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How to cook in convection oven


The convection oven correctly selected, purchased and hoisted on the table in your kitchen. That's just what to do next with him, because the usual ways of cooking food are not suitable for aerogrill? But in fact, nothing impossible to use aerogrill not. It will be enough just a couple of times to try to cook food in the convection oven to appreciate all the advantages of this very clever kitchen wizard.

Before you start cooking in the convection oven for the first time, it is imperative that it “idle” for a certain time to warm up, i.e. without product loaded into the flask. In models endowed with electronic control, this is done using the “Warm up” button (or similar), and a model having mechanical control can be started on the “idle cycle” by setting the maximum temperature for 10 minutes.

To do cooking in the convection oven, you can use absolutely any utensils that you have in the house, except perhaps plastic and wooden. Pans, pots, baking dishes, glass and ceramic dishes - all this is ideal for use in convection ovens. In aerogrill, in contrast to the same microwave, there are no wave emitters, for this reason you can safely start cooking in metal cookware in aerogrill.

Cooking in aerogrill can be completely different. It is possible to boil, bake, fry, simmer foods in it: one it can replace with itself an entire army of household appliances. To cook food in the convection oven, choose the required temperature, speed and time of work. There are countless recipes for a variety of dishes prepared in aerogrill.

For example, a very accessible and incredibly simple recipe for cooking baked poultry in aerogrill. You can take the chicken, rub it to taste with spices or pickle in your favorite marinade, then place it on the upper grill of the air grill, setting a high speed and maximum temperature. A small-sized chicken will be ready in about 40 minutes.

In conveying oven, you can cook pastries: muffins, biscuits, puff pastries, etc. The secret of achieving with the help of aerogrill successful baking is very simple: the first twenty minutes pastries should be covered with foil. As the 20 minutes expire, the foil can be safely removed and then baked to a state of readiness. For example, a biscuit in convection oven will be ready in about 40 minutes (minimum speed, temperature 200 ° C).

Many of the drawbacks of aerogrill often include an unnecessarily long cooking time, the risk at the end of cooking to get almost a half-baked dish. For this reason, in order to cook everything in the convection oven correctly, it should be remembered that several small portions of the dish will be cooked much faster than one large portion, and therefore try to use the portion of the dishes. For example, three 0.5-liter pots of soup will be ready in thirty to forty minutes, and one 1.5-liter saucepan is cooked for over an hour.

Convection oven - an indispensable tool in any modern kitchen, it has a huge number of truly undeniable merits. Nevertheless, he still cannot replace the usual cooker completely, therefore, it is necessary to use the convection oven not in place of the already traditional kitchen appliances, but only in addition to them. Compliance with a number of simple rules of cooking in aerogrill will be the key to its successful and long-term use.

Recipes for aerogrill

  • cheese - 50 g
  • pork - 100 g
  • onion - 1 pc
  • two potatoes
  • mayonnaise

The meat is cut into portions, carefully laid on the bottom of the pot, pour with mayonnaise. We put, a layer of grated potatoes, onions, which are sliced ​​into rings, grated cheese and again we pour with mayonnaise. Meat is cooked on the lower grill for half an hour at maximum speed and high temperature.

  • 150 g boiled mushrooms
  • 4 things. potato
  • 100 g of feta
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 onion bulb
  • 100 grams of sour cream
  • Pepper, salt to taste

Cut potatoes into small plates or slices. Finely chop the onions and boiled mushrooms. Chop the garlic. We are engaged in cooking sauce. Fet and sour cream mix. Add pepper to taste. We add a little salt or no salt at all - salted feta. You can add a little spice, but keep in mind that they can distort the mushroom taste.

All the ingredients are mixed and laid out in the form. Shape close the lid. We are engaged in cooking potatoes with mushrooms in aerogrill - at 260 ° C, 45 minutes, the speed is high.

