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14 most expensive wedding dresses


The modern world of wedding fashion is distinguished by a wide variety of design solutions in the development of new models of wedding dresses. Originality can amaze both inexpensive and luxurious wedding dresses created from expensive materials.

Due to the irrepressible imagination of designers, it is often possible to see very unusual wedding dresses on fashion podiums, which are unlikely to be bought. They are similar to the costumes of fantastic characters from futuristic stories or to the heroes of ancient tales and legends.

These are more objects of art than wardrobe items. However, there are options more approximate to reality, but retaining originality and bold design. This is wonderful because such original wedding dresses allow you to emphasize the character and personality of the girl, as well as stand out among many other brides.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account that the dress of each bride is chosen in accordance with the temperament, type of figure, appearance and taste preferences of the girl. However, more and more often brides want to look original on their wedding day, so they choose unusual wedding dresses. Some extravagant girls sew to order really shocking outfits.

Moscow salon "Avantazh" provides a unique opportunity to buy ready-made unusual wedding dresses. Among the several hundred models presented in the collection, you can find truly exclusive dresses that have no analogues. Moreover, turning to our salon, you can also use the services of the studio. Experienced masters are ready to add and improve any dress you choose, turning it into something indescribably beautiful and unique.

It would seem that ordinary satin wedding dresses can change beyond recognition. In the fashion world, unusual designs of designers are known: from peacock feathers, toilet paper, sheep wool, parachutes, etc. All of them can inspire to create an extravagant outfit.

The most common option among unusual models are short wedding dresses. The models with the original cut also look impressive and unusual: multi-tiered, with a “torn” skirt of different lengths, etc. Among the unusual wedding dresses, there are functional models: transforming dresses. With their help, the image of the bride during the day can be significantly transformed. A classic long dress will turn into a playful short wedding dress.

In many ways, the originality of the wedding dress depends on its color. Along with white color, golden and cream shades are already considered classic. So if you really want to surprise the guests, you should experiment with color. Bright and unusual look blue, red, orange or bright pink dress. However, considering the different color options, remember that it is not recommended to choose purple shades. They give a negative external effect: the girl looks older than her age. It is not necessary that the dress was monotonous. Colorful embroidery will decorate it and give it a unique charm.

Turn classic satin wedding dresses into unusual ones, accessories will help. The Avantage Salon, which has an extensive collection of jewelry and accessories, also offers to buy them at affordable prices.

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Fancy Wedding Dresses
Increasingly, brides want to look original on their wedding day, so they choose unusual wedding dresses.

Luxury Dresses for Luxury Brides

In developing the collections of wedding dresses that formed the basis of our catalog, the Galena factory tried to include a wide variety of dresses in it - from classic dresses with hoops and crinoline, to spicy mini dresses for light and dreamy young ladies.

But if in the range of products that have more than a dozen names, you did not find what suits you and realizes your dream of an exclusive wedding dress, skilled craftswomen of the Galena factory will create a unique project of your outfit, taking into account your every whim and any wish !

At the same time, no matter what figure you have, we will sew the dress perfectly, and it will look perfect on you!

  • We create outfits for girls of non-standard growth - miniature Cinderella, and ladies who can be proud of the growth of the mannequin and long legs,
  • Outfits for fragile skinny and wedding dresses for full girls,
  • Classic wedding outfits, as well as avant-garde models, created individually, based on the preferences of the creative bride.

The cost of outfits that the Galena firm creates for you will depend on what fabric is used to make the dress, how complex its cut and style is ... In short, a good option, both in terms of price and in terms of the wedding dress, Any girl who has come to our salons will be able to choose for himself.

In addition to the dress itself, the wedding dress factory “Galena” will offer its customers:

  • Choose from the catalog, or create wedding accessories according to a unique project,
  • Choose the right comfortable shoe option in which you will be comfortable all day,
  • Create or buy ready-made gloves, mitts, veils and other integral parts of the bride's wardrobe.

