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Stylish shoe boots fall-winter 2018-2019: trendy models and styles


Trying to please modern women of fashion, designers create real masterpieces. The basis of a unique image can be stylish ankle boots. Autumn-winter 2017-2018 will be the season of elegant, comfortable and practical shoes.

Immediately it is necessary to determine that women's shoes are listed as ankle boots, the upper edge of which is at the level of the ankle. In conditions of unstable autumn weather - this is the best option for the off-season. In the fashion collections there are models with a fur decor and a stable sole, which will organically look in the conditions of a snowy cold winter.

Comfort is paramount

The most important rule that designers have introduced to the basis of the autumn-winter collections is to take care of women's legs, so comfort and quality materials play a major role in choosing shoes in the coming year.

Fashion trends determine the health and freedom of the main priorities in the development of new models. The determining factor was the increased stability of the heel of a rectangular shape, and shoes with elongated flat noses eliminated the deformation of the fingers.


The scope of design concepts is located from classic to futurism. Variety will affect not only the style and model. Of great importance is the color, texture, materials, the presence of decorative elements. Many nuances affect the overall look of the shoe. What factors are important for creating a decent image?

  • Heel - many different options. Depending on the style, there can be an inverted trapeze, beveled, concave, cone-shaped heels ... Graceful ankle boots on heels in the upcoming season will be of particular honor.
  • Color - can be contrast or muted. Classic colors are still popular. In the fashion will be light shades. They will be pleased with bright colors - malachite, saffron, cobalt, Marsala and soft coffee. Finding for lovers of experiments will be shiny shoes of silver, gold and iridescent shades.
  • Texture - material performance of the most fashionable women's ankle boots - as a rule, velvet, suede, nubuck and genuine leather. The combined structure, merged into one pair, looks impressive. The combination of glossy and matte, embossed and smooth surfaces will give gloss even monochromatic shoes.
  • Model - in collections of footwear in recent years, more and more borrowed items. A variety of model range suggests unexpected solutions. Ankle boots - a hybrid shoe with boots is not the most unexpected, though successful solution. Became fashionable shoes, boots. The version of the execution of shoes without heels, resembling cowboy boots, will attract the attention of girls who love comfort.
  • Jewelery - the most fashionable detail! The fringe, decorative lightnings, rivets look very elegant and elegant. It is important to remember that the decor elements should not distract attention from the model itself.

The fashion of autumn and the upcoming winter suggests harmonious images. Ankle boots are recognized as an integral part of the wardrobe. It is their variety that provides the amazing versatility of this shoe.

Fashionable versions

Designers, creating fashionable shoe boots 2018, in addition to aesthetics, do not forget about practicality. Fur trim gains relevance, and as an exterior decor, and as a lining. These shoes are perfect for winter weather.

Fashionable boots of a season of fall 2017 are shoes with open zones. For the end of summer, open toe boots are great, perfectly emphasizing the beauty of elegant lines. The actual decision will be the possibility to release the heel or the entire front of the foot - shoes of this shape fit the role of summer sandals.

The practicality of shoes depends not only on comfortable lifting and a steady heel. 2018 requires more comfort, while lacing fits the ankle tightly. The owner of such shoes feels more stable even with heels-stiletto. In addition, lacing can carry a decorative function.

Heavy boots with contrasting laces, reminiscent of army berets, are popular with military style lovers. The priority of comfort and the absence of prohibitions fashion 2018 allows you to combine this model with almost any clothing.

Ankle boots in 2017 are distinguished by a tendency to a platform of different heights. This addition will help to adjust growth. It is worth choosing a moderate platform to feel comfortable.

Wedge - an elegant type of platform, more comfortable than the heel. Thanks to the wedge heels, the effect of long legs is created, especially when it is painted in the same shade as the ankle boots themselves. They can be covered with suede, leather, or decorated with colorful decor in the form of applications. Originality and brightness, the new trend of 2018, dictate their own rules - the color of the sole may differ from the main one.

Popular manufacturers

Fashionable collections of the upcoming 2018 abound in various models of this shoe. Almost all famous designers have chosen them for their shows. Ankle boots firmly hold their positions on the fashion Olympus.

Every popular manufacturer has an interesting idea. Legendary American Ralph Lauren decorated shoes with perforations, double buckle and metal rivets. Some models are complemented by lacing and elastic inserts.

