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All you need to know about lipstick for eyebrows


There are so many types of eyebrow cosmetics that you can make up a separate cosmetic bag. Are they all needed? How about one, the most functional? Lipstick for eyebrows just claim to this title. Tell us why

Text: Editorial Makeup.ru July 24, 2017

What is eyebrow lipstick?

Until recently, such a concept as lipstick for eyebrows, the beauty industry did not know. But nevertheless she appeared among specialized pencils, shadows and gels. This is a relatively new makeup tool that is rapidly gaining popularity. Eyebrow makeup lipstick is a cream-colored stick with a rich pigment. This makes it a tool for all occasions: thanks to these properties, lipstick is able to give the eyebrows and color and shape. With it your eyebrows will look as well as possible. In addition, lipstick for eyebrows is sometimes a multifunctional tool - it can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as eye shadow, a sculptor and eyeliner.

What is the advantage of lipstick for eyebrows?

When we use a regular eyebrow pencil or a shadow, they immediately give a visible effect, they look quite bright and often quite unnatural on the eyebrows. And lipstick for eyebrows just solve this problem, giving the eyebrows a natural shade. Due to its creamy texture, it gently rests on the eyebrows and gives a beautiful shade that will stand steadily throughout the day.

Eyebrow Lipstick: How Does It Work?

  • Firstly, due to the pigmentation, lipstick is ideal for color correction of eyebrows. But the texture of lipstick, as a rule, is light, translucent, and not dense, so the effect of eyebrows, stencilled with a marker, you can not be afraid.
  • Secondly, the creamy consistency of the lipstick, when applied to the eyebrows, fixes their shape - it kind of puts the hairs in the right direction and helps them maintain this position throughout the day.
  • Thirdly, the same texture of lipstick helps to give the eyebrows more volume. The tool envelops the hairs, making them more dense, which allows to obtain such a result. And the thickness of the eyebrows visually gives due to the fact that it fills the "voids" between the hairs with color.
  • It turns out that only one lipstick can create a complete eyebrow makeup. In addition, it will look very natural, which cannot be expected from the use of pencils and shadows - especially if the novice is working with them, and not the pro.

Elie Saab © fotoimedia / imaxtree

This, of course, the benefits of lipstick for eyebrows are not exhausted.

Eye & Brow Maestro from Giorgio Armani and Brow Drama Pomade from Maybelline New York do just that.

It turns out, lipstick - a tool with which you can safely experiment. But if we are talking about eyebrow makeup, there is a very specific procedure to be followed in order to get the perfect result.

Lipstick for eyebrows: how to choose a shade?

When choosing a color, you, first of all, should consider hair color.

  • If you have a golden blond, choose the means of sand shades. And for blondes with a “cold” shade of hair, lipstick for brows in taupe color is more suitable. In no case do not grasp the brown - with their makeup, most likely, it will turn out unnatural.

Brock Collection © fotoimedia / imaxtree

  • The ideal option for blond-haired girls is the taupe shade: it is universal, it has either “warm” or “cold” undertone, and does not give a redhead. But makeup artists recommend working with him carefully - and making strokes light, staccato, with a little pressure.

Jill Sander © fotoimedia / imaxtree


  • Brunettes and girls with brown hair just fit lipstick for brow brown hue - and those that are a tone lighter than the hair, soften facial features, and those that are, on the contrary, darker, make the makeup more vivid and dramatic. If the hair color is not “warm”, but “cold”, choose products with a gray shade.

Cushine et Ochs © fotoimedia / imaxtree

  • In girls with black eyebrows, only one option - a means for eyebrows of the same shade. Do not give preference to dark brown colors - in this case, either eyebrows or hair will look unnatural.

  • Carefully look at the shade of hair: if it is fiery red, pay attention to the means for eyebrows of terracotta color. To girls with a soft, close to brown shade of redhead, make-up artists recommend using the same tools as brunettes - more earthy, brown.

Nicholas K © fotoimedia / imaxtree

How to store and wash off lipstick for eyebrows?

  • Like all color cosmetics, eyebrow lipstick should be stored in a place far from sunlight and moisture - then it will serve you for the entire shelf life.
  • Always close the lid tightly, otherwise the soft cream texture of the lipstick may dry out.
  • To remove makeup with lipstick for eyebrows, use makeup remover, which you prefer, usually - micellar water, and make-up remover milk, and cleansing gel will do.

