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What to wear a jacket? Variants of stylish images for every day and not only


Jacket - the constant companion of women's wardrobe. But even some 50-60 years ago, this element of clothing was considered exclusively masculine. In the modern world, a jacket is a friend of the beautiful half of humanity! Work, study, travel, going to the movies - the relevance of this element of the wardrobe is difficult to overestimate. Let's talk about blue jacket


This versatility makes it possible for women to use it, regardless of age and type of activity. And to emphasize or hide the features of the figure will help correctly chosen size and style of the product.

Argued that the jacket is suitable only for women with the correct proportions, but this is far from the truth. The variety of models will allow you to choose the actual style of the jacket, which beautify you.

Let's digress from the blue, and pay attention to the model, taking into account the features of your figure.

  • Owners of impressive volumes in the chest area will undoubtedly be fitted with a tight-fitting jacket with a large neckline.
  • A woman with a high waistline is perfect for an elongated jacket model. In this model, as a rule, the waist is slightly understated.
  • For girls and women with less voluminous shapes, lightweight jacket models are most suitable. Textured fabric or additional decorative elements will help add extra volume.
  • More and more often, at fashion shows, wide models of jackets are presented, which on fragile women looks stylish and original.
  • For women with a magnificent build, an elongated jacket will be indispensable in the wardrobe. But women of short stature should be used with caution. It should be noted that the owners of magnificent forms in the hip area will be an excellent option for a fitted silhouette jacket with wedges. And do not forget about the original jacket asymmetric cut - this is undoubtedly the highlight of the women's wardrobe.

A variety of models of jackets pleases and surprises. Single-breasted or double-breasted, three-quarter long-sleeved or long-sleeved, with or without a collar, buttoned or zipped.

Create a fashionable bow

Young fashionable women prefer to use youth-style clothing that fits perfectly into the image and emphasizes the feminine personality. To study and work, romantic dates and business meetings, in a cafe or cinema you can wear a cropped jacket with straight-cut trousers and elegant blouses.

A versatile short jacket can be loose or fitted, with long or short sleeves, with or without a collar. It defines the style style and affects the choice of elements of the ensemble. Double-breasted or single-breasted jacket perfectly combined with a skirt and tank top. A straight pattern without a collar and clasps can be worn with a dress or a sundress. A sample with a basque will make a perfect pair with a running around leggings and a T-shirt.

Particular attention of the female public is attracted by a long jacket, which performs decorative and protective functions. This thing effectively adjusts the silhouette, visually adding body height and grace to the external appearance.

You can wear an elongated jacket with jeans or leggings, a pantsuit or a shortened dress. To create a business style fit pants straight cut and a strict shirt. The street image will embody a jacket without sleeves, coupled with a turtleneck and jaggins or breeches. An openwork or translucent pattern can be worn at the event in combination with a silk long dress and leggings with guipure inserts and a mother-of-pearl shirt.

Outfit for obese women

Every woman at any age tends to look perfect and attractive. If you are overweight and are not sure of your irresistibility, you will be helped by a long jacket of a free cut, visually idealizing the figure and adding slenderness and grace to the silhouette.. Do not be afraid to experiment and combine incompatible. The most daring ideas sometimes lead to unexpected results and the creation of stunning bows.

Stylists are advised to use elongated jackets in combination with jeans or straight-cut trousers, knee-length high-waisted dress or straight skirt. An excellent choice for obese women is a kimono jacket that hides the extra volume and errors of the figure. Such a product is appropriate to combine with leggings, jeggins, skinny or skinny skirts.

Youth images

Luxurious bows will help to create a short jacket in combination with a miniskirt, dress shirt, fitted sundress. Youth fashion welcomes knit or leather samples, combined with worn jeans, jeggins or leggings with holes in the knees and leather inserts. Under the jacket put on T-shirts, tops, T-shirts, socks, shirts.

A buttoned tweed pattern with an English collar is suitable for business women who prefer classic and conservatism. As the elements of the ensemble can serve as elegant suits, sheath dress, pencil skirt, official style blouse. You can wear a denim jacket and short cotton skirts for a friendly meeting with a top or an alcoholic jersey. For walks and cultural events, openwork with lace or guipure appliqués paired with a sundress or skirt suit is appropriate.

Business styles

How and with what to wear a jacket to look strictly and formally? You will need things direct and discreet cut, modest design and simple color content. The combination - black jacket with a dress of a gray, violet, blue shade elegantly looks. You can wear a dark pencil skirt, a light blouse and a white jacket of medium length.. A long jacket without buckles, thrown over the adjacent dress with an oversized fit and a wide belt, is useful for a meeting with business partners.

