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Stylish ideas for a photo shoot in the snow


To emphasize the theme of the photo shoot, which is held in the winter in cold and cold, it is necessary to dress warmly. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of the dress for the child. Your child can be dressed in a coat, a down jacket with fur trim, a bright knitted sweater or even a fairy-tale character costume - nothing limits your imagination. For a photoset with a baby, you need to bring along a spare pair of baby gloves or mittens.

As for the headdress of the child, it can be a regular knitted hat or a hat. For a boy, you can choose warm headphones, and the girl is an excellent choice for bright colors — emerald, red, magenta, blue, or any other rich hue.

It is much easier for adults to choose clothes for taking pictures in the winter. When choosing an outfit for a photo shoot in the winter, you should focus on the weather, take into account the location of the shooting (forest, park, square).

Men for shooting in the snow can wear:

  • fashionable coat
  • bright sport jacket
  • knitted sweater

A woman for getting spectacular photos can pay attention to such wardrobe items as:

  • fur coat
  • knitted sweater
  • elegant dress to the floor

To photograph a pair, young people should dress in the same style, which depends on the theme of the winter photoset. That is, if you are shooting in the spirit of retro, a girl can wear a vintage dress of any cut, a fur cape, a guy - pants with suspenders and a jacket.

The colors of the clothes of men and women should complement each other. For a photoset in winter, preference should be given to bright shades (red, purple, blue, crimson) - this will allow to stand out against the background of snow.

Where can I take a photo session in the winter?

A photo session on the snow can be held anywhere - in the one that is most liked by the photographers. You can organize an interesting photoset in nature:

  • in the forest
  • in the meadow
  • in the mountains
  • near the frozen reservoir

You can get fabulous pictures in the city:

  • on a beautiful street
  • next to an unusual building
  • in the park
  • on the playground

Winter photo shoot can be organized anywhere. The main thing is that there is enough snow, and the weather does not interfere with the realization of the planned ideas for the winter photoset.

If it is freezing cold or a very strong wind blows, it is better to postpone photography. You can choose a different time, or you can take a couple of shots at home by the window, from which a beautiful view opens.

You can make an unforgettable photo shoot on the snow while traveling. In this case, there are also no restrictions in choosing a place where you will be photographed. It may be:

  • ski park
  • local attractions and so on

You can supplement the photoset with pictures on the background of a wonderful view that opens from the window of the hotel. Frames taken in a cozy and warm room, and photographs taken in cold and frost, will create a wonderful contrast.

Props for winter photography

Winter photo shoots are hard to imagine without New Year's merchandise:

  • sleigh
  • Christmas trees
  • garlands
  • paper cut snowflakes
  • red Santa Claus caps, etc.

For photography in a snowy forest, everything that warms as a prop is suitable: voluminous knitted scarves of bright colors, warm patterned rugs and, of course, mugs with hot tea, coffee or cocoa.

If you want to make a couple of really bold frames, photos from Eskimo are exactly what you need. However, models for such images can only be adults - for children's photosets there are a lot of good ideas, the embodiment of which will not harm the health of the child.

To get unusual and interesting photos, you can take along a large mirror in a beautiful frame. For photos with this subject there are lots of great ideas, because you can:

  • take a picture of your reflection
  • put a mirror on the snow and remove the evening sky reflected in it
  • take a mirror in your hands and stand up so that the beautiful landscape is reflected (and the photographer should not be seen in the frame)

For some of the shots props should not be prepared in advance. If there is a lot of snow in the forest or in a clearing, you can make a snowman. You can capture the process of creating it on a photo, and then take a picture with the result of your work. You can take a snowman by the “hand”, hug and even kiss - this idea is suitable for both a couple in love and for a child.

You can take a picture of a child catching snowflakes during a snowfall - the photo will turn out to be sweet and touching.

Ideas photoset for lovers

A guy and a girl who wants to fill up a joint album with beautiful pictures can be photographed against a background of snow-covered streets, in a park or in nature. In advance, you need to decide on the subject of photography, pick up interesting images for a photoset in the winter and options for posing.

Lovers can beat on their photos a variety of interesting and touching plots. For example, a man can throw on the shoulders of his beloved, who is dressed in an elegant dress, a warm coat. A woman can pour into a mug of hot tea from a beautiful thermos and offer a drink to her betrothed.

During the photo walk you can ride horses. Wonderful get a picture if you take a picture of a guy with a girl riding a horse.

The photos on which the man and the woman, holding hands, stand and admire the setting sun, will be very beautiful. The evening sky in the winter looks unique in the pictures.

You can also take a picture of a young couple sitting in the snow. It is desirable to lay a carpet on the ground - you can put a samovar on it and arrange gingerbread, bagels, sweets. The guy and the girl can cover up with a large blanket and hold a mug of hot drink in their hands.

On the street during the snowfall, you can take some beautiful pictures - especially touching you get photos of a man and a woman standing under one umbrella.

