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Street fashion: hit parade of the 10 most stylish stars, photo


As you know, there are no flawless people, everyone sometimes makes mistakes, the same goes for periodic fashion blunders, which, unfortunately, are more common with Russian celebrities than we would like.

However, among the Russian beau monde, a strong dozen fashionistas are clearly distinguished, who almost always manage to look stylish and tasteful, they always keep up with the times, others do not tire of being equal to them, trying, at least a step closer to the generally accepted beauty.

These people do not get tired to admire, and some of them even have their own pages on the Internet with daily updated bows and, believe me, they have a lot of admirers and followers.

You are probably interested to know who is in the top 10 of the most stylish and sophisticated stars in Russia? Then hurry, we reveal to you all the secrets of fashionable victories of representatives of the domestic show business.

1. Ksenia Sobchak

The scandalous past and rather stormy youth did not prevent Xenia, as a result, turn into one of the most stylish and recognizable celebrities of Russia. Today, this is a well-known TV presenter, the chief editor of a fashion magazine and a real style icon for the army of her fans, which has more than once “settled” on the covers of popular glossy magazines.

From the old Ksenia Sobchak, which caused a ton of resentment among ordinary people, there is no trace left, because now the 31-year-old presenter has not only built a successful career and even got a happy family, she even arranges master classes in which she reveals the secrets of real success.

Today, the female half of the population with lust eyeing the next exit of Ksenia Sobchak into the world, because it is always fashionable, bright and immaculate.

2. Victoria Ooh!

The former participant of the scandalous project “House-2” is today at the top of the fashionable Olympus, in her images there is an ideal sense of beauty, which is perfectly combined with all the novelties of the fashion world. After Victoria left the mentioned project, she turned into a caring spouse and happy mother, moved to live in Monaco and, at the same time, continued to act for the benefit of Russian television.

It is said that the once frank outfits were replaced by more restrained and elegant precisely because of her relocation abroad, as well as the advice of her husband Alex, who never understood the excessive pretentiousness that is so inherent in Russian women. Today, Victoria has managed to become a real European beauty with notes of nobility and expensive gloss.

3. Elizabeth Boyarskaya

The famous Russian actress, the daughter of a no less famous film actor, a happy young wife and mother - all the regalia of the beautiful Elizabeth can be listed for a long time, because this girl has already managed to achieve something in her life.

But you can not ignore the fact that the actress has repeatedly got into the ratings of the most stylish and fashionable celebrities of the domestic beau monde, although, according to Elizabeth herself, she never tried to do this, because she, in addition to fashion, always has many other concerns.

However, whether it is a matter of innate taste, or a successful designer, Boyarskaya, together with her husband Maxim Matveyev, have long been headed by fashionable ratings.

4. Zhanna Friske

This songbird had enough ups and downs: most of her costumes could easily be in the ranking of the most tasteless outfits, however, in the life of the beautiful Jeanne things are different. Jeanne's casual style is always sophisticated, feminine and very elegant.

And when the singer began to meet with the famous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, her wardrobe was also replenished with a large number of restrained and elegant costumes, which gave her owner a special charm.

5. Vera Brezhnev

This famous singer and actress, more often than others, falls in the ratings of the most beautiful people, and the majority opinion is based not only on her external data, but also on the ability to wear even the most simple clothes with special notes of beauty and elegance. This girl is called ideal always and everywhere, it does not matter whether it was access to the red carpet or to the store for buns.

6. Yulya Savicheva

Once upon a time, when Julia was one of the participants in the popular TV show “Star Factory”, it was difficult to rank her among the top ten, because stretched T-shirts and a minimum of makeup, whatever one may say, do not add attractiveness to a young girl.

Just a few years have passed - and everything changed, today Julia inspires her fans with romantic and elegant dresses, clever hair styles and accessories, as well as seductive fashion shoes always with high heels.

7. Natalia Vodianova

The famous Russian supermodel of world importance, which worked on the most famous catwalks of the world, appeared on numerous covers of glossy magazines, including Vogue and Marie Claire, has already managed to get friends with most of the world-famous designers, raised her own modeling business, and this is not the whole list of all her achievements!

Such a lady, simply by definition, cannot dress tastelessly. So it is, Natalia prefers romantic and often modest outfits, though, always from expensive brands that look perfect on her perfect figure.

8. Polina Gagarina

This girl, by right, is considered persistent and focused: after a successful weight loss, Polina managed to finally decide on her style in clothes, which, it should be noted, deserves praise and compliments.

In her arsenal there is a huge number of bright red dresses, narrowed and rather frank, which Polina combines with great skill in sophisticated and very stylish images.