Win-win - a combination of a dress case with a Chanel-style jacket, which is a sample without a collar with a round neckline and a fringed snake or textile cord. Add a conciseness and severity to the image of a trouser suit with a short single-breasted jacket with several buttons or a skirt kit with a jacket on a buckle in the form of a brooch.

Original ensembles

Lovers of men's or military clothes choose jackets in military style, combining with marsh jackets, green cloaks, olive trousers or pants with camouflage color. Avant-garde youth prefers unusual style directions and chooses items of non-standard cut of non-traditional color solutions.

A single-breasted jacket with lapels and shoulder straps, pockets and a safari-style belt is also widely used, along with sandy leggings or terracotta skinny pants.. Garcon style fans wear jackets with short sleeves and tucked cuffs, combined with cropped trousers and boyfriend jeans.

For girls who prefer the style of "boho" models with fringe and tassels are offered, which are perfectly combined with long flared skirts or dresses of a multi-layered structure.

A color scheme

To create harmonious bows, you should use products of contrasting shades or similar color compositions. If you create a summer bow, you will need elements of bright and expressive colors. You can combine a red jacket with a white suit (shorts + tank top or pants + top).

An elegant summer look will allow you to create a beige openwork jacket in combination with a milk skirt pencil or a sundress of dark colors. In the spring you can make a luxurious ensemble based on dark trousers and a black T-shirt and a white jacket of any length.

In winter, a blue jacket is useful, harmoniously combined with a gray dress, a violet straight acrylic skirt or wool black leggings with a fleece. Autumn bows include practical, elongated jackets of discreet shades, worn over a short black dress.

Material compatibility

Creating fashionable bows, you should follow the rule of balancing the figure, the combination of colors and the identity of the texture of the materials of the ensemble elements. If you use a jacket of a dense structure and a smooth surface (leather, polyester, viscose, denim), then all other elements should be similar in texture. You can use acrylic skirts, gabardine pants, stretch leggings or cotton shorts. For jackets with patterns and a through ornament fit light and tight products. An openwork pattern without fasteners will complement the summer linen, cotton suit or stretch dress.

If the warmed element is taken as a basis (woolen skirt, polyacrylic dress), then a knitted textured jacket based on yarn of mixed composition (angora + cotton + silk) can be thrown over the top.

Denim jackets are versatile and perfectly combined with any clothing. You can use a cotton dress shirt, a crimped skirt with a viscose T-shirt, and acetate trousers with a knit top.

A light sample of supplex or fabric based on cotton, silk and polyamide will make a harmonious pair with an acrylic dress. It is better to combine knitted products with a floral print with monophonic products of a smooth texture. An ergonomic knit jacket can be combined with a jacquard skirt and stretch golf, leather pants and a silk blouse.

Summer combinations

In the summertime, every woman wants to look sexy and romantic. For this purpose, shortened and open products with a specific twist or chip are used. To create a casual outfit, a natural linen (sand, yellow, beige, orange) natural color jacket and short light skirts or dark shorts in combination with T-shirts and neutral-tone tops are useful. An excellent choice for the summer is an exquisite sundress made of paplin or silk with a high waist and an openwork fitted sample of medium length.

To emphasize their own individuality, non-standard samples of non-trivial execution are used.. You can wear an asymmetrical light black dress and a cropped red bolero jacket. Will bring a highlight to the image of a jacket with sleeves ¾ with lace inserts and a mesh on the back, combined with juggins and a long shirt.

The demand for knitted sleeveless jacket in combination with trouser overalls. You can wear a fitted long jacket with cuts, made of guipure, as well as fishnet leggings and guipure shirt. A festive look will create a white lace jacket in combination with a linen dark dress or crocheted light sundress.

Spring images

With the advent of the first rays of the spring sun, nature wakes up and the desire of women to express their own individuality and irresistibility. Bright and expressive images will allow you to create sets of leather jackets and trousers with a straight cut on the basis of synthetic fabric. Jackets with basque or on the smell, put on with pencil skirts will add femininity and sexuality to the look. Romantic styles are created with the help of a jacket without a collar and buttons, combined with a short sheath dress or leggings. Youth fashion welcomes bright products - blue, crimson, turquoise, lime pattern will complement any, even the most boring outfit.

