient to use glass Turks. They quickly transfer heat to the contents, make it possible to control the boiling process. These are multifunctional dishes, besides coffee, you can cook cocoa in it, boil milk, make cream or icing.

  • Name: Tescoma "Teo"
  • Price: 1269 rubles
  • Characteristics: glass jazz with a wall thickness of 2 mm, the volume of the product - 0.5 liters, the handle of heat-resistant plastic.
  • Pros: well washed, including in the dishwasher, for a long time retains the original appearance.
  • Cons: you need to handle carefully, as with any glass product.

How to choose a Turk for coffee

If you decide to abandon the coffee machine in favor of the cezve, you need to make a difficult choice. Pay attention to the different types of Turk for coffee. If you are well versed in the intricacies of making coffee, you do not need advice. Novice coffee lovers better buy a copper or ceramic Turochka. Steel, glass, enameled - more versatile, they can not only make coffee. Check out the Vitesse, Taller, Metrot catalogs. Each of these companies produces excellent coffee brewing vessels.

Buy in the online store you can not only individual Turks, but also kits for making Turkish coffee in the sand. As an expensive gift, you can buy a Soy poke, which can cost tens of thousands of rubles. Copper and even silver Turks of this company are made by hand, each of them is exclusive.

What kind of vessel is this?

Turk is generally accepted, or, in Turkish, jazz, is the traditional dishes for brewing coffee, tapering to the top of the vessel, has thick walls and a long handle (use it for cooking coffee on the stove, and for more exotic for us, but traditional in Turkey and Arabia, options - for example, in the sand, wood or coal). Properly chosen Turk makes a coffee drink thick and rich, roasted coffee beans, ground into fine grains, gives all its taste and aroma.

The choice of Turks in the stores is huge. You can build on the material from which they are made, and on the volumes of the Turks, and even on the material of the handle - this is usually important from a purely aesthetic side. There are Turks for making coffee on the stove, there is - electric.

A good Turk has a thick bottom; it is shaped like a cone - a wide base and a narrow neck. According to all the rules, the neck and the base should correspond 1: 2. Turkish legends say that the narrower the neck and the wider the bottom of the cezve, the tastier the coffee, because the narrow neck retains the essential oils of the coffee beans, and the froth that forms in the neck when cooking coffee prevents the drink from excessive air.

What is the amount of coffee turks?

The smallest Turks go from 70 ml (this is one small cup), more voluminous - contain up to 600 ml of drink (for 5 cups). To make coffee, for example, for two people, that is, for two cups not for espresso, it will be more convenient to use a cezve of 350 or 400 ml.

At the bottom of the Turks, some manufacturers indicate the numbers from 1 to 7, this is the number of cups of coffee that can be brewed at a time in this Turk.

Table: Pros and cons of traditional dzhev and electric turks

  • Rich taste of the drink, achieved by slowly boiling water in the cezve,
  • A wide range of Turks of different materials and volumes,
  • You can control the process of making coffee and several times prevent it from boiling (in some unusual recipes it is used quite often).
  • Express coffee preparation, at high power, just 40 seconds,
  • It is easy to carry a Turk and use it outside the home and kitchen,
  • Reliability of the device
  • Do not be afraid that the coffee starts to boil or “run away”; many Turks have an auto-off function.
  • Slow cooking process,
  • Care must be taken not to allow the coffee to boil.
  • The taste of the drink does not have such saturation as when cooking coffee "by hand", as the water starts to boil too quickly,
  • There is no diversity of Turks of different volumes (standard electric Turks are available for 250–350 ml),
  • The main material of electric Turks is ceramics, which has a higher price than other materials, and the ability to absorb foreign odors,
  • Special care is required to prevent scale on the walls of the electric turks.

In the event that the speed of making coffee is important to you - feel free to choose an electric Turk, if you are a coffee gourmet, then your kitchen should have a traditional “manual” jazz.

How to choose a Turk for the plate?

The main indicator that you should pay attention to when choosing is the material from which the Turk is made. It can be metal (copper or brass, stainless steel, bronze, silver, aluminum), ceramics or clay, glass. Each Turks has its own characteristics, consider the pros and cons of the Turks from different metals in the table.