And if you look at us not one, but with your girlfriends or relatives, then there will be something for them to do in our stores! After all, the “Galena” factory creates not only wedding dresses and suits, but also produces stylish, exclusive evening wear, which is sure to please the modern lady with good taste!

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Luxury Dresses for Luxury Brides
Wedding fashion is not so capricious, prone to traditionalism, but here, too, there is a place for variations. Conservative standard - fluffy dresses, which we will discuss in this article.

Luxury Wedding Dresses

Every girl and woman since childhood dreams of her wedding, and wants her wedding to become the most elegant and unforgettable. Especially challenging is the choice of a suitable wedding dress, because it sets the tone for the whole celebration. Luxurious fluffy dresses with a train are becoming an ideal option for slim girls.

When preparing for a wedding, it is very important to choose the right wedding dress, which will not only emphasize the beauty and sophistication of the female figure, but also reliably hide the flaws. Today there is a fairly wide choice - you can choose straight dresses without a corset or with a corset, ultra short or colored dresses, low waist dresses or wedding fluffy dresses with a train that will help create a truly royal look. Today, more and more girls prefer precisely the lush models of the dress with a long and elegant train, thanks to which one can become a real queen and attract everyone’s attention at the celebration.

Wedding fluffy dresses with a train will make the image of each bride really gorgeous and uniquely chic. Thanks to this, you can charm all the guests, and your fiance will fall in love with you even more. A happy bride will be simply unique thanks to a beautiful and charmingly iridescent train. In addition, these models of dresses are just perfect for the process of weddings in the church, because every girl should enter the church with her head covered.

Luxurious wedding dresses with a train can be of a wide variety of colors - from gently creamy and milky hues to bright and challenging red, which is ideal for bold and resolute brides who are used to being at the center of everyone's attention.

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Luxury Wedding Dresses
Every girl and woman since childhood dreams of her wedding, and wants her wedding to become the most elegant and unforgettable. Especially challenging is choosing the right one.

The most magnificent wedding dress

Cost 32,000 dollars

Bill Clinton's Daughter - Chelsea Clinton - married the banker Marc Mezvinsky (Marc Mezvinsky), in 2010 Their wedding was generally valued at $ 3 million.

Bridesmaid dress strapless, beaded ivory. Bill Clinton himself, who never attracted attention because of his clothes, looked pretty stylish on his wedding day.

Magnificent Wedding Dress

Cost 58,000 dollars

Magnificent wedding dress from the fashion house Baracci (Beverly Hills) put on a TV star Kim Zolsiak, when she married Croy Bieermann 2011

This is a silver satin dress weighing 14.5 kg decorated with lace, pearls, beads and Swarovski crystals.

But many do not know that the dress on Kim's wedding day was not new, but everything, because the newlyweds were in a hurry and could not wait until they sew a new dress to the bride.

Victoria Beckham Wedding Dress

The cost of 100,000 dollars

Insanely beautiful dress put on the wedding of Victoria from the group "Spice Girls", when she married David Beckham in 1999

The creation of the designer Vera Wang (Vera Wang) Victoria loves her very much and still keeps in her closet, hoping that one day her daughter Harper will also put it on.

Known fact! Mrs. Beckham sells most of her clothes at auction, and gives the money to charity, but this does not apply to her beloved and very expensive dress from Vera Wang.

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

Cost 150 000 dollars

Princess Diana put on a legendary wedding dress at her wedding in 1981 when she married prince charles. Designed dress David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. Wedding miracle long 7.6 m made of silk taffeta, and its lace is decorated with more than 1,000 pearls and rhinestones.

The most beautiful wedding dress in the world

Cost of 1.5 million dollars

Perhaps this is the most unique sample of a wedding dress that has ever been sewn. Unconventional dress made in 2009 of real peacock feathers.