9. Olga Buzova

A popular Russian TV presenter, magazine editor, actress, and also a designer of her own clothing line, who has achieved considerable heights in the world of domestic fashion.

Olga herself prefers her own production of clothes, skillfully combines it with exclusive accessories, and puts her new bows in social networks, where they will get whole waves of approval and adoration, especially among the younger generation. In the image of Olga, you can always follow the latest trends in the fashion world, and, not least, this girl always has everything in moderation.

Anna Chipovskaya

The 28-year-old star of the series “The Thaw” looks spectacular both on the red carpet of prestigious film awards and at more informal events. For solemn occasions, she prefers luxurious dresses to the floor, and in everyday life with the same pleasure she wears jackets, tuxedos, and non-dull sheath dresses. In addition, Anya is the face of the most mysterious Russian brand Maison Bohemique.

Ravshana Kurkova

Ravshana was already becoming the most stylish officially (Hello! Magazine presented her with an appropriate award). The 34-year-old actress is the owner without exaggerating the model parameters and is 180 cm tall, so even at official events she allows herself shoes with flat shoes, the democracy of which compensates for chic evening dresses. But in the life of Ravshan, he likes more casual with sports elements: simple dresses, comfortable jeans and sneakers can be seen on Kurkova more often.

Svetlana Bondarchuk

Svetlana Bondarchuk fully justifies her status as the editor-in-chief of a popular magazine: she looks equally good both in designer evening dresses and in democratic looks on vacation. Bondarchuk is also friends with Russian designer Alexander Terekhov, whose clothes he often puts on at events.

10th place. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's style is difficult to call something out of the ordinary, but she gives him a regular shake. She looks smarter than ever, and she more than deserved a place on our charts.

Jessica Alba in a white dress

Jessica alba inCoachwith husband Cash Warren

9th place. Kim Kardashian

Probably the most controversial woman in the street fashion world - Kim Kardashian, who took the honorary line in our hit parade, many of you are leading in the no-no list. But, despite the fact that you think about all of her life's journey, brave participation in a reality show and her level of education in general, Kim Kardashian is a real commander of street troops. She found her own style, and this style works for her - and she is always faithful to him.

Kim KardashianatStephane rolland

Kim Kardashian in jeans and a denim shirt

Kim Kardashian in a white top and pencil skirt

Kim Kardashian in black skirt

Kim Kardashian in black leggings

8th place. Nicole Richie

Oh, Nicole. We love you since the “Simple Life”, to this day. From each photo that you put on Instagram, we catch our breath and our pulse disappears, and the way you wear stripes (and indeed, how you wear everything) cannot go unnoticed.

Nicole Richie in Chloé

7th place. Gwen Stefani

The soloist of the legendary group of 90s No Doubt has always been associated and associated with impeccable taste. She is an adherent of the old school, and, as for everyday style, the risk is not terrible for her - from denim overalls with chelsea shoes to the most loose clothes for pregnant women - Gwen never let us down.

Gwen Stefani in a summer, wide striped top

Gwen Stefani in camouflage jacket

Gwen Stefani in leggings and a transparent skirt

Gwen Stefani with husband Gavin Rossdale

10. Sati Casanova

Sati Casanova can hardly be called ordinary, because she always favorably differed from her colleagues, both in the group and, in general, in the world of show business.

The girl should be given her due - she skillfully uses her natural data, combining them with luxurious outfits, and it doesn't matter if it is an expensive dress from a famous designer, or simple skinny jeans with a fur vest - all with taste and a sense of beauty.

6th place. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is a celebrity who, in fact, fashioned her image and her career out of her sense of style. Except in the failed “Blue Wave”, she did not act in any large-scale, but her wedding with director Michael Polish was honored with the pages of Vogue magazine. And this is the best confirmation of its infinitely wonderful taste.

Kate Bosworth with husband Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth in a beige dress

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

5th place. Ashley olsen

The most glamorous half of the most famous twins of Hollywood, Ashley Olsen regularly amazes us with chic, chic, and once again chic. And she is an ardent fan of black, and we can't blame her for that.

This can hardly be categorized as street style, but this outfit is damn good - we could not ignore it.

4th place. Mary-Kate Olsen

This is not an easy job to explore the street style of the Olsen sisters, but someone has to do it. Mary-Kate is a representative of more bohemian glamor, a great lover to wrap up her slender body in many layers of silk, chiffon, and everything else that her neat handles will reach. And for this we love her.

3rd place. Alexa chang

This spring, mother-of-pearl shades in fashion, and we are very grateful to such a coincidence. Actually, Alex is also very happy about it, and we award this stylish British woman with an honorary asterisk: she wears an iridescent raincoat from Marc Jacobs metallic hue better than anyone. She often pleases us with amazing images in which she combines eminent brands and things from ordinary street-style designers. Go Alex, go ahead!

