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How to increase the immunity of the child


How to improve the immunity of the child? This question appears in almost all parents who send their children to kindergarten or school. The usual situation is when a child, barely starting to go to the younger group of a preschool institution, spends most of the time on sick leave, or the student is constantly tormented by colds and SARS. As a rule, this is attributed to weak immunity, they begin to look for experienced doctors and suitable medicines. But first it is important to understand the reasons for which frequent colds can occur.

The child is often sick

In all these cases, it is important for parents to figure out how to improve the immunity of the child. After all, there are often babies who regularly suffer from colds. At the same time, for some, the disease takes a very long time - from three weeks to one and a half months. When a child turns three years old, it is believed that he often gets sick if he has a cold more often than five times a year, and from five years, this level drops to four colds a year. At the same time, the interval between diseases often does not exceed two weeks. And the child is sick all year round, regardless of the season.

It is worth noting that the condition of the baby is often inversely proportional to the degree of his care. The more parents take care of him, the more often their son or daughter is ill. Even protecting it from drafts, regularly warming up an apartment regularly, taking care of warm clothes and walks only in good weather, one cannot be sure that the child will not get sick. Draft or barely wet feet immediately lead to a serious sore throat.

The most obvious cause of the disease in this case is the loss of the ability to adapt to the natural changes in the conditions of life that a baby has at birth, but then may be lost.

The cause of regular colds

The most common cause of frequent colds is the artificial creation of greenhouse conditions around it. Too warm clothes, water and the room lead to a decrease in contact with the movement of air. But it is obvious that a person cannot live in an incubator all his life. As a result, it still falls under the rain, will be under the influence of strong wind or wet feet.

The question of how to temper a child with weak immunity, it is necessary to ask those parents whose children also have a genetic predisposition to the negative effects of the environment.

In particular, such a predisposition can be expressed in the form of diathesis, chronic eating disorders, as well as chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, endocrine and nervous systems, the digestive tract can begin.

Also weakened immunity arises due to a lack of vitamins in the body. Against this background, it is useful to give children good vitamins for immunity. In addition, it is important to pay attention to nutrition, so that the child eats as much dairy products and vegetables as possible.

Environmental factor

Another reason for the decrease in immunity is the long-term exposure to adverse environmental conditions. For example, if a child lives in an industrial area, the waste products are in his airway, as a result, resistance to infections is reduced, and the barrier functions of mucous membranes are reduced.

Similar problems arise when a child lives in a smoker’s family who constantly smokes indoors. The kid then finds himself in a situation of a passive smoker, which affects his health.

Such children are often treated with special diligence, but this does not always bring results. Some drugs, such as hormones or antibiotics, suppress the immune response, significantly reducing resistance to infections.

Stress from educational institutions

Another factor that reduces immunity to infections is physical and psycho-emotional stress. Stress also affects this. Often parents give too much importance to how their children grow up in the future, try to give them everything they need, while recording to the music and art schools, to the dances and to the sports section. Most often, the child does not withstand such a tension, he has a neurotic reaction. The child begins to get sick regularly.

It is worthwhile to focus on the child’s immune system. You need to know that it is actively developing immediately after birth. Moreover, in the very first months of the baby’s life, the mother’s antibodies protect it from external infections, which it receives even in utero.

During the first months, the passive immunity of the newborn is maintained through breast milk. The child’s own immunity is produced only by three years. This is on average, someone earlier, and someone later. But most experts advise not to overestimate the possibilities of their child and not to give to the children's team until they reach the age of three.

Ways to improve immunity

Strengthening immunity in children should be primarily aimed at eliminating external causes that prevent the body from resisting infection. A large number of studies have shown that stimulating therapy helps to significantly reduce the incidence of diseases.

It only needs to be noted that if all this time the child still lives in an environmentally unfavorable area, receives exorbitant workloads at school and in extra classes, then the diseases can return.

Therefore, the strengthening of immunity in children must begin with a rational mode of the day, as well as a varied and nutritious diet.

Prolonged runny nose in a child

If your child regularly has a prolonged runny nose that lasts for more than one week, then it will have serious consequences. For example, sinusitis, rhinitis. Defeating these diseases is possible with the help of complex herbal preparations.

For example, you can take courses of biostimulating agents. These include Far Eastern and Chinese Schizandra, Eleutherococcus, Ginseng, Immunal, Linetola, Propolis, Pantocrinum.

Effective drugs for immunity for children - polyvalent drugs. They are able to form the protection of the child against a large number of pathogens of various respiratory infections. Among them are Bronhomunal, Ribomunil, IRS-19. They are used in long courses up to six months. To get the desired effect, you must show diligence and patience. This is an immunity pill for children that can help them in the short term.

Against colds, which are particularly hard, specialized vaccines have been developed. They help protect against Hemophilus bacilli, influenza and pneumonia.

Also, immunomodulators, which can have a direct effect on specific parts of the immunity, are a remedy for immunity for children. These include "Levamisole", nucleic sodium, "Prodigiosan". Recently, it is increasingly beginning to deal with colds with homeopathy for children for immunity. So, the Oscillococcinum product is very popular.

Reception of antiviral drugs helps to cope with the long-term circulation of the virus in the child's body. These are Roferon, Lokferon, Tsikloferon, Poludan, Amiksin, Ridostin - effective tablets for immunity for children.

Just note that to intervene in the activity of the immune system must be very carefully, especially when it comes to the child. The doctor-specialist will help you choose the drug that is necessary for your child. To his advice, be sure to listen.

Immunologist tips

To cope with a weak immune system will help specialist immunologist. He will tell you how to temper a child with weak immunity, what to do to forget about these problems forever. One of the fundamental tips - quality daily food. Note that most nutrients should be ingested exclusively with food. Therefore, food must be varied, with plenty of vitamins. Never forget that boiled and raw foods are much healthier than fried foods. The human body is often weakened precisely because of the lack of trace elements, which leads to diseases.

Another immunologist's advice on how to improve immunity is to organize a favorable psychological environment. If a child has constant stress, then he becomes more vulnerable to various bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is extremely important to give care and attention to your baby, despite his possible mischief. If he constantly worries because of his behavior, assessments or some other minor problems from the point of view of an adult, then all this will affect his health.

It is noteworthy that diseases of the internal organs can be the cause of reduced immunity. As soon as these symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor and undergo a full examination. It has a bad effect on the immune system and heredity, especially if a woman was sick during pregnancy and did not use vitamins that strengthen the body.

At the same time, one of the main answers to the question of how to improve the immunity of a child is hardening. This method is simple and accessible to everyone without exception. You can teach your child to hardening from the age of four. Start gradually, only when the child is completely healthy. In no case do not force the kid to healthy lifestyle, think better of some game, how to combine an interesting lesson with a useful one.