Table: pros and cons of copper pots, brass, bronze and others

  1. Have the correct cone-shaped form and the optimum ratio of the length of the circumferences of the bottom and neck,
  2. The bottom of these Dzhezv thickened, which contributes to uniform heating of the water when brewing coffee,
  3. Durable and reliable
  4. Nice looking
  5. Have an affordable price (from 600 to 1000 rubles).
  1. Materials such as pure copper or brass require periodic cleaning,
  2. With prolonged use of copper or brass pots, they can begin to absorb odors, which affects the taste of the beverage they are preparing.
  1. Do not require special care,
  2. Steel is a very light metal
  3. The vessel is durable and impact resistant
  4. Have a low price.
  1. Possess a wide neck, do not have a classic cone-shaped form,
  2. There is no thickening of the walls or the bottom, because of which water heats up too quickly,
  3. Give a metallic taste,
  4. Slowly cool down, making it easier to miss the point of boiling coffee.
  5. You can find stainless steel Turks only large volumes - from 500 ml to 750 ml.
  1. Durable
  2. Attractive look,
  3. Slowly heat up - coffee has time to reveal its flavor.
  1. It is easy to make a mistake and buy a fake.
  1. They look very aesthetically pleasing,
  2. Have the correct form,
  3. Are reliable.
  1. Silver Cereal needs regular cleaning,
  2. Heat up faster than copper or aluminum Turks, so coffee can have an insufficiently saturated taste,
  3. High price.
  1. Unpretentious care,
  2. Have a low price.
  1. It gives the coffee a metallic taste.
  1. Variety of designs
  2. The presence of thick walls for slow and uniform heating of water,
  3. Ceramics - the safest material for health.
  1. Ceramic pots are very fragile and non-impact-resistant,
  2. The high price of such jacks compared to the Turks made of copper or aluminum,
  3. Ceramic Turks, not covered with special glaze, absorb coloring pigment and odors.
  1. Глина — пористый материал, пропускающий воздух, поэтому кофе, который варится в такой джезве, обогащается кислородом и становится очень насыщенным.
  1. Глина имеет способность впитывать запахи, поэтому рекомендуется готовить в глиняной джезве только один сорт кофе.
  1. Имеют очень привлекательный внешний вид,
  2. Вы можете наблюдать весь процесс варки кофе,
  3. Не требуют специального ухода,
  4. Versatile - can be used not only for brewing coffee, but also for heating milk, for example,
  5. A pleasant price (glass Turks are sold in the price range from 350 to 600 rubles).
  1. Glass is a rather fragile material
  2. An extremely small assortment of glass pots in volume, most often Turks from 500 ml go on sale,
  3. The water in these Turks is heated too quickly, the taste of ground coffee beans does not have time to open, and the drink is not so saturated,
  4. They have a wide neck, rather than a narrow one, like in classic classical pots, so part of the coffee aroma and beneficial essential oils evaporate.

The induction stove conducts heat through the dishes, so when choosing the Turks for coffee, it is important to remember that ceramics made of ceramic and copper are poorly suited for the induction cooker (they do not conduct heat well), it is better to use Turkish enameled steel.

There are specially designed models of ceramic or copper, at the bottom of which there is an insert made of ferromagnetic material, which allows an induction cooker to “recognize” the bottom of the Turks. Usually the manufacturer notifies the buyer about this, leaving the word Induction on the package. Cons of such Turks - it does not have the classical form, has a very wide neck.

Video: tips for choosing for each type of plate?

If a magnet is attracted to the bottom of the Turks outside, it is suitable for an induction cooker.

There are still some nuances concerning the choice of the Turks for the induction stove. For example, the bottom diameter of your chosen Turks should be in the range from 8 to 12 cm, if the bottom of the Turks is too small, the induction hob may not turn on.

It is possible not to abandon the use of ceramic and copper pots, if you buy an induction ferromagnetic disk that acts as an adapter-adapter between the stove and the bottom of the Turks, the stove recognizes it and starts heating.

Another way is to make traditional Turkish coffee - use a frying pan, in which sand is poured.

Qualitative Turks - what are they?

Good Turks from copper, ceramics and clay must necessarily have a conical shape, thickened walls and bottom. Thick walls are responsible for uniform heating of water in the Turk, and the bottom - for the rapid heating of the upcoming drink. In addition, the bottom must be not only thick, but also hard - this prevents the Turkish deformation, which can lead to overheating of the drink and change its taste in a negative direction.

As for the material, in particular, copper Turks, it should not be pure copper - you need to choose an alloy of copper with other substances, or a Turk, covered from the inside with a layer of food tin or silver, because such a substance as copper can come into contact with coffee, oxidize and give a chemical reaction.

Video: how to choose a quality Turk depending on the material?

The handle material of the Turks should be less thermally conductive than the main part (for example, wood), and the handle itself should be long and have a good slope so that you cannot get burned. In addition, the handle of the Turks should be attached to the main part of the rivets, and not be welded to it - it is much more reliable. On sale there is also a cezve and with a twist-off handle.

Each Turk, according to all the rules, below, on the outside of the bottom, should bear the factory marking, and on the packaging of the Turks (and not at the bottom, this is important!) There should be a label that speaks at least about the country of origin of the goods, - about all the materials used in its production. Copper cups (domestically produced) usually have a stamp on it.

How to check the quality of the Turks in the store?

Pay close attention to the thickness of the walls and the bottom, if you think that they are too thin - it is better to postpone this cezve, because the coffee in it will heat up unevenly, strive to boil or run away.

Choose a Turk with a non-metallic handle: burning is not very pleasant.

The edges of the pots should be carefully machined so as not to scratch or cling to the hands.

How to check the quality of the purchased Turks at home?

When brewing coffee, jazz should not publish any “extra” flavors, otherwise it is of poor quality. The bottom should remain as hard as when purchased, and not deform from heating.

The ceramic cezve should not “float” the drawing, otherwise it may begin to emit harmful substances into the air.

Also, if you bought low-quality pots, a few days after using it, the handle may begin to wobble - this is the “weakest” place of such dishes. You can try to fix it yourself or return the Turk back to the store.