Eyebrow Lipstick Review

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  • Maria December 6, 20:26 I use Benefit cream-gel, before that I used special shadows from different brands, eyebrow pencils, by the afternoon my eyebrows disappeared from my face (((With Ka-Brow it lasts a long time, very rarely can smudge, I confess I rub my forehead sometimes. I’m waiting for the remedy to finish trying to try a similar L'Oreal novelty. And I’ll choose a lighter shade at the same time. I have not tried the eyebrow tint yet.
  • Natalia December 6, 16:02 Hello everyone! You can write a lot about the legendary quality and variety of cosmetics Giorgio Armani, but my main favorite was and remains the multifunctional tool EYE & BROW MAESTRO EYESHAPE. A variety of shades, creamy, as if moist texture, ease of application and shading (and at the same time remarkable durability) made these magic jars the main favorites in my makeup bag. For myself, I acquired several shades to mix them with each other depending on the required color and place of application. And yet this tool is really multifunctional! Eye makeup, casual and evening, contouring the face, highlighting the cheekbones, and most importantly, underlining the eyebrows - with all this EYE & BROW MAESTRO EYESHAPE handles flawlessly. In our busy days, when there is absolutely no time left for makeup, this tool has become a real discovery for me. The last thing I would like to add, despite the small jar, the tool is incredibly economical and enough for a long time.

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What is eyebrow lipstick

The question that often arises among women who do not follow the cosmetic innovations - what is lipstick for eyebrows, and what is its purpose? Nothing in common, as many women believe, who first heard about an innovative product, does not have lipstick and eyebrows - they differ not only in shade, but also in texture. There are also differences in composition and structure. The application is also significantly different - it will take several workouts that will allow you to get the necessary skills.

Lipstick, designed to adjust the eyebrows - stik with creamy light texture, which is dominated by pigments. Due to the special composition of the tool performs several functions - to give a refined shape, improve and make a more saturated color. The use of new products in the world of makeup allows you to always look well-groomed and beautiful. If necessary, you can use the tool even as eyeliner or eye shadow.

How does lipstick work?

Pigment saturation makes it possible not to worry about the effect of painted eyebrows - a light, almost transparent texture perfectly corrects the color, preventing unnaturalness. Another advantage over the pencil that has not gone unnoticed is the creamy texture that puts the hairs in the right direction and keeps its shape. The good news is that the action will be enough for the whole day, so you don’t have to additionally correct makeup.

The last advantage of the use of funds - ensuring the volume. The preparation envelops each hair, makes it tougher and thicker. Thickness also provides additional quality - visual filling of the voids between the hairs.

The use of lipstick eliminates the use of special shadows, pencils. Only means of proven brands are ways to ensure the desired effect.

Do you know? It’s better not to save money on buying lipstick - cheap ones often blur and look unnatural.

How to use lipstick for eyebrows

Before you begin to make-up, which allows you to look stunning, even without the help of a specialist, it is recommended to figure out how to use lipstick for eyebrows. If it happened to independently use corrective shadows, there will be no particular difficulties. How to apply makeup?

Step by step application:

  1. Before you dye your eyebrows with lipstick, use a pair of tweezers to correct the shape with a special brush to put the hairs in the right direction.
  2. Vertically cut the beveled brush (used to draw arrows) to draw contours along the bottom of the eyebrow. If it did not work out, remove the drawn line, and train until the perfect shape is obtained.
  3. To shade a wide brush means, to make up eyebrows, trying to achieve a uniform layer.
  4. If the eyebrows are thin, it is better not to blend, but it is easy to draw lines with a thin lipstick pencil.

Do you know? If the hairs form is not fixed enough, it is recommended to use mascara or a special gel.

How to choose a shade by hair color

Much depends on how perfectly you managed to choose a lipstick that will match the shade of the hair. There are a lot of secrets on how to choose a cosmetic novelty, so it's better for women to spend a little time and figure out the basic tricks.

For blondes

Pick up lipstick for eyebrows blonde women is easy. It is recommended to use cold tones. It looks great on a background of white hair with a beige shade, but also gray or ash-olive colors no less effectively emphasize the sophistication of the makeup. The brown palette for owners of light curls is not suitable - the eyebrows will look unnatural.

Owners of blond curls are recommended not to experiment with different palettes and choose a means of shade of dark caramel. This tone will effectively highlight the eyebrows, emphasize their shape, give the eyes depth and expressiveness.

