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General rules on how to wear leggings and leggings with photo ideas


The history of leggings has been around for several millennia. Women once borrowed this wardrobe item from men. In the 80s of the last century, designers rediscovered this thing and found that it is easy to “adapt” it to almost any style.

The last few seasons leggings, as they are called, remain at the peak of popularity. But not everyone knows with what and how they can and should be combined. Let's start a short educational program.

Being fashionable is easy

First, let's see what the leggings are. This is one of the types of fitting women's pants, which, thanks to the thin material and special cut, follow the contours of the body.

Karl Lagerfeld, who introduced mass fashion to leggings, said that every woman can afford them, despite the type of figure, height and weight. This detail of the wardrobe continues to appear on the catwalks in 2017, so we suggest to listen to the advice of stylists of its choice:

  • Low girls should abandon shortened leggings and give preference to the models, the length of the ankle. In the first case, the legs will seem even shorter.
  • Curvy forms are not a reason to refuse such trousers, but it is better to choose dark colors. They will not once again draw attention to problem areas.
  • Short options (up to the knee) can afford only owners of slender and beautiful legs.

Successful ensemble

The most relevant leggings this year are:

  • leather,
  • from velvet,
  • knitwear with lace,
  • denim
  • from elastic materials
  • from fabric with perforation.

Now let's learn how to properly combine them with other items of clothing:

Leather models effectively emphasize slender legs. In addition, they are versatile, you can wear them both for work and for walks.

They combine with a variety of top: you can stay at the cozy, soft jumpers or shirts in a cage, and short tops, corsets, jackets made of velvet are suitable for creating an extravagant image.

Lace leggings - a rather complicated detail of the wardrobe. The wrong combination can turn the most fashionable image into a vulgar one. The top should be as restrained as possible - a tunic or a monochromatic dress of simple cut. It is also worth remembering that during the day such clothes are not appropriate.

Jeggings are not only comfortable, but also suitable for women of almost any age. Casual style provides for the wearing of such trousers with shirts, blouses, elongated sweaters. From shoes suitable as moccasins or sneakers, and pumps.

Soft velor tights should be combined with simple monophonic tops or sports shirts. In combination with heeled shoes and a light blouse, you will get an excellent image for a party.

When creating a fashionable bow, you should also consider the colors and design of leggings!

Color models are suitable for surround top. It is preferable to choose monophonic things of neutral colors: beige, white, gray. Another option - the image in one color. For example, blue shorts will look beautiful with blue leggings.

With a print. These pants look very attractive, but combining them with other things, you should be very careful not to look ridiculous.

This year, images of space, stars, galaxies are relevant. These leggings can be both matte and shiny (eraser). These extravagant things require monochrome and as simple as possible additions. It can be a long sweater, an elongated shirt, a vest. Of the accessories fit glasses and a wide bracelet.

"Animal" prints also remain in demand. But it is important to remember that such things are not combined with short blouses. Ideal - shoes or shoes with heels and the top of brick, mint, white or black colors.

Leggings - a universal thing in the wardrobe, which can be worn at any time of the year. They are comfortable to go to workouts, walks and even dates. A variety of models and styles will provide an opportunity to choose the perfect option for any type of shape.

Some history and differences.

Losiny were originally called men's ceremonial trousers, which were sewn of elk leather, which gave them a name. Unlike modern ones, they were uncomfortable: they lagged badly, so it was difficult to get into them, and even caused skin problems.

Disappeared in the mid-18th century, leggings reappeared in 1980–1990, only as an element of the female wardrobe, made of well-stretched material. And then even more popularized in 2006, after which they did not disappear from the trends for a long time.

Leggings, in fact, are exclusively female version of leggings. They can be of various colors, have a variety of prints, patterns, different density and decorative elements. Leggings are mostly matte, more restrained in color and are ranked as unisex clothing.