If you are convinced that the jazz you bought is of good quality, it should be processed before using and first brewing coffee: pour pure water into the cezve, add a couple of slices of fresh lemon and bring it all to the boil. Rinse the Turk with cool water. You can also wash the pots with soda. It is important to remember that the Turk should not be washed before or after making coffee with any dishwashing detergent; they will give the coffee an unpleasant aroma.

How to buy a quality electric Turk?

Expert Larisa Tsareva advises:

Electric Turk must be chosen from high-strength plastic, good metal or steel. Important options for electric Turks - protection against overheating (the Turk will not work without water) and automatic shutdown. Small Turks are convenient - you can take them with you on a trip. Many models have a folding handle, which is also very nice.

Seller-expert Denis Basuev shares with buyers:

Electric wheel invented for convenience. Brewed coffee is always with you - both on trips and in the office. In a good electric car, there will never be extraneous tastes and smells. Choose an electric car from the highest quality materials.

The rating of the best models of electric cars:

1. Hotter HX-CM2039

  • 250 ml capacity
  • auto power off - is,
  • materials - plastic and stainless steel,
  • manufacturing country of Great Britain.

Video: how does the electric hotter Turk work?

2. ZIMBER ZM-10732

  • volume 300 ml
  • auto power off - is,
  • materials - metal,
  • country of origin is China.

3. CENTEK CT-1080 W

  • volume of 500 ml
  • auto power off - no,
  • material - stainless steel
  • country of origin is China.

4. SINBO SCM 2916

  • 400 ml capacity
  • auto power off - is,
  • material is metal
  • manufacturing country Turkey.

Video: SINBO Electric Turks Review


  • volume 300 ml
  • auto power off - no,
  • material - stainless steel
  • country of origin is China.

Photo Gallery: rating of electric cars

Review on electric ZIMBER ZM-10732:

I am very glad that I bought this Turk a year ago. I was looking for an awkward pen. Coffee brews well, in time from 2 minutes 15 seconds to 2 minutes 50 seconds. Washes very well (after all, she slept 2 times), as she was brilliant, and glitters after a year of almost daily use. When boiling the coffee pours out, but does not get on the contacts, although it is bad that there is no shutdown without water. By volume, one large cup or two coffee.


http://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/32499768/?yclid=85825519714572806&utm_source=yandex_direct&utm_medium=cccctc_utm_campaign=dynamic_appliance_feed_rf_23556161 of the person’s nesting; % d0% b0% d0% b2% d0% ba% d0% b0% 7Ccid% 7C23556161% 7Cgid% 7C2252491894% 7Caid% 7C440% CC%% CC% 7Cno% 7Ckw% 7C% 7C%% CC% 7C% % be% d1% 81% d1% 82% d0% b0% d0% b2% d0% ba% d0% b0

Feedback on ceramic Turk "Slavic ceramics":

The effect of coffee brewing in ceramics ... The impression that I make coffee in the sand. When the coffee starts to rise (foam), then you need to instantly remove the Turk from the fire, the foam leaves for a few more seconds. It happens that I immediately pour a few grams into a cup at once, otherwise I risk pouring it. In copper such action is not observed. The effect of heating coffee in volume gives its unprecedented results: coffee is always with foam, tasty, rich and aromatic. Turku put right on the fire, not afraid to crack. At first I used a fire divider, but now I realized that there was no such need.
I advise everyone to buy and taste coffee from the ceramic Turks, much tastier than in the copper, classical.



Feedback on electric wheel ENDEVER SKYLIN 220 KR:

The process of making coffee must be constantly monitored. Coffee starts to boil very quickly - a maximum of a couple of minutes, so you need to be close in time to remove the Turk from the heating element, otherwise the coffee “runs away”. We really liked the final version. The coffee is aromatic and practically does not differ from that prepared in the classical Turk.

Alisa li


Response to the copper Turk "Stanitsa":

Before you buy a Turk, I read that the best Turks are made of copper. I was very happy when I saw this in the store, although there were options from aluminum and stainless steel. I didn’t hesitate, I bought a copper Turk and I’m happy to use it for the second year. The Turk is small, for a maximum of three you can make coffee, but it should be a small, tasty coffee, too. It has a classic shape - wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, as well as a thick, seemingly double bottom. The Turks have a long wooden handle, it does not heat up and there is no need for tacking. A big plus for me is her appearance, she is beautiful, she does not want to hide her in the closet, stands in a prominent place as an ornament and is always at hand. I love such special, cozy things that can tell something about their owners. This little girl as if says: “They love coffee in this house!”



Feedback on electric Hotter HX-CM2039:

The coffee maker works on the principle of an electric kettle on a heating disc. It has a small volume (250 ml), so the coffee is brewed for 1-2 minutes. The only negative is the lack of automatic shutdown in emergency situations (for example, if the coffee runs away), although it is stated in the instruction manual. But this minus does not greatly complicate the process of making your favorite drink.



Feedback on electric CENTEK CT-1080 W:

This Turk is not for home use, you can of course use it at home if you live alone, just the volume of it is only half a liter per person, you need to buy something for a larger apartment for a family.