British brand Erdem introduced the original models that are ideal for frivolous dresses and skirts. The combination of black and scarlet color, edging of reptile skin, lacing, prints - a lot of romantic details, giving the boots pompous and seductiveness.

But HUGO BOSS in the presented collections of 2018 remains a supporter of classic shoes, ideal for everyday wear. The rigor of execution and impeccable German quality has always been distinguished by products from this manufacturer. Black booties with silver-zipped decor are the leading model for the fall season.

Phillip Lim recommends urban chic and multi-texture combinations. Ankle boots in 2018, according to the American brand, are original and non-standard - effective combinations of leather and velvet, fabrics and furs will relieve from the routine boredom.

Ara offers German quality, discreet forms and sleek design. Fashionable advice from professionals - ankle boots with a low heel with a graceful nose. Classic colors of shoes are among the favorites of the manufacturer. Harmonious, stylish and attractive.

Spectacular images

The main advantage of the 2018 fashion is non-standard solutions and originality. Having bought a pair of stylish shoe boots for the upcoming season, you can plan a variety of bows. This type of footwear is quite versatile and looks spectacular with any clothes.

  • The most popular image is skinny jeans or tackles and ankle boots. It is important to remember that the pants should not cover the top of the shoe. If you wear a sweater or shirt, and add a bright necklace, you get a stylish set. Blazer will make the look more sophisticated.
  • An example of style and sophistication - ankle boots and skirts of various lengths. The discreet look is laconic suede shoes complete with basques. Office option - a pencil skirt and light boots. With them, the image will be sexy and even defiant. When choosing elongated skirts should choose shoes with elegant toe.
  • The classic ensemble of a black jacket and narrow trousers looks restrained, but somewhat boring. To give the image of brightness and charm, you can wear ankle boots in a contrasting color or with an original print.
  • A great option - leggings, light tunics and leather ankle boots. The beginning of autumn 2017 is a great opportunity to create a bright image.

The basic rules and recommendations with which to wear boots, it is important to remember, because this exquisite shoes can turn the owner into a beautiful lady, and can also insidiously emphasize the flaws of the figure.

In 2018, the fashion trends dictating the rules are quite democratic. The unique style of an elegant woman is a successful combination of comfort and beauty. Create your original images, experimenting in search of a decent outfit.

And what fashion trend did you like the most?Looking forward to your comments!

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Ankle boots with fur

Ankle boots with fur will look very interesting in your look. In this case, for early autumn, you can try to buy models with a closed toe, while for the colder season, you will need closed and warmed.

Lace-up ankle boots

Add to your image a special sophistication and femininity with the help of lace-up ankle boots, which are ideal for any woman, regardless of her figure, and most importantly, they will look really stylish.


Stiletto Ankle Boots

For an evening out or for special occasions, stiletto ankle boots are perfect for adding special grace to your look. Of course, for everyday wear, such a shoe model is not very comfortable, but if you need to show off in society, stiletto ankle boots are the best choice.


Ankle Boots

If you want to stand out this fall and in the winter from the crowd - choose ankle boots, which are presented even in comfortable, no-shoulder options! They look incredibly original and stylish at the same time!

Chelsea Boots

Bring a drop of masculine style to your look with the help of chelsea ankle boots, which, along with all the other models, are often used by fashionistas in their looks.


Suede Ankle Boots

A rich yet stylish look will help you to create ankle boots made of suede. Such models of shoes look incredibly noble, and at the same time they are absolutely suitable for any type of clothing, not counting flying dresses.


Varnished Ankle Boots

Patent leather shoe boots return to store shelves this season. Therefore, if you prefer democratic and at the same time strict images - this shoe model will perfectly complement your wardrobe.

What do you think about this? Looking forward to your comments!

