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Where our visitors store Christmas toys


When the New Year holidays are over, it is time to disassemble the Christmas tree. Colorful, bright and brilliant toys, tinsel and other holiday attributes are sent back to the boxes, where they will wait for their turn until next year. And so that they again give you a good mood, it is important to find a secluded place in which they will be stored, remaining safe and sound.

From holiday to holiday

Real collectors of New Year's accessories know several useful life hacks, which will help to keep their attractive appearance for many years. We are happy to share them with you:

  1. Choosing a place. First of all, it should be remembered that even glass products can cause mold if moisture gets into their cavities. That is why it is not recommended to store boxes with festive contents in damp areas or on open balconies. In addition, a sharp temperature drop can lead to the fact that your favorite balls and icicles burst, and not waiting for the next New Year.
  2. We select the packaging. Of all the options available, the simplest, cheapest, and most useful are alcohol boxes, divided inside into cells. At the same time, each toy must be wrapped in soft paper or a napkin and carefully placed in a box. It is desirable that the product does not move in the cell.

If you have already collected a sufficiently large number of attributes in your collection, then you can use several boxes of different sizes, and cut the partition walls inside of cardboard, or use cardboard cups for drinks.

For convenience, each box can be signed so as not to waste time searching for the right accessory.

Here are some more tips:

  • For small balls suitable packaging from eggs.
  • For Christmas wreaths, you can choose a suitable box from under the shoe, after wrapping them with plastic.
  • And how to store the garland? They can be wound on a cardboard cylinder from paper towels or a folded piece of cardboard. You can do the same with rain.
  • If you have collectible expensive toys, then it is better for them to purchase separate plastic containers in which they will be reliably protected from moisture.
  • Wooden accessories, newly in vogue, look great on the Christmas tree and provide a field for creativity, because each family member can paint the blank at his own discretion. It is worth treating such designer jewelry especially carefully. It is also worth storing them in plastic containers, previously wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Candles and various statuettes fit perfectly in old socks, retaining their old look.

The New Year is one of the most pleasant and long-awaited holidays, when the whole family gathers at the table, and everyone believes in a miracle a little bit. And of course, it’s impossible to imagine a real New Year’s atmosphere without a Christmas tree and bright decorations. Let them give you joy, while maintaining their attractive appearance from year to year.

Suitable storage space for toys

Most of the toys inside are hollow, so when moisture settles in them, a mold soon forms on the walls. Bringing out flexible is almost impossible, and most likely the balls will have to be thrown away. Storage of Christmas toys should be only in a dark and dry place. You can not put them in a barn, garage or balcony, as in such rooms there is high humidity.

Correctly store jewelry will help simple cardboard boxes. They must be neatly put all the toys, rain, garlands, and put on the mezzanine, in the pantry or sofa. You can paint the box with paints, and sign it so that next year you can know exactly what capacity the toys are in.

When there is no suitable box in the house, you can purchase a special packing box at the hardware store. The range of these products is huge, and the box can be chosen for every taste and color.

In which packages can be stored jewelry

Responsible housewives have long invented a lot of different ways to properly and compactly store toys. The most popular packages are:

  • Native boxes
  • carton boxes,
  • old suitcases
  • egg trays and dividers.

"Native boxes." After buying a new toy, it is advisable not to throw away the packaging, as it is still useful. Such a storage box is the most convenient option for a particular type of jewelry.

Carton boxes. Even our grandmothers used this method because it is easiest to get such a box. For these purposes, a shoebox from household appliances will fit, and you can also simply ask for a box at a grocery store.

Old suitcase. This thing should not be put in the trash, as it is quite possible to return to life. Some skilled workers are creative, and beautifully painted suitcase with their own hands. At the same time, the product not only becomes beautiful, but also practical, because it is very convenient to keep toys in it.

Egg trays and dividers. Glass Christmas decorations should be put into the container from under the eggs or in molds for cupcakes. If there are no such items, then you can make the storage box yourself. To do this, take any box or plastic container of a suitable size. From cardboard to make partitions, which should be individualized for each toy, and paste them into the boxes. Thus, you will get a container with dividers, in which the decorations will not touch each other, and will not break.