Feedback on electric SINBO SCM 2916:

It looks very stylish, the surface is completely made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean. Yes, in the process of brewing the coffee has to be monitored and turned off in time. But the coffee maker boils very quickly, so there are no problems. The bottom of the Turks is not completely heated, so the Turk can be put on any surface immediately after making coffee.



To make the morning kind and to cheer up all day long is not difficult, this is a matter of good coffee. But it can not be cooked in the wrong Turk. Follow our advice on her choice, and you will succeed!

How to choose a Turk for brewing coffee

Now you can easily find the Turks, made of various materials - copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics and even glass. But how to choose the right Turk for brewing coffee? What should it be ideally? Immediately warn that among the listed materials the most undesirable is aluminum. It oxidizes rapidly and reacts undesirably with the acids found in coffee.

A properly chosen Turk should have the following important parameters:

  1. In shape it should be cone-shaped. It is the shape of the cone that allows solid particles to be kept below. In addition, in such a Turk coffee will not quickly run away.
  2. The bottom should be thick enough. Due to the thick bottom in the Turk is provided the correct temperature. It holds heat better.
  3. Also important is the good thermal conductivity of the material. Such a Turk quickly heats up, and the coffee gives the drink all its beneficial substances. This process is scientifically called extraction. When brewed, the coffee substances are concentrated in water. So it turns out coffee extract.
  4. The neck should be twice narrower than the bottom. The wide bottom provides excellent stability and good heat. But thanks to the narrow neck in the drink will be the correct temperature. In addition, when solid particles of sediment begin to rise from the bottom, they will be stopped by a convex wall in front of the neck. Also, a narrow neck will help create a dense saturated foam. This form of the Turks will help to provide a rich taste and rich aroma of the drink. The greater this difference between the neck and the bottom, the tastier the coffee you get.
  5. For a Turk to be comfortable to take, its handle must be made of a material that does not heat up. This is most often a tree species.
  6. The volume of the Turks should be average. This will help to cook 2-3 servings of coffee at once. At the same time it warms up quickly.
  7. Easy to operate. Any Turk is simple enough. Therefore, it has become so popular.
  8. Reliable to use.

How to choose coffee for the Turks

In order for coffee in Turku brewed as best as possible, the grain should be ground into a very fine powder. Only in this case, you get a really strong and rich drink. But you can choose a variety individually, to your liking.

Now consider those Turks who best meet all the requirements that we have listed above.

How to choose material

What material should the perfect jazz be made of? Which Turk is better: ceramic or copper? Immediately specify that the material is the main parameter that affects the quality of the prepared beverage. Now coffee Turk is made of various materials. Which is better to buy - ceramic, copper, aluminum, glass or stainless steel?

For the manufacture of such Turks used food alloys of aluminum. It is manufactured commercially using conventional stamping. These Turks are very cheap. They were sold throughout the Soviet Union. Aluminum has its advantages:

  • He is light. Aluminum - metal, which has a very low weight.
  • Cheap. Utensils made of aluminum at all times was the cheapest. Therefore, it was decided to use it in public canteens. Now you can find an aluminum Turk for 200 rubles.
  • Reliable. Despite the fact that aluminum is soft enough material, such a jazz will not break or beat.
  • Easy care. For its long-term operation does not need to perform any conditions.

Aluminum has its drawbacks:

  • The difference in the diameter of the bottom and neck will be minimal. This is due to the fact that the Turks are produced by stamping. In the best case, the ratio of the neck and bottom will be maintained at 1: 2. Because of this, the drink will lose its flavor and taste.
  • The metal is very soft. Because of this, aluminum products are too easily damaged. Scratches quickly appear on them. They bend easily. On the aluminum Turks quickly appear dents.
  • The design is simple. Since the Turks are made of aluminum on an industrial scale by stamping, the design of these products is too budget. From them you should not expect much beauty and sophistication.
  • The product will be very unstable. Aluminum Turks are too light, so they are not very resistant. An empty or incomplete Turk quickly turns over.

Conclusion - aluminum turku is more appropriate in the campaign than in the kitchen. It is too simple, primitive, soft and unstable.

Copper (brass)

Copper Turks are more preferable. Traditionally it is believed that copper is best suited for the manufacture of the Turks. But it does not use pure copper, but its alloys. Most often it is brass. On sale you can find both serial Turks and hand-made products. But the Turks, made of pure copper, it is quite difficult to meet. Pure copper will oxidize very quickly, because the masters prefer to use its alloys. Especially copper is rapidly oxidized under the action of acids, which are contained in coffee. Products made of pure copper quickly darken and lose their attractiveness. In this case, the metal becomes even dangerous. If you use a pure copper Turk, dangerous compounds will penetrate into the drink. They are detrimental to health and can accumulate in the body.

It should be remembered that even those cezves, which are made of brass, still oxidize over time. They are affected by air, water, acids from a coffee drink. To prevent such oxidation, brass products inside are covered with a layer of food tin.

