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Top 10 best hair shampoos 2018


For women, beautiful and healthy hair is one of the most important decorations. Unfortunately, in conditions of too intense rhythm of life and lack of time and effort to organize proper hair care, for many, luxurious curls are just a dream. One of the most frequent problems is the dryness of strands, causing a lot of trouble.

Why does hair lose water balance?

There are several main reasons leading to dry hair:

  • excessive fascination with staining, perm, use of hair dryers, ployk and irons, destroying the hair lipid layer,
  • use of the wrong cosmetics for the care of the scalp and curls,
  • aggressive influence of environmental factors
  • the presence of chronic diseases
  • unbalanced nutrition
  • genetic predisposition and individual characteristics, characterized by insufficient work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

What threatens to dry hair?

Loss of moisture by a lock leads not only to aesthetic problems and difficulties with combing and styling. It is accompanied by a whole complex of associated complications: dandruff, split ends, brittleness, hair loss, and electrification of the hair.

If you have such problems, it is urgent to address them. It is best to visit a specialist trichologist. He will not only find the true cause of dryness and give recommendations for its elimination, but will also help to select the best complex for the care of damaged curls.

High-quality shampoo - the basis of vitality strands

One of the main tools in the fight for beautiful hair is a well-chosen shampoo, in our case specially designed for dry hair. It is necessary to understand that weak and drained curls need both gentle and gentle cleansing, as well as intensive nutrition and hydration.

Consequently, when answering the question, which shampoo should be chosen for returning the vital force to dry strands, one should focus on its composition. It should include:

  • Soft wash base. The undisputed leader here is organic sulphate-free cosmetics. But it is difficult to get used to it, because it doesn’t foam well. A sign of the presence of a mild surfactant in a shampoo is the presence of components called Glucoside or Glutamate.
  • Softeners. Most professional products contain sulphates. In this case, their action is compensated by softeners, which include Quaternium and Polyquaternium.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing ingredients: glycine, biotin and panthenol (Glicine, Biotene, Panthenol). They contribute to the nutrition of the scalp and hair from the inside, stimulate growth, and normalize the water balance.
  • Herbal extracts to restore damaged strand structure. The more herbal ingredients in the shampoo, as opposed to aggressive chemicals, the better.
  • Oils designed not only for power, but also to create a protective film. One of the best are the oil extracts from coconut, almond, avocado, grape seed. Shea butter gives good results.
  • Useful substances of natural origin: lanolin, protein and lecithin. They normalize the sebaceous glands, restore the internal structure of damaged hair and restore their vitality.

Most shampoos designed to combat dry hair, is composed of silicone, which greatly improves the appearance of the curl. However, its constant use is capable of causing damage to the hair because it does not breathe. Therefore, here it is necessary to observe the “golden” middle and alternate the product with silicone with shampoo that does not contain it.

If we talk about the visual assessment of high-quality shampoo, then it should have a rather thick and dense texture, often pearlescent. This indicates a large number of necessary moisturizing ingredients.

Top shampoos to help fight dry hair

Without the help of a specialist to choose the perfect shampoo for yourself, it will be obtained only by trial and error. It’s not a fact that a product that your girlfriend is excited about will suit you.

In order to help the beautiful ladies make their choice, we present the TOP ten best shampoos for dry hair, based on numerous reviews:

Natura Siberica

This is a popular Russian-made organic shampoo, which does not contain sulfates. But here you will find cedar milk, pink roseola, sea buckthorn oil, burdock and coconut, chamomile, barberry and soapworm. Such a herbal cocktail perfectly compensates for the action of the silicones present.

The tool can be used daily and does an excellent job with cleaning and moisturizing hair, even in hard water. Also, the manufacturer promises protection from the effects of aggressive external factors. Hair becomes obedient, easy to comb, get shine and elasticity.

The disadvantages include the fact that this shampoo only copes with unresolved problems.


This is a healing shampoo suitable for heavily damaged and lifeless strands. It contains in its composition dimethicone, oils and ceramides, which give excellent results. Hair quickly returns vitality, gain volume, decreases hair loss, dandruff and itching disappear.

Given that this tool refers to therapeutic drugs, it should be used in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and alternate with another shampoo.

Effective Russian remedy from CJSC Vertex. It is characterized by an excellent plant composition, including provitamin B5, lecithin, poppy and tea tree oil, burdock and nettle extracts, as well as wheat proteins.

This shampoo provides intensive hydration, nutrition and protection, stimulates the growth of curls and struggles with the problem of split ends.

L`OREAL Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2

The recognized leader in the cosmetics industry has released a professional tool that has already received many awards and prizes. Shampoo is designed for fast food and restoration of damaged and dry strands. An innovative formula containing lipids, sateen proteins, glycerin and Insell molecule improves hair growth and nourishes them from root to tip.

The tool has a thick texture and a pleasant perfumed smell. Well foams and economically consumed. Suitable for daily use. Minus - quite a high price.

Schwarzkopf Professional Tine Restore Q10 +

This shampoo also belongs to the professional line, suitable for everyday use. Contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, stimulation and nutrition of the hair roots, increases the volume and protects against environmental factors.

Your curls look healthy and silky without a weighting effect.

Dove Repair Therapy

The Intensive Recovery series is designed to care for lifeless, dried and damaged hair. After applying this shampoo, the strands become shiny, docile and smooth, acquire a beautiful shine and elasticity. Disappears electrostatic electrification. If this is not observed weighting or excess fat.

Means perfectly foams and economically consumed. The disadvantages include a large number of chemical components.

Bene salon work care

Brand MoltoBene released a wonderful tool for damaged, unruly and tough hair. As part of - sunflower oil and horse keratin, which works wonders. The effect is noticeable after the first wash: stronger and lively curls that are easy to comb and fit. Add shine and elasticity to this.

