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How to quickly dry jeans after washing?


Practically each of us got wet in jeans in the rain or in summer waves, or found himself in a situation when it took him somewhere to run, and his pants were washed and did not have time to dry. Time is running out, but, unfortunately, jeans - the most beloved, comfortable and sought-after clothes - have been drying for the longest. In order not to be at a crucial moment, as they say, "without pants", we will discuss in this article several ways to quickly dry jeans.

How to dry jeans

Denim clothing is firmly established and has taken the most important place in our closets. And this is not surprising: these pants are reliable, practical, they can be worn at home, put on a walk, hiking, club, and even at work if there is no strictly established dress code. Wash jeans often, but they dry longer than other clothes. In addition, you can get into denim pants in the rain or spill water or some kind of drink on yourself. Walking in wet pants is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and sometimes unacceptable. In such cases, it is especially important to dry the jeans as quickly as possible. The problem is that denim is a very dense and tough fabric, which makes it difficult to dry.

You can use high and extreme high temperatures - use an iron, oven, hot heater or hair dryer for drying, but they are not suitable if the jeans are made from thin or stretch fabric. As is known, under the action of heat, the material loses its elasticity.

Note! Whichever way you dry your jeans clothes, always turn them inside out. Thus, the fabric will keep its color longer, will not burn out and will not blink, and you will be able to avoid repeated contamination of jeans while they dry.

Drying jeans after washing in a washing machine can be accelerated by setting the maximum number of revolutions during the spin cycle. This will not affect the quality of the fabric, but the excess moisture will be removed, and the drying time will be significantly reduced.

The function of maximum spin in a washing machine will help you to significantly speed up the process of drying jeans clothes

Even if you didn’t wash your trousers, but got caught in the pouring rain, you should still put your jeans in a washing machine and squeeze.

The easiest way to dry a separate wet spot when you just spilled water on yourself. It is enough to iron it with an iron or blow a hairdryer.

In the summer, on a hot day, you should not panic at all: wet jeans will quickly dry on the body during a walk and without additional manipulations.

The matter becomes more complicated if it is not about pure water, but about juice, sweet soda, tea or coffee. In this case, you must first fasten the clothes so that there are no stains, and then proceed to drying. If you iron the stain from the juice or coffee with an iron - it is very likely that it will stay with you forever.


The easiest way to dry jeans is to hang them on the street or balcony. Natural drying in the conditions of warm weather, fresh wind and strong sunshine is most convenient and correct, and it will take no more than 2 hours. This is, in fact, the ideal way of drying, which does not harm your things.

Drying jeans on a clothesline in the open air is the easiest and most gentle way, but not the fastest

In the extreme case, if you counted on for 2 hours, and in one and a half your jeans have not yet dried out properly, in the remaining half hour it is quite possible to dry them with more extreme methods.

Towels and hairdryer

Just washed jeans are unlikely to be able to dry quickly with a hair dryer only, but if you got them out of the machine after the maximum spin, then this option is worth a try.

  1. On a large dry towel, spread your jeans straight. Roll everything up as tightly as possible.
  2. When the towel gets wet, replace it with another. Repeat until moisture on the next towel will not remain.

To surely achieve the effect, you can sit for a few minutes or even jump on a tow of towels and jeans. Your child will be happy to help you with this.

  • Now hang up your jeans on a rope or lay them on a flat surface, for example, on a table. Take a hairdryer, turn it on at full capacity, and direct a stream of hot air to clothing, keeping the device at a distance of about 30 centimeters.
  • To speed up the drying process hair dryer jeans on all sides. You can even twist them a couple of times from the face inside out and back to dry the seams more carefully.
  • Drying with a hair dryer will take you about 1 hour. Try to use this method as rarely as possible:exposure to too hot dry air adversely affects the quality of denim.

    There is another, more tricky way to dry jeans with a hair dryer:

    1. Put wet pants on a flat surface covered with a thick cloth.
    2. Top wring and fix something heavy, such as books, to block the exit air flow. Do the same with one of the legs.
    3. Put the hairdryer in the bell of the bottom of the second leg and turn it on at full capacity. Jeans can be dried by directing the flow of air from the dryer to the sock of the leg
    4. Every 5 minutes, change the leg so that the fabric does not overheat. Yes, and the hair dryer need a rest, otherwise it will burn.
    5. So alternately dry each leg several times before drying.