At the disco you can wear a mini-skirt or jaggins in combination with a top and a denim jacket. For the holiday, the best choice would be a cropped pink jacket with lace appliqués, combined with a white openwork dress. It is ideal to combine a long pattern without clasps with a short dress or sundress. You can wear a set that includes a jacket without a collar with a round neckline and edging, as well as a pencil blouse and skirt. A yellow knit top and a black jumpsuit (shorts + bib) are appropriate for a friendly meeting.

Winter outfits

The most practical and popular in the cold season is a knitted jacket, perfectly combined with elements of an ensemble of different styles. You can wear straight-cut acrylic pants and golf or leggings with a fleece and cotton shirt. If outerwear has a ribbed structure (velvet hem) or textured surface (boucle), then all other products should be restrained and smooth.

For example, a woolen, cashmere or mohair jacket will make an excellent pair with a leather, crimp, gabardine skirt or trousers based on synthetic materials.. You can wear a tweed jacket in a cage and a black pencil skirt with a blue turtleneck. An interesting combination is an elongated woolen jacket with braids, rhombuses, knobs and an elegant knee-length sheath dress.

Autumn motives

With the onset of cold weather, girls put on warm clothes, but do not forget to emphasize their own irresistible and attractiveness. Widely used striped fitted pattern in combination with black pants, accentuating business style. To create autumn casual bows, jeans and shirts, leggings with fleece and turtlenecks are used. The walking variant is a knitted mustard-colored hooded jacket combined with chocolate or brown straight pants and a stretch jacket.

Wear single-breasted or double-breasted jackets with long sleeves or ¾, combined with a narrowed skirt and a light blouse.. For presentations, parties, a combination of things will suit: a green top and a brown bottom, as well as a combination of contrasting products (black skirt + white jacket). You can apply for a date pink long jacket with slant pockets and gray jumpsuit (shorts + bib). In the campaign useful knitted version without a gate with a zipper, coupled with leggings with an elastic band and a T-shirt.

Festive image

If you want to create a romantic festive look, pay attention to the jacket, resembling a cape or bolero, worn on a refined elongated sundress on the straps or a dress with a high fit. An openwork pattern with a grid on a yoke or transparent inserts on the back, guipure elements or lace appliques looks organic and stylish.. Such a luxurious product can be combined with a silk skirt to the floor and a knit T-shirt or an acrylic dress to the knee.

You can wear a short jacket with an embroidery and trim in the form of a silver snake for a special occasion, connecting with a short linen dress or a straight acrylic skirt and a stretch top.

Shoes and accessories

Based on the season, the weather and the destination of the ensemble, shoes are selected that play a special role in shaping the style. Young girls choose stiletto sandals, pumps, ankle boots. Older women prefer practical shoes, ballet shoes, slip-ons. In the summer, sandals and lace boots are relevant, while in winter boots with high ankle boots or boots are in demand. Spring images will create oxfords, conversions, and in the fall shoes with a rounded nose are relevant.

When choosing accessories, you should consider the external features, style, female age, taste and fashion preferences.. Universal are beads, pendant, earrings with a chain or brooch. Young women of fashion choose costume jewelry in the youth style - a bracelet with hearts, asterisks and figures or a pendant in the form of doves. Older women prefer a necklace of sophisticated design, a set of earrings and a ring with a stone. For work the best choice will be the clock and messenger. For a festive event, you can grab a clutch bag and a scarf, while practical bags, a scarf and hats are useful for walking.


Women's jacket has long ceased to be a purely classic element of the wardrobe: women of fashion actively combine it with jeans, shorts and other things. He is able not only to warm the body, but also to correct the figure. The right model makes the image complete and stylish, so every woman should know what to wear with a female jacket.

Jacket with jeans

To make this combination look stylish, jeans should be straight cut or “skin”, and the jacket should go to the beginning of the hip line. Jeans, breeches or too wide models do not fit well with a jacket, especially if it is a free cut.

The third thing in a similar bow can be a knit printed t-shirt or a plain top, complete with a volume necklace. Under the jeans "skin" you can pick up a stylish shirt.

Jacket with dress

The most attractive summer combination is a denim jacket and a light dress made of viscose or silk with a floral print. The dress can be mini and maxi-length, and you can add an image with sandals on a flat course or white sneakers.

If you prefer a classic style, wear a jacket with a sheath dress. Complement the look with pumps and a business-style bag. You can also create a bright cocktail image by combining a white jacket and dress on the figure with a bright print.