The disadvantages include weak cleansing, therefore double soaping is recommended.

Herbal Essences "Kiss of the Rain"

The shampoo has a mild detergent base that does not contain sulfates. Despite this, the formula easily copes with any pollution, even in hard water. Hair becomes noticeably more obedient, not tangled and beautifully flow.

The tool has a thick texture and light, unobtrusive smell. Affordable price is a nice bonus.

Shine & Nutration by Belita-Vitex

Well nourishes and moisturizes the driest strands. Liquid silk makes hair soft, shiny, smooth and docile. However, due to the presence in the composition of several oils, you may have to wash your hair more often than usual.

For best results, it is recommended to use the entire line of your favorite product, including balm and masks. You should also abandon the drying of hair with a hair dryer and protect the curls with a headdress from the hot sun or frost. By following these tips, you can quickly return your hair to a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

How to choose a good shampoo?

So, how to choose the right shampoo to continue to enjoy a tangible result?

First, when choosing a shampoo, stop at those in which natural organic plant extracts serve as washing ingredients, as this composition will help get rid of various problems with the scalp and will have a therapeutic effect on it. Well, respectively, the shampoo must be selected according to the type of hair.

It is also necessary to carefully examine its composition in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

Means with the content of surface active substances (surfactants), dry the scalp, and because the fewer of them in the shampoo, the better. Also note the PH level, which should be identical with the PH of the scalp.

For greasy hair, it is 6-7, for normal 5-5.5, and for dry hair - 4.

Now let's go directly to the rating. It is based on user ratings and feedback.

Out of Scores - Moroccanoil Moisture Repair

The Israeli manufacturer’s shampoo has an effective formula that gently and gently cleanses all types of hair, saturating them with useful antioxidants: argan oil, avocado oil and olive, fatty acids, keratin, etc. The shampoo is suitable for damaged hair and hair coloring.

  • It has nourishing and moisturizing properties,
  • Suitable for all hair types,
  • UV protection,
  • Nice smell,
  • Economical consumption
  • Daily application.

10. Sim Sensitive Shampoo

Sim Sensitive is a therapeutic, nourishing shampoo that is designed for dyed, damaged and dry hair. It effectively fights against hair loss, relieves irritation and prevents dandruff. Returns natural strength and shine to damaged hair. After applying the shampoo hair easily combed and stacked.

  • Healing properties,
  • Anti-dandruff,
  • Suitable for all hair types,
  • Nutritious.

9. The beauty of Professional shampoo Expert Collection

Stunning shampoo from the domestic manufacturer, suitable for daily use, gently cleanses the hair, right up to the tips, without making them heavier. The shampoo contains argan and macadamia regenerating oils, which are immediately absorbed into the hair, leaving no oily film, protecting the hair from unwanted sun exposure, prolonging the life of saturated hair color, as well as provitamin B5, which is responsible for tissue regeneration and vitamin B3, which is necessary for improvement blood circulation involved in the formation of pigments in the hair.

  • Large bottle
  • Economical consumption
  • Suitable for all hair types,
  • Affordable price,
  • Excellent composition,
  • Does not contain parabens and dyes,
  • It has anti-statistical effect,
  • Hair slowly getting dirty
  • Pleasant aroma,
  • Do not confuse hair
  • The softness and silkiness of the hair during washing.

  • Not very convenient dispenser.

8. Estel Professional Otium Aqua Mild

Moisturizing universal shampoo professional line Estel, gives a great shine, promotes comprehensive hair restoration and effectively cleans them throughout the length, not weighing. Estel Professional Otium Aqua Mild is suitable for all hair types.

Developed in the Estel laboratory, the unique formula of the product - True Aqua Balance, based on amino acids and betaine, balances the water-lipid level, penetrating deeply into the skin cells of the head, moisturizes and strengthens the hair, giving it a natural shine and radiance, has an antistatistic effect.

  • Does not contain sodium laurite sulfate,
  • Universal, suitable for all types of hair,
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Daily use,
  • Moisturizing,
  • Healthy shine
  • Affordable price.

  • Can be addictive
  • Odor,
  • Hair quickly dirty.

7. Londa Professional Visible Repair Shampoo

Professional hair care product is excellent for those who have undergone a perm, damaged, weakened, dry curls that require special care. Among other things, it is ideal for colored hair. Almond and jojoba oil extracts gently restore the hair structure from the inside, protecting it from drying out and moisturizing in a balanced manner. Also rich composition contributes to giving the maximum, luxurious volume. Moisturizing and nourishing shampoo protects from UV rays and promotes easy combing.

  • Daily use,
  • Moisturizes hair
  • UV protection,
  • Nutritious,
  • Gives volume,
  • Pleasant, hated fragrance,
  • Easy combing and styling,
  • Convenient bottle,
  • Professional care,
  • Affordable cost.

6. Schwarzkopf Professional Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Freeze Shampoo

Specially designed for dyed hair, the shampoo is based on Krio Color Defense technology, which balances color pigments. Cryo formulas - hydrolyzed silk with the help of additional ingredients polish the surface of curls, providing them with a unique shine, and also does not wash away the shade of dyed hair. The shampoo maintains a stable level of moisture and objects to the hair structure, and it does not contain sulfates.

  • Daily use,
  • UV protection,
  • Moisturizing
  • Suitable for all hair types,
  • Light aroma
  • Ideal for home care,
  • Keeps rich hair color.

  • Cost
  • Partially dries the skin.

4. Wella Professionals System Professional Balance Scalp Shampoo

Shampoo professional line for sensitive scalp, relieves itching and irritation, easily and especially gently cleanses the hair and skin, restores damaged hair and gives them a chic volume. Wella Balance Scalp prevents itching, burning, and also compensates for the lack of moisture.