How to cook in convection oven correctly: 10 tricks

1. Each convection oven has its own "character" and specific qualities, which will have to be fitted. At first, you should carefully look after the prepared dish and adjust the timer readings prescribed in the recipe, under the behavior of your particular device.
2. Cooking is best on the lower or middle grill. There, the product will receive optimal processing and will not turn into a cracker, as may happen on the upper lattice tier. Pork in the convection oven will be the most juicy and soft if you bake it at the lowest level.
3. Products in the convection oven are processed using hot air streams and the risk of overdrying the dish is always very high. That is why experienced cooks recommend that you add some water to a glass flask or to the baking dish itself. So you keep the natural juiciness of all the ingredients and are guaranteed to get a palatable dish.
4. Water added during cooking must be hot. This will speed up the process and save money for the electrician.
5. Rarely place the product directly on the wire rack. It is very difficult then to wash off the pieces of food stuck to the rails. It is better to use a frying pan without a handle or a special baking dish. A breast cooked in a non-stick container in an air-grill will only taste better and you will not have to suffer from cleaning the grill later. Also fit classic pots of heat-resistant ceramics or forms of tempered food glass.
6. Separate dishes, for example, cutlets, can be lightly browned on both sides in a frying pan and only then be brought to full readiness in the convection oven. After this treatment, the dish will be more delicious.
7. In general, without sunflower oil, it is allowed to cook the same foods in the convection oven as in the oven. All other oils can be added significantly less than during cooking on a gas or electric stove. However, it is not possible to completely eliminate the oil. The fact is that it forms a thin film that does not allow the products to dry out and gives the food a brighter, richer taste.

Tip: For those for whom the absence of oil is important (diet, health, etc.), it is recommended to bake the products in foil or food sleeve (at a temperature not exceeding 205 degrees). If the ingredient needs a powerful heat treatment, you should buy a hot-hose for convection oven, which easily withstands high temperatures.

8. For maximum effect, it is better to cook dishes in a convection oven at low fan speed. The most powerful airflow quickly dries the products and leads to the fact that the upper crust burns ugly. If it seems to you that the processing is not fast enough, try to increase the temperature by one step, and leave the fan speed the same. In single-speed convection ovens (high), it makes sense to cook only on the lower grill or use an expansion ring, increasing the internal volume of the bowl.
9. Try not to fill the convection oven to capacity. This worsens air convection and significantly increases the cooking time. The best is considered to be filling at 50-60% and it is desirable not to exceed this figure.
10. The device allows you to smoke fish and meat both hot and cold. Mackerel in aerogrill is very tasty, does not lose its density and does not break into pieces. For proper smoking, the bottom of the unit is filled with alder chips (usually sold in supermarkets in the original packaging), and the product is lubricated with a special smoke composition.

Bird in convection oven

Medium-sized (1.5 kg) duck or chicken in a grill is baked in about 1-1.5 hours at an operating temperature of 250 degrees. Cooking is recommended on the lower grid and every 30 minutes turn the bird on the other side. Thus, the meat will be thoroughly baked, and the crust will turn out ruddy and tender.

Cooking in aerogrill. Bird in convection oven.

Larger carcasses are processed at the rate of 60 minutes per kilogram of product weight with an average fan speed. To check the readiness, gently pierce the bird with a knife in the joint area. If a clear juice has stood out, then the dish is ready and, after having cooled slightly, it can be served on the table.

How to cook vegetables

Ordinary potato in aerogrill is baked at a temperature of 210-220 ° C for 30-35 minutes. Pre-tubers need to rinse with water, clean and shallow incise. Then carefully coat with a mixture of salt, olive oil, paprika and black pepper and place on the lower trellised tier for processing.

Dishes in convection oven. Baked Potatoes

Stuffed zucchini in aerogrill prepare literally a quarter of an hour. First you need to wash the vegetables, peel off the skin and gently remove the pulp with a teaspoon. The resulting boats can be filled with any filling that you like (minced meat, mixed vegetables, cheese and garlic mass, etc.) and placed on the lower grill for 15-20 minutes. The temperature switch must be set at 180 ° C and select the average speed of the ventilation blower.

Stuffed zucchini in aerogrill.

Cooking sweet dishes

Curd casserole in aerogrill is especially tender and airy. It is prepared for 40 minutes at a temperature of 185-205 ° C in a special form under a closed lid on the lowest grid. Dessert is recommended to cool before serving.

