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What cookware is needed for induction cooker


Induction cookers are technological kitchen equipment with high performance and efficiency in terms of energy consumption. In addition, such plates are characterized by increased safety compared to gas and electric samples. But those who purchased the miracle technique are often interested in the question of which cookware for an induction cooker is most suitable. After all, it is important that the kitchen assistant does not lose its properties and effectively cope with the responsibilities assigned to it.

The validity of the choice of special dishes

The induction cooker has a special principle of operation, which requires the use of special cookware. If the classic gas version is used, the source of heat is an open fire that heats the walls of pots and pans. Then this heat is transferred to the cooked food. But the process also heats up the stove itself and the surrounding air.

Electric cookers sometimes get warm for a long time. After shutdown, also cool for a long time. At the same time, heat is released into the surrounding space.

The operation of the induction cooker is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The bottom line is that in a closed space, under the action of magnetic radiation, a current is formed. The plate is equipped with a glass-ceramic surface, a coil of copper is located under it. It is she who is responsible for the magnetic oscillations. And the bottom of a special dish is a closing circuit, which quickly heats up due to the appearance of current. At the same time, heating only applies to pots or pans, while the glass-ceramic surface remains cold.

But for the formation of heat, it is necessary that the bottom has ferromagnetic properties. In other words, it should attract the magnet. Otherwise the pan will remain cold.

Stainless steel

From a stainless steel the set of various various pans and the whole sets is presented. When choosing this material, the user receives a lot of positive characteristics:

  1. Utensils resistant to oxidation. Therefore, the food retains its beneficial properties and can be stored in the refrigerator without removing it from the pan.
  2. The material is durable, so it is long exploited without loss of quality characteristics.
  3. Low weight.
  4. Optimal design. You can choose a matte or shiny surface.

Among the shortcomings of stainless steel utensils are the following:

  • There is no non-stick layer, so cooked food often burns.
  • Despite the strength of the surface, during operation, scratches appear.

Not all stainless steel samples have ferromagnetic properties. Therefore, determining which cookware for the induction cooker is suitable, it is worth finding out this property.

Cast Iron Pans

The reasonable question of the possibility of using cast iron cookware is related to the merits of the material. Cast iron heats up quickly and evenly, while the food does not burn.

Kitchen utensils are particularly durable and durable. Cast iron keeps warm well, and you can bring food to readiness simply by leaving it there until it cools completely.

For human health, it is important that the material is completely chemically inert. Therefore, it does not come into contact with any products and, therefore, does not cause unpleasant consequences.

Among the minuses of cast iron cookware are:

  1. Too much weight. Therefore, in case of accidental fall, it can significantly damage the glass-ceramic surface.
  2. Unprotected walls easily absorb food odors and are gradually subject to corrosive phenomena.
  3. Despite its massive appearance, such dishes are quite fragile. If it hits the ceramic tile on the floor, it may crack.

But unequivocally cast iron is a good material from which utensils for induction cookers are made.

What is needed enamel?

When choosing utensils for tech assistant you can look at the metal coated with enamel. She has undeniable advantages:

  • simplicity in maintenance and care,
  • durability and strength, if you properly select cleaning products that do not damage the enamel,
  • low price and rather various color schemes.

When deciding which cookware for an induction cooker fits, you should pay attention to its bottom. Enamel samples are often round. It turns out a small elevation, which acts as a resonator. Therefore, when heated, you can hear noises. For an induction cooker, it is better to look for a pan with a flat bottom.

How to choose the right cookware for induction cookers?

The spiral, consisting of small loops and the word Induction, is a special mark on a specialized dish. But if it is not possible to purchase one, then you should go for a purchase with a small magnet. He will serve as a guarantor of verification. If the magnet sticks to the bottom, then you can safely take a pan or a frying pan.

There are also a few other conditions that the cookware for induction cookers must meet. Which one can be judged by its bottom. In addition to the property of attracting a magnet, it should be thick. Cooking time depends on it. The thicker it is, the faster you can achieve results and at the same time the utensils are not deformed. The minimum thickness is 3 mm, it is from this size that it is worthwhile to proceed when dishes for an induction cooker are selected.

Which pot to choose also depends on the diameter of the burner. This information can be found in the instructions to the plate. The diameter of the selected model should cover at least 70% of the working area. This is due to the fact that the heating process would otherwise not start.

Usually the manufacturer of the plate indicates the exact dimensions of the necessary utensils. But in any case it should not be less than 12 cm in diameter. By the way, a wide and low saucepan will allow you to cook food faster than a narrow and high one. You should consider this fact when choosing.

Little tricks

After the purchase of technological innovations required dishes for induction cookers. Which one is suitable? This is a question that concerns inexperienced housewives. But if with standard pots and pans everything is clear, then how to deal with small copies. If you put a Turk on the stove, whose bottom diameter is small, the heating process is not activated. How to be? The yield in the acquisition of a special "pancake", which completely covers the burner. You can already install a Turk on it.