For chestnut

How to choose the tone of lipstick for women with chestnut color strands? It is recommended to pay attention to warm chocolate. Dark maroon palette looks just as effective. Be sure to take care that the shade of lipstick was one or two tones lighter than the curls.

How to use eyebrow lipstick, see the video:

For black

For black hair, the ebony color perfectly matches, but only on condition that the owner of dark curls does not overdo the application of lipstick. Experiments with brown shades are not welcome - naturalness can not be achieved.

The only color that is suitable for owners of red curls is copper. You should not be upset - the palette is so extensive that you have to spend a lot of time on pleasant experiments.

How to wash eyebrow lipstick

Features of the removal should be found out in advance in order to prevent annoying shortcomings. Do not use ordinary water or detergent. It is recommended to use micellar water, cleansing gel or just a familiar makeup remover.

You should not apply force to remove lipstick - there is a risk to provoke irritation. It is better to soak the cotton disk with the preparation abundantly, press it to the eyebrow for a few seconds and easily remove the product.

After the first application, check how the skin responded to the new makeup. If there is a rash or burning sensation on the dermis, it is better to pay attention to another brand - prolonged use of irritating drugs will end with undesirable complications.

Eye & Brow Maestro

Waterproof lipstick for eyebrows from a famous brand allows you to make a full-fledged makeup - at the same time tint eyes. The palette consists of almost two dozen shades. The range allows you to choose the color corresponding to the curls. The advantages of the tool:

  • natural shade
  • easy to apply, shade,
  • for greater saturation it is recommended to apply several layers,
  • convenient brush for drawing in a set.

It is recommended for use by professionals and at home.

Tame & Frame

What are the best eyebrow lip browsers recommended by professionals? Among the abundance of drugs, attention is recommended to draw on Tame & Frame. Light texture allows you to easily distribute the tool on the hairs, securely fix their position, keep the desired shape throughout the day. The only drawback is less than ten shades in the palette. It is recommended to begin your acquaintance with a cosmetic novelty with Tame & Frame - even inexperienced women do not expect difficulties in using it.

Brow drama

Lipstick for eyebrows, like fluff - a little oily, creamy structure is easily distributed along the hairs. The preparation Brow Drama effectively fills in the gaps, perfectly preserves the form, does not spread for a long time. Use at the beginning will force to work a little - the fat preparation is quite difficult to distribute evenly. Spent efforts are compensated by the results - Brow Drama looks very elegant and natural.

Brow Artist

One of the easiest means to apply - a pencil has a retractable stylus on one side and a special brush on the other. It is recommended to owners of thin eyebrows to use a brush, in other cases it will be possible to achieve a greater effect with a pencil. If necessary, preliminarily draw a correction line, only then shade it.

Review real reviews

Women who are used to always look beautiful and stylish will certainly find something to say about the use of lipstick for eyebrows. Seeing this is easy - see the reviews that are full of many forums. The popularity of cosmetic innovations is unquestionable - in almost every response there are flattering words.

Careful examination of the reviews will let you know that women are satisfied not only with the shade and thickness of the eyebrows, which is ensured by the application of the selected agent. Another plus of use is to easily change the contours, which is not always possible with a simple pencil or the corresponding shade with shadows.

The ladies claim that it is quite difficult to cope with makeup at first - it will take a long time to practice. If there is no experience, it is recommended to use special stencils - they will allow you to create the perfect shape, to conduct a fascinating experiment. If the difficulties do not disappear and it is not possible to achieve a smooth tone, it is impossible to draw the perfect lines, you will have to pay a lot of attention to the training. Another way to improve results is to go to a consultation with a beautician and see the sequence of actions.

Negative reviews are extremely rare. Most of them are associated with cheap brands - during the day you have to adjust makeup several times. That is why women who have already seen the effectiveness of lipstick, recommend using only expensive proven brand. Such a precaution will not worry about undesirable consequences.

On the popular eyebrow lipstick, see the video:

Lipstick, which easily allows you to correct the shape or thickness of the eyebrows - an effective novelty, rapidly burst into the world of cosmetology and has become an indispensable accessory in cosmetics bags for women. It is enough to carry out an interesting experiment once, to make sure that you correct the shortcomings of nature with just a few strokes of the brush. Не стоит отказывать себе в удовольствии ухоженно и стильно выглядеть – без помощи косметолога вполне легко создать желанный образ, в котором брови занимают далеко не последнее место!

