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The interior design of the men's room or what men want


In color terms, most men prefer discreet shades. Classic combinations are perfect: white ceiling, beige walls, wooden floor. The curtains on the windows are preferred or light, perfectly transmitting sunlight, or, conversely, thick.

The wenge, popular today, belongs to solid "male" colors. This dark shade is on the border of chocolate and black, and its tone can vary from golden to dark purple. Psychologists say that wenge is very suitable for the interior of a restrained, purposeful person who does not like tinsel and unnecessary talk.

Also, a man will like the interior in brick-brown tones. For example, a warm shade can be used to decorate walls, and a dark shade can be used with furniture and wood. This interior has to rest, talk, get-togethers with friends. Most often, these colors are found in the loft style, beloved by many men. Particular attention should be paid to monochrome interiors. They use several shades of any one color loved by man.

Preferred shapes and details

Male interior is not devoid of detail, in it they are simply much smaller than in the female. Also, each accessory must be not only beautiful, but also functional. For example, spectacular glasses are used for drinking, candles are lit, and pillows must be such that they can both lie down and sit on the floor.

Men pay special attention to materials. The strong floor loves natural, contrasting surfaces. The interior can be combined brick, leather, smooth fur, metal, satin, etc. These nuances will be perceived by a man with a bang.

As for the forms, the man will feel comfortable surrounded by geometrically correct objects. Rectangular frames, round poufs / chairs, square cabinets look very stylish, concise and elegant. The male eye does not like asymmetry. The sympathy of men to geometric forms should be taken into account by girls who want their beloved to move in with them. A strong floor is uncomfortable, not only among pink pads and teddy bears, but also among different sort decorations.

Special male requirements for the interior

Without a doubt, a man will like the interior in the spirit of minimalism, modern or high-tech. Favorably strong sex will react to the ethno style. Designers and psychologists say that men like to use exotic elements in their decoration: flags, horns, stuffed animals, weapons, etc. This reminds them of their power and the “inner hunter”.

On the practical side, men treat lighting as well. They do not understand the feminine passion for pretty lampshades and huge chandeliers with pendants. For work, the strong floor will select a point-like lamp, for general lighting - a concise lamp.

The most common styles of interior design for men

Before planning the design of the room, you need to decide on the style. It all depends on the preferences of a particular person. Of course, no one can forbid a man to hang a crystal chandelier and curtains with pelmets in the room. But it is rather an exception to the rule. Most often the room for guys is made in the following styles:

Contemporary (from the English. Contemporary - "modern")

We can say that this style is a harmonious blend of minimalism, constructivism and simplicity of Scandinavian interiors. There are no strict design rules for “contempo”, and it’s not at all difficult to choose furniture and decor for such a direction. Read more about contemporary style here.

What man does not like new technologies? Various gadgets, new inventions and modern achievements of science have always excited a strong half of humanity. And some even dream of being in space! All these interests can be transformed into an interesting design in high-tech style. And help you in this modern materials (glass, plastic, metal), LED lighting and, of course, technology. The emphasis in the design of the men's room in the style of hi-tech can be done on a steep home theater or game console with a large screen. Why not?

About the loft now did not hear just lazy. Minimal processing of walls, bricks, “Edison lamps” and other factory romance. The atmosphere of the factory or attic will appeal to many men. If interested, we have a separate article about the loft.

And here, for example, the design of a room for a teenager by designer Natalia legko.com

Perhaps the most masculine interior style is brutalism. Very original, rough design for harsh men! Concrete, minimum decor and functionality. The only thing is that brutalism requires large spaces and a minimum of things. Or maybe this is just your case?


A bit of humor:

If you still think that minimalism in the interior is something like that, then you are here.

Minimalism is much more interesting and is perfect for the design of the men's room. Especially if you are limited in space. Functionality and simplicity are the main principles and advantages of this style.

Color solution

As a rule, room for men make out in restrained colors. It all depends on personal preference.

If you need a lot of light and air, white color is suitable for decoration of walls and ceiling.

And if you are comfortable in a dark environment, nothing prevents to paint the walls and even the ceiling black.