    On heating devices

    In the cold season, when heating is turned on in the apartments, you can easily use hot batteries or electric heaters. Do not forget about fire safety measures: do not leave jeans on the heater for a long time.

    1. Wash the washed jeans inside out, straighten it and place it on the heater so that they touch the surface as much as possible.
      It is possible not only to hang jeans on a heating device, but also to position it in such a way
    2. Every 10-15 minutes, flip the jeans over. So they dry better on all sides, and the fabric does not form white stripes from drying out.

    If we are talking about wetting part of the product (for example, when you spilled water on jeans), it will take about 10 minutes.

    Very fast drying in 30 minutes

    This strange at first glance way is considered the most effective and fast, but will require caution. First, jeans cannot be kept close to open fire when it comes to an oven in a gas stove, or too close to a heating element if the oven is electric. Secondly, the oven and its door must be clean, so that jeans do not get dirty and do not soak up the smells of food.

    Oven gas or electric stove will help you dry jeans faster

      Heat the oven to medium temperature.

    Be sure to also use the fan mode (convection), if it is provided in your oven.

  • Open the oven door, hang up her jeans, straighten them as even as possible. In the process of drying the door must be constantly ajar and be in the same position. Every 10 minutes, turn the jeans on the other side.
  • Drying time depends on the density of the fabric and the intensity of wetting. For example, it will take you 10-20 minutes to squeeze summer jeans.

    You can dry the jeans and not hanging them on the door, but right inside the oven. This method is more extreme, it is suitable only for thick cotton denim without elastane and synthetic fibers..

    1. Fold the thing so that it does not take up much space, and lay it on the grill. The door should be ajar so that the generated steam can escape unhindered.
    2. Jeans need to be turned every 10 minutes and put the other side out, so the drying will be uniform.

    You can use the iron. This method is simple and fast, but it is not suitable for very wet trousers, as whitish or crooked stripes may appear on the fabric.

    1. Pre-dry your jeans in sunlight or battery.
    2. When the clothes become only slightly damp, turn them inside out, lay them on the ironing board.
    3. Iron your jeans slowly and carefully without using the steam function. Iron through dry gauze folded in several layers, or a piece of clean cotton cloth. You will need a few pieces of matter. As soon as one is moistened, immediately change it to another to speed up the drying process.
    4. Several times iron the pants in this way from the front and from the wrong side.
    Carefully iron your jeans with the iron from the back and then from the front

    If we are talking about a small wet section of the fabric without seams, an iron can cope with it in 5 minutes.

    As you can see, all the ways to dry jeans trousers, even quite extreme ones, one way or another, will take time and effort from you. In 5–10 minutes it is really good to dry only small wet spots. But at least you can significantly speed up the process, especially if the weather conditions do not leave the possibility to quickly dry the jeans in a natural way by hanging them outside on a warm sunny day.

    Life hacking in the case of wet jeans is that you can competently combine the described methods with each other to get great dry jeans. For example:

    • First, press the pants in a typewriter (5–10 minutes),
    • then remove excess moisture with towels (10 minutes),
    • blow-dry (15 minutes),
    • when the fabric is no longer very wet, use an iron or oven (30 minutes).

    However, do not forget that quick drying methods can have a destructive effect on fabric and paint, so use them only when necessary.

    Feedback from those who have already tried everything

    in 3 hours, easy, with an iron in the steam-free mode, ironing until the hiss does not stop the fabric)) I dried it for an hour))))



    First, tightly fold in a large towel and twist as much as you can, you can change the towel and so several times, but very much roll up, even to sit on top. And then you can hairdryer.

    Marina Korotchenko


    We hope that our advice will help you to appear in the right place at the right time in your favorite jeans and wear them with complete comfort in all situations. Above all, remember that thin jeans in the summer will quickly dry out almost without any effort on your part, and dense classic denim can be completely dried in a not too hot oven.

    Our assistant is a hairdryer

    Many are wondering how to dry wet jeans quickly, because this method is often used when drying socks. By the way, the more powerful your hair dryer, the faster the drying process. Let's tell in stages what needs to be done:

    1. Turn on the dryer in the network at the highest power.
    2. Rush a jet of hot air on the part of the jeans that is wet.
    3. It is desirable to change the place of the product, where you direct the air.