Многофункциональный продукт

Это даже не продукт «два в одном». Помада для бровей выполняет сразу несколько функций. Она окрашивает волоски в естественный оттенок. Те, кто разрабатывал формулу помад для бровей, учли опыт парикмахеров-колористов. В современные краски для волос включены светоотражающие ингредиенты, благодаря которым локоны выглядят более натуральными. The same components are included in lipstick eyebrows.

Fixing hairs all day is another function of lipstick. This is reminiscent of styling gel wax. Lipstick thickens even very rare eyebrows. With this tool you can simulate the shape and mask the flaws.

Now consider the advantages of lipstick over other eyebrow makeup products. Pencil makes the image too graphical, unnatural. Shadows, on the contrary, give a blurred outline. With lipstick easier than with them, to achieve the desired result. In addition, this tool is able to replace the eye shadow and the base for them, as well as eyeliner. And the price of lipstick is lower than this entire set of cosmetics. One wave brush - and makeup ready.

How to paint eyebrows lipstick eyebrows

This tool is available in a large palette of shades - from the color of the raven wing to the olive blond. To look attractive and natural, it is important to choose the right tone of lipstick. To do this, take into account the hair color and skin type. For a cold subtone, dark brown or black lipstick is suitable without a hint of red. A warm type is recommended to choose a chocolate shade. The eyebrow lipstick pencil will help the beginner to give the desired shape and create a bend. This tool perfectly paints and fixes makeup. However, the pencil has its drawbacks. Its core is too thick, so it is difficult for them to draw the eyebrows with a “string”.

Most manufacturers of lipstick produced in jars. You need to comb your eyebrows with a brush. Ideally, you need to have two brushes. One, with a beveled edge, type the tool, put it on the bottom of the eyebrow. The second brush (synthetic should be preferred natural) you need to shade lipstick on the growth of hairs. We remove excess funds with a cotton pad or a wand.

To make the image expressive lipstick can be applied with a second layer. Waterproofing agents are washed off at the end of the day with micellar water.

Lipsticks for eyebrows are issued and in the form of tubes with gel. They are chosen by professionals. The gel dries for a long time, up to ten minutes. This makes it possible to shade the tool. But then it keeps its shape well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow lipstick

This is the most worthy, but also expensive, sample of all make-up available on the market. There is a jar of the original Anastasia Beverly Hills, as much as two thousand rubles. But the price justifies itself. Lipstick is waterproof, which means that your makeup will not “cry” in the rain or snow. The tool fills all the voids between the hairs, which pleases owners of rare eyebrows. Creamy texture allows you to give the correct form, and natural waxes in the composition of the funds securely fix the makeup.

Those who have oily skin are familiar with the problem of leaking makeup caused by the active work of the sebaceous glands. But Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow lipstick is easy to handle. In addition, this tool is available in a wide color palette. For white-blond blondes, ash-olive is suitable, for brown-haired ones - dark caramel. For brown-haired women with a warm type lipstick is recommended the color of warm chocolate on burgundy undertone. The darkest color - ebony - will suit brunettes. Analogue of American cosmetics "Anastasia Beverly Hills" is Aliexpress Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. This replica costs only 200 rubles.

Lipstick for eyebrows from "Ardell" will help to give the hair the desired shape and fixes this "styling" for the whole day. Why does this tool take the second line in the ranking? It contains a large amount of color pigment with the inclusion of reflective mica, which makes the eyebrows look very natural. This lipstick is multifunctional. User reviews claim that it can replace a pencil, gel and eyebrow powder. With this tool you can correct the contour, color all the space between the hairs and perfectly fix the shape. This lipstick is waterproof. This means that makeup will hold regardless of weather conditions.

This lipstick is produced, like most similar products, in a jar. Included with it are a synthetic brush with a beveled edge, which is so convenient to apply to the hairs and shade, as well as a brush. And this set costs about 800 rubles.

Inglot AMC brow liner gel

This gel lipstick for eyebrows takes the third place in our rating. It is produced in Poland and costs about a thousand rubles. Thanks to the gel texture, the product is easily dialed on the brush, gently rests on the eyebrows, ideally shaded. There is plenty of color pigment in the lipstick, so to create a natural image, users recommend applying the gel with only one layer. Means a little longer than the rest, dries. But then it lasts all day. If the makeup you want to focus on the eyebrows and eyes, you need to spend fudge on the hairs again. The tool is available in jars, which should be tightly closed in order to avoid drying out the gel.