Gentle care for the locks and scalp depends on the ingredients that make up the product: lotus extract, preventing hair loss and eliminating irritation of the scalp, champagne extract, providing shine to dull hair and softening the skin, vitamin E, which returns strength and natural shine hair, as well as panthenol, keratin, phytokeratin and glyoxinic acid.

  • Care for sensitive scalp,
  • Gives volume,
  • With dispenser,
  • Nutritious,
  • Moisturizing,
  • Resistant and pleasant smell,
  • Economical consumption
  • Convenient bottle.

3. L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Restore Shampoo

Pro Fiber repairing professional series for damaged hair from the French giant L’Oreal, is rightfully considered one of the best and most quality. Due to its therapeutic action and rich composition.

Aminosilan is the active component responsible for restoring and strengthening the hair structure, the cationic polymer covers the hair cuticle with a protective film, and the revolutionary Aptyl 100 complex provides an unprecedented effect in 3 steps: instant restoration in the salon, personalized home care program and effect at home. More suitable for dry hair, and the result is healthy and silky curls.

  • Economical consumption
  • Pleasant persistent smell
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the hair,
  • Does not make hair heavy,
  • With air conditioning,
  • Suitable for sensitive scalp,
  • Makes combing easier
  • Nutritious.

2. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed

Shampoo professionally and reliably protects hair from ultraviolet rays and from the harmful effects of radicals, cleansing hair and favorably affecting the scalp, maintaining optimal PH balance and effectively combating hair loss, and also provides a rich color and lasting shine of dyed hair.

The shampoo prevents the cross section of the tips, their fragility and restores the porous areas of hair. It contains sunflower oil and vitamin E, protecting curls from the negative effects of external factors, as well as natural silicones, which give shine and significantly improve the integrity of the hair structure.

  • Affordable price,
  • Daily use,
  • With air conditioning,
  • Suitable for thin and damaged hair,
  • Suitable for colored hair,
  • Easy combing
  • Nutritious,
  • Nice smell,
  • Convenient bottle,
  • Economical consumption.

  • Hair grows fat at the roots.

1. Mulsan Cosmetic Repair Shampoo

Unconditional first place is the shampoo company Mulsan Cosmetic. The peculiarity of this shampoo in its natural composition. It does not contain sulfates (SLS, SLES), parabens, silicones, and other chemicals that can harm hair.

Shampoo restores damaged hair, reduces hair loss, gives natural shine and elasticity to curls. After use, the curls become soft and smooth, and most importantly - healthy. Mulsan Cosmetic is a leader in natural and safe cosmetics. Products enjoy incredible success in women, paying particular attention to their health. In terms of its properties and composition, it easily surpasses competitors with a cost higher than 4-7 times. Уверенно рекомендуем официальный интернет — магазин ( mulsan.ru )

  • 100% натуральный состав,
  • Невысокая стоимость,
  • Экстракты растений и масла в составе,
  • Восстанавливает поврежденные волосы,
  • Уменьшает выпадение,
  • Делает локоны красивыми и здоровыми,
  • Имеет приятный легкий аромат,
  • Удобный в использовании,
  • Небольшой расход,
  • Быстрая и бесплатная доставка.

Немного полезных видео

Роскошные локоны являются визитной карточкой каждой женщины. And therefore, it should be, more carefully refers to hair care, not sparing neither strength, nor time, not money. And about how our rating Top - 10 of the best shampoos of 2018 was useful to you, you can share in the comments.

Dry Powder Bluff Shampoo Aerosol Hair Powder Dry Shampoo, Kerastase (1350 rub.)

Kerastase Powder Bluff Aerosol Hair Powder Dry Shampoo - this unique 2 in 1 tool is a texturizing powder and dry shampoo in one bottle. The owners of unruly hair will be pleasantly surprised that after applying the product, the styling will be much easier. By the way, as part of dry shampoo, vitamin E, minerals and xylose, which will protect your curls from the negative effects of the external environment, high temperatures and prevent curling. So even after falling under the autumn rain, you can be sure that your styling will retain its shape.

Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo, Redken (1200 rub.)

As you probably guessed, after reading the name of the product, the dry shampoo from the American brand Redken promises to extend your curls freshness by as much as 48 hours! Loud statement. However, the tool has such an effective absorbing effect that the styling can really not be refreshed for at least another two days. Girls with dyed hair, too, should not worry, shampoo is suitable for regular use, the color will remain rich and bright.

Styliste Ultime Biotin + Volume Dry Shampoo, Schwarzkopf (350 rub.)

How can I wash my hair without water? Yes, you are right, no way: the hair after applying the dry shampoo will not be clean, but they definitely look better and fresher. The weightless formula of Schwarzkopf dry shampoo with Biotin complex will not only instantly refresh hair without washing your head, but will also give instant volume in the root zone. The shampoo is sprayed under great pressure, so it lays down evenly, dyeing the hair roots white. Do not worry, after a couple of minutes, the curls must be well combed, and the white “patina” will disappear. By the way, I would like to mention separately a pleasant slightly sweet smell of the product.

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Dry shampoo with nettle extract for oily hair, Klorane (650 rub.)

For people with oily hair, Klorane dry shampoo is a real find. The brand is known for the release of medical cosmetics, so dry shampoo is made on the basis of natural ingredients, namely nettle extract, which regulates the sebaceous glands. It also contains cyclodextrins and polysaccharides of natural origin, which have a high absorbing ability: they absorb fat, due to which the hair looks clean. The shampoo absorbs excess sebium and allows people with oily hair to use less liquid shampoos.

Dry shampoo Style Extend Dry Shampoo, Macadamia Professional (1500 rub.)

