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Top 10 incredible stories of people who won the lottery


Lotteries today are incredibly popular and for good reason. First, this is the easiest way to get easy money. Secondly, the minimum risk, since the cost of the ticket is insignificant or varies within reasonable limits. Thirdly, everyone wants to check how much he is a pet of fortune. There is a huge number of organizations that organize games of this kind. In their diversity is easy to get lost, because everyone prefers the lottery in which to really win.

The top 10 includes the best lottery games that do not guarantee, but increase the chances of monetary success.

Spanish game La primitiva ("La Primitiva") opens the top ten most successful lotteries. The history of "La Primitiva" begins in 1736, when the first rally was held. The organizer has an excellent reputation, which has never been convicted of fraud. All winnings are regularly paid to the winners for the past several centuries. Become a participant in a gambling event can be not only a citizen of Spain, but also any inhabitant of the planet. To do this, it will be enough to buy a ticket online. Only persons over 18 are allowed to participate, otherwise the prize will be canceled. The minimum jackpot amount is $ 1.5 million. During the entire existence of La Primitiva, the most successful lucky winners have received amounts of 24 million euros (2005), 2.5 million euros (2008) and 4.53 million euros (2009). Before you buy a ticket online, you need to be sure of the reputation of intermediaries, as on the Internet you can face scammers. In order to become the owner of the main prize - the jackpot, you need to match 6 numbers out of 49 in your ticket. For other prizes, it will be enough if 3, 4 or 5 numbers match.

Megabucks ("Megabucks") - one of the most popular American lotteries, which is famous for its frequent wins. Statistics state that every 50th participant becomes a winner in every draw. The largest amount of the jackpot, which was recorded in Megabucks was 30 million dollars and was won in 2004. In order to become the winner of the game and to break the main prize, you need to guess 6 numbers out of 48. You can try your luck with the help of “Megabucks” three times a week. The event takes place with the mandatory participation of the Commission, which control the holding of the draw. Winners of the draw can receive 60% of the amount won immediately, the rest will go to pay taxes. The second option is to receive the winnings in parts for 26 years, but without losing 40%.

Mega Millions ("Mega Millions") - one of the US state lotteries and the most reliable. In 2012, Mega Millions became the champion among other lotteries in the entire history of gambling. This happened, thanks to the jackpot amount of which amounted to 656 million dollars. In order to become the owner of a round sum, a participant must guess 5 numbers out of fifty in one playing card and 1 number out of 46 in the second. The winners of secondary prizes are those who could guess 5, 4 and 3 digits. Mega Millions conducts a circulation twice a week, and anyone can take part.

Pawerball (“Powerball”) is the most popular American gambling game. The probability of winning secondary prizes is 1 to 38, that is, every 38 participant wins the lottery. With regards to the main prize, the jackpot, the chances of success drop significantly and amount to 1 to 292,201,330. The minimum size of the "big sum" is 40 million dollars. The biggest prize fund was broken in Pawerball in 2013 and amounted to 590 million dollars.

«Bingo"- one of the most popular Russian lotteries. Of course, it can not boast such fantastic cash prizes, as in the American lotteries, but still people win here quite often and good money. The maximum jackpot amount in Bingo was 30 million rubles. In addition to cash prizes, real estate and cars are played here. The super prize here can get the one who before all the others on the playing field match all 15 numbers. The game is held once a week on Sundays with the participation of the draw commission.

«Sportlotto- one of the youngest gambling organizers. It consists of two draw lotteries: “6 out of 49” and “KENO-Sportloto”. The first is held once a week, the second - every day, at midnight. In “Sportloto 6 out of 49” a member who has correctly determined all 6 digits can become the happy owner of several millions. Consolation prizes in this game are waiting for players who were able to determine only 3 numbers out of 49. The principle of the second lottery is to guess the largest possible number of correct numbers in the bet. The biggest gain here is 10 million rubles.