Nyx Tame & Frame

Lipstick for eyebrows "Knicks" suitable for beginners due to its ease of use. It lies on the hairs evenly and in a thin layer. Waterproof fudge well captures the shape of the eyebrows. In addition, the hairs under this tool do not stick together, which creates the most natural image.

Consumers claim to check the stability of lipstick on the beach and in the pool. The unique shape of the product prevents smearing. For a jar of lipstick of the desired shade, reviews recommend buying a brush and a brush with a beveled edge. Last we collect a small amount of the product and apply it on the eyebrows with short strokes. We try to paint over the entire space between the hairs. And then comb the eyebrows with a brush, giving them the desired shape and bend. This tool is made in the USA and costs only 500 rubles.

The well-known American brand in the world of cosmetology did not stand aside and released his lipstick for eyebrows. This product is called "Brow Drama Croyon". It is produced in the form of a plump pencil. There are only three shades available, and all of them belong to warm tones: light blond, brown and dark chocolate. Pencil-stick is conveniently held in the palm, it is easy for them to apply paint, to simulate the shape.

Thanks to the light creamy texture, the Maybelin eyebrow lipstick fits nicely on the hairs, fastens them (but does not glue them) and paints the gaps. Reviews note that such a pencil is closed with a transparent plastic cap. This is the only minus of the product, as it slips off the stick voluntarily. But the price of American lipstick for Meibelin eyebrows is very democratic. A pencil costs 300-400 rubles, and it lasts a long time.

Duet from the brand "Senna"

Many eyebrow lipstick jars include a brush. But the American manufacturer Senna produces its product in the form of a palette. In addition to fudge, it also includes eyebrow shades. There are three kinds of palettes: blond, brown and ebony. First you should apply lipstick. It will give the eyebrows shape, volume, necessary silky texture. And the shadows will give the color, which, as they say reviews, is very close to natural. Both products contain valuable components that care for the skin, nourish the bulb and promote fast hair growth. The only thing that users don't like about Senna Shepper Duo (eye shadow + eyebrow lipstick) is the price. A small palette costs 1900 rubles.

There is also Russian lipstick for eyebrows. Reviews call it the perfect combination of quality and price. It is worth a jar of 750 rubles. But it will be enough for a long time. The product is available in three shades: blond, brown-haired and brunet. Reviews claim that this fudge is simply necessary for those women who are too overdone with plucking eyebrows. Soft creamy texture well fills the gaps between the hairs. However, if you have thick and hard eyebrows, the tool will not look good on them, “hedgehog”. Lipstick is available in a stylish frosted glass jar. The tool should be typed on the brush and immediately shade, as it dries quickly. Reviews claim that the makeup keeps well: does not smear, does not change color and does not flow.

About lipstick for eyebrows

Eyebrow fudge is a relatively new thing in the beauty industry market. The tool combines several eyebrow care products at once: due to the shape of a pencil, it is convenient to bring eyebrows to it, lipstick has a rich color, like shadows, and due to its soft texture, it is well shaded as shadows and fixes hairs.

Important! Due to its special texture, lipstick can replace several cosmetics from a cosmetic bag at once, and using different methods of applying you can experiment with makeup.

How to make a sweet for eyebrows at home

Considering that of all eyebrow makeup products, fudge is one of the most expensive, many women are concerned about how to make eyebrow fudge at home. If you want to test a new product, but there is no extra money, you should try to make it yourself.

All you need is eyebrow shadows and wax or gel to fix eyebrows (if not, you can replace it with petroleum jelly). Powder is made from shadows, and then this powder is mixed with a liquid base. Then place the homemade paint in a suitable storage container.

What to do if the brow lipstick is dry

Fondants in sticks usually live longer, but fondants in glass packages, despite their cost effectiveness, can last for a very short period of time, because they begin to dry out. Therefore, fashionistas and lovers of makeup have a few life hacking to extend the life of this product for make-up:

  • Application with a wet brush. When the fudge has just managed to dry up, you should use a wet, but not too wet brush.
  • Butter. If the fudge starts to dry out, you can dilute it with a few drops of cosmetic oil and mix gently. Fondant will not only heal a new life, but will also take care of the hairs.
  • Food film. This is a way to extend the life of fudge. So that it doesn’t dry ahead of time, before you close it with a lid, you need to apply food wrap, then moisture will not evaporate from the product and it will not dry.