Beauty industry experts, leading stylists, beauty bloggers all over the world do not get tired to admire natural hair cosmetics produced by the American company Macadamia. And, I must say, not without reason! The composition of all means of the brand includes macadamia oil, which has regenerating and rejuvenating properties, known since ancient times. Dry shampoo is not an exception, in its composition - argan oil and macadamia oil, so that it not only cleans, but also restores hair. In addition, the tool simplifies styling, gives a small amount and makes hair more dense.

Dry Shampoo Volume Lift, Syoss (220 rub.)

This cosmetic product attracts customers mainly at an affordable price. Buy dry Syoss shampoo with a volume of 200 ml can be somewhere for 220 rubles. The formula, developed in conjunction with leading hairdressers and stylists, does not contain silicone and includes natural absorbents: rice and oats. The tool is perfect for thin and weak hair, it will give them a noticeable volume at the roots, so you don’t have to use hairspray. By the way, in the Syoss lineup there is the same equivalent only for owners of hair prone to fat - Anti-Grease. Both products - with a citrus scent and a similar composition. Choose which one is right for you.

Poker Straight Dry Shampoo, Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo (500 rub.)

The uniqueness of the dry shampoo British brand Lee Stafford - is a rich selection of colors: there are products for blondes, brunettes or brown-haired women. Picking up the color you need, you can not worry that the powder will be visible on the hair. Shampoo formally refers to the Poker Straight line for straightening hair, but in fact, it doesn’t have any smoothing effect, at least in the instructions, nothing of the kind has been said. However, the incomparable advantage is that the product is available in a 50 ml pack, the can easily fit in even the smallest cosmetic bag.

Renew Volumizing Dry Shampoo, BosleyPro Dry Shampoo (1200 rub.)

The American brand Bosley Pro specializes in care products for thin and falling hair. Therefore, dry shampoo Renew Volumizing Dry Shampoo from Bosley has a beneficial effect on curls, blocking the effect of DHT (hormone dihydrotestosterone), which is the main cause of hair loss. Dry shampoo absorbs impurities, excess sebum and styling products. And thanks to the content of the exclusive LifeXtend complex and dwarf palm extract, it strengthens the hair follicles and hair shaft. For lovers of the sun and relaxation by the sea, this tool will also appeal, because Renew Volumizing Dry Shampoo contains UV filters and provides protection from ultraviolet radiation, and also keeps the color of dyed hair.

Dry shampoo Colourcare, Aloxxi (950 rub.)

The American brand Aloxxi, which produces professional hair-dyes, shampoos and styling products, could not ignore the trend of recent years and also released such an indispensable tool for girls who are always late, as dry shampoo. Aloxxi dry Colourcare shampoo not only makes hair clean and refreshing, gently absorbing excess fat and other dirt, but also moisturizes the scalp, while protecting hair from UV radiation, which is especially important for dyed hair. By the way, unlike many other similar products, this dry shampoo does not settle on the hair and does not form white bloom on them, so feel free to recommend it to brunettes and owners of dark hair.

Powder Spray, La Biosthetique aerosol powder (1500 rub.)

La Biosthetique spray powder is a dry shampoo and styling product in one bottle. With it, you can emphasize the structure and texture of hair, as well as give the hair a dullness. The product contains a special starch, which eliminates unwanted shine. The undoubted advantage of spray is that you do not need to comb it out, just shake the bottle and spray the product onto the hair roots. Freshness and pleasant aroma are guaranteed.

Revlon Professional Equave Hydro Detangling Shampoo

The Spanish tool is able to make a beautiful hair your business card. Even the driest and lifeless hair, he will make it flowing and very pleasant to the touch. The secret of care is the use of natural polymers. These are substances of protein nature, which serve as the basis of all living organisms. In cosmetology, biopolymers are used to make hair more attractive. They acquire a living structure, begin to flow and radiate health.

Revlon shampoo guarantees easy combing, maximum moisturizing and a successful fight with tangled strands. The cleansing effect of the product is quite mild, and the built-in properties of the air conditioning allow users to abandon the rinse after washing. As a nice bonus - reliable fixation of hair color of any shade.

Live Clean Fresh Water Moisturizing Shampoo

Shampoo series of natural cosmetics of Canadian production receives only positive feedback from owners of dry hair. The composition of the tool is specifically designed to solve the problems of dehydration and brittle hair. He copes well not only with the tasks of purification, but also recovery strands.

  • effectively removes grease and dirt “to the creak”,
  • has an excellent retirement
  • leaves no alkaline plaque on the hair,
  • gives softness due to intensive moistening,
  • provides hairstyle volume and lightness.

Emollient acts on the skin, which also often suffers from a lack of moisture. Thanks to the pleasant perfumed smell, it is pleasant to use the composition, it instantly improves mood, calms and gives pleasure. The only caveat - after using the shampoo, it is desirable to apply a balm to the hair, facilitating combing.

Biokon “Strength of Hair”

Ukrainian brand shampoo is rather pretentious and can be a worthy substitute for expensive professional care products. Although no fundamental changes can be expected with it, consumers are satisfied with the result. A pleasant price and a good moisturizing effect are the main advantages of this product, for dry and brittle hair it will be a real salvation. The shampoo will help maintain an excellent state of healthy curls and will become a powerful basis for the regeneration of damaged hair.

Firming effect is achieved due to the presence in the composition of argan oil. It serves as a factor of protection against temperature effects and weather, facilitates combing and styling. Due to the effective cleansing of sebaceous secretions, the curls become an order of magnitude lighter and more voluminous, which cannot but affect their attractiveness.