Regular exercise will also help you with this, as it is easier for the child to improve his immunity when he is physically ready. Normal morning exercise will provide a positive charge of cheerfulness for a whole day a person at any age.

And after any cold, if only for a short time, you need to take care of yourself and not visit places with large crowds of people, because the immune system is only being restored at this time. Better to spend time in the fresh air without overloading yourself with physical exertion.

Healthy sleep

Among the unobvious factors that contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, healthy sleep. With a good night's rest, the body's resistance will increase significantly. Due to mood swings, irritability and crying, the child's sleep is disturbed, and all this can affect his mental comfort and overall health.

It has long been observed that children who do not get enough sleep regularly become much more susceptible to illness. There are even certain parameters for how much a baby should sleep at what age. Up to 6 months, it is normal if your son or daughter sleeps about 18 hours a day, up to one and a half years, this figure is reduced to 12-13 hours, children under 7 years old should sleep at least 10-11 hours. Otherwise, immunity can be seriously compromised.

Of course, it is necessary to make a discount on the fact that all children are different, and these are all average indicators. But you need to try to provide the optimal mode in which the baby will never have a sleep deficit. It is necessary to lie down in the evenings and get up in the morning at the same time, so you will accustom the child to a regimen that will be useful to him in his future life. The regime can significantly strengthen the immune system at any age, and especially in children.

Nose drops for health promotion

Earlier in this article, listing that it is possible for a child for immunity, we mainly mentioned the pills. In fact, there are a large number of drops that have a similar effect on the body.

One of the most effective of these drugs is called "Derinat". It is aimed at restoring damaged tissue and removing inflammation in the nose, while being an immunomodulator.

Its useful properties include enhancing humoral and cellular immunity, increasing resistance to catarrhal diseases, improving a timely immune response, increasing the activity of the lymphatic system, stimulating the immune system to increasing protection during various viral, bacterial and fungal infections, accelerating the processes of healing and cell repair, and normalization of metabolism. substances.

To appoint these drops in a nose for immunity to children the attending physician can. After all, it is suitable even for kids from the first months of their life. It is taken not only to increase immunity, but also at the first symptoms of a cold, to prevent diseases. It is recommended to drip into the sinuses two drops on the first day every hour. Then four more days - one drop four times a day. The treatment is carried out no more than ten days, unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Contraindications for the drug is not so much. This is an allergic reaction and individual intolerance to individual components. If you strictly observe the dosage, then no side effects should occur.

Folk remedies

There are a large number of folk remedies to improve immunity in children. As a rule, these are tinctures, decoctions, healthy fruits that help the body get the missing substances.

For example, nuts for immunity are well helped by children who are supplied with a large amount of mineral substances and proteins that are extremely beneficial for the body. The classic recipe nut mix consists of such ingredients:

  • 150 grams of walnuts,
  • 150 grams of fresh dried apricots,
  • lemon,
  • 200 grams of honey.

Dried apricots should be washed thoroughly. Scald the lemon with boiling water and cut into slices. Twist all the ingredients in a meat grinder, then add honey and mix thoroughly.

This mixture is folded in a jar and stored in the refrigerator. You need to eat one tablespoon on an empty stomach before each main meal.

The recipe of lemon and honey for children’s immunity has a beneficial effect. To do this, cook:

  • 100 grams of peeled root,
  • 200 grams of honey
  • 4 lemons.

A spoonful of this mass is recommended to stir in boiled water and drink before bedtime.

There are also a large number of simple recipes that will help boost immunity. For example, to strengthen the immunity of the baby, you can drink broth hips, honey or lemon water (at the rate of one teaspoon of honey or lemon juice per cup of boiled water). Teas made of lime blossom, chamomile, coltsfoot, and juices are highly effective.

Often children get sick because of a lack of vitamins. Therefore, in a meat grinder, skip a half cup of raisins, a glass of walnuts, half a cup of almonds, zest of two lemons, and squeeze the lemons themselves into the resulting mass. Mix all this with half a glass of melted honey. The mixture should be infused a couple of days in a dark place, then give the child two teaspoons 3 times a day one hour before meals.

To strengthen the immunity fit and bran. The recipe is this: a tablespoon of rye or wheat bran is poured with a glass of water and boiled for about 40 minutes, stirring constantly. After that add a tablespoon of dried crushed calendula flowers, boil for a few more minutes, cool, filter and add some honey. Drink this infusion should be four times a day for a quarter cup.

Strengthens children's immunity and decoction of horsetail. One tablespoon of horsetail is poured with boiling water and drunk, letting it stand. He especially helps during a flu epidemic or during a disease that has already begun to strengthen the body. Pay only attention to the fact that it is contraindicated for people with kidney problems.

How to improve the immunity of the child folk remedies

Natural treatment in order to strengthen the body's immune system effectively. A parent will not have to run to the pharmacy for expensive funds. How can I improve the immunity of the child with the help of traditional medicine:

  1. Garlic and onions. Even the aroma of these vegetables helps to kill bacteria, viruses. Add finely chopped garlic or onions can be in dishes, or peeled decompose around the house.
  2. Sour milk products. Saturated with beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which establish the intestinal microflora. Calcium contained in yogurt, cheese, sourdough, also helps strengthen bones.
  3. Lemon. If there is no allergy to citrus, feel free to add a little lemon to the diet.
  4. Nuts Mix different types of nuts or one with honey, let's eat the useful sweetness of the baby. Honey is also an excellent means to improve immunity: choose buckwheat or lime variety.
  5. Broths and fruit drinks. Rosehip, chamomile, currant, blueberry in drinks are very useful for improving health and protecting against infections.

How to improve the immunity of the child after antibiotics

The use of antibiotics helps to cope with the disease, but it does not pass for the body without a trace. Защита иммунной системы снижается, убивается микрофлора желудка, поэтому силы ребенка нужно восстанавливать и после приема препаратов. Какие меры нужно предпринять после курса антибиотика:

  1. Проконсультируйтесь у врача по поводу приема средств, восстанавливающих микрофлору кишечника и защитные силы организма. Это не только лекарства, а еще и кисломолочные продукты.
  2. Натуральные средства являются одними из самых эффективных. It:
    • отвары и чаи (лимонник, шиповник, имбирь, эхинацея),
    • мед,
    • алоэ,
    • лимон.
  3. Reconsider the diet: give less foods high in fat, sugar, spices. It is better to balance the food and use only the process of cooking or steaming. Dairy products, dishes should be on the menu more.
  4. Morning should begin with charging, and during the day should be outdoor games.
  5. Harden the child, do not avoid walking in the fresh air, visit the bath.
  6. The elimination of toxins is well done with abundant drinking water.