Lottery company Russian Railways can bring a substantial amount of money to a train ticket holder. For this, it is recommended to purchase a special sticker with the train ticket. After that, you automatically become a member of the next draw. The biggest gain recorded here was about 12 million rubles. The super prize is received by that participant of the lottery, in which all the numbers of the playing combination coincide with the numbers of the railway ticket. All information about the circulation is mandatory published on the company's website.

«Golden Key"- one of the most popular and favorite games of Russians. In each draw, its participants have a chance to get a cash prize, real estate or a car. The owner of the main prize of several million can be the one who coincided in the playing field the first five balls of the lotto. Participants who have previously closed one horizontal line with numbers will also get a big win.

«Russian lotto»Enter the top three of the most popular lotteries of Russia with a good reputation. Those who want to take part in the game must purchase a ticket for a symbolic amount of 50 rubles and wait for the draw. In addition to cash prizes, real estate is also played out here. The biggest jackpot that was won here was 29 million rubles.

«Gosloto"- the honored leader among the existing Russian lotteries. It is here that recorded the largest gains in the history of licensed gambling in Russia. The most impressive jackpots that the participants managed to wreck make up 100 million rubles (2009), 35 million rubles (2009) and 60 million rubles (2013). Gosloto is considered the largest organizer of lottery games by the number of prizes and participants in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Winnings by truck number

The first millionaire on our list is the 58 year old Stephen Chica the gain of which amounted to 1 million pounds. The lucky winner bought a lottery ticket at the supermarket, where he went shopping with his father on a personal truck (Stephen is a truck driver).

And he just rewrote the lucky ticket number from the number of your truck.

Winning ticket brought 14 homes

Roy Gibney from England, the city of Grimsby, won 7.5 million pounds. With this money he acquired 14 houses near hometown. In the best purchased mansion, he settled himself, enjoying his own green terraces, casino, jacuzzi, lake, gym, summer houses and the lake in which he fishes.

By order of a multimillionaire in his garden built a huge chessboard where he plays an ancient game with his friends. And next to it is a swimming pool, at the bottom of which big numbers his winning numbers.

Charity winnings

Content Margaret Lauri was only 58 pounds a week, but that all changed in her life when Margaret made a lotto sum 27 million pounds!

However, the lady gave the lion's share of her winnings to various funds of charitable organizations, namely for good purposes she left 26 million pounds. Hopefully, Margaret's kindness was appreciated with dignity.

The driver won the money and spent all on cars

And this is already Sharon Tirabassi - single mother who lived in a small rented house and worked as a driver on the bus. But she had this kind of life until Sharon won more 10.5 million dollars.

After the woman became a millionaire, she had a big house, several expensive cars, and also she began to wear exclusively branded clothes. At Sharon's house, parties became a frequent occurrence; she loved to travel.

Unfortunately, money is fast are over. Now the woman is a bus driver again and lives in a modest home. However, she managed to put her non-disclosed amounts to her six children.

Winner's greed

In 1993 Susan Mullins became the owner 4.2 million dollars thanks to one of the lottery draws. However, this case was unprecedented because the woman did not want to withdraw the full amount at once, but took it piecemeal for several years.

Susan became so accustomed to the luxurious life that her needs were increasing, and the money issued was sorely lacking. She borrowed large sums of money. When her own 4.2 million. Susan dried up, the bank from which she borrowed money, she sued her for 154 million dollars!

Big scavenger gain

Working as a scavenger, Mike carroll in 2002 won the lotto 15 million dollars. Then Mike completely relaxed and plunged into the world of entertainment, expensive cars, dissolute life and cocaine. But as you know, money loves the account. Wealth sufficed lucky exactly for 5 years.

Now Mike Carroll has returned to the work of the scavenger.

The real win that killed a man

Billy Harrpel He was a preacher of one of the churches and worked in a hardware store. He asked God for good luck for a long time, and apparently his prayers were heard: Billy won in lotto 31 million dollars.

