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How beautiful to tie a tippet


Palatine - a universal thing that will save from the cold wind in cool weather, and give a feeling of coolness in the summer heat. It is a wide long rectangular scarf. Fashion was set by a relative of Louis XIV in the 17th century, who was wrapped in a long scarf, hiding from the piercing wind.

It is worn as an additional accessory and as an independent item of clothing. For example, a thin silk tippet can be draped over the shoulders over an evening dress, and a product made of thick warm fabric or fur can be an alternative to an autumn coat.

How beautiful to wear a tippet on his shoulders: a review of fashion ideas

Palatine goes well with a variety of outfits, be it an evening dress or jeans with a shirt, fur coat or coat. Let's sort some fashionable ideas.

  • With a belt over one shoulder - a trendy way, creates an image of a modern self-confident woman. We throw on one shoulder so that equal ends of length are hung in front and behind. On the shoulder creating folds, and one end hanging loosely, forming a sleeve.
  • Under the strap over both shoulders. An ideal way for wide models of dense fabric. Throw over the shoulders, the ends loosely hanging down. Straighten width and lower the edges on the shoulders. At the waist fix the strap.
  • Around the neck - an option for a conservative image. To do this, wrap it around the neck and chest in such a way that one end hangs from behind, the second in front. Spread the width, covering the chest. You can fix everything with a brooch.
  • Fill ends in pants or skirt. We make one free turn around the neck, the floors are carelessly filled with trousers or a skirt. This method is perfectly combined with clothing in casual style.

How to tie a warm stole on his shoulders in different ways

Warm tippet is indispensable in cool weather. It is used as a scarf, and as outerwear. You can simply wrap yourself in it or use various ways of tying:

  • Wrapping around the neck several times, creating volume and drapery, tie the ends together and hide. This option can be used in a daily manner.


bulky stoles look better on slim girls, ladies with large forms should opt for more fitting options.

  • Using at the same time and as a headdress. We put the stole on the head and wrap it around the neck, with the floors hanging down forward and back. The perfect combination with a coat of classic cut.
  • Wrapping around the neck and wrapping the ends around the noose several times.
  • Throwing back over the neck, the ends hang loosely at the sides. A great option in combination with a jacket and tight pants.
  • Fur products just throw on the shoulders without fixing. Large girls should wear fur with a short nap, so as not to visually add extra kilos. Tall slender girls can afford voluminous fur capes, and miniature is better to choose capes narrower.

How beautiful to tie summer palatine

Summer is not a reason to abandon the stole; it is enough to choose a model from thin and light material. Consider a few ways to elegantly tie it:

  • Fold in half along the long side, stretch over the shoulders so that the loop remains on the chest, thread through it the loose ends. This method is ideal for summer and evening dresses.
  • Throw on the shoulders, leaving one end hanging loosely down, and the other pin to the palatine at chest level with a brooch or pin. In this case, it is worth choosing models of average width and length.
  • Tying a soft loop on the shoulder, we get the image of a romantic nature.
  • Fold 4 times along the long side and tied around the neck in the form of a tie. This technique goes well with a business style - a blouse, shirt or jacket.
  • Chiffon tippet is used as a pareo, for this you can tie it around the neck, chest or on the thighs.

What jewelry to use to tie a tippet on his shoulders

Accessories will add extra zest and help to fix unruly ends. Brooches, rings, clips make it possible to independently invent various options for tying the stole.

Ring. Both ends of the product are inserted into it and the height is adjusted. When choosing such an accessory, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the material so that the ring sits tightly and does not slide over the fabric.

Ring with clip. The brooch is attached to the ring. Both ends of the flap are inserted into the ring, but the clamp allows you to fix the brooch at the desired height and prevents it from slipping. Ideal for fine fabrics.

Brooch with a pin or needle - fastens on a product at the expense of a needle or a pin. Suitable for stoles from dense material, on thin fabrics leave punctures.

Palatine can be worn at any time of the year. In most cases, he looks tender and feminine. But you can add a touch of audacity, just tied it differently.

How to learn to beautifully tie scarves, shawls, stoles

Scarves, shawls, stoles are designed so that women can change their usual image at any time. But before these accessories are the perfect complement to your style, you need to purchase a quality copy of expensive good fabric.