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Boots on the flat go

This is about comfort. There are a lot of models in which there is not a hint of heel and they are all different, and they are all interesting. These are lace-up shoes with a pointed toe (by the way, shoes with a flat sole and a pointed toe look very stylish and elegant. A pointed toe compensates for the elegance that a heel usually gives to the image), boots with a tiny, barely noticeable heel, classic loafers and others models. Look at the photo:

Marsala flat shoes from the Adam Selman collection

Brown shoes without heels. Collection autumn-winter 2018-2019 Loewe

Snake shoes / Miu Miu Collection

Sonia Rykiel Tight Toe Boots

Fall 2018 Fashionable Shoes Sadie Williams Collection

Shoes with a flat sole with lacing autumn-winter 2018-2019

Fashionable boots and ankle boots with square toe fall-winter 2018-2019

At first glance, it may seem to you that these shoes come from the 90s, and perhaps this is the way it is. Long square-toed boots and ankle boots were worn with cropped jeans and short tops.

Square toe boots from the Christian Dior collection

Black boots with a square white Loewe toe. Collection autumn-winter 2018-2019

Alexander McQueen Square Toe Black Boots

Calvin Klein Metallic Square Toe Ankle Boots for Fall 2018

Beige boots with a blunt toe. Collection FW 2018-2019 Altuzarra

Ankle Boots and Boots with a narrow / elongated toe

This is the exact opposite of the previous trend, as if the trend-antipode, while these boots, boots, were also once in vogue. Walking in these is not always convenient, but it is beautiful.

Ankle boots with narrow toe and lacing by Mary Katrantzou for fall 2018

Fashionable shoes fall 2018. Collection FW 2018-2019 Miu Miu

Slim toe boots or ankle boots Look good with wide trousers-pipes or culottes, midi-length skirts and wide shorts.

White shoe with pointed toe. Givenchy collection

Brown boots with a sharp steel toe. Collection FW 2018-2019 Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Lace-up lace-up ankle boots from Marques’Almeida fall / winter collection

Goose foot / check / striped shoes

Geometry is now at the peak of its popularity, so it’s not surprising that boots and ankle boots for fall / winter 2018-2019 dressed in a cage / strip and goose foot. Such shoes go well with tweed things, with warm knitted scarves and mittens, with cozy soft bags. Of course, you can always take a chance and connect the shoes in a goose foot with the top in the same pattern, just try not to disturb the harmony of color. Although…

Plaid boots Vivienne Tam plaid fall-winter 2018-2019

Yellow checkered ankle boots by MarquesAlmeida from autumn-winter collection 2018-2019

Ankle boots in a cage. Collection autumn-winter 2018-2019 Balenciaga

Ankle boots and metallic shoes - fashionable shoes fall-winter 2018-2019

Metallic clothing, accessories and shoes today at the peak of popularity. By the way, we want to say that in spite of some pretentiousness of such ankle boots, they are perfectly combined with completely different bags, with different in style outerwear and decorations. In the image of metallic shoes, it acts as a self-sufficient, but not out of context wardrobe item.

Silver boots from the Dolce & Gabbana collection

Ankle boots with a metallic sheen from Miu Miu from the autumn-winter collection 2018-2019

Silver shoes autumn-winter 2018-2019. Altuzarra collection

Boots stylized as sports shoes in fashion in the fall of 2018

Absolutely nothing new - the designers simply continue the good old tradition. Boots as in the photo will definitely appeal to lovers of sports style with elements of chic. The main advantage of boots and ankle boots in a sporty style is their versatility. Want to combine them with sports pants with stripes, if you want - with jeans or a skirt.

Lace-up boots in sporty style. Chloé collection autumn-winter 2018-2019

Fashionable shoes from the Chloé collection

Fashionable sneakers fall-winter 2018-2019 from the collection of Marques Almeida

Fashionable shoes fall-winter 2018-2019. Dolce & Gabbana Collection

Thick heel and platform

"There are women who are divided into" high heels "and" ballet flats. " Not in terms of shoes, but as a type of attitude towards oneself and towards life ”- Marc Jacobs.

Interestingly, and if a woman chooses shoes with thick soles and massive heels? And designers offer us such options for the future autumn-winter season. Not sure what to call such shoes comfortable, but what you can not do for the sake of outrageous / beauty / love / fashion.

Black boots with platform and wide heels. Saint Laurent. Collection FW 2018-2019

Black boots with platform and high heels. Collection FW 2018-2019 Versace

When you are in search of fashionable shoes, when you are sad and lack of emotions, when you do not have time to leaf through packs of fashion magazines, when you want to know about the hottest trends, then we are always on the spot and always close and are already waiting for you with the latest fashion trends!