Sport style

Although leggings are perfectly combined with sport and sport-chic style, this is quite a boring and banal version, which managed to get pretty annoying to everyone.

More feminine options can be an alternative to sports shoes: sandals, open or closed shoes with heels, etc. And if you add an elegant top, you get a finished bow for an event or party.

A sports jacket (sweatshirt, hoodie and bomber jacket) should be replaced with a denim oversize jacket or a jacket made of thin denim, to complement the image with shoes or shoes with heels. The combination with oversized sweaters looks very relevant.

The last nuance - accessories. If a baseball cap remains in trends and is no longer considered a purely sports headdress, then sports and baggy bags should be hung in the closet. For leggings and leggings it is better to take a small accessory that will not be evident, but will emphasize the femininity of the image.

Tight top

The tight-fitting top, T-shirt or dress looks wicked with leggings. Leggings are in themselves a very sexy and frank article of clothing, and this kind of additional emphasis will be redundant and even vulgar.

Ideal options:

  • a long shirt or an oversized shirt, and brutal boots complete the look,
  • tunic straight silhouette and asymmetric cut, on the feet - sandals or chelsea,
  • a dress that is not tight, but not necessarily oversized, mid-thigh, with white sneakers or oxfords.

Important point
Leggings and leggings are not pants in the full sense of the word. In no case should this be forgotten. Therefore, with most models, it is recommended to wear a rather long top covering the thighs. An exception can be made for very dense, for example, leather, leggings, but for this, the figure must be perfectly slim and fit.

Such models are very similar to leather pants and have completely different texture, and sometimes interesting details like lacing or lace. Shiny leather leggings are the perfect choice for slim and slim girls.

Stylist Board
Even when the thighs are covered, under the leggings or leggings should be as smooth and invisible, matched to the color.


It used to be that wearing sports tights and leggings in everyday life is not entirely appropriate, but today designers confidently refute this opinion. In the 2018/2019 season, sporty style can be combined with almost any bow. Sports taytsy turned into a real work of art long ago. There is even a separate style - sport chic, which steadily keeps up with the trend and is actively used by many celebrities.

Daily tips on how to wear and match sports leggings:

  1. Matte will always look better glossy and draw less attention to the style of the leggings themselves, which will more effectively combine them with a lot of things.
  2. As already mentioned, it is worth looking for more interesting and spectacular combinations than total sport look.
  3. For sports leggings fit shoes with a flat sole, a platform with a slight rise or with a steady thick and small heel. For example, sneakers, ballet shoes, sneakers or creepers.
  4. If you pick up a jacket or jacket in the color of leggings, the image will become much more solid and interesting, the silhouette will stretch, and the focus will shift from the leggings to a T-shirt / blouse or accessories.
  5. A spectacular and feminine image will be obtained if, within the framework of one image, you combine a transparent tunic or dress with sports leggings and a jacket. Multi-layered options always look more appealing.

Very comfortable, and most importantly, useful clothing - compression leggings and taytsy. They help to transfer sports loads and support muscles better, but are also indispensable in daily wear:

  • for people whose activities are related to flights,
  • when working "on foot",
  • people with varicose veins (supportive underwear is even prescribed by prescription).

Compression Tights look like regular sports leggings, so they wear them with the same recommendations.

With such leggings and tights, there is only one rule: the brighter and more unusual the print, the more restrained all the other details of the image should be. It is advisable to choose a simple monophonic top, the color of which will be on leggings, and the same accessories.

It must be remembered that visually colored leggings with a print significantly increase the volume, especially if the fabric is shiny. Accordingly, such a model should not be chosen by full girls.

Although leggings and leggings are suitable for many, they are extremely not recommended to wear obese girls, ladies with strong cellulite or other noticeable problems with the figure - tight pants emphasize the shortcomings. Owners of very slender legs are more suited to shiny leggings or with prints - this model visually adds volume. For the rest, leggings and leggings have long ceased to be considered purely sportswear and fit perfectly in almost any style.