A scarf, a scarf perform not only a decorative function, but also will warm you in the cold season. You can wear the accessory in expanded form, wearing it over your shoulders, or wrap it around your neck, but also do not miss the opportunity to surprise everyone around you with its interesting use, tied on your head. The most popular ways are:

  • Option number 1. With a low-cut blouse, a scarf that is tight and highly knotted around the neck will harmoniously look. To do this, put a handkerchief on his shoulders so that one end is longer than the other. Then wrap the longest edge several times around the neck until 10 cm is left. With the remaining short ends, tie a knot and hide it under the shawl.
  • Option number 2. A simple and fast way to tie a scarf is the following method: put the scarf on the shoulders so that one edge is longer than the second, and then wind around the neck twice, leaving the long part hanging down the back, and the short part on the chest.

How to tie a tippet on a coat or jacket photo

Depending on the material and colors used, the tippet is worn with a coat or leather jacket. The created beautiful knot around the collar will help to highlight your individuality and give the style a special uniqueness. A more elegant, feminine option is the combination of a coat and a stole. In this case, the accessory is not necessarily tied, it is better to stab it with a decorative pin, brooch or to press the ends of the stole with a belt at the waist. But if you tie a beautiful knot around the neck or on the shoulders on top of a coat, then the accessory will give the image originality.

When tying an accessory over a jacket, we recommend using the following methods, how beautiful it is to wear it:

  1. Endless knot. Another option for tying called "eight" or yoke. To perform it, flip the ends of the scarf over the neck so that they hang evenly. Then tie two ends together on a usual knot and stretch it in front of you, forming the letter “O”, cross the sides of the scarf so that you get the number “8”. And in the circle that appears, thread your head. The result will be a clamp, the length of which will adjust, pulling one side of the stole down.
  2. European knot. First, fold the scarf in front of you in half, and then toss it in this form evenly over your shoulders. Hold the loose two ends with your left hand, then slide them into the hole on the right and tighten.
  3. Waterfall. This method involves asymmetric tying accessory. To do this, the ends of the scarf must be straightened on the shoulders so that one is much shorter than the other. Then you need to wrap the long edge tightly around the neck once. Fix the same end under the resulting loop. Straighten the top of the scarf, making it look like a waterfall is flowing.

Ways of tying stoles on the neck and shoulders over the dress

Before using a tippet in combination with a dress, check whether their colors and material will harmonize. For light, chiffon dresses, use the same stole with the structure, which will help to create an airy, light look. In winter, use accessories and clothing from your wardrobe with warmer and denser fabrics. If you take into account the color range, then you should not make a sharp emphasis on the accessory. Choose a cream-colored shawl for a white, beige, yellow dress, and a bright attribute will look beautiful with dark-colored dresses.

  • Method number 1. On the neck. For this option, use a chiffon accessory, which can be tied with a double knot, wrapped around the neck, or use one of the tie knots.
  • Method number 2. On shoulders. Evening dresses can be complemented with a stylish scarf, thrown over his shoulders and tied with a single knot on chest levels.

Schemes of tying stoles on the head in autumn and winter

In addition to the traditional tying of wrap on the neck and shoulders, it can still be tied around the head. This method has become an alternative to hats and is used by women in the winter or autumn so that the hairstyle keeps its shape. In the fall, girls use silk, satin, chiffon models to tie the headpiece on the head, and cashmere or cotton are recommended in the winter.

There are all sorts of options to tie the tippet on the head, ranging from the simplest and ending with intricate schemes that require certain skills and experience. But every woman can master any way they like to form a knot in an original way. The most popular schemes that will help you to properly tie a scarf around your head are:

  • The traditional way of covering hair with a handkerchief is an option in the style of the 70s. To do this, first with an accessory, cover the entire head, and then tie the ends to the back of the neck, completely closing it in front. This method is well combined with clothes that have a low collar.

  • A great option to tie a tippet is a way called "tea drinking" or a turban. First, tightly tie the accessory around the head, tightening its ends to the back of the head. Then begin to twist the loose edges into bundles, which then need to be wrapped around the head and fixed at the base of the bundle.

  • Playful and fun way - is to tie the attribute "in a pirate". To do this, roll the accessory in the form of a triangular scarf, wrap around your head, fixing the knot over the left ear. Tie the loose ends of the scarf into a bow or fasten it with a tight bundle.