To successfully paint the eyebrows, you need to choose the perfect tool. Each cosmetic product has both advantages and disadvantages. What is better lipstick or eyebrow shadows? One suits only the shadows, another fudge, and someone can use the same with the same success. Definitely not going past the new trends in make-up and appearance care.

How to use eyebrow lipstick

According to experts, this tool will soon replace the usual liners, shadows and bases for them, because using eyebrow lipstick is easy and convenient. It perfectly completes the image, fixing the hairs in the desired position, giving them a natural color and a smooth bend, unlike a pencil, which gives clear and tough lines. The composition of this tool includes reflective components that mimic the natural shades of hair. You no longer have to think about what can replace eyebrow gel. Caring oils and waxes in lipstick help to model the perfect line.

Application Tips:

  1. Before applying any eyeliner on the eyebrows, make a correction, process the skin and give it a little rest.
  2. Use a medium-quality synthetic synthetic bevel brush. Soft will not be able to achieve clear lines, and natural pile spoils from oily substances.
  3. In order not to overdo it with brightness, apply lipstick in 2-3 layers, gradually achieving the desired intensity of staining.
  4. Before applying the tool, brush your eyebrows with a brush and give them a shape, then draw a contour starting from the bottom. It should be shaded to the center to fill in the blanks.
  5. Although lipstick does not clog pores, do not make the layer too dense, because it looks unnatural.
  6. Remember that fudge is an excellent fixative, so your eyebrows will not need additional treatment with gel or protective agent.
  7. Always carefully select the shade, otherwise the makeup will be inharmonious.
  8. So that the tool does not dry out, tightly close the jar and store it in a dark place. In no case do not leave fudge in the sun, because it can crack.
  9. To remove make-up, use a high-quality two-phase agent, as a rule, a waterproof eyeliner is poorly amenable to tonic water, milk and micellar water.
  10. Always keep cotton buds and a cleanser on hand, in case you suddenly smear the contour or incorrectly draw a line.
  11. Never start to draw an eyebrow from the head, it is better to retreat 5-7 mm from the beginning of hair growth. The first touch is always brighter and richer, drawing a line from the nose, you get an unnatural makeup.

Eyebrow lipstick Nyx

Easy-to-use American eyebrow Nyx has an excellent consistency, securely fixes hairs and retains a rich shade for a long time. Among the most popular colors are chocolate and expressive ashen, which are rarely found in other manufacturers:

  • Model name: eyebrow Nyx Tame & Frame Brow Pomade.
  • Price: from 590 p.
  • Characteristics: 5 g, soft texture, waterproof, rich color.
  • Pros: does not dazzle hairs, does not roll down, keeps well even after swimming, does not smear
  • Cons: only 5 shades, difficult to shade.

Inglot - eyebrow lipstick

This tool stands out among the rest for its richness and ease of application. Unlike its competitors, Inglot eyebrow fudge is applied in just one layer:

  • Model name: Inglot AMC brow liner gel.
  • Price: from 900 p.
  • Characteristics: 2 g, dense, non-greasy texture, moisture-resistant, rich color.
  • Pros: economical, large selection of shades, does not give yellowness, does not smear, does not flow.
  • Cons: requires skill, a lot of pigment.

Eyebrow Lipstick Sensation Cosmetics

Under this brand many different products are produced, including decorative cosmetics for make-up and face modeling. Recently, the company released the eyebrow gel eyeliner, which is suitable for shape correction and masking of flaws:

  • Model name: lipstick for eyebrows Sensation Cosmetics brow guru.
  • Price: from 1200 r.
  • Characteristics: 4.5 g, delicate texture, waterproof.
  • Pros: very resistant, not washed off with plain water, can be used for eyeliner.
  • Minuses: it is watery, it is removed only by a two-phase agent, there is no brush in the set, little-known.

Pupa - eyebrow lipstick

Another economical way to create an expressive look is Pupa eyebrow lipstick. It is considered to be ultra-resistant, it is not washed off with ordinary water or tonic, it gives the eyebrows the desired shape quickly and naturally:

  • Model name: eyebrow cream Pupa Eyebrow Definition Cream.
  • Price: from 550 p.
  • Characteristics: 2.7 g, well pigmented, waterproof, does not contain parabens.
  • Pros: low price, complete brush, keeps well.
  • Cons: shades darker than expected, removed only by a two-phase agent.