Curd casserole in aerogrill

Making a sponge cake in the convection oven is easy. Prepared dough should be poured into a detachable form and placed in a unit, preheated to 180 ° C. Bake a cake on the middle lattice for half an hour. The temperature during cooking does not change. The finished delicacy can be smeared with sour cream, garnished with fruit or whipped cream.

Biscuit cake in convection oven

Convection oven. Questions and Answers

In this section, published answers to frequently asked questions.

If you did not find the answer to your question here, send it to us via e-mail [email protected] and we will answer it as soon as possible.

How difficult is it to master the convection oven?

The most important thing about working with aerogrill you will learn immediately upon purchase. Usually, the development of aerogrill occurs 15 to 20 minutes after its installation in the kitchen. The simplicity and clarity of the control panel allows you to cook in the conveying oven almost immediately.

How do airgrill models differ from each other?

The models of aerogrill are: multifunctional models and models with the function of cooking everyday dishes, with each of these types of aerogrill in the version with a removable lid and with a lid on the bracket.

What is the construction of convection oven?

The design of the convection oven consists of: a lid on which the control panel is mounted, a heating element and a fan, a glass bulb, a plastic case, a set (3 grids, a steamer, a magnifying ring, tongs, 4 skewers, a roaster)

Does aerogrill have harmful radiation?

Unlike microwave ovens, aerogrill cooks only with streams of clean hot air. In the convection oven there is no radiator of high-frequency waves.

What is the convection oven fundamentally different from the oven with convection, stove, roaster?

Convection oven is a versatile heating device that combines all the best features of household appliances, while avoiding the mistakes of their predecessors. Today the convection oven represents perfection of technology of hot cooking in ideally picked up form.

How quickly cooks aerogrilb?

Convection oven prepares as quickly as it is possible to prepare the product using natural heat treatment. For example, a grilled chicken weighing about 1 kg usually cooks 40 minutes.

How much convection oven consumes electricity, what is its capacity?

The consumption level depends on the selected cooking program, but on average it is 1 kW, that is, less than a kettle or iron. The maximum power of convection oven is 1300 watts.

What is included in the standard set of aerogrill?

The standard set of the Hotter convection oven includes: three multi-level grilles, tongs, tongs, magnifying ring, net pan, set of skewers, roaster, user manual, expert opinions

Where should I put the convection oven?

Convection oven can be placed on any flat surface in the kitchen at a distance of no more than the length of the cord from the electrical outlet.

Is it possible to use convection oven in the country?

Convection oven can be used in the country as well as in the home kitchen. Convection oven can be put in the summer house or on the street, placing it on any flat surface. The main advantage of aerogrill to give is its protection from voltage surges. In addition, the convection oven ideally dries mushrooms and greens, and also sterilizes household preparations.

Why are all models of convection ovens of the same size?

The shape and size of the convection oven is the result of a long-term experience of using it at home. The size parameters found are optimal and universal for any kitchen.

How to prepare convection oven to work?

Before using the convection oven, it is necessary to warm it up for 10 minutes at the maximum temperature. This is done so that the heating and ventilation system works for one cycle after factory testing. At the first warm-up, the aerogrill bulb should be empty. For models with electronic control it is enough to start the “Warm up” button.

How to cook in convection oven?

Convection oven prepares itself. You only need to dial the necessary program on the control panel or set the time and temperature knobs in accordance with the parameters presented in the recipe.

What to cook in the convection oven for the first time?

In the convection oven you can cook any dish at once. According to the experience of many customers, the first thing that is being cooked in air convection ovens is grilled chicken on beer.

How many smells does aerogril produce? Do I need a hood?

For aerogrill hood is not needed. In cooking, there is no smoke or burning. Oil does not burn. There is no fat spray throughout the kitchen and cooking smells throughout the apartment.

Does the convection oven need special dishes?

Any convection cooker that is in the house, except plastic, wooden, and cookware with elements made of these materials, is suitable for conveying. You can use pots, pans, bakeware, ceramic and glass pots. You can defrost in plastic containers.

What is the reason for the usefulness of cooking in aerogrill, why does it reduce the allergenicity of products?