Advantages of copper products:

  • Often they are made in the form of a cone, and it is precisely this form that is most suitable for a cezve.
  • With respect to the bottom and neck, all the necessary proportions are respected to the maximum. That is why the coffee brewed in the copper Turk turns out to be especially tasty, fragrant, and the foam on it carefully clogs the lumen of the narrow neck. It is thanks to the dense thick froth on top, in the drink is observed rich taste and unique aroma.
  • The bottom is thicker. Such a thickening helps the vessel to warm up better. The thick bottom jasper heats up more evenly. Therefore, the coffee powder gives its taste and aroma as fully as possible. The extraction process is flawless.
  • Strength. Copper alloys are very strong. On these Turks will not be dents and scratches.
  • Reliability. This vessel will not roll over. Due to the fact that its bottom is thickened, this gives such a cezve particular stability. Also, these vessels are stable due to the fact that they have an average weight.
  • Aesthetics. Such vessels are pleased with their attractive appearance. Especially decorative are those products that are made by hand. The most beautiful Turks can be found in their homeland - in Turkey. К тому же, там они более дешевые. Они не только функциональны, но и могут украсить любую кухню.
  • Достаточно недорогие. Доступная цена и другие преимущества сделали медные турки самыми популярными. Сейчас турка, выполненная из меди, стоит около 800-1000 руб.

Copper utensils have their disadvantages:

  • Copper Turk must be periodically thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, these beautiful products quickly darken and become covered with soot.
  • Copper is good enough to absorb odors. If it is used for a long time, a peculiar smell will appear inside the vessel.

So, a Turk made of copper is a classic. This material is used from the very beginning of the appearance of cezve. Over the centuries of its use, such vessels have proven their maximum effectiveness.

Ceramics (clay)

Oddly enough, but you can find ceramic Turks. They are made of clay. Often these products have beautiful decor and original author's design. For the production of such Turks use a mixture of clay and various plasticizers. Such vessels can be covered with beautiful glaze, and can be without it.

  • It is eco-friendly. Ceramic products even under the influence of high temperature do not emit any hazardous substances to health.
  • It has thick walls. Due to this ceramic Turk warms up slowly and smoothly. It promotes good extraction. Drink in a ceramic vessel is strong, with an expressive aroma.
  • Special designs. Ceramic Turks are performed by masters practically in a single copy. They often have the original author's design. Products turn out beautiful and have high decorative value.
  • The correct shape of the cone. It is in the Turk of such a conical shape that coffee is brewed best. It does not allow to rise up coffee precipitate.
  • The correct proportions - a wide bottom and a narrow neck. In a narrow neck dense foam reliably keeps, and the wide bottom gives to a vessel stability.

It is necessary to take into account such cons of ceramics:

  • She is very fragile. Such a cezve is very easy to beat.
  • Unstable before different loads. Any blow can be fatal.
  • Price. Ceramic Turk will be more expensive than aluminum or copper.
  • Often these vessels have a complex decor. It is too much. Because of these decorations can be a problem even with washing. Excessive decoration complicates everyday care.
  • Can absorb excess odors, and also often stained. This is due to the peculiarity of the material. Clay has a porous structure. Therefore, products made of it are able to absorb paints and odors with which they come into contact.

Ceramic Turk should be chosen if environmental friendliness is especially important for you. Products from this universal natural material are completely safe.

Glass cezves began to be produced relatively recently. The fact is that a special form of the Turks requires an especially careful approach to its production from this fragile material. These Turks began to produce on an industrial scale. In the factories only borosilicate glass is used. It is characterized by maximum resistance to heat. Products made of it can easily withstand high temperatures.

The advantages of glass Turks:

  • Such a product is always attractive.
  • Thanks to the transparent walls you can fully control the process of brewing coffee. Now you definitely do not miss the moment when the foam rushes to the top of the thin neck.
  • The price is low. Despite the fact that such Turks began to produce relatively recently, they did not become expensive. For 400-500 rubles. You can easily find a convenient and attractive half-liter vessel.
  • Operation is as simple as possible. As you know, to care for glass is very simple. It is non-porous and will not absorb excess odors. It will not be painted. The whole process of care will be reduced to the fact that after using the Turk, you will need to wash it and wipe it with a towel.
  • Versatility. Such a glass vessel is suitable not only for making coffee. You can warm it milk, water and even boil porridge.

Despite all the advantages of glass, it is not without its drawbacks:

  • Fragility. This is perhaps the biggest minus of glass. Products from it are easy to beat. They are not subject to restoration.
  • Large amount of dishes. Most often it is possible to meet glass Turks, whose volume is as much as half a liter. For coffee, it can be a lot, especially if you only brew it for yourself. But if you need to cook a strong drink for a large company, glass Turk will be very useful.
  • Coffee will boil too fast. Note that coffee in a glass turkish will reach the desired degree of extraction only under that condition. If it boils. And we know that boiling coffee is extremely undesirable. Due to boiling this magic drink can significantly lose its taste and aroma.
  • Wrong form. You will not be able to find a glass cezve made in the classical form of a cone. Available vessels that have too wide neck. They are better suited for boiling milk or water than for making coffee. Since the neck is too wide, in the first place, the aroma and taste of the drink will suffer.

Undoubtedly, glass jazz looks elegant, modern and stylish. But making coffee is not the best option. It is better to use it for other purposes. This is a versatile and sufficiently comfortable vessel.