How to improve the immunity of a child of 2 years at home

Before strengthening the child’s immune system with various means, eliminate stressful situations from his life. Also make sure that the food is balanced. Broths and infusions with a specific flavor can not always be offered to the baby, he may not drink them at all. How to improve the immunity of a child 2 years in this case? Healthy sweets will help you. Recipe:

  1. raisins, dried apricots, chop nuts,
  2. add some honey, lemon juice,
  3. mix, store the mixture in the refrigerator:
  4. three times a day, give the baby a teaspoon of this composition.

How to improve the immunity of a child in 3 years before kindergarten

Love is what an adult parent can give her baby at any time, and this will be the best cure for infections. When a child feels cared for, warmly, then the kindergarten is not terrible for him, he will not be ill, and even the stresses do not threaten. Start the morning with a charge of sure, let's get more vitamin C and fresh berries, vegetables, fruits. Rest and active games alternate, be sure to take a walk on a fresh rest. Be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene, after each walk on the street, visiting the toilet teach children to wash their hands.

How to raise the immunity of the child in 4 years after the disease

When the baby is ill, his body is significantly weakened, and it is necessary to prevent re-infection. What will improve the condition:

  1. Ventilate the rooms in the house, carefully do the wet cleaning, wipe the dust.
  2. Keep the child's hygiene at home and on a walk, so as not to replenish the “stocks” of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  3. You need to drink more liquids, eat right, eat less sweet, fried, fatty, flour.
  4. A good mood greatly affects the strength of the body's defense, so use active games that your child likes.

Rule one: a full and varied diet - the first step to strengthen the immune system

If possible, try at least six months breastfeed. In this case, with all other things being equal, the child’s immunity is supported by immunoglobulins (antibodies) that are in human milk. The highest immune effect in colostrum - the very first thick breast milk, which contains a large amount of antibodies.

In the future, an important component of the children's menu should be dairy products. In cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka and other fermented milk foods contain probiotics - lacto-and bifidobacteria, which favorably affect the intestinal microflora, normalize the digestion process. Daily consumption of dairy products has a positive effect on the immune system of the child.

But in sugar consumption on the contrary, the baby should be limited. According to experts, excessive consumption of sugar reduces the body's ability to fight viruses and microbes by 40 percent. And it is not only about sweets, chocolate or sugar in its pure form. It is more than enough in seemingly innocuous juices and the same yoghurts with additives. Therefore, buying products for the children's table, especially carefully study the composition and give preference to those in which the sugar content is minimal, or it is completely absent. What is not a place in the child's diet, especially with a weak immune system, is chips, fizzy drinks and any fast food.

A special place in the diet of the child is given fruits and vegetables. They are useful in any form, but raw - especially. At the same time you should not chase the overseas delights in the desire to diversify the child's menu. On the contrary, children under 3 years of age are generally not recommended to give exotic vegetables, fruits and berries. Mango, avocado, pomelo, kiwi, pineapples, papaya, citrus fruits, and even bananas are better postponed for a while, but also then entered into the menu gradually and gradually. Exotics may not only be hard on the baby’s stomach, but also cause an allergic reaction. So it is better to minimize the risk and rely on local vegetables and fruits.

If the kid doesn’t have a special love for vegetables and fruits, show imagination: make carrot, cucumber, beetroot funny figurines made of cabbage and leaf lettuce flowers from carrots. Make eating vegetables not only useful, but also fun. Believe me, the result will not be long in coming: the vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables will significantly strengthen the immunity of your child.

Rule two: healthy sleep increases body resistance

Do you know what a sleepy baby is? Crying, mood swings, irritability - what lies on the surface. If you look deeper, it turns out that the lack of sleep affects not only the mental comfort of the child, but also his overall health. Children who do not get enough sleep regularly are more susceptible to illness. For perfect well-being, newborns and children up to 6 months in total need up to 18 hours of full sleep per day, babies up to 1.5 years old - 12-13 hours, children from 2 to 7 years old - at least 10-11 hours.

Of course, all the children are different: some of them are exhausted by 8 pm, others cannot be put in 23. However, try to ensure an optimal day regimen, in which the child will not experience a lack of sleep. Going to bed and waking up in the morning should be at the same time. The correct daily regimen can greatly strengthen the child’s immune system.

Immunity of the newborn

The birth of a child is always accompanied by a meeting of children's immunity with foreign substances. The microflora of the gastrointestinal tract is the strongest source of antigenic stimulation.

We list the main parts of the immunity of the newborn:

  1. Phagocytosis system. Leukocytes of newborns have a reduced ability to kill bacteria, so babies are at risk of severe bacterial infections. The thing is in insufficient activity of opsonins (substances (antibodies) that enhance phagocytosis), the number of which is interconnected with the body weight of newborns. A significant decrease in opsonins is observed in premature babies and in children with intrauterine growth retardation.
  2. Complement protein system. In infants, the content of complement proteins is only half of the amount of serum elements in the mother’s blood, which significantly affects the ability of the immune system to resist infection. By the 6th day of life, a physiological increase in the protein content of the complement system in the blood is observed.
  3. T-cell system. The number of T-lymphocytes in the blood of newborns is sufficient. However, the functional ability of these blood cells is not enough to protect against bacteria.
  4. B-cell system of the newborn. Deficiency of B-lymphocytes is not observed. But there are more immature populations than adults.
  5. Immunoglobulins:
  • neonatal immunoglobulins are predominantly represented by the G-fraction,
  • M immunoglobulins are contained in the range of 0.25 - 0.30 g / l serum,
  • immunoglobulins A are completely absent, which is manifested by the lack of protection of the mucous membranes of the newborn. Immunoglobulin A begins to be synthesized only 2 weeks after birth.

Immunoglobulins G of a newborn baby are maternal antibodies to bacterial and viral particles that a woman has been in contact with before and during pregnancy. Immunoglobulin deficiency is the most common cause of immune disorders in young children.

Newborn is a critical period for the formation of immunity, therefore, for any minor cold, the parents of the child should be careful not to miss the development of serious complications with the formation of an immunodeficiency state.

Important! Immunity of a premature newborn is imperfect. The protective forces of the immunity of premature babies are significantly reduced. This is manifested by a greater susceptibility of prematurity to infectious diseases compared to full-term newborns.

Formation of immunity in children

  • starting from 2 months maternal immunoglobulins disintegrate. Accordingly, the content of immunoglobulin G in the child’s blood decreases. During this period, vaccination is a powerful factor influencing the development of immunity.
  • in the period from 2 to 6 months, due to the lack of antibodies in the child, increased sensitivity to viruses of parainfluenza, influenza, PC-virus,
  • at the age of 5-6 years, T-dependent zones of lymphoid organs actively develop, which is manifested by an increase in lymph nodes. At this age, latent viral infections that weaken the immune system are common.