Jacket with a skirt

The jacket can be combined with any skirts, except mini. Best of all he looks with a pencil skirt and maxi. Try on a blue jacket, a narrow white skirt just below the knee and a silk blouse with a floral print - you get a wonderful spring and summer look for work and business meetings.

With a plain skirt to the floor, you can combine a jacket in a cage or striped, and wear a white top underneath. Do not forget to sometimes roll up the sleeves to give the image a stylish negligence.

Зауженные, широкие, «клеши», со стрелкой — любые брюки гармонично смотрятся с жакетом. Главное — правильно сочетать подобный дуэт по цвету. Если вы хотите надеть брюки с принтом — верхняя часть должна быть однотонной. К однотонным брюкам темных расцветок подойдет серый пиджак, а под него можно надеть яркий топ. For fashionable chinos, a knit top and a denim jacket should be selected. And trousers with a length of 7/8 will look spectacular with an elongated fitted jacket and stylish pumps.

In the autumn, be sure to try on a leather jacket with wide trousers with arrows and a hat. Complement the image with a bright scarf tied around the neck or the handle of the bag.

On cool summer days, boldly combine denim shorts with a pastel-colored jacket and a white t-shirt. Shorts of classic cut with a high waist and a jacket on the figure also look spectacular. If this is a suit made of monophonic fabric, you can dilute it with a bright top. As shoes, use sneakers, sandals on a low run, moccasins and other shoes. in casual style.

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What is better to combine black?

This season is a very stylish and fashionable combination of a black jacket and light denim trousers - white or pale blue. The most advantageous is the option that is pumped just above the hip line, and the jeans should be straight cut or narrowed to the bottom. In no case are not allowed such combinations:

  • Wide jacket and wide jeans. So ensemble, you risk turning into an awkward and shapeless bag that will hide both all the flaws and dignity of your figure.
  • If you belong to the full ladies, it is not advisable to combine narrow short jackets with jeans, which have low waist. Thus, you will show yourself in a very unfavorable light.
  • Black looks no less profitable - with short black skirts or trousers. This style will be especially close to business, if you add a light-colored blouse under your jacket.
  • In order to slightly dilute such a strict combination, add a large costume jewelry to your silhouette - bulk beads and pendants around the neck, bracelets or earrings will do.
  • If you want to make a piquancy, then wear a jacket with a V-neck on a naked body, having previously well raised the chest with the correct bra. Such a bold neckline will not look vulgar or vulgar, but will not leave you without attention.

White, in itself, looks very feminine and romantic, especially if it is combined with white narrow trousers or light-colored jeans - a great combination, both for a first date and for going to a club where neon lights will give you a special glow.

Also fashionable white jacket goes well with black trousers, jeans or skirts. The material for them can be different - from leather to ordinary cotton, but here it is necessary to pay attention to the shoes, it should preferably be in the tone of the pants, preferably with a high stiletto or heel.

White - this is the output version of such clothes, they are usually made of silk or satin, which are subject to rapid failure. That is why it is better to wear such things rarely, on the right occasion.

Blue colour

The color of the jacket is usually determined by the nature of the event where you are going to wear it. Colored things are best suited for walking in the park, near the sea or for a trip to a cafe.

It is best to combine a blue jacket with a lightweight bottom - a light-fitting dress, sundress, skirt. Also, the ensemble of a loose-fitting jacket and shorts, which can range from strict classical options to sports, and maybe even denim, looks very good. In this case, a light T-shirt or a white, beige or peach-colored T-shirt is worn under the jacket itself.

A red jacket is a bright and compelling thing. However, it fits perfectly into a business environment, perfect for casual walks and creating an interesting everyday look.

The color solution in this case can be classic - a combination of red, white, black, blue always looked perfect. Do not overdo it with flowers, it is better that the shoes, the bag and the upper part of the clothes are approximately of the same tone, the skirt or pants can be of a different color.

The abundance of options with which you can wear a red jacket is so great that it is easier to list what you can not do in any case.

Do not overdo it with red color - all red beads, earrings, lipsticks and purses are prohibited. A combination of a red jacket and a belt or shoes, but no more.


Extended options are becoming more and more popular on the world catwalks. Best of all, these jackets are combined with short and medium-length skirts, look good with dresses and short sundresses.

The main thing is to choose the right style of skirt or dress, which will emphasize exactly your merits, and also correctly combine the colors of the upper and lower clothing.

With one row of buttons

These are mostly single-breasted models, where it is not necessary to fasten with a smell. Looks elegant, refined. It is not necessary to keep all buttons always buttoned. Fashion trends and the question of practicality suggest that the bottom of 2 or 3 buttons is better not to fasten.

