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How and where to celebrate your birthday in spring?


It is believed that people born in the spring have a good disposition and a wonderful sense of humor. Therefore, a birthday at this time of year is a great success. All nature wakes up from a long winter hibernation and is reborn again. This season is ideal for celebrating in nature in a fun company of friends. But how to organize such a celebration?

Today we will tell you about how to spend a perfect birthday in spring.


Departure on the nature suggests a noisy company, delicious kebabs, tents and songs with a guitar by the fire. Such a birthday can even be celebrated overnight if it is already warm enough outside. From the advantages of a birthday in nature you can note the simplicity of entertainment and the menu, as well as an unlimited number of guests. The main thing is not to forget anything!

Where? Forest or river bank
With whom? Unlimited guests
What to take with you? Tents, sleeping bags, brazier, skewers, coals, matches, folding chairs and a table, warm clothes, disposable dishes, blankets, lamzack
Menu: kebabs, fresh and baked vegetables, bread, fruits, sweets or other easily transported sweets, water, juice
Entertainment: sports games, twister, campfire songs, dancing

In the country you can hide from the weather and throw a cool party, no worse than at home. At the dacha you will not have to carry dishes and tents, but nature will always be at arm's length. If it rains, you can hide in the house, and if there is great weather outside, then it costs nothing to set the table on the street! And the menu depends only on your wishes: it can be both salads and cakes, and kebabs with vegetables.

Where? Country house
With whom? 5-10 guests depending on the size of the area
What to take with you? Blankets, lamzack, brazier and skewer, if necessary, warm clothes, coals, matches, balloons and paper garlands for decoration
Menu: classic appetizers, salads, hot from the house or kebab, vegetables, fruits, cake, sweets, water, juice, bread, tea
Entertainment: sports games, dancing, board games

A picnic in the park is a non-binding undertaking. You can even go to it after a cafe, cinema or home get-togethers. The main thing - do not overload your rest and take the most necessary. Be prepared for the fact that in the park you can not fry kebabs and drink alcoholic beverages, but you can play ball, badminton or even just sit on the bench by a friendly company, admiring flowering trees and singing birds.

Where? City Park
With whom? Unlimited guests
What to take with you? Blankets, picnic basket with dishes and appliances, ball, badminton, rollers
Menu: Vegetables, fruits, chips, pizza, sushi, water, juice, bread, cake, candy
Entertainment: Not very active sports, roller skating, entertainment provided by the park

On the terrace

If you absolutely do not belong to lovers of outdoor activities, this does not mean that you have to celebrate your birthday in a stuffy apartment. Why not go on the easiest way and just go to a cafe? More and more restaurants open their terraces in the spring season, so you can enjoy the fresh air and at the same time gradually sip cocktails in stilettos.

Where? Cafe or restaurant with summer terrace
With whom? 2-5 guests
What to take with you? Money and good mood
Menu: The choice is yours
Entertainment: Sincere talk, dancing

The warm season provides another great opportunity - to celebrate your birthday on the roof, admiring the sunset and breathtaking views. The only difficulty is to find such a roof in order to stay within the law and not to encroach on private territory.

Where? City roof
With whom? 5-10 guests
What to take with you? Furniture, dishes, appliances, blankets, warm clothes, flowers and balloons for decoration, candles
Menu: Pizza, sushi, chips, vegetables, fruits, cake, water, juice, tea, bread
Entertainment: Dancing, board games, songs with a guitar

Now you know an alternative way to celebrate a birthday in spring. Invite more friends, think over entertainment, and the best holiday is guaranteed!

Other ideas

In order to cool celebrate their own name day, it is not necessary to invite a lot of people. It is possible to do a loved one and a couple of best friends. Get together and take a little trip. Let it be a neighboring city or country, it all depends on finances and willingness to take risks. In spring it is especially pleasant and comfortable to travel.

Born in March can not fully relax in the spring, so the weather is still pretty nasty. But they can do what they could not do for a long winter, for example, ride a skating rink. Only from the beginning you should actively spend time and then go to the restaurant to drink the health of the birthday boy. If you do the opposite, then injuries can not be avoided.

Nature itself born in the spring makes a gift in the form of sunlight and warm weather. Therefore, you just have to rely on your good mood and spend the holiday for one hundred percent.

What you need to do to celebrate a birthday fun and inexpensive

Did you know that the first birthdays began to be celebrated in Egypt around 2000 BC? And a similar tradition came to Russia only in the 19th century. Moreover, luxurious receptions were organized by noblemen and wealthy merchants.