If after the old gas stove there is an old set of dishes, then it can be used, but with some precautions:

  • Inspect for scratches and chips, they can damage the glass-ceramic surface.
  • If the bottom is deformed, then it is better to refuse dishes.
  • Enamel pan should have an even bottom.

If possible, it is better to purchase a special kit, one design and manufacturer. Performance will be higher and the aesthetic properties will please the eye.

Top Brands Review

Luxstahl is a German brand, but production is in China. The Russian consumer is a popular brand. Crockery is made of stainless steel and has a triple bottom.

The surface does not oxidize, the walls are thick, so the food is quickly prepared. The handles are securely attached with precision welding and do not heat up, which is undoubtedly convenient.

Pots and pans from the Turkish brand LAVA are made from durable cast iron and for aesthetic appearance are covered with colored enamel. There are very different dishes for an induction cooker, its types are suitable for different purposes. Utensils from this manufacturer is great for stewing meat and vegetables. Products do not stick and retain their flavor. For the convenience of users, a long handle is provided for the pans from LAVA.

Italian brand Paderno boasts professional cookware designed for induction cookers. They are made of high-quality steel, and you can choose a sample of matte material or prefer glossy. The bottom is three-layered, so the food does not burn.

Another Italian manufacturer Pintinox offers dishes from cast aluminum and stainless steel. The bottom has three layers and a non-stick Teflon coating. The dishes warm up evenly and retain heat for a long time. The walls are scratch resistant.

The ware from the French Matfer brand differs in stylish execution and variety of the used materials. Can be found in the sale of cast iron pans with an aluminum layer that conducts heat. As well as lightweight aluminum frying pans with a ceramic coating and a non-stick layer. Dishes are different in shape and size. It is hygienic and easy to clean.

When an induction cooker is purchased, which cookware is suitable and the reviews about it are studied very carefully. The considered brands proved to be excellent, and the choice depends on personal preferences and the way of cooking. So to extinguish the best will be cast iron, and for cooking the soup, you can prefer light aluminum.

Preferences and external characteristics are equally important. Someone prefers stainless steel luster, others like the strength of cast iron. According to reviews, it is he who helps to preserve the natural taste of dishes. Many people praise aluminum because the dishes are light and easy to clean. And someone is important external characteristics, so they choose the colorful enamel.

In order for the cookware for an induction cooker to satisfy its characteristics, it is necessary to precisely select its diameter, volume and decide on the design and material of manufacture. Each option has its pros and cons, it is important to choose the best option.

The content of the article

  • What cookware is needed for induction cooker
  • What dishes can be cooked in an induction cooker
  • How to choose a ceramic plate

The main requirement for cookware for an induction cooker is its ability to magnetize. Therefore, for such plates, pots and pans made of aluminum, copper, glass and other materials that do not possess magnetic properties are not suitable.

Having understood the principle of the induction cooker, it is easy to choose or buy suitable dishes.

What should be household utensils

It is not necessary for a hob with an induction coil to immediately buy a new set of dishes. Can be used homemade pans and potsif they meet the requirements. In addition, the plates of this type simply do not turn on, if you use the dishes of the wrong type.

Requirements for homemade dishes:

  • pots and pans are made of materials with ferromagnetic properties,
  • bottom diameter of at least 12 cm and a thickness of at least 2 mm,
  • ideally even, undeformed bottom.

Special cookware for induction cookers

Special cookware for induction furnaces are produced, which are of excellent quality and excellent user properties. The main advantage is the uniform distribution of heat over the surface of the tank. Special cookware for induction stoves are also suitable for gas and electric ovens.

High-quality dishes, produced specifically for induction cookers, must meet the following requirements:

  • in a special container there is a disk for heat accumulation and distribution,
  • the bottom has ferromagnetic properties,
  • The dishes should heat up evenly and quickly.

Specialized cookware for induction plates has a mark - a sign in the form of a spiral. Devices for baking in an induction cooker have the same sign and ensure the correct temperature distribution. It is very important to choose the dishes in size. Any item of utensils should be free to fit in the oven and not touch the edges.

Special cookware for induction cookers are usually made from cast iron or stainless steel. Aluminum appliances are also produced, with a ferromagnetic metal coated bottom, and non-stick cookware. All options have advantages and disadvantages.

What is the difference between cookware for induction cooker

Ware from "stainless steel" resistant to oxidation. Food cooked in it retains its beneficial properties. In cookware made of stainless steel, you can safely store the cooked dish for a while. The disadvantages include the likelihood of nickel allergy, which is contained in the alloy.

Cast iron cookware durable, keeps heat for a long time and provides uniform heating over the entire surface of the dish. Ware from cast iron is chemically inert. The disadvantages of cast iron dishes include a lot of weight and brittleness.