Lovers can make a big heart out of the snow and take pictures with it. You can make smaller hearts and photograph them on your palms (both male and female hands should get into the frame).

Family photos

If parents want to take a lot of good photos with their children in the winter, one of the best options is to capture the moments of a family celebration (New Year, Christmas, birthday). In photography, adults and kids can do whatever they want - the main thing is that these actions be joint.

Photos in which the whole family dresses up a Christmas tree in the forest look unusual. Very interesting are the pictures in which the girl and her mother weave wreaths of flowers and decorate snow-covered trees with them. To do this, you must visit the flower shop in advance - florists will help you choose frost-resistant flowers, make up beautiful bouquets.

Those who want to make the photos fun and lively should pay attention to the winter fun:

  • skiing
  • sledding downhill
  • skating
  • the construction of the fortress of snow

In other words, it is possible to photograph the moments of motion. For such photos family members can play snowballs or catch up. Mom and dad can put your child on a sled and ride it together.

Ideas for a children's photoset in the winter

To get pictures that reflect childlike spontaneity, let your baby relax. Let the child during photography do everything he likes:

  • throws snow up
  • making a snowman
  • plays with animals (you can take a dog or another pet on a photoset)

You can beat the plot of the tale. Dress the child in a bunny, snowman, Christmas elf or other character costume. To capture the happy face of the baby, it is necessary to photograph the child at the level of his eyes - for this you need to squat.

Children love to play and socialize, so not only his sisters and brothers, but also friends can be photographed with your child. You can take pictures of merry kids while descending from an ice mountain or skating.

In the photoset can take part and animals. It can be not only pets - go to the zoo and ask the photographer to take a picture of a child with squirrels, deer, hares and other representatives of the fauna. You can take a photo while the child pours grain into the bird feeder.

Little girls and boys love to be photographed. At the same time, children belong to photo shoots much easier than adults. They do not think over the week before filming options for posing - the same is recommended for parents. Let the child rejoice in the winter and play carelessly - a photo session in the snow will give a lot of beautiful pictures.

How to transfer ideas of winter photos to reality?

How to organize such an event? If you decide to be photographed in the snow, then, first of all, take care of the weather. The ideal option is a sunny frosty day after a snowfall, it is in this setting that you can create lively, bright, dynamic images.

If the idea of ​​a photo shoot is different, based on the idea of ​​a temporary "death of nature" and the sleep of the surrounding world, then an overcast day with a heavy snowy sky will do.

Next, it is important to determine the location of the shooting: a snow-covered park, forest edge, places by water bodies, on the river bank - ideally suited to the unique atmosphere of winter nature.

But even in the conditions of urban streets, you can pick up extremely photogenic places - the main thing is to run through them in advance and be sure that the wipers did not collect the snow and did not sprinkle it with sand. The most beautiful pictures are obtained where the snow remains untouched, in its, so to speak, original state.

Necessary accessories and clothing

The next important point of a successful organization will be the right choice of accessories, shoes and, of course, clothing. In view of the fact that the winter background promises to be monochrome, the clothes must be selected, on the contrary, bright and juicy, otherwise you will simply merge with snow and bare branches.

It is not necessary to immediately run in search of a green jacket or red boots, the main attention should be paid to the details. Monochrome jacket can always be diluted with a bright scarf, unusual gloves or mittens, a hat with a large pompon or colored soft headphones.

For a short period of time, you can undress, for example, staying in a warm knitted sweater, scarf, hat and bright felt boots, uggs. Thus, you will be able to emphasize the model’s figure and diversify the images.

For those girls who would like to look as feminine as possible on winter pictures, you can pick up a beautiful Russian kerchief on your shoulders or head, add a small but bright bouquet to your hands, which will create an interesting contrast on the pictures.

In principle, any outfit can be any, but still you should not undress much in the snow: you risk getting sick, and the pictures may look ridiculous. Although, it all depends on the flight of fantasy and model exposure: in winter, shooting in open lush dresses, where the model appears as a princess, and even the nude style in furs are practiced, but here everything depends on the desired result.

As for accessories for shooting, they are extremely important, because they will be able to convey the whole idea of ​​your photoset, as well as dilute monotonous pictures. A thermos with hot tea (and keep warm and used as inventory), fancy colored circles, a beautiful bright plaid, a wicker basket with winter berries, several pairs of gloves and hats, Christmas decorations, shiny tinsel and other festive attributes look perfect at this time.

For dynamic photo shoots can be very useful sleds or skis - photos in motion are very spectacular and emotional. You can use the services of nature: to make a snowman, to dress him in a funny hat and be sure to decorate with a carrot, and on the photo to capture, both the process of modeling, and make portraits near him.

How to prepare for shooting

First you need to decide on where the idea for the winter photo shoot will be implemented. There may be beautiful snowy forest, and the frozen lake or river, and the park. In such places, the winter atmosphere is especially strongly felt, which will remain forever in the photo. But everything is not limited to nature - you can arrange an equally interesting winter photo shoot on the streets of the city. And if the weather did not work, but I really want to get a shot, it will save the winter photo shoot in the studio.