The role of breastfeeding in the development of immunity of the newborn

Antibodies and other components of immunity are transmitted to the baby’s mother’s milk, which protects the newborn from serious infectious diseases. Prolactin and progesterone form a secretory system of immunity in the maternal breast.

Through milk, the baby receives phagocytes and immunoglobulin A, which protects the epithelium of the intestinal wall from microbial agents.

Also, breastfeeding helps protect children up to 1 year of age from enteropathogenic serotypes of Escherichia coli, Salmonella, pneumococci, Streptococcus, Shigella.

Types of drugs used in pediatric practice to improve the immunity of the infant

Grippferon is a recombinant interferon. Increases antiviral activity of the immune system. Able to inhibit the multiplication of viruses. Especially effective during a flu epidemic. The drug increases the content of immunoglobulin A in the nasal secretion and destroys the causative agent of the disease. Also effective against adenovirus infection.

Viferon. In infants, it is more often used in candles by 150,000 IU. It activates antiviral protection of the body, reduces the period of fever with SARS in newborns, reduces the severity of inflammation of the mucous membranes. Able to increase the immunity of the child against herpes virus diseases.

Aflubin. Homeopathic medicine, has a complex effect on the immune system. Highly effective in routine prevention of acute respiratory infections.

Anaferon. Created on the basis of ultra-low doses of antibodies. Can be used from 6 months of age. Effective with influenza and SARS.

Broncho-munal P. Belongs to the group of bacterial lysates of systemic action. It is used in the correction of immunity in frequently and long-term sick children. The anti-infective effect of Broncho-munal is associated with an increase in the content of immunoglobulin A in serum and secretion of the upper respiratory tract.

In children suffering from frequent lung diseases, significantly reduces the number of exacerbations during the year. In children with allergies Broncho-munal can reduce the number of episodes of bronchial obstruction.

IRS-19. It is used in pediatric practice from 3 months of age. The preparation contains 19 strains of microorganisms that cause ARVI in children. The drug is used to strengthen the immunity of the infant by reducing the swelling of the nasal mucosa, liquefying mucus and facilitating its outflow.

The strengthening effect on the immunity of the newborn is manifested in protection against ominous complications in the form of otitis and sinusitis. For prevention, it is recommended to use IRS-19 for a month, in dosages depending on the age of the baby.

Imudon. Imudon preparation helps to maintain immunity in children during the seasonal rise of respiratory diseases. The baby can be given the drug data from 3 years of age.

Imudon is a mixture of lysates of bacteria and fungi that are most common in the oral cavity, that is, effective against most ARD pathogens.

Polyoxidonium. The drug affects all parts of the immune system. In infants to enhance immunity is more often used in the form of a solution for intranasal use. Effective with bronchial asthma.

How to strengthen the immunity of the child without drugs?

Only a competent allergist-immunologist can increase the immunity of children with the help of drugs. Parents, on the other hand, should know the basic ways of strengthening the immune system of a child under one year of age by non-drug methods. How to improve the immunity of the baby, without resorting to the use of immunomodulators?

  • hardening. Efficient and affordable method. The main thing is to observe the principle of gradualness and not to overdo it. Summer is the best time of year to start tempering procedures,
  • good healthy foodbalanced by energy value
  • vitamin therapy.

Vitamins can be bought not only in the pharmacy! Persistent immune system indicators may be elevated by eating foods rich in vitamin C. To enhance immunity, black currant berries, rosehip decoction and citrus fruits should be given to the child,

  • maritime climate. The sea air rich in salts and ozone has a beneficial effect on the immune system,
  • Exercise therapy and massage.

The role of dysbacteriosis in the formation of the child's immunity

The normal composition of the intestinal microflora of the child is an integral part of strong immunity. Up to 80% of the immune cells of an infant are found in the intestinal mucosa.

Intestinal dysbiosis in the newborn is a condition characterized by a change in the quantitative and qualitative composition of the intestinal microflora.

The drugs used for the correction of intestinal microflora can also be attributed to the group drugs that affect the immunity of the infant:

  • probiotics and prebiotics (Bifiform, Hilak-forte, Linex, Acipol, Bifidumbacterin),
  • immunomodulators (KIP, Kipferon, Likopid, Sodium Nucleinate).

  1. Newborn - a critical period of formation of immunity in the child.
  2. Breastfeeding is a necessary link in the development of strong immunity in infants.
  3. Young children can not help but get sick, but these diseases should not be very frequent and serious. With frequent and severe infections, the administration of immune drugs is indicated.
  4. The normal composition of the intestinal microflora of the child is an integral part of strong immunity.

Ways to strengthen the immunity in children

Weak immunity in children occurs due to a number of factors. Very often it decreases after an illness. In this case, the child is susceptible to the slightest infection and is prone to complications even after the common cold, the disease can become chronic. In this case, the parents think about what to do and what measures to take in order to increase the body's resistance.

Immunity in a child can be improved using a whole range of measures:

  • Course treatment with immunostimulants. For these purposes, it is not necessary to use drugs in pill form, you can purchase ordinary interferon in powder form and dilute it, then burying it in the nasal passages. You can buy a ready-made solution. This method will help prevent recurrence of the disease. However, it is not recommended to constantly use these drugs. 10 days is enough.
  • Vitamin therapy. To improve the immunity in children, it is recommended to fill the lack of necessary trace elements. To do this, currently there are many vitamin complexes for children of different ages.
  • Hardening A very important procedure is the contrast shower, which is able to raise the immune system and increase the body's resistance to various viral and bacterial infections. But in this case, you need not to overdo it and start small. In the first place, you can only pour the legs and hands alternately with hot or cold water. Then after a while go over the whole body. For children do not need to do a large temperature run.
  • Regulation of the day. It is important that the child every day was in the fresh air and sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. The younger the children, the more time they need to sleep. Do not neglect walks, even in cold weather. You can go out for 20 minutes and that will be enough.

Products to enhance the body's defenses

Many parents will be interested to know which foods increase immunity in children, because vitamins and useful trace elements should come primarily from food.

First you need to adjust the power mode. You can not neglect any meal. In this case, breakfast for children should start with cereal products in milk. It can be a variety of cereals: oatmeal, oatmeal, millet or rice. If the child does not like this food, then you can replace it with an omelet or boiled eggs. Also useful cottage cheese with sour cream. Thus, it is important that the body receives enough protein for the normal functioning of the immune system.

In the diet should always be the first dishes. The daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins necessary for the body is recommended.

Necessary products to improve immunity:

  1. kefir, natural yogurt, cottage cheese, ryazhenka, sour cream,
  2. soft cheese,
  3. low-fat fish
  4. bananas, oranges, tangerines, persimmon, apples, feijoa, kiwi, etc.,
  5. помидоры, баклажаны, огурцы, болгарский перец, кабачки, тыква, капуста брокколи,
  6. мед,
  7. чеснок и лук.