He bought several expensive houses and cars for this condition. However, because of the money started quarrel relatives with him. As a result, the preacher went bankrupt and divorced his wife, after which put my hands on myself.

Divorce after winning

Lottery winnings Denise Rossi made up 1.3 million dollars. Already at that time, Denise had a bad relationship with her husband, and after a big win, she decided to quickly divorce without telling her husband anything.

But the husband turned out to be “not a blunder” and immediately suspected something. He collected evidence for two years that his former wife had deceived him and sued him.

U Denise Rossi's former husband sued everything 1.3 million dollars.

Cash win as a curse

This is the case when a person comes to understand that happiness is not in money.

16.2 million dollars - this amount won the lottery William Post. But the money brought him only a series of misfortunes. First made itself felt ex-wife, who decided to sue part of the amount from William.

Then various relatives appeared and not very relatives with your financial problems. And the most distinguished brother new millionaire who hired a hitman in order to get hold of William Post's money.

As a result, William was happy that he was poor but alive.

Seventh place. Dream of childhood

May 29, 2015 in the lottery "6 out of 45" 37-year-old resident of the Kaliningrad region won 126 million rubles. The winner in his childhood was carried away by lotteries, since when they bought the first tickets for him with his grandfather, he dreamed of becoming a famous lottery winner. According to him, the grandfather was very fond of the lottery, and when the prize drawing started on TV, everyone in the house fell silent.

The lucky one promised to spend his winnings on building a playground for all children in the district and, of course, for himself - a big house.

Sixth place. Shock of victory

184 million rubles won in a draw of 735 of 10.02.2014, the lottery "6 out of 45", changed the life of one employee of a construction company from Omsk. The lucky guy spent 800 rubles on the ticket. For three days he did not leave the house, because he was shocked by the winnings. The dream of the winner and the father of three children was to buy a big house by the sea in warm lands.

Fifth place. Anonymous winner

August 2014 and the lottery Gosloto 6 out of 45 brought a gain of 202 million rubles to a 45-year-old resident of Nizhny Novgorod, who was shocked by the victory for a month. The victory cost him 700 rubles. In his interviews, he asked for anonymity, since at first he did not want to tell anyone about the winnings. All he knows about is that he is married and has two children.

Third place. Doctor who does not believe in his luck

On February 27, 2016 in the “State Lottery 6 out of 45” a good luck smiled to the doctor from Novosibirsk, and he won a little over 358 million rubles. The rate cost him 1,800 rubles. Three weeks the winner was going to Moscow for the win, all this time it seemed to him a dream. According to the doctor himself, he checked the ticket six times and could not believe his luck, only by calling the lottery organizer's call center, he was able to verify his victory. The winner himself is not new to the lottery, he played for about 2 years, using his winning formula. In an interview with Stoloto, the NoviShibirek said that he would spend part of the money on charity, as well as on the development of his business and on real estate in Moscow.

Second place. Hype around winning

On May 21, 2017, 364 million rubles were raffled in the “6 out of 45” lottery. The winner was a resident of Sochi, who spent 700 rubles on a mobile application for a bet. The newly minted millionaire is a cultural worker. Because of the huge excitement that had arisen around the win, the family council decided to go for the money all together, but they did not have enough money for the tickets, so the winner did not take the win for a long time. According to her, she wanted to contribute a third of the money to the election fund of a political party of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

More recently, this jackpot was considered the last major lottery win in Russia. But 2017 is rich in records.

First place. Modest retired millionaire

The largest prize in the lottery in Russia belongs to a resident of the Voronezh region, who won a fabulous sum of 506 million rubles in the Russian Lotto lottery. Such a large amount was drawn on November 5, 2017 in circulation 1204, and today it is the largest prize in the lottery in the history of Russia.