What is the difference between leggings and leggings

  • Leggings and leggings equally fit legs. Leggings They do not have a special cut, they are created from stretchy stretching fabric or thin knitwear. Tights are casual and leisure clothing, in which you can play sports, walk around the house, walk in the park. Wear leggings with T-shirts, tunics, bomber jackets and T-shirts.
  • Leggings differ in more difficult cut similar to trouser. They have a variety of decor, inserts, accessories, belts, pockets, they are made of durable fabrics, cotton-based, there are warm options with a pile. Visually, they resemble tight-fitting legs. If you choose the right ensemble for strict leggings, then you can wear them as trousers. In fashion today, leather and denim leggings (jeggings). Jeggings are also called denim leggings. They tightly fit the figure and have a hidden zipper-lock on the side. You can wear them with sweaters, cardigans, blouses, sweaters, shirts, tops and tunics. Thin leggings of the same color can replace tights, in which case they can be worn with dresses and skirts.

Fashionable women can choose leggings on the pages of the famous online clothing store https://kolgot.net/leggins_kapri/, which is famous for its high assortment and high-quality goods. The manufacturer offers not only leggings, but also women's underwear, socks and nylon pantyhose.

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What kind of manicure will be in trend in 2019, you can say for sure on the collections that showcases demonstrate.

Without a bag on the street does not go any woman. This is either a backpack or a clutch bag, because without this accessory.

Without a dress, it is impossible to imagine the woman’s wardrobe of a true lady. The dress always feels every woman.

A dress is a female object that adorns it and reveals femininity in it. The most beautiful.

Choosing the right shoe is the first thing to start running with. Sneakers, matched to match.

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Difference leggings from leggings

We must immediately say that in the article we will not write about leggings, because these two things have significant differences. To more clearly understand them, we describe the most obvious. Firstly, leggings can be worn by both men and women, but leggings will suit only the fair sex. Secondly, the varieties of leggings. This Capri, and dzhegginsy, and tregginsy, classic and sport. And depending on the purpose of the "trousers" they will be made of a variety of materials. Thirdly, the heel bezel, which is often present in sports leggings and is not provided for leggings. Fourth, leggings are sewn with a solid cut, but leggings may include seams connecting several materials. And fifthly, leggings belong to the family of tight pants, while leggings are more like tights.

Leggings classic high-waisted

These models are perfectly combined with tunics, shirts, short dresses, blouses. Leggings can be worn under a high heel and with a low sole. As for colors, ornament, stripes and lines, blurred patterns, classic black, blue and brown colors and their shades will be in fashion.

Leather leggings

Yes, this option is also perfect for fashionistas in 2017. This year, girls can wear both patent leather and matte. In addition, there will be relevant models that combine both the one and the other version of the material. The color range is diverse: white, black, cherry, green, blue and others.

Leopard leggings

You can not go unnoticed, if the legs are gorgeous tight leggings, sewn from fabric "under the leopard." For sewing is used as knitwear and leather. If you decide to give preference to this kind of leggings, then you should know that you do not need to overdo it with the “leopard”, the rest of the elements of the attire should not contain it.

Mesh leggings

The style of such leggings is militarism, where a bright totemic pattern was added. You will say that such an ornament is quite specific, but fashion designers advise wearing leggings with dresses containing lace, considering such a combination to be ideal.

Shiny leggings

To be bright and unique, it means to be at the height of fashion this year. Leggings 2017 boldly decorated with sequins, sequins, rhinestones, equipped with Lurex. Combine such pants will be with openwork blouses, blouses, leather bags. In addition, the designers decided to decorate leggings from Lurex with slots.

Print Leggings

Modern designers have widely varied designs, used everything from ordinary strips to the most complex designs. Used floral print, Japanese motifs and others. The most stylish shades of leggings will be pastel colors, although you should not refuse more bright ones. Wearing the already bright bottom is necessary with the top of the same color so that the image does not resemble a parrot.