Turks made of silver for a long time. They look rich and will decorate any kitchen. But they are quite expensive, because they are often chosen as a universal gift or souvenir. On such a Turk, you can even make a memorable inscription, and for many years it will delight its owners with memories of such a wonderful, useful gift. Such products are not produced on an industrial scale. They are made in a single master copy. Some silver Turks produce in small batches in jewelry factories.

Among the advantages of silver are:

  • Grace, beauty. These Turks look amazing. They are decorated with author drawings or ornaments. This vessel will decorate any room. Whether it is handmade or factory-made, they are always made elegantly and with taste. Material obliges.
  • Such products are given the most correct conical shape. They strictly adhere to all the necessary proportions. In such vessels, the neck is always as narrow as possible.
  • Silver has a high degree of reliability. It will not react dangerously with substances found in coffee.

There are silverware and cons:

  • High cost. Silver is a noble metal. It was always quite expensive. Therefore, for a silver Turk will need to pay a considerable amount. For the most inexpensive silver poker, you will have to pay an average of 24-25 thousand rubles.
  • Need special maintenance and regular cleaning. Silver quickly darkens. This is because the metal is in contact with air, acids in food, etc. If you want a silver vessel to look like a new one, do not forget to clean it regularly. This cleaning should be especially thorough, because it will take some time.
  • Excessive decorativeness. Such cezves are lavishly decorated with drawings and ornaments. Particularly unique are those made by the hands of masters. Such a vessel is more appropriate for decoration than for everyday coffee.
  • Heats up too fast. Silver has a thermal conductivity index that is too high. It heats up faster than aluminum or copper. This means that the water in it boils too fast. Coffee at the same time simply does not have time to brew and get watery. But it is very important that the extraction took place as long as possible. And for a long extraction it is necessary that the drink heats up as slowly as possible.

Turku silver is better to choose not for domestic use, but for that. To make a gift. This is a useful and beautiful gift. It can be a real interior decoration. Often, the Turk of silver becomes an important component of the design. But every day to make coffee in it is not worth it.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the result of industrialization. With the development of industry, stainless steel began to use cutlery and utensils on an industrial scale. For the manufacture of stainless steel used alloy of steel and zinc or chromium. Such additives do not allow the metal to oxidize. Stainless steel sticks are produced in large volumes in large plants.

  • She is light. You will get an easy, but fairly stable Turk.
  • Easy to care. It is enough to regularly wash it and wipe it dry with a towel.
  • Strength. You will not scratch or break it. This material is very durable. Even in the event of a fall on it will not remain scratches or dents.
  • Cheapness Due to the fact that the Turks stainless steel produced on an industrial scale, their price is reduced to a minimum.
  • Reliability.

Among the minuses we call the following:

  • Too wide neck.
  • The metal over its entire surface has the same thickness. These dzhezv smooth walls. Because of this, the thick can rise upwards without encountering resistance in the form of a curved vessel wall. Since the bottom is not thickened, the vessel will warm unevenly. The water in it will boil too quickly. As we already mentioned, the extraction process suffers because of this. If the water boils quickly, the drink will turn out to be watery. It simply does not have time to go in full those substances and aromatic oils, which are contained in the coffee powder.
  • Available in high volume vessels. Most often, the Turks, made of stainless steel, are offered in a volume of 400 ml. But more often you can find an even larger volume - 500-750 ml.

Turk stainless steel as close as possible to another dish - a scoop. Yes, it is convenient, reliable and versatile. But with the Turk he has little in common. It does not work to brew a really strong and aromatic coffee.

So, we have considered, from what material there are Turks, their advantages and possible disadvantages. But this is just one of the indicators. Another important characteristic of the Turks is its volume.

Choosing a Turk of the right size.

We have repeatedly mentioned that in a large-volume Turk it is not very convenient to brew coffee. It will be appropriate only if you need to prepare a drink for a large company. In fact, now it will not be difficult to find a cezvea of ​​almost any size - from the smallest to the most spacious.

Note that you need to fill the Cezveh as much as possible. This will allow you to get the strongest extract and ensure proper warming up of the drink. This is not very convenient if you have a big Turk. In the event that you fill it in half, the result may disappoint you. It is important that the water reaches the neck. It is not for nothing that such a construction has been invented. Therefore, the following advice - when buying Turks, think about how much drink you will need to prepare in it. You can find the following options:

  1. 100-150 ml. This is an ideal vessel if you need to brew a cup of coffee for one person only. It is also suitable for cooking on sand.
  2. 350 ml. This format remains universal and most popular. In this vessel, you can cook a couple of cups of coffee. This is the best choice if you brew a drink for two.
  3. 500 ml. This is a great choice if you have a large family. In this cezve you can make coffee for 3-4 adults. Recall that children under 14 years old doctors do not recommend coffee.
  4. 750 ml. This is a rarer option. It is useful if you need to make a drink for a company or a large family feast.

Most often coffee lovers prefer the Turks with a volume of 250-350 ml. This is the most convenient and versatile size.