The lottery organizers searched for the 63-year-old winner for 2 weeks, as the lucky girl could not believe her luck. “Russian lotto” for the family is the best gift for the holidays, ”the new millionaire notes. The Voronezh pensioner reported that she would spend the money on helping her children and grandchildren, and also donate part of the money to charity.

How will the fate of the winner, whether the win will bring happiness, is not yet known. But already now, threats began to come to her with the demand to share and seek help. In addition, the trip to Moscow cost her dearly, even had to borrow a jacket and boots, because there was nothing to wear.

Money can not buy happiness

The big winnings in the lottery in Russia and abroad were not all brought to everyone only happiness, there are those for whom the winnings turned out differently.

In 2001, unemployed spouses from Ufa became winners in the Bingo Show lottery and won 29 million rubles. However, happiness did not bring a win. Spouses for 5 years spent the entire prize. But the main misfortune was the death of one of the winners due to alcohol abuse. According to one of the versions, new relatives and friends, who asked for money for their needs and soldered their spouses, contributed to everything from nowhere.

The winner of the “6 out of 45” lottery, a resident of the Leningrad region, Albert Begrakyan, who won 100 million rubles, was left with debt to the state after 2 years. Albert invested in real estate, expensive cars, land for the construction of a hotel, but ended up with a debt of 4 and a half million rubles to the state.

In 2006, a single resident of the United States, Abraham Shakespeare, had an incident worthy of any criminal drama. He did not have time to win $ 30 million, as he had many relatives. But the crooks did not stand aside. Shakespeare was approached by one lady who promised to help her properly manage the money. And she ordered: she transferred all the money to her account, and soon Shakespeare himself was found dead with two bullets in her chest.

Jack Whittaker was a successful businessman, family man, was engaged in charity, while in 2002 did not win the big jackpot. Whittaker addicted to alcohol, gambling, abandoned family. For several years, his entire fortune was spent, and the business fell apart.

Jackpots in the lottery world

But even the biggest winnings in the lottery in Russia do not equal the main prizes in the lotteries of the world. Great lovers of lotteries are US residents, because the largest jackpots are played on American lotteries, such as Powerball and Mega Millions. So, the biggest winnings in the lottery in the world belong to:

1. On August 24, 2017, an American in the Powerball lottery won over 758 million US dollars. This is the biggest win of the lottery and lottery in the world, which fell on one ticket. An interesting feature of the lottery is that the prize can be received in parts for 29 years or taken away immediately, but then the amount of winnings will be significantly less (about 2 times).

2. January 16, 2016, three Americans shared an unprecedented gain in the Powerball lottery - $ 1.5 billion. The chance to win was only 1 to 290 million.

3. In May 2014, a resident of the state of Florida won the jackpot of the same Powerball lottery, which amounted to 590 million US dollars.

Как выиграть в лотерею?

Вопрос о том, как выиграть в лотерею, возникает у всех играющих. Нет определенного способа победы. У каждого победителя есть свой секрет успеха, но не каждый готов делиться им. Большинство утверждают, что это просто удача и везение, другие следуют определенным правилам:

  • Играют с развернутой ставкой, т.е. выбирают больше чисел, чем возможно в обычной ставке. Конечно, развернутая ставка предусматривает больше вложений, но шанс выиграть повышается.
  • Участвуют регулярно в лотереях и используют постоянно одну и ту же комбинацию. Wait, when the selected combination will bring a long-awaited prize.
  • They play with friends, the so-called lottery syndicate. In this case, a group of people buys as many one lottery tickets as possible, and if they win, divide everything in half.
  • Use a variety of mathematical formulas.

There are those who believe in happy days, numbers, clothes, talismans. They buy tickets for their birthday, choose significant numbers for themselves in the ticket, use various conspiracies to win.

Statistics of big winnings in the lottery in Russia suggests that every year the number of their participants grows, and the winnings grow. The probability to hit the jackpot is negligible and depends on the specific lottery. For example, the opportunity to win in the lottery "Gosloto 5 out of 36" is about 1 to 367 thousand, in the lottery "Gosloto 6 out of 45" - 1 to 8 million, in the "Russian Lotto" - 1 to 7 million.

