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7 reliable ways to clean the energy in the house


Everything that surrounds us has its own energy field. Any household object, thing or plant radiates certain vibrations into this world. People are no exception - they are also filled with energy that has certain characteristics. Have you ever noticed that after talking with some people, your health worsens? But others, on the contrary, if they charge us with a positive and good mood? It directly depends on the energy that a particular person has. If you notice that a certain negative has accumulated in you, then you can always take advantage of the practices that allow you to cleanse and fully upgrade. But what about the space in which we live? How to clean the house of negative energy? We will tell about it in our article.

My home is my castle

The house is the place where we come after hard working days. This is where you can relax, forget about all the masks and, finally, become who you really are. Ideally, at home, a person should be elated, gain strength and recharge with energy.

But, unfortunately, the space around us tends to be polluted for various reasons, and instead of giving energy, the house begins to pull it out of all family members living within its walls. This process is accompanied by setbacks, illnesses and complete breakdown.

Therefore, esoteric advised to regularly purge the house of negative energy. It is best to use simple rituals every week, and more difficult once every six months. If you keep the energy purity of your home, then no negative will have a noticeable effect on you.

Causes of pollution

How often do you clean your apartment? Most likely, at least once a week. But few people know that this is not enough to feel comfortable and calm in your own home. Indeed, at the energy level, many houses are extremely polluted, which primarily affects the general well-being of all family members.

The reasons for the need to cleanse the house of negative energy are quite diverse. In the first place esoteric identify the following factors:

  • the location of your home in a negative place (it could be a crust of the earth’s crust or, for example, a territory where mass killings of people were once),
  • living together with people who constantly emit a lot of negative emotions,
  • frequent quarrels in the family,
  • jealousy from neighbors, friends or co-workers,
  • infused energies and emotions (evil eye, resentment, unkind wishes, curses, etc.),
  • residual energy of the former owners of the apartment,
  • abundance of old and unnecessary things
  • love of antiques
  • antique mirrors
  • guests coming to your house with negative emotions,
  • pictures, photos and posters with demonic plots, scenes of violence and terrible images hung on the walls,
  • stuffed stuffed animals
  • working for a long time TV.

Each of these causes leads to energy pollution of your home and causes a number of unpleasant emotions and sensations that accompany a long stay in the house.

Update interior

New interior - new life! That is what most people think and grab building materials every time they want to change something in their lives. In addition, repair - a great way to test the strength of your relationship. After all, if you can negotiate and make concessions in the process, it means that you can easily cope with other difficult situations. And if your task is only getting rid of negative energy, then start with the walls. Choose the appropriate color and go!

Disassemble the old trash

Accumulation - the path to nowhere. This is exactly what psychologists say and recommend that you audit old things as often as possible and get rid of those that have fallen into disrepair or those that you have not used for a long time. And instead of sending all these unnecessary things to the balcony, it is better to send them in the trash or find another use.

Use salt

You'd be surprised, but salt can be used not only for cooking, but also for purifying the energy in the house, because this product is able to absorb all the negative. Dissolve some salt in water and rinse the apartment, including furniture and dishes, with this solution. If you do not want to mess around with brine, then just pour the salt into small containers, place it in the corners and leave for 24 hours. Then carefully collect and carry to the trash.

"Symptoms" problems

How to understand that positive energy flows have stopped working? Attention should be paid to the following features:

  • the appearance of ants or cockroaches,
  • the sudden disappearance of things
  • death of flowerpots,
  • frequent cases of quarrels and diseases of the household,
  • the appearance of strange sounds.

All this indicates that your house is “sick”. Bioenergy also pay attention to the fact that most often negative energy accumulates in the hallway (on shoes) and in the kitchen (on dirty dishes).

That is why the older generation still reminds the young that shoes after the street should always be cleaned, and the dishes should not remain in the sink for the night.

