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Marinade for mushrooms - the best step-by-step home-cooking recipes with photos


A quick way to pickle champignons. Yummy!

Just cook marinated champignons for a snack. Write down :)

Pickled aspen mushrooms - this is a great preparation for the winter. It is good both as an independent snack and as an addition to boiled potatoes!

Marinated white mushrooms is a dish for every day, even for a holiday. Having these mushrooms is already a holiday, no matter what form you cook them!

This recipe for marinating mushrooms (and other mushrooms) is passed on in our family for the fourth generation. It is slightly different from the classical approach, but the finished product goes at the New Year's table with a bang!

Frosty winter is especially nice to eat a bright sunny mushroom chanterelle snack. Marinated mushrooms for this recipe are good and as a snack, and with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes.

I offer pickled mushrooms from the old recipe of my father-in-law. I do them a little and infrequently. Only when you can collect cute little mushrooms.

I offer a proven recipe for pickled mushrooms. Already opened and tried - the mushrooms turned out just canceled! For preservation, she took white mushrooms and boletus in equal parts.

Pickled mushrooms, yes with finely chopped onions, but watered with oil, yes to potatoes, but with a glass of little white. I think that it makes no sense to describe the whole host of impressions from such a still life. Marinated mushrooms for the winter and not only.

One of the most popular mushroom blanks is pickled boletus and brown cap boletus.

This snack is on our table both on weekdays and on holidays. Marinated mushrooms are good with boiled potatoes, and as an independent snack with onions and vegetable oil, salad recipes with pickled mushrooms are popular, they are also used as a filling for pies and pies. So, prepare delicious pickled mushrooms at home.

Chanterelles are universal mushrooms. They are good for frying, and for marinating, and for cooking caviar, as well as other mushroom dishes.

We started the season of "quiet hunting". In the summer it was so, self-indulgence, and now these mushrooms have gone. Autumn boletus strong, not wormy or almost not wormy. Sometimes the whole forest will circle in circles - and almost nothing. With envy you look at the full buckets of mushroom pickers already returning from the forest. But one fungus comes across, second, third. And here it is - a long glade. The basket is full, and the feeling of pleasure exceeds the feeling of fatigue.

I love pickled mushrooms. I have nowhere to collect my honey mushrooms, and buying from hands is dangerous, you can get poisoned. Why not pickle frozen mushrooms? Spices can be added to your liking. Chic exit!

Marinated chanterelles - a recipe for home canning.

Marinated white mushrooms - a great snack recipe. White mushroom marinated with fragrant spices is an indispensable dish on any holiday table. Cooked white mushrooms marinated for the future will be a ready-made snack and will save time in a busy day for receiving guests.

Crispy pickled mushroom is a great snack, I think most men would agree. Prepare marinated russules and enjoy the great savory taste of mushrooms throughout the winter.

During the mushroom season, we recommend cooking pickled mushrooms - the recipe is simple and the appetizer is excellent!

Pickled aspen mushrooms, boletus and boletus - traditionally a favorite snack, equally relevant to the festive and everyday family table. In addition, pickled boletus, aspen and other mushrooms are a great way to harvest food for the winter, which every housewife will appreciate.

One of the most popular cold appetizers is marinated mushrooms, a recipe for home canning for different types of mushrooms.

This recipe of pickled butter will allow you not only to stock mushrooms for the winter, but also to prepare an unusually tasty ready-to-eat snack that will help you more than once when you need to quickly put something tasty on the table.

Gentle marinated champignons - a great snack.

How to cook marinated mushrooms - boletus, honey agaric, porcini mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, aspen mushrooms?

For many years, our family has been making pickled mushrooms according to this recipe. Delicious.

One of the most popular traditional hors d'oeuvres is marinated mushrooms and mushrooms. We offer the recipe of pickled mushrooms and mushrooms with pre-barrel pickling.

In Russian cuisine, milk mushrooms and red mushrooms have long been used for pickling. The traditional way to pickle mushrooms and mushrooms in a barrel is offered below.

Marinated mushrooms turn out beautiful, whole, with an appetizing aroma and wonderful taste!

A good recipe for pickled champignons. Suitable for quick cooking and canning. Champignons turn out elastic, very tasty and look good on a festive table.

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How to cook marinade for mushrooms

Crisp, delicious mushrooms will always be in demand at the table. In order to cook marinated mushrooms for the winter, you need to know a few basic rules:

  1. Prepare canned food and eat only proven, guaranteed edible fruits. Do not buy them in areas of elemental trade.
  2. Prepare the fruit: cut the legs, cut the large mushrooms into pieces, and leave small ones in their original form.
  3. If you have boletus or aspen mushrooms, then hats and legs should be pickled separately.
  4. Oil must first be released from the skin.

After preparing the base, you need to prepare a brine for mushrooms in 1 liter of water. Each recipe has its own proportions of salt and vinegar, they depend on the type of fruit. Before preparing the preform, the mushrooms are usually soaked, then boiled for 20-25 minutes with the addition of salt. This allows you to disinfect the fruit, remove the remnants of dirt and moss.

Marinade recipes for mushrooms

Marinating mushrooms at home is not such a difficult process, every hostess can handle it. It is worth remembering that it must be approached responsibly and must take into account the variety of forest fruits. There is a marinade recipe for mushrooms with pre-soaking and without it, a special way to cook mushrooms and chanterelles with garlic, a quick recipe for pickling mushrooms for eating in 3-5 days and others.

Universal marinade

• Time: 40 minutes.
• Number of servings: 6 persons.
• Calories: 28 kcal.
• Purpose: conservation.
• Cuisine: Russian.
• Difficulty: Easy.

This method is great for cooking both tubular mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, etc.), and aspen mushrooms, chanterelles, etc. Prepare the mushrooms: soak them, chop and boil according to the type of fruit, but experts recommend boiling all kinds of mushrooms from 15 minutes to half an hour. Vinegar can be replaced with vinegar essence, but it is very important to do it correctly, taking into account the proportions.

  • sugar - 80 g,
  • salt - 40 g,
  • vinegar - 100 ml (or 30 ml of essence),
  • sweet and black peppercorns,
  • carnation - 5 buds,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.,
  • water - 1 l.

  1. Boil the water. Add salt, sugar and mix well until dissolved.
  2. Bring to a boil. Put the spices in the pan, pour the vinegar and let it brew for a couple of minutes.
  3. Fruits put in jars, fill with hot pickle, roll up.

Quick marinade

• Time: 30 minutes.
• Number of servings: 5 persons.
• Calories: 23 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: Russian.
• Difficulty: easy.

For those who do not know yet how to pickle mushrooms, a quick way to prepare a dish with a photo will be suitable for the sample. Take any mushrooms, chop, prepare. Then pour the brine with the addition of dill, allspice, other spices, cover with a lid and let it brew for 24 hours. After that, the banks are sent to the refrigerator, but it is not recommended to keep such a product for a long time.

  • carnation - 7 buds,
  • bay leaf – 3 pcs.,
  • thyme - 2-3 sprigs,
  • onions - 1 pc.,
  • water - 3/4 tbsp. ,
  • white wine vinegar - 1/3 Art.,
  • salt –30 g,
  • pepper and peas –1.5 tsp,
  • mushrooms –700 g

  1. Chop onions finely. Prepare mushrooms: rinse, peel, chop.
  2. Put all the marinade ingredients in the pan, bring the boil to the dot.
  3. Put the mushroom mass. Bring to the boil point, make the fire minimum and cook for another 15 minutes at the minimum temperature.
  4. Fill the cans with billet, cork.

For white mushrooms

• Time: 40 minutes.
• Number of servings: 5 persons.
• Calorie dishes: 29 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: Russian.
• Difficulty: easy.

Crunchy, tasty borovichki cause genuine appetite, even for a sophisticated gourmet. This is a great appetizer, and the recipe for pickled mushrooms is not that complicated. Stock up on forest fruits, prepare spices, vinegar, learn the recipe from a photo and start cooking delicacies. This method is designed for 1 kg of boletus, and there are such mushrooms can be already 3 days after cooking.

  • salt - 20 g,
  • acetic acid (30%) - 70 ml,
  • water - 1.5 st.,
  • black and fragrant peppers - 14 peas,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.,
  • sugar - 20 g,
  • onions - 1 pc.

  1. Prepare the mushrooms by soaking them for a while and rinsing. Slice, place in a deep pan.
  2. Salt, add water and bring to a boil.
  3. Boil for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Add peeled onions, spices, cook for 20-25 minutes.
  5. At the very end of cooking, add vinegar.
  6. Spread hot treat in sterilized jars.

• Time: 40 minutes.
• Number of servings: 5 persons.
• Calories: 21 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: Russian.
• Difficulty: easy.

Before you cook the pickled mushrooms, you need to clean them and pour with cold water for 30-50 minutes. Mushrooms are washed and immersed in boiling water for 5 minutes to preserve the structure. The peculiarity of this method lies in the fact that honey mushrooms are poured with cold marinade, and only then they begin to cook. The brine completely permeates the mushrooms, saturates them with taste and aroma. From spices put: cinnamon, coriander seeds, seasoned with hot pepper.

  • water - 1 l,
  • sugar - 60 g,
  • salt - 30 g,
  • Vinegar (9%) - 300 ml,
  • carnation - 3 buds,
  • Coriander - 1 tsp,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.

  1. Rinse the mushrooms, cover with boiling water, cook for 5 minutes.
  2. Throw on a sieve, pour the marinade prepared in advance.
  3. To do this, dissolve in hot water sugar, salt, vinegar, add spices.
  4. Boil the mushrooms 15 minutes in brine, removing skim foam.
  5. Spread on the banks, roll up.

For oil

• Time: 60 minutes.
• Number of servings: 8 persons.
• Calorie dishes: 32 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: Russian.
• Difficulty: medium.

Maslata are capricious mushrooms, they require lengthy preparation before pickling. First you need to clean the film from the cap, then remove the moss and dirt from the legs. The basic rule of hostesses: before starting to cook, the butter must be cleaned, otherwise they will slip in their hands. Soak the mushrooms in salt water, rinse, change the water several times to remove the sand. Rinse again under running water and proceed to marinating. Note that 1 liter of marinade is designed for 2 kg of mushrooms.

  • water - 1 l,
  • salt - 40 g,
  • sugar - 60 g,
  • acetic acid - 30 ml,
  • cloves, garlic, peppers, laurel - to taste.

  1. Dissolve in boiling water salt, sugar, spices and boil a few minutes.
  2. Cool, pour vinegar.
  3. Spread the mushrooms on the banks, fill with boiling brine, spin.

With soy sauce

• Time: 30 minutes.
• Number of servings: 8 persons.
• Calorie dishes: 47 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: European.
• Difficulty: medium.

If you are going on a picnic and do not know what would make such a tasty meal, pay attention to the recipe of pickled champignons. This method is very fast, because you only need to wash the mushrooms, prepare the pickle, pour them and wait a couple of hours. Both large and small fruits are suitable for this method, but small mushrooms look more appetizing on the table, and they marinate much faster than large ones.

  • soy sauce - 50 ml,
  • sugar - 30 g,
  • balsamic vinegar - 50 ml,
  • vegetable oil - 50 ml,
  • Lavrushka, pepper - to taste,
  • parsley, garlic.

  1. Pour the sunflower oil, soy sauce into the skillet, add sugar, salt, spices, heat.
  2. As soon as the mixture boils, put the champignons, stir, stew for 8 minutes under the lid.
  3. Pour in vinegar, mix again.
  4. Allow the mushrooms to cool. Add chopped parsley and garlic.

With garlic and pepper

• Time: 30 minutes.
• Number of servings: 8 persons.
• Calories: 45 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: European.
• Difficulty: medium.

In the hot season of summer days and summer picnics, you can use the recipe of champignon shashlik. They are made from pre-pickled mushrooms. To prepare the pickle, you will need spices, garlic, pepper, lemon juice or citric acid. Mushrooms strung on a skewer and baked on coals. This is an incredibly delicious side dish for meat, fish dishes. Try to diversify your menu!

  • garlic - 6 tooth.,
  • dill - 30 g,
  • salt - 60 g,
  • sugar - 30 g,
  • vinegar - 30 ml,
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml,
  • bay leaf, black pepper to taste
  • water - 1 l.

  1. Boil water in a saucepan, add salt, laurel, pepper, bring to a boil.
  2. In a separate container, mix finely chopped garlic, dill, vinegar, sugar, oil.
  3. Add this mixture to the boiling brine, immediately turn off the heat.
  4. Place the mushrooms for 10-15 minutes in the marinade.

For mushrooms in Korean

• Time: 30 minutes.
• Number of servings: 8 persons.
• Calories: 54 kcal.
• Purpose: preparation.
• Cuisine: Korean.
• Difficulty: medium.

Having tried once such mushrooms, you will no longer buy them in the store, because the taste of the snack will not leave anyone indifferent! For cooking, overseas, expensive products, only champignons, spices, salt, and spices will not be required. Start the process by preparing the mushrooms: cut the large specimens into portions, leave the small mushrooms in their original state.

  • vegetable oil - 60 ml,
  • apple cider vinegar - 80 ml,
  • soy sauce - 2 tbsp.
  • Coriander - 1 tsp,
  • chili pepper - 1 pc.,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.,
  • dill, parsley - 50 g,
  • sesame seeds - 20 g,
  • garlic - 6 tooth. ,
  • salt - 20 g

  1. chop finely dill, parsley, chop garlic.
  2. Hot pepper cut into very small slices.
  3. Pour oil into a cauldron, add coriander, black and hot peppers, laurel, garlic, greens.
  4. Pour in vinegar, soy sauce.
  5. Stir, add salt.
  6. Fry the sesame in a dry frying pan, add to marinade.
  7. Bring the mixture to a boil, add mushrooms, stir, boil again.
  8. Cool, remove from heat.

Boletus pickled for the winter, a recipe for 1 liter of water

I harvested mushrooms in half-liter and 0.650 liter jars. Such banks are very convenient, opened and immediately ate. You can certainly make and liter, if desired.

Therefore, the calculation of salt is given per liter of water, and all the ingredients on the floor are a liter jar.

We need (for 1 liter of water):

  • pozhevikov - how many want
  • dill - two or three twigs per jar
  • horseradish sheet - a piece of 2-3 cm wide, depending on the thickness of the sheet
  • red bitter peppers - 0.5 cm thick slice
  • Carnation - 3 pcs
  • allspice - 2 pcs
  • black pepper peas - 7 pcs
  • bay leaf - 2 pieces
  • Acetic essence - 0.5 tsp
  • salt - 2 tbsp. spoons per liter of water

As mentioned above, in this recipe you can marinate different varieties. Today I will marinate aspen (redheads), boletus mushrooms, boletus mushrooms and mushrooms.

Not all together and immediately, but in turn and separately. That is, at first one species, then another, etc.

And the first recipe we will just be considered on the example of boletus.

I recommend recommending washing and sterilizing jars and lids. If you do not know how to do this, then at the end of the article I will tell about it in more detail.

1. First, you need to disassemble them by type and size. Select the wormy, we will not pickle them. For marinating, it is better to use small-sized specimens with strong elastic legs and caps. They will not lose their shape during the heat treatment, and will be tasty, slightly crispy and with a beautiful appearance.

That is, we do not pursue quantity, but work on quality! This is one of the main principles!

2. We start working with those instances that spoil most quickly. This is usually boletus and boar. My oil is small, they will easily fit in the refrigerator, and I’ll send them for the time being, before I go there. And I start working with boletus.

3. I do not wash them, and I clean with a knife. I cut the lower part, where the remains of the mycelium with the ground remained. And then I clean the leg as they clean fresh carrots or potatoes, that is, by scraping the top layer. The hat is also cleaned of debris, leaves and needles.

Brownberries are always better cleaned "dry", without using water. Everyone knows the word botulism.So the causative agent of botulism, as a rule, is in the ground. Therefore, it is better to cut them with a knife, and not to “twist”, as some people advise. And therefore it is better to clean them, and not to wash.

4. Cleaned one of them, and immediately cut into pieces of approximately the same size. So, if the cap is more than 5 cm in diameter, cut it into 2-4 pieces. If it is less, then leave it entirely.

We cut the leg into 2-4 pieces, provided that we have a copy that is not very big. That is, the leg length should also be approximately 5 cm.

Keep in mind that when cooking, they will decrease in volume, that is, boil down. Therefore, it is not necessary to cut them very finely.

5. We cut brown caps into pieces, putting them immediately into the pan, in which we will boil them.

6. Fill what you prepared with cold water and set the pan on the fire. When the water starts to warm up, foam will form. It must be carefully removed, without waiting for it to boil. If you do not keep up, then the foam will certainly run away. In addition, when boiling, some part will disintegrate into small flakes and will boil with the product, which will give them an ugly gray look.

Together with the foam, we will clean the forest litter, which remained during cleaning, and dirt. The foam will be dark. We remove the foam all the time while the water is not boiling, and all the time until the cooking time is out.

7. Lightly salt the water. It is also necessary to do in order to prevent the penetration of the botulism bacillus.

The temperature of salted boiling water is somewhat higher than normal. And so it will be just the way for us.

8. After the water boils, boil the mushrooms for 20 - 30 minutes.

Heat treatment is required! At a boiling point of 80 degrees, Bacillus botulism dies after 30 minutes. Therefore, they should boil for at least 20 - 30 minutes, if you cook them longer, they will be overcooked. And in order to withstand the processing technology, then we will definitely sterilize them!

9. In the meantime, they are boiled, in the prepared and sterilized jars lay out the washed and scalded dill and casting of horseradish, a mixture of peppers and cloves.

10. Put on the fire cold water, it is best to use spring or filtered. Calculate the amount of water as follows. On the floor of a liter jar will go about 0.250 ml of water. If you make 4 half-liter jars, then you will need 1 liter of water. On a liter of water, add two tablespoons of salt and two - three leaves of bay leaf. Boil 5 - 7 minutes, then remove the bay leaf. If you leave it, it will give the marinade unnecessary bitterness and excess taste.

Brine can be prepared as follows. Instead of putting spices in jars at once, they can be boiled together with water, and then poured into jars, put them in each in the right quantity.

In order not to catch the spices, I simplify and put all the necessary ingredients directly into the jars.

11. Cooking colander. Pour the contents of the pan into it and give time to glass all the water. Gently mix the pieces with a spoon, helping to release water. If you boil a large batch, it is better to lay out in a colander in parts, so the water will merge faster.

12. Hot put the contents of the colander in the banks with a spoon. Seal is not necessary. Scooped up with a spoon and laid, and then how it will fall. Boiled pieces should be placed freely and not be pressed. It is necessary that the brine has access to each part and side of the piece.

For canning I use mainly half-liter and 650 gram jars. It was very convenient, he opened it and immediately ate it so that the blanks would not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

13. Spread the pieces only to the "shoulders" banks. Top put another sprig of dill.

I do not use marinade garlic so as not to interrupt the “forest” taste. But if you want, you can add it. I know that many housewives love to do this.

14. Immediately pour hot pickle, also to the "shoulders" banks. Using a teaspoon, slightly move the pieces away from the wall around the entire perimeter of the can in order to release air bubbles. Inspect the jar from all sides, if you see bubbles, then repeat the procedure. Pour half a teaspoon of vinegar essence.

I use only 70% essence in order not to calculate the percentage of 3, 6 and 9% vinegar. When you come to visit, very often on the table you can find very sour preparations. This is precisely due to the percentage confusion.

Add the right amount of essence and you will never go wrong.

It is known that the acidic environment prevents the growth of bacteria. And this procedure is just as important for prophylaxis as all previous ones.

15. Put the jars in the pan for sterilization, pour the brine to the top and cover with a lid.

0.5 liter jars - 30 minutes

0,650 liter jars - 45 minutes

1 liter jars - 1 hour

17. We get banks with special tongs. Make sure that the lid does not open. We twist the lid. Turn over, cover with a blanket or blanket and leave to cool completely.

I will describe the whole sterilization process in more detail at the end of the article. Read this information necessarily, it is important!

Aspen mushrooms marinated for winter

In my opinion, aspen pickled in this way is the most delicious. Therefore, consider the recipe for their example.

In our area, aspen birds are affectionately called redheads, due to their peculiarities. Their caps are mostly red, but with rare exceptions there are also white ones. They are very beautiful, elastic, strong. In the bank, they always retain their shape, and never raskvashivayutsya.

And what happiness to find these beautiful, delicious-smelling mushrooms. Every time you find another handsome man with a red cap, you are seized with joy and satisfaction.

Marinate them should be exactly the same as boletus. The only difference is that they should be boiled not 20, but 30 - 40 minutes. These forest representatives have a very dense texture, and therefore it will take a little more time for heat treatment.

Redheads should also be cleaned dry, and be sure to clean the foot. This should also be done for the purpose of prevention so that bacterial spores do not get into the workpieces.

Aspen mushrooms have another distinctive feature. The hat at the bottom and the foot during cleaning and processing has a dark color. This is quite normal, such a feature in this species. Therefore, if only blue caps were dark when marinating aspen mushrooms, here all parts are dark.

Because of this, redheads should be boiled separately from all other varieties so that others do not darken. Foam, which must also be carefully removed, will also be very dark.

After boiling, drain the water. And we act the same as in the previous description. That is, the process of laying the accompanying spices, the very process of conservation and sterilization is exactly the same as in the recipe above.

Proceed in the same way, without any change.

All ingredients are exactly the same, and the process of marinating is no different from the above-described method.

Chanterelles (boletus) marinated for winter

Chanterelles are good because they practically do not need to be cleaned. They are always clean and tidy. With them, you just need to clean the leaves and needles and all. It is not necessary to wash them.

In addition, chanterelles do not touch the worms, and this is their great advantage over all other mushrooms.

But today's recipe, we consider the example of oil. With them a lot more fuss, and there are some features of cleaning. Therefore, to tell better about them. And if you still cook chanterelles, then just substitute instead of the word boletus — chanterelles and that's it.

Oil for conservation is better to take a small size and carefully inspect them when cleaning. Butterdish is a tender and very tasty mushroom, and not only people love it, but also worms. But agree, somehow I don’t want to eat them with worms!

But all those who dealt with boilers know that it seems that when you collect them and inspect each of them, you do not see any worms. But while you take them to the house, and while you start to clean, they don’t even appear in the smallest oil tanks.

Basically, their distribution begins with the legs. Therefore, when collecting in the forest, it is better to immediately cut off the leg, leaving only a small stump no more than 2 cm.

Also feature is that the oil must remove the film from the cap. For pickled mushrooms you need to do this. Since we collect small specimens, we will have to tinker. It takes a lot of time.

Therefore, I start to clean them already in the car, while we are going back home. So how to go an hour and a half, I already have time to clean some part. And arriving home I immediately put the oil in the fridge. There the worms, if any, will no longer spread.

You can also clean the film, just like the legs, lightly scraping the top of the knife with a knife. Either by hooking them up with the tip of the film and take it off entirely, if possible. The leg, if it is dark, must also be slightly cleaned. But in general, the leg can be parted without regret. The most delicious part is, of course, the cap.

Some hostesses lower the boil in boiling water for several minutes to make the film easier to remove. But I do not practice this method. Always brushing dry.

So that the mushrooms do not darken, and so that even a hint of worms does not remain in them, we put them in cold salted water. If we didn’t lose sight of it, salt water will do its job. In addition, we remember that a salty environment will protect us from harmful bacilli.

To keep them in it should be about 10 minutes, not more. The cap has a spongy texture and takes a lot of water. And it is important for us to preserve the natural taste, and not to allow it to be watery.

When cleaned all the mushrooms, they also boil in lightly salted water. Since they are very small and tender, they should be boiled for no more than 20 minutes. During cooking, the caps can change their color to pinkish-lilac. No problem, it is also a feature of cooking butter.

Chanterelles also slightly darken during cooking, but only slightly. And pickled - they turn out very beautiful. They like to add as a whole to various salads, as well as to decorate them.

And this is a photo of boiled butter. See how the color of the hat changed?

After they have boiled and poured water, put them in a jar of dill and spices. Seal them also should not be. Pour the brine and sterilize in time as much as pickled boletus and cap boletus. Do not forget to do all the preliminary procedures described in the first recipe.

Do not forget to add vinegar essence.

Marinated boletus can be considered a real delicacy. Due to the duration of the collection and cleaning, few people want to mess around with them, because you collect them all no more than 5-7 centimeters in diameter, carefully select them. Therefore, the jar opened during the winter period is always especially appreciated!

And of course, its main value in taste. Marinated bolettes are always obtained with a pleasant delicate taste. And until you eat the whole jar it is impossible to stop.

How to pickle mushrooms

In principle, canning mushrooms in a special way from the rest of the recipes does not differ almost anything, except that they should not boil for too long.

It is believed that they simply pour boiling water, soak in it for a couple of minutes. Then drain the water and cook further on the general recipe. In general, this is what I do when it comes to salting them. The recipe can be viewed by clicking on the link.

But when it comes to conservation, I am afraid to limit myself to just pouring boiling water on them, and cook. Let it be less than all the other varieties, but still I do not replace the cooking stage.

But for the beginning mushrooms need to be washed and cleaned. To make it easier to do, I fill small batches of mushrooms with cold water and leave them for 3-4 minutes. All the blades of grass, small leaves with this stick off from the cap, and it remains only to check the leg. If it has remnants of land, then it must be cleaned or cut off the contaminated area.

It is known that mushrooms can grow in the grass and in the moss. Often, they must literally rake out of it. You see, it happened, only a small piece of the red cap, kneel down, tear off the mushroom from the grass and see that there is a whole family nearby. And on one small clearing, you can immediately collect up to 30-40 pieces.

Therefore, you collect very dirty mushrooms, no time to clean them all at once. And on the leg often remains the earth. It is impossible to allow all this to fall into the bank. Therefore, the longest with the preparation of mushrooms is just their cleaning.

It is better to sort them at once, to fold the small ones separately, and to cut the large ones into 2 - 4 parts. There are different varieties of mushrooms, so-called - boron, they are large, fleshy. They should be cut into pieces in preparation for conservation.

And there are, collected in the meadows and slopes, they are smaller and it is not necessary to cut them.

In addition, it is very beautiful when it comes to collecting only one tin cap. Imagine how they can be beautifully served for the holiday table.

After the mushrooms are washed, they should be boiled. To do this, we boil water in a large saucepan, add some salt and boil it, lower the mushrooms in it. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes, again after they boil again.

When cooking, you should carefully remove the foam. There are remnants of forest litter in it, but it is completely useless to us in banks.

10 minutes after boiling, drain the water through a colander and leave for some time the mushrooms in it to drain all the water.

The boiling process helps to preserve the red color of these handsome men. You can already try them, they are incredibly tasty!

Then put them in sterilized banks, which have already added the necessary spices.

Do not forget to add vinegar essence.

Then close the scalded iron lids with boiled water and sterilize as above. That is, 0.5 liter jars - 30 minutes, 0.750 liter jars - 45 minutes, liter jars - 1 hour.

Keep upside down until completely cool. Store in a cool dark place. Do not use earlier than one month after preservation. Hedgehogs should be completely marinated.

I had such a case, when already quite late in the evening a colleague called me and made such a request: “Margarita, help me out! The husband brought a full basket of mushrooms. What to do with them?

I gave her this recipe. She fussed with them until 4 in the morning (presumably, a whole basket of red mushrooms), and put it in storage. During the month that I had to wait for the time, she called me three times and asked: “And what, even a jar cannot be opened before? I would like to try! ”

So immediately answer all - can not!

First, mushrooms must be marinated. And secondly, this time is also needed in order to be sure that no harmful bacilli have entered the bank. If they somehow disturbed the cooking process, and if they were in the bank, during this time the fermentation process will begin and the lid will swell.

And such a bank will have to be thrown out, well, not a bank of course, but what’s in the bank. In no case can you eat its contents.

Therefore, be sure to follow all the rules, and you will get the most delicious mushrooms in the world. And this is discussed below.

By the way, my colleague still always thanks me for the recipe. And he says that now it will always be the only way to marinate all varieties. Fortunately, today's recipe is universal.

I also want to say that according to this recipe, it is also possible to cook mushrooms and russules. In general, if I preserve the mushrooms in this way, then here russules (we call them brynyavki), if I am marina, then quite a bit, and store them just in the fridge. Closing simple self-tightening lids.

We simply collect syroezhek very little, as there are many other mushrooms that are more delicious for this business. But in principle, they can be canned just as well.

And honey mushrooms turn out very tasty, but still beautiful.

A big plus is that collecting them very quickly. But it should be noted that it is desirable to take only small mushrooms, large ones - they are no longer suitable for canning. They are best roasted in a skillet with onions and potatoes.

Pickled mushrooms for the winter

This recipe will help to preserve porcini mushrooms. They are especially appreciated both in the preparation of any dishes and in conservation. During any preparation, they always remain white, apparently from here and their name went. In addition, they have a dense fleshy texture, which is always like when they are consumed.

This recipe is different from the options I proposed. Therefore, if you have collected a lot of mushrooms, you can preserve different batches in different ways. Subsequently compare which way you like more.

In this video you can also see how to prepare them for canning, how to clean, how to cook, how to remove the foam. This is especially useful for beginner hostesses who have never before engaged in such culinary matters.

How to cook delicious marinated mushrooms for the winter

So that the mushrooms are always tasty, and most importantly, to eat them safely there are several basic rules and features, as well as some secrets. What we will talk about below.

  • It is advisable not to store the collected mushrooms for a long time. They need to be recycled on the same day.
  • they must be searched and sorted by type and size. Small ones can be left for preservation, and large ones can be frozen or cooked a delicious soup, or you can fry them with potatoes - what could be more delicious!
  • крупные экземпляры консервировать не желательно по той причине, что у них большая шляпка, с большой трубчатой поверхностью. В процессе подготовки и обработки, она теряет форму и порезанные кусочки выглядят не очень эстетично.
  • грибы очистить «всухую», убрать лесной сор со шляпки и обязательно очистить ножку. Помним, что на ней могут находится бациллы ботулинос, возбудители очень нехорошей болезни «ботулизм».
  • cut all of them about the same size, small ones can be left as a whole.
  • boil in lightly salted water. After boiling, boil them for at least 20 minutes, and instances with a more dense texture - 30, and even 40 minutes.
  • boil different types separately. Otherwise, the light varieties will darken and lose their characteristic appearance and taste when boiled with dark ones.

Subsequently, when all varieties are already boiled separately and laid out in cans, it happens that there are only a few and a few other mushrooms left. At will they can be combined into one jar. Thus, it is possible to mix boletus and boletus, boletus and boletus. Well, I do not mix whites with others.

  • After boiling thoroughly drain the water. To do this, spread the mushrooms in a colander, and do it not too large batches.

  • jars and lids must be sterilized!
  • fennel greens and horseradish leaves are scalded with boiling water.
  • spread the mushrooms in a jar hot.
  • fill only with boiling brine.
  • sterilize jars with contents of at least the specified time!

0.5 liter - 30 minutes

0,650 liter - 45 minutes

1 liter - 60 minutes

Be sure to maintain ready-made preservation for at least a month! Use only after this period. If the contents of the cans are dimmed or the lid is swollen - do not eat them in any case! Such blanks should be thrown away!

It should always be remembered that the mushrooms are a very tasty delicacy given to us by the forest. And when you marinate them, do not neglect any of the above items.

Sterilization of cans and lids, which lids should be used

  • Rinse cans and lids thoroughly with soda or cleaning agent.

Covers for preservation can be used as self-tightening, and twisting with a special machine. So I always choose the second option, especially when it comes to our today's blanks. As is known, the most cases of botulism poisoning, as a rule, occur in canned mushroom preservation.

Therefore, only properly and hermetically sealed cans can protect against this. If you closed the jar is not tight, and air got into it, then after two weeks the lid will swell up. And this is a signal that such a product is forbidden to eat.

A self-tightening cap in this regard is somewhat more difficult to control. And therefore, if I jar - another marina and close it with such a lid, then I keep it in the refrigerator for no more than a month or two. During that time, it is desirable to use it.

Therefore, my recommendation is that the covers should be tightened only with metal covers using a seamer.

But this is just my experience and my opinion! I know many who use the first option. But seeing this, I will not risk trying such things at a party.

  • Put them to be sterilized. Sterilized cans in a pair or in the oven. Steamed can be sterilized in several ways. You can pour boiling water into a jar and cover it with scalded lid for 10 minutes. To prevent the pot from bursting when boiling water is poured into it, place a tablespoon in it and a knife blade under it.

  • You can also pour water into the pan, put a colander in it. And already in it banks. When the water boils, the jars will be sterilized with steam. The “finished” jar should be hot to the touch when touched. And now on sale there are special covers with holes for cans. You can use them.

  • Sterilized jars, turn the neck down and put on a towel to glass the water.
  • The lids should be placed in a saucepan with water and boiled for at least 10 minutes.

Sterilization of cans with blanks and storage

  • Fill cans filled with mushrooms with boiling brine to the shoulders of the can. We release all the air bubbles, while using a teaspoon.
  • Pour the vinegar essence and add the brine to the top. So that when closing the jar with a lid, part of the brine spilled over the edge.
  • Put the jars in a saucepan filled with water, at the bottom of which gauze or any other cloth is placed.
  • Water should reach the "shoulders" banks. Therefore, add water as needed.

  • After the water boils, note the time. Sterilize the allotted time, which I have already indicated above. Water should boil constantly, but not boil. Therefore, adjust the fire for this.
  • When the time is up, carefully, so that the bank does not open, we take it out with the help of special tongs and tighten the metal lid with the help of a seamer.
  • If the lid is accidentally opened when you take out the jar, then in this case it is necessary to refill the boiling brine, cover it with the lid again and sterilize the jar for at least 10 minutes.
  • If you sterilize several cans at once, then pull them out and tighten them alternately. Twisted one, reach out and tighten the next.
  • Twist the banks overturned and put under a rug or blanket until it cools completely. Usually for 24 hours.
  • We turn over the finished jars again and see if the brine is leaking. If it is leaking, it means you have screwed the lid badly. Such a jar can be opened and used to prepare hot dishes, keeping it in the refrigerator for a short time.
  • If the brine flows out of the jar after some time, already in an inverted state, or the solution becomes cloudy, or the lid is swollen, then such a jar should be opened and the contents thrown out without any regret. Such blanks are dangerous to health and even to life!

Bacillus botulism develops in an airless environment, that is, in a closed bank for this there are all the conditions. Therefore, when you are engaged in canning mushrooms, you can not neglect any security measures. Everything should be done exactly according to the instructions!

  • Store marinated mushrooms recommended not more than a year in a dark cool room.

Follow all the rules and stages of marinating, and then nothing like this will happen to you. For many years of preparation of forest products, my jars do not swell, do not grow cloudy and are beautifully stored!

Try to cook at least two jars with this recipe, and the next year you will pickle them only in this way. Everyone who took the recipe from me is now the only way to marinate!

And in conclusion I want to remind you that mushrooms are valued very highly for their unique taste and forest flavor. In addition, it is an excellent source of protein, in them it is several times more than in meat and eggs. And relatively more than in vegetables.

They contain the so-called extractives and terpenes. Thanks to them, this “forest” meat is better absorbed and promotes good appetite. And due to the lack of fat in them, they are considered a dietary dish.

They contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that contribute to the good performance of many body functions, increase immunity and have a positive effect on the protective properties of the human body.

Therefore, they need to cook and eat in different forms. And also stock up on them for the winter. Because it is not only a delicious product, but also a healthy product. Nature itself has fed it with a mass of vitamins, microelements and various useful substances. And presented it to us - take, cook, eat and enjoy!

Stage 1. Preparation

Practically all edible mushrooms are suitable for marinating, but the most delicious are tubular (with a spongy hat) varieties of the 1st and 2nd categories of nutritional value: whites, brown birch, aspen mushrooms, boletus (oilers). They are distinguished by dense fleshy pulp, pronounced taste and rich smell. From the mushrooms is better to take chanterelles, autumnhoney agaric, mushrooms, Champignon (ordinary or cultivated).

The current sanitary rules for the harvesting, processing and sale of mushrooms (JV from 1993) say: “Edible mushrooms without pickles are allowed to pickle - tubular, mushrooms, bbw, autumn honey, green leaves, gray ryadovka, etc. Before marinating, as well as before salting, thoroughly cleaned and washed mushrooms are recommended to boil. ”

Mushrooms brought home from the forest cannot be left for a long time (no more than 4-5 hours), as they are perishable product. To prepare them for food or preparation for the future you need to start immediately.

In the cleaning of certain types of mushrooms have their own nuances. So, tubular can be cleaned with a dry brush or sponge, scraping off contamination with a knife and cutting off damaged areas (some consider it necessary to remove the film from the cap, for example, from a oiler or champignon). Then they are simply washed under running water and spread on a colander or sieve to glass all the liquid. Lamellar mushrooms without a caustic taste clean and briefly soaked in water.

It is very important to thoroughly clean the mushrooms from the remnants of the earth, sand and vegetable garbage, since they can contain spores of botulism pathogens. In hermetically sealed jars (anaerobic environment), with an insufficient level of acidity in the blanks and violations of the storage conditions of conservation, bacteria are able to actively proliferate, highlighting one of the most powerful biological poisons - botulinum toxin.


Cold water is used for soaking, often with the addition of salt (1 tsp. / 1 ​​l.) And citric acid (2 g / 1 l.), So that the remaining contamination is otkisli more quickly and the flesh does not darken. The duration of soaking depends on the taste of the mushrooms and can range from 20-30 minutes to 1-3 days. After that, they are also washed and left to drain in a colander.

Heat treatment

Most types of mushrooms require pre-heat treatment: blanching for 2-3 minutes or boiling for 10-30 minutes in salted water. The solution is prepared at the rate of 50 g of salt per 1 l of water.

If the mushrooms are boiled in portions (with large quantities) or in several waters (to eliminate the bitter or caustic taste), then before each tab dirty water is drained and fresh brine is prepared.

In the process of preparation also need to wash the banks well. Many housewives are advised to use natural cleansers for this: soda or mustard powder. To ensure the safety of preservation storage, jars and lids must necessarily be sterilized, but it is better to do this closer to the end of the process of cooking mushrooms.

Stage 2. Marinating

Many housewives have their own universal recipe for tasty pickling mushrooms. The composition of the marinade, as a rule, differs slightly. For its preparation using a standard set of spices (salt, sugar, vinegar and / or citric acid) and spices (bay leaf, black pepper and sweet peas, dry cloves, cinnamon, mustard, dill, etc.). The proportions of spices in the marinade, the “bouquet” and the number of seasonings depend on your preferences.

Basic recipe for "noble" mushrooms

Our grandmothers and mothers, guided by an authoritative source of Soviet times - the book “On Healthy and Tasty Food” - prepared “elite” pickled mushrooms according to this recipe. It is best suited for tubular varieties (white, boletus, aspen, boletus), which do not require pre-boiling. Fresh mushrooms contain about 90% of water and in the process of cooking they actively give up their own juice, which becomes the basis of the marinade.

Servings / volume: 1-1,5 l


  • fresh mushrooms - 2 kg,
  • water - 250 ml (1 glass),
  • bite, 6% / natural - 250 ml (1 cup),
  • salt rock - 60-70 g (3 tbsp. l.),
  • sugar (optional) - 20-40 g (2 tbsp. l.),
  • bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.,
  • Black fragrant pepper (peas) - 4-5 pieces,
  • Clove dry - 1-2 pcs.,
  • Cinnamon - 0.5-1 stick,
  • dill dry - 5-10 g.


  1. Rinse young strong mushrooms in cold water and put in a colander, let the remaining water drain.
  2. Pour water and vinegar into the pot, add salt. Bring the marinade to a boil and put the mushrooms in it.
  3. When the mushrooms in the marinade boil, remove the foam, put all the spices and cook over low heat for 20-25 minutes. To boil the mushrooms evenly and do not stick them, you need to constantly mix, gently pritaplivaya top and gently lifting the bottom of a spoon. The readiness of mushrooms is determined by their subsidence to the bottom.
  4. Ready mushrooms shift in a ceramic or glass dish, allow them to cool and clean in the refrigerator.

On this pickling mushrooms actually finished, as they are ready to eat. Without subsequent pasteurization such a billet can be stored at a temperature from 0 to 8 for several months (no more than 6-8). To prevent the development of mold in marinade containers, it is advised to pour a thin layer of vegetable oil on top.

Standard recipe for agaric mushrooms

These mushrooms, unlike tubular ones, have not so pronounced taste and aroma, therefore, when they are pickled, they use a greater number of various spices. For the preparation of the marinade, it is permissible to take mushroom decoction (when harvesting certain types: mushrooms, mushrooms or autumn mushrooms), but mostly (for syroezhek, waves, ryadovok, etc.) it is prepared in pure water.

Servings / volume: 2-2.5 liters


  • fresh mushrooms - 4 kg,
  • water / mushroom decoction - 1 l (for marinade),
  • salt rock - 4-5 Art. l (for boiling), 1.5-2 Art. l (for marinade),
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Table vinegar, 9% - 3-5 tbsp. l.,
  • Black fragrant pepper (peas) - 5-7 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.

At will it is possible to add in marinade:

  • Black pepper (peas) - 10-15 pcs.,
  • hot pepper (chili) - 0.5-1 pcs.,
  • clove dry - 3-5 pcs.,
  • Cinnamon - 1-2 sticks,
  • nutmeg - 0.5-1 pc.,
  • mustard, seeds - 0.5-1 tsp,
  • dry coriander - 0.5 tsp,
  • dill, umbrellas / seeds - 2-3 pieces / 1 tsp.


  1. Put the washed mushrooms in a pot of boiling water and blanch for 3-5 minutes, removing the foam with a slotted spoon.
  2. Drain the dirty water, pour the mushrooms with clean water, salt at the rate of 50 g of salt per 1 liter and boil for 20-30 minutes. Remove the mushrooms in a colander and let drain.
  3. Cook the marinade. Pour water into a separate saucepan (or filtered mushroom decoction), add salt, sugar and all dry spices, pour vinegar after boiling.
  4. Arrange boiled mushrooms in prepared containers and pour them with marinade.

Marinated mushrooms will take some time to infuse. To the table they are served as a cold snack, sprinkling with chopped onion and / or garlic and sprinkling with vegetable oil.

Stage 3. Conservation

If you want to keep the billet for a longer period and keep it in normal household conditions, you must preserve the pickled mushrooms correctly.

Banks and lids are sterilized prior to preservation. Banks are steamed over boiling water, heated in an oven or microwave. It is necessary that they are hot at the time of the layout of the finished product. The lids are boiled in water for 2-4 minutes.

If you fill the jars with mushrooms boiled in the marinade (as in the first recipe), they can be poured right to the top (so that there is no air left) and rolled up immediately, but for safety it is better to sterilize the preparation in a water bath. When pouring boiled mushrooms with hot marinade (according to the second recipe) it is impossible to do without additional heat treatment. It is advised to do this as follows:

Technology of sterilization of canned mushrooms in a water bath

  1. In a wide saucepan or bucket, put the grate (cloth) on the bottom, pour water, heat it to 50-70.
  2. Banks filled with mushrooms and marinade on the hangers or slightly higher (not up to the top), cover with lids.
  3. Carefully place the jars in the pot so that their hangers are covered with water.
  4. Sterilize the billet with low boiling water. Half-liter jars 20-25 minutes, liter - 20-30 minutes from the moment of boiling.
  5. After that, the banks immediately roll up hermetically with lids, check the quality of the capping, put it upside down, cover it with a blanket or blanket and leave it for 1-2 days until it cools completely.

Ready canned mushroom placed in a cool (away from batteries and heaters), dry and dark place. It is recommended to keep them no more than a year.

Experienced housewives suggest marinating mushrooms in the following videos:

Marinating and salting are different processes. On the principles of salting mushrooms, read in this article.

For several years she worked as a television program editor with leading producers of ornamental plants in Ukraine. At the dacha, of all types of agrarian works, prefers harvesting, but for the sake of this, she is ready to regularly weed, pick, pinch, water, tie up, thin out, etc. I am convinced that the most delicious vegetables and fruits are home grown!

Found a mistake? Select the text with the mouse and click:

One of the most convenient methods for harvesting a grown crop of vegetables, fruits and berries is freezing. Some believe that freezing leads to the loss of the nutritional and beneficial properties of herbal products. As a result of the research, scientists found that the reduction in nutritional value during freezing is practically absent.

Both humus and compost are rightfully the basis of organic farming. Their presence in the soil significantly increases the yield and improves the taste of vegetables and fruits. In terms of properties and appearance, they are very similar, but they should not be confused. Humus - rotted manure or bird droppings. Compost - rotted organic debris of the most diverse origin (food spoiled from the kitchen, tops, weeds, thin twigs). Humus is considered a better fertilizer, compost is more accessible.

“Frost-resistant” varieties of garden strawberries (more often simply “strawberries”) also need shelter, as well as ordinary varieties (especially in those regions where there are snowless winters or frosts alternating with thaws). All strawberries have superficial roots. Это означает, что без укрытия они вымерзают. Уверения продавцов в том, что земляника «морозостойкая», «зимостойкая», «переносит морозы до −35 ℃» и т. д. – обман. Садоводы должны помнить о том, что корневую систему земляники еще никому не удавалось изменить.

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In small Denmark, any piece of land is very expensive. Therefore, local gardeners have adapted to grow fresh vegetables in buckets, large packages, foam boxes filled with a special earth mixture. Such agrotechnical methods allow you to get a crop, even at home.

How to clean the mushrooms - preparation for marinating.

For a start, we sort the collected mushrooms by type and size. Immediately need to reject the wormy and old mushrooms.

Then, the calibrated mushrooms should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt (adhering sand, earth, adhering leaves and moss). If marinating boletus, do not forget to remove from them also the skin on the cap (otherwise the mushrooms will be obtained with bitterness).

Next, we remove the root zone and damage from our mushrooms (with a knife).

If the mushrooms selected by you for marinating are a bit large, it is better to separate the legs from the caps and cut them into small pieces. And small mushrooms, it is better not to cut, and pickle them whole.

A little trick: sliced ​​mushrooms darken very quickly from exposure to oxygen. To avoid this, you need to make a solution of one liter of water, 2 grams of citric acid, a teaspoon of salt, and place them in the resulting solution.

You can pickle in two ways. At the same time, we prepare the marinade for mushrooms the same.

Versatile and tasty marinade for mushrooms per liter of water contains:

  • salt - 1 tbsp. lodges
  • sugar - 4 tbsp. lodges
  • bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.,
  • 2-3 black peppercorns,
  • Clove (optional) - 2 pcs.,
  • garlic - 2-3 finely chopped teeth.

This is the easiest way of marinating mushrooms for the winter - cooking in marinade.

You need to cook the marinade and boil the mushrooms right in it for 15 minutes. Then, remove the mushrooms from the marinade with a skimmer and place them in the container for storing the preform. Top banks to the edges pour marinade (hot) in which mushrooms were cooked.

With this method of pickling mushrooms are obtained with a richer taste, since, in fact, begin to pickle even during cooking. But there is also a minus of such a method of preparation - the marinade turns out to be cloudy and not transparent, sometimes, even creepy.

Mushrooms must first be boiled in boiling water for fifteen minutes. Then, we drain the water and pour the boiled mushrooms with boiling marinade. When harvesting mushrooms in this way, the marinade will be transparent and without cloud. But the mushrooms will not have such a rich aroma, as when harvesting the first method.

What is the best way - decide for yourself.

Store marinated mushrooms need in dishes that are not oxidized (glass, enameled, stainless steel, from food-grade clay). Therefore, in our time the most common pickling mushrooms in banks.

To prevent mold from forming on our blanks, boil sunflower oil and pour over the container with mushrooms on top and tie them up with linen napkins. If we pickle mushrooms in jars, they can be simply rolled up under the cover. But, in order to avoid botulism contamination of the preservation, the container with mushrooms must be sterilized within 15-20 minutes.

Keep our homework should be in the refrigerator or in the cold, again, to avoid the formation of the bacteria botulinus. In a cold place this bacterium is not produced.

In winter, open a jar of delicious pickled mushrooms, pour the marinade, sprinkle them with chopped small onions, pour them with fragrant sunflower oil, and enjoy the taste of our homemade mushroom stuff.

See also video: MARINATED MUSHROOMS - an easy-to-cook recipe.