Fashion trends in the world of fashion for the season autumn-winter 2018-2019 year

First of all, you need to figure out what shoes are called ankle boots. As a rule, it is a mixture of shoes, boots and boots in one pair of shoes, which ends in the ankle area. Fashionable trends of the coming year unanimously say that it will be fashionable to fit ankle boots as tight as possible. Bulkiness and massiveness are inherent in most models. But girls who do not represent themselves owners of such shoes should not be upset. The slightly refined classic models enchanted many fashionistas on the catwalks of the world.

Creating fashionable images for the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season, many designers chose ankle boots as shoes. Stylish models can be found in the collections of Fendi and Chanel, Versace and Sally LaPointe, Valentino and Sonia Rykiel, Elie Saab and Christian Louboutin. Analyzing the models presented in the latest collections of renowned masters, one can identify the top 9 of such fashion trends as:

  • platform,
  • heels of unusual geometry with extravagant decor,
  • animal skirting,
  • lacing,
  • chains, rivets and other metal inlays,
  • fringe,
  • fur with a long or short nap,
  • color range of metallic shades,
  • sport-style.

There are no restrictions in the colors of 2018-2019: it can be any shade you like: from standard white, burgundy or black to purple, terracotta or turquoise. As in manicure, gold and silver ankle boots or their elements (sole, heels or laces) will be fashionable. Special attention should be paid to ankle boots with different prints: floral or animal. This not only helps to stand out from the crowd, but also to keep up with fashion.

High platform

In 2018-2019 platform shoes will be very popular. It is worth noting that such ankle boots, despite the rather extreme look, are very comfortable to wear, since the actual rise for the heel is a comfortable 3-5 centimeters.

It became known that the season autumn-winter 2018-2019 is filled with the introduction of new colors in such favorite shoe models. For fans of shoes on the wedge presents a lot of models, ankle boots. Look very nice model, the sole of which is decorated with wood or other unusual textures. Так же особое направление задает в моде на танкетке подошва-трактор. Это новое течение несет в себе настоящее разнообразие цветов – от классического белого и черного до всех цветов радуги.

Экстравагантный каблук – тренд сезона осень-зима 2018-2019

From a purely functional element, the heel turns into a decoration, now playing an important decorative role. Models are made of transparent materials, designs of fancy shapes with unusual geometry, as well as exclusive options that are not inferior to real works of art in their originality and pretentiousness.

Thick heels are also high and low, but in spite of their height, these ankle boots are very comfortable and at the same time beautiful and stylish. Designers are also experimenting in riding ankle boots - a wide tops has a great demand in spite of its brutality and audacity. In addition, lovers of all extraordinary and extravagant, too, will not be bored next year.

Square heel. There was a period when a thin hairpin gives way to more massive structures. Almost all famous fashion houses voted for a small square heel and comfortable shoe. Unusual heels are also in high esteem. Now long walks will not cause inconvenience!

Animal print

A bright print will add a touch of femininity to a strict look. Tiger, leopard, "zebra" or repeating the natural pattern of any other animal - these shoes are the designers recommend to combine with plain skirts, dresses and coats. Also relevant are the combined models, in which monochromatic leather is complemented with animal-patterned inserts.

Many manufacturers offer a huge selection of classic models with stylish lacing, which is located on the rise and provides a snug fit shoes to the foot. But, there are also ankle boots in which the lacing plays an exclusively decorative role, as shown in the photo. This pair will be a great addition not only to jeans, but also to an evening dress.

Rivets and chains - choice of youth style lovers

Ankle boots on a high platform, richly decorated with metal decor, look particularly attractive. Also relevant is the combination of lacing and rivets.

Do not think that models with a fringe - this is purely cowboy style. In addition to the traditional brown shoes, in which the fringe covers the leg, the designers offer many fresh options, worthy of becoming an exclusive addition to the stylish and sophisticated female image. Fringe can be located along the foot on the outside of the shoe, or fixed above the heel.

In the fall-winter 2018-2019 fashion collections, both ankle boots decorated with fur inserts and creative models completely covered with natural fur are presented. Although, such shoes require special attention from the hostess, she looks very stylish. Combined models are perfect for a leather coat or jacket, and a fur pair can be combined with a fur coat or vest.