It can also accumulate on things that have lost integrity: clothes with holes, half-eaten bread left on the table, torn wallpaper, a leaking tap, etc.

Take action

Is it possible to somehow get rid of the negative? Of course. We are pleased to share several techniques that help to "cure" your home.

  • Salt. Excellent remedy for evil spirits. It should be poured into small plates, and arrange around the house. After a day, discard used spice.

You can also try to heat the salt in a cast-iron or aluminum pan between 11.00 and 12.00 pm and walk around the apartment in a clockwise direction. In places of accumulation of negative salt can crackle.

  • Candles. The best of all is from the church, but if there are none, the usual ones will do. The power of fire quickly cope with any destructive energy. Even just lit, they will make the atmosphere in the house more favorable.

Take a walk with a candle through the dwelling, watching the fire. In those places where it will burn unevenly and smoke, it is worth staying longer.

  • Sagebrush. Herbs are faithful helpers of man since ancient times. Wormwood will help not only from rodents, but also from the negative. Dried twigs need to be set on fire, and “smoke” all the apartment's places with smoldering grass.
  • With the help of bells. The ringing of the bells creates a powerful positive flow, which is very difficult to resist to negative clusters. That is why the Chinese are happy to hang small bells above the entrance, which do not allow something bad to get inside. The same can be done at home.

In addition, this technique will help to clean the energy of the house, it also harmonizes the mental state of a person.

  • Garlic. Remember how in movies he helps vampires? And for good reason. Our ancestors believed in its magical properties, and they still believe. Spread garlic cloves around the apartment for a night or a few days, and then discard. You will see, after such a "ritual" everything will gradually fall into place.
  • Water. Even a simple wet cleaning is a great way to clean your home, not only from dust, but also from negative energy. If you need something more effective, put a silver product in the water. It is important to remember that such manipulations cannot be carried out during big church holidays.

At this time, the Heavenly Gate opens, through which creative energy flows into the house. And the cleaning can wash it.

  • A priest. If you think that something serious has “settled” in the house, and you cannot cope with it yourself, invite a priest. He will sanctify the home by reciting prayers. And you at this time try to repeat after him.
  • Visualization. Imagine a negative clot, and then mentally smash it into something and see how it scatters into small pieces or is completely dissolved in water. After “see” in details, how it becomes cozier and more comfortable in your house, how households get together and spend time with pleasure.

Also, bioenergetics recommend breeding cacti at home, on the thorny needles of which any negative clot will break, and place beautiful potted flowers near the bed. And let our tips help make your “nest” more comfortable.

Clean your home regularly

If there is no energy in the apartment at all, it is unpleasant, but it is even worse if it is full of unhealthy, black energy. It brings to its inhabitants endless swearing, constant fatigue, lethargy, cash outflow, illness, but the most dangerous thing is the collapse of the family. Therefore, the house should be regularly freed from the dark aura.

How to understand that your house is filled with a bad aura and is awaiting a "cure"? This will tell the symptoms:

  • Various insects begin to crawl: ants, cockroaches, flies,
  • Often things get lost
  • The disease covers not only residents, but also animals living in the house,
  • Fade, houseplants, flowers die,
  • Too often light bulbs burn
  • Often fails household appliances,
  • Different sounds are heard, ambiguous noises,
  • It is not clear why fetid odors appear,
  • Do-it-yourself doors open and doors slam,
  • The taps often break, water drops out of them, pipes flow, drafts appear,
  • All households are constantly quarreling,
  • Inhabitants of the dwelling appear incomprehensibly from where undertaking apathy, lethargy, drowsiness,
  • Heavy dreams are dreamed, and after sleep vigor and good mood do not occur,
  • People come to the house, in some openness one has to doubt
  • Someone died in this house.

Did you find 3 matches from the above listed signs? It's time to think about how to restore the positive energy of their homes.