"Loose ends"

Wind the tippet around the neck, leaving loose ends on the chest as an accessory. If your scarf is long and wide, you can tie it in a knot. However, do not overdo it, do not tighten it too tightly, otherwise it will not look like a luxurious decoration, but as an ordinary-looking and completely sloppy knot.

"A long tail"

For this method is perfect not only bulk stoles, but also narrow. Throwing a tipple around his neck, leave his two free ends on his chest. Next, throw one of them behind your back, while making beautiful folds. To more accurately fix the scarf, quietly hook it from the inside with a pin, for example, on the shoulder.

Fold the tippet in half its width and slip around the neck so that when folded, a loop is formed. Thread the ends of the scarf and tighten them. The degree of inhibition depends on personal preferences: more dense and clear or light, loose.

If you tie airy summer stoles in this way, then brooches or decorative flowers will be an excellent accessory.

"Back loop"

This method is the opposite of the previous one. To do this, you need to perform all the actions that were used in the “Loop” method, with only one difference: only one end of the wrap is first inserted into the loop, and the other end needs to be passed to the other loop. In conclusion, you need to slightly tighten both ends.

Before you put the scarf around your neck, you should twist it slightly over the entire length. It is because of the twisting method and called "spin". After that, cross the ends of the accessory in one place, carefully tying and hiding its tips under the bottom. If you have a wide and long scarf, then this method is ideal.

In this case, it is better to use the previous methods. This option is especially suitable for owners of a thin and long neck.

"Volumetric arc"

Incredibly simple way that allows you to turn a scarf into a decoration. Tie the ends of the accessory and hide them around your neck so that it is not noticeable. Spread the stole on your chest, giving it a volume. Here you can also add voluminous folds, slightly twisting his scarf.

“Ends Inward”

With this option, you will need to place the accessory on the crown of the head, the edges of it to get behind the head and tie. After this, the edges will need to be crossed crosswise overhead, and then lower them to the back of the head. And already there to tie the edges into a knot and hide under the shawl in the occipital zone. Try to tighten the nodule more tightly, but do not cause discomfort.

"Tight winding"

If you have a long knitted scarf of stretch, then tight windings will be ideal. To begin with, put the middle of the scarf on your head and tightly tie the loose ends on the back of your head. After that, hang them on the chest and transfer one to the left shoulder and the other to the right.

Now you can start doing turns around the head. One turn with the right end, one - with the left, you need to repeat these actions until you reach the ends of the shafa. All this time, you need as tightly as possible to press the scarf to your head.

At the last stage, it is necessary to hide the ends of the shawl under a layer of coils so that everything looks neat and elegant.

"With a tail on the side"

With this method, it is desirable to use a long scarf, as in the final form it should be wrinkled, and when compressed, the length decreases. No need to straighten your accessory and wrap their heads. It is only necessary to make the winding in the same way as a narrow scarf, hide its ends under the layers of the winding. And everything is ready.

It is only your imagination. Owners of too silky hair can be fixed to the lower layers of pallets with hairpins.

Twist the scarf around your head once or twice and tie the remaining long ends several times into a knot. The result should be a volumetric bundle consisting of several nodes.

"Knot Front"

Many women of fashion prefer to wear a knot on the stole in front. Wrap a head scarf and tie it in front, and twist loose edges into a harness that resembles a snail. Secure the coils of the scarf with pins or hairpins, and then hide them under the folds of the stole.

Such a hat will give any image a special charm and originality. Make-up in this case should be very expressive and clear, because with this method of tying it becomes the main focus of the face. This can be a bold Smokey-ice in black, blue or gray shades or bright glossy lipstick.


Place your accessory on the top of your head so that it lies slightly obliquely, that is, covered only the left side of the head. On the right, everything should be as open as possible so that the hair roots near the forehead are visible. Then take the edges of the scarf behind your back and tie a strong knot at the back of your head.

Tighten it should be quite tight, so that the scarf pressed tightly to the head, but here you should not overdo it. Throw free edges on the chest and beautifully flatten.

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Not all men know how to tie a tie beautifully. Our tips will help you with this.

Here our readers will learn how to choose a light summer dress.

Around the neck

This option of tying also does not take much time and effort. Slip the accessory around the neck and beautifully straighten its ends on the chest. You can add a luxurious brooch and turn your outfit from casual to formal. This method is ideal for women with narrow shoulders and wide hips.