    To dry jeans clothes it is necessary to begin with those places which more wet, in order that moisture did not extend to dried sites. If you apply this method of drying immediately after washing jeans, then they can easily be dried quickly.

    • the method is quite simple and convenient
    • Depending on how wet your jeans are, this process takes a little over an hour.

    1. The hair dryer heats up and can burn out if made of poor quality material.
    2. If you dry a thing for a long time, it may break.
    3. In the process of drying sometimes the hand is numb.
    4. Blow-dry can be long enough, if the jeans were very wet.
    5. This method is more often used if it is necessary to dry not all jeans, but only some part.
    6. The drying process is tedious and time consuming.

    How to quickly dry jeans after washing using the oven?

    When the oven is often used for cooking, it is imperative to wash it. If this is not done, then the clothes dried in it will get a smell, for example, baked raspberry pie. How to dry jeans in the oven?

    1. It is necessary to warm the oven well.
    2. Then it is necessary to heat it to a temperature of 120 ° C.
    3. Turn the jeans inside out and hang it on the door. They need to be turned every ten minutes. To dry jeans this way, you need to spend about an hour.
    4. You can put the jeans in the oven itself on the baking sheet, but they still need to be turned over. Do not close the oven door, so that evaporation does not accumulate on the walls.

    1. The method will help to dry jeans quickly and at the same time is easy to use.
    2. Nothing goes wrong.
    3. The hand does not need to keep on weight.

    1. It is necessary to constantly turn things around.
    2. In the case when the oven is poorly washed, clothes can acquire a strong smell of food.

    Towel and Drying Jeans

    If you are wondering how to dry your jeans quickly at home, you can do it with a towel, simply and quickly. This method allows you to spend little time drying clothes immediately after washing, even at home. How to do it?

    1. Jeans must be tightly wrapped in a clean, dry towel.
    2. Try to twist them into a bundle as tightly as possible, as if squeezing water from wet laundry.
    3. Repeat the process three to five times.

    1. Do not use electrical appliances.
    2. A fairly quick method of drying.
    3. It takes about 40 minutes.

    1. The method is suitable only when it is summer outside, because jeans are still wet.
    2. After a hard spin, your hands may hurt.

    How to quickly dry jeans after washing at home with the help of an iron?

    You can dry a not very wet jeans thing when using an iron. Important! To dry it is necessary wet, but not wet clothes. If the jeans are very wet, pre-dry them on the street or near some warm place.

    How to dry a denim product with an iron?

    1. It is necessary to turn the jeans inside out.
    2. Put them on the ironing board.
    3. Turn on the iron in the network.
    4. Set the temperature of the iron to maximum.
    5. It is good to iron seams, a belt and other parts from the face and seamy side until the jeans become dry.
    6. Iron until the jeans dry.

    If you want to know how to quickly dry jeans, but do not damage them, we recommend using this method with extreme caution, because jeans from stretch or very thin it is better not to iron at all, since you can ruin the elasticity of the material. When using the iron, do not activate the steam function.

    1. High performance method.
    2. Clothes dry well.
    3. Convenient way.

    1. The long process takes about 1.5 hours.
    2. You need to stand for a long time and iron your clothes continuously.
    3. If you forget to turn off the iron, a fire may occur.

    Perhaps this point is the answer to the question of how to dry jeans very quickly, because with proper use of an iron you can do it in a matter of minutes. By the way, the faster your iron heats up, the better it will dry. If your moisture is gone unevenly, then if possible use a sprayer.

    Miracle drafts

    To dry jeans using this method, it is necessary to hang them where there is a draft at home. In the summer, it is better to hang jeans where the wind blows the most. It is very important that it is sunny outside.

    Advantages: an effective and safe way.

    Disadvantages: drying clothes is very long.

    Known right and wrong ways to fix denim clothing on a clothesline during drying

    In the list below we will tell you the basic rules for drying jeans:

    1. First of all, you need a good squeeze jeans.
    2. Straighten and shake the product, while trying to stretch it with your hands a little in length and width. If you straighten your clothes well, it will dry quickly and it will be easier to iron.
    3. On the clothesline, fasten jeans with a peg to the belt.
    4. If you dry a denim jacket, it is better to fasten it with clothespins by the hangers or hang it on a hanger.
    5. For drying pants or skirts, you can use a special hanger with clothespins for trousers.
    6. You can attach jeans trousers to the bottom leg. But with this method of drying, the jeans do not dry out soon, since the dense parts of the product (belt, pockets) with such hanging are at the bottom. And it is known that warm air is always on top.
    7. It is better not to throw denim clothes through a clothesline. From this, things will not dry out faster, but only a strip of bending will remain on it.