Signs of negative energy in the apartment

To understand how you need the ritual of cleansing the house, you should carefully listen to yourself in those moments when you are in the apartment. Obvious signs of energy pollution of the home are the following points:

  • at home you always experience unexplained anxiety, irritation, fear and fatigue,
  • small children are constantly capricious in the walls of the apartment, while in other places they are calm and peaceful,
  • Pets are restless
  • you can not relax at home - constantly thinking about problems, worries and money,
  • you feel that you have fallen into a kind of energy swamp - all your plans are crumbling, new goals are not looming, financial condition leaves much to be desired,
  • you don't want to go home in the evenings
  • quarrels with relatives became frequent and catastrophic,
  • it's hard to sleep during the night, and nightmares are all the time,
  • plants do not survive in the walls of the house - they grow sick and die,
  • it is difficult to make repairs in the apartment, all things are constantly postponed,
  • households are often sick, although previously they had good health.

If you notice such changes, then you urgently need to purge the energy of the house. It is not necessary for this purpose to turn to fortunetellers and magicians. Most of the house cleansing rituals can be done on your own using simple objects.

How to clean the house?

To free housing from any “evil” is not difficult. By following simple rules, you can easily handle this problem. Energy cleaning should be carried out 3-4 times a year, as you do a large cleaning of all rooms.

1. Getting rid of your negative energy

Before you start cleaning in the house, first remove all negative charge. To do this, take a shower with salt. It has long been known that it is salt that is the conductor of energy. She can collect and accumulate both light and black energy.

Therefore, using ordinary salt, you will wash away that energetic dirt that has accumulated not only for a day, but also for many years. That is, it will "eat" all the energy garbage, from which you, without thinking about anything, have suffered for a long time.

So, you need to get under the shower, then apply table salt on a wet body, using gentle circular movements. Try to salt the whole body with salt, except for the hair. Do not rub roughly so as not to hurt yourself.

Then stand in the shower, wash off the salt. At the same time, mentally ask the water to wash off all the negative from you.

Treat your water in your own words as if it were alive. Let your words be unfeigned, but coming from the heart. You will immediately feel relief, both in the soul and in the body. Your body will become clean, and your soul will become light, joyful.

Water with salt will clean your soul and body well. It will seem to you that you have thrown off some unbearable burden. It really is! That energy mud that leaked from the water was extremely heavy.

2. Preparing to clean the home

Now let's clean the aura of your home. You must wear a dressing gown or a tracksuit. Remove all jewelry, whether leather, metal or plastic, to be energetically free.

First open the vents, windows, entrance doors (if it can be done). If there is a draft, it is good, all the black energy will go through it. It is desirable that no one is in the apartment at this time. You should not be distracted from serious action.

The first thing to do is throw out old, old things. What to consider old? That did not fit a year or more. They draw in a dark charge. Do not feel sorry for these things. If they are in good condition, give them to people - make room for new, really necessary things!

Repair the broken equipment, and if it cannot be repaired, get rid of it without remorse. Get rid of useless books, magazines and other paper junk. Give the books to the library and hand over the paper.

Throw away any cracked dishes, even with a barely noticeable crack. It is through her that the positive charge goes away, which means that all domestic well-being. Chips on the dishes are of particular danger, through them there is a strong leakage of light energy.

Do not put dirty dishes, especially at night! To her will gather whole flocks of thin living beings (spirits and ghosts), which feed on the smells of the remaining food.

The scum of evil spirits will reflect badly on your physical health and psyche. In the Vedas it is said that if there is dirty dishes in the house, then before sunset, a person must leave this dwelling, that is how dirty dishes are.

Do not store dirty clothes, wash more often, make sure that things are not torn, if you can not sew them, give them in for repair. If you follow these rules, you will soon notice how great your life will be from cleanliness in the kitchen, in the cupboards!

So, you got rid of the trash, simultaneously rubbing dust mirrors. Wipe the mirrors with a damp cloth in a circular motion in a clockwise direction so that the negative charge goes away with the dust.