Ardell - eyebrow lipstick

One of the best price-quality ratio is Ardell eyebrow lipstick. In addition to its main function, it can easily replace pencil, gel and powder, and the high content of pigment gives a bright, rich color:

  • Model Name: Ardell Brow pomade.
  • Price: from 740 p.
  • Characteristics: 3.2 g, light texture, moisture-resistant, rich color.
  • Pros: multi-functional, complete with a brush for feathering and a brush.
  • Cons: mowed brush soft, only 3 shades, gives yellow.

Lipstick for eyebrows Malva

The most economical of all option - lipstick for eyebrows Malva. Perfect if you are not confident in your abilities and want to check if you can handle such a product:

  • Model Name: Malva Gel eyebrow eyebrow fudge.
  • Price: from 200 r.
  • Characteristics: 2.5 g, rich colors, waterproof, light creamy texture.
  • Pros: low cost, long shelf life, does not render yellow, does not spread.
  • Cons: dries quickly, no brush included.

How to choose a lipstick for eyebrows

It is very important to choose the lipstick for eyebrows, because the final result depends on how well it fits. First you need to decide on the consistency: the eyeliner can be creamy or gel. Which of the options to buy, choose from the preferences and reviews. Remember that the creamy texture, unlike the gel, is thicker and stiffer.

When the issue with the consistency is resolved, the most difficult thing remains - the choice of color. Some manufacturers in the palette are only natural shades of 3-4 types, but sometimes this is not enough. For example, Anastasia Beverly Hills has only 3 colors in her collection, none of which is suitable for red-haired girls. To choose the right fudge, use the tester and brush over the hand, not pressing hard. It is advisable to make several strokes of different intensity. It is necessary to evaluate the result in daylight.

Always rely on your hair color and skin tone:

  • For cold blondes shades of ash and cold blond are suitable. Avoid any yellowing.
  • Warm blondes are better to choose caramel, natural brown colors. It is important that the pigment is not too saturated, so the eyebrows will be more natural.
  • Owners of dark hair is perfect black, dark ashen, dark brown color. Черноволосые красавицы могут себе позволить густые и яркие брови, поэтому выбор лучше делать в пользу насыщенных помадок.
  • Рыжим девушкам свой выбор стоит остановить на шоколадных, теплых коричневых, карамельных оттенках. Холодных тонов лучше избегать, если вы не хотите получить эффект тяжелого взгляда.

Уделите внимание не только оттенку, но и составу помадки:

  1. Воск нужен для фиксации бровей.
  2. Масла не только ухаживают за кожей, но и делают средство мягче по текстуре.
  3. Пигменты, они же красящие вещества, придают цвет.
  4. Reflective particles give a light flickering effect, creating the illusion of natural eyebrows.
  5. Parabens in any cosmetics are used as preservatives. They help increase the shelf life of the product.

Eyebrow Tips

We offer you a review of the most popular eyebrow lipstick famous manufacturers. All lipsticks have common characteristics.:

  • water resistance,
  • good fixation of shape and color
  • soft creamy texture
  • ease of application and shading,
  • uniform application.

The composition of this product includes:

  • cosmetic wax,

Lipstick for eyebrows Freedom (Freedom)

Color palette of 11 shades:

  • beige and ash,
  • taupe,
  • red brown
  • muffled brown,
  • caramel brown
  • dark brown,
  • brown,
  • taupe,
  • chocolate,
  • granite,
  • ash black.

How to choose

  • Lipstick is easy to use, but does not allow to create thin lines. Does not require the use of brushes and brushes.
  • Lipstick-gel, which is placed in a tube with a thin sharp tip, which makes it easy to apply. For feathering need special brush.
  • Lipstick cream is a jar of creamy lipstick thatanoes a special brush on the eyebrow.

Large color palette This product will put you before choosing the right shade.

Recommend follow the simple rules:

  • brunettes it is worth choosing a black shade
  • brown hair - chestnut and warm shades of brown,
  • blondes - cold beige and gray tones,
  • ginger - copper shades of brown.

Irina, 22 years old

I chose Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow shade "muted brown." To make the face look harmonious, I did eye makeup, and then set about coloring eyebrows. Lipstick lay flat and without stains, and there were no problems with feathering. I liked that the amount of lipstick can change shades, which I did. I painted the outer corners of the eyebrows in one layer, and made the outer tips brighter by overlaying another layer.