With two rows of buttons

This is a distinctive feature of a double-breasted jacket, where one row serves for fastening, and the second plays a decorative role. Because of the smell in front, an additional volume is created, which complicates the choice of a double-row jacket for certain types of figures.

No buttons

Fashionable solutions, which are mainly used on shortened models. Such jackets play the role of a cape, but the lack of buttons makes the image very attractive, original.

Lightning can perfectly replace the classic buttons or make them a pair. Not rarely models of jackets are made so that they are fastened with a zipper, but buttons are still present as a decorative element.

Species length

The length of the jacket is a purely individual choice. It all depends on your goals, desires, features of the figure and the level of shyness. All jackets can be divided into three types of length.

A universal option that is suitable for both the classical style and for a real challenge to society.

Make sure that the average version fits in with you, it does not make the image heavier, does not make you too low, or vice versa, does not emphasize impressive growth. The rest of the problems with the choice of medium black jacket does not arise.

What to combine and how to wear?

Black jacket already replenished your wardrobe? Fine. Then it's time to carefully examine the contents of their cabinets and determine with what exactly it will be combined and how to properly wear a jacket for a given occasion of life. Consider the most popular and attractive combinations of options, approved by fashionistas and stylists.

With a shirt or blouse

The most classic of the classic solutions is a pair of blouse plus a jacket or shirt plus a jacket. Do not think that in such an outfit you can only go to work. Even a combination of a black shirt and a black jacket, complemented by jeans, original shoes and accessories, will make you the queen of the party, the most prominent figure in a restaurant, or simply provide comfort during an evening walk.

By choosing classic plain shirts with blouses, or preferring bright, bold colors, you will create the appropriate image with a black jacket.

If this is a short dress, the little black short will suit you perfectly or, on the contrary, an elongated jacket. Under long evening dresses, boldly wear short models so as not to hide the main element of your image.

No less successful combination would be a black dress with a similar jacket. Only in this case, use slightly different materials so that the clothes do not merge.

Since the jacket came from the male wardrobe to the female, the classic men's jacket combinations remained relevant for women's fashion. Therefore, putting on a blue jacket under a black jacket, gray or white dress pants, you'll never go wrong. But pay attention to the style of the pants, so that they emphasize the beauty of your legs or hide their flaws.

Many girls mistakenly believe that hiding beautiful slender legs behind the pants is a big mistake. In fact, with the proper selection of pants and their proper combination with a black jacket, the image will be surprisingly appealing. With all the apparent conservatism, you will not look away from you.

With jeans

Various models of jeans allow you to use a black jacket for any occasion. Wear tight classic jeans, and paired with a dark jacket will get a great outfit for the office. Using fashionable jeans, cropped models or even denim shorts, along with a jacket, you will get a great youth bow, challenging society and your conservatism.

Jeans, as well as pants, can be safely considered the ideal "partner" for a jacket, although this combination of the combination came frankly from men's fashion.

With tie

What can be called a more masculine item of clothing used when putting on a jacket than a tie? However, women and it adapted to their needs.

Do not rush to think that you have no other options besides a shirt with a black tie and a classic black jacket. Why not use a blue or red tie on a naked body with a shortened jacket? Bold, sexy, charming.

A tie will help create a playful image for spending the evening with your loved one, to highlight your unbridledness. The tie personifies restraint, severity, and in combination with your sexual image, complemented by a business-looking dark jacket, you conquer the heart of your beloved. Although it is possible to do without a tie.

A more youth option is a jacket, tie, sneakers, skirt or shorts.

With sneakers

Not all girls believe that sneakers can complement a black jacket. And in vain. Such combinations are included in the trend of the current season, are found in many collections of contemporary designers. Here the main thing is to correctly collect the image of several items of clothing. So, under a black jacket, you can wear a T-shirt, blouse, sweater, shirt, and the bottom to complement their skirt, shorts or jeans. Sneakers to match the jacket or contrasting models will help you get a stylish, current look and set the mood.

Instead of sneakers, classic sneakers are great, so you can combine a dark-colored jacket with sports shoes in the most incredible way.

Finally, a few rules to adhere to when using a black jacket in your image.

1. When combining a black jacket with other items of clothing, there are no clear rules or strict restrictions. This gives you the freedom to experiment and select the bow that looks perfect on you. Do not play by the rules, as they do not exist as such.

2. Try not to overdo it with black color. Its excess will lead to the fact that instead of a bright interesting image you get a mourning appearance. Because the first rule - if you wear a black jacket, be sure to dilute it with other colors.