To dilute the monochrome gamut, use color accents in furniture and decor.

Adherents of more classic interiors should pay attention to the beige, brown and natural wood color. How to make the interior in a beige tones not boring, read here.

If you want to add brightness to the room, make an accent wall of your favorite color. Usually men choose soothing shades of green or blue. And in order not to overload the interior, paint only one wall, for example, opposite the entrance. So bright saturated color will attract attention, but will not create a pressing feeling.

Beds and sofas

A mattress bed is a simple and original alternative to ordinary boring beds. It takes a lot of space, but it looks very impressive!

If ceilings allow, the bed can be arranged on the mezzanine or the upper tier. The opportunity not to clean the bed can please a potential owner, and romantics will add associations with the attic, a bunk bed from childhood or the top shelf in the train.

Conversely, if there is very little free space, a folding sofa will come to the rescue. It is also a place for receiving guests and an alternative to a bulky bed.

Work zone

The second mandatory area in the men's room is the workplace. Is the young man a student or is already working, does he need a computer, or does he like to make something with his own hands - in any case he will need a workplace in his own room. Consider its location in advance and do not forget about sufficient lighting for classes.

Storage Space

Usually men do not have many things, but they need to be stored somewhere. If you start from simplicity and functionalism, then chests, trellis and huge oak cabinets are not our option. We are heading for closets built into the niche, minimalist shelves and shelves for storing books and personal collections.

Lighting and decor in the interior for men

One boring chandelier in the center of the ceiling will not give the desired effect in the guy's room. In addition, it usually gives insufficient light. It is more practical to use the built-in lights and extra lamps.

By the way, many men do not like curtains or even do not understand why they are needed. In this case, the windows can be decorated with blinds, roller blinds or even do without the decor.

As for the decor - everything is very individual. However, as always. Most often, the walls are decorated with posters with your favorite movie characters or inscriptions, black and white photographs or neutral pictures. Or nothing.

On the floor, you can lay the carpet in the form of someone's skin - a truly masculine accessory! By the way, supporters of Greenpeace can pay attention to these rugs made of faux fur - they look very natural, and animals do not suffer.

Creative bold natures will surely like the original details of the decor. Bright armchairs, the effect of dripping paint or the installation of a real fire in your home will add individuality to the design.

In general, we turn on the fantasy, inspire ourselves with ideas and decorate the men's room with taste! And if you realize that you cannot cope alone, we will always come to the rescue!

Features of the male interior

In the apartment where a single man lives, everything should be at hand. At the same time, housing should not be littered, so when working through the design for such premises, you need to take care of a large number of places for storage. But cabinets should not greatly reduce the room, because most men prefer spacious rooms. Because of this, instead of part of the enclosed cabinets, it is worth hanging several shelves. Male interior is distinguished by simplicity and conciseness of shapes and colors. Usually men do not like the diversity and mixing of different styles, and therefore prefer monotony. In the apartments of representatives of the strong half of humanity, quite often there is a lot of black color, but here it is quite appropriate. Black color in the design often emphasizes the hardness of character, elegance and seriousness of the property owner.

Styles that Bachelors Choose

Bachelor apartments were previously associated with a perpetual mess and a lot of dust, but today everything is changing. Many young men are neater girls, so today housing bachelors different urbanism, comfort and maximum orderliness. Because of this, bachelors when repairing an apartment most often choose the following styles: hi-tech, brutalism or loft. High-tech housing is always fashionable. In such apartments there should be a lot of modern technology and various innovative innovations, for example, automatic sliding doors or smart lamps.

The brutal style of the interior is distinguished by its simplicity, lack of decoration and thoughtfulness. In such apartments there are no unnecessary details, and each thing has several appointments. Loft is no extra walls, it is emphasized rough finish and maximum adaptability. Also for men's apartments the following styles are characteristic:

  • minimalism,
  • modernism,
  • classic,
  • eclecticism,
  • ethnic style, etc.