You can add this type of footwear with the help of winter clothes, such as:

  • knitted dresses,
  • sweaters and sweatshirts,
  • jumpers,
  • warm tights,
  • short sheepskin coats and short fur coats.

Color models "paint"

Futuristic themes are back in fashion, and hence steel-tide shoe boots in the upcoming season will be at the peak of popularity.

Metallic silver shoes look perfect with a gray, feminine coat and cropped blue jeans. Wearing a light print scarf around your neck, you create a stunning spring look.

Fashionable boots ankle 2018-2019 photo

For those who are not aware of "ankle" from English translates as "ankle". In this category, you can include not only ankle boots, but also shoes with straps, chains or ribbons in this area. This makes it possible to further expand the horizons for innovations and ideas.

Trendy Stiletto Ankle Boots

Despite the fact that the mod is massive, classic studs are in fashion again. Particular attention should be paid to suede models in bright colors. This model is suitable not only for going to the office, but also for a romantic evening. You can complement the image with a beautiful coat in tone or trouser business suit.

The stiletto shoe boots have a number of advantages:

  • Versatility. Such shoes can not only complement, but also to decorate your image.
  • Practicality. This shoe is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. This model never goes out of fashion. This makes it possible not to run to the store for a new couple next year. You can enjoy your favorite ankle boots for many years.

How to wear ankle boots in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season

What attracts modern fashion is its diversity and lack of strict prohibitions. Having bought a pair of stylish shoes in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season, you can safely combine fashionable boots with a variety of types of clothing:

Jeans. Skinny or tackles are perfect for ankle boots. Choosing pants for such shoes, it is worth remembering that they should not cover the top of ankle boots. It is also not recommended to combine such shoes with shortened trousers, since such a combination can make the legs visually shorter.

Leggings or dzhegginsy - a great choice for owners of beautiful legs. Stylish fitting trousers and a fashionable pair of shoes can be complemented with a short jacket or a long coat.

Skirt or dress. The ideal solution is ankle boots and mini, although many girls successfully combine shoes of different heights with skirts and dresses of different lengths. When choosing the length of midi or maxi, designers advise to give preference to ankle boots with a beveled edge to the side.

It looks very impressive if winter tights or knitted leggings are matched to the tone of the shoe. If the color is not repeated in clothes, you can complement the image with a stylish scarf, hat or handbag.

Such a variety of models allows you to choose the right shoes, not beware of the fact that it will make the image heavier. Finally, you should not be afraid of numerous elements of decor, but on the contrary, you should buy the models you like without fear.

Where do fashion trends lead?

Let's start to understand what are the boots. In this footwear boots and shoes with boots are combined at once. Ankle boots end slightly above the ankle. Stylish models beautifully fit the leg. Among such shoes there are bulky and massive models, but there are excellent options for miniature ladies - these are classic models that can be constantly seen on the catwalks of the world.

Any woman of fashion will choose a pair of shoe boots to his liking, the world's leading manufacturers produce them in a huge assortment. If you still do not have such shoes, then it’s time to fix it.

The latest trends in the fashion world are incredible chelsea. The model that world masters have given the world in a classic variation is made of leather. It has a thin sole and a rounded or pointed nose, rubber inserts are made on the sides. Chelsea in modern interpretation are decorated with decorative elements and bright prints.

The most current colors

In the choice of color solutions, there are no restrictions. If you are ready for bold experiments, take unusual colors. Silver ankle boots or with gilding are in fashion, so take a look at them. And it is not necessary that all the shoes be cast in silver or gold, another decor can also have the same color, for example, laces or a sole with heels.

These shoes look amazing in all sorts of colors: white, terracotta, maroon, purple and turquoise. Different prints are applied on modern models: floral and animal ones. Such footwear does not lag behind a fashion and gives the chance to emphasize the individuality.

Light colors make the image light and airy. Unusual color combinations allow realizing the most daring design ideas.

Ankle models - the best choice of modern fashionistas

The English word "ankle" in Russian translates as "ankle". In this category, you will find models in the form of half boots, shoes, decorated with beautiful decor: chains, ribbons, straps. The latter are decorated with the following elements:

With the onset of cold weather, other models are added to this category, having:

  • inserts made of fur and other textures in the ankle area,
  • decor in the form of brooches, chains, ribbons,
  • color accents.