Enamelwaremade of steel alloys, also suitable for induction plates. An important point when choosing enamelware - the shape of the bottom. The bottom should be flat. If there is a recess in the bottom of the dish, it may work as a wave oscillator, which will cause noise when used.

Aluminum cookware with a ferromagnetic metal bottom is lightweight, it conducts heat well. But in such ware it is impossible to store sour food and it quickly loses its presentation. Cookware with a non-stick coating for induction cookers with improper care may lose its properties.

Cookware for induction cookers are produced by European and Russian manufacturers. A wide selection of such dishes allows you to choose the best option for quality and price.

What dishes are suitable for induction cookers

An induction cooker differs from gas and electrical appliances by the method of heat generation. The panel itself does not heat up, but on the contrary, the bottom of the pan or frying pan is heated very actively. Given this feature of household appliances, dishes for induction cookers must be properly selected. Kitchen containers for cooking have a magnet (magnetic alloys) in the bottom and should occupy no more than 70 percent of the total area of ​​the burner.

Induction utensils are produced by many different manufacturers who use the following materials: steel, ceramics, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and so on. True, they are suitable only when there are ferromagnetic additives in the bottom of the utensils for induction cookers. How to determine which raw material is better? Below is a brief description of the materials from which specific kitchen accessories are often made.

Induction pans or pots made of cast iron, retain heat for a long time, keeping food warmed for a long time. Still such products are used as pancakes or for baking pancakes, as the dough does not stick to the bottom. In addition to this, cast iron cookware can be used for many years, does not give in to rust, does not absorb food odors. Negative qualities: you need to be very careful with these household items, otherwise they may deteriorate (split, for example).


Cookware for induction plates with enamelled coating is made of cast iron or several alloys. Protective enamel film protects products from penetration of harmful chemicals. Utensils of this type are well resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Minus - the probability of formation of small cracks and chips, which appear due to improper use of dishes.


Pots, pans made of aluminum, are lightweight, have high heat conductivity and are sold at affordable prices. The disadvantage of this type of product is considered low strength, the risk of deformation. Modern manufacturers of magnetic dishes get rid of the above described problem by strengthening the bottom with a metal plate and replenishing the composition with other, more durable alloys.

This raw material for kitchen induction utensils began to be used relatively recently. Firms producing copper pans, stewpans and pots add ferromagnetic alloys to the basic composition. Thanks to this, the dishes for a specific cooking surface heats up perfectly, is quickly cleaned of dirt, and has an attractive appearance.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel utensils perfectly fit into the kitchen of any interior, will not oxidize, always preserve all the useful components of a cooked dish. There are several negative properties: food can be slightly burnt, because stainless steel contains nickel, which sometimes causes an allergic reaction. Another disadvantage: for stainless steel dishes is characterized by a low level of thermal conductivity, so the food is cooked a little longer.

Products of which manufacturer to choose

A large number of well-known manufacturers of kitchen utensils, which keep up with modern trends, have already established the production of utensils intended for induction type panels. Here are some examples for easier selection:

  1. High-quality, popular Tefal cookware has long been on the market. This manufacturer produces several sets of induction cookware with a non-stick coating, ferromagnetic bottom. The price of products with a Tefal icon is moderate, the quality is top notch.
  2. Кастрюли, сковородки немецкой торговой марки Woll – это алюминиевая магнитная посуда различного диаметра с толстыми стенками. Прочнейший антипригарный керамический, сапфировый или титановый слой позволяет использовать утварь длительный период времени. Набор посуды для индукционных плит этой марки особенный, а его стоимость максимально оправдывает качество.
  3. Инерционная посуда Fissler очень эргономичная, удобная, практичная. Compared to other manufacturers, the cost of this product is higher, but each unit meets all necessary quality standards.
  4. The world-famous trademark Zepter also did not stand aside. The manufacturer creates its dishes from an alloy of titanium and molybdenum, which is characterized by high strength. Kitchen utensils of this label have a non-stick non-stick surface, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.
  5. The firm Rondell manufactures stainless steel inertial dishes and aluminum. A stewpan, a saucepan, a classic frying pan and a grill, a kettle for an induction cooker - this is not the whole range of products. The manufacturer can offer a quality product of modern design at a good price.


A distinctive feature of the pans of the desired purpose - making them from a ferromagnetic material. The main options: cast iron, steel, iron. In addition, products made from certain alloys are used (for example, steel + aluminum). If the cookware for the induction hob was purchased recently, then at the bottom you can find an imprint with the appropriate marking (Induction).

Tip: You must also look at the dishes characteristic icon that follows the shape of the magnetization coil (spiral).