Victoria, 19 years old

I chose the lipstick for eyebrows Meibelin, which is a pencil-stick, thanks to the reviews of my friends. I liked this form of packaging because I do not need to purchase additional brushes and brushes. This lipstick is very easy to apply, it fits well and has a beautiful natural color. I used a brown tint. Until the end of the day, my brows remained so beautiful and well-groomed, not smeared and retained their shape.

Tatyana, 32 years old

Caramel brown lipstick eyebrow Mallow I really liked. I easily applied it with a brush, shaping my eyebrows. I noticed that after drying the lipstick becomes a bit darker, but in my case it looks harmonious. I also want to note that, unlike a pencil or shadow, this lipstick fixes the shape well for a whole day.

Ksenia, 25 years old

I put on my eyebrows with an ash-black lipstick from Freedom. I applied lipstick with a brush, blending over the skin under the hairs. With this lipstick, I gave my eyebrows a beautiful shape and additional volume. Now my eyes look bright, but natural.

Valentina, 36 years old

I put on my eyebrows with brown Letual eyebrow. I want to note that lipstick fits well, dries quickly and does not flow during the day, even in hot weather. The color is a bit bright to me. It turns out the effect of tattoo, and eyebrows do not look very natural.

Alina, 24 years old

I am red-haired, so I chose Letuial to choose a brown-copper shade of lipstick for eyebrows. My natural eyebrows are so bright that they are almost invisible, and because of this, the eyes lose their expressiveness. This tool is applied very easily and quickly dries. Thanks to him, my eyebrows are bright, have a beautiful shape and blend perfectly with the hair color.

Video block on how to use eyebrow lipstick

  • Master class on Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Tips (Anastasia Beverly Hills).

  • How beautiful and to arrange eyebrows fondant Anastasia Beverly Hills (Anastasia Beverly Hills).

  • Video from review on NYX eyebrow lipstick (Knicks) and a demonstration of its application.

  • Eyebrow correction with tweezers and Eyebrow Makeup NYX (Knicks).

  • Overview means eyebrow company Letual with a review and a demonstration of the use of lipstick for eyebrows.

  • Review of lipstick for eyebrows Maybelline (Mebilin) ​​shade of dark blond.

  • Video demonstration Maybelline Eyebrow Tips (Meibilin).

  • Review video demonstration lipstick for eyebrows Malva (Mallow).

  • See, what does Inglot lipstick look like on eyebrows, you can in this short video.

  • Review video about waterproof lipstick Inglot (Inglot), in which you will receive a comparative characteristic with Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick (Anastasia Beverly Hills).

Eyebrow lipstick: how to use it?

  • Firstly, it should be understood that lipstick for eyebrows is a rather strongly pigmented and bright means, therefore, it is necessary to apply it on the eyebrows with minimal portions and very well shade.
  • The best option for applying lipstick for eyebrows is a very thin, bevelled artificial lint brush. Crossed brushes are best suited for drawing bright, graphic eyebrows, as well as for natural ones: the fact is that with such a brush you can even paint hairs.
  • Choose eyebrow lipstick under the shade of your hair. It is advisable for blondes to choose a lipstick half a tone darker than a hair shade, brunettes a half tone lighter, brown hair and owners of brown hair - exactly the same color. The latter also applies to red girls.
  • Begin to paint the eyebrow with lipstick starting from the middle: so that the maximum of color is concentrated in the “body” of the eyebrow, as well as in the fracture and “tail”. It is important that the beginning of the eyebrow remains kind of feathery: after all, not one natural eyebrow begins too abruptly. To shade the color, additionally comb your eyebrows with a special comb.
  • If your eyebrow lipstick has dried up a little, you can reanimate it with face oil, any base oil, or with a special silicone fluid designed to dilute pigments.
  • Dial the minimum amount of fudge on the brush. It is always better to add than to subtract.
  • After you have identified the shape of the eyebrow with lipstick, be sure to fix the result with mascara or eyebrow gel. This will help, firstly, to make eyebrow makeup more resistant, and secondly, it will help to texture hairs, due to which the eyebrow will look more natural.
  • After you have done eyebrow makeup, underline the lower border with a concealer with a brush: the eyebrow will look more complete and neat.
  • Budget eyebrow lip brows - not the best option to buy. Good fudge will serve you more than a year, which means it is worth investing in this item of cosmetics.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to use: it is only important to adjust. A great brush and comb for eyebrows, you can easily find in the range of online store Vobs - at the most affordable prices and in consistently high quality!