The ability to choose your model from the large variety offered in the market provides an excellent opportunity to choose the right shoes without worrying that it weights the image.

Shoes with thick heels

Despite the fact that such an element as a thick heel has appeared a long time ago, leading fashion designers do not cease to amaze. The shape of the heel is constantly modified in the same way as its size and texture. The admirers of the classics will not be disappointed either - there are a lot of classic models that one cannot ignore.

Suede shoes look luxuriously decorated with black stones of various sizes. It is combined with strict dresses, pencil skirts and trouser suits.

Thick heels - an element that can be found in various styles of shoes. They are high or low, while thick heels are always distinguished by convenience, the ability to give its owner the maximum level of comfort. Fashion designers are also modernizing the upper part of ankle boots - a wide bootleg is considered to be in great demand, which is considered brutal and impudent.

Extravagant beauties, choosing shoes with heels, forget about boredom. Models are presented in the following variations:

  1. open ankle boots,
  2. with lacing
  3. from suede or velor,
  4. masculine style
  5. sharp-nosed
  6. sports,
  7. in cowboy style.

These shoes meet the needs of the most demanding fashionistas. It fits perfectly to any bow and looks harmonious with all the items of clothing.

Metallic color is a popular variation.

Trendy ankle boots 2018 are made of leather using a wide decoration lining; they are decorated with lacing, beads and fringe. Insoles are also made of leather, the heel height is compensated in the toe of the platform. Winter shoes are complemented by a grooved surface, thanks to which the sole does not slip.

Again, the futuristic theme became fashionable, models with a steel sheen at the very peak of popularity. Metallic color allows you to complete a catchy image with an emphasis on creativity. This quality shoes in the best way emphasizes the status of a beautiful lady, highlighting her from the crowd. Fashionable color makes it possible for a girl to stay in trend and always be interesting and stylish.

Reserved and extravagant bows are well remembered, heels, as a rule, are also covered with metallic leather. Silver shine looks amazing on a snowy background.

And finally

Wear ankle boots with pleasure: use stylish ideas for inspiration. This shoe shows women's legs only from the best side.

Ankle boots will never cause visual damage to the figure. The woman looks beautiful: visually her height increases, and the figure seems slimmer. However, to learn to walk on 12-inch heels, you need skill. A real fashionista will stop at nothing, she will surely cope with the task of moving gracefully.

Fashionable boots spring-summer 2018 - emphasis on color

Choosing fashionable boots for the spring-summer 2018 season, you should think about the color of the coating, this season are relevant pure and pronounced shades. Black Ankle Boots are undeniably elegant and versatile, yet not as commonplace as black shoes. The perfect complement to them is a black vest, jacket or jacket. A completely black ensemble of a dress, tights and shoes, diluted with bright accessories — a bag, a scarf, and ornaments — also looks good. Usually we select the color of the model so that it fits perfectly with the wardrobe capsule for spring and summer.


White female shoe boots - for romantic natures, they are worn with clothes of pastel shades, openwork dresses, wide trousers. A great option for summer - white models with elegant heels with open toe and perforation.


For brown shoe boots, good neighbors will be things of red and burgundy shades, as well as sand, terracotta, red, camel, and cherry. Brown shoes look harmonious with white tight tights or leggings in terracotta shades. Often brown ankle boots have a heel styled as a tree, so in this case, appropriate wooden accessories will be - bracelets, necklaces.


Fashionable boots in the aristocratic style spring-summer 2018 photo

The texture of the year, of course, became velvet, so rich and alluring. It has become a counterweight to a comfortable, stable heel, because this material is quite picky and requires neat socks and careful care. Choosing velvet shoes, give up the practicality and make a choice in favor of a non-standard shade. Emerald, cobalt, violet, marsala, mustard and light coffee are among the most fashionable ones in the coming autumn and winter. Such shades especially emphasize all the luxury of velvet and velor, which will become a more practical alternative.

instagram.com/real.shoes instagram.com/real.shoes

She gave up the championship, but reptilian leather shoes did not disappear from sight. It was less than last season, after all, velvet eclipsed the rest of the materials. However, genuine python leather and reptile-embossed leather are more practical and functional. It was presented mainly in natural shades or steel and gold, as required by the futuristic trend.

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