There are recommendations that supposedly allow you to determine whether the dishes are suitable for an induction cooker. It is advised to use an ordinary magnet for this purpose: it is applied to the bottom of the product. In fact, this is not a sufficiently informative method, because even for induction pans, induction cookers do not always respond to even pots made of ferromagnetic material. Therefore, it is still better to be guided by the designation on the bottom of the dish.

But, how to choose dishes for an induction cooker, if the house already has a significant set of pots and other containers that are not designed specifically for use in new conditions. In this case, it is enough to install the product on the hob. If the desired properties of the dishes will not be detected, the equipment simply will not turn on.

Note: Among the old-style saucepans, the bottom has a slightly curved surface, and only flat-bottomed containers can be used for operation on an induction cooker.

The range of dishes does not cease to expand, and products from non-ferromagnetic materials with special bottom characteristics are already encountered. For example, aluminum, glass-ceramic pans. Outwardly, they look like the rest of the dishes of their types, but also contain a multi-layer bottom with a magnetic disk.

The diameter of the bottom of the dishes

Most often, the burner is designed for pots with a bottom diameter of at least 12 cm. The operation of the equipment will be impossible in the case when a large part of the heating surface remains free. For this reason, you should decide in advance what kind of cookware you can use for induction cookers. But there are alternative solutions to the problem of size mismatch:

  1. Special stand in the form of a disk, equipped with a handle. They are placed on the hob, and on top is a saucepan with a small bottom. Most often, this need arises when it is planned to use the Turk for making coffee. Induction hob adapter
  2. If for some reason the first option is irrelevant, use the available tools - a cast-iron pan or a frying pan of the desired size. Sand is poured into the dishes, it conducts heat well. This property will ensure uniform heating of the Turks installed in the pot.

The second of these methods is usually implemented in catering establishments (cafes, restaurants). However, it is quite possible to avoid such difficulties, since some manufacturers offer induction cookers in which the burners are designed for dishes with a bottom diameter of 8 cm or more. This is already significant progress. But technologies do not stand still, and there are even models of induction plates, which automatically adjust to the needs of users: they change the characteristics of the burner depending on the size of the pan installed on it.

Cookware with a ceramic coating with a ferromagnetic bottom

Bottom thickness

When deciding which cookware is more suitable for induction cookers, one should not forget about other parameters. In particular, we are about the thickness of the bottom. It is permissible to operate containers with a sufficiently thin bottom (for example, 2 mm), however, in this case the risk of formation of noise in the process of cooking increases. In addition, another drawback is noted - the deformation of a thin metal under the influence of fairly intense magnetic processes.

Taking into account these features, the use of inappropriate utensils should be avoided. There are pans with a metal bottom, as well as analogues, which provide a multi-layer bottom of various materials. The preferred option are containers that contain a molded disc at the base. This feature provides strength and full fit of the dish to the surface of the burner.

Tip: The best option for an induction cooker is a saucepan with a bottom thickness of at least 4.5 mm, which will ensure sufficient reliability of the product.

Comparative analysis of pots of popular materials

In order to understand which cookware is suitable for an induction hob, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with a number of features of pans of several common types:

  1. Cast iron products - are characterized by low thermal conductivity, which means slow heating and slow cooling. Still such pans are strong, serve long. But at the same time they are demanding in operation. Without proper care, cast iron pots will quickly become rusty. Cooking sour dishes in such dishes should not be, and in addition, it is not recommended to store ready food in it.
  2. Aluminum products are not so durable, however, they conduct heat well. However, they also should not be stored ready meals. It is allowed to use aluminum dishes on induction rings only if the bottom is made of ferromagnetic materials.
  3. Steel pans - are characterized by aesthetic appeal, durability. Such dishes have a virtually unlimited service life and in all respects suitable for use on an induction cooking surface. It can be used for food storage.

How to care for dishes

The recommendations are simple, so no difficulty should arise. Most care tips are familiar to any hostess:

  • do not use abrasive compositions and materials, as there is a chance to damage the perfectly smooth surface of the dishes,
  • to avoid the risk of stains on the surface of pots and other containers, wipe them dry after washing,
  • products with a ceramic coating do not tolerate temperature changes, respectively, it is recommended to avoid situations where heat abruptly gives way to cold, for example, if you remove the hot dishes from the burner and immediately send it under cold water,
  • any non-stick coating can be damaged (burn out), if the pan / pan is left on the stove without food, empty, as a result, the properties of the product deteriorate markedly.

When deciding for yourself how to choose a cookware for an induction hob, it is necessary to clarify the nuances of care so that at the first use you do not have to face troubles.

Manufacturers Overview

The market offers the widest selection of products made from ferromagnetic material for use on an induction cooker. The most popular brands can be identified: Tefal, BergHoff, Calve, Fissler, Maestro, Rondell, Hackman, Wоll. If we consider manufacturers who are gradually gaining popularity, but are still not sufficiently firmly entrenched in the market, these include: Hoffmayer, Vitesse, Millerhaus. The market presents the products of domestic producers: Mentar, Gourmet, Neva-Metal.