Better yet, remember how many years the mirror hangs around you - make so many circular motions with a wet cloth. So you will completely erase all the negative information that the mirror has absorbed over the years. If you don’t remember, do 13 laps.

3. It's time to fumigate and sprinkle.

Prepare sprigs of heather, hypericum, or thistle, as well as a basin of water, preferably thawed. And even better with the saint, from the tap does not fit.

First sprinkle every corner of the house with this water, then wet your face, hands, but do not wipe it, let it dry. Then set fire to the twigs of plants, fumigate with smoke the entire apartment, not forgetting the corners. Do not forget to imagine how all the energetic dirt goes.

4. How to clean a house with a candle

Take some church candles. If they are not, but white household candle is useful. Put a small circle cut out of white paper on it to protect your hands from the negative energy that melted wax will collect.

Light a candle, starting from the front door, slowly go around all the rooms clockwise. Why from the front door? It is considered to be the place where the dark charge first of all rushes.

Burn the door very carefully. Exit the door, stand up from the outside, lead the candle from left to right along its perimeter.

Well process the door eye, then the entire surface, handles, bell. Then go to cleaning the inside, do the same steps as you did with the outside.

Take the door processing seriously, because a properly cleaned door will not allow any unwanted information to break through into the house.

Next, start moving around the perimeter of the house in a clockwise direction, looking into each dark corner, not forgetting about the furniture, and in the hallway, about shoes, clothes. Pay special attention to mirrors, windows, corners, hangers, this is where the mass of garbage accumulates, which spoils the aura of housing.

Next, process the walls in a sinusoid - then lifting the candle up, then down. Listen to the inner voice, he will tell you where to stay to work more.
Тщательно очистите ванную комнату, особенно зеркало, выключатели, ручки, саму дверь. В ванной вы моетесь, смывая с себя грязь, поэтому энергетический мусор садится на все поверхности этой комнаты.

Но самыми мощными собирателями негатива являются бытовые приборы:

  • компьютер,
  • микроволновка,
  • холодильник,
  • телевизор,
  • электрочайник.

A computer and a TV - a real hotbed of dark forces. Give them more attention, clean longer than ordinary things.

Go to the bed, cross it three times, and also cross bedclothes. Start with the headboard. Do not forget to burn the toilet, utility rooms. In the toilet, thoroughly clean the toilet - the main collection of negative information. Let her leave forever, for this, well “burn” the toilet.

After cleansing, you will have candle stubs, throw them right away in the trash can, then immediately take it to the trash.

5. Cleansing hands after cleaning

When finished cleaning, remove from the hands of the remnants of the energy of the negative, where he certainly sticks. Wash your hands with soap and then with salt, do not wipe, let your hands dry.

Then squeeze hands, remember, knead your fingers, pound palms of both hands clockwise. Then just shake hands, so you remove the remnants of negative debris. You will spend about 10 minutes on cleansing your hands.

6. Repeat cleaning

How do you know if you cleaned up well? Light a candle, let it burn to the middle so that melted wax forms on the saucer, look at it. If you see an ugly shape, and the wax itself is with dark spots, the dirt is still lingering. If the wax is clean, it will drain from the candle in even light streams, then your apartment is well cleaned.

For prevention ...

More often light candles in all rooms, but especially where things are constantly happening. The cleansing power of fire is great! Therefore, feel free to arrange romantic evenings, light a lot of candles or just in the evening, light them to create a cozy, homely atmosphere.

How to mop the floor?

To heal the energy of the house, wash the floors with water, which added a decoction of herbs:

At least sometimes wash the floor with your own hands, without a mop, it will improve the aura of your home. Put a few drops of essential oil into the water to disinfect the air and purify the aura. For these purposes, suitable smells:

  • eucalyptus
  • lavender
  • juniper
  • citrus and pine needles.