Convection oven prepares only hot air currents that circulate around the cooked dish. Thus, products are prepared without the use of active thermally conductive media (such as butter or lard oil). Consequently, useful microelements are preserved in the products, harmful burnt formations and carcinogens are not formed. Food cooked in aerogrill is easier for the body to digest and is dietary.

Is it possible to cook in aerogrill with a ruddy crust?

Chicken, pastries, and potatoes in a convection oven acquire a special, ruddy crust, incomparable by appetizing. At the same time, any dish can be prepared if desired, and without a crust, simply by reducing the speed of the blower.

How many products can be cooked in air convection ovens?

The convection oven is created to prepare every day from any products for the whole family. At the same time, three dishes of one dinner can be cooked simultaneously on three lattices. As the long-term experience of aerogrill housewives-owners shows, one aerogrill is able to fully feed a family of up to 4-5 people.

Is it possible to smoke in a convection oven?

Convection oven is the only household appliance that allows you to smoke in a cold and hot way at home. To get the best possible smoking, pour alder chips (usually sold in the company's Hotter departments) to the bottom of the convection grill or lubricate the product with a smoke preparation.

Is it possible to conserve in aerogrill?

All home preparations for the winter in the convection oven are sterilized and preserved directly in the bank.

Is it possible to reheat in aerogrill?

Can. Warming up is a little slower than in a microwave, but it is much better and safer for health. You can put several dishes on different grills. At the same time, the higher the dish, the faster it warms up.

How to wash a convection oven?

Колбу аэрогриля и стеклянную часть крышки можно мыть любыми средствами для мытья посуды, избегая при этом попадания влаги внутрь конструкции крышки. Для мытья колбы на панели управления есть специальная программа самопромывки. Колбу также можно мыть в посудомоечной машине.

Сильно ли нагревается стекло колбы аэрогриля?

Стекло в процессе приготовления становится горячим, но не раскаленным. Если случайно прикоснуться к нему – ничего страшного не произойдет. Чтобы достать готовое блюдо, надо использовать щипцы-ухваты.

Why is the cap not tightly attached to the flask in some models?

Tightness should not be, it is constructively embedded in the convection oven.

What happens if during the cooking process you open the grill cover?

The automatic safety of the program will work, the convection oven will turn off. After returning the lid back in place, the convection oven will continue to work.

How reliable is convection oven?

At observance of the rules of operation, the convection oven is designed for at least 10 years of daily operation.

How strong is plastic aerogrill body?

The plastic is molded using silicone, so it is not only durable, but also flexible.

Does the glass of aerogrill bulb break?

Shockproof glass. But if you specifically try, then, of course, it can be broken. Replacing the flask will cost at least a thousand rubles. Therefore, it is better to treat her carefully.

What is the warranty period of convection oven?

All models HOTTER - 12 months.

Where is the service center?

The address of the service center in your city is written in the warranty card.

Our recommendations

On this page we will post the most frequently asked questions regarding cooking.

One of the advantages of Hotter is the ability to cook in aerogrill without dishes at all, using only the Hotter brand kit (3 grids, a steamer, skewers, a roaster for a bird). But if you even want to cook borsch or curd casserole in aerogrill, you can use almost any utensils that you have in the kitchen (the only exception is wooden and plastic utensils, including utensils that have plastic elements).

And in order for your acquaintance and culinary communication with convection ovens to be as pleasant as possible, let us present some recommendations on the use of dishes in convection ovens, summarizing the long-term experience of using convection ovens by Russian hostesses:

* it is better to use dishes that have a high thermal conductivity: non-stick dishes (“Tefal”, “Kalitva”, etc.), aluminum dishes, food-grade silicone (“Horse”, “Milleforme”, “Proflex”) conduct heat very well, thin-walled ceramic dishes and thin-walled glassware from heat-resistant glass, glass-ceramic ware ("Vitroflam", France)

* If you want to speed up the cooking process, it is better to use thin-walled dishes (for example, heat-resistant glass of the Pobeda factory (Tatarstan) or domestic ceramic ware)

* it is better that the diameter of the dish does not exceed 24 cm (especially for baking dishes) - then the hot air flows freely around the flask and evenly affects the dishes from all sides

* it is better to use portion dishes: for example, 3 (or even 4) 0.5-liter pots with soup will cook for 30-40 minutes, and one pan of 1.5 liters (= 3 pots) will cook for more than 1 hour, besides, the contents of each pot can be different - to the taste of every household!