Knit leggings

Treggings are the second name for knit pants. Fashion designers offer leggings with decorative inlays of textured knit or leather. They can also be caused by pockets, equipped with zippers and clasps. This version of leggings is not only fashionable, but also practical. You can wear them with anything, they will favorably complement the most sophisticated image.

Checkered leggings

This is a new season coming from British designers. They delight the beautiful floor with leggings in small and large peas, combining white and black tones, making them the most relevant. As for the cell, it will enjoy unprecedented popularity. And the most fashionable colors will be red and black in combination with each other.

And finally, I would like to note that leggings are the kind of thing that you need to choose in size. If the pants are a bit too big, then the folds cannot be avoided, and if the size is too small, then most likely they will resemble tights. Therefore, only the right size will make the girl really sexy and elegant.

What to wear with leggings? Bug work

Leggings do not go out of fashion for many years. They are worn as casual clothes. Despite the fact that we ourselves use them in our wardrobe and we see it on others for more than a year, this does not prevent errors in their choice and use options. How to choose the right model? Что носить с леггинсами, чтобы не выглядеть глупо?

Многие считают, что в леггинсах они будут выглядеть более подтянутыми и стройными. But is it?

Первая и самая распространенная ошибка, считать что леггинсы заменят брюки или штаны. Это возможно только в редких случаях, о таких моделях я напишу чуть ниже.

Многие легинсы не настолько плотные, чтобы скрыть Ваше тело. As a result, they look like tights on a woman.

The second mistake is the wrong choice of linen. The photo clearly shows what this leads to. Take a close look at yourself from all sides. In the process of walking, some models of linen move down and look no longer as they were just worn.

The lingerie should not only sit well so that it is not visible, but also have the correct color corresponding to the leggings.

Carefully choose your leggings size. They should not bump into the body, you are not a doll for studying the female body structure. Carefully choose the color of the leggings. It is advisable to abandon colors that resemble skin tone.

Never wear leggings if you have frank cellulite and your muscles do not have sufficient tonus. Remember that leggings do not smooth out, but underline these flaws. If you choose leggings as part of the image, be sure to hide your flaws with tunics, shirts, etc. Leggings can be worn at any time of the year. The options in which you can look decent - weight.

Matching leggings correctly is pretty simple. They can be worn with long shirts, shirts, tunics. You can buy them in the online clothing store.

They are suitable for any shoes, from shoes and sneakers, to shoes with heels. Leggings are common homewear because they are very comfortable.

Plain leggings are simple clothes. With them you can wear simple and openwork items, use a large number of accessories.

With short things you only need to wear tight leggings.

They may have decorative elements that will bring the model closer to regular pants or trousers.

Remember that vertical lines are slim.

At the same time carefully select the print. For example, this pattern with high-rise buildings will visually bend the legs. There are no such crooked houses.

If you want to add visual volume to your legs, choose a small ornament.

This rule works especially well if the main tone is light.

The horizontal pattern also adds volume. Therefore you should not choose it if you have full legs.

Do not flatter yourself and hope that your legs will save the horizontal pattern, if you are too slim. On very thin legs leggings look not the best way, you can see it in the photo below.

Shiny leggings, such as gold, silver or leather, will also add extra volume to all roundness.

Leggings can draw attention to beautiful legs if they are contrasted in color with other things.

Conversely, if you choose leggings of neutral shades, you can focus on the upper part, using clothes or accessories.

As you have already seen, looking good is quite simple, if you carefully consider the choice of attire.

Improve your image and enjoy the result!

The main recommendations of stylists

Tights emphasize all the bends of the body, so the imperfections will immediately be evident. But there is a little trick - slimming leggings from elastic, dense fabric. Such a thing, on the contrary, will tighten and hide the defects of the figure. But then you need to add a long shirt or sweater to the image. Such a tandem pulls, lengthens and visually makes legs thinner.