Еще следует включать полезные напитки, повышающие иммунитет у детей: морсы из свежих ягод, кисели и натуральные травяные чаи.

Питание должно быть разнообразным и полезным. Необходимо исключить жвачки, чипсы и прочий суррогат. Полезно употреблять оливковое масло, добавляя его в салаты. Витамин D, поднимающий иммунитет, еще содержится и в растительном масле.

However, it should be remembered that fruits and vegetables should serve as a healthy afternoon snack or snack, but they cannot replace a full meal. It is better to completely abandon the purchase of cutlets and eliminate red meat from the child’s diet. Turkey will be more useful, and especially - chicken broth.

Proper nutrition

The easiest way to take care of the health of your baby is to provide his diet with the most useful products that will provide the body with beneficial substances.

For full growth and development you need to make a child's diet, which will include the required amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Products containing vitamins to raise immunity

The most familiar folk remedies that will help you very quickly increase the immunity of your child are foods that contain large amounts of vitamins. These products should also be included in the baby’s regular menu.But there are times when a normal diet is not enough (off season, climate change, a recent cold, etc.).

If the situation requires, then you should increase the number of these useful products.

Fruits and vegetables

Everyone knows that they contain a high content of vitamins, fiber, minerals and phytonutrients. Among fruits, citrus fruits and apples, which are enriched with vitamin C (necessary for the prevention of colds), have the most favorable effect on immunity. And apples also help to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora and normalize the digestive process.

It is also recommended to use: pomegranates, tomatoes, cranberries, red cabbage, grapefruits (they have a beneficial effect not only on immunity, but also on the heart), carrots and pumpkin (they contain substances converting to vitamin A), broccoli (it has anti-inflammatory properties).

Whole grain cereals

Many people underestimate all the benefits of cereals. However, they are a good source of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to include cereal for breakfast in the children's diet.

When cooking almost all the nutrients porridge disappear. It is recommended to pour the grits with boiling water and insist on the night. To increase the content of vitamins in porridge, it is recommended to add berries or fruits (dried fruits).

Even our grandmothers with colds told us to drink tea with honey, because It enhances immunity very well and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Honey is a very tasty delicacy. Therefore, you will not have to persuade your child to eat a spoonful of honey for a long time. Best to choose bee honey.

[box type = "warning"]It is important to know! Honey is a strong allergen. If your child is prone to allergies, then he is more likely to have a reaction to honey. [/ Box]

In this case, it is better to abandon the bee and choose a less allergenic option. You should also not give honey to children up to 2-3 years, because The risk of developing allergies at this age is the highest.

Onion and garlic

About these vegetables should be said separately, because they contain a lot of phytoncides that fight against harmful bacteria. Onions and garlic have long been the best folk remedy very quickly enhances immunity. They can be given to the child just like that, with bread or other food. But not all children love onions and garlic because of their bitter taste.

In this case, the onions can be finely chopped and added to the plate, and garlic to rub the toast. Their volatile properties can also be used as protection. Cut the onion or garlic on a platter and place it not far from the cot or other place where the child is often located.

Vitamin D fortified foods

These include: sea fish, vegetable oils and dairy products. At the moment, there is a theory that flu can be managed with the help of vitamin D. It enters the body mainly through the skin with sunlight.

In winter, the content of this vitamin is significantly reduced, so it needs to be replenished by eating food.rich in vitamin D. In the case, as with cereals, vitamin D disappears when frying or boiling. If you decide to cook the fish, it is best to steam or stew without oil.

Beneficial effect on the body. You can use all the nuts as a product to enhance immunity. It is also recommended to use a variety of herbal teas, dairy and dairy products, fresh juices, but we'll talk about them later.

Recipes for Delicious Vitamin Blends

Wholesome foods can be taken with food or as a bioactive additive. If you do not have time to pre-compile the menu for your child for a long period, you can regularly give him a delicious folk remedy - vitamin mixtures. They can easily help very quickly increase the immunity of the child. Below are a few of these recipes.

Recipe 1: Useful Vitamin Blend

For the preparation of a multivitamin mixture, you will need: 1 lemon, 50 grams of figs, and 100 grams of raisins, dried apricots, honey and peanuts or walnuts. Before cooking, thoroughly wash the lemon under hot water. Grate it into a grated zest.

Then chop nuts, raisins, dried apricots, figs in a blender and combine them with zest. Squeeze lemon juice into the prepared mixture and add liquid honey. The resulting composition leave for 48 hours in a dark dish. After giving the child 1-2 teaspoons 3 times a day for an hour before meals.

Recipe 2: on apples

For the manufacture of medicines take: 3 apples, 1 glass of walnuts, 0.5 glasses of water and 0.5 kg each. cranberries and sugar. Then mash the berries and cut the apples into small cubes.

Mix all the ingredients, cover them with water and bring to a boil over low heat. Cool the mixture. Take should be 1 teaspoon twice a day.

Recipe 3: a mixture of dried fruit

To prepare a mixture of dried fruit, you will need: 1 lemon and 250 g raisins, honey, walnuts, prunes and dried apricots.
We do the same with lemon as in the first recipe.

We sort out dried fruits, wash and dry. All the ingredients, with the exception of honey, grind blender or twist in a meat grinder. Then pour honey and put in a sterile jar. It is necessary to give the child 1 tsp in 30 minutes. before meals 3 times a day.

Fresh juices and their benefits

We know that vegetables and fruits are good for the body. But also fresh juices are useful, which are much better than juice from packages. They contain many biologically active substances involved in the work of the whole organism. But each juice affects the body in different ways, so you should understand all types of juices that your child can and should drink.

  • Apricot. It has a beneficial effect on the liver and skin, improves eyesight,
  • Orange. Contains a large amount of vitamins C, B1, B5, B12. It is recommended for colds and stress,
  • Birch. Tones, activates the metabolism, improves the digestive tract,
  • Grape. Recommended for children, rich in iron, tones,
  • Pomegranate. It is hematopoietic, improves immunity, has a beneficial effect on the work of almost all organs, contains many vitamins, mineral salts, sugars, fiber,
  • Grapefruit. Contains vitamin C, normalizes metabolism and blood pressure,
  • Pear. Prevents obesity,
  • Cabbage. Quickly absorbed, rich in chlorine, sulfur and iodine, improves the condition of hair, skin and nails,
  • Citric. Source of vitamin C and many other nutrients, improves the nervous and circulatory systems,
  • Carrot. Contains potassium, folic acid and carotenoids, which form vitamin A. This vitamin is responsible for the condition of the skin and mucous membranes,
  • Sea buckthorn. Contains vitamins - A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, trace elements - boron, iron, manganese, herbal antibiotics and organic acids,
  • Peach. Rich in potassium salts that strengthen the heart muscles,
  • Beetroot. Contains calcium, sodium, chlorine. Improves the condition of the nervous system, kidneys, gallbladder and blood vessels. It is recommended to drink after a few hours after preparation,
  • Tomato. Rich in natural sugars, vitamin C, organic acids. Improves memory, heart function, metabolism, nervous system, has antioxidant properties,
  • Pumpkin. It improves blood circulation, intestinal and liver function. Clears toxins, fights colds and stresses,
  • Blackcurrant juice. Increases immunity
  • Rosehip juice. Improves metabolism, appetite, resistance to infections, increases stamina,
  • Apple. Rich in iron, potassium and boron.