    The time during which jeans can dry

    How much time a denim clothes will dry depends on the material from which it is sewn, on its thickness and composition.

    1. Pants made of thick fabric, which are pressed by hand, can dry for about two days.
    2. If the material from which jeans are made contains synthetic substances, then the drying time of the item will be significantly reduced.
    3. The time to dry the denim thing can be significantly reduced if the jeans of the stretch material are pressed in the washing machine. They will be completely dry in about four hours.

    If you use these methods, it is possible at home to dry the jeans well and quickly, even if they have just been washed. You will definitely need these skills if you are going to become a careerist. Thanks to these tips, you can always keep up on important meetings, because you will know how to quickly dry jeans in 5 minutes.

    Probably, few people know that for the first time jeans “entered” into our life as overalls, which were sewn of thick fabric. На сегодняшний день джинсы – хорошая одежда, в которой себя комфортно чувствует как мужчина, так и женщина.

    Почему джинсы завоевали признанное место в моде?

    1. Простота ухода.
    2. Стирать можно, не переживая что джинсы испортятся.
    3. После стирки их практически не надо гладить.
    4. If the jeans get wet after going into the rain or washing, for their drying you need: a clothesline, clothespins, a hair dryer or an iron.

    A little about the rules of drying jeans:

    1. You just need to let the jeans dry naturally. This is the most correct and easy way.
    2. It is better to hang up jeans on a clothesline, having attached clothes pegs to a belt.
    3. It is useful, before drying jeans, to turn them inside out, so that they do not fade in the sun and retain their color, as well as not smear again.
    4. Denim clothing can be hung in the house close to the battery, it is warmer there, it will help to dry faster.
    5. You can use the easy ironing mode, if there is one in the washing machine.
    6. It is better to set the spin mode the strongest. A large number of revolutions during spinning will not affect the material of jeans, but rather remove excess moisture, thereby making the process of drying jeans more rapid.

    We hope you enjoyed the article on how to dry jeans quickly.

    6 best ways

    If the jeans are slightly wet, then they can be dried on themselves - they will turn out pretty quickly and there will be no unnecessary folds

    The first and most important rule for drying denim trousers is to set the maximum spin speed for washing. By the way, the same method is suitable if you are exposed to heavy rain: first, the moisture is squeezed out, and only then it is dried. Thus, from the machine you get almost dry jeans. Just note: to wash and dry the pants you need inside out. Otherwise, not only the color will fade, but it is quite possible that the fabric will wipe.

    If it is not possible to use machine spin, this mission can be entrusted to a man

    We use hair dryer - the fastest method

    A jet of hot air directed at clothing allows you to dry the already dried jeans.

    1. On a table or other horizontal surface, lay out a little wet pants.

    2. Press the belt area with something heavy.

    3. We knit one leg, twisting a couple of times.

    4. Direct hot air into the free pants.

    To prevent creases on dry jeans, only dry them horizontally.

    5. After 5 minutes, we perform the same operation with another leg.

    Repeat the manipulation several times. In total, it will take us about 1 hour.

    On battery or on heater

    This method is especially relevant in cold seasons, when natural drying on the street takes almost a day.

    1. Washed jeans are well straightened.
    2. We put on the heater so that the pants maximum contact with him.
    3. We change the position of things every 10-15 minutes to speed up the drying. This is also necessary so that whitish stains from the influence of the heating device do not appear on the jeans.

    Note that jeans from thin elastic fabrics are not desirable to dry on the battery. Thing can be deformed. The exception is made only by small wet spots, for example, if you have blocked the polluted area and you need to dry it for no more than 10 minutes.

    In the oven for 15 minutes

    Before sending jeans to the oven, make sure that it is perfectly clean.