Wet cleaning

Frequently carry out wet cleaning, remove dust in the most inaccessible places, in the corners, on the mezzanine. Rinse the walls, ceiling with a solution of salt at the rate of: 1 tbsp. spoon of salt in a bucket of water. Rinse the rag as often as possible by rinsing it with running water.

It will be difficult for those whose ceiling is whitewashed with chalk, a real energy dump has formed on it. Wipe the ceiling with a stiff brush or dust off with a damp cloth.

Ensure that the pipeline is not clogged. Pipeline blockages confirm the presence of negative in the apartment.

Do not allow your water to drip or flow, otherwise it will take away money, health. Always close the toilet lid - this is important.

Bells and "music of the wind"

Buy bells and "wind music", hang over the entrance door and between the rooms. The sound of bells will scare thin living beings, clearing space.

Scientists have long proved that the sound of bells and bells greatly improves energy. So much that it helps to suppress the spread of epidemics, fungi, mold, parasites. The ringing of the bells has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, relieves him of severe conditions that could lead to suicide!

And the bell above the door, with its ringing, as if invites pure energy to enter the house. "Singing winds" also help purify your home's aura, the circulation of light energy.

In parting, I want to say, do not regret the time to clean the apartment, do not consider it wasted. You will soon feel how it became easy for you to breathe, how your dreams began to be fulfilled, how you became successful, like all the inhabitants of your home.

General cleaning: the simplest remedy for negativity

Many people, noticing the energy pollution of their homes, are taken to look for a special ritual of cleaning the house for every day. It seems to them that every day they perform a particular ritual, they will definitely be able to protect their apartment.

However, in order to protect themselves from the negative, it is enough to carry out general cleaning at home every week. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Simple at first glance, cleaning, namely getting rid of accumulated dirt can neutralize and negative energy that got into the apartment for one reason or another.

Before you start cleaning, be sure to mentally say that you are getting rid of black energy by your actions. And then feel free to proceed with cleaning floors, changing curtains and raking up trash in the cabinets. In parallel, you can constantly imagine what you need to get rid of. Let each new action be accompanied by a thought form. This will make cleansing more efficient.

By the way, it is junk that causes real stagnation of energy. It accumulates and transforms into negative, which further slows down and transforms into zero all new undertakings and attempts. Keep in mind that old things that are idle do not only spread bad energy themselves, but also block the influx of new things. Usually the very next day after the house cleaning was done according to all the rules, you will notice how comfortable your home has become.

Bell ringing or house sounding

Vibration is one of the most effective means of cleaning space. No wonder the church is difficult to imagine without a bell tower, with which a healing and cleansing sound spreads for many kilometers around. Loud bell ringing can destroy any dense negative energy and restore energy exchange in the room. It has been proven that in apartments located not far from churches, peace and prosperity always reigns, and people are ill much less often than other citizens.

At home, you can clean the house using a regular bell. With him it is necessary to go around the whole apartment, without interrupting the sound for a second. Do not forget to look into the bathroom, dressing room and other places of accumulation of energy. You need to start ringing the house from the front door, and the bell should be as close as possible to the walls. To make cleaning more efficient, linger a little longer in the corners of the apartment. Esoteric argue that here the negative energy accumulates in the greatest quantity. You can stop only when you feel that the sound of the bell has become more saturated.

Good clean energy house and Tibetan bowls. They need to be placed in the center of the room and play until you feel obvious changes in the sound going.

If you live in your own home, then the best way to clean the energy in the room will be hanging around the perimeter of the so-called wind music. It will create the necessary vibrations, and protect the home from any negative.

Keep in mind that any sounds for cleansing the house should be pleasant to your ear. Only in this case, the ritual will be effective.

The use of salt in the rites

The way to cleanse the house of negative energy with salt has been known since time immemorial. Even the ancient Slavs knew that ordinary salt has the ability to neutralize magical influences and negative promises, so you should try to clean your home with it.