[box type = "info"]Note! Children up to three years old are recommended to dilute the juice with 1: 1 water. To drink it is best freshly prepared, in small sips or through a straw, 30-40 minutes before a meal. [/ Box]

After drinking the juice, ask the child to rinse the mouth with water to keep the enamel in good condition.

Multivitamin preparations

If the immunity is very much weakened or you do not have the opportunity to provide the child with the necessary amount of vitamins that will be supplied through food, then you should turn to the products sold in pharmacies.

If your baby does not have any special instructions of the doctor, then it is best to choose multivitamin preparations. They contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements that the child should receive daily.

When choosing vitamins for a child, one should take into account his age and other individual characteristics, since depends on this daily rate of consumption of necessary substances.

If you do not, then you have a chance to choose the wrong dosage, which will lead to adverse effects. When selecting a vitamin complex for your baby, it is best to consult with a pediatrician, or at least with a pharmacist at the pharmacy.

Dairy products to eliminate germs and restore intestinal microflora

The intestine plays an important role in the formation of immunity, because it is in it that the largest number of cells of the immune system works.

Reduced immunity occurs due to dysbiosis (decrease in the normal amount of prebiotics in the intestine). Prebiotics produce most of the vitamins, and they are also responsible for the elimination of toxins. and prevent the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

To maintain normal intestinal microflora, lactobacilli and prebiotics are needed. At the moment, there are quite a few “enriched” and “fortified” beverages in stores. But it is better to act as a proven method to increase the immunity of the child very quickly.

From ancient times, cheese was called any sour-milk product, including cottage cheese, from which it was made fried tortillas.

[box type = "note"]Folk remedies - kefir, ryazhenka and natural yogurt - act better than those you see on the shelves. Usually they drink these drinks in the evening (before going to bed), but many doctors recommend using them in the morning. [/ Box]

Studies have shown that if your child consumes dairy products twice a day, the risk of developing SARS and flu is significantly reduced (especially for children aged 3 to 7 years). In the case of the disease, children who regularly consume dairy products, less pronounced symptoms and significantly reduced the duration of the disease.

In order for a child to grow up healthy and active, he needs the correct daily routine, which should include exercise, a walk, a meal and sleep schedule, and hygienic procedures.

Morning work-out

Starting the day is best with exercise, which helps to cheer up, bring muscles and blood vessels in tone, which has no small effect on mental activity.

Provided that the child regularly does morning exercises, his appetite improves., blood supply, brain function, reduces the risk of diseases and rapid fatigue.

Walking and hardening

A good way to increase the immunity of the child very quickly - folk remedies, such as: fresh air and hardening. To engage in hardening of the child must begin from infancy. First of all, you should not repeat the mistake of many - to overly wrap up a child and keep him in a hot and stuffy room.

[box type = "info"]Important to remember! The child adapts to the environment during the first 2 weeks of life. This means that if you immediately teach your child to normal air temperature (18 - 22 ° C), then later he will not freeze all the time. [/ Box]

Dress the child exclusively for the weather. Forget the old expression "the heat of the bones does not ache." It has long been proven that overheating of the body is worse than hypothermia. The same applies to the legs: the foot of a person is designed to walk on a cool surface. In the feet there are no vital organs that can be frostbite, so a slightly cool baby foot is the absolute norm.

As well as wrapping, hot baths are very harmful. Bathing water should be between 37 and 38 ° C. To temper the child, it is recommended to gradually reduce the temperature of the bathing water.

Take your baby for a walk, preferably twice a day. They are very important for the health of the child, because in the house he breathes dust (even if you tidy up several times a day, it will still remain), stale air (especially during the heating season).

Being at home, the child does not receive enough oxygen, which saturates every cell in the body, which can lead to discomforts. If you do not have the opportunity to take him outside, then ventilate the room as often as possible.

Rest and sleep

No other folk remedies will help to increase the immunity of your child if he does not receive a proper rest. Children, especially small ones, very quickly overwork, and sleep helps to replenish the wasted strength. A child under 7 years old needs daytime sleep.

If he does not receive it, the nervous system is overloaded.that can adversely affect further development. In addition to resting the muscles and brain during sleep, the body is enriched with oxygen (at the time of deep sleep, the lungs open, and breathing becomes deep).

A few hours before the night's sleep, you need to play quiet games with your child (you can read books). This will allow him to calm down what is necessary before bedtime. For a good rest of the body, night sleep should begin no later than 22.00. Before bed, be sure to ventilate the room in which the baby sleeps. You can also go for a walk.

Recommended duration of sleep and wakefulness of children 1.5 months - 3 years

In day mode, the younger (3-4 years) and medium (4-5 years) groups of kindergarten provide 12-12.5 hours for sleep, of which 2 hours for a one-time daytime sleep. For older children (5-6 years old) and preparatory (6-7 years old) groups, 11.5 hours is required for sleep (10 hours at night and 1.5 hours during the day).

The duration of sleep in children of school age varies with age and is:

  • in 7-10 years old - 11-10 hours,
  • at 11-14 years old - 10-9 hours,
  • 15-17 years old - 9-8 hours.

Hygiene and cleanliness in the house

Children, especially up to 3 years old, are exploring the world. Everywhere they crawl and look in every corner. They can crawl on the floor, and after a second pull their hands in your mouth. Therefore, to maintain the health of the child, it is important to maintain cleanliness in the house. Allow time for cleaning every day (it should be wet too).

If you have a small child, then wait with your pets. You should also avoid a large number of soft toys and books in the room where the child is, because they collect a lot of dust.

Child hygiene is equally important for full development.. Children are very active, and, accordingly, often get dirty and sweat. Therefore, you need to wash your hands after games and before eating, take a daily shower and, of course, observe the morning toilet. Do not allow children to eat dirty vegetables and fruits, or lift something on the streets. This can lead to various diseases.

Features strengthen the child's immunity after the disease

If your child has recently suffered a disease, then you need to know how to improve the immunity of the child very quickly. Folk remedies will help restore strength and will not have a negative impact on the body. This can be done with the help of vitamin mixtures (recipes described earlier) and various useful teas, tinctures and decoctions.