If this article encouraged someone to buy a ticket, remember that the winning percentage is very small, play for fun, and maybe you’re lucky.

The content of the article:

  • 1. Fifth place and 4 971 969 000 rubles
  • 2. 4 - a prize fund of 9 778 205 700 rubles
  • 3. EuroMillions - 10,496,379,000 rubles.
  • 4. Lottery in the USA “Powerball” - 29 875 140 000 rubles
  • 5. The largest prize pool in the world - “Mega Millions” - 74,687,850,000 p.
  • 6. Video: Channel One - people whose life has changed the lottery.

More than a dozen EU countries participate in the Eurojackpot lottery, including

  • Denmark,
  • Finland,
  • Estonia,
  • Hungary
  • Germany,
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Lithuania,
  • Latvia
  • Spain
  • Sweden,
  • Slovenia
  • Norway,
  • Netherlands,
  • Croatia
  • and the Czech Republic.

In total, the lottery has twelve prize levels.

The minimum jackpot is € 10 million, and its maximum growth can reach up to € 90 million.

In comparison with other games, the Euro Jackpot is designed in such a way that the main prize more often finds its winner. As a result, the lottery jackpot does not accumulate to such a state as EuroMillions, because it is won more often. The largest jackpot Eurojackpot was drawn on May 15, 2015, the winner from the Czech Republic received € 90 million. In September 2014, the winner from Finland managed to win 61170752 €.

This is interesting: The Eurojackpot lottery prize pool is only 0.0015% of the wealthiest person in the world - Carlos Slim Elu. Learn more about the top richest people in the world at this link.

4th place - Lottery in Italy "SuperEnaloto" - Total prize fund - € 177.8 million, the largest gain - € 177.8 million

SuperEnaloto is the main national lottery in Italy. The game has existed since December 1997. Draws are held on Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays at 20:00, and the jackpots of this lottery are among the largest in the world. SuperEnalotto also holds the record for the period of growth of the prize fund, it lasted 8 months.

The prize pool of SuperEnalotto can easily grow to infinity.

for an unlimited number of draws, which allows it to accumulate huge amounts, and players to win millions of euros. Also, the game is very attractive to players, because the winnings are not taxed, and the winners have the right to demand their winnings in annual payments or a lump sum.

At one of the Venice festivals, SuperEnaloto tickets were bought by Madonna and George Clooney, the first even won € 120,000. And the biggest lottery jackpot in October 2010 reached € 177.8 million, which equals $ 247 million. He became the second jackpot in Europe.

They even several times reached a half billion dollars.

The final win in this game due to the presence of an additional win multiplier, called Megaplier, can be increased up to five times.

Mega Millions players are offered to win in nine different categories, the draw is held every week on Fridays and Tuesdays at 23:00. This game went down in history forever, changing the idea of ​​the jackpot, because in March 2012 the amount of the main winnings reached $ 656 million. This jackpot was the largest in the history of lotteries!

Someone wins millions in the lottery, and someone still watches the rapidly changing prices for buckwheat. If you are of the latter, then this article will clarify why the price of cereals fluctuates.

Jack Whittaker

This person is the owner of the largest lottery win in the States in the history - as much as 315 million dollars. And Whittaker was far from the poorest man - at the time of such a joyful event, he served as president of one of the large building corporations. However, the day you bought your ticket did not make Whittaker happier. Jack decided to take the winnings not in parts, but immediately entirely. After the deduction of taxes, the amount on his hands remained almost three times less than the initial gain — only 113.4 million dollars.

As befits a decent Christian, ten percent of this amount Whittaker transferred to the fund of charitable religious organizations. He also presented the saleswoman a happy ticket with a car and a house.