How to use shavings for smoking

In order to get the effect of smoking, alder chips should be lightly moistened with water or smoke. Chips should be poured into a steamer and installed on the upper grate. To achieve a more pronounced smoked taste sprinkle with smoke the product that you smoke.

What kind of dishes to cook

It is better to use dishes that have a high thermal conductivity: non-stick cookware conducts very well (Tefal, Kalitva, etc.), aluminum cookware, food-grade silicone cookware (Horse, Milleforme, Proflex), thin-walled ceramic dishes and thin-walled dishes from heat-resistant glass, glass-ceramic ware ("Vitroflam", France)
If you want to speed up the cooking process, it is better to use thin-walled dishes (for example, heat-resistant glass of the Pobeda factory (Tatarstan) or domestic-made ceramic dishes)

Cookware Size

It is desirable that the diameter of the dish does not exceed 24 cm (especially for baking dishes) - then the flow of hot air will freely circulate around the flask and evenly affect the dishes from all sides.

It is better to use portion dishes: for example, 3 (or even 4) 0.5-liter pots of soup will be cooked for 30-40 minutes, and one pan of 1.5 liters (= 3 pots) will be cooked for more than 1 hour, the same contents of each pot can be different - to the taste of every household!

How to cook sponge cake

1. It is best to bake biscuits in thin forms Tefal, Kalitva, etc., the diameter of the forms should not exceed 24 cm, in diameter. In order for the biscuit to rise well and completely bake, you must observe the following mode:
t 180 С, fan speed is low, time depends on the amount of dough.

How to fry patties and small cakes

If you want to fry patties or patties from the batter that will flow through the bars of the grates, we recommend using a steamer, or simply putting foil or baking paper on the grates.

The cooking mode of cutlets: t 235 С, speed - average, time - 20-25 minutes, depends on the quantity.

How to defrost food

Defrosting products in convection ovens can be carried out at t 65 - 80 С and at low fan speed, but not higher, otherwise the product will be prepared and not thawed. When defrosting, you can put the product in a plastic bag so that condensate does not accumulate in the flask. (If you decide to use the bag, defrost to produce at t 65 С) But it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to slightly open the cover of the convection oven with a skewer or stick.

Uneven browning

Foods (pies, patties, vegetables, etc.) are roasted on one side only if the heating element of your convection oven is heated unevenly. In this situation, you need to contact the service center, the address of which must be specified in the warranty card.

What can be cooked in a flask

In the flask you can cook only mulled wine and shot, because only these drinks require “not to bring to a boil, with constant stirring”, the remaining dishes must be warmed up completely. Otherwise, your (soup, cereal, stews, etc.) will be heated unevenly and undercooked.

Principle of operation

The most important thing in aerogrill is the lid. It contains a heating element, a fan and a control panel. A glass flask performs the function of an oven or chamber in an oven: it is in it that dishes are prepared. During the operation of the device, the heater or halogen lamp heats the air in the flask to a predetermined temperature, and the fan creates the necessary circulation.

As a rule, in any convection oven several operating modes. That is why it is possible to cook a variety of dishes in it: soups, different kinds of cereals, pastries, baked meat - in a word, everything that could have been cooked in a Russian oven before. And even a little more: modern models will help you to dry fruits, make canning or smoked products. But for this you need to follow certain rules.

We use the new device correctly

A glass flask is not yet a saucepan, although it is very similar. You do not pour the soup directly into the oven? Before the start of cooking, it is necessary to place a special baking sheet in the convection oven or put a small heat-resistant pan. All necessary accessories are usually included.

Important: if you wish, you can even place several dishes in the convection oven if there is enough space for them.

Set the desired temperature mode, set the time and set the intensity of air circulation. The whole cooking process will be clearly visible: this is the beauty of cooking in the convection oven. After use, do not forget to wash the device immediately.