Alexa Chung in Calvin Klein

Alexa Chung in Valentino

2nd place. Olivia Palermo

Olivia is one of those rare fashionistas that can combine grace and provocation - and the whole look looks gorgeous. Soft, elegant, harmonious - not a day goes by that we are not filled with love and envy of Olivia in one bottle. And yes, sometimes she dresses in Old Navy (for example, an inexpensive clothing store), which makes us only love her more.

Olivia Palermo inPaul & Joe

Olivia Palermo in Valentino

Olivia Palermo in Old Navy

1 place. Solange

The younger sister of Beyoncé is best known as ... younger sister of Beyoncé. She earned a reputation as a true street fashion star known for her passionate and striking affection for mixing colors and prints. She won the first place of our charts, because she is bold, brave, and never stumbles. “Street style is a bizarre feature of our generation — you are being photographed, and you don’t seem to care, but you look great anyway,” Solange once said in one interview. “Or here I am talking on the phone, but the expression on the face is frozen. I have no idea how to explain this logically. You know, I always learn my damn essence. I just go and try not to fall.

Solange in Roberto Cavalli

Solange in a shirt from Etro, shorts from Clover Canyon and shoes from Christian Siriano.

10 most stylish and tasteless stars according to the version of "Marie Claire"

The popular edition selected 20 outfits and 20 world-famous girls who appeared in them, half of whom, despite their star status and rich stage experience, did not learn how to dress with taste. The second half, on the contrary, pleases the views of not only fans, but also fashion critics, presenting extremely stylish and spectacular images to the public.

Top 10 worst images of the year: 10. Christina Aguilera Extremely dubious image, demonstrated by a 32-year-old singer at a party on the occasion of the release of the 3rd series of the show “Voice”.

And the thing is that this bow made a fat nymphet out of a skater woman. Critics vying with each other are asking the same question: “Why does Christina emphasize her fullness even more?”.

9. Heidi Klum Heidi is no longer a girl, but she is not envious of her figure: you can’t find such a toned silhouette and elastic skin of some stars during the day with fire. Naturally, this is not only possible to show, but necessary.

At the “MTV European Music Awards”, the host of the evening and the mother of four children arrived in a candid Versace dress. The cut, the lacing on the chest, the “lost sleeve” - which was not the only thing in this dress, but it looked incredibly tasteless.

8. Cyndi Lauper “Christina Aguilera, 2032. “, - this photo could be signed. Aguilera's similarity with Loper can be seen with the naked eye, but critics hope that in 20 years Christina will be wiser not to dress like that

Let the year not matter, and the soul is young, but at the "American Music Awards" Cindy in a dress with Scottish motifs looked very ridiculous.

7. Lily Cole (Lily Cole) Usually on the red carpet, Lily is pleased with her appearance, but in recent months, the model and actress has completely relaxed something - gained a couple extra pounds and seems to have completely lost her sense of style.

At the Venice Film Festival, she appeared in a simple black jumper and wide trousers with a print in the shape of exotic birds. It would be funny if it were not so sad, because even she had forgotten about her hairstyle.

6. Lauren Pope (Lauren Pope) "Barbie silicone spill" at one of the English parties. Maybe the party was themed, though, and maybe Loren just had another bout.

5. Rita Ora (Rita Ora) Not so long ago, several publications included Rita in the lists of the “most stylish” ones, but Marie Claire acted differently, opening one of the images of the young singer and actress with the five worst dresses of the year.

At the autograph session in London, the singer unpleasantly surprised fans with her strange outfit of polyvinyl chloride, apparently stumbled this time in pursuit of fashion.

4. Katie Price (Katie Price) Unexpected horror awaited all those who, for whatever reasons, came last year to present the new jewelry collection, Katie, whose success in modeling and acting career, still leave much to be desired

The hostess of the evening appeared in front of the guests in a vulgar ensemble, which resembled a wedding dress from behind, and a front suit for role-playing games. And, of course, the bust of the girl was, as always, in the very center of attention.

3. Niki Minaj (Nicki Minaj) Another unsuccessful example of combining the incompatible was demonstrated by a 30-year-old rapper, who repeatedly led the lists of the most horribly dressed celebrities in the world.

At the presentation of his new fragrance, Minaj appeared in a frankly stupid outfit, the color combination of which can only be described as “tear out the eye”.

2. Katy Perry (Katy Perry) Katy Perry, who put on Nickelodeon Kids `Choice 'in all light green - top, skirt, shoes, and even accessories, showed an excessively elaborate outfit.

You might think that Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj specifically all year did and did that they competed in who of them knows more than neon colors.