Next you need to prepare a suit - in winter, bright colors look better, which will not allow you to merge with the surrounding nature. Depending on the subject of the photo session, you need to think over your image to the smallest detail: pick up accessories, objects and props. If the shooting is in nature, then you should take care of the insulation. In order not to freeze during a winter photo shoot in the woods, you need to warm up. And to bring along warming drinks - for example, tea in a thermos.

Also for shooting may need a makeup artistso that not only clothes, but also the appearance of the girl was perfect. And, of course, the most important thing is to find a good photographer. This professional will not only make great photos, but also will tell you in the process which models are better to adopt poses, share your ideas.

When everything is ready, you can start shooting yourself.

Ideas for a photo shoot in the winter 2018-2019

There are many themes and images for the winter photo shoot. These are just some of the examples that will help the imagination and come up with the perfect shooting:

  1. Evening dawn - Winter sunset, stunning in its beauty. There will be little time to catch him, so it’s worth preparing in advance and taking into account exactly when it starts to get dark. But the photo will be a great combination of a dark sky and white snow-covered land.
  2. Dramatic scenes - if the weather does not please with its gray, oppressive sky, you can beat it in a photo shoot with a dramatic plot. For example, the pose of a girl near a tree hugging a trunk is very popular.
  3. Macro photography - close-up snowflakes, frost frozen on the leaves, thin icy twigs, as if made of crystal - all this will look great in macro photography.
  4. Warm portraits - cozy portraits with a fur or knitted hat and mittens will look very warm and at home.
  5. Photoshoot with a cup of hot drink - Portraits will look very good with a cup of hot coffee or tea in their hands, in the cold you will be able to catch pairs emanating from a cup. The same theme is perfect for a pair of photo shoots in the style of love-story. Or for a romantic photo shoot for a girl.
  6. It will look very interesting among white space. bright red berries of mountain ash or viburnum. Or some reddish-pink flowers. In general, the contrast of red and white is very interesting. In order not to look for berries in the forest, you should take them with you as a props.
  7. Pergolas and benches - it is easy to find in the park, and you can shoot a lot of stories in their scenery - from portraits to romantic scenes. And you can use the benches on the street and also get an interesting result.
  8. Footprints in the snow - if there is no snowfall, then you can shoot interesting patterns that left traces of animals and people in the snow. You can also independently write or draw some patterns on the snow surface.
  9. Photos with animals - always look picturesque and beautiful. And now, when there are opportunities to arrange a photo session, including with exotic animals, the scope for fantasy is limitless. This may be a historical photograph in costumes on horseback or with hunting birds. Shooting with sled dogs in a sleigh or a captured walk with your own four-legged friend.
  10. And from the snow you can sculpt and this traditional winter fun can also be turned into an idea for a winter photo shoot. Snowmen, snow balls and fortresses. All this will perfectly revive the shooting and help to capture the creations created from the snow for ages.
  11. Nude in furs - for those who are not afraid of the cold, you can arrange a nude photo shoot with furs. This is a classic, proven over the years. It is best to choose dark or red fur, which will stand out among the snow-covered forest. And do not forget to keep the model warm between frames so that it does not turn out to be imprinted in the freezing pose.
  12. Winter fun - a game of snowballs, skating, skiing or skating - all this can also be captured. It can be games in the company of friends and family with children. In any case, should be fun. Such frames will be very truthful and alive, and all poses are very natural. Photos will convey the atmosphere of fun, which was during the game.
  13. If the day was foggy, then this is a good opportunity to make a few artistic frames.
  14. Winter picnic - If you take a bright blanket, spread it on snow in a forest or a park, and arrange cups with a steaming drink just poured from a thermos, you can rent a wonderful winter picnic on snow. And the blanket will also help to warm up the frozen models, so it’s worth taking it anyway.
  15. Snowflakes in hand - type a handful of snow in the palm of your hand and blow, creating a small blizzard. The main thing is to shoot this moment in time.
  16. Winter is a very fabulous time and why not beat the scenes of famous fairy tales. Or even invent your own. For example, the story about Red Riding Hood will look very impressive in the winter forest.

Зимняя фотосессия 2018-2019 в студии

Если выбраться на природу не захотелось, то и в студии можно создать зимнее настроение. Зима — это во многом праздник и, если хочется передать праздничное настроение, то можно применить следующие идеи:

  1. Новогодняя тематика - Christmas tree and Christmas tree toys, gifts in beautiful wrappers - this all very strongly conveys the mood of the New Year
  2. Christmas family meeting - a good reason to capture the whole family in the photo
  3. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka - photos with them will surely delight children, and adults
  4. All other winter stories that evoke thoughts of snow and holidays can also be realized in the studio. The main thing is to stock up on suitable props and good mood.

As you can see, there are so many excellent options for a winter photo shoot. The main thing is to have a desire to carry it out.