The use of a completely black top is allowed, in which case the bottom should have a different color design.

3. Use bright colors, prints, embroidery and ornaments that complement both the jacket itself and the items of clothing that go along with it. But here, too, you should be careful, as unnecessary decorative objects can make a sample of bad taste in your face from a bright original image.

4. Ideal partners for a black jacket are dresses made in bright variations of primary colors or pastel colors.

5. A black blazer and jeans are a near win-win option. Because this combination safely use for every day. For owners of slender beautiful legs there is an even more attractive solution - short shorts with a dark-colored jacket.

Spectacular images

To create a sensation, it is not at all necessary to dress up in a frank open evening dress. Using the usual, as it seems to many, black jacket, and properly complementing it with other wardrobe items, you will look no less impressive.

Let's start with the classics. Since the jacket is originally a business style of clothing, many girls prefer to wear it to work. To make the image not boring, put on a mini or mini skirt under your type of figure, and a black jacket on top, a light blouse or a bustier with a seductive neckline.

This image is perfect for work, but at the same time it will immediately after the end of the working day go on a date and be irresistible there.

If you are an active person who not only follows fashion, but also appreciates practicality, a straight black jacket, complemented with skinny jeans, short shorts or even a jeans overalls, is perfect for your spectacular look. Very bold, bold and original.

To be at the same time in a trend, not to deprive yourself of comfort and make a pleasant impression on others, try to complement your dark jacket with trousers, jeans and a plaid shirt. Moreover, the cell is better to choose a large one. Such a bow creates a positive mood, making you bright and noticeable. By fitting the right accessories to your image, you will be irresistible.

Street style - one of the most relevant in this season. A black jacket here will be most welcome if you add it with a short bright dress, a full skirt or even a vest. A great solution for a young, energetic person who is not afraid to be original.

If you have a beautiful proportional figure, wear a tight skirt or pants that will accentuate your buttocks. From above you can use blouses, T-shirts, T-shirts with an intriguing neckline. And the ensemble is completed with a light shortened black jacket. The main thing here is to choose the right combination of colors and styles to suit your image.

Light gray jacket

The light shade of the jacket should not be strongly emphasized by putting it on with a dark top. A light pastel-colored blouse will suit for such a blazer: cream, peach or beige.

Of course, a white blouse will also be a great match. Depending on the occasion, a light gray jacket can be worn and a T-shirt. As for the bottom, then under the jacket of this shade you can safely wear blue jeans or black pants. For a day out, it is also appropriate to wear peach pants.

Dark Gray Jacket

Wanting to give brightness, a dark gray jacket should be worn with coral, turquoise, yellow or blue colors. However, for a strict office look, many stop their eyes on black pants and a blouse. So that such a bow does not look very gloomy, it is necessary to fasten a bright brooch on a dark gray blazer. Although for solidity, you can wear a blue blouse, which will add more freshness to the image.

Gray Checked Jacket

Checkered print also has a place in current fashion trends. Especially popular is the pink-gray cell. Deciding what to wear under such a jacket is not difficult. If there are pink stripes, then a pink blouse will look harmoniously. If there is a white cage on a gray jacket, then you should choose a white top.

Stylists recommend using a monochromatic top, T-shirt or blouse for a checkered blazer. The size of the cell also plays a role. For ladies with curvaceous, it is advisable to wear a gray jacket with a small cage. Such a print will not visually add extra centimeters.

Gray elongated jacket

A lot of important role played by the style of the jacket. Gaining popularity are elongated models that can reach the knees. I am glad that such gray jackets are perfect for any figure.

Skinny girls can visually add volume to their body if they choose elongated models with draping on the lapels or with a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket. If you wear a thin strap, then you can emphasize your waist advantageously.

Representatives of magnificent forms, on the contrary, can choose more direct silhouettes. Flared, elongated jackets will also hide volumes on the hips. However, too thin girls also prefer long straight gray jackets, as you can hide your thin arms and legs.

Long gray blazers are perfectly combined with dresses and trousers, as well as worn jeans. The only question is where to go.

Gray Short Fitted Blazer

Short models are popular among young people because they allow you to emphasize the virtues of your figure. Go for a gray blazer and slim pants or a dress.

Finally, stylists strongly recommend rolling up the sleeves of jackets. The most optimal length is 3/4. As for shoes, it can be ordinary ballet flats or luxurious stiletto sandals. Look good and sneakers.