Insight Dry Hair Nourishing Shampoo

The best shampoo for dry hair must necessarily contain the gifts of indomitable southern vegetation. So Italians decided - the creators of natural cosmetics to fight for the beauty of the strands. They included in the product almond and coconut oil, as well as illip oil. Cosmetologists have learned about this plant component quite recently, but have already managed to evaluate its beneficial effect on the condition of the locks. Illip oil regulates fat metabolism at the cellular level, creating a protective barrier on the skin and hair surface. Due to this effect, the water ceases to actively evaporate, and the hair remains soft and smooth.

Despite the absence of sulfates and parabens in the composition, the shampoo foams well. The aroma of coconut excites the olfactory receptors and makes you relax.

L’Oreal Paris Elseve Low Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris is considered one of the most prestigious brands and regularly appears in a variety of ratings of beauty care cosmetics. The company did not disregard the owners of dry strands, having developed for them a shampoo with improved moisturizing and cleansing characteristics. The composition of the means “Luxury 6 oils” includes the following components:

  • natural oils - retain moisture inside the hair shaft,
  • lotus extract - gives the strands extraordinary smoothness,
  • pink extract - gives silkiness,
  • Chamomile - renews hair color and provides a light shine
  • Flax - fills curls with energy and vitality,
  • sunflower oil - has softening properties.

All the ingredients of the shampoo work in the complex, giving the product the properties of an elixir for special care. Another advantage of the shampoo from “L'Oreal” is the absence of sulfates in the composition, which makes it maximum safe. Thanks to the dispenser, the bottle is easy to use, and the content is consumed sparingly.

Garnier Fructis “Triple Recovery”

Despite the fact that manufacturers have relied on hair restoration, shampoo copes with cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing tasks. The product of the mass market is available in two formats:

  • 250 ml bottle - it can be recommended to beginners for testing the product,
  • 400 ml bottle is an economy option for anyone who is satisfied with the first results of the application.

When developing the composition, technologists decided to use active fruit concentrate enriched with organic acids and vitamins. They convey to the hair all their benefits and natural strength. The complex of 4 oils (macadamia, shea, jojoba and almonds) restores natural elasticity, smoothness and shine to curls. Light cosmetic aroma of shampoo long stays on the hair and gives freshness throughout the day. In combination with the balm of the same series, an effective tandem is obtained for complex care - gentle and gentle.

Kerastase Bain Vital Dermo-Calm

The best shampoo for dry hair and sensitive scalp is hypoallergenic and soothing. These criteria correspond to the premium product from the professional series Kerastase brand. Expensive but highly effective shampoo made on an organic basis. In its composition there are no components that can cause allergic reactions, therefore, it is possible to recommend the composition even for ultra-sensitive scalp.

The optimal amount of moisture provides curls with oil extract of calophyllum, which additionally strengthens the hair follicles. The menthol component, obtained from mint leaves, guarantees long-lasting freshness without drying. Glycerin is responsible for maintaining cellular hydrobalance, it also gives hair extraordinary softness and suppleness. Shampoo can be attributed not so much to the treatment of the shampoo, but also to the therapeutic remedies, since all of the components in it are contained in a high concentration.

Irene bukur

Oil-shampoo called “Nourishing” is praised by many customers who regularly use the product on dry hair type. The product should be used for emergency treatment of damaged and dehydrated hair. Its moisturizing and nourishing properties appear instantly after the first use. Technologists of the company Irene Bukur carefully worked on the composition, which turned out to be very balanced and effective. The structure includes:

  • Burr oil,
  • nettle extract,
  • wheat proteins
  • rosemary extract,
  • lupine and collagen.

Due to the high concentration of protein means reliably protects the surface of the hair shaft from moisture loss. The internal structure of the strands is regenerated, the cortex becomes durable and resistant to aggressive effects.

Kallos Cosmetics Chocolate Full Repair Shampoo

Anyone who loves cosmetics with “tasty” flavors, should look at this tool from the Hungarian brand. Shampoo for dry and damaged hair "Chocolate" will help to combine business with pleasure - aromatherapy treatments.

The composition of the shampoo includes the following components:

  • cocoa extract - gives hair and follicles adequate nutrition,
  • organic acids - act as antioxidants, serve as prevention of early aging,
  • vitamins - normalize metabolic processes in the hair shaft and its root,
  • mineral salts - are the basis for growth and strengthening.

The tool demonstrates the optimal combination - excellent removal of dirt without drying and degreasing the skin of the scalp. In addition to the fantastic smell and low price, shampoo has another advantage - a roomy 1 liter bottle. This cosmetics will long please you with its quality, filling the bathroom with a sweet aroma.

Indications for use

The appearance of dry hair can be caused by various factors: heredity, hard water, weather conditions, too frequent use of aggressive styling tools (hair dryers, irons, gels, varnishes). Dry strands not only spoil the appearance of the hair, the structure of the hair itself suffers, as well as the follicles, causing the hair to become worse and may even fall out.. If you do not start treatment, discomfort can only worsen.

If the problem of dry hair and skin is not critical: they do not fall out, there are no other serious manifestations, then you can try to deal with this problem yourself, with the help of a high-quality moisturizer. This will help to normalize the work of subcutaneous fat, which provides natural moisturizing curls, and also provides additional nutrition due to the beneficial components that are included in its composition.

Features of the composition

Dry, lifeless and thin hair makes many women seriously think about the choice of moisturizing shampoos. To do this, you should know some of the components of high-quality moisturizer.

In moisturizing shampoos should be present:

  • silicones,
  • moisturizing ingredients
  • emollients
  • vitamin complexes of group B,
  • base and essential oils
  • herbal extracts.

It is undesirable to purchase shampoos containing:

  • mineral oils
  • parabens,
  • formaldehyde.

All of these components are refined products and can adversely affect weakened hair follicles.