Let's look at the modern options for celebrating a celebration.
With limited resources, it is better to dwell on the option of arranging a holiday at home. In this case, it is easier to provide guests with transportation and rest.

There is also a huge choice of directions when you make a room. And, of course, the main advantage in economical performance. To diversify the holiday, you can choose a special theme.
The specific theme depends on the age of those present, the tastes of the owners and their financial capabilities.

  • Incentive parties in the style of Hawaii are suitable for noisy companies,
  • for a more restrained party, a holiday in a classic style is suitable.

When the subject is chosen, you can proceed to the design of the room. In this case, the decor should correspond to the subject.
You can use the option of imitation, when the room is given the appearance of a particular area.

In this case, it is not necessary to use solemn paraphernalia.
You can also arrange in another direction, for example, to create a festive atmosphere in a certain spirit.

This option is combined with decorative attributes in the form of flags, balls and greeting inscriptions.
Do not forget about the preparation of souvenirs for contests. The presence of the presents will make the solemn event more memorable.
It is important to think over games and contests.

This is especially true if the birthday of a child or teenager is celebrated. Contests must organize a leading.

This task can be assigned to a professional, if finances allow.

How to celebrate a birthday in any season

Where you can celebrate the holiday depends on the time of year.

Here are some interesting options:

  1. In winter, in sunny weather, you can go on a winter walk around the company. In this case, you can organize sledding or snowman making. After a fun game, you can drink hot tea from a thermos and fortify yourself with cakes. As an option to arrange a fun photo session and playing snowballs.
  2. In spring and autumn there are also plenty of options for having fun. For children 10-12 years old, you can pick up interesting board games. For example, many like monopoly. A good budget option pizza and a good comedy.
  3. In the summer, you can organize a birthday outside the city. In the open air and in a warm company, baked potatoes and grilled sausages will be an excellent treat. Advance it is necessary to think about active games for which a ball or badminton is suitable.

For kids 4 years, you can also organize a picnic. To do this, decorate the meadow with flags, balls and toys.

Organize outdoor games or hide treats for children to find. You can invite animators.
For an adult birthday, you can organize a trip to the country or to the equestrian sports base.

A popular adventure is the quest.

You can come up with an exciting plot and solve various puzzles. There are more extreme fun.

For example, paintball or bungee jumping.

The most original ideas for adults

If you do not want to celebrate the birthday of the house, you can choose a holiday in nature or in any other place.
You can consider the following options:

  1. Holiday in nature with an overnight stay in tents. The ideal solution for large companies. In this case, you need to prepare sleeping places, as well as kindle a fire.
  2. The holiday at the recreation center is distinguished by great comfort and also preserves the atmosphere of nature. You can cook barbecue, conduct outdoor games or even organize a concert venue.
  3. If the budget allows, you can spend a holiday in the club. At the same time the necessary musical accompaniment, varied cuisine and entertainment programs will be provided.
  4. Children's and adult birthday can be spent in amusement parks. To do this, fit all sorts of rides, ice skating rinks, hydraulic parks and parks of the type of Disneyland. You can choose and field for paintball.
  5. And in 18 and 30 years, you can visit various wellness complexes or spa salons.
  6. Often in St. Petersburg and other large cities, services such as birthday parties in a limousine are offered. Inside the roomy car there is music and a fridge with champagne.
  7. An unusual way to celebrate a holiday is to go on a balloon flight.
  8. At any time of the year, birthday can be celebrated in the water park. Water rides can be combined with a visit to a cafe or bar inside the entertainment complex.
  9. The cinema also has a cafe and various attractions.
  10. A good solution combining bowling with entertainment.
  11. You can visit the ice arena.

If the company is motley, then you can organize a team game. Suit mafia.

You can create a theme party in the style of the Italian mafia with the appropriate clothing and treats. Do not forget about cocktails with entertainment rooms.

Original ideas for children's birthday

For a child's birthday, the amount is not as important as a well thought out idea.

Mom can arrange a fun culinary competition. You can prepare the dough in advance, from which the children will sculpt cookies of the most unusual shape.
If you have imagination, parents can organize an interesting quest. For example, hide the treasure in the yard, which children will search on the map.

But this must be done under the supervision of parents. Children with parents can go on an exciting hike. For example, to a river or pond.
The holiday can be arranged in a cafe or at home. Between the feast entertain children can animator.

At the same time tricks, contests and games with prizes are organized.