What can you cook

We turn to the most interesting. In convection ovens you can cook almost everything:

  • bake a cake
  • drain the vegetables
  • bake the meat
  • make pizza
  • fry the seeds,
  • smoke fish
  • make jam
  • dry fruit and more.

In principle, everything that you cooked using an oven or a hob with a hob can now be assigned to a new kitchen appliance. Just turn on your fantasy!

Well, if you do not want to dream today, use one of our recipes.

Chicken roll

One of the easiest recipes. This is a delicious snack that is perfect even for a holiday.

  • chicken leg and breast,
  • spices to taste: dried garlic, red and black pepper, salt.

  1. Separate the leg meat from the bones.
  2. Beat it well, covered with cling film.
  3. Do the same with the breast.
  4. Take a foil for baking and put on it a broken leg.
  5. Sprinkle with spices.
  6. Place the breast on top and sprinkle it with spices too.
  7. Wrap the foil with all the contents into a roll, like candy.
  8. Tie the edges carefully with thread.
  9. Place the roll in a glass flask on a high wire rack.
  10. Turn baking for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.
  11. Take out the chicken roll and let it cool.
  12. Put it in the fridge for an hour.

Serve to the table, cut into beautiful portions.

It will be even tastier if you add champignons or cheese in the middle.

Home Sprats

Homemade sprats are much tastier than the store. Do not believe? Then by all means try to cook them! Moreover, it will take you no more than an hour.

  • half a kilo sprat sprat (small or large - optional),
  • any vegetable oil,
  • spices: bay leaf, salt and pepper,
  • alder sawdust.

  1. Rinse the fish under running water and allow it to drain.
  2. Remove the heads and insides.
  3. In a separate bowl, salt it and add the butter.
  4. In a special bowl for aerogril place sprat in one row.
  5. We place the tank with the fish on the lower grid and pour alder chips under the bottom.
  6. Bake at 175 degrees for about half an hour (sprat should turn yellow).

The finished fish must be cooled and stored in the oil in which it was prepared. However, we are sure that it will not be necessary to keep it for a long time.

Strawberry Casserole

And this yummy time is the time to make berries and fruits in season. You can pamper your family even every morning - good, cooking a casserole is easy.

  • about 250 g of strawberries,
  • as much bread crumb (white)
  • a glass of milk,
  • 2 tbsp. sour cream
  • half a cup of sugar (maybe a little more),
  • 2 eggs,
  • 2 tsp. breadcrumbs.

  1. Soak the white crumb in warm milk.
  2. Add everything except strawberries and crackers, and mix thoroughly.
  3. Wash the strawberries and cut each berry into 3-4 pieces (depending on size).
  4. Put in a form, oiled and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, a mixture of breadcrumbs.
  5. Top beautifully lay the strawberries.
  6. Cook for 30 minutes at 150 degrees.

Do not forget during this time to make tea for loved ones!

Lunch on convection oven

This is not even a recipe. This is just a great way to quickly cook in a convection oven a real set meal. And at the same time all at once. Interesting? Then write it down!

  • chicken pieces,
  • pieces of pork,
  • potato,
  • carrot,
  • bow,
  • Bulgarian pepper
  • buckwheat,
  • Champignon,
  • spices (your favorite).

  1. Take 3 ordinary 0.5-liter jars (you can get more if you plan to cook many dishes), wash and dry them thoroughly.
  2. At the bottom of the first place a few pieces of meat and fill the buckwheat to half.
  3. In the second place the diced potatoes, carrots, bell pepper and mushrooms.
  4. In the third we will have pieces of pork with potatoes and fried carrots with onions: put all this in a jar in layers (meat from the bottom).
  5. Salt and pepper the contents of all three cans.
  6. Fill the cans with boiling water almost to the top.
  7. Cover them with foil on top, after making small holes in it to allow steam to escape.
  8. Cook at the highest temperature for about 30-40 minutes.

Important: after 20 minutes all this will begin to boil violently and release steam. Do not worry - everything goes according to plan!

Now you can get ready meals and feed the household. It is very convenient if each family member has their own food preferences: now no one will have to sacrifice their favorite dishes. It is possible to cook both milk porridge with dried fruits, carcass cabbage, and meat at the same time in aerogrill, while the smell of different products will not mix.