On this account there are several different rituals. The simplest involves the arrangement of plates with salt around the corners of the room where you most often spend time. It is also advisable to do this in the bedroom. Keep in mind that the plates should be in the open space, they must be changed every two months.

Works well sea salt, scattered on the carpet. Leave it for about one hour, and then vacuum the carpet. Do not forget to immediately throw out the dust bag, it should not remain in the house.

You can clean the room with a saline solution. You will need a bucket of water and a few tablespoons of salt, the solution should be very strong. Wash them all the floors in the house and pour the used water onto the street.

Cleansing fire

Cleaning the house with a candle helps not only to remove the negative, but also to harmonize the energy flow of space. Usually, after such rituals, the situation in the apartment becomes favorable, and the mood of all the households rises.

Wax candles work best for cleaning the dwelling, but for their absence, ordinary paraffin waxes are suitable. With a lit candle in hand, you need to go around the whole house, looking into every corner. Keep in mind that wax should never drip onto floors. In this case, all the low energies will remain in your home.

Especially linger is in those places where the fire begins to smoke and pop. The ritual can be considered complete if the candle burns with an even and calm flame. In order to strengthen the protective forces of the house, leave the candle to burn out in some corner of the apartment. This will be considered a kind of dedication to the spirits of your home and at the same time a request for protection.

Mantras for cleansing the house of negativity

Tibetan mantras and mandalas are able to save your home from any negative attitudes. Mandalas can be hung on the walls of the house, but keep in mind that they themselves do not emit energy, but are only conductors. But mantras are able to pass through these channels, permeate space and change it. The following Tibetan mats are suitable for cleaning the house:

  • Gayatri. This text has been around for several thousand years; it is one of the most powerful cleansing mantras. Gayatri first of all cleans the man himself, his mind, soul and, of course, the house in which he lives.
  • Vajrasattva. This mantra is very melodic, it is fully tuned to the purification of space and is able to neutralize even the old energy stagnation. After reading it, light and purity will come to your house.
  • Mula mantra works not for purification, but for attraction to the house of light, kindness and love. In parallel, the energies that come in will force out all the accumulated negative. Almost all the space around the person who utters this mantra, gets a special energy and is filled with positive vibrations.

Many believe that any Tibetan chants can expel evil from home, because they were not created by people, but by gods.

Orthodox Church: a look at the purification of space

Churchmen never say that the house needs cleaning. They use another word - sanctification. Priests are able to cleanse the house of negative energy through prayer, for this rite is used holy water and the prayer itself.

However, the ministers of the church can not come to you every time the negative energy of the apartment begins to cause you discomfort. Usually, the consecration of space is ordered when moving to a new place of residence, after a serious illness, someone from the household or in case of obvious manifestations in the apartment of otherworldly energies (knocks, steps, poltergeist, etc.). After the ceremony, the priest promises that peace and tranquility will prevail in the house. But keep in mind that in the case of constant scandals, unjust lifestyle and greed, the negative will easily return to your home. And in this case, the consecration is unlikely to help you.

Cleaning the home with sura

Islam is very sensitive to the spiritual purity of the believer and his home. A true believer should be ready at any moment to meet with Allah, and purity and freedom from negative energies are indispensable for his existence.

If a Muslim feels that his home is filled with alien vibrations, then a sura will help him to cleanse the house. In general, we can say that any verse from the Quran already has a cleansing effect, but it is best to use the two hundred and twenty-fifth verse of the second sura for this purpose. It tells about the victory of the forces of good over any evil spirits, therefore this text has such incredible power.

However, it is necessary to read the Quran, following all the rules, they are very important:

  • before touching the Holy Book, the faithful must take a bath,
  • reading is possible only in clothes complying with the canons of sharia,
  • Before starting to read the text, you must say a special prayer, the same actions are performed before closing the Quran.