Over shoulder

This method is reminiscent of the ribbon graduates. Throw a scarf over one shoulder and connect its ends at the level of the hips with a pin or loosely tightened knot. Beautifully straighten the stole on your chest and back. This option is ideal for wide and long stoles.

Double ring

Want to protect yourself from the cold? This way is what you need. Slip the tippet around the neck, leaving its ends on the chest. Tie them and twist around the head as much as possible. Try to twist so that the scarf fits snugly to the neck, but not too much pressure on her. Palatine, tied with this method will serve as a good protector of the throat from the cold.

How to choose a palatine?

When choosing a stole, you should be guided by the main question: what will it be worn with? To decorate a coat or an evening dress, a romantic blouse or a “rocker leather jacket” are a huge variety. The main thing is to observe the basic rules of combination in clothes, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure and the face. Естественно, что под цветочную блузу не подойдет палантин с похожим цветочным принтом, а на тонкой ткани будет грубо выглядеть палантин из плотного и жесткого материала.

Выбирая палантин, обратите внимание на его цветовую гамму. Оттенок должен «подходить» к лицу, сочетаться с вещами, с которыми планируется его носить. There are also possible options: it can be an independent bright accent in the image of a woman or a finely chosen elegant addition to clothes.

So, the more women in the wardrobe of such accessories, the easier it is to create any stylish images in clothes.

How to tie a tippet way "loop"

Palatine width folded in half and throw on the neck. The ends of the scarf are threaded into the resulting loop (when added). The degree of tipping of the stole can be different: dense and clear or loose and airy.

Light summer scarves tied with a "eyelet" can be further decorated with a brooch or a decorative flower (as in the photo).

How to tie a tippet way "spin"

Twisting the tippet slightly along the canvas, wrap it around the neck, cross it in one place, and gently tie it, hide the tips under the bottom.

This method is great for wide and long scarves. Narrow tippet after spinning will look too tight. Great for women with a thin and long neck.

How to tie a tippet way "Hood"

Palatine is twisted around the neck twice, crossing it and tying a small knot in the back (according to the principle of the previous method). One layer of stole slightly pulled and used as a hood or hood.

The method is convenient for its versatility, turning the scarf into a headdress and vice versa. In this form, the palatine resembles a widely known snud.

How to tie a tippet on the head?

Often the tippet is tied not only around the neck, but also is used instead of a headdress. It will be appropriate in the hot summer heat, instead of a hat or a hat, and during a period of cool windy weather. Warm soft palatine on the head, in winter will become an unusual decoration and protection from frost. Preferring a trivial cap stole, it will be easier for a woman to keep her hair, its volume and shape, even in the winter cold.

There are also enough options to tie a scarf to the headpiece: a scarf, a turban, traditionally throwing it over the head and throwing loose ends over the shoulders or tied around the neck. Everyone chooses to taste and according to the style of clothing. So how else can you wear a tippet?

How to tie a tippet on his head - method 3

Palatine is thrown over the head, align the ends (along the length), tie a knot in the back, on the back of the head (like a kerchief). If the length of the palatine allows, you can (before making a knot) to wrap the ends of the scarf around the neck again.

How to tie a tippet on his head - method 4

Palatine is thrown over the head, aligned ends (in length), tied at the back of the head (optional) and twist the tippet into a tight braid that is wrapped around the head. To fix the scarf, a decorative knot or bow is made in front or side.

How to tie a tippet on his head - method 5

Fold the tippet along, wrap their head, ends to the back of the head. Gathering the ends in soft warehouses, tie a tight three-dimensional knot. Loose ends can be left on the back or wound around the neck. Fashionable and stylish look braid wrap stole or hair bun.

How to tie a tippet on his head - method 6

Fold the tippet along, wrap their head, ends to the back of the head. Wrap your head around your forehead, forming a “turban”. The ends of the scarf are tied on the forehead or led back, fixing on the back of the head.

The photo shows several options for the formation of "turban" of stole.

By the way, such a universal way to tie a tippet on your head is convenient not only in summer, but also in winter. Suffice it to choose a warm and soft scarf.

How to tie a tippet on the neck - method 1

The edges of the stole are twisted from behind, forming a volume loop in front. First, one free end is tied to the side (on the shoulder) in a knot, hide the tip. Then the same manipulation is carried out with the second end. Palatine gently straightened on the chest.