Cookware for induction hobs Tefal found in a wide range of designs. This includes aluminum frying pans, products from the Titanium Pro and Privilege Pro series. These options are characterized by considerable bottom thickness. Rondell offers a variety of stainless steel dishes. German products are very popular - from brands Fissler, Wоll.

If we compare the cost, then initially the pans for induction surfaces are offered at a higher price, respectively, are included in a different price category. But all expensive dishes from the manufacturer DeBuyer. Its distinctive feature is a combination of copper and steel. The price of one product can reach 25,000 rubles.

Thus, with the advent of more advanced household appliances, namely, induction cookers, it became necessary to purchase dishes of a new generation: with ferromagnetic properties, perfect shape lines, excellent strength characteristics, long service life. In addition to all the pots and pans are characterized by external attractiveness, in most cases they are lightweight. But to maintain the aesthetic appeal, it is recommended to properly care for the dishes, starting from the first days of operation. To identify such products among thousands of models, you need to pay attention to the labeling (on the outside of the bottom). The thickness of the bottom and the diameter of the product are also taken into account.

What cookware is needed for an induction cooker?

The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is that the alternating magnetic field produced by a copper coil becomes a source of induction current. This coil stands below the surface of the plate, and in order to begin to heat the food, you need to put a pan with a metal bottom over it. It will become a conductor, the vortex induction current from the plate will set in motion the electrons of the ferromagnetic bottom, as a result of which heat will start to form. If we talk more simply about what kind of cookware is needed for an induction cooker, how to choose the right option, you need ware that is magnetised.

Suitable cookware for modern induction cookers:

  • cast iron
  • steel,
  • enameled and ceramic with metal base,
  • copper with ferromagnetic bottom,
  • stainless.

Characteristics that dishes for induction hobs and stoves should have:

  1. Thick bottom. Its thickness should be from 2 to 6 cm.
  2. Bottom diameter not less than 12 cm. This size is minimal for safe use of the stove.
  3. Ferromagnetic bottom properties. Without this condition, the dishes will not be able to bring the oven to a working condition.

Induction cookware icon

Cast Iron Cookware for Induction Cookers

So, by wondering what kind of cookware is suitable for induction cookers, you will be happy to know that one of the best options is cast iron pots, pots and pans. If you have any, you do not need to get rid of them. Cast iron has excellent magnetic properties, which is easy to check by attaching a conventional magnet from the refrigerator to the bottom. As you know, such dishes are durable, perfectly distributes heat, keeps it for a long time. By all accounts, cast iron cookware is best for induction cookers.

Ceramic Cookware for Induction Cookers

Pure ceramic cookware for induction plates is not suitable - it will not heat up. Ceramic products with the addition of special metals are on sale, which give them the desired properties. Other dishes, suitable for induction plates - metal, covered with ceramics from the outside and the inside. In such pans and pans, the food does not stick even without oil, the coating does not absorb odors, does not allow harmful substances from the metal to get into the food, does not crack, and keeps its appearance for a long time.

Stainless cookware for induction cookers

Stainless steel suitable for furnaces with induction no worse than cast iron. Its disadvantage is the probable release of nickel, which is not very good for health. In addition, food burns to the surface of stainless steel. However, such dishes are used in the kitchen more often because of its affordable price. In stainless steel saucepans, you can store cooked food without losing taste and beneficial properties. So, wondering about what kind of dishes you can use for induction cookers, just look in your kitchen cabinet in search of ordinary stainless steel pots and pans.

Copper Cookware for Induction Cookers

Previously, copper cookware was not suitable for induction cookers, but modern manufacturers have managed to adapt copper for this purpose. In such dishes, the bottom is made of a ferromagnetic alloy, which makes it compatible with induction. If you are not sure which dishes to use on the induction cooker, look for the appropriate markings or try to magnet an ordinary magnet to the bottom of the copper cookware.

Induction Cooker Glassware

If you like glassware, and you also need kitchenware for induction cookers, special products with glass walls, but with a ferromagnetic base, will be the way out. Another option is to use a steel disk under the bottom. With it you can cook in absolutely any dish, because the heating will occur through this disc. By the way, this simple device will help solve another problem associated with the bottom diameter, which does not always reach the required 12 cm.

Diameter of cookware for induction cookers

Studying the question of what kind of cookware for an induction cooker is suitable, you need to pay attention not only to the materials of manufacture, but also to the dimensions of the bottom. So, its diameter should not be less than half the diameter of the burner. On average, this indicator is at around 12 cm. There are plates with rings of a smaller diameter - 15 cm. In this case, it is enough that the bottom of the dish reaches 8 cm in diameter. If this rule is not followed, there is a high probability that dishes and food simply will not heat up.

