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When will Easter be in 2015?


  • Christ is Risen!
  • Verily is risen!

So people greet each other on this day, the day of the Resurrection of Christ, the day of Easter. Hundreds of believers, in clean and light clothes, before midnight, flock to the Temples. With bated breath, they are waiting for the beginning of a great holiday. And so, the Easter fire, already sanctifies the gathered people, bells are ringing with might and main, joyfully announcing to everyone about the beginning of Easter - a great day!

The holiday of Easter, for Christians, is the holiday of the victory of Jesus Christ over death, who died for our sins, but rose again. Getting rid of all sinful things. This is the most important church festival. He is the most magnificent, bright and elegant.

Easter has no definite, exact date of celebration.but surely this is Sunday, the first Sunday after the spring full moon. The date is calculated using a special table - Alexandrian Paschalus.

Easter in 2018 - April 8

Easter in 2018 - April 8

Alexandrian Easter (Eastern tradition) - April 8

The triumph of Easter is unthinkable without the Easter fire. This fire symbolizes the Light of God, which sanctifies people, giving them enlightenment. In the main churches of the country they are waiting for the Holy Fire from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which descends on the eve of Easter. This is a real miracle! Fire is born out of nowhere, lights up, giving people happiness and strengthening their faith. From the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher it is sent to us. Lamps and candles are lit from him, and he travels around the country. Many keep the fire in the lamp and after the service, support it for a year.

Also, at Easter, the bells are played, not only the bell-ringers, but anyone, at this time, can ring the bell, announcing the Resurrection of Christ. Mandatory, on this day, and Easter treats. Of course, these are Easter cakes, consecrated in the temple. The greatness of Easter is seen even here: in fact, an Easter cake, this is the usual bread that we eat every day, but once a year, it becomes festive, solemn. Previously, each decent hostess had her own recipe for making an Easter cake. A properly cooked cake does not spoil for forty days. Painted eggs are an integral part of Easter, they are not only eaten, but also exchanged, as well as presented to someone.

Celebrating Easter in 2014 (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), do not forget that all that is bad and evil is left on this day. A man, after prayer, with a pure heart and soul goes to meet good and good. Just remember this when celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his victory over death. Rejoice at everything, because Easter is a symbol of eternal life!

How to celebrate?

Of course, in order to fully feel the Easter joy, it is important to survive the fast, as monastic rules prescribe, however, such an act requires complete commitment and sincere understanding of why you do it. The celebration of this bright holiday, according to custom, begins with the Easter service, which is held at night, from Saturday to Sunday.

Usually in Orthodox churches the festive service begins exactly midnight, but if you want to go directly inside, then it is better to come in advance and take places, because on the holy night the churches are crowded.

The festive service is always imbued with joy and a positive attitude, it is believed that it is quite “light” and very solemn. After the end of the service, everyone congratulates each other and “Christians”, and then arrange a feast, at home or right in the temple, it does not matter.

Preparation for the holiday always begins in advance: a few days before the event, usually on Thursday, you should do general cleaning at home, and not only wipe the dust and sweep the floors, but also wash the windows, be sure to hang clean curtains, everything should shine!

All homework is better to finish before Friday, which is called a passionate, most mournful and difficult day not only for the whole passionate week, but also for the whole year. On Saturday, they usually bake Easter cakes and eggs, paint eggs and cook goodies on a festive table, if they did not have time to do it on Thursday.

This holiday, filled with special traditions and customs, is a favorite one of both the adult generation and children, because it is literally pierced through with a life-affirming mood. The celebration of Easter lasts a long time, 40 days, exactly as much as Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples and ordinary people after his resurrection, and on the 40th day he ascended to heaven, to his father.

Naturally, this is not a magnificent feast, which usually happens on the holiday itself and even the first week after it, but during this period, people still often visit each other, eat Easter cakes and play Easter games.

Easter Cakes

Probably, for most of us, Easter is a holiday table, on which are placed the two most important symbols of a holiday - painted eggs and, of course, Easter. By the way, not everyone knows that sweet pascakes decorated with snow-white icing with multi-colored grains of sugar are, in fact, Easter cakes, but Easter is a few other dishes.

This Easter is necessarily prepared from cottage cheese, baked in the shape of a truncated pyramid, which traditionally symbolizes the Holy Sepulcher. There is a huge number of a wide variety of recipes that will help even the beginning hostess to cope with this treat.

Easter eggs

The egg has always symbolized the nascent life, and since the founding of this holiday, they have also become a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. The disciple of Christ came to the emperor to perform the good news, to share that Christ was resurrected and brought an ordinary egg as a gift, since she did not have riches, and it was not accepted to come to the palace empty-handed.