Men's color palette

Male interior can be made in dark and light colors. The favorite black color may be completely absent. Design trends are such that today there is no typical separation of colors into exclusively feminine and masculine. That is, a man may well decorate a room or bath in pink, but usually other shades are chosen: coffee, cream, sand, amber, olive, gray, purple or indigo. These colors can be successfully combined with each other, as well as make any bright accents on their background. For example, practically acidic red or yellow inserts will look amazing against the background of gray shades. Only you need to carefully select the used palette, since not all colors are successfully combined with each other. By the successful color combinations include:

  • yellow and green
  • gray and blue
  • red and dark gray,
  • beige and blue.

Materials and texture for decoration

Absolutely everything can be used in the interior of a one-room apartment of a young man. Wood, metal, fabrics, leather and even fur can be used to decorate a room. But the surface must be combined with each other. Parquet or laminate flooring is ideal as a floor covering, although in the kitchen and in the bathroom it is possible to limit to tiles. It is also worth making the floor with large tiles and in the hallway. This is practical because it is easiest to clean tiles from dirt and dust. On the floor in the room, you can throw any animal skin, if the overall style of the interior allows. Washable wallpaper for painting will be suitable for wall decoration, although in some places of the apartment you can cover the walls with wooden panels. It looks stylish and interesting. The ceiling in the apartment can be whitewashed. It can also be decorated with suspended structures.

Lighting features

Men love the light and space, so you should not save on lighting. Ceiling chandeliers or wall sconces should shine brightly in the kitchen and bathroom, as these rooms cannot be too dark. A room in a one-room apartment performs several functions at once, so you need to take care of different types of lighting. For general lighting, you need to hang a large ceiling chandelier. When using lamps with a lampshade, models with materials that transmit light are selected. For the work area is better to use a separate lamp. Its role can be played by a standard floor lamp, a sconce over a desk or a desk lamp. As a night light, you can use small lamps on the bedside tables. It is also advisable to integrate all the lighting in the innovative system "Smart Home".

"Smart Home" allows you to control the lighting with just one hand movement.

Furniture with a male character

Furniture installed in odnushku young guy should also be simple and concise. The room should not be turned into a bedroom, so in very small apartments you will have to forget about the classic double beds and give preference to multifunctional folding sofas or a stylish bed that cleans up in the closet. Furniture material depends on the style of the room, but usually young people stop at a tree, metal, strong glass or plastic. Soft fabric upholstery of chairs and sofas are undesirable, usually leather furniture is chosen. For storage, it is better to install a mirror wardrobe in the entire wall, because it visually increases the space. All furnishings should have simple straight lines. It is allowed to have one or two elements of an unusual geometric shape in order to emphasize them.

Variants of design and zoning of the apartment

The size of one-room apartments is not particularly large, so to realize absolutely any design ideas will not work. When zoning rooms you need to start to determine the possibility of redevelopment. If the property owner is set to overhaul with the transfer of the walls, then there are more opportunities for zoning. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to develop a design project in which zones of the apartment will be highlighted using color or some kind of furniture. But the interiors in the masculine style are initially very laconic, so the division into zones can be completely conditional. In the studio, you just need to designate places for sleeping and eating, and in ordinary apartments in the rooms with color accents you can select a place for sports. When developing a design project, the interiors of all rooms in the apartment are thought out:

Kitchen-living room

The design of the kitchen and living room should start with the choice of lighting. A warm white light is appropriate here, because it creates an atmosphere of comfort. Food, illuminated by white light, looks very appetizing. The color of the kitchen set depends on the personal preferences of the young man. It is best to choose closed wooden cabinets with metal splashes. There should be a lot of cabinets, as they will store cooking equipment (blender, food processor, toaster, slow cooker, etc.). Men do not always like to cook on the stove or in the oven. Dining table can be any. Its size depends on the area of ​​the kitchen, but in bachelor apartments there is no need for large tables. You can even confine the bar. This element is ideal for studio planning when you need to zone the space into the kitchen and living room.

For such a stand need high bar stools with or without backs.