What dishes can not be used on an induction cooker?

As mentioned above, for accurate determination of the validity, there is a marking of cookware for induction cookers. Even if there is no such badge, some earlier patterns of dishes are suitable for use in these purposes. Definitely it will not be possible to use glass, ceramic, copper, aluminum dishes, if it does not contain special metal alloys or if it does not have a ferromagnetic base. The way out of this situation is a steel disc with a handle.

Why induction cooker does not see the dishes?

In addition to the unsuitable manufacturing material and small diameter, the reason that dishes for induction cookers are not suitable may lie in the fact that the bottom is too thin (less than 1.5-2 cm in thickness) or uneven. A corrugated bottom sometimes causes an incomprehensible hum during cooking or the cooker completely refuses to react to such dishes. The best way to avoid all these troubles is special cookware for induction cookers. By purchasing such a set, you definitely will not encounter similar problems.

Quality Cookware for Induction Cookers

Today, dishes for induction cookers are presented in a wide range, so there are no problems with choosing the right one, taking into account taste and financial possibilities. Nevertheless, it is better to allocate once a certain amount for the purchase of a good set, where there is an induction stove designation on the dishes, in order to save yourself from further problems and searches. Preference is better given to proven manufacturers.

Cookware for induction cookers Rondell

This German company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer, taking into account all the features of cookware for induction cooker. In addition to adaptability to this type of hob, all Rondell dishes are endowed with many convenient and pleasant things like handles that fix the lid, spout for draining the liquid, silicone coating of the handles to prevent slipping and heating and much more.

Cookware for induction cookers Gipfel

Another German company that deserves no less attention due to the high quality of its products is Gipfel. If you can not decide which dishes to choose for the induction cooker, you can safely stop at a stylish and high-quality series specifically designed for such purposes. In the ready-made sets there are all the necessary items - pots of different diameters, saucepans, ladles, pans. They all meet the basic requirements of induction-based slabs.

Cooking Tips for Induction Cookers

In order for the dishes and the oven to serve you properly and as long as possible, you need to follow some simple guidelines for operation:

  1. Always put the dishes in the center of the burner and make sure that its bottom is at least half its diameter. If this condition is not fulfilled, the furnace will emit radiation that is harmful both to a person and to nearby electrical engineering.
  2. Ensure that the base of the heated utensils fits snugly to the cooking surface. This will ensure uniform heating of the food.
  3. Do not use pots and pans with soot. This will interfere with the normal operation of the plate and lead to contamination of its glass-ceramic surface. In addition, soot prevents uniform heating of dishes and food.
  4. Do not hold hands to the surface during operation. На близком расстоянии излучения от печи небезопасны.
  5. Не стоит использовать индукционные печи людям с кардиостимуляторами и другими электронными механизмами.

Основные требования

Стенки посуды могут быть сделаны из чего угодно. Весь вопрос в том, какое у нее дно. Индукционные варочные панели должны контактировать с материалом, имеющим ферромагнитные свойства. Simply put, the bottom of the pan, kettle or other cooking container should attract the magnet. If you put a regular pot, the stove will not react to this and will not work.

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This is the highlight of the induction panels: they do not heat up themselves, but only transfer heat to the object creating a certain magnetic field together with them. So you can put anything on the working burner without consequences, even your hand.

The bottom must be thick. When heated, thin metal may deform and loosely adhere to the burner. An induction cooker will respond with a frightening noise or a crash. Many buyers then write devastating comments on the Internet on the stove itself, but the reason is just in the wrong pot.

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It is important and the structure of the bottom. It can be solid - from cast iron or steel (and again, thick).

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And may have several layers of different materials. The composition of this "cake" is different. Some manufacturers are limited to three "layers", which includes a ferromagnetic alloy for contact with the plate, aluminum for good thermal conductivity and the inner layer of the same material as the wall of the product.

Someone adds a non-stick coating, and someone embeds an anti-deformation disk to ensure a perfect fit to the surface of the plate.

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The diameter of the bottom is extremely important for induction. If it is smaller than the burner, the stove will not turn on.

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Cookware Adapters

It is not necessary to throw away the dishes, if it does not fall under the description. And from the favorite coffee in a small Turk, too, can not refuse. There are adapters for sale, or adapters. These are special disks that have the necessary properties for contact with induction plates, consist of the necessary alloys and have the optimum thickness. Prices are different - depending on the material, manufacturer, diameter and design. But they will still cost less than a set of good new dishes.

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And if there is at least one skillet of a suitable size, then the cezve can be placed directly on it. True, boil the drink will be slow.

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In order not to spend extra money, it makes sense to test existing pots and pans for their compatibility with this type of stove. For example, the cast iron will definitely be a green light. However, it is worth remembering that this material is heavy and fragile. Therefore, if the product is dropped, it may break and damage the plate. And it also heats up for a long time, but it retains heat well.