Recipes of teas and tinctures to strengthen the immune system:

What is immunity.

This is a whole range of activities that the body undertakes as soon as something starts to threaten it.

The defense mechanism recognizes the alien “guest” (it could be a virus, bacteria, toxins, etc.) and activates the “special forces” - immunocompetent special-purpose cells, whose task is to block and destroy the stranger - this reaction is called the immune response.

Sometimes an autoimmune reaction occurs in the body when the immune system destroys the cells of its own organism, but not healthy ones, and those that have undergone mutation, for example, tumor cells.

Immunity is much “smarter” than it seems, it is perfectly oriented in terms of “friend or foe”, and also has a long-term “memory”, because after the first contact with a new virus, it “remembers” it, and next time it quickly identifies and takes urgent action.

This ability can be clearly demonstrated on all familiar chicken pox. Вирус, который ее вызывает, практически не мутирует, поэтому после того, как человек переболел ветряной оспой, его иммунитет хорошо знает возбудителя болезни, и пресекает любые его попытки вызвать недуг снова. Человек болеет ветрянкой, как правило, лишь раз в жизни. А вот грипп и ОРВИ вызывают вирусы и их штаммы, которые постоянно видоизменяются, поэтому мы болеем этими недугами гораздо чаще.

Several important organs and systems are involved in immune defense. Red bone marrow creates stem cells and is responsible for lymphocytes. He is actively helped by the thymus gland (thymus gland), which differentiates lymphocytes. A considerable burden falls on the lymph nodes, which are located very "thoughtfully" - along the lymph vessels. The largest organ of the immune system is the spleen.

types of immunity

Each of us has two immunities: one is innate, the other is acquired.Congenital acts only collectively, understanding alien agents as one undesirable factor. He cannot “remember” new viruses and bacteria. Acquired - more active immunity. He “learns” and “trains” all his life, starting from the first days after the birth of a child.

In children after birth, the maximum load falls on the innate protection. And gradually, with each new disease, with each adverse factor from the environment, an initially weak and imperfect acquired immunity is formed.

How to understand that a child has a weakened immunity?

In young children, as we found out, acquired immunity (which is very important for diseases) is very weak, and is still being formed. The younger the peanut, the weaker his defense.. If the doctor says that your child’s immune system is weak, it means that the lack of protective functions is below certain age norms.

The doctor comes to this conclusion after examining the patient card. If the frequency of diseases, mostly colds, in a child exceeds 5-6 times a year, we can talk about weakened immunity.

Parents can also notice this condition on their own, because the external manifestations of immunodeficiency are quite vivid: the child has disturbed sleep, he often complains of fatigue, headaches, he has poor appetite, depressive mood, increased moodiness. A rather characteristic sign - weak hair, nails, dry and problem skin.. In children with reduced immunity may appear dark circles under the eyes, in addition, they are more likely to other children have a tendency to allergies.

Modern medicine offers a special study of the immune status. To do this, make an immunogram - a comprehensive diagnosis, which will establish the composition of the blood, the presence of antibodies to certain diseases, immunoglobulins, experts will analyze the cellular components of the immune system. The doctor will receive all these data from a special analysis of the patient’s blood.

The causes that cause immune weakness are different:

  • Congenital abnormalities of organs involved in the defense mechanism.
  • Congenital defects of the respiratory and digestive systems, as well as HIV infection, which the child received intrauterinely from the mother or independently (through blood transfusion or untreated medical instruments).
  • A previous infection, especially if it was not properly treated.
  • The state of hypoxia that the baby experienced during the pregnancy of the mother.
  • Premature birth. Premature babies are more susceptible to infection.
  • Unfavorable ecological situation, living in a region with a high radiation background.
  • Long-term and uncontrolled use of antibiotics and antiviral drugs - immunostimulants and immunomodulators.
  • A great journey, during which the child changed the time zone and climate.
  • Strong stress.
  • High physical exertion.

This is not a complete list, but common. During the manifestation of these factors, it is worthwhile to pay close attention to raising the child’s immune system.

But the best thing to do is with natural ingredients.

Honey and propolis.

Bee products should not be given to children with allergies in the acute stage and a tendency to allergic reactions in general. It is not advisable to give honey to children under three years old. To raise the immunity, you can add honey to any tea that you prepare for your child, milk, and almost any decoction and herbal infusion.

Propolis is best purchased at a pharmacy in the form of an aqueous solution. Children give it a few drops, depending on age, 2-4 times a day.

Although, my parents always gave me propolis once, in the morning and only during the winter period. This component also should not be abused.

We gave this drug to a child only when seasonal epidemics of ARVI and flu began.

Echinacea preparations should not be given to children under one year old; the rest of the children are allowed to take this medicinal plant orally in dosages that are age appropriate.

A lot of questions are caused by the home preparation of the remedy and the dosage regimen.

To prepare homemade tincture, you need to take 50 grams. chopped herbs and 100 ml of boiled water. All mix and hold on the steam bath for about a quarter of an hour. Cool, strain with gauze or sieve. Give the tincture of the child to one-fourth of a glass in a cool form.

For a more pleasant taste, you can add dry black currant leaves, raspberries, strawberries and lemon balm in the tincture. Phytoenzymes, which are abundantly contained in Echinacea, have a beneficial effect on the quantity and quality of immunocompetent phagocytic cells. This is due to its impact on the immune system.

All available houseplant is rich in vitamins and other substances that stimulate the immune system gently, without excessive pressure. To get the juice, you need to cut off the most fleshy and juicy leaves, put in the fridge and hold them in low temperature for a couple of days. Then finely chop the leaves, put in a “bundle” of gauze and squeeze the juice. You can add a little water to it and store it in the refrigerator for no more than 12 hours. After a while, the product will lose its healing effect.

Therefore, do not make a lot of juice at once.

Aloe juice for children can be mixed with tea or compote, and also given purely 3-4 times a day in a tablespoon half an hour before meals.

Berries and leaves are widely used in alternative medicine. For a child with weakened immunity, you can make compote with wild rose berries, you can make an infusion, but the broth is the most popular among parents. To make it you need five tablespoons of berries (you can dried), a liter of boiled water.

Berries are poured into boiling water and kept on low heat for about a quarter of an hour. Then pour the broth into a thermos, close the lid and insist 10-12 hours. Children decoction give warm 4 times a day for a quarter cup.

Ginger root will help the child cope with the disease, when the disease is in full swing, and will also strengthen the immune system if it is weakened after the illness. Finely chopped root is added to tea in small quantities, it is also possible to make a decoction from it and give it to a child two tablespoons a tablespoon. Very effective for immunodeficiency ginger jelly. For its preparation, you will need a root weighing about 250 grams, one lemon and a teaspoon of gelatin.