Here are options for organizing a holiday:

  1. If funds allow, it is worth noting a holiday in a cafe. This is a convenient solution, as the entire organization of the event: competitions, dances and games are taken by the organizers in the cafe. Children's birthday is better to celebrate in the daytime. With the administrator, you can agree on the invitation of clowns and magicians.
  2. If the weather is warm, then the holiday can be celebrated in an amusement park, water park or even in an ordinary city park. Children will be interested to ride on such rides as cars or boats, as well as ride a children's train. After the park, you can also go to a cafe with ice cream and pizza.
  3. For adolescents suitable options such as skating, bowling club, paintball and other outdoor activities.
  4. For children of elementary grades, a cultural program can be organized, for example, in a museum.
  5. Outdoors you can organize interesting games. For example, exciting searches with a map and a compass.

How to celebrate the birthday of a child depending on age

Up to three years old, the birthday of a baby should be celebrated at home. Since up to this age, the child still understands little.

Invite only the closest people. Cover the festive table, where there must be a cake with candles.
From 3 to 5 years it is also better to celebrate at home, as the baby will feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment.
Already at 6-8 years old Birthday becomes a special day for the child. From this period you need to put a lot of effort to organize a fun and memorable celebration.
From 8 to 13 years You can organize a big celebration, as the child is waiting for something special and he already has many friends, both in the yard and at school. After 13 years holiday can be celebrated in the cafe.
It is not recommended to make two different tables for children and adults. Children will feel alienated.

It is better to arrange a children's meal in the afternoon, and in the evening to sit with adults.

Remember that it is important to create a festive mood in the morning. For example, at night the room can be decorated.

For the decor fit posters, streamers and balls.
At the holiday, in addition to the laid table, there should be various games and contests where you can win a prize.

Get creative and take a little time, and you can come up with an original idea for a festive event.

You can organize a luxury party on your own and not spend a lot of money.
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See you soon dear friends!

How to celebrate a birthday originally

This is not surprising, because the birthday for each person is a kind of cornerstone, reaching which he looks back, sums up and makes plans for the future. In order for the plans to become a reality as soon as possible, it is necessary to give them a bright start, to do something not “as always” and to celebrate the birthday in an original and interesting way.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that this is much easier to do than it seems. In order to make future birthdays easier to navigate, below are a few examples illustrating how to celebrate a birthday in an original and interesting way.

Those who lack self-love should celebrate their own birthday alone. No, it is not necessary to be sad at home at the TV. It is necessary to live this day for your pleasure - order delicious food from the restaurant and good wine, put a CD with your favorite movie and blow out a candle on the dessert and make a wish under its captions.

To accomplish on this day something that I have long wanted to do - to jump with a parachute, swim with an aqualung, ride a horse. True for all these “feats” it is better to take a partner with you, so an additional birthday gift will be a good company.

Psychologists advise those people who decide to start a “new life” after a birthday, something they were afraid to take, for example, pick up a snake, fly a paraglider, etc. Overcoming yourself will allow you to find a new reason for pride and will be a great start for new beginnings.

Have a noisy party. Recently, masquerades are back in fashion, albeit in an updated version. Today they are thematic parties, the basis for which, as a rule, becomes a movie or a historical era. For such a holiday, a script is written, roles are assigned, and guests arrive in pre-arranged suits. The truth should be borne in mind that the holding of such a holiday will cost quite expensive, and, both for the organizer and for the guests.

If you like parties and noisy companies, you can celebrate your birthday in an original and interesting way with friends. You can celebrate a birthday at home or in a cafe. Also, if weather conditions allow, you can go to nature. As for entertainment, then for large companies are suitable games such as Twister, Monopoly and even lotto.

What about doing something on your own birthday that you have always dreamed of? For example, jump with a parachute, ride a balloon or even just go to a Japanese restaurant and, finally, try Asian dishes. Any entertainment will do!

How to celebrate a birthday original and interesting? Arrange a photo shoot! Come up with an interesting look and let the photographer capture you in it. Be sure that after many years of viewing the photos, you will remember your own birthday with a smile on your face.

Capture your birthday in photos. Only we are not talking about a photo shoot, but about the possibility of photographing your day. Just shoot what you will do during the day, starting with the rise and breakfast. Then systematize the photo, and you get a little story about the day lived.

Birthday can not be celebrated at all - it is also quite unusual. Many people do not like this holiday, and therefore, in this decision will not be anything seditious.

Celebrate a birthday alone - you must admit, this is more than unusual! Meanwhile, this option also has the right to exist, and many people have already managed to appreciate all its advantages. Наша жизнь сейчас настолько насыщена, что иногда хочется просто сбежать от шума и суеты, остаться наедине со своими мыслями.