1. Fergie At the Grammy Awards, such a gorgeous singer always put on an absolutely ugly orange dress by Jean Paul Gaultier.

But the point here is not so much in the dress itself, but in the fact that under it: both the cut of the linen and its black color have ruined all the chances of this outfit to get the right to life.

Top 10 best images of the year: 10. Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) Miranda, this year proclaimed the “Goddess of street style”, very often shone in the weekly ratings of the best images according to the version of “Marie Claire”.

The supermodel, conquered hundreds of fashion critics in a dress from Victoria Beckham, has a beautiful figure, gorgeous hair, charming smile, wonderful style and, of course, an exemplary family.

9. Руни Мара (Rooney Mara) На церемонии вручения премии «Оскар» «девушка с татуировкой дракона» появилась в белом платье Givenchy Couture из коллекции 2009 года.

В своей номинации она победить не смогла, но зато ее образ стал одним из самых запоминающихся на этом масштабном мероприятии.

8. Кейт Босуорт (Kate Bosworth) На вечеринке после вручения «Оскара» отличилась полная противоположность Руни в тот день - актриса Кейт Босуорт, представшая перед публикой в темном блестящем платье Prabal Gurung.

Полное отсутствие украшений, которое часто становится роковым и делает образ незаконченным, тут напротив смотрится весьма органично и подчеркивает утонченность светловолосой девушки.

7. Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) Well-groomed, coupled with good appearance and a delightful sense of style, have long made the duchess of Cambridge a living embodiment of grace, attractiveness and charm.

The best dress of Middleton, with dignity bearing not only his majestic title, but also the child bearing Prince William’s, this year, the creation of Roland Mouret.

6. Carey Mulligan This image of a goldfish in a Prada outfit caused a lot of controversy among fashion critics, but Marie Claire considered it brilliant both in the direct and figurative sense of the word.

5. Marion Cotillard A pretty Frenchwoman knew that at the premiere of the film “The Dark Knight: Renaissance of a Legend” she needed to be fully armed, because not only London residents but also other cities were fixed on her.

Marion eventually appeared in the original Christian Dior dress. The dress highlighted the slim silhouette of the actress, and the bright details refreshed the feminine look.

4. Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani) For 43 years, Gwen often chooses very bold images, but she can afford it.

In the ensemble Stella McCartney, the singer appeared at one of the secular parties.

3. Emma Stone (Emma Stone) Like a porcelain doll, an actress in a white dress with interesting pink inserts from Chanel appeared in front of the cameras at the premiere of the film “New Spiderman”.

2. Diane Kruger (Diane Kruger) For the original approach to the choice of attire, Diana was awarded the second line of the rating. The combination of Crosby Derek Lam, in whose favor the actress has made her choice, stands out for its print and rich colors.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow Designer dress with a cape from Tom Ford created a real sensation at the last Oscar ceremony, and Gwyneth, who wore it, became the most stylish woman of the year according to People magazine.

It is worth noting that for many the style of this star seems to be too boring, correct and ordinary, but she’s not 20 anymore to hit every time not only fans, but also fastidious tabloids.

Vlad Lisovets, the owner of the network "Hairdresser's office"

Enumerate its star customers can be infinitely long, but we will not. We can only say that among them are Kristina Orbakaite, Polina Gagarina and Nastasya Samburskaya. By the way, his name has already become a brand, and believe me, you will have to wait several months to make a haircut or styling from him!

Chip: in general, Vlad is a master of “live” styling and natural colors (and he also has a cute cat @kot_bandit in his salon, which you can stroke while Vlad creates a new image for you).

Cost of services: consultation V.L. for hair - 5000-7000 p.

Kristina Kozlova, Beauty Bistro stylist

Look at the beautiful hair of Masha Wei, Darya Moroz and Anna Sarkisova. And you will immediately understand - this is how a true professional should work!

Chip: to her often written to the procedure for hair restoration "Happiness for the hair"!

Cost of services: haircut + daily styling - from 2500 p.

Katya Peak, art director of Beauty Bistro

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Edgar Mushulov, art director Prive7 Frunzenskaya

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Domenico Castello, founder of the salon of the same name

It seems that Maria Kozhevnikova would never exchange Domenico for another stylist. No wonder - he feels fine and clearly knows all the latest trends. With him and you will look stylish and fashionable!

Chip: perhaps he has the most beautiful natural curls!

Cost of services: styling - from 3000 p.

Alexander Todchuk, owner of the Alexander Todchuk Studio salon network

Surely you also heard his name more than once. And maybe even know that he had not only Russian celebrities (Evelina Khromchenko, Oleg Menshikov), but also westerners, such as Vanessa May, Eva Gertsigova. Do you dream to be his client too? Then sign up in advance (at least for a month) - a rather big queue for him!