Many Muslims say that it is a great help to get rid of the negative in the dua's apartment - an arbitrary prayer, pronounced with a pure heart and soul. It contains a certain request to Allah, which is fulfilled by the faith of the one who asks.

Purification of the house of negative energy is a very important action on which the peace, well-being and health of the family depends. Remember that the man’s house is his most reliable fortress, where you can hide from virtually any life adversity and storms. Therefore, take care of its energy purity, and it will be for you the best place on earth.

Signs of bad energy

If at least a few of these signs can characterize the "mood" of your home, then you need to clean up the dwelling of bad energy.

So, your home needs immediate cleaning if:

  1. The tenants have unjustified tiredness in the morning, drowsiness during the day, irritability over trifles and signs of utter apathy,
  2. households hear various strange noises and sounds,
  3. doors, wardrobes and vents close by themselves,
  4. there are drafts in the house,
  5. things get lost or disappear
  6. in the house live midges, ants and cockroaches,
  7. there is a causeless fetid odor,
  8. household appliances constantly fails,
  9. in the house repeatedly came to detractors,
  10. households constantly swear and criticize each other,
  11. pipes are flowing in the house, water is constantly dripping from the faucet, and the sewage system is clogged,
  12. the plants fade even if they are looked after,
  13. pets are constantly sick,
  14. bouquets dry up very quickly
  15. often electric bulbs burn out
  16. quickly melts the butter,
  17. hot water cools quickly
  18. Milk sour quickly,
  19. household dreams bad dreams, sleep does not restore power,
  20. a man died in the dwelling.

Of course, the thought that your home may vibrate with negative is scary. However, do not worry. If you wish, and some simple manipulations, you can independently clean the house or apartment, even with the most severe energy.

Energy cleaning, which is recommended four times a year, consists of six stages.

Cleaning your own energy

To start cleaning the housing from the negative is necessary only after you make sure that your own energy is clean, because the aura of the house directly depends on the internal state of the household.

To do this, you need to take a shower with salt. It is a kind of conductor of energy and, dissolving in water, absorbs information with a “-” sign.

House Cleaning

First of all, it is worth noting that cleaning the house should be carried out in ordinary household clothes.

Next you need to open wide the windows or vents, as well as, if there is such an opportunity, the entrance doors.

It is recommended that households who do not plan to make cleaning and cleaning, to leave housing.

Making sure that no one bothers you, you can begin to start cleaning the house. To start the "treatment" at home is necessary with the release of shabby unnecessary items, household appliances, shoes and clothing. Everything that you have not used for more than a year, even if this item is in a normal condition, should definitely be removed from the dwelling.

The thing is that things that do not fulfill their purpose, tend to heat up the energy of stagnation and destruction. That is why you should not regret things. Throw them away or present them to someone they need.

With regard to faulty household appliances, then if the device can not be repaired, it must be discarded. The same applies to waste paper: old books, newspapers, magazines and notebooks.

Also conduct an audit of the kitchen and remove from it all cracked and unsightly-looking dishes. Kitchenware is a symbol of well-being at home. Broken dishes will inevitably lead to contention and scandal between family members, and also worsen the aura of the house. Also in the preparatory stage of cleaning the housing is to wash the dirty dishes.

Remember that unwashed mugs, plates and pans left overnight will leave a negative imprint on the aura of housing. Unwashed dishes will collect a whole "company" of evil ghosts and spirits that are drawn to the remnants of food.

Next you need to deal with the wardrobe. Be sure to wash things that have not reached for a long time, and in the future, make sure that clothes are always ironed and neat.

It is also worth regularly cleaning shoes. You will be surprised, but as soon as you figure out your wardrobe and start watching things, your life will really change for the better.

Begin to do the traditional cleaning after getting rid of the accumulated trash. After the mirror, wipe with a damp cloth clockwise exactly as many times as he is. If you do not know how much it serves this housing, then wipe it 13 times. The destructive energy accumulated over the years will go away.