    This is a very risky way, the idea of ​​which could originate only in the heads of our inventive compatriots. But in fairness it should be noted that it turns out really very quickly. Just keep in mind that:

    • Pants can not be kept close to an open fire or heating coil,
    • you need to turn on the ventilation if there is such a function in your oven,
    • the oven door and the cupboard itself must be perfectly clean so as not to stain the thing and soak it with unpleasant odors.

    1. We heat the oven to an average temperature (100-120 degrees).
    2. We throw jeans on the open door.
    3. Every 10 minutes we change the position of the pants, without moving the door itself.

    Those who have experienced this method claim that summer jeans can be completely dried in just 15 minutes.

    If your jeans are from denim, you can dry them right in the oven:

    1. We fold the pants and laid directly on the grille. Do not forget to slightly open the door.
    2. We shift the pants every 10 minutes, turning it on different sides.

    With iron

    Turning jeans on the face, do not forget to turn down the temperature so that the fabric does not get stuck

    Thus, it is possible to dry only certain wet areas, since the whole thing will deteriorate, it will loosen up. But for wet seams iron fits perfectly - copes in just 5 minutes.

    1. We put the jeans on the table (or ironing board).
    2. We iron the fabric through the gauze folded several times, without using a steamer. If the gauze is not at hand, you can use pieces of cotton fabric. Just do not forget to change them as getting wet.
    3. We stroke the wet area from the inside and out of the face.

    Combined method

    Faster and more efficient methods for drying pants

    The most optimal method of drying trousers can be considered a combination, that is, combining all the techniques described above:

    1. Turn on the spin in the washing machine for 5-10 minutes.
    2. Get rid of excess moisture with a towel - up to 10 minutes.
    3. Dry hair dryer - 15 minutes.
    4. Iron iron or dry in the oven - 20 minutes.

    Total: less than an hour.

    Whatever method of drying the pants you use, get a dry thing by magic will not work. If we are talking about a small wet spot, it will be enough for 5 minutes, but completely wet jeans can be dried for at least an hour. And in any case, you should not abuse such methods - they do not quite favorably affect the state of the tissue.

    How to make jeans smaller by 1-2 sizes: effective ways

    The most effective way is to throw them away. Yes, yes, throw it away. If it’s a pity, you can give it to your girlfriends or to one of your friends whom they will be in time for. But this is not a solution. Firstly, a good and stylish thing was not bought to give it away. Beautiful and expensive jeans do not deserve such a relationship. Especially since they are perfect to the image.

    But what to do to jeans fit on the size? This is exactly the problem, the solution of which the owners of stylish trousers cannot find for months. Thoughts about what to think of, unwittingly spinning in my head during the day, and at night, and at work, and in public transport.

    True fashionistas sorry to throw their favorite jeans. As I recall, how much I had to endure, until I became their owner, how much I had to refuse myself in order to buy a stylish fashionable thing. But this is no reason to despair and give up earthly joys. Especially since jeans are sewn from a material that can always be made to size, or even two, more or less. The main thing - to know what to do to jeans sat down. This task is easy to handle.

    What to do to jeans fit on size? And why are the pants getting bigger?

    Sometimes it happens that the pants, which were even a little cramped, suddenly became larger after wearing. It's all about the structure of the material. Jeans - the fabric, which tend to stretch. If the fabric is stretched, how can jeans not stretch? This is a pattern.

    What to do to make jeans smaller in size? If you do not want to look for difficult ways, then at the time of purchase just buy pants one size smaller. A slight discomfort in their wearing will be present for several days. The main thing is that in time there is no need to look for answers, how and what to take so that the jeans don't fall off.

    If they are still stretched, you can try to make them smaller by 1-2 sizes yourself at home.

    Three ways to reduce pants

    Perennial and numerous experiments brought their results. There were several ways to return the fabric to its previous size. There is even a hint on trousers - this is a label. If you study it, it becomes clear that it will not be so difficult to cope with the problem. It is for this purpose intended to give the owner a certain hint as to what and how to do so that the article of clothing served for a long time and did not lose its former appearance.

    There are three most effective ways by which you can learn what needs to be done to get jeans, at home. Rather, these are the basic and safe methods that do not spoil the thing and do not change its color. They even help keep it new.