Well combined leggings with such things:

  • tunics and shirt dresses. The latter were popular that year, but by choosing oversized things, you will stay in trend,
  • long sweaters will look good even with colored leggings, for example, burgundy or blue,
  • military boots, uggs, loafers, boots with medium thick heels,
  • monochromatic blouses made from natural and light fabrics will fit under black leggings from artificial leather and even imitation of trousers in a cage,
  • Sweatshirts can be worn only by those who have a good figure, because this element focuses on the upper part, and leggings emphasize the thinness of the legs. But this combination does not go low girls, making them visually even lower,
  • sports sweatshirts and hoodie. Here you can choose even colored leggings of red color or simple ones - in white or gray, but with prints, even striped ones. However, the strip should be vertical and legs slender. Hoodie no longer belongs to the sporting things, but rather to the sport. Therefore, you can even walk in a cafe or a friendly meeting.

What to wear with leggings: basic recommendations of stylists

What to wear with leather leggings

In online stores most often there are eco-leather leggings, because they are warm, stylish and look good in life. Plus, leather is one of the trends of 2018, every woman of fashion.

Some variants of leggings are insulated with fleece, in winter you will not have to freeze for sure. There are options of stretch or costume fabric, but with leather inserts on the sides. These pants are good for those who have imperfections of the figure. After all, inserts visually narrow the hips.

Under what to wear such leggings? There are lots of options:

  • checkered shirts,
  • classic blouses,
  • sweater oversized knit,
  • turtlenecks and high neck socks,
  • Hoodie
  • sweatshirts
  • tops and elongated jackets.

What to wear with leggings: eco-leather

By the way, stylists recommend choosing options with a high waist, because it is not only warm, but also fashionable. But the locks on the sides or the back are a super trend that makes leggings versatile. Choose elegant turtlenecks, tops or shirts, combine with jewelry and go to a party.

What to wear with leggings in winter

In summer and spring, wearing leggings is not at all convenient, but for winter and autumn it is the best solution. As noted, there are plenty of options with insulation.

Leggings can be put on at work, in cafes and even at celebrations, because everywhere they will be in place. Warm tights will look good with the same warming sweaters, voluminous sweaters or check shirts (choose warm ones on a fleece). If you are a fan of sports style, you can wear a hoody or a raglan sweater.

What to wear with leggings: winter options

Can I wear leggings after 50 years

Women over 50 like tight pants, but do not take into account the appearance of his figure. Therefore, we see on the streets of women in leopard or shiny leggings, and more often it looks ridiculous. Wear leggings can be, if you are a stylish woman with a good figure, and know how to combine things. The more concise your bow, the better.

However, one of the unusual combinations - vintage items, which are again in vogue. Recall what leggings were worn in the 90s (then it was a real trend):

  • pink or beige,
  • lacquer black or bright colors
  • khaki,
  • vinyl,
  • with prints, pictures and stripes.

What to wear with leggings: bright images

They were worn with bodysuits, bright blouses, leather jackets, jeans jackets and tunics. Since now the style of the 80s-90s is again in a trend, feel free to use these combinations. But remember that the brown color is always old and highlights the flaws, worsens the skin tone, so for mature ladies it is worth refusing.

How to wear men's sports leggings

We should start with the fact that leggings originally belonged to the sport style and only later migrated to other fashionable trends. If you prefer a classic performance, then you can wear them with hoodie, sweatshirts (and now a lot of original ones with prints and inscriptions, brands), knitted sweaters and sweatshirts, tops and bodysuits.

What to wear with leggings: men's sports leggings

A separate topic - men's leggings in training. Men do not wear these “tight pants” in life. They can be found only in the gym, complete with thermal t-shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts. But fans of underground culture or hip-hop even wear leggings for a walk, on top are basketball shorts, T-shirts and jackets, creating multi-layered images.