According to rumors, the dress was supposed to dress Jennifer Lopez at her wedding with Ben Affleck, but the marriage did not happen.

Lace Wedding Dresses

The most popular, for several seasons, are dresses made of lace. It is important not to overload the image with unnecessary details. Lace dress usually has a simple style, as lace itself is a strong element, giving the image completeness and originality. Lace symbolize purity, lightness and romance.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The future first lady of the United States married the then senator John Kennedy in 1953. In those years, no one dared to experiment with the cut and style of the wedding dress, so Jacqueline's dress was made in the classical style - luxuriant, white, with parted shoulders and a small V-neck.

Grace kelly

Another in all senses royal wedding dress was chosen by Hollywood star Grace Kelly, marrying Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, in 1956. Grace, who was to rule the principality together with her husband, chose a closed attire, which was created using the famous Valencienian lace, woven more than a century ago.

Bianca jagger

Bianca Jagger became the first legitimate spouse of The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger in the early 70s, in the heyday of rock and roll, so no one expected a chaste white dress to the floor from the bride. But Bianca went down in history, generally abandoning the traditional dress and wearing a long white skirt, a white tuxedo with a deep neckline on a naked body and a wide-brimmed white hat.

Angelina Jolie

Probably the most long-awaited wedding of our time was held in 2014 - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went under the crown. Parents of six common children have given the main role in organizing the wedding to their offspring. Of course, they also took the most direct part in creating the image of the bride - Atelier Versace's silk attire was decorated with children's drawings.

The most scandalous supermodel of modern times, Kate Moss, was married, of course, to a rock musician (The Kills guitarist Jamie Hins was the happy husband) and, of course, not in a snow-white dress- “cake”. A boho-style wedding dress by Kate made a disgraceful John Galliano, an old friend of Moss.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox, who became famous for her numerous plastics and criticism of her colleagues, married actor Brian Austin Green in a very intimate setting. Their wedding took place on the ocean, the only guest was the son of Brian from his first marriage, and Megan herself put on a minimalist white dress with no decor, which complemented the same simple veil.

Kate Middleton

The main royal wedding of the 2000s - the magnificent wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, after the ceremony received the title of Duchess of Cambridge. Of course, Kate would not be allowed to marry anyone in a democratic dress-case, so her outfit was appropriate - a white dress, beautifully trimmed with lace, a mind-blowing train and veil with tiara.

The singer married actor Josh Duhamel in 2009 and succumbed to the wedding fashion of those years. Fergie abandoned the lush option, preferring a cut to fit, with a hem widening at the bottom. And a little careless styling from freely flowing hair only added to the bride's charm.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen married rock musician Gavin Rossdale in 2002. The star, known for her experiments with style, reasonably did not want to be a “classic bride”. As a result, Gwen's dress from white gradually turned into purple. Interestingly, this original dress belongs to the authorship of John Galliano, who at that time was at the head of the House of Dior.

Natalie Portman

Natalie and her beloved Benjamin Milpier decided to arrange a very family wedding, to which they invited only friends and relatives. The actress chose a rather modest, but gentle dress with a length slightly below the knees and with a full skirt. Loose hair Portman adorned with a floral wreath.

Ann Hataway

Anne went to the altar with her beloved Adam Shulman in 2012, and rightly decided that for such an occasion it is worth making the most beautiful and feminine dress. The result of the work of the House of Valentino has become a weightless outfit that looks like a cloud. Hem Ann was painted in a subtle pastel pink color.

Hilary Duff

Hilary and her husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, no longer live together, but their wedding was one of the most beautiful star weddings of the 2000s. Hilary looked gorgeous in a tight ivory dress that accentuated the figure. The image of the actress perfectly complemented the high hairstyle.

Salma hayek

Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pino separated after the birth of their daughter Valentina, but then reunited and decided to get married. Salma's dress was a classic wedding dress with a fluffy skirt and sparkling top, and the ceremony itself was held in a Venetian castle of the XVIII century and gathered under the roof a good half of Hollywood.

Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie "Sex and the City"

Sarah Jessica herself married Matthew Broderick in her everyday black dress (which she still regrets), but of course you remember the enchanting wedding dress of Carrie Bradshaw from the full-length Sex and the City. Unfortunately, even such a dress did not help Carrie marry Mr. Big on the first try, but it certainly made a splash!

Kate Hudson in the movie "War of the Brides"

The culmination of the struggle for life and death between heroes Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in the film “War of the Brides” still became their two beautiful weddings. We especially remember the delicate and airy, like a meringue, Kate's dress with an original detail - a ribbon bow, emphasizing the thin waist of the actress.

The most fashionable and beautiful wedding dresses: photos, trends in wedding dresses

The most fashionable wedding dresses, novelties of wedding dresses are shown in their shows every famous couturier. Putting points in their new collections, designers create a wedding dress that captures, surprises, makes you look and enjoy the extravaganza of wedding fashion.

This year, their wedding dresses - new items from 2018-2019, have already been demonstrated by such famous fashion faces as Anne Barge, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, the brands Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Lela Rose and others.New wedding dresses, photos of which you will see below, not only create the effect of tenderness, seductiveness, grace and femininity, but as well as possible show the quivering and individuality of female nature.

The most beautiful wedding dresses 2018 - 2019 picked up the trends of the classic style in its inherent white color. There will also be relevant and wedding dresses, combining different colors.

Creating new wedding dresses, designers are not afraid to experiment with fabrics and accessories.

The wedding dress of 2018-2019 is a sea of ​​lace and lace inserts, embroidery and appliqués using tulmarine. Wedding dresses for the bride will be made of silk - a truly exquisite fabric, like tenderness itself.

Новинки свадебных нарядов порадуют невест и вариациями фасона. В 2018 – 2019 году модные свадебные платья с открытой спиной, длинным шлейфом, смелым декольте.

Пышные юбки в тренде и в 2018 – 2019 году. Изготовленные из ажура элементы свадебного платья добавят невесте хрупкости и воздушности, а акцент на талии сделает силуэт еще более женственным.Очарует любую красавицу свадебное платье, изготовленное из кружева в полной мере. This novelty will appeal to brides with the perfect figure.

In the wedding fashion of 2018 - 2019, wedding dresses with a hint of sexuality hardened tightly.

But despite this, fashion will excite wedding dresses of free fit, which fascinate with cold charm.

Wedding dresses with an inset insert on the back did not change their positions either. They are still relevant.

More restrained design corsage wedding dress recommend brides with lush breasts.

A modest wedding dress will emphasize the beauty of the bride with magnificent forms, hiding the small flaws of the figure.

If we talk about the accessories that will be decorated with the most beautiful wedding dresses of 2018 - 2019, there is also no chapel of fantasy.

The fashion for pearls, embroidery, beads, rhinestones, beads, crystals and other decorative elements looks, as before, very positive, because such additions to a wedding dress make the image truly royal.

Successfully consolidated their status as an adorable wedding backgammon wedding dresses, silhouettes of “Mermaid”, A-silhouette, asymmetrical cut.The color gamut of wedding dresses will please not only lovers of crystal white, but also fans of black and copper shades. Also relevant will be golden, silver, pastel colors.

Nacre, azure, strict gray, pink and lavender shades will also become trendy in 2018 - 2019.

As we have said, the effect of sexuality will be relevant in the new season of wedding fashion. On the counterweight no less stylish will be wedding dresses discreet tailoring.

Skirts, bell skirts, corsets, long sleeves and much more - you can also appreciate all this by considering the most beautiful wedding dresses for brides.

Looking for a wedding dress? We offer you a super large catalog of wedding dresses. Here you will find the most beautiful wedding dresses 2018 - 2019, whose photos you can see right now ...