    Method one

    Influencing the fabric with hot water is the most effective and easiest method known to most. Hot water can make clothes a couple sizes smaller. The higher the temperature of the water, the greater the chance that the fabric will narrow several times and make clothes less. For example, if you wash jeans in water with a temperature of 90 ° C, they will decrease in size in a matter of minutes. This means that you should abandon denim overalls, suspenders and elastic bands on trousers. The clothes will take the same form and will fit their owner, which will allow to wear them for some time. Or rather, until the next wash. In other words, if the jeans are washed in hot water from time to time, the pants can last forever.

    This method is unique ease of implementation. As a rule, it is not special, because hot water helps to change the size of the material. Wash the thing in several ways, the result is not reflected. You can use the hand wash, and you can entrust this process to the washing machine. Each method involves the step-by-step implementation of the basic rules of washing in hot water.

    Wash in hot water: step by step instructions

    When washing your pants in a washing machine, you should follow these tips:

    1. Put the jeans inside the drum of the washing machine, put the required amount of washing powder. Specialists also recommend the use of special liquid capsules. They are more economical and wash well.
    2. Select the wash mode and set the water temperature to 90 ° C.
    3. At the end of the process, the trousers must be wrung out; for this, the “Spin” mode should be set.
    4. After the pants should be dried and folded. Ironing them is not recommended.

    After a similar procedure, the fabric will sit down twice, thereby making the pants two times smaller.

    Second way

    No less effective way to make things smaller at home is boiling. In this case, you need to set the temperature above normal. Boiling allows you to reduce any item of denim by 2-3, or even 4 sizes. It all depends on the time of this procedure. High-quality jeans after all the manipulations carried out will not lose color, will not lose an attractive look.

    Step-by-step instructions for boiling jeans trousers

    Before starting the boiling procedure, it is necessary to change the concentration ratio of the detergent. It makes no sense to buy for this expensive washing powder, because in this case the price absolutely does not matter.

    So, first you need to soak the pants in the prepared solution for 20-25 minutes. Be careful, water is boiling. After squeeze, dry, but do not iron. Otherwise, the fabric will return to the previous state.

    After such a simple procedure, the clothes become smaller, you can wear it for some time, then wash it again in hot water, boil it, which will help you regain the same size. In addition, remember that in 90% of all cases, the reason why jeans are two sizes larger is the fault of the washing machine. Note that low water temperature, unreliable powder and delicate wash mode will not make any changes in the structure of the material.

    Third way

    The third and important way - drying after washing, which also makes things smaller. However, they should also be dried properly. Most fashionistas know that they can stretch during drying. How much they stretch depends on the following factors:

    • how to dry a thing, that is, its position during drying,
    • how much time is spent on drying,
    • The material of which jeans are made.

    The state of things depends on how well the drying is performed. There are rules, the implementation of which is a guarantee of fixing the desired effect after washing. After all, you can wash it by making denim pants smaller, and after drying, look again for a way to make your jeans stretch. But in order to prevent this from happening, you need to adhere to several basic rules for proper drying of jeans. Correctly performed procedure is the key to a long service life of jeans trousers, maintaining quality and appearance.

    Drying jeans trousers: rules and features

    There are three main methods of proper drying:

    • standard method
    • use of extra fabric
    • the use of auxiliary functions of the washing machine.

    The first type of drying is standard. This is the usual procedure when a thing is hung along in an inverted state. The main condition is to squeeze the fabric as much as possible. The less water remains, the less it will have to drain through the fabric, therefore, the more chances there are not to stretch under the weight of the drained water.

    The second type of drying is the use of additional fabric. On a flat ventilated surface, you need to put jeans on which fabric will be applied on both sides. Thus, the pants will be preserved better: the water does not flow, the thing does not hang, which means it will not be able to stretch and become covered with drips from the flowing water.

    The third method is mechanized. The drying procedure performs an additional function in the washing machine - hot drying. The used mode will allow to dry the jeans quickly and efficiently without dripping and stretching, which is very convenient in time and beneficial to preserve the external condition of jeans.

    In fact, there are many different ways that will allow the former to return to the stretched things, but they do not always give the desired result. The given recommendations and methods are basic and most effective. They are tested in practice more than once. Therefore, their use is guaranteed to give a quality result. Now the idea of ​​what to do to jeans fit on the size, never again disturb.