Do not forget to add to each recipe a pinch of love and a piece of caring for loved ones. These secret ingredients will help make any dish truly tasty and healthy. And your family will certainly appreciate it. Enjoy your meal!

Features cooking in convection ovens

The appliance is a kind of convection oven, that is, it provides the preparation of a dish by exposing it to streams of hot air. When working with aerogril it is not necessary to use fats and vegetable oil. And the ideal tenderness of dishes is achieved by adding ordinary water to the pan. You can also fry, bake, dry and heat it, in general, do all the things for which we use the oven, microwave and dryer for fruit.

If your culinary experience is still too small, convection oven will become your indispensable assistant. After all, it never burns dishes and evenly warms up. In addition, the most familiar products with a new way of cooking will acquire unexpected tastes. As an example - chicken in aerogrill, the recipe of the familiar "game" will delight you with new facets of taste.

Secrets of cooking chicken in convection oven

To figure out how to cook a chicken in grills, you need to find out all the subtleties of working with this device.

  • Chicken meat has a little fat, so it can lose its juiciness during cooking. To avoid this, be sure to add water to the pan during cooking or wrap the meat in foil.
  • The whole chicken can be cooked on a wire rack, and the water level should not reach the meat. Bird slices should be cooked only in foil to preserve its tenderness.
  • When cooking the whole carcass, select the lowest fan speed, but the temperature should be higher - 235 degrees.
  • To get the perfect golden crust, use a grill and grease its surface with vegetable oil. And for tender meat - put the grate with a carcass on an average level.
  • If you are baking meat with vegetables (for example, potatoes), it is advisable to use a heat-resistant form with as thin walls as possible. So the products will cook faster.

Grilled chicken in aerogrill

You will need:

  • chicken carcass - 1.5 kg,
  • lemon - 1 pc.,
  • mustard dry - tablespoon,
  • ginger and coriander - half a teaspoon,
  • thyme - a teaspoon,
  • black pepper - a couple of pinches,
  • garlic - 5 cloves.

  1. Rinse the chicken, dry it, and rub it with salt. Leave to salt for 30 minutes.
  2. Cut 4 slices of lemon, place them under the skin on the thighs and breast.
  3. Marinate the meat in a mixture of vegetable oil, mustard, aromatic herbs, garlic and black pepper. Well rub the carcass inside and out. Leave to marinate for an hour.
  4. Remove the marinade from the skin, but do not throw it away, but move them inside the carcass.
  5. Place the tray on the bottom of the convection oven, put a low grill. Lay the carcass breast up, tilt the wings under the back so that they are not charred.
  6. Set the temperature from 220 ° and cooking time 1 hour.

Our recipe is a universal solution of how to cook grilled chicken in aerogrill. You can experiment in it with spices in the marinade. You can make a more juicy breast, just laying a few slices of bacon under the skin. In the last 20 minutes of cooking, the chicken must be monitored, as a “person” with a smaller weight can walk faster.

Chicken in foil in aerogrill

  • chicken fillet - by the number of guests
  • lemon juice - 3 tablespoons,
  • cognac, soy sauce - 3 tablespoons,
  • spices: paprika, basil, coriander, black pepper.

  1. Cut the fillet into large pieces. Marinate in a mixture of spices, brandy, lemon juice and soy sauce. Leave for 2 hours.
  2. Wrap the fillet in foil, divide portions by the number of guests.
  3. Cook at a temperature of 260 to 30-40 minutes. Then open the foil slightly and leave the meat to redden for 3 minutes.

Chicken with potatoes in convection oven

You will need:

  • chicken fillet - 500 g,
  • potatoes - 500 g,
  • onion - 1 large head,
  • garlic - 3 cloves,
  • feta cheese - 200 g,
  • your favorite spices.

  1. Fillet cut into medium-sized pieces.
  2. Peel the potatoes, onions and garlic. Slice the potatoes, chop the onions and garlic finely.
  3. Stir the ingredients, add the feta, season with salt and pepper, add spices.
  4. Put in a refractory form and close the lid.
  5. Set in convection oven at a temperature of 235 °, cook an hour.