What kind of pen should the Turks have? In order for the vessel to be as comfortable as possible to use it, the hand must be made of such a material that has low thermal conductivity. Most often used different wood species. But other materials may be used:

  • Metal. Most often handles from metal can be met in aluminum vessels. They are too cheap to make a wooden handle. This is very inconvenient, since aluminum heats up quickly and strongly. It will also require tack.
  • Tree. Wooden handles are most commonly found in Turkish copper. But sometimes you can find ceramic vessels with elegant wooden handles. This material is best suited for pens. It practically does not heat up.
  • Plastic. This is the material of the 21st century. Now its kind is becoming more and more common - bakelite. It is lightweight, does not conduct heat and does not melt. It is used in glass and steel turks. Much less often it is found in copper dishes.

Which mount is better

It would seem that a role can play the mount? But if you buy a vessel not for one day, this parameter should be taken into account.

  • Bolts Previously, it was the most common type of mounting handle. In this case, the holder is attached to the top of the case with two small bolts. If you look inside the Turks, you can see their heads. This is a good mount, reliable and time-tested.
  • Solder. If the handle is simply soldered, it is not as secure as the bolts. To prevent the oxidation of the Turks, it is covered inside with a special composition. Often, such compounds can break the solder. In this case, the quality of the clutch becomes less reliable.

Choose the best cezve with a bakelite or wooden handle, which is bolted.

For the preparation of the drink, the design does not play the most important role. It is only important that the form and proportions be respected. The wider the bottom and the neck, the better. Therefore, when choosing a design, you should be guided only by your taste. But you can take into account such recommendations:

  1. Dark Turks will retain their original appearance longer. Because sometimes the masters perform the Turks with the effect of aging. This trick stems from the fact that over time the Turks still darken.
  2. If you want to care for the Turk as simple as possible, do not choose a product with a large number of decorative elements. All sorts of linings, applications and modeling will complicate this process.
  3. Because of the constant heating, decorative elements can become unfixed, therefore it is better to take the vessel without linings. On metal, more reliable will be a beautiful engraving or embossing.

So, we very thoroughly reviewed all the parameters of the cezve. After a thorough study of all the advantages and disadvantages, we concluded that it is best to buy a Turk

  1. Copper or ceramic.
  2. The volume taken at the rate of 150 ml per person.
  3. The walls and bottom should be as thick as possible, the bottom is wide, and the neck is narrow.
  4. The handle is made of bakelite or wood. Fastening method - screws.
  5. The decor is minimal, without overlays.
  6. The color is dark.

Finally, we say that it is better to have several Turks of different sizes with you, in case you need to make coffee for guests.

The best manufacturers of coffee turks - which company to choose

Very often, the Turks are made not only in large-scale production, but also by craftsmen in a single copy. Such models of dzhezv differ in unusual design, have beautiful patterns which decorate an external part of ware. They cost more options for mass sales. Fans of the black drink prefer to purchase coffee Turks from Eastern companies, since it was there that they were once invented.

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Turk, and do not want to delve into the material, then look at our list of the most popular companies:

All the companies represented produce quality materials, which gives reliability to the products. Many models have beautiful paintings, reminiscent of old. The Turks are made of a variety of materials, which gives a good choice to the consumer. Looking for a specific model, we recommend to go directly to our ranking of the best Turks.

The principle of operation and the device Turk coffee

Turk (jazz) - this is one of the most common variants of traditional dishes for brewing coffee. It was invented hundreds of years ago, in the East. The classical Turk consists of a bowl with a narrow bell, a wide bottom and handles. This form is classic, but modern products offer alternative solutions.

The Turk works, as well as any other ware, due to heating and a thermolysis. The necessary portion of coffee powder is poured into the bowl and water is poured. After that, jazz is placed on the gas. The cooking process takes an average of 10-15 minutes. Due to the design features, very little evaporation is ensured, and this allows the drink not to thicken much.

The wide bottom is responsible for the rapid warming up of the entire product. The pot-shaped form of the Turks helps to quickly settle the resulting thicket. After removing from heat, let the drink stand for 5-10 minutes, after which you can proceed to pouring into cups. The handle is necessary for convenience so that you can easily hold and transfer a hot cezve.

Types of Coffee Turks

Clay Turks were made from ancient times. Usually use a special type of clay, Isa. The material is inexpensive, and therefore its products are characterized by low cost.

For consumers, such pots are not popular due to the large number of flaws. Due to its fragility, clay Turks very quickly become unusable. Only one type of coffee will have to be brewed in them, otherwise the porous material will turn different varieties into one cocktail.


  • low cost,
  • saturation of the drink with oxygen.


  • fragility
  • do not tolerate sudden temperature changes,
  • soak up the scent
  • suitable only for brewing one type of coffee.

Изначально джезвы изготавливались именно из меди. Это объяснимо тем, что данный материал является действительно идеальным для такой посуды. Если в распоряжении медная турка, то в руках вы держите инструмент, который первоклассно поможет вам контролировать процесс приготовления бодрящего напитка и регулировать его вкус.

Copper has a high thermal conductivity, which allows the water to heat up more evenly, extracting the oils contained in the coffee, while not bringing it to a boil. It is important that the inside of the product is covered with food material, for example, tin, then harmful substances will not get into the coffee.


  • durability,
  • They are not afraid of mechanical effects and unpretentious care,
  • warm up evenly.