How to tie a tippet on the neck - method 3

Palatine put on the neck, tie one knot at each end. Arrange the nodes asymmetrically, one above the other. Tie loose ends, twist the scarf back. Peep ends hide under stole, in the loop of one of the nodes. Beautifully form the folds.

How to tie a tippet on the neck - method 4

Dress the stole on the neck, align the edges. Tie the ends of the scarf in a knot. Twist the tippet and thread the head through the hole. Depending on the length of the canvas, the scarf may fit tightly around the neck or fall slightly over two tiers on the chest.

How to tie a tippet on the neck - method 6

Wind the tippet around the neck, leaving the hanging ends on the chest. At one end to make a light, loose knot into which to thread the second free edge of the stole. The asymmetry of the location of the node looks beautiful and spectacular in any image.

How to wear a tippet with a coat?

Fashion stoles are indispensable complete with outerwear: coat, fur coat, jacket. Sometimes, a scarf is quite simple and chaotic to throw on the shoulders or slightly throw one edge behind the back, and the image will be fashionable and creative. Sometimes women of fashion tightly twist a scarf around a neck or fix a belt the hanging long ends of a palatine.

Increasingly, the tippet is becoming a central element in the outfit of a girl, such as in the photo. Throwing a spectacular scarf over his shoulders, he gently straighten and fix the belt along the waistline.

Options - the mass. It all depends on the mood, the model of outer clothing and the coat itself.

Warm "cozy" stoles that warm the neck on cold days fit the upper winter clothes. Coloring "in the cell" - the trend of the fashion season.

So, to learn a variety of ways to tie a tippet, you need only practice and a little patience. Presented step-by-step photo and video master classes will help to easily master the art of tying tippet.

How to wear stole, photo

Ways with a warm stole

The first option clearly demonstrates how to tie a tippet under a coat or fur coat.

Trench coat

The scarf folds in half, then it covers the neck. On the one hand there will be two ends of the cape, and on the other - a free loop. The tips are pulled through the loop and aligned. This option is called basic. It built most of the other ways.

Base node

Under a vest with a small collar or jacket, a twisted loop will look more advantageous. For this, the shawl is twisted and shifted in half. At this stage, the handkerchief should fold into a harness. Further actions repeat the algorithm of the basic ovary. This knot is called a necklace.

Knot stole necklace

To warm in cool weather will help stole, tied by the method of stylish weaving. To do this, throw a scarf over the shoulders and tie a loose knot on one side. The opposite end is pulled into its loop. The fabric stretches and stretches along the silhouette.

Stylish knot for the stole

If you do not know how beautifully to tie a tippet on a jacket, try the drapery technique. First, a scarf is thrown over the head, in the form of a cap or a kind of turban. The ends are crossed behind the neck and lead forward. After the product falls on the shoulders. The result will be a very light and airy knot, beautifully emphasizing the chest.


Such a waterfall can be tied up and a warm thick cloth stole. To do this, he leaps on his shoulders, and the ends are tied together by a double knot. After the shawl is slightly pulled up so that it is convenient to fill the tips for a jacket, coat or cardigan. The result will be a kind of shawl from a wide scarf. Particularly interesting this way looks on knitted downy products. Such a knot can be worn in front of the chest or slightly moving it to the side, creating an effect of asymmetry.


To beautifully tie a tippet around the neck, you need to wrap a scarf around it, so that the ends are crossed behind. Now one end is not completely necessary to stretch through the necklace around the neck, and the other end is pulled out into a new loop. Double weaving is formed. Such a knot will be appropriate to look both in the evening and in everyday look. To make the accessory look more magnificent, it needs to be slightly straightened.

Double weave

Weaving infinity will help to stylishly tie a long tippet. This is the easiest option that is suitable even for novice fashionistas. The scarf is thrown over the shoulders, and its ends are tied at the front with a double knot. The big loop is twisted and two half loops are formed, one already on the neck, and the second winds up behind the head. It will be a very light and free image, perfectly suited for a silk or cotton scarf.

Knot infinity for stole

The following method will help beautifully tie a tippet on a coat in winter. It is very easy to learn it: first, the base knot is tied, then external corners stand out at the ends, which spread to the shoulders. They are bandaged behind his back, after which the image can be considered complete. This is a great option in cold weather, when you have to be dressed not only fashionable, but also warm.