Living area

If the living room is combined with a kitchen, then it is necessary to allocate a living area in it. To do this, you can use the color and make this place brighter. For example, the sleeping area is decorated in sand color, and the living room is in bright yellow. At the same time, the design style of the kitchen and living room should match or blend well. If the room is not connected to the kitchen, then usually it simultaneously plays the role of the bedroom and the living room. The two-sleeping sofa gathers and turns into traditional furniture for a drawing room. In this case, the room should be a coffee table, which, when unfolded couch moves back to the wall. If the size of the room allows, you can immediately put both a sofa and a bed. In this area of ​​the living room, where the sofa bed is located, emit color, decorative elements or cabinet-resistant without a back wall.

Recreation area / bedroom

Arrangement of the sleeping area depends on the size of the apartment and room. In small rooms, you will have to limit yourself to a folding sofa, since a double bed with an orthopedic mattress will “eat up” too much usable space. In large rooms you can make a classic bedroom. If there is an alcove, then the bed can be installed exactly there. Для дополнительного зонирования лучше сделать небольшой подиум, чтобы точно обозначить место расположения кровати. Для мужского интерьера не характерны всевозможные ширмы, поэтому спальную зону не нужно ничем отгораживать. Ее следует выделить с помощью цвета.Wall lamps with frosted light bulbs are suitable for lighting. Next to the bed should put a bedside table to be able to put on her TV remote or a book before bedtime, without getting out of bed.

A bathroom in one-bedroom apartments can be combined and separate. Since one person lives in the room, there is no need to redevelop the bathroom. The bathroom is best done in bright colors. A black toilet or steel-colored bathtub looks, of course, spectacular, but it does not always match the style of the rest of the rooms in the apartment, which is wrong. If a man does not like to take a bath, instead of her it is better to install a multifunctional shower cabin with a massage function. Such cabins look stylish and very convenient to operate. The washing machine can be built in under the sink to save space, and in the bathroom you should definitely put a large laundry basket so that clothes do not roll on the floor. Above the sink should hang a shelf with a mirror, so that it is convenient to comb your hair right after a shower.

Usually hallways in one-room apartments are small, so this room should not be littered. In the corridor, you should put a rack for outerwear or attach a hanger with hooks and a shelf for hats to the wall. Also near the entrance door you need to install a wooden shoebox. If the dimensions of the hallway allow, you can install a mirror wardrobe. In the corridor should hang a regular mirror or shelf for trifles (keys, business cards, watches, etc.). For decoration of small hallways, it is better to choose light colors, since too dark shades will visually make the room even smaller. Also in the hallway should lay a door mat. It is needed for any floor covering, because it will collect all the dirt from outdoor shoes, preventing it from entering other areas of the apartment.

Functional dressing room

Not every studio apartment boasts a dressing room. These premises are odnushki in Stalin's homes or new buildings. And sometimes dressing rooms were not originally separated from the corridor. They are limited by coupe-type doors. From the outside, such a dressing room resembles an ordinary wardrobe, but it allows you to store a large number of things. It should be equipped with cabinets and racks for storing clothes. It is better to choose high cabinets up to the ceiling in order to place in them not only clothes, but also sports equipment (skis, skates and even a bicycle in a disassembled or folded form). Dressing rooms are allocated in separate rooms only in Stalin's houses in the form of full-sized storerooms. But here you can break the usual door and wall by installing a standard compartment mechanism with a mirror to visually increase the space.


The design of the apartment of a young man should be strict and concise. A variety of styles allows you to play with colors, texture and materials, but when you design an apartment it is better to stay in one direction and stick to the classics. In odnushku should be put simple functional furniture with a large number of sections for storage, which will be convenient for everyday use. The black color in the interior of the apartment of a young man looks spectacular, but it is better to dilute it with light shades, so as not to get too dark a picture. At registration of the room it is necessary to use each square meter. Rational zoning and arrangement of balconies with storerooms will allow even the most unusual designer fantasies to be realized even in a small-sized odnushka.

Small area: the secrets of arrangement

A room for a young man rarely boasts a large size. This greatly complicates the process of its arrangement. It is necessary not only to choose the right design of the men's room, but also to correctly place everything you need. A number of secrets will help in this process.

At arrangement of the room for the man with a small area it is necessary to observe the following conditions.