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Enamelware or stainless steel dishes can also be suitable if it has a thick bottom and it is magnetised. But the manufacturers usually lay down the necessary parameters for the bottom in a special dish for induction cookers. Therefore, if there is any doubt, at first watch how the food behaves on "fire": on a thin bottom, the food will quickly burn.

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Enamel has an unpleasant feature: it easily breaks away. If this happens, do not put the dishes on the stove.

What dishes do not fit

Simple aluminum dishes, including those with a thick bottom, as usually this metal is not magnetised. However, there are aluminum dishes with the inscription "suitable for induction cookers" or with the image of a spiral on the bottom.

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But even if the corresponding designation is present, it is impossible to cook and store acidic food in such dishes, otherwise it will become “incompetent”.

It is useless to conduct experiments with ordinary ceramic, glass, copper dishes - and indeed with any that can not be magnetized. If you really like these materials, you can buy new dishes from them, but with the image of a spiral. This means the manufacturer has taken care to properly fill the bottom.

Differences in terminology

In a network, induction cookers are often compared with glass-ceramic. However, to counter them is not correct. Glass ceramics are the surface material of a plate. Millions of inductions in the world are made from it. Occasionally they are made from ceramic or stainless steel.

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In addition to the induction, glass-ceramic panel put on electric with other types of heating: spiral, infrared, hi-light.

Do you really need special cookware for the induction cooker?

Everyone understands the mechanism of action of a conventional gas stove, in which dishes are heated under the influence of open fire, and then gives off heat from its walls and bottom to the contents. At the same time, the burning gas heats up not only the dishes, but also everything around it: the burners, neighboring objects, the surrounding air.

The main requirement for dishes to be used on an induction cooker is the presence of ferromagnetic base alloys.

With the electric stove everything is more complicated, but the result is the same. In addition, such plates, especially old ones, have low efficiency, since most of the energy is spent first on heating the burner and the entire surface, and only then the dishes and at the very end of its contents. Electric cookers slowly heat up and cool down for a long time, and the process of cooking itself is significantly delayed.

The surface of the electric stove heats up, unlike the induction

Induction stove differs significantly from both gas and electric. Instead of a heating element, it uses a coil, which serves as a source of high-frequency magnetic field. The concept of electromagnetic induction is familiar to everyone from the school physics course. This phenomenon can be described as an effect on a closed circuit by a magnetic field, as a result of which an electric current arises in it. The principle of operation of the induction plate is based precisely on this: the induction current sets the electrons of the ferromagnetic field into motion, with the result that the temperature rises in a closed circuit.

The principle of operation of the induction hob

As a closed loop serves dishes, which is used for cooking. In fact, it is the dishes that heat up, cook, and the surface of the plate remains cold, serving only as a source of waves. Such plates are chosen not only for their manufacturability, but also for safety, because touching the surface is not burned, and runaway milk does not burn, it is very convenient to cook on it.

A good example of an induction cooker

But then natural questions arise: what kind of cookware is suitable for induction cookers, is it necessary to get rid of old dishes that have served faithfully for many years?

Only the dishes on the stove heat up, the rest of the surface remains cold.

The most suitable dishes, the bottom of which has ferromagnetic properties. Old pans, pans, stew-pans made of aluminum, copper, ceramics, glass will have to be abandoned, since they will be simply useless. Such materials will not heat up; therefore, you should leave your own dishes as a souvenir or use them in a microwave oven.

Double-bottom Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Tip! What kind of cookware for an induction cooker is suitable, and which is not, is quite simple to understand using a conventional magnet. If it sticks to the bottom of the pan, then you can safely use it, but if not, you will have to find something else.

Testing of the bottom of the dish with a magnet for the presence of a ferromagnetic alloy

What should be made special dishes?

As already mentioned, the cookware for the induction cooker must be ferromagnetic, therefore the most suitable materials are metals, in particular steel or cast iron. Enamel ware and a range of other materials can also be used. Each of these options has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, so before buying you should familiarize yourself with them and only after that make a choice in favor of one or the other.

Cookware made of aluminum, copper, heat-resistant glass and other non-magnetic materials is not suitable for cooking on an induction stove

Stainless Steel Cookware

Options stainless steel ware in stores enough, among them it is easy to choose a set or individual items for every taste. Steel dishes have their advantages:

  • Resistance to oxidation, due to which the food during cooking retains maximum benefit and taste.
  • Food in such dishes can be stored for a long time, so it is not necessary, putting it in the fridge, to put everything in plastic containers.

In a ferromagnetic pot you can cook on any hob

  • Small weight and, as a result, convenience of operation.
  • The strength and durability of the material allow to operate steel dishes for more than one year.
  • Attractive appearance. Brilliant stainless steel utensils will easily decorate the kitchen if left on open shelves.