In this case, you can celebrate a birthday on your own, without guests, toasts and gifts. Spend this day just the way you want it. You can turn off all means of communication and sleep, eat your favorite food, go shopping, walk around interesting places and even go on a trip abroad.

If you have a bad conscience about ignoring your friends and relatives, just warn them in advance that you will not be available on your birthday. Explaining the reason is not necessary - it is your birthday, and you spend it as you see fit.

How to celebrate a birthday alone - original and not boring

What if you don’t want to celebrate this holiday at all in a standard way, inviting guests and listening to banal toasts? In fact, to celebrate your own birthday alone is to try at least once in your life, because it is extremely interesting. The whole day you can devote only to yourself, for the whole 24 hours you can feel complete freedom and independence. Believe me, this is great!

So, you have decided that this year you will celebrate your own birthday alone. The first thing to do is turn off all mobile phones and other communications. Leave this day only to yourself - no one should interfere with your plans and influence them.

By the way, if you have a bad conscience about the fact that many people who are trying to reach you, they hear the standard “Subscriber unavailable” in the handset, you can simply warn them in advance that there will be no connection with you on your birthday.

It is not necessary to explain the reason - it is your own business. Of course, you can tell your closest people a little more - they should understand your desire to try to celebrate a birthday in a non-standard way.

Well, if you can take a day off, in case your birthday falls on weekdays. This will allow you to become completely independent of all life circumstances and spend time as you want.

Now think about how to celebrate a birthday alone. What would you like to do on this day? You can just stay at home, get enough sleep, eat your favorite dishes, watch a movie. This is a great option for people who are forced daily to be in public and constantly communicate. From such a life you get tired very quickly, and this way of spending time allows you to recover not only physically, but also morally.

There is also another way to celebrate a birthday in an original and interesting way - to go on a trip. It doesn't matter if it is another country or a city next door. Just change the setting. Go to a new restaurant, take a look at the sights, take beautiful photos, just take a breath of fresh air and think that you have lived worthily for another 1 year of your life. Do not regret anything and look to the future with optimism!

Be sure to celebrate a birthday alone is unusual and interesting!

How fun to celebrate a birthday at home

Wishing to invite a large number of guests to the birthday party, having limited resources, it is better to stop at the celebration at home. This option is especially good for celebrations falling on the cold season and for people who value comfort most of all. In celebrating a birthday at home, there are a number of undeniable advantages:

  • cozy atmosphere
  • easy to provide guests with rest, transportation,
  • the ability to serve a wide range of homemade dishes,
  • all the conditions for overcoming difficulties (heating a cold dish, replacing a spoiled portion),
  • cost effectiveness of
  • a huge selection of areas in the design of the premises, the possibility of organizing a thematic holiday.

Choose a holiday theme

Starting to plan a celebration at home, wanting to diversify the holiday, you should choose a special theme. The thematic direction will be the highlight that will make the birthday celebration unforgettable, allow all those present to play a fun game, try on unusual images. What specific topic to choose depends on the tastes of the hosts, their financial capacity, and the temperament of the guests.

  • for noisy companies you need to organize something fun and incendiary (for example, a holiday in the spirit of Hawaii),
  • for restrained - more static (for example, a celebration in the style of British classics, with tea drinking).

But the main factor that should be taken into account when choosing a style of celebration, are the tastes, desires, dreams of the birthday. An ideal birthday should give pleasant impressions directly to him, and guests will only share this special day with him. Therefore, thematic design, taking into account the dreams of the hero of the occasion, can be an excellent gift if it is planned and implemented in secret. So, if the birthday boy dreams of traveling to French Provence all his life, friends and relatives can prepare for him a birthday celebration with the appropriate atmosphere.

Decorate the original apartment

When the birthday style is chosen, you must proceed to the design of the apartment. The decor should fully comply with the theme in which the event will be held, and can be embodied in one of two directions:

  • Imitation is the most accurate reincarnation of the room, giving it the appearance of a certain area. It does not require the use of additional solemn paraphernalia, since The goal is to transfer the imagination of the birthday to the desired place.
  • Creating a festive atmosphere in a certain spirit - the transfer of the atmosphere of the place in which the birthday man wants to be. May be symbolic, inaccurate. It is combined with festive decorative attributes (balls, flags, greeting inscriptions). The goal is to create a sense of celebration.