  • Use transformable furniture. You should not install a bulky closet, a bed that takes up a lot of space. Perfect fit folding. If necessary, it is easy to make a comfortable bed.
  • Install sliding doors. This will allow rational use of every meter of the room. Near the wall to put a desk or organize a reception area.
  • Get rid of excess. All items must be kept in the closet. Thus, there will be an empty seat on the table, sofa.
  • To furnish the interior according to the requirements of a minimalist style.
  • Combine zones. At the same time their functional value should be preserved. The living room will be an excellent sleeping space, the work area can be used to implement creative ideas.

Furniture in the room must be placed correctly

The room must have all the essentials.

What shades to use?

Neutral tones are not the best idea for decorating the interior of a young man's room. This color scheme will lead to the fact that the room will be boring, suggestive. To live in such a situation of darkness is unlikely to be pleasant to someone. To correct the situation will help the dynamics and expressiveness, which is added to the design. This will give the overall picture of the room style, taste, originality. The atmosphere will be interesting, the mood is positive.

The use of bright colors should be moderate. Their main task is to delimit the space, select the zones. The design of the part intended for recreation is carried out using calm, restrained colors. The work area requires encouraging hues, and the living room requires cool ones.

The room should use dark or neutral shades.

Dark colors are better for a guy

Bright shades should not be much

When creating an interior, it is necessary to determine the basic tone. It is selected according to the design style. Perfect beige, blue, burgundy, green. They can be combined with any style, both modern and classic.

Light walls will complement well the furniture of dark color: chocolate, blue, wet sand.

Classic design style. Be sure to add bright spots to the interior.

Dark and light colors of the same spectrum

Used brown, dark green, olive, burgundy, gray shades.

Wall mural in this case is not appropriate. They create a contrast, it is good to use in the design a combination of a diverse palette. Interesting look light colors with warm shades. Thematic direction emphasizes accessories and decor items. At any time they can be removed and the room will sparkle with new colors. As such elements are statues, posters.

Light colors with dark look very nice

Wall mural is not always appropriate in the room

What style to choose?

The room of the stronger sex does not accept colored paint and rich elements. The contrast created should be soft and moderate. Installs the necessary and simple furniture. A great helper in creating such an unobtrusive interior will be minimalism. This style is characterized by smooth lines, free space and a large amount of light. You can implement such a design idea in any room.

You can arrange living space in the style of hi-tech, modern. It is enough to make new details that characterize the owner. They look interesting and original.

For a guy more suitable minimalism style

It is advisable to use modern and functional furniture.

Imitation wood is perfect for the interior room for a guy

For ambitious guys, combining several styles is well suited. With the right approach, you can get not confusion and chaos in the room, but an interesting combination of different directions. They should be close to the requirements and fit into the big picture.

For the design of the working area is appropriate classic style, and rest loft. Such a contrast will be slight. Each part has its own characteristics, is individual and harmoniously combined with others. This interior option is innovative. Change it is not easy, so in the arrangement it is necessary to think through every detail.

In some cases, a combination of styles will be appropriate.

In the arrangement of the room you need to think through every detail

Simple, comfortable and stylish.

The wishes of the young man - a fundamental factor in the arrangement of his living space. This is the first thing you need to know when starting repair work. The owner should feel comfortable in the room.

As a rule, young people want simple, comfortable and stylish accommodation. Therefore, the following requirements are imposed on its design.

  • The color scheme is non-marking. Present bright elements.
  • The interior is functional. Every detail performs its task.
  • The style is short and pronounced. Perfect fit minimalism, hi-tech, loft, art deco.
  • The presence of zones. It is necessary to allocate a place for sleeping, receiving friends, creativity, solving the necessary tasks.
  • Finishing materials are practical and do not require special care.
  • Textiles in the minimum amount. Long pile is better not to use.
  • The windows blinds, shutters and other similar structures.

Convenience and practicality of the interior - are important for the owner. But do not forget about the external data of the room. It says a lot about the character, the interests of the owner. The room must be made stylish and beautiful, fill with harmonies and comfort. Overloading the interior and loss of practicality is not appropriate.

The guy's room should be comfortable, simple and stylish.

Convenience and practicality of the interior - are important for the owner

The interior should not be overloaded with unnecessary details.