How to add garlands and tinsel

Christmas lights will bring a lot of problems, and make you spend a lot of nerves if you put them in a box at random. It is very convenient to wind them on a small piece of hard cardboard. After that, you can put a garland in the storage box, right on top of the rest of the toys.

There is an even simpler way in which the product is simply twisted into a ring, and placed in a separate package. The method is convenient because in such conditions the garland will not exactly damp and dust.

If you do not want to show imagination and spend time, then you can spend money to purchase a special device. The mechanism is a bag in which the coils are hidden. It is on them that you can easily wind the jewelry, close the bag and put it in the closet.

Tinsel also requires special attention. Often she is treated carelessly, and so she quickly becomes battered and ugly. Each product must be placed in a separate plastic bag and placed in a box for the rest of the toys. For more compact storage you can use:

  • toilet paper sleeve,
  • foil roller,
  • cylinder from cardboard.

It should fold the tinsel two or three times, and then push it inside the sleeve. In the same way should be done with the cylinder of cardboard. But there will be more problems with the “rain”, because if it is simply folded into a bag, then it will be confused. Therefore, such a decoration must be wound in the same way as a garland. To do this, a roller from foil will fit, or any other similar object.

Features storage toys

Storage of some Christmas decorations requires a special approach.

If we are talking about expensive and exclusive glass balls, then they should not be piled together with tinsel, serpentine and garlands.

For such things, you need a special box with compartments, which can be purchased, for example, in Ikea. Only you need to carefully treat the purchase, so as not to be mistaken with the size of the container. Each ball must be wrapped in soft, multi-layered toilet paper and placed in a drawer.

If you do not want to spend money on purchased containers, you can simply put the balls in the shoe box. They should also be wrapped in paper and placed on the bottom so that they lie tightly and do not roll on the box.

Glass toys do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, so you should not store them somewhere other than at home. If you bring them into the room from the cold, they can crack or even burst. In the summer time, Christmas tree decorations do not need to be taken out on the street, since high temperatures are also contraindicated for them. Toys quickly lose their luster, as the paint fades, and the sparkles disappear from them.

The ideal storage temperature is +20 - +25 ° C. But even under such conditions, it is important to ensure that the toys do not get wet, otherwise a pleasant smell will not be established in the box and the fungus will grow.

Boxes should not be crammed to capacity, as this is fraught with the fact that the products will put pressure on each other and may crack. Old, Soviet toys should not be packed in a plastic bag, as they need air.

For plastic toys, you can build an original fixture. First of all, it is necessary to take the container without a lid, install 2 crossbars in it from ordinary but even sticks. On the resulting beams, you should strung the strings of jewelry, and remove the container in a convenient place. The method is good because the next year, the toys do not need to be unpacked and fumbled with paper, and you can immediately hang them on a holiday tree.

1. Wash and clean the toys properly.

If you used artificial snow or toys just got dirty during a stormy feast (if necessary, ask Vasya from the fifth entrance - why did he throw metal sprats into the tree?), Then they will have to be washed. Water is not necessary to do this - it can wash the salt and damage the paint. Glass toys are usually (in the museum) cleaned with the help of rectified spirit. Porcelain is cleaned with a soft brush of warm water with the addition of alcohol. And if the toy is damaged, then it is not washed at all - water and alcohol in the cracks can cause trouble.

2. Choose the right container and location.

Toys are fragile, so you need to choose the right boxes to store them. Something tough is best, perhaps even iron or leather - for example, an old suitcase (without a handle). If the house does not yet have a clear place for storing toys, it will be safer to put the box in a prominent place so that in a year it will not be forgotten and “screwed” on the floor with all its consequences. Pull the child to make a beautiful colorful tag with the words "Toys" and stick it on the box - so that no one is confused!

3. Organize them inside the box

Ideal storage option - in the original packaging. But the main problem with it is that it does not save space at all, so many people just throw away the packaging. The second best option is to purchase special boxes with compartments for toys of various sizes. Such compartments can be "cut" and most. If the toys are stored "in a pile", they must be wrapped with cotton wool, napkins or special packaging material with "bubbles". In this case, in any case, toys should lie tightly enough, but so as not to put pressure on each other (a wide box is better than a deep box). If your box is transparent, then you will have to put it in a dark closet or in a closet behind closed doors - paint on toys can fade!