    Features of emergency drying

    1. It is important to realize that no matter how tempting the technology is, it will not be possible to dry wet pants made of thick fabric in 10 minutes. At best, the drying will take an hour, at worst - 3 hours. For a short period of time, it is possible to dry only the water spilled on jeans, but in this case it is not relevant.
    2. Emergency drying of any kind is the heat treatment of the product. It is necessary to prepare in advance for the fact that the shape of jeans will change, and the fibers will emanate to a certain extent.
    3. If possible, place the jeans in a washing machine and spin several times. Before processing in the fibers must contain a minimum of water. In conjunction with the spin type on the typewriter "ironing", if any. The technology will collect moisture, after which the further process will be faster.
    4. Refuse fast drying of trousers in those cases, if the washing was carried out by hand or in a typewriter, but without using spin. You will spend a lot of time and effort, and the result will be incomplete. The seams, girdle, all bends and patches will not be finished. In such a dress can not go out, especially in winter.

    How to dry jeans hair dryer

    When the question arises about drying jeans with emergency methods, girls involuntarily remember about a hairdryer, and rightly so. However, as in any case, there are certain features. It is necessary to take into account the structure of the fabric and the resources of the device. In the first case, jeans can ignite, if they include a large number of synthetic fibers. The second option involves the failure of the hair dryer due to overheating. The situation is even worse if the pants contain a lot of moisture, in which case they must be carefully prepared for drying.

    1. Place 2 large terry towels on a flat surface.
    2. Place on them jeans, turn up the loose edges of the fabric so that they are wrapped around the leg.
    3. Cover the pants on top with another towel, wrap the edges again.
    4. Spread thick books or other heavy appliances on all surfaces of the improvised dryer.
    5. Under the weight of the towel absorb water. After that, you need to repeat the procedure using dry towels.

    The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes, so do not count on an instant result.

    1. Drying jeans is better from the wrong side, so the pants must first be turned out.
    2. Slay them with special hangers with clips, then hang them up.
    3. Work first on the part that is located on the inside of the thigh.
    4. Next, dry all seams, belt, snake, pockets, stripes and other complex elements.
    5. Move to the back of the thigh and then to the front.

    Maintain a distance of 30-40 cm, so that the product does not ignite. When drying with a hair dryer, there should be no smell of burning fabric, otherwise increase the distance between the appliance and the pants.

    How to dry jeans with iron

    This method is more risky, because there is a chance to burn jeans. Be careful, especially if the pants are stretch. Very often, the girls spoiled jeans, because they could not keep track of the entire surface of the iron. When you are working with the “nose” of the device, do not forget to observe the rear corners of the plate.

    1. Turn the product inside out, turn on the iron at medium power and process the pants on both sides.
    2. After that, turn on the device to the maximum temperature and iron the seams. Далее просушите места, где расположены карманы, змейка и дуги под ремень.
    3. По окончании сушки всех плотных деталей пройдитесь ещё раз по поверхности джинсов.

    Делайте перерыв 3—5 минут, чтобы ткань остывала. В противном случае вам сложно будет понять, высохли брюки до конца или нет.

    Как высушить джинсы в духовке

    Многие и не подозревали о том, что брюки можно высушить таким способом. However, skillful housewives have long known that the technology is not only the most effective, but also dangerous.

    The easiest way is to hang the pants on the oven door, and then heat the stove directly. However, the method is quick, but not enough to catch an important meeting. It makes sense to move to more radical measures.

    1. While the oven is still cold, wipe it with a sponge and detergent to get rid of possible fatty inclusions.
    2. Air the stove, it should not emanate bad odors. Otherwise, the wet tissue will “absorb” them.
    3. Turn on the oven and melt it to a temperature of 80-100 degrees, then place the pants on a baking sheet and leave inside.
    4. Turn the jeans every 2 minutes, do not move away from the plate. During the entire time of drying, carefully observe the process.

    Do not close the oven door in order to prevent a possible fire in time. As the pants dry out, the risk of ignition increases. Do not dry in the oven jeans made of synthetic fibers.

    Now you know how to dry denim pants in a short time. Before the procedure, wring out the product or get rid of excess moisture with terry towels. It is considered the safest to use a hair dryer and iron, but the procedure will take at least an hour. In the case of the oven, the result will be much faster, but you should closely follow the process.