  • need a special inner coating.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel turks can be a versatile and good option instead of copper products. Metal does not react with the product, does not emit harmful substances. At the same time, it is very durable; you can drop it as much as you like, beat it - it will remain as good as new.

The price of such products is low and it can not but rejoice. True, the stainless steel warms unevenly, at the bottom the temperature is usually much higher. This leads to the fact that the delicate coffee oils burn, which affects the taste of the drink.


  • acceptable cost
  • does not react with the product,
  • durable
  • not afraid of damage.


  • relatively low thermal conductivity
  • uneven heating.


Silver is a noble metal. Turks made from such material are unlikely to be suitable for daily coffee brewing. Such dzhezvy stand very well, even the cheapest will cost tens of thousands of rubles. Although the properties of this material is well manifested in the preparation of flavored drink.

It warms up quickly and evenly, is resistant to damage, and therefore durable. Only cleaning will have to pay a little more attention. Turks from silverware will be a good gift to the person you want to surprise and please.


  • good thermal conductivity
  • damage resistance
  • not afraid of temperature changes
  • suitable for cooking different varieties.



This material is quite practical and cheap, so the Turks from it are very little. But despite this, he is not considered a good choice for dishes.

It is explained by the fact that when heated, aluminum enters into a chemical reaction with the products, begins to produce harmful substances that can harm human health.

When brewing, there is also a change in coffee, an unpleasant taste of iron appears. Outwardly, similar cezves are not very presentable either.



  • enters into a chemical reaction with products
  • changes the taste of coffee,

Turkish coffee selection options

Speaking about the volume of a cezve, one should not lose the rule: less is better than more. Only small-sized Turks, up to 100 ml, are able to fully preserve the aroma and, accordingly, the taste of the drink.

The increased size of the product will save time, so as not to cook a portion for each guest separately, but in this case the quality of the finished product will decrease. This is due to the fact that small cezves have a narrow socket.

Almost every coffee lover knows that the Turk has its own special form. It is barrel-shaped, squat, tapering upward, visually very reminiscent of a jug. Such a form was chosen for a reason; it is only thanks to it that it is possible to achieve the preparation of coffee with the desired consistency, unique taste and rich aroma.

In a narrow bell a layer of foam is formed, which is so appreciated by gourmets. It is best of all that the mouth would be funnel-shaped, then the coffee will be harder to “run away”. Gentle sides will allow the sediment to settle better, and steep ones will give more aesthetics. The bottom of the Cezvee should be wide so that heating can quickly and evenly occur.

Ideally, the bottom of the Turks should be three or four times the width of the socket.

1. It promotes the formation of thick and saturated coffee foam.

2. Warming up is carried out in a shorter time than that of dishes with a narrow bottom.

The presence of the handle is required It should be firmly attached to the cezve cup. In this case, be sure to take into account that there is a special coating that will not conduct heat. This is the only way to avoid burn injury. This can be a rubberized part of either plastic or wood.

Wooden handles look more presentable, especially when made in an interesting and unusual style, antique. Before buying, we advise you to hold the Turk by the handle to make sure that you are comfortable. Removable pens on the Turks make them more mobile, and also simplify washing.

What Turk for coffee choose

1. For beginners, we recommend to purchase Turks from copper. In general, copper is one of the best materials for pots, so it will suit all lovers to make coffee on their own.

2. Ceramic products with proper and careful handling can also become good helpers.

3. Clay Turks are suitable only for people who prefer not to experiment with coffees, each time preparing the same.

4. Stainless steel cutters are very durable and easy to clean, but they are not able to heat water evenly, which often leads to burning of coffee oils and a change in the taste of coffee.

5. Turks from table silver have excellent characteristics, but are expensive, so these things are best bought as a gift.

6. It is worth to discard aluminum products altogether, since they react with coffee when heated, which leads to an unpleasant taste and the formation of harmful substances.

7. Prefer the traditional form of the Turks, where a narrow bell and a wide bottom, and the bowl itself is cone-shaped. Such products will allow to make excellent quality coffee. It will warm up at maximum speed, the sediment will fall quickly, and the foam will become thick and rich.

8. Be sure to choose a Turk with a handle that is made of non-heat-conducting material or has protective inserts. The best option would be a wooden handle. It will save you from getting burned and will give the cezve a beautiful old look. If you need mobility and want to take a Turk with you, then buy a version with a removable handle.

How much does a coffee pot cost?

1. The most expensive should be called the Turks, made of silverware. Even simple models with no frills will be released in the amount of about 10 thousand rubles. If we talk about manual work, then such dzhezvy able to exceed the price of 20 thousand p.

2. Good copper Turks can be bought for 600-1.000 p. The price will depend on the manufacturer and design.

3. Cezva are more expensive with handmade embossing and other rich ornaments.

4. Clay products will cost a little more, from 1,000 to 1,500 p.

5. Ceramic Turks are in the range of 1.200-2.000 p.

6. The cheapest, in the region of 200-400 r, are metal pots, whether it is aluminum or stainless steel. However, if the product is decorated, has a handle with a figured insert, the cost may be higher, from 500 to 1.000 p.