The emperor did not believe Mary, assuring him that it was impossible to rise from the dead, exactly like the fact that the white egg would instantly change its color. If you believe the ancient belief, then the white egg, in the hands of Mary Magdalene, at the time became bright red.

Hyacinths and Daffodils

Easter is a spring holiday, which means that our souls awaken along with nature.

It is not surprising that spring flowers became another symbol of this holiday: by the way, in ancient times daffodils and hyacinths were called Easter lilies, and they decorated the holiday table and icons.

Why is Easter every year celebrated at different times?

To calculate the date, you can use special tables, so-called. "Easter". To know the date is important, because other Orthodox holidays in 2015 depend on it:

  • The Ascension of Christ is a sorrowful day after Easter
  • Trinity or Pentecost - the 50th day after Easter,
  • The Day of the Holy Spirit - comes the day after the Trinity.

Orthodox Easter is calculated according to the Easter of Alexandria.

Full Moon (Y) = March 21 + [(19 · [Y / 19] + 15) / 30].
where [a / b] is the remainder of dividing a completely a by b.
If the value of Full Moon (Y) = 32, then 31 days should be subtracted, and the date will be in April.
Gauss formula for Easter: [a / b] is the remainder of division.

a = [19 · [Y / 19] + 15) / 30] (for example, [2007/19] = 12, a = [(19 · 12 + 15) / 30] = 3, Full Moon (2007) = March 21 + 3 = March 24)
b = [(2 · [Y / 4] + 4 · [Y / 7] + 6 · a + 6) / 7] (for example, [2007/4] = 3, [2007/7] = 5, so for 2007 b = 1)
If (a + b)> 10, then Easter will be (a + b - 9) of April, Art. style, otherwise - (22 + a + b) March Art. style. We get 22 + 3 + 1 = March 26 (Art. Art.) Or March 26 + 13 = April 8 (n. Art.).

The date of Easter may fall in the period from March 22 to April 25 under Art. style (In the XX — XXI centuries this corresponds to the period from April 4 to May 8 according to the N style). If Easter coincides with the feast of the Annunciation (April 7), then it is called Kiriopaskha (Lord Easter).

And for a snack, we give you a video recipe for a very tasty paschka:

When will be Easter in 2015

Question, what date is Orthodox Easter in 2015, begins to excite many after the Pancake Day and Lent, as it is a long-awaited and bright holiday for all believers.

  • 12th of April - Orthodox Easter.
  • 5th of April - Catholic Easter.
  • From April 4 to 10 Lasts Jewish Easter in 2015.

The number of Easter in 2015 is determined by the Orthodox calendar and depends on the beginning of Lent.

It is customary to prepare for the celebration of Orthodox Easter for 40 days - to purify both the soul and the body. For this, many believers observe Lent. The last week before the holiday itself is called Holy Week or Holy Week. In the days of Holy Week, it is customary to clean up the house, bake cakes, paint eggs, and take communion.

In order to properly prepare for such an important event, we recommend following the advice of the Orthodox church calendar.

Meet Easter with a kind heart and pure thoughts.

In the Holy Week you can not swear and curse. Forgive all offenses and ask for forgiveness yourself. Before the Resurrection of Christ is recommended to take communion. Do it best in Passionate (Pure) Thursday. Get rid of evil thoughts and anxieties, because there is a bright holiday ahead, symbolizing the victory of life over death, good over evil. Good Friday relies nothing to eat. Holy Saturday All Easter treats are lit - cakes, eggs, Easter. In the radiant resurrection of Christ many attend one of the most significant worship services and participate in the procession of the cross around the temple.

Easter treats

Easter food should be symbolic. The Orthodox Church welcomes the presence on the festive table of simple dishes, without frills. Of course, we must not forget about the traditional Easter food - Easter cake, Easter cottage cheese and painted eggs. As a rule, traditional treats are made from Thursday to Saturday. According to the rules of the church, Easter cakes and Easter need to be sanctified. It is believed that with soul and warmth cooked Easter cake, and even consecrated, can stand for 40 days without spoiling.

Eggs are best painted on Saturday, so that they stay fresh longer. By tradition, eggs are painted red, which symbolizes the victory of life over death. But the images on Easter eggs of icons and stickers with drawings of saints are unacceptable, since the Orthodox Church considers this to be a desecration of the memory of saints.

The next 6 days after the Resurrection of Christ are also considered festive. This seven is called Bright, Holy. On these days, church services are held with open doors as a sign that with the Resurrection of Christ the gates of paradise are open again for the entire human race. Good luck and don't forget to press the buttons and