But on this white line in the life of Whittaker ceased. Jack was arrested several times for driving while intoxicated. In the summer of 2003, thieves infiltrated his car and stole nearly half a million dollars. In January 2004, he was robbed again for 200 thousand dollars. And in the same year, Whittaker was arrested - the reason was the threat to kill the manager at the bar, where he was a regular drinker.

And the last straw was another robbery - now Whittaker’s bank accounts have suffered. In September 2006, burglars for counterfeit checks cleared all bank accounts of the former lucky one. That was the sad end of the biggest lottery win.

Brad Duke - Smart Winner

But there is the opposite story - and this is the gain of Brad Duke, who worked as a manager in Ohio. He approached the received money much more rationally. The sum of 85 million dollars, which was one of the biggest winnings in the lottery, was divided into several parts. Duke 45 million invested in the securities of those companies where the risk of losses was minimal and profits were highest. Another 35 million decided to invest in companies with high risks, but oil and gas corporations are big income. For those 5 million that remained, Duke went with friends to Hawaii, paid for his studies and housing loans.

Juan Rodriguez win

Another one of the biggest winnings in the lottery went to a native of Colombia named Juan Rodriguez. The amount was as much as $ 149 million.

Rodriguez worked as a guard, and the constant lack of money was the reason for the ongoing scandals with his wife. At that moment, when poor Juan had only one dollar left in his pocket, the sum of his debts was already about 44 thousand dollars. It was then that he decided to try his luck and get a lottery ticket. However, this story was clouded only by the fact that ten days after the win, Juan's wife filed for divorce. In court, the ex-wife said that he "could have won more."

Generous vietnamese

The biggest prize in the lottery in the world, inherited the oldest winner, was 310 thousand dollars. This amount went to a 97-year-old old man from Vietnam named Nguyen Van Het. He spent almost all his conscious life in need. No one expected from the old peasant that he would decide to play the lottery.

He bought the lucky lottery ticket with the money that his relatives gave him. Immediately after it became known about the winners, neighbors began to gather around his house. The old man was so happy that he started handing out money to everyone. So that he did not remain without money, the authorities had to intervene.

Pensioner from South Carolina

One of the biggest winnings in the lottery for all the time went to a resident of South Carolina, Solomon Jackson. He won 260 million dollars in a lottery called Powerball. The pensioner decided not to announce his plans for the future. The only thing known about the winner is that he worked as an employee all his life and retired in 2000. The amount that went to Jackson was the largest lottery win in the history of the Powerball. The pensioner bought a lucky ticket for only $ 2 at a gas station.

The Story of Ralph and Mary Stabbnis

This story is one of the darkest examples of a series of serious setbacks following monetary luck. The couple became the winner of the American lottery called Mega Millions in 2005. It was one of the largest winnings in the lottery held by the company - $ 208 million. The couple chose to first pick up the smaller part, which was allowed by the rules of the lottery - 125 million. The remaining amount was to be paid to them for several decades. The Stabbniks planned to pay off their debts, purchase a farm, invest the won money in keeping and breeding cows and leading the way of life of ordinary provincials until the end of days.

Mary and Ralph lived together for 23 years, they had three children. Both of them immediately after the win left their previous jobs - Ralph was an ordinary worker in a mining company, and Mary received about $ 7 an hour as a saleswoman. However, the winnings did not make the pair happy. In the fall of 2006, Ralph Stabbnis was accused of attempting to kill his daughter's friend and possession of weapons. In less than two months, he died of a heart attack.

Lucky combination

Another Mega Millions lottery jackpot was not so unhappy. He was divided between two winners - a resident of Washington named Jim McCular and who wished to remain an unknown resident of Ayhado State. 380 million dollars - so in 2011 was the biggest prize in the lottery in the world. What numbers fell to these lucky ones? It was a sequence of numbers 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and 42. Residents of the United States noticed that this series was repeated several times in episodes of the Lost series (Lost). In the story, they also brought the hero of the series by the name of Hurley luck in the lottery.