Do not forget that the final picture, regardless of the type of design, must be complete - you need to change, decorate all the space, and not add elements of the new style over the old one. For example, if you plan to celebrate fruit birthday, then the room will have to change the furniture. For example, on a wicker or decorate it with pastel-colored fabrics, hang pictures of fruits, choose decorations of rich flowers, place baskets of fruit on the tables.

Prepare gifts and souvenirs

In the chosen thematic direction, souvenirs must also be made, which are prepared by a birthday person or birthday organizers for participants in contests. The presence of such gifts will significantly increase the excitement among the guests, will enhance their openness, good mood, will make the celebration memorable for everyone. To souvenirs do not compete with gifts to the birthday, they should be small and inexpensive.

Prepare games and contests

Contests, games and other entertainment - a pledge of fun at his birthday. They will dilute the banquet time, will not let the guests get bored, they will be remembered for a long time, especially if memorable prizes are awarded for the victory. It is important that the contests are not organized arbitrarily present, and leading - then the percentage of participants increases markedly. This task can be assigned to a professional (if the company is large, there are funds available for it) or to any of the friends or relatives of the birthday man.

Ideas unusual and fun to celebrate Birthday outside the home.

If there is no desire to celebrate the name of the house or it is not possible, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday outside the home walls - in nature or in one of the many entertainment venues. This birthday celebration has a number of advantages:

  • the celebration will be unusual, unlike all previous ones,
  • will give new, bright impressions to a birthday man,
  • will long remain in the memory of those invited
  • will give you the opportunity to try something new,
  • unite all those present.

At the recreation center

Celebrating a birthday at a recreation center preserves the atmosphere of nature and naturalness, however, in contrast to spending the night in tents, it provides a high proportion of comfort. Accommodation of the birthday man and his invited guests will be inside the tourist houses, provided with everything necessary. Depending on the quality of the camp site, guests are provided with all sorts of means for organizing leisure activities - a place for barbecue, holding outdoor games, swimming, a concert venue and much more. Often the birthday boy receives a discount from the institution in honor of his birthday.

In the night club

Club type establishments are a popular venue for birthdays and other celebrations.

  • There is everything that is necessary for a birthday man and guests to celebrate. This includes music, alcohol, good varied cuisine, cozy seating areas for individual companies, and entertainment programs. The only negative is the complexity of communication between loud music.
  • By notifying the administrator in advance that he plans to celebrate his birthday, the birthday boy may receive a discount on the bill, free cocktails or a bottle of champagne. Often, the program changes a little - the host congratulates the hero of the day and holds special contests for him and others celebrating with pleasant prizes.

In the amusement park

For those who love a lively and fun holiday, more suitable birthday celebrations in amusement parks: on the rides, paintball fields, entertainment complexes like Disneyland, water parks, ice skating rinks and other such places. Celebrating the holiday there, there will be no need to invent an entertainment program on their own, and vivid impressions will be provided. Conveniently, in many of them there is a cafe, recreation areas, pizzerias, where the birthday boy will be able to arrange a festive banquet.

In the sauna or spa salon

For lovers of combining business with a useful, the best venue for the holiday will be health complexes, saunas and spas. They are perfect for small and medium-sized companies. For birthday men, birthday celebration with friends in a sauna turns into a real ritual. For women, the same effect is exerted by cosmetic spa procedures, which allow one to arrange, besides the main one, a celebration of body and soul.

In a rented limousine

Small companies can organize a bright and memorable birthday celebration inside the limousine. Order it easily in any major city. Inside the comfortable roomy car there is everything that a birthday man and guests need for a good holiday - music, glasses, a fridge with champagne. The advantage of the Birthday on wheels is the ability to move around the city and surrounding areas, to all the scenic spots that celebrate want to visit. Still, this method of celebration allows not to think about how to get home after the festivities.

Celebration in the air

Celebrate birthday is unusual, to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale, an unforgettable romantic adventure - will allow you to fly in a balloon. The only condition is that no more than two people are allowed inside the basket. But if the birthday man wants to spend this day together with a loved one, this option will be the best. You are allowed to take a small basket with sandwiches, fruit, a bottle of wine, and enjoy a beautiful flight, a review that arouses your imagination, as well as make spectacular photos.

Video: how to unforgettably celebrate Birthday in the country

Having a cottage or a country house at his disposal, the birthday boy is able to organize a vacation, which includes elements of most of the above ways of celebrating a birthday. This is fresh air, camping facilities, healthy homemade meals, all kinds of entertainment that can be held on the territory of the villa. The plot and the interior of the cottage can be decorated in any style and thematic direction. For how to make a birthday celebration in the country house original and unforgettable, see this video: