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5 wedding menu options


Wedding is an important and exciting event in every cell of our body in the life of every young couple who decided to tie the knot. In preparing for this momentous event, it is impossible to avoid a large number of thoughts and questions that are overwhelming and need to be resolved.

Since in our country the wedding has become accustomed to walk in a big way, the question of the correct preparation of the menu for the wedding is almost one of the most important and financial.

The difficulty of this issue is not only the correct selection of dishes, but also in their quantity and quality. After all, I do not want someone to be hungry and not happy. Although to please everyone will never succeed, because someone does not eat mayonnaise, and someone does not like fish or chicken.

That is why they usually try to make the menu so that the dishes are interchangeable, and no one is left without something tasty. It is necessary to take into account the factor that your wedding may fall during the fasting period or there will be vegetarians among your guests. Therefore, the wedding table should contain a large number of cold snacks, fruits and vegetables.

For those who are going to celebrate the wedding at home, the question "How to make a menu for the wedding?" Can be the most difficult. Therefore, it is easier, though more monetary, to celebrate this event in a cafe or restaurant. There they will help you decide on the composition, the number of dishes, and the portionality, and you don’t have to bother about the mountains of dirty dishes and cleaning.

Wedding menu is usually organized in such a way that the supply of dishes was carried out in stages, up to 4-5 changes of dishes are allowed. Thus, the banquet is enlivened, it becomes more active and alive, the dishes do not have time to cool or wind down.

During the time when the newlyweds ride around the city, take photos, sign the registry office, some guests arrive at the restaurant before the young ones appear. In order for them not to be bored, a light buffet should be organized, which includes a couple of glasses of wine or champagne per person, and maybe something stronger, snacks and fruit.

Best ideas

The wedding menu for a house or cafe usually includes the main sub-items that are easy to remember. The festive table should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, preferably decorated with fresh flowers and decorative elements.

By the beginning of the wedding banquet, a festive table should contain various types of assorted and portioned snacks. Also at this time on the holiday table should be placed juices, mineral water and, of course, alcoholic beverages. Do not forget to observe the balance of meat and fish snacks, cheese and sausages, because on your holiday there will be people with different taste preferences.

  1. Cold snacks are served first on the festive table. It can be a variety of seafood appetizers (squid and mussel salads, shrimp appetizers, fish fillet from perch or salmon, red and white fish fish platter), meat snacks (sliced ​​several types of meat, veal tar-tar, meat delicacies ), vegetable cuts (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, sweet peppers).
  2. Next on the table served a variety of salads. It will be better if there are several types of salads on the table than one, but a large bowl of Russian salad. Salads should be meat, for example, Caesar or with bacon and chicken, there are many variations on this subject, both fish and vegetable.
  3. Also, dishes from eggs, butter and cheese will not be superfluous. These can be various stuffed vegetables or even eggs.

After serving salads, wedding agencies recommend a little slow down hobby festive table. At this time, newlyweds will be able to rest, and guests will be happy to dance and chat with each other. After that, the holiday menu is updated with a list of hot dishes for the wedding.

Basic and hot dishes

It is desirable that the main hot dishes performed on the wedding table aesthetic function. It is usually recommended to choose a whole pig, stuffed fish or turkey. At this point, who, on what fantasy is enough.

Before serving the main hot dish, usually the waiters still complement the festive table with a portion of hot dishes. These can be meat steaks, mushroom juliens and chicken, baked fish with cheese. Such snacks should not satisfy the basic hunger, but should only allow to forget about its existence for 30-40 minutes, during which an entertainment program is held.

Before serving the main hot dish there must be a break. At this time, the waiters should prepare and clean the table, carry away the dirty dishes, bring clean china and cutlery.

Be sure to determine which of the relatives will ensure that the waiters fulfill their duties, constantly clean the empty plates and arrange the remaining platter, bring new drinks.

To the main hot dish always served garnish - fresh vegetables, baked potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Forgot nothing? Well, what a banquet menu for a wedding without alcohol!

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

When calculating alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to take into account approximately the following proportions: for 5 guests guests - 3-4 bottles of strong alcohol (here, for an amateur, brandy or vodka products), 2-3 bottles of champagne or wine. In addition to alcoholic beverages, it is very important that juices and mineral water be present on the festive tables.

Calculation of soft drinks is carried out depending on the time of year, considering this, is about 1.5-2 liters per person.

Cake and Loaf

Usually, a loaf is the beginning of a wedding feast, and a cake is the peak of celebration and fun. The round loaf has a round shape, is decorated with dough patterns and paintings, served young before entering the restaurant and bears traditional rather than nutritional value.

But the wedding cake - this is freedom for the imagination and desires of young people. They are very different - multi-tiered, with figures, with paintings, with photos or fruits, restrained or, on the contrary, with many patterns and decorative elements. Most often, it is prepared by weight, counting 1.5-2 kg for 10 guests.

Tea or coffee is served to the dessert, which waiters bring after the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake. A good solution would be to have tea or coffee, then when they want, and not in a strictly specified order. This issue must be discussed in advance with the restaurant.

Cold appetizers:

  • Red and black caviar
  • Salted mushrooms
  • Assorted: Vegetable, Meat
  • Cheese Slices
  • Boiled potatoes (preferably young)
  • Asparagus with Lemon Sauce
  • Vegetable stew
  • Corn cobs
  • Cake for the wedding and cakes with fruit
  • Fruit Ice Cream
  • Fruit platter
  • Sweet Cherry, Strawberry

Hot snack:

  • Mushroom julienne
  • Chicken Wings with Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Fried Squid
  • Shrimps in batter
  • Baked pike perch
  • Boiled crayfish
  • Fruit platter
  • Pies and cakes in assortment

The number of dishes at the wedding should be optimal

Hot dishes

  • King Prawns with Garlic Sauce
  • Tiger prawns with Bechamel sauce
  • Boiled crayfish with greens
  • Mussels in shell with lemon sauce
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Fillet of sturgeon "Bercy"
  • Frog legs with Béarnaise sauce
  • Royal Partridges
  • Trout with nuts
  • Fruit platter
  • Cakes in assortment

Presented to your attention the menu options for the wedding. It should be noted that these sets of dishes are completed very well, from the point of view that every menu contains all kinds of products: fish and seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, mushrooms, and also desserts. There are complex dishes, there are easy. In a word, no guest will go hungry.

Wedding menu - the right approach

Wedding preparations are pleasant, but still troublesome. In a series of these troubles and preparations there is no less important, or more important. The choice and invitation of guests, the wedding dress of the bride, the suit of the groom, the script for the wedding, music, the decoration of the hall - everything is beyond counting, and all this needs to be done well and on time. And drawing up a wedding menu is also one of the most important and necessary preparations for this celebration.

From what and in what quantity will be on the wedding table, depends not only the mood of the guests, but the very holding of this holiday. Imagine that there are enough strong drinks at the wedding table, and there are almost no different dishes and snacks, for example, for the second half of the wedding evening.

As they say, “they danced, had fun, sat down at the table, we shed a tear.” And then what will happen? And there will be a very unpleasant picture - the guests will slowly (some quickly) and get drunk systematically. There will be nothing to bite. There is one general rule for almost all holiday feasts, guests eat only the first 15 to 20 minutes, the rest of the time they eat.

So the lack of food in the wedding menu can turn into a lack of fun and the presence of despondency or even scandals and fights on this holiday. After all, overly drunk people fall into two categories: dull and aggressive.

But an unnecessarily overloaded wedding menu is also useless - a waste of money. And then where to put the rest of the food on the table? Leave like a pity. Put it in saucepans and then eat it for a whole week with the whole family?

Therefore, a properly composed and balanced wedding menu is very important when holding this holiday.

Regarding the extent to which each dish should be on the table, do not worry. Employees of a cafe or restaurant where you are going to hold a wedding, professionals and all will correctly calculate how much each dish should be and the number of products for the wedding menu, according to the number of people present at the celebration. But the number and composition of dishes for the wedding menu is chosen by those who order - the parents or other relatives of the bride and groom.

What needs to be considered when choosing a wedding menu

  • After looking at the choice of dishes that a restaurant can offer you, decide which ones you will order them from, do not order those that you have not tried.
  • If your financial capacity is limited, do not order the most expensive dishes, you can order similar, but more economical
  • For a more varied wedding menu, order more variety of snacks, your guests may have different tastes: someone does not like fish, someone prefers fish to meat, someone may be, in general, a vegetarian. A large assortment of snacks will satisfy all your guests.
  • In the wedding menu must be present two hot dishes: hot snack and main hot
  • Discuss in advance with the restaurant manager how much alcohol you can bring with you. Alcohol in a restaurant is more expensive than in a store, and restaurant management usually allows you to bring some amount of alcoholic beverages, provided that you order some of them in a restaurant.
  • Order the organization of a small buffet table, it is necessary when preparing the wedding menu. Typically, some guests after registering at the registry office, when the young ride before the wedding feast, appear in the restaurant before the young. This buffet table, where you can put champagne, wine, fruit and a few light snacks that you can take with your hands without using cutlery, will allow guests to feel more at ease. They will not have to stand along the walls, waiting for the newlyweds.

What is included in the wedding menu

  • Various cold appetizers: vegetable, meat, fish platter, cheese or snack from cheese, seafood, portion salads and they are in common vases, stuffed vegetables and eggs
  • Two hot dishes, main and hot snack
  • Juices, compotes, mineral water
  • Fruits
  • Alcohol: champagne, wine, vodka or brandy, the calculation of alcoholic beverages, about 1.0 - 1.5 liters per person
  • The wedding cake

The order of serving dishes

• By the beginning of the wedding feast on the table should be located all the snacks, including a la carte, a variety of assorted, juices, mineral water, fruit, alcoholic beverages
• After a short period of time (20-30 minutes), salads are served on the table, there should be several types of them
• A hot snack is served at the wedding table after about the first third of the wedding evening, when guests have already tasted all the cold snacks.
• The main hot dish is the completion of serving everything that was ordered in the wedding menu (except cake and dessert). Whatever the hot dish, it must be served with a vegetable side dish. Before the emergence of the main hot waiters should clean up the tables, carry away the dirty dishes, put clean plates and cutlery. At this time the toastmaster can entertain guests with contests.
• Crown and peak celebration is the appearance of a wedding cake. By this time, the coffee table needs to be converted into a tea table, where you can arrange a samovar, tea, coffee, candy, plates under the cake. Time for tea and coffee comes after cutting the wedding cake. Guests decide whether to drink tea and when they drink it, they go to the tea table and serve themselves.
• sometimes in the wedding menu, in the dessert, besides fruit, ice cream and some cooked desserts can be included. They are usually served after cutting the wedding cake.

• Salads and cold appetizers:

Sea Breeze Salad - seafood, lightly salted sturgeon, pineapples
Salad "Oriental Tale - fried chicken, red and yellow bell pepper, pomegranate seeds, canned pineapple
Salad "Royal Fad" - king prawns, cherry tomatoes, green salad, rucolla, lemon juice
Salad "Tropical heat" - fresh cucumbers, lettuce, orange, squid meat, bell pepper
Dressings and sauces for them in the competence of the cook
Assorted meat (ingredients to taste and your choice)
Assorted fresh vegetables (tomatoes, Bulgarian red and yellow peppers, cucumbers)
Assorted salted and marinated vegetables (sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, salted tomatoes, pickled garlic or onions)
Assorted fish with lemon and olives (fish, to taste and your choice)
Eggplant stuffed with ham and rice
Tomatoes stuffed with grated durum cheese with garlic and sour cream

• Hot snack:
Chicken fillet slices in orange sauce
Eggplant Baked with Tomatoes, Cheese and Garlic

• Mainly hot side dish:
Pork rolls stuffed with fried mushrooms and onions
Ragout of fresh or frozen vegetables (zucchini, Bulgarian pepper, young bean pods)

• Dessert:
Fresh fruit (your choice)
Ice cream

Wedding menu - option number 2

• Salads and cold appetizers:
Revival salad - fried pork pieces, anchovies, cranberries, Parmesan cheese, parsley leaves
Fantasy Salad - bacon, boiled egg, fresh cucumber, pickled cucumber, small dried white toast croutons, Blue Cheese sauce
Salad "Russian summer" - apples, fresh cabbage, bell pepper, fresh carrots, greens
Starry Sky Salad - ham, pickled artichokes, boiled tongue, bell peppers, apples, canned corn, rice
Dressings, sauces, spices to them in the competence of the cook
Green and black olives
Assorted meat (composition at your discretion)
Assorted smoked, marinated and salted fish (composition at your discretion)
Assorted fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion stalks)
Cheese platter (composition and quantity of cheese in platter at your discretion)
Marinated mushrooms with onions (honey agaric, maslenki, white)

• Hot snack:
Japanese Chicken in Tonkatsu Sauce
Pancakes with mushrooms and cheese sauce

• Mainly hot:
Fish pigtail - fillet of sturgeon, pikeperch and halibut, stewed in white wine with champagne sauce
Eggplant baked with fresh tomatoes and onions in garlic sauce

• Dessert:
Fruit (the composition of the fruit at your discretion)
Fresh raspberries (strawberries) with whipped cream, served in batches

Wedding menu on the second day of the wedding

Usually the restaurant is ordered for one evening. On the second day, there are already fewer guests - only close relatives remain. And yet, it is worth considering the wedding menu and on the second day. If the wedding takes place in the warm season (late spring, summer, early autumn) it is not bad to spend the second day in nature, where, apart from two or three snacks, you can cook fish soup and kebabs.

If the wedding is in winter, and a small feast in the apartment, on the table you can put two or three salads, homemade pastries and always some light soup (chicken, mushroom, just broth with greens).

Let your imagination, art of cooks and your financial capabilities help you to create an excellent wedding menu, so that all guests will have not only unforgettable impressions of a fun and interesting wedding, but also pleasant memories of a beautiful wedding table and unusually tasty dishes.

What to look for?

The following factors affect the cost:

- number of guests (women, men and children),

By the number of men and women buy alcohol. For the male half of the guests vodka for women's wine. Mandatory drink is champagne. The first solemn toast to the young, two bottles for the bride and groom on their wedding anniversary and the birth of their first child. For an event for 20 people (the average number of guests at a modest wedding) you will need to stock:

— 10-12 бутылок водки,

— 10 бутылок вина (красного, белого).

Осеннее меню

Свадьба осенью обойдётся значительно дешевле. Осень самое благодатное время года. Она богата овощами, фруктами. Осенью на фермерских подворьях большой выбор свежего мяса.

Inexpensive wedding feast in autumn may consist of the same dishes:

- a fresh vegetable salad,

- salad with chicken breast, cheese, corn and vegetables,

- salad "Mushroom Glade",

- fish, cheese, sausage (meat) plates,

- red caviar sandwiches, decorated with parsley leaves,

- canapes with red fish, cheese, vegetables and fruits,

- a mixture of roasted vegetables as a side dish: potatoes, Bulgarian pepper, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant,

- Eggplant rolls with cheese and walnuts,

- Salmon fillet, baked in the oven with lemon.

How easy it is to make a delicious baked ham at home in a master class from the chef:

And here is the salmon recipe:

The most economical option for hot dishes will be poultry meat. It is better to make portions than to cook the whole carcass. So you can cook food for a greater number of guests and waste (bones) will not. Recipes with chicken breast, or fillets very much. All of them are tasty and easy to prepare. One of them is medallions in French. The recipe is simple, and the dish turns out refined and beautiful, juicy and nourishing. Try it, it's easy:

For dessert, sweets, fresh fruit, a light cake with cream cream, decorated with berries:

Do not save on the cake. The main wedding dessert should be both tasty and beautiful. Order it to a professional.

Winter menu

In winter, vegetables and fruits will cost more, but the choice is still quite large. Counters will appreciate a large selection of meats. Festive meals should be hearty and high-calorie. Meat is present not only as a main dish, but also in salads. Table diversify with pickles. This is a great snack under vodka.

A sample list of dishes for a winter wedding can consist of the following:

- cutting cheese, meat, fish,

- sandwiches with red caviar,

- canapes with vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish,

- Herring with pickled onions,

- “Olivier”, or “Capital”,

- “Herring under a fur coat”,

- salad from canned beans, vegetables and greens,

- beef with prunes. This dish is easy to prepare. Prunes perfectly emphasizes the taste of beef and gives the dish refinement and piquancy. We offer you a detailed recipe on our video:

- chicken breast baked in the oven with cheese sauce,

- Oven baked hake with vegetable gravy,

- portion sour cream with berries will delight both children and adults. It is light, tender, tasty and beautiful. Here is his recipe:

All the above recipes are simple to prepare and are not expensive in terms of money.

Summer menu for a budget wedding

The most practical option for a wedding in the summer will be a picnic in nature. Summer heat does not have to rich and high-calorie dishes. The main focus on snacks, vegetables, meat, weak alcohol.

Sample menu for a cheap summer wedding:

- a fresh vegetable salad,

- cheese, sausage plates,

- canape with cheese and fruit:

- tartlets with pate,

- fried meat: grill, shish kebab for a wedding in nature,

- meat baked for a wedding at home,

- vegetable or cereal side dish,

- mushroom juliens,

- fish stewed in sour cream with vegetables and herbs,

- light mousses and creams with jelly and berries, ice cream for dessert,

Children's table

Wedding feast lasts 6-8 hours. If there are children at the wedding, they will not spend so much time at the table. Arrange for them a separate table. One type of salad will be enough hot immediately lay on the plates. Delicious tea and fruit - everything you need.

Soft drinks

Do not forget about juices and water! For non-drinkers and zapivka, for children's table. Juices should be of several types: vegetable and fruit. Water also with and without gas. Lemonade.

The budget menu for the wedding, as you can see, is simple. Given that the preparation of dishes will be handwritten, you can save a pretty decent amount!