    Washing for shrinking worn and new jeans

    Experienced women of fashion advise to buy jeans that are smaller in size - they sit beautifully, emphasize the figures, after washing they keep their shape better than those bought in size. But it is not always possible to do this, and after a few dresses, your favorite trousers become great. In order for them to return to their previous form (sat down), they must be properly washed. This can be done in two ways: manually or using a washing machine.

    1. Handwash. Whatever the pants, with hand-washing, they are slightly reduced, but not very much. The reason is simple - the temperature of the water. When hand washing is not possible to use hot water, boiling water. If you do this, you can burn your hands. Therefore, experts recommend using machine wash for those who want to reduce their denim pants.
    2. Machine washable. The perfect solution for those who want to make their pants fit. To wash them in the washing machine, a lot of effort is not needed. It is enough to load the laundry into the drum, pour the laundry detergent (preferably gel-like) into a special compartment, select the desired mode, namely - wash at 90 degrees - and start the wash.

    To jeans sat down, you do not need to add any special detergents. Simply wash them in hot water, squeeze them thoroughly and dry them properly. Many use for this purpose iron. Indeed, after washing you can iron the pants with a hot iron.

    How to weld jeans so that they are reduced?

    Boiling is not only a good way to remove stains from the fabric, but also an excellent method for shrinking jeans trousers. In order for the procedure to take place on the "five plus", you need to know exactly what and what to do during boiling.

    1. Take a bucket or a deep pan with a capacity of at least 10 liters (pants usually take up a lot of space in the tank).
    2. Stir washing powder with water (cold) in proportions of 1 tbsp. powder to 10 liters of water.
    3. Put the jeans in the solution and put the bucket on the fire.
    4. Bring to a boil and boil for 30 minutes.

    Before cooking pants, you need to take into account the fact that they can change their color, and not completely, but in parts.

    Some extreme fashionistas resort to very dangerous and creative methods of jeans shrinking.

    One of them is swimming in hot water. Do it like this. Hot water is poured into the bath, then they put on trousers and sit in the bath.

    Sit in hot water, not everyone can and a few seconds, so the time of extreme swimming, everyone selects "for themselves." Then you can and should do so: get out of the bathroom and sit in a sunny place until the pants are completely dry.

    Quick Dry - One of Jeans Shrinking Techniques

    If you dry your jeans correctly, you can not only reduce them, but also keep your shape for a long time. There are several ways to dry jeans trousers:

    1. After machine wash, put the pants on the cloth and wait until they dry. Only this option is suitable in the winter season or in summer, when the air in the house (or other place where drying is planned) is very dry.
    2. To hang out the washed and carefully pressed trousers on the clothesline only so that they are not stretched.
    3. Radiator. A good way, but only in cases where the batteries are clean and with even edges. If the radiator has a complex structure with multiple bumps and grooves, the jeans are also deformed.
    4. Machine drying. The option does not require unnecessary comments and notes, you just need after washing to select a dryer in the washing machine menu and wait for the result.

    How to seat a certain area of ​​jeans (on the buttocks, hips, knees)?

    Thin knees, voluminous buttocks, rounded thighs - this is not the whole list of shortcomings of a female figure that ladies struggle with all the time.

    All these features make their direct imprint on the pants, which eventually lose their shape, stretched in certain places.

    So that they sat down on the figure as poured, even after the 30th dressing, you can apply the following actions:

    • stir the conditioner for washing with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle,
    • spray the composition on those areas of the pants that are stretched,
    • put the item in the washing machine and turn on the most powerful drying mode (with a maximum temperature of 90-95 degrees).

    How not to spoil jeans?

    To reduce or stretch jeans is simple, but in order for the deformation process to take place without unpleasant embarrassment, you need to take into account several nuances.

    • Material. At home, only jeans of quality natural fibers (not less than 70 percent of cotton in the composition) can be seated. If the favorite trousers are made of fully synthetic fabric, then during washing they can not only decrease, but also be greatly deformed.
    • Length. Everyone remembers the decrease in the size of the pants, but few people take into account the fact that jeans can change the length, or, more precisely, be shortened by several centimeters.
    • Frequency of dressing. In order not to wash the trousers too often, do not wear them every day, but let them "take a break."

    These simple secrets can help keep jeans in perfect shape for several seasons. In every woman's head there are hundreds of original thoughts on how to wash your favorite pants so that they sit down.