Of the surfactants that are responsible for cleaning, moisturizing shampoos should not contain ammonium and soda lauryl sulfates and soda. It is better to give preference to shampoos that include non-sulphated mild polyglucose cleaners and kokomidopropyl betaine. They are derived from coconuts, corn, and beets. Non-aggressive surfactants include brass soda, lauryl, or laureth sulfates.

Perfectly restore the damaged areas in the hair follicles keratin and natural collagen. Will make hair healthy, elastic and silky:

  • lanolin,
  • hydrolyzed silk,
  • skuvolan,
  • ceramides
  • hyaluronic acid
  • chitosan

Хорошие шампуни должны всегда содержать компоненты природного происхождения. Чем больше их, тем более органичный и естественный увлажняющий шампунь. Для таких продуктов для ухода за сухими, ослабленными волосами подойдут экстракты:

  • папоротника,
  • гагамелиса,
  • эвкалипта,
  • моркови,
  • грейпфрута.

Они укрепляют волосяной фолликул и нормализуют функции сальных желез.

Масла образуют тонкую пленку, которая защищает волосы, питает их минералами и витаминами, делает их шелковистыми. Для увлажнения волос больше всего подойдут следующие масла:

  • оливковое и жожоба,
  • касторовое масло и авокадо,
  • семена винограда и зародышей пшеницы.

Herbs help stimulate growth. It is better to choose products with concentrates of the following herbs:

  • sage,
  • horsetail,
  • yarrow,
  • rosemary.

What to look for when choosing

For dry and stained curls the composition of the product is of no small importance. The composition should include the following substances:

  • silicone oils (cyclomethicone),
  • emollients (quaternium),
  • moisturizers (glycine, Biotene, panthenol),
  • essential oils,
  • extracts and vitamins.

Attention should be paid to the pH level: the higher it is, the less moisture remains in the curls, it is very important for dry and colored hair. The optimal limit is 2.5-3.5. It is better to choose plant extracts as the main components, their number should significantly exceed the chemical substances. High-quality moisturizing shampoo due to the presence of proteins should have pearlescent shine and high density.

It is important to know that the number of all substances that make up any protective equipment, are arranged in descending order. Accordingly, the further this or that component is, the less it is in the hair product.

Top Marks Rating

The rating of moisturizing shampoos will help to choose a product suitable for each type of hair. Today the most popular moisturizers of the following manufacturers: Matrix, Kerasys, Emolium, Londa, Estel, Hair Natural Light, Dove, Ollin, Indola, Tsubaki, Bonacure, Wella and Nivea.

Estel "Aqua Otium"

Professional products of this range are designed specifically for severely damaged dry curls. Means do not make them heavier, which is very important when choosing a shampoo with a similar effect, and also help retain moisture and preserve the composition. This drug is considered to be sulfate-free, therefore it is recommended to those women who have done keratin straightening. In addition to intensive moisturizing, the product helps to solve some problems with the scalp. By many ratings, this tool is the leader among similar products.

Vichy "Dercos"

Nourishing regenerating shampoo cream. It costs much more than previous products, but is equally popular. Effectively fills even very dry and badly damaged curls. The product consists of firming additives (ceramides) and three moisturizing and nourishing oils. Thanks to this combination of elements, it is considered an excellent tool with a clear effect after the first applications.

Designed specifically to solve the problems of fragile, dry strands, stimulates their growth and regeneration, acts as a means of preventing the loss of curls. This is a completely hypoallergenic product, suitable for frequent use.

Organic Shop Egg "Ultra Egg Recovery"

Unlike the previous product, it is very cheap, which makes it affordable for a wide range of consumers. Suitable for nourishing and moisturizing curls and copes with its tasks. The composition includes the following components:

  • egg lecithinthat heals damage strands,
  • macadamia oil removes dryness and fragility of the strands, facilitates the process of combing:
  • keratin prevents cross-section of the curl head and protects against negative thermal effects.

Dove "Lightness and hydration"

This is a relatively inexpensive mass-market product, unlike the tools mentioned above. Treats high-quality means, helps with fight against dryness of locks. In addition to the external effects on the hair, has the effect of restoring from the inside, making them shiny and well-groomed, prevents fragility. Protects from external influences. It contains a complex of care with glycerin and nutria-keratin.

In terms of its composition and effective impact on problem strands, it is estimated almost as professional.

Bielita-Viteks "Shine & Nutrition"

Belita-Viteks Shine & Nutrition "Glitter and Nutrition" with argan oil is perfect not only in quality but also due to its price: it is an inexpensive product of Belarusian cosmetics that our women love. Its active ingredients include:

  • Argan oil - source of nutrition and moisture,
  • liquid silk moleculesthat fill the damage,
  • apricot oil - adds lightness and silkiness to the hair.

The product gently cleanses and provides a thorough cosmetic care. Gradually, the curls become shiny, strong, quickly restored after chemical damage.

Matrix "Biolage"

The composition of moisturizing Matrix shampoo includes aloe vera complex, algae, which help to restore the water balance of the hair.

The shampoo is very soft, cleans well (even the oil masks are washed off the first time). Color pearl, shampoo texture is quite liquid, great price. The smell is very pleasant, herbal, remains on the hair for a long time.

After using this shampoo, the curls really become more hydrated and alive, easier to comb.

The shampoo contains herbal extracts: alpine extract, panthenol and hydrolyzed protein, which moisturize and energize damaged hair. The shampoo moisturizes and nourishes the curls that have become dry as a result of frequent use of the hair dryer and styling products.

Shampoo combines effective moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant components of natural origin. Emollients moisturize, enrich the skin with essential lipids and amino acids, reduce irritation and itching.

Therefore, emollients are used to care for dry and sensitive skin of hair.