Modern design idea

Times hanging on the wall of carpets, placing a large amount of furniture, the use of unnecessary details in the interior design is long past. Designers offer new housing options. Room for a young man is no exception. Modern style embodied modern trends and requirements.

Primary requirements

For a start, it is worth listing the main requirements for the design of housing owned by a man:

  • Practicality. A busy man will probably not have time to do the cleaning often, and the representatives of the stronger sex are not inclined to it. Therefore, all elements of the interior should be non-marking and easy to maintain.
  • Functionality. If women are important external performance, then men pay attention to the functional. And most of them believe that it is better to purchase one thing that will replace several others.
  • Conciseness. The abundance of accessories, almost all representatives of the stronger sex are considered to be overkill. The interior should be as simple and free as possible.
  • Rational use and competent organization of space. Maintain order is not easy, especially a bachelor. And so the interior should be such that all things are kept orderly, but it was always almost at hand. To achieve this will allow a roomy closet, which fit everything you need. And shelves, dressers and cabinets will be superfluous and clutter up the free space.
  • The reflection of the male essence and even a certain brutality. The interior should be such that it immediately becomes clear that a man lives in an apartment or house. And such a feature is manifested literally in everything: in rough finishing, simple furniture, restrained colors, laconic and textiles used in minimal quantities. But romantic ruffles, cute accessories and delicate pastel colors will be inappropriate.

Suitable styles

Interior design for men can be almost anything, it all depends on the preferences of the owner of the property. But in order to achieve comfort, orderliness of space and attractiveness, it is necessary to dwell on a certain style. And which one is best? Consider some of the most successful options:

  1. High-tech hi-tech features chrome and glossy surfaces, state-of-the-art technology, the most necessary functional furniture, as well as the predominance of gray, white and metal shades with moderate bright patches.
  2. Cozy and modest chalet style is a simple but comfortable alpine house of a hunter or farmer, in which there is nothing superfluous. Gamma natural and consisting of wood, beige and brown shades. The furniture is wooden and simple, accessories are hunting.
  3. Rude loft. The finish is rough and minimal, as if it is incomplete or completely absent, resembling concrete walls. Furniture can be both modern and as if found in the garage. Non-standard accessories: road signs, advertising posters, car parts.
  4. Laconic minimalism. Everything is clear and simple: a restrained calm gamma, a minimum of details and everything that is most necessary.
  5. Elegant and discreet classics. This direction will appreciate the mature and wealthy men. The decoration is elegant, but without excesses. The furniture is exclusively wooden, the colors are calm and restrained, the accessories are low-key and elegant.

General recommendations

Start the interior design is to choose a basic color scheme. Most men prefer calm, low-key, neutral and rather restrained tones. Ideal natural, such as woody, sand, olive, pale blue.

To place accents, you can use more saturated colors: blue, chocolate, dark green, purple. White and black are ideal for marking borders, diluting the main gamut or bold inserts. Pay attention to the neutral gray, it can also be present in the interior.

If you have decided on the scale, think over the finish. You can use both classic options and bold ideas. So, for the design of the walls suitable wallpaper, various panels, plaster. The floor can be covered with noble parquet, modern laminate or practical and affordable linoleum. A more unusual option is a self-leveling floor, which can become an accent of the room. The ceiling can be stretched, whitened or suspended.

Go to the furnishing. It is necessary to use only the main pieces of furniture, as the extra will fill and cumbersome space. The optimal solution will be compact, ergonomic and functional models, especially embedded ones.

Popular and in demand among the males is modular furniture, which makes it possible to carry out rearrangements and adapt to changes in life, such as moving to the apartment of the second half.

The most necessary items are used to organize a bed, storage area and work area. The minimum set is a bed (or sofa), a computer desk and an armchair and a wardrobe. If there are guests in the house, you can put a sofa or a couple of chairs and a coffee table.

Accessories may be present, but modest and in small quantities. For the decor, photos, original statues, various stands, paintings are used. It is appropriate to carpet, which will give the interior missing comfort.

It only remains to add that the male interior can be simple and functional, but at the same time cozy, modern and stylish.