The root needs to be washed and cleaned, the lemon is also freed from the peel and seed. Both ingredients are minced, add gelatin and sugar to taste (or honey). Jelly is put in the fridge, and after curing it is given as a dessert 3 times a day, a teaspoon after a meal.

This berry is rich in vitamins and acids, therefore, for colds, cranberry juice is so popular. To raise the immunity of the child, it is better to prepare a delicious dessert made from cranberries, which the child will regard as a delicacy, and not as an unpleasant and indispensable medicine.

For this recipe, you need 200 grams of cranberries and 400 grams of apple slices. All you need to mix and pour syrup prepared from 200 grams of honey and half a liter of water.

On slow fire, the resulting mass must be held for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly. After that, the treat is cooled, poured into a jar and stored in the refrigerator. Give the child three times a day for a teaspoon.

Garlic can be compared to ginger by its effect on the body. Only here drinks and infusions from it are not very tasty, and they rarely fall in love with children. It is not worth unnecessarily stuffing the child with garlic decoction, it is enough if you add it fresh to salads and other dishes that are included in the child's diet.

Chamomile and linden.

These medicinal plants can be purchased at the pharmacy and brew, according to the instructions. For the preparation of homemade broth will need 10 grams of raw materials per 300 ml of water. Giving decoctions of linden and chamomile to children can be a tablespoon three times a day.

Children from 3 years old can be given combined herbal remedies in which several plants will be mixed. Combination of chamomile with melissa and St. John's wort, as well as chamomile with sage and violet flowers, is very useful for strengthening the immune defense.

We lead the right way of life.

Normalization of lifestyle - half of the successful campaign to improve the immunity of the child. A child’s nutrition must be complete, balanced, rich in vitamins, microelements. After all, when the intestines are healthy, immunity is not weakened!

The child must walk, every day, in any weather, at any time of the year. Walks in the fresh air saturate the blood with oxygen. Let the weather be bad outside, leave for 10-15 minutes and get some fresh air.

A baby with a weakened immune system should rest more; make sure that the baby’s sleep is sufficient; if necessary, after consulting a doctor, use mild sedatives to normalize the baby’s sleep and mood.

Fashionable today in medicine - psychosomatics - claims that all diseases are from nerves. I don’t know how everything is, but problems with immunity are very closely related to the psychological state, and therefore limit stress, let every day your toddler be filled with something positive, kind, limit computer games and watching TV.

If the doctor says that your baby has a weak immune system, it's time to think about strengthening procedures, such as hardening. They must be systematic and permanent, become an integral part of life, then there will be a persistent and noticeable effect - the child will start to get sick less and less. More details can be found here: How to temper at home with cold water.

For children of the first year (the period when the immunity is being formed at the fastest pace) it is desirable to do a general strengthening massage aimed at improving blood circulation, developing muscle and bone system in systematic courses.

Breastfeeding is an important step.

Separately, I would like to note that at the very beginning of a child’s life, he has only innate immunity. In addition, antibodies are transferred from mother's milk to the child, which increase the immunity of the child.

The breastfed infant is well protected from intestinal infections. And all this thanks to maternal antibodies.

So be sure to breastfeed and monitor your health!

We recover after taking antibiotics.

The use of antibiotics helps to cope with the disease, but it does not pass for the body without a trace. Protection of the immune system is reduced, the microflora of the stomach is killed, so the child’s strength must be restored after taking the medications.

What measures should be taken after a course of antibiotic:

  • Consult a doctor about the reception of funds that restore the intestinal microflora and the body's defenses. This is not only drugs, but also dairy products.
  • Natural remedies are among the most effective. These are broths and teas (lemongrass, dogrose, ginger, echinacea), honey, aloe, lemon.
  • Reconsider the diet: give less foods high in fat, sugar, spices. It is better to balance the food and use only the process of cooking or steaming.
  • Dairy products, dishes should be on the menu more.
  • Morning should begin with charging, and during the day should be outdoor games.
  • Harden the child, do not avoid walking in the fresh air, visit the bath. The elimination of toxins is well done with abundant drinking water.

Increase immunity in 3 years before kindergarten.

Love is what an adult parent can give her baby at any time, and this will be the best cure for infections. When a child feels cared for, warm, then the kindergarten is not terrible for him, he will not be ill, and even the stresses do not threaten.

Start the morning with a charge of sure, let's get more vitamin C and fresh berries, vegetables, fruits. Rest and active games alternate, be sure to take a walk on a fresh rest.

Be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene, after each walk on the street, visiting the toilet teach children to wash their hands.

Also, when the child only goes to the kindergarten, the adaptation period will begin. This is a stressful period for a child. Be attentive to your child and try not to upset him, talk to him and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary that the child is more happy.

We strengthen the immunity of the child after the disease.

After suffering the disease, the immune system is weak and there is a risk of falling ill again. Honestly, we and our child were very, very tormented when they managed to get sick 2-3 times within a month. You can throw it on the fact that viruses and bacteria have become more aggressive, as many say today, but not everything is so, in fact.

You must follow a few simple rules and help the body recuperate.

  • Ventilate the rooms in the house, carefully do the wet cleaning, wipe the dust.
  • Keep the child's hygiene at home and on a walk, so as not to replenish the “stocks” of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  • You need to drink more liquids, eat right, eat less sweet, fried, fatty, flour.
  • A good mood greatly affects the strength of the body's defense, so use active games that your child likes.
  • Before going to public places, including kindergarten or school, anoint Viferon ointment spout. But not more than 2 weeks, that's enough.

Let's sum up.

Now we want to sum up the small results. What is immunity, I think it is clear, you need to understand that since birth, the immune system is very weak and it only learns.

Therefore, be sure to breastfeed a child from birth, it will greatly increase its immunity.

Also observe the “right” microclimate: air temperature is about 19 degrees, air humidity is 50-70%. And only so.

In no case do not muffle the child, dress him as you dress yourself, just make sure that the child does not overcool.

Temper the kid from the very beginning of his life, walk, air the nursery more often.

Do not give for raising the immunity of folk remedies that contain allergenic components. If you are not sure whether there will be a reaction, give the initial dose, which is 3-5 times less than the prescribed dose. If during the day negative manifestations do not appear, the remedy can be given.

And do not forget to do all the necessary vaccinations. We ourselves have often heard very negative reviews of vaccinations. But this is an increase in immunity, and an important reinforcement.

In any case, the child will be sick more often than an adult. The task of parents will be to help the body itself to fight the disease, monitor the condition of the baby and do everything to restore the body as quickly as possible after the disease.

Give the child vitamins, it is better if they are natural. If you can not, then you can in the pharmacy to purchase the appropriate vitamins for your age.

We have everything on it, leave your comments below, join us in Odnoklassniki and stay with us, it will be even more interesting further.