Moisturizing professional shampoo - salvation for dry and prone straightening strands. It is a product based on extracts of mango and honey, which gently cleanses and moisturizes the curls, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and makes the hair soft and silky. The result is healthy shiny curls that are easy to comb.

Hair Natural Light "Flax Seed"

Shampoo moisturizes and softens the hair, making it smooth. Ideal for long, chemically curled, naturally curly, porous and bleached hair. Enriched with proteins from silk, soy and wheat (for strengthening), as well as avocado and jojoba oils (for moisturizing hair). Smoothes hair scales and prevents the appearance of small, naughty sticking curls.

Moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes dry curls. Ideal for long hair. Highly concentrated moisturizing supplement, which is contained in the composition of the product, softens and nourishes the hair.

The enriched provitamin B5 restores the structure, restores smoothness and plasticity to the hair.

Moisturizing shampoo provides gentle cleansing of normal and sensitive hair during shampooing. Contains a special complex with milk of bamboo shoots, amino acids and vitamins B, which allows you to maintain a normal water balance unchanged or, if necessary, add moisture to the hair.

After using the shampoo, the curls become elastic and healthy.

"Tsubaki" - hair care line of the famous Japanese brand Shiseido. The name of the shampoos and conditioners of this series was given in honor of the unusual bright red Japanese camellia. Japanese camellia oil is also one of the main components of the shampoo, which allows you to effectively solve a number of tasks assigned to it. Among them - cleansing and moisturizing hair.

In addition, the shampoo provides gentle care for the scalp, eliminates irritation and delicately removes dirt and dead particles.

Bonacure "Intensive Moisturizing"

Moisturizing shampoo for normal dry, brittle or curly hair. Intensively moisturizes the locks, does not contain silicones, gently cleanses the scalp, providing additional hydration and preventing dehydration. For maximum results, it is recommended to use the “BC Moisture Kick” line along with the care products.

Moisturizing Shampoo Wella "moisture"» makes hair soft, silky and shiny. It protects against dehydration and eliminates fragility and dryness of hair that appear from external aggressive environmental factors.

Nivea "Moisturizing and care"

With prolonged and regular use restores the structure of the strands, nourishes and makes them healthy and obedient. Shampoo is quite economical to use, the gel has a dense structure. Plus means that it does not dry the hair even with daily use.

Other effective remedies

Besides professional shampoos, You can quickly improve the hydration of the hair and scalp by preparing shampoo yourself. As a rule, most women are concerned about the presence of dry tips.

To help restore the length due to the moisturizing of the tips, homemade shampoo on honey can.

It will take one teaspoon of any shampoo and one honey, add a tablespoon of castor or burdock oil to them, as well as lemon juice (from one lemon). All components should be thoroughly mixed, then you need to put them on the ends of the hair. The remedy does not need to be applied to the scalp to moisturize it, and the roots will have enough quality shampoo.

You can learn more recipes from the video.

Today, the cosmetic market offers a wide range of hair care products from different manufacturers. Each brand has its own basic level, which includes various moisturizing, protecting and nourishing natural ingredients.

Users carefully choose a hair wash: they look at the composition, compare the price and the quality of the product. According to reviews, customers make their choice in favor of cheap options for moisturizing shampoos, because their composition is not much different from the composition of expensive shampoos. These users are favored by the following manufacturers: Nivea, Wella, Dove, Organic Shop, Natura Siberica andBielita-Vitex " Shine & Nutrition. "

Those who choose expensive brands of shampoos, give their preference to manufacturers such as Tsubaki, Estel, Indola. Most often, together with a moisturizing shampoo, buy a mask for hair and conditioner of these same companies. It is believed that hair is best restored only through comprehensive care.

Criteria for choosing the best shampoo for dry hair

The main task of a dry-type shampoo is to moisturize the hair and scalp, protecting it from drying out. So look in it:

  • non-aggressive washing base, for example, based on glucosides (Coco Glucoside, Lauril Glucoside, etc.) and glutamate (TEA Cocoyl Glutamate, etc.),
  • moisturizing and nourishing additives: panthenol, glycerin, soybean glycine, aloe vera extract, shea butter, macadamia, argan, almond, etc.
  • firming ingredients: keratin, silk, wheat and rice protein.
  • silicones. They not only protect hair from external influence, but also provide shine and easy combing. However, when used in combination with a nourishing mask or a balm, the silicones in the shampoo may already be superfluous.

Experts note that shampoos with low PH are best for dry hair: from 2.5 to 3.5, but, unfortunately, manufacturers rarely indicate this characteristic on their products.

Good dry hair shampoo manufacturers

To solve the problems of dry hair works a whole line of the beauty industry. Good products can be found on the store shelf (Dove, Elseve), in the departments of professional cosmetics (Estel, Kapous, Loreal Professionel) and in pharmacies (Klorane, Vichy, Alerana). The price does not decide everything: a good moisturizing shampoo can be bought for 100 rubles.

In recent years, domestic manufacturers have been successfully competing with foreign brands. Worthy products for dry hair are offered by Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Planeta Organica, Love2 Mix Organic, as well as the Belarusian concern Belita-Vitex. In general, Expert Prices strongly recommends that when choosing a shampoo against dry hair, one should pay attention to the composition of the product, and not to the promotion of the brand.

3 Elseve Luxury 6 Oils

The popular manufacturer of cosmetics L`oreal is a nourishing complex of 6 oils Elseve, designed specifically for dry and brittle hair. The main advantages of the tool - deep nourishment and giving incredible shine. The composition contains unique components: lotus, sunflower, chamomile, rose oil, etc. Thanks to them, shampoo has an active effect on curls, making them healthy and beautiful. It has an average thickness and a pleasant smell. The effect is felt already after the first rinsing - the hair is immediately soft, not matted and moisturized, as after a mask. The volume of 250 ml is enough for a month of daily use.