Easy to use and easy to clean stainless steel dishes.

But there are also some disadvantages:

  • Alloys from which the dishes are made, for example, nickel, can cause allergies.
  • Food can easily burn.
  • It is rather difficult to maintain the original appearance of the dishes, since fingerprints, stains from detergents, etc. are easily left on the front side.

When purchasing such a product, you must ensure that it is made of magnetic steel.

Tip! When buying stainless steel dishes, make sure that its bottom is magnetised, since some alloys are devoid of this property, despite the fact that they are made of steel.

Stainless steel utensils will last you on the farm

Optimal cookware parameters for induction cooker

When buying a new dish for an induction cooker, it is better to go with a magnet in your pocket, but even if you don’t have one, it’s pretty easy to find a suitable option. Pans, stewpans and pans must meet a number of requirements:

  • The bottom of the dishes should be as thick as possible, at least 2 mm. This is to avoid thermal distortions. The heavier the bottom, the better, and the food will be cooked faster.
  • The bottom should have a maximum area of ​​contact with the surface of the plate. The minimum allowable diameter is 12 cm, it is this size that is considered suitable for full contact with the surface of the plate to start its action. But depending on the size of the burners for individual items, it may be larger or slightly smaller.

Small pots heat up faster and food will be cooked as soon as possible.

  • The bottom must necessarily be made of a ferromagnetic alloy, and it is not so important what the walls of the dish itself are made of. The latter can be copper, with a ceramic coating, glass, etc.
  • Special cookware for induction plates has a special marking in the form of four vertical loops, under which may also be the inscription "Induktion". The cost of such dishes is quite high.

A sign informing the customer that the cookware is suitable for induction hobs

Tip! The absence of marking does not mean that it is not possible to use cookware on an induction cooker. If the item meets all the requirements for it, you can safely buy it.

The bottom of the world brand tableware with the sign "induktion"

What kind of cookware for induction cookers are suitable and recommendations for use

Buying an induction cooker can significantly simplify the process of cooking, and darken it, despite the use of suitable utensils. Most often, this is faced by those who have just begun to master a new cooking surface.

Stainless steel cookware available at affordable prices.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should read a number of recommendations:

  • When using dishes with a small diameter of the bottom (stewpot, turkish, small saucepan), the induction cooking hob may not respond. In this case, it is best to purchase a special adapter that allows you to use dishes of any size. Visually, this adapter looks like a normal metal disc with a convenient handle.

Convenient and practical adapter with removable handle for induction hobs

  • Before using old dishes made of cast iron or steel, its bottom should be inspected for irregularities, scratches and chips. If there is severe damage, it is better not to use such pans and pots. They can scratch the surface of the plate, despite the fact that it is made of tempered and specially trained glass ceramics. In addition, during operation there may be unpleasant moments in the form of unnecessary vibrations, noise, etc.

Neat enamelware will save your stove for many years

  • On the induction cooker the bottom of the cooker heats up, so the process of cooking in a wide and low container will be faster than in a high and narrow one.
  • If there is an electric stove at the moment, and the purchase of induction is to be in the foreseeable future, then you can start buying the dishes in advance. Pots or pans with a ferromagnetic bottom will serve well on an ordinary electric stove, and the purchase of induction will not take by surprise.

A wide bottom and low walls will allow food to cook faster.

  • It is best to buy special cookware for induction cookers from proven, reputable manufacturers. Such items will last much longer, fully paying back their high cost.

Quality dishes will last you a long time.

Tip! If old dishes were used on a gas stove, and not on an electric one, then it is better not to leave it for induction. The fact is that under the influence of open fire the bottom is inevitably deformed, since the heating occurs unevenly, and this in turn will cause problems when using such objects on an induction cooker.

Cooking on an induction cooker can be continued in your favorite dish, the main thing is that it fits the parameters set by the cooker.

Regardless of what kind of cookware for induction cookers is used, it is important to take care of it properly and in a timely manner in order to prolong the life and preserve the original appearance. Any dishes, special or ordinary, can be washed in the dishwasher using standard detergents.

Cast iron pans or pots after washing, be sure to wipe dry to avoid rust. New enameled dishes should be processed before use, boiling in it salt water, so you can significantly increase the service life.

Careful care of the dishes will also save the cooking surface

Tip! For ease of operation and easy cleaning, it is best to use non-stick cookware.

Cookware set with non-stick coating

What dishes are needed for an induction cooker - everyone decides for himself. It is best to purchase a full set of dishes, pots and pans, all items in which are made in the same style and will become a real decoration of the kitchen, and it will become even more pleasant to cook. If the old cast-iron goosebells, grandmother's pans and stewpans were once hidden on the mezzanine, then it's time to get them and give them a new life.