Coat knot option

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Ways for a light stole

You can tie a tight scarf in any of the ways described, but the summer one does not. To beautifully wear a silk stole or crochet shawl, you can use the options described below.

How to tie a silk tippet

In the first case, the handkerchief folds in half lengthwise and slips over the neck so that a loop forms in front. The free ends are symmetrically stretched through this loop on both sides, and then gently pulled down. So you can tie a cape not only under a demi-season jacket, but also under a dress or a light trench coat.

Knot for summer stole

To tie a lightweight tippet, it is necessary to repeat the method described above and fill the tips inward. The resulting loops are straightened and slightly stretched - this will make them marshmallow-air. Such a knot can be worn front or side.

Double node stole

Scarves tied with a figure eight or a pigtail look very nice. This original weaving option is suitable for any fabric. But the most interesting it looks on thin scarves.

Pigtail knot scheme

Step-by-step instruction with a photo, how beautifully to tie a tippet with a pigtail:

  1. The scarf folds in half, as for the base node, but only one end is initially pulled through the main loop, Pigtail knot
  2. After the loop is twisted and the rest is pulled into it, Double loop
  3. The tips are aligned, and the node itself is slightly stretched to create a negligent effect. Palatine braid

Properly drape lightweight tippet will help a small transparent gum. She pulls the center of the shawl, after which the cape turns over onto the front side and folds up with a triangle. The ends are wound around the neck, cross over there and stretched out onto the chest. After they refuel under the main part of the cape.

How to tie a tippet with a rubber band

You can tie a tipple around your neck to complement your office look! To do this, use the classic scheme for tying a male accessory. To make the image not look too strict, the women's scarf is complemented with a brooch.

Palatine tie

Any girl will like a way to knit a corner or "under a kerchief." It is incredibly simple, but it looks just amazing. Palatine folds in half and throws on his chest, its ends are on the back.

Tie a tippet with a triangle

There they need to dress with each other and release forward. To make the corner more noticeable, the tips hide under it. So you can wear an accessory with almost any clothing (T-shirts, jackets, dresses, cardigan, etc.), and this option is suitable for a winter shawl.

How to tie a tippet with a ring and clip

Even the thickest tippet can be interestingly tied up with clips or rings. The only thing that is important to remember is: the diameter of the fixing part must correspond to the density of the scarf, otherwise nothing will come of it.

Beautiful pendant for stole

The easiest option: take a winter shawl, throw it over your shoulders and highlight the middle of each side. The center piece is pulled through the clip by Susan (or chair) to create a cute bow. The clamp is fastened and the product is twisted on its side so that the bow is not at the center, but at an angle.

How to tie a tippet with a clip

With a ring it is very easy to make out scarves with a fringe. The ends of the palatine need to bind around the neck and release in front. A wide ring is put on the corners, after which the ends are twisted through the accessory twice. The cape straightens out, and the ring is draped with fabric so that it is not visible. Fringe must be corrected, otherwise it will crumple and give the image a sloppy look.

Option design for the stole with fringe

On the down jacket is now very possible to tie a tippet Louis Vuitton. Its main difference from the rest is the shape (it is square) and the small metal buckles on the ends. To tie it, the accessory is folded diagonally and tosses around the neck, like a scarf. After its ends are displayed on the chest, and the front of the bend is raised to close the lower part of the face. This method is especially good in windy or dank weather, because it protects against the penetration of cold air into the respiratory tract.

Shawl Louis Vuitton

Jackets with a hood easily put on a tippet with a buckle and double weaving. The scarf is thrown behind the back, and its ends are pulled in front through the ring and twisted twice. After they are pulled back where they need to be tied with a double knot. To simplify the task of shawl, you can sew buttons and sing - this will allow you to create a unique image in a matter of minutes.

Tippet with jacket

As fixers, you can use many handy objects: rubber bands, brooches, finger rings, and even hoops. With a hoop, by the way, there is a very good image in the style of boho. An accessory is worn around the neck and a handkerchief is twisted around it. After the ends are tied together and hooked under the main part of the fabric - this will make them inconspicuous. We advise you to try to make such a look at a beach party.

Circular stole

With rubber bands, a unique drape is created without complex twisting patterns. To do this, the shawl simply covers the neck, and the ends in front are pulled with rubber bands in several places. After the end of the manipulations, the fabric necessarily finishes so that the fastenings are not visible.