Garlands and wreaths should be folded in a separate box, or you can buy special boxes and for them, too, they are on sale in the Western Internet.

4. Particularly fragile - special attention

Porcelain toys or simply antique and therefore especially fragile copies require a special relationship. Before storage, they will have to be wrapped in tissue paper in several layers or in flannel rags. No matter what you wrap such toys, remember - the “neighbor” layer to it should not be hard.

5. Use Grandma's Ways

How did our ancestors store toys when there were no these new-fashioned special boxes? Simply - they used what they saw. It is good to keep small toys in an egg package or to put cones and icicles in empty rolls of toilet paper. Baking cups and cupcake molds will readily fit suitable shaped toys! Big boxes-cylinders (from under cookies, tea, coffee) are also good cases for Christmas-tree toys.

Christmas tree care tips

  • Keep the glass out of reach

As is known, fragile family ornaments and children are completely incompatible, therefore it is better to keep valuable toys as far as possible from curious children's hands. By the way, when decorating a Christmas tree with toys, try to hang glassware as high as possible, and choose a reliable way of attaching them to the branches of the tree. Thus, you can remain confident that thin glass decorations will be pleasing to the eye for a long time.

  • Keep the original packaging

Sometimes it is not possible to store jewelry in original packages if you receive them as a gift or buy them at commission stores (flea markets). And yet, if you buy a new decoration, it is better not to throw out the boxes in which the toys were packed. Different types of jewelry require appropriate storage conditions, so you should not put glass and plastic, matte and glitter toys in one box.

So, it is better to wrap some old decorations with kraft paper or parchment, and then carefully place them in a cell of the original box. Also, soft bags or purses sewn from velvet or any other soft fabric are a great way to store jewelry.

  • Creativity

Look closely at containers such as an egg tray or a disposable plastic food container. Usually, such things are immediately sent to the trash, but you can use them to store Christmas-tree decorations.

You can store fragile jewelry in a cardboard box filled with foam plastic. In addition, various boxes of chocolates filled with shredded paper will do, which will protect delicate items from breakage.

  • Keep similar decorations together

Make it a rule to keep glass jewelery separate from plastic, ceramic, or papier-mâché toys. This will help to almost completely eliminate the possibility of breakage of favorite Christmas-tree decorations.

We all have a special collection of handmade jewelry that was made by children with great care. We recommend storing such things in special bags with air bubbles that will not allow the products to rumple or be broken.

  • Remove sharp elements

If you do not remove the sharp fasteners (hooks, pendants) from the jewelry in advance, their surface may be scratched. Moreover, the tops of the balls very often fall out of the necks and are lost. And in order not to wonder about where to buy new ones, it is better to immediately put all the fasteners in a separate bag, and put them in a box with the same decorations.

Where to store jewelry?

If you are going to fold the boxes with decorations in the basement, garage or in the attic, think about it, because there, often, it is very damp and the mold develops. In turn, this will not benefit Christmas decorations, the appearance of which will be irrevocably damaged. The most suitable place to store toys is the top shelf of the closet in the room. And for greater safety, you can fold the boxes into one, larger size.

When you fold decorations for long-term storage, it’s time to inspect all products in detail for the sake of any breakage or contamination. Use a soft cloth or a delicate brush to clean the coated surface. At the same time, it is better not to disturb very old jewelery, as they are so fragile that they can crack from one careless movement.

In the case when the decoration needs to be cleaned, for the beginning it is recommended to check on a small area of ​​the surface, how it will react, and whether the pattern and paint will be erased. Also, never use cleaning products and abrasives, but you can wash the toy with a soft cloth with light gentle movements. If you do not have the necessary skills in the restoration of old jewelry, then do not try to repaint or repair them yourself. Incompetent and uncertain actions can only harm the fragile product, and lead to a quick breakdown.

  • We keep traditions

Decorating a Christmas tree has long become a kind of ritual that unites and reconciles entire families. And Christmas-tree decorations, old or new, perfectly contribute to the preservation of this simple, but such an amazing tradition. Perhaps this or that brilliant figure is filled with a special meaning for you, and the annual process of decorating green branches will forever be remembered. Good holidays to you, and pleasant emotions!