Serve the dish with chopped greens and any vegetable salad. The advantage of this recipe is that you can use any poultry meat, as well as veal and lean pork.

Very few works, and you will find an incredibly tasty chicken in the convection oven! Recipes with photos on our website will help you to prepare a new, interesting dish.

How different models of aerogrills differ from each other

How are different models of aerogrills?

Before turning to the main topic of the article, let's say a few words about the parameters of aerogrills differ, and comment on them:

  • The volume of the bowl - from 2 to 12 liters. The amount of capacity depends on how much food you can cook at a time - for example, just one steak or a large chicken (duck). For those who live alone and do not receive guests and do not cook for a week right away, a small convection oven will be enough, and there is no sense even to look at models with a bowl less than 7 liters.
  • By the design of the cover - it is removable or hinged. Fans have both options. На наш взгляд, съемная крышка удобнее и безопаснее – вы отставляете ее в сторону и у вас уже нет опасения, что, вынимая или переворачивая пищу, вы обожжетесь о раскаленный нагревательный элемент.
  • По типу управления – механическое и сенсорное. If you do not chase after super-gadgets, but are looking for a reliable, simple unit, then you should know that the mechanics are quite enough to perform the bulk of the aero-grill operations involved.
  • By functionality - simple and multifunctional. with such additional programs as warming up, defrosting, baking (although in simple models this can be done without problems).

Benefits of convection

Convection oven firmly won the love of those who care about their health, but at the same time loves dishes with an appetizing brown crust and tender, melting in the mouth pulp. In this device, all the fat is melted from meat and poultry, and at the same time what unscrupulous manufacturers pump them. All this does not accumulate on the baking sheet (in a frying pan, pan, etc.), soaking back, and flows into the bowl. Provided, of course, that you are cooking on a grid, and not in baking forms or in closed containers.

Let's designate other obvious advantages of aerogrill.


Convection oven quite successfully replaces the oven with grill and convection, toaster and roaster, frying pan, steamer, skewer, smokehouse, drying for fruits and vegetables, sterilizer cans, yogurt maker and microwave. He bakes and cooks, cooks soups, has the effect of a Russian stove, defrosts and warms foods. And at the same time it takes much less space than almost each of the above units, and if you consider that one convection oven is able to cope with the tasks facing several appliances, then if it is present, you significantly save kitchen space.

No need for special dishes

In the convection oven you can cook in any dish, except wooden and plastic. Particularly successful are the dishes in clay pots - if you make porridge, soups, or roasts in them, you get the impression that they were taken out of a real stove. By the way, for frying and roasting meat, poultry and fish, separate dishes are generally not needed - enough lattices, skewers and tripods, which are already included in the kit.

Minimal or low oil consumption

You do not need oil for cooking products in the convection oven, and if you want to add it, for example, to create a very crisp crust or to flavor an oil-herbal mixture, you can just lightly smear the chicken, fish or chop with a silicone brush. So you get absolutely healthy and healthy food.

Ease of cooking

When cooking in the convection oven, the products practically do not burn (the main thing is to set the temperature and time correctly), and the cooking process itself does not require constant presence in the kitchen. In addition, due to the presence of a fan, all dishes are cooked evenly, so there are no unbaked or non-fried places.

For example, those who often make cutlets in breadcrumbs (or buy similar semi-finished products) know how difficult it is to fry them in a frying pan - the breading quickly burns, and in the middle the stuffing remains raw, and the butter needs more than usual. The convection oven perfectly copes with this task, it is only necessary to grease the patties and the pan or the grill with a small amount of butter and bake for 10 minutes on each side. So you get a completely roasted minced and delicious, but not a burnt crust. The same applies to barbecue wings, which in the pan never turn out so tasty and crispy as on the grill.

Time saving

In the presence of a double lattice in the convection oven, you can cook two dishes at once, for example, bake pieces of chicken on the upper plane, and potatoes on the bottom plane. Poultry juice will soak the tubers, so then you only need to sprinkle them with greens, and you get a luxurious side dish. If you do not want to get fat on the potatoes or other vegetables, just swap the ingredients in places.