  • smoothing effect
  • gives softness and silkiness,
  • provides easy combing
  • oil texture
  • pleasant sensations after use,
  • good feedback,
  • it foam well
  • low price,
  • slowly consumed.

  • non-natural composition,
  • after some time, ceases to act.

2 GARNIER Botanic Legendary Olive

GARNIER dry damaged hair shampoo is a new product for 2017. For such a small interval, the tool has already managed to win the love of many girls. They mark smooth hair after use, unobtrusive light fragrance and convenient application. The packaging is made in such a way that the shampoo is used to the last drop. Foams well, quickly cleans up impurities. The manufacturer has developed a special formula that adds shine, softness and beauty to the curls. “Legendary Olive” provides super easy combing after the first use. The consistency means more oily, which is very pleasant when applied.

  • does not weigh down
  • hair instantly becomes soft and silky,
  • great shine
  • dense thick foam
  • good price,
  • easy combing,
  • quickly washes,
  • convenient dispenser.

3 OLLIN Professional Megapolis

Professional hair care is possible even at home thanks to Megapolis shampoo from Ollin Professional. It is made on the basis of a unique component - black rice oil extract. Provides the most gentle care, because does not contain sulfates and parabens. Keeps effect after keratin straightening for a long time. Ideal for daily use. Quickly washes even the most polluted curls, while not making them heavier. It has antioxidant properties, makes hair elastic and soft. It has an active reducing effect on the entire length.

  • does not contain parabens and sulfates,
  • the most gentle cleansing
  • professional care at home
  • copes well with its task
  • delicious smell,
  • delicate moisturizing
  • does not weigh down.

  • difficult to wash thick hair,
  • quickly consumed.

2 Londa Professional Deep Moisture

The main advantage of shampoo from Londa Professional is very intensive moisturizing. Penetrating into the hair structure, it smoothes and softens them along the entire length. Already during flushing customers feel the transformation of their curls. Available in a stylish bottle with a flip-top lid and a convenient dispenser. It has a rather liquid texture of a translucent white shade. Among the components there is a mango extract and natural honey. They help to make hair manageable and provide the easiest combing. Regular use gives excellent results - shine, healthy appearance, getting rid of dullness and softness along the entire length. Has positive customer feedback.

  • deep moisturizing
  • quick effect
  • German quality,
  • has a comfortable lid,
  • light unobtrusive aroma
  • perfectly softens
  • good feedback.

  • many silicones in the composition.

1 ESTEL Otium Unique

ESTEL company for many years produces a line of professional shampoos Otium. During this time, many customers have already managed to love the tools that not only cope with various problems, but also are relatively inexpensive. A prominent representative of the line is Otium Unique shampoo. It is designed to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, as well as moisturize dry hair. Contains calamus nourishing extract, which has a beneficial effect on the lipid balance of the skin. The packaging is equipped with the most convenient dispenser, which requires not much pressure. The volume is 250 ml, lasts an average of 1.5 months. It has a cumulative effect of applications - after a while the locks at the roots become less fat, and the rest of the length less dry.

  • moisturizing and softening dry hair,
  • stylish packaging
  • professional care,
  • best price,
  • the most convenient dispenser
  • fight against fatness at the roots.

  • Smell not everyone likes
  • not perfect composition.

3 Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2

One of the representatives of the Kerastase regenerating line, Nutritive Bain Satin 2 shampoo is aimed at intensive nutrition of weakened locks. It foams well, has a gel consistency with a pleasant salon smell. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry brittle hair, making them soft. An important advantage is very slow consumption. In order to wash even long curls, you need to apply quite a bit of money. It foams well and cleans up quickly. Available in volumes of 250 ml. One pack is enough for more than half a year. Suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause itching and irritation. After a few weeks of constant use eliminates split ends.

  • does not deprive the volume
  • eliminates split ends,
  • fills with nutrients
  • restores loose hair
  • moisturizes
  • enough for a long time.

  • can electrify hair
  • not suitable for everyone
  • very high price.

2 L'Oreal Professionnel Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil

The Nutrifier line appeared at the manufacturer L'Oreal Professionnel relatively recently. All funds included there are created for intensive care for brittle and dry hair. Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil shampoo is suitable for daily damage control. Покупательницы в своих отзывах отмечают следующие преимущества средства перед остальными: не утяжеляет, выравнивает структуру по все длине, защищает от пересыхания, мгновенно смягчает и др. Состав без силиконов оказывает бережный уход за ослабленными локонами. При этом он хорошо вспенивается и быстро очищает. Обладает приятным цветочным ароматом и оптимальной текстурой.After application, there is lightness and smoothness of the hair, which, moreover, is incredibly shiny. After a few weeks, Nutrifier stops the fallout and eliminates split ends.

  • does not contain silicones,
  • perfectly cares for hair
  • fights dryness
  • nutritional effect
  • very pleasant aroma,
  • protects against dryness
  • great reviews.

1 Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Dry Hair

Manufacturer of professional cosmetics Vichy has proven itself among buyers around the world. Dercos dry hair shampoo is created according to a unique recipe specifically for the most active impact on brittle lifeless hair. The tool can be called therapeutic, because it fights dandruff and dry scalp, and also eliminates itching. Providing professional quality care, Vichy Dercos returns shine and shine to damaged hair. After several uses, they become soft, silky and gradually gain a healthy look. An important advantage of shampoo - the complete absence of sulfates and parabens. Influences deep on the structure. Recommended for use 2-3 times a week.

  • safe composition
  • high efficiency,
  • great reviews
  • medicinal properties
  • helps to restore lifeless hair,
  • moisturizes and nourishes,
  • provides the most gentle care.