The story of a poor waitress

However, most often a lottery prize brings bad luck to its owner. So it turned out with a waitress from Las Vegas named Cynthia Jay. She decided to go to the casino after work. A lot of money was not going to leave in the machines - in her hands was only $ 27. Cynthia decided to play a lottery called "One-armed Bandit." Gradually lost one dollar after another and was about to leave. Suddenly there was a loud sound all over the casino, which informed all visitors about winning the jackpot.

The amount that Cynthia managed to win was about $ 35 million. In order to earn this money, working as a waitress, she would need 1165 years. However, the luck did not last long. Less than a few months after the win, Cynthia got into a serious car accident. The poor girl was in a wheelchair. Later, she stated that she would give all the money, just to walk again and work as a waitress.

Lottery in the USSR

In Soviet times, the lottery did not bring such misfortunes. Perhaps this was because they did not win astronomical sums - lotteries were created mainly for the development of the economy. One of the most popular lotteries of the past was the Sprint lottery (USSR). The biggest win was then 10 thousand rubles. In the first four days after the launch of the lottery, 2 million tickets were sold out. Their cost was 50 kopecks. or 1 ruble. It was possible to win and the car "Volga", which was much more interested in the Soviet lottery lovers.

Also in the era of the USSR were very popular sports lottery - "Sportloto", "Sportprognoz". It is believed that these drawings were the first type of bookmaking in the open spaces of the USSR. Prizes that lottery ticket buyers received were often in short supply — televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and sewing machines.

Big luck

Sometimes just such a happy event can solve a lot in your life. The same happened to those who once wanted to play the lottery.

1. God is with you. February 11, 2012 Louise White from the US state of Rhode Island became the owner of the state in 336 million dollars. All the time she reliably hid her lucky ticket in the Bible, which she did not let go of even in her sleep. Having received her winnings, the woman founded a financial company, with which she makes a steady profit.

2. Married couples who are lucky. In October 2005, there were two winners in the famous American Powerball lottery - the Cheney couple from Oregon, and their daughter and her husband, Caroline and Steve West. The total amount of the jackpot was 340 million dollars and was divided in half.

The lucky ones admitted that they spent mere pennies on the tickets that Francis Cheney's mother bought, and soon turned out to be fabulously rich. Their first major purchase was a large house of 2000 sq.m.

3. Hot Dog Giving. At the beginning of May 2000, the Big Game found those who wanted to spend huge amounts of money for their pleasure. Each of the two winners wanted to cash out the winnings, and the amount of $ 182 million put to both was halved after taxation.

One of the winners admitted that he was not going to play at all, it’s just that the seller of hot dogs didn’t have any money for change, and he gave a lottery ticket.

4. Difficulties behind. In 2012, a resident of Arizona and the state of Missouri divided the power ball jackpot in the amount of 580 million. The latter - a married couple Mark and Cindy Hill, experienced at that time not the best of times. The woman was out of work for two years, and the head of the family worked at the factory. But the gift of fate changed everything.

5. Old age is a joy. In the same game, the lucky 84-year-old resident of Florida Gloria MacKenzie in 2013. Probably, the man who kindly missed the old woman in the queue, for a long time regretted it, because luck could have smiled to him.

Before picking up her jackpot, the woman consulted with the lawyers, and decided to receive the full amount at the same time. After paying taxes, it decreased from $ 590 million to as much as $ 200 million, but so far this is the largest amount issued to one person.

6. Pleasant holidays. Having decided to rest with his family, the usual trucker Steve Tran went to San Jose. It was there that he purchased a ticket that enriched it by as much as $ 648 million in December 2013. A store in which Steve made a purchase, the lottery organizers awarded a bonus of 1 million.

If luck has not smiled at you all, then, as advised by the lucky ones, do not give up trying to catch her by the tail. After all, every day we are given a lot of chances and